Original SWAT Kats Story

A New Vigilante and a New Love for T-Bone

By Katalina Talon

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,338 Words

(Unfinished) There’s a new vigilante in town and T-Bone has an eye on her, but she won’t even give him a chance, is there more to this she-kat than meets the eye?

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Chapter 1

A golden sun was setting in the beautiful metropolis of MegaKat City. At Jake and Chance’s garage, Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson were putting the finishing touches on Callie’s car.

“Jake, hand me that wrench.”

“Sure thing, buddy.” As Jake handed Chance the wrench, the sound of a motorcycle driving into the front of the garage is heard. “Crud, Chance, you go see who it is.”


“Yeah, you, I’m busy giving the car an oil change!” Jake goes back underneath the car, and Chance mutters to himself and walks through the office to the front of the garage.

The sight there took his breath away….

Chapter 2

She was a beautiful she-kat, even more so than Callie had ever been to him. Her long, brown hair was kept in a long ponytail behind her and swayed slightly when the wind lifted. She wore a black leather jacket with a red shirt on underneath. She wore faded sky-blue jeans and black boots. But her attire wasn’t the most stunning thing about her, not by a long shot, what was stunning was when she pulled off her jet-black shades to reveal emerald green eyes that shimmered in the fading light.

Chance stood there breathless as she put her shades in her pocket and looked around.

“Is anybody here?” asked a deep yet soft voice.

Chance finally broke out of his stupor and tried to act natural. “Yeah, whaddya need, Miss?” Chance stepped forward and into the light. He nearly melted as the she-kat looked him over with her stunning eyes.

“Well, I could use an oil change for my bike, if you don’t mind.”

“No problem, Miss.”

“Please, don’t be so formal. My name is Katalina Talon.”

She extended her paw and Chance was more than eager to shake it. “I’m….uhhhhhh…..Chance Furlong!”

“Nice to meet you, Chance. Call me Kat for short.”

“Okay, Kat. We can have your oil changed in about an hour.”

“How much is this gonna cost?”

In a sudden act of either impulse, or bravery, Chance blurted out. “It’s either 15 bucks or free, if you’ll go out with me.”

Immediately after he said that, he felt totally stupid and embarrassed, but to his surprise, Kat giggled in a soft bell-like tone.

“Sure, I’ll go out with you, Chance.”

Chance was more than happy, he was ecstatic. “YOU WILL?!”


Chance, trying to hide his shock and happiness, tried to act normal once more. “Is Saturday fine?”

“Sounds good, about eight?”

“Fine with me.” Chance could hardly believe it! “A date with a hot she-kat is like one in a million!” he thought to himself.

“I’ve gotta get going, my brother’s waiting.”

“I’d be more than happy to drive you.”

“Thanks but my friend can take me” Kat gestures outside to a red Ferrari with a short, gray furred, black haired, hazel-eyed she-kat at the wheel.

“Come on, Kat!”

“Coming, Nina!” Kat turns back to Chance, who was once more entranced by her amazing emerald eyes. “I’ll see you Saturday.”

“Uhhhh, yeah….”

Kat turns and walks to the Ferrari and hops in. Nina drives off and Chance looks after the car as it drives away.

Jake had heard and seen what took place and walks up to Chance from behind. He sets a red-colored paw on his massive shoulder. “Smooth moves, Chance.”

“Yeah, well…..”

“You were scared for a few seconds there, weren’t ya, big buddy?”

“To tell ya the truth, I thought I was toast.”

Chapter 3

Back at the massive PentHouse where Katalina Talon, Carolena “Nina” Foxtail, and Jean “Cybra” Swiper lived, Kat was getting her costume ready for her first night. As she donned the body suit and boots, she remembered why she had chosen to become a vigilante.

She had been a failed experiment of Dr. Viper’s. He had given her control over all sound but had also tried to take over her mind. But, something was wrong with his serum and only gave her the powers yet she could still think for herself. She managed to escape from Viper’s lab in MegaKat Swamp after she had realized what destruction her powers could actually do. She had blown out a wall made of moss and sprinted her way back to MegaKat City. As she ran, she realized that she felt more powerful than ever before…..she felt as though nothing could stop her. She wasn’t even breathing hard when she finally reached the PentHouse again. After she told Nina and Cybra about what happened, they swore never to tell anybody else. In fact, they had even spoken against her decision to become a vigilante.

“What would happen if you were hurt or even KILLED?!” asked Cybra.

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take.” Answered Kat as she put on her gloves.

“We know you’re good at martial arts and everything, Kat, but it’s STILL DANGEROUS!”

“Look, I was given powers that could help save Kat-Kind! I want to put them to that use.” Kat finally finished putting on her costume and stood in the mirror surveying it. “What do you guys think?”

“It’s beautiful, Kat, but before you go, let me just say this…..be careful, please.”

“Don’t worry, guys, I swear to be careful.”

Nina giggled slightly, the only merriment in the last hour. “Yeah, you gotta live long enough to go out with Chance.”

Kat looked down. “I can’t believe I took a date with him….I thought I’d learned not to.”

“You can’t deny your feelings, Kat. You know you like this guy and you need to put your past behind you.”

“I know, I know…..it’s just….”

“It’s just nothing.” Said Cybra. “You need to put all of that behind you and move on.”

“You’re right, Cybra….so, how do I look?” Kat turned in her costume to show it off.

It was a light blue sleeveless body suit with a deep blue cape attached in the back. She wore tall light blue boots, the same color as her suit and had on a light blue mask that showed off her brilliant green eyes. She had on a small belt with multiple weapons attached to it.

A small radio light blinked red, indicating the Enforcer distress band. Kat reached down and depressed the button.

The radio crackled to life. “Attention all units, robbery attempt at MegaKat First National by the Mettalikats. All units respond!”

Kat pressed the button again and shut off the radio. “Looks like Sonic Siren is about to make her first appearance!”

“Be careful!” cried Nina and Cybra as Siren raced down to her other bike.

It was a deep metallic blue and was armed to the teeth with all sorts of weapons. On the side, the words *Siren Cycle* was written in bright yellow. Siren hopped onto the bike, turned the key and the bike roared to life. The bright white headlights illuminated the garage as the doors slowly opened. Siren turned the handles, pressed the accelerator and roared out of the garage and headed for MegaKat Bank.

To Be Continued!!!

Sonic Siren

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