Original SWAT Kats Story

Total Eclipse of Her Heart

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 17,291 Words

Their 10th high school reunion has Chance and Tigera recalling how they met. And, during a fight with a new villain, Lynx, they go through the past by their own points of view before they became a couple.

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Author's Notes:

The Christmas songs “Candle In Your Heart” and “A Christmas Lullaby” weren’t written until the ’90s, but I thought they’d be good to use in this story anyway. And what’s a movie without its mistakes? Just like this story. I most likely missed a few details, but oh well. Works better this way.

Chapter 1:

The MegaKat City High School was booming with life one evening. It was the Class of ’87 high school reunion. Chance and Tigera were there, chatting with old friends. They were in their best. He in his black tuxedo, matching tie, and white shirt. She in her favorite blue dress. It was her favorite because it was the one she was wearing when Chance proposed to her. One she-kat noticed them and walked over to them.

“Tiger! Chance! You both look great!” one she-kat said, giving Tigera a hug.

“Cindy! You look just as I remembered you!” Tigera said.

“You know, I thought you guys broke up after graduation.”

“Well, we did. Two years ago we came across each other again.”

“And then fell in love all over again,” Chance said.

“Well, I’ve got tons of friends I haven’t seen in years, so you two have fun!” Cindy said, walking off.

“Those were the days, huh, Stripes?” Tigera asked, leaning against Chance.

Chance nodded, “The old gym brings back memories.”

“Turn around… every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming around…” a voice sang.

“I used to love this song,” Tigera said.

“Wanna dance, Bright Eyes?” Chance asked, extending an arm to her. Tigera grinned, took it, then started dancing on the dance floor.

“Hey, Stripes?”


“You remember the day we met? We hated each other then.”

“Heh. How could I forget?” 1982, 15 years ago. These are the years when guys wore rolled sleeves, sleeveless shirts, and leather jackets. They’d wear stonewashed pants and hightops. And their hair styles never ended. Chance Furlong had the untrimmed look for the top of his head. The girls liked to wear make-up. Mascara, beauty moles, and pink shaded lipstick. They liked to wear thick belts, long T-shirts, and mini skirts, and knee-high boots for their feet. They also liked big hoop earrings and jellies, which were hair scrunchies.

“The part of Romeo will be Chance Furlong,” a kat in glasses said to a group of kats.

“All right, Furlong!” one of the young teens said, giving Chance a low five.

“Bet he’s gonna end up kissing that one Tigera,” one teen teased.

“I don’t kiss girls. Besides, I don’t know any Tigera,” Chance said.

“Well, Chance, you do now. She’s been handed out the part of Juliet,” the kat in glasses said. A group of girls were on the opposite side of the boys. A girl with white hair in a ponytail looked over at Chance, snorted, then turned her attention back to the girls congratulating her.

“Hmph. She’s cute, but not someone I wanna work with for 5 acts,” Chance said.

“What do you think of your Romeo, Tigera?” a she-kat asked.

“He’s cute, but I heard he’s a real hot head. I like those stripes on his arms, though. Mr. Pard has a funny way of picking out parts,” Tigera said, running her fingers through a few strands of her hair. The kat, Mr. Pard, handed out large scripts over to both groups of teens.

“Your lines are high-lighted. Learn them, know them, and memorize them. Chance and Tigera, I want to see the two of you after school for the scene Romeo first lays eyes on Juliet, Act 1, Scene 5.” During lunch, Chance was sipping some milk through a straw while looking at his script. A paw patted him on the back roughly, causing Chance to cough up some milk.

“Hey! Bryan!” he growled, looking at the kat sitting next to him.

“Sorry, Furlong. Had to do it. Heard your Juliet is that Tigera chick. She’s a hot one. She even has a sister,” Bryan said, sipping some milk. Chance looked across the lunchroom at Tigera, who was talking to her friends and looking over the script at the same time.

“Yeah, but she doesn’t seem to like toms. She probably should not have tried out for the part,” Chance said. Tigera looked over at him for a moment then went back to reading her script.

“What’s the matter with you, Tigera? You should be thrilled to be working with Chance. He’s so cute!” a girl next to Tigera said.

“Yeah, but he’s also a jock, Andrea. I hate jocks. They’re so full of themselves,” Tigera huffed, then sipped milk through her straw. Chance looked over at her for a moment, then back at his script. Bryan looked at his watch, then stood up.

“Come on, Romeo. We gotta go beat the crud out of the Pumas.” They rose and left.

“Big, sweaty guys in spandex rolling around on the floor wrestling with more big, sweaty guys in spandex? Show time, ladies!” a younger Cindy said, getting up and running after.

Soon, Tigera noticed she was sitting alone. She rolled her eyes, grabbed her script, and said, “Might as well see what they see in big sweaty guys in spandex.” In the gym, the referee blew the whistle, starting a match with Chance and another kat. The crowd cheered them on.

“Let’s go, Furlong, let’s go!” some of the girls chanted, cheerleader style.

“Deck ’em, Chance!” a tom in the bleachers called. Each tom was trying to push each other down onto the floor, but neither was succeeding. Tigera found a seat by her friends in the front bleachers.

“I don’t see what you guys see in wrestling,” she said.

“I dunno. Just something about kats in tight spandex,” Cindy said. The tom Chance was wrestling with looked over at Tigera for a moment then grinned at Chance.

“Nice girlfriend you have there, chump,” he said, teasing.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Chance snapped, grunting.

“Temper, temper, Furlong. If she’s available, I’ll just mosey on over there after I win the match and ask her out. She wouldn’t date a loser like you anyway.”

“Loser?!” With a grunt, Chance forced the tom down on the mat. The referee blew the whistle, ending the match. The kats on the bleachers roared in cheers. Chance got up and caught a towel that was tossed over to him.

“Not bad, but can he dance?” Tigera asked herself. Just as Chance was about to go over to the bench, the tom turned him around, and gave him a good punch in the face.

“Bastard!” He gave him a few kicks and more punches. The referee whistled several times, then pulled them both apart. In a huff, the tom went over to his side, getting yelled at by the team’s coach.

“Talk about a sore loser!” Cindy said. Chance sat down on the bench, nursing his left eye and being comforted by his teammates. The bench was in front of the group of girls with Tigera.

“What did you do to make him so mad, Chance?” one of Chance’s teammates asked.

“I won, and he made some comment about that Tigera girl,” Chance replied, holding a damp clothe to his eye.

“So you beat him?”

“Well, he also called me a loser.”

“Bad choice of words!” Bryan laughed.

“Glad you didn’t fight back,” another of his teammates said.

“Hey, I didn’t want to get suspended from the team, especially with the championship finals coming up,” Chance said. Tigera blinked, looking at the back of his head. He looked back at her. They quickly turned away. At 3:30, Mr. Pard and Chance were at the stage, sitting around. “She’s late,” Chance said, now with a black eye.

“Let’s give her five more minutes. I’m going to get some coffee. Be right back,” Mr. Pard said. He left, leaving Chance alone to look over his lines.

“What light thru yonder window breaks?” he read to himself.

“What darkness surrounds my co-star’s eye?” a voice behind him said. Chance turned around, then got a small bag of ice put on his eye. It was Tigera, still pressing it against his eye.

“Cute, Tigera. Not funny, but cute,” Chance said, pressing the ice bag against his own eye while Tigera sat down somewhere.

“Well, since they wouldn’t give you one, figured I’d go home and get you some myself. I mean, I wanna get through the lines and you not asking, ‘What’s it say? I can’t read it too well.’”

Chance snorted, “Thanks.”

“Tigera! Great, you’re here. Let’s go over Act 1, Scene 5. Romeo, your line,” Mr. Pard said, sitting down in the audience seats. Chance and Tigera opened their scripts to that part of the play.

“If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss,” Chance read.

“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, which mannerly devotion shows in this; for saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands to touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss,” Tigera read.

“Hold on, you two. We’re not going to do this during rehearsal, but you two have to learn to kiss during the play. I would suggest you set a time and rehearse with each other on the kissing scenes,” Mr. Pard said, sipping his coffee.

“Eww,” Tigera said. Chance was motioning a finger down his throat. They looked at each other, blinked, then growled briefly.

“If you two won’t work together, then I’ll have to go with your under studies.”

“Damn,” both Chance and Tigera said quietly.

“Let’s call it quits tonight, all right? You’ve both had a busy day and I understand if you might be tired. We’ll meet up tomorrow in class.” They gathered their stuff and walked out.

“Just keep that ice pack on your eye for a while and it shouldn’t hurt as much in the morning,” Tigera said.

“Thanks. Ya know, that wrestler who hit me is suspended from the team for the rest of the semester,” Chance said.

“I’d say he deserved it, but then, jocks are suppose to have bruises and black eyes.”

“Really, don’t weep over me. I’ll drown, you know?”

“See you around, hot shot.”

“Uh… come over to my house tonight at 7:00? We can work on some scenes.”

“OK.” They walked in separate directions. Tigera put on her backpack and walked past a street sign.

“Parting is such disgusting sorrow. Tigera, that play makes me ill,” a voice said.

“Huh? Jett?” Tigera asked, looking around. A young Jettona stepped out into the open.

“You’re having fun with that mortal, aren’t you, sister?” Jettona asked.

“Half-sister, and no, I’m not having fun with him. I hate him, but I have to learn to work with him,” Tigera said.

“You know, you could always drop out of school and wouldn’t have to go through puberty again.”

“Leave me alone, Jettona! Go pester that orphan in New York!”

“Can’t. Promised myself I’d kill him when he reached his 24th birthday. And he’s got over ten years left. But what’s time to an immortal?”

“I’m still upset at you about that. Killed his mother just because she overheard your barter with the Devil’s Eye and because she ended up marrying Shadow? That’s low.”

Jettona shrugged, “She could’ve been in the bloodline of the one who killed my mother. If you’re not really after Furlong, step aside for Lynx to have.”

“Believe me, she can have him. She’s more into jocks.”

“I’ll even see if she’ll let him live. See you around, Tigera. Why don’t you try to have your virgin’s head cut off? Maybe then you won’t be so crabby.” Before Tigera could throw her backpack at her, Jettona disappeared in a fireball.

Chapter 2:

At his house that night, Chance was lying on his bed, looking over his lines. Tigera was sitting in a chair near him.

“Kissing scenes. I wanted to save my first kiss for someone special, someone I wanna spend all my time with,” Chance said to himself.

“Are you a mind reader, Stripes?”

“Don’t call me Stripes. Let’s try Act 2, Scene 2, the balcony.”

“OK.” They opened their scripts to the beginning.

“But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.”

“Ay me.”

“She speaks. O, speak again, bright angel!”

“O Romeo, Romeo! Blah, blah, blah. It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s suppose to turn me on,” Chance said, rolling his eyes.

“Juliet’s first sexual thought,” Tigera shrugged.

“I take thee at thy word!”

“Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

“Sleep swell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast! Would I were sleep and peace, so sweet to rest.”

“We’ll work on those later.”

“Yeah. Milk?”

“Please.” Chance passed her a glass of milk and one for himself. “Hey, Stri– er, Chance, what do you wanna do with your life after you graduate?” Tigera asked.

“I dunno. Always wanted to be an enforcer. Maybe that. And, hopefully, one day, get married and have a family,” Chance said, licking off the milk mustache on his upper lip he received after drinking some milk.

“Well, I dunno what I wanna do. Too many choices.”

“Afraid to make a few?”

“I’m not afraid of anything, thank you very much.” With that, she stood up and poured some milk on his head.

“Hey!” Chance sputtered, then sat up. The milk ran down his head onto his shirt. “Sorry if I offended you,” he said, taking his shirt off.

“I’ll show you I’m not afraid of anything.”

“Really?” he asked, looking up at her.

“Really,” she replied, looking down at him. She pulled out her hair band to let her hair fall down onto her shoulders and halfway down her front. “Do you have the stomach to do Act 3, the end of Scene 3?”

“Romeo and Juliet’s wedding night?” She nodded, unbuttoned her shirt, and then took it off. Chance quickly looked away, blushing. Tigera’s hair was covering her chest, but she was still wearing a bra. She sat down on Chance’s bed, pressed her nose up against Chance’s. “Uh, Tigera, we’re not really going to get horizontal right on the stage, you know.”

“I know, but I just wanna show you I’m not afraid of anything. Trust me, I haven’t been touched.”

“I believe you, and I haven’t been either, but we don’t need to…” He stopped when he looked into her lipid, or as Chance would call them, icy blue eyes. It was like it was the first time he saw her, what he would call “love at first sight”. He looked at Tigera and could tell she suddenly felt the same. Tigera breathed heavy and slowly. She put her paw on Chance’s bare chest and softly pushed him back down on the bed. “Tigera–” Tigera leaned over him, put two fingers on his lips, stopping him and made a “shh” sound.

“Just kiss me.” She slowly began to lean down to him, then was taken by surprise when Chance wrapped his arms around her and slowly pulled her down, no resistance from Tigera, so her lips and tongue would, for the first time, meet his. They both knew, it would not be the last and it would be not only for the play. Present.

“Funny, I don’t remember beeping in this song,” Tigera said.

“There isn’t,” Chance said, somewhat confused. They looked at their watches, both beeping. They both left the gym and into the hallway.

“Kats 1 and 6 here,” Chance said.

“What’s up, and can’t it wait?” Tigera asked.

“Sorry, guys. We know it’s your reunion, but we’ve got trouble,” Jake’s voice said.

“Someone calling herself Lynx is making trouble,” Katarina’s voice said.

“Lynx? Tiger, isn’t that–?”

“Yes, Chance. Full blood, as a matter of fact,” Tigera said, somewhat growling.

“Don’t sound too happy about it,” Jake’s voice said.

“She’s not exactly one of my favorite little sisters, Clawson.”

“We’ll be there as quick as we can, guys,” Chance said. He turned to her.

“Guess we’ll have to cut our date short, Tigera.”

“Won’t be the first time,” Tigera said softly to herself.


“Huh? Oh, nothing, Stripes. Come on, they won’t be able to hold her off for long.” Tigera grabbed onto Chance’s arm and dragged him through the dancing kats and out of the gym. They got into Chance’s truck and drove off. Both were silent. Chance was thinking to himself.

“The instant I first looked into her eyes, I knew I found the girl for me. We might’ve gone all the way if…” Chance thought. Past, same moment. They were still in the position they were, only kissing more. Before Chance had the chance to do anything more, he heard a voice.

“Chance! We’re home!” With that, Tigera quickly got up. Chance got up and went to the door to answer.

“OK, Mom! Be right down!” He turned back around to find Tigera was no longer there. Any evidence to suggest Chance had someone in there was gone. Only the window was open. Chance rushed over to it and looked down to the ground to see Tigera just finishing climbing down the tree and running off with her stuff. “Even had enough time to put her shirt back on…” Chance said to himself. He leaned forward on the window, his arms supporting him.

“We didn’t go all the way that night. I was kinda glad, but in a way, I wasn’t. Glad because I only met her that day and she might’ve had someone else in mind besides me. She was only showing me she wasn’t afraid of anything, or so she said. I wasn’t too glad because… well I don’t know. Probably something in her eyes told me that… she wanted to be my friend… or maybe more,” Chance narrated.

“Chance?” a voice called.

“Oh, yeah! Coming, Dad!” He grabbed a clean shirt and went downstairs.

Chapter 3:

“That night, I felt a little different. It was a new feeling and I wasn’t sure what it was,” Tigera narrated. Tigera was walking in the moonlight, having a paw on her cheek, which, like the other one, was a bright red.

“My face is warm and I haven’t even been near the fires I’m used to yet. Could it be I’m… no way! Not with a mere mortal!” she said to herself.

“There’s nothing mere about that mortal,” a voice said.

“What are you talking about, Lynx? He’s just a jock mortal.” A young she-kat with yellow fur and black spots and a few stripes and blood red hair was sitting on a branch in a nearby tree looking down at Tigera.

“And a rather handsome one at that. You should be thrilled to work with him, Tigera.”

“You sound like all the other girls at the school. Jettona told you about him, didn’t she?”

“Indeed she did.”

“I don’t think he’s interested in anybody just yet.”

“You mean he’s interested in you, right?” At that comment, Tigera would have choked if she was eating.


“Well then… you won’t mind if I take a crack at him.” Lynx pulled out a knife and pushed the point of it on one of her claws. She licked her teeth and in a lightning fast move, threw the knife down to the ground. The blade hit the ground just in front of Tigera’s feet and was stuck in the ground.

“Trying to scare me, sister? If you want Furlong, go ahead and take him.”

“Gladly. If I like him enough, maybe I’ll let him live. *Maybe.* You don’t mind, do you?”

Tigera shrugged, “Split milk.” With that, Lynx disappeared.

“I wouldn’t have cared then if it was just Lynx going after him and that I’d have a relaxing school day. I didn’t care too much about Chance then. I was like any other daughter of Satan back then with Venus being the Jekyll to my Hyde. But it wasn’t until the next day that I knew it wouldn’t be just Lynx going after Chance and I would experience another new emotion: jealousy,” Tigera narrated. During gym class the next day, the girls were playing against the boys in volleyball. Tigera was up to serve.

“Nail it, Tigera!” Andrea said.

“You got it!” Tigera said, throwing the ball into the air and then hit it over to the other side.

“Not gonna happen! Ha!” Bryan said as he jumped up and smacked the ball right back over the net.

“I got it!” Cindy said as she bunted it back over. One boy tossed it up with his fingertips.

“Spike it, Chance!” Chance jumped into the air and hit the ball right over the net. Two girls dove for it, but missed the ball.

“Chalk up another for Chance!” Bryan said, patting Chance on the back. Chance laughed a little.

“Your serve!” Tigera said as she rolled the ball under the net towards Chance. He went to catch it, then he saw someone watching by the gym doors. It was Lynx in gym clothes, smiling and winked at him. Tigera blinked at him, then looked back, and gasped. Lynx walked up and found a place on the girls’ side of the net.

“Too late to join up?” she asked.

“Well, the guys are beating us. Couldn’t hurt to have an extra player,” a girl said. Tigera snorted. The rest of the game Lynx played and gave the girls their victory. It was a win of 21-15. After changing from their gym clothes to their school clothes, Lynx noticed Tigera following her.

“Something on your mind?” Lynx asked.

“Yeah. What in Hell are you doing here?” Tigera asked.

“You said you wouldn’t mind if I took Furlong.”

“I don’t, but what I mean is, why are you in school?”

“Well, he wouldn’t fall for an older she-kat, would he? He’d much rather be with someone his own age and school. I’m not the only girl here who’s trying to win his heart, you know.”

“What are you carrying on about now, Lynx?” Lynx pointed at Jettona passing by.

“Hi, Jettona.”

“Hello, Lynx, Tigera,” Jettona said as she walked by.

“If you’re trying to piss me off, Lynx, it won’t work,” Tigera said, pointing a finger in her sister’s face.

“What’s the matter, Tigera? Jealous?” Lynx grinned, looking at Tigera as if the finger did not exist.

“What’s jealous mean?” Tigera looked as if she had no single clue.

“You’re a smart girl. Quit being so damn naive and look it up.” Tigera growled and stormed off to her next class. Lynx chuckled darkly and went in another direction. 3 months later. It was pouring rain one November afternoon. Tigera was standing outside the school with an umbrella over her head. She checked her watch, which read 3:13 PM. She was waiting across the street from school for Chance to come so they could do their lines before the opening night next week. While doing so, she watched boyfriends and girlfriends coming out, holding paws, hugging and kissing, just being together. For a moment, she wanted to know that feeling, too. She sighed, then slid down to the ground and leaned against a mailbox. Chance had his coat on and started running out, then stopped when he noticed Tigera, who had not noticed him yet. She was just staring down at her feet when he came over.

“It looks I found a little lost kitten,” he said. She looked at him, then grinned to herself.

“You’re late. I thought you already went home or something.” He helped her back up.

“Nah. Guys wouldn’t let me go.”

“Uh…” Tigera reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a wrapped up umbrella. “I brought ya this–” She opened the umbrella to find holes in it “Aw, crud. My adorable little sisters, I’ll bet,” Tigera growled.

Chance ducked underneath Tigera’s open umbrella and put his right arm over her shoulders. “That’s OK. I’ll just… walk under yours, if that’s OK.”


“Such a poet.” Tigera felt her cheeks getting warmer. She looked up at Chance as they walked forward. He had a very light red color on him as well.

“What?” he asked, catching her stares. Tigera gasped, then quickly looked away.

“Nothing. Just thinking how cute you are.” Chance wasn’t prepared for that, but he grinned.

“Oh, so now you’re teasing me, huh?” At that comment, Tigera could not help but giggle. “What was that?”


“Did I just hear you laugh?”

“Uh…” Tigera said, then hardened her face a little. “No, you didn’t.”

“Chill out. Just trying to be nice.” This word was new to her.


“Yeah, you know, polite?” Tigera said nothing. Chance frowned a little. “In other words, I’m not considering you as a girlfriend or anything and I’m not taking any applications, but maybe as a… friend?” Tigera blinked, then looked up at him.




Chance smiled at her. “You don’t have to answer me right away. Let’s just get over to my house and work on the lines before we melt.”

“OK.” They walked away from the same tree Lynx was sitting in. Lynx and Jettona were watching sitting in the same tree.

“We’ve been working our tails off trying to have Furlong say even a word to us. Tigera isn’t even trying and he’s giving her all the attention. First born are always most fortunate,” Jettona said.

“No, Jettona. He’s only giving her his attention because of Romeo and Juliet. The play is next week. When that’s over…” Lynx said.

“Ah, I see. He’ll start ignoring her. She’ll be like every other girl who’s after him.”

“Yes. But *we* are not like every other girl. We’ll wrap him around our pretty little fingers so tight…” They both extended their claws and swiped at the tree trunk. Both made deep claw marks in an X shape. They both finished, “He’ll choke.” They both laughed wickedly.

Chapter 4:

Present. “To this day, I don’t know why Lynx and Jettona wanted to hurt Chance or tried so damn hard to keep us apart. I asked them before, they said they’ll never tell me. Like they ever will anyway…” Venus thought to herself as T-Bone flew the TurboKat outside the city.

“We should be right above ’em. I can see the other jet. I’m setting her down,” T-Bone said. He landed the jet next to the TurboKat II. They looked over to see Razor and Quiver waving over at them. They jumped out of the jet and went over to them.

“Glad you could make it, buddy,” Razor said.

“You guys owe us later. What’s the situation with Lynx?” T-Bone asked.

“Giving the town a hell of a show,” Quiver said as a fireball passed over their heads.

“She must be in one of her moods. She usually doesn’t give out free shows,” Venus grinned.

“We’ll see about that, Venus!” a voice yelled. They looked and ducked a fireball. Lynx was levitating above the ground, then threw an even bigger fireball towards the middle of them. The Swat Kats shouted and went in opposite directions to avoid it.

“She doesn’t give out free shows… unless it’s to ruin my own. I still owe her for the first night of the play…” Venus thought to herself. Past, a week later. The stage was set with a castle and balcony for this act. The curtain was drawn and everyone was helping setting it up. Jettona was hanging one end of a streamer from the balcony while Lynx was tying the other end on a rope by the curtain.

“Everything ready?” Mr. Pard asked. Lynx and Jettona gave him “thumb’s up.” They all got off the stage before the curtain opened. Chance got onto the stage and acted like he had just climbed over a wall. Tigera walked onto the balcony, staring out into the audience.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun,” Chance said.

Tigera gave out a depressed sigh, “O Romeo, Romeo! Where for art thou, Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.” Lynx extended a claw and turned to Jettona.

“Hope she can stand a strained ankle, sister,” she said, bringing the claw slowly down. Suddenly, the cardboard balcony began to bare claw marks as Lynx’s paw moved around.

“Romeo, doff thy name, and for that name which is no part of thee, take all myself,” Tigera continued. At that, the balcony gave away, causing Tigera to fall. Chance quickly got over there and caught her.

He blushed slightly, “I take thee at thy word.” He whispered, “You OK, Tigera?” She also blushed slightly.

“Yeah. I thought the balcony was steady.”

“Damn it. He caught her,” Jettona whispered.

“Time for Plan A,” Lynx whispered.

“Wasn’t that Plan A?”

“Nah, just a plan I made up. Got a problem setting the curtains on fire?”

“Of course not. I set things on fire all the time. A little play won’t hurt.” They made sure no one was watching, then touched the curtain. Their paws glowed a bright red, then it spread onto the curtain, causing a fire. Tigera stopped in the middle of her lines, then sniffed the air.

“Tigera–” Chance started.

Tigera’s eyes widened. She whispered, “Smoke.” Then yelled out, “Fire!” Soon they could see the fire spreading on the curtains onto the stage. Cries of shock and horror echoed. Everyone on and off-stage ran outside. Tigera strayed a moment to see Jettona and Lynx standing in front of her, blowing small flames off their paws. “You.”

“Enjoyed your little play, sister?” Lynx asked.

“With no stage, the play will be canceled and Furlong will have no need for you anymore,” Jettona said, grinning evilly.

“Bitches!” Tigera growled.

“What’s the matter? Jealous?” Lynx asked. Tigera then pounced at them. Outside, the fire station had arrived. They rushed inside for anyone else who could not make it out. One fire kat came back with Tigera in his arms, who was out.

“I found her backstage. She’s lucky she’s still breathing,” he said. Tigera was bleeding from what looked like fire burns. She had to change her sisters’ claw marks for that so they would not think anyone else was inside. She coughed a few puffs of smoke, then opened her eyes.

“So much for Romeo and Juliet,” she said.

“At least we got out all right,” Mr. Pard said. A little later after the fire was put out, Chance was cleaning Tigera’s burns in the nurse’s lounge. She clenched her teeth tightly when he put on the hydrogen peroxide on them. He blew quickly after applying.

“Some night, huh?” he finally spoke.

“Huh? Hmm. Yep,” Tigera briefly said. Their minds were thinking more about when the balcony collapsed and they were in each other’s arms for that brief moment.

“You didn’t hurt yourself when you fell, did ya?”


“Um… Tigera…”


Chance blushed slightly, trying not to show it. “My offer about being friends… have you given it much thought?”

“Uh…” She looked at her burns.

“I didn’t even knew what a friend *was.* All I had since Day 1 was my father, my mother, and my sisters, both full blood and half. No one outside the family blood had I known until Chance. I didn’t know what to answer him. So I just got sly and said…” Venus narrated.

“It depends on what your definition of ‘friend’ is,” Tigera answered.

“My definition? Hmm… well, to me, a friend is someone you know, like, and trust. Someone who’ll catch you when you fall, help you back up, do what you can to help, like when you gave me that ice pack when I got a black eye. And someone who can make you feel a lot better.” Tigera was fascinated by this concept Chance knew so well.

“Well, I… I haven’t decided yet, really.”

“No hurry.” Tigera winced again as Chance firmly pressed a cold clothe to Tigera’s burns. He went to dunk it in ice cold water again as Tigera covered the burn with her paw. Chance went to press the cloth against it again, but he first went to hold her arm still so she would not squirm anymore than she already was. He did not notice her paw was there until he touched it.

“Uh…” both Chance and Tigera said. They looked at each other, neither one blinking. Chance coughed briefly, then gently pulled the paw away from the wound. He replaced the paw with the clothe. He noticed the blood on Tigera’s paw from pressing on the wound.

“You gonna be all right, or do I have to take you to the hospital?” Chance asked.

“I’ll be fine. Thanks.” Chance tied on a bandage for each burn. He got up, stretched, then looked down at Tigera.

“Even though Romeo and Juliet’s over, do you still wanna hang out?”

“You’re inviting me?”

“In a way.”

“Uh… guess so.” Tigera rubbed her arms, careful of the burns.

“Cold?” “A little. Been around the fire and I’m just starting to cool off.” Which was quite unusual for Tigera, whose body temperature was usually about as hot as a fireplace. Chance took off his letterman jacket and wrapped it around her.

“Wear this for when you walk home. You can give it back to me in class Monday.”

“Then what are you gonna wear?”

“My parents are picking me up. They’ll have the heater on so high I’ll sweat. Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, OK. Thanks.” Chance stretched again. Tigera was a bit unsure, but slowly began to stand. Chance had his arms near her in case she could not stand. She was nearly up, then began to stumble. Chance caught her before she fell.

“You sure you’re gonna be OK?” She looked up at him and blushed. He helped her up.

“I think so,” she finally replied, giving him a peck on the cheek. Chance returned the gesture. Tigera felt the need to do it again, but instead of the cheek it was the tip of his nose. Again, Chance returned the gesture.

“Something’s not right,” Tigera said.

“Maybe we’re doing it wrong?” Chance suggested.

“Maybe… this?” She went to kiss him on the lips when Chance turned his head towards two bright lights in the window.

“My folks are here.”

“Perfect timing,” Tigera mumbled.

“See you at school Monday.”

“Bye.” Chance left the lounge, got into the car, then it drove off.

“Gee, Tigera, you almost sound disappointed,” Lynx said from a few feet of her.

“You’re not falling for a mortal, are you?” Jettona said who was next to Lynx.

“Love? I don’t even know the meaning of the word,” Tigera replied, folding her arms in front of her chest.

“And she means that literally,” Lynx grinned.

“Oh! That’s right, Lynx! Tigera still has no idea what love is. She even has to look it up in a dictionary. Poor Tigera. And look at me. I have a child already,” Jettona said.

“Yeah, and then you dumped him in a dumpster. Still alive and raised by a family of bikers, last I heard,” Tigera said.

“Better than wolves,” Lynx said.

“You’re insulting our other sisters,” Tigera said.

“A grandson of Satan should be on the wild side, shouldn’t he?” Jettona honestly asked.

“Eat shit and die.”

“She’s got a few good tens a thousands of years left. Don’t get too attached to Furlong. He won’t be around that much longer,” Lynx said.

“Who said I was?” Tigera snapped.

“Good.” Then Jettona and Lynx disappeared in two balls of fire. Present.

“Wish I had a water gun,” Quiver said as the Swat Kats dodged another fireball from Lynx.

“Bring it on, little sister,” Venus motioned to Lynx. Lynx growled, held her paws out in an archer pose, then a bow and quiver appeared on her. Venus took hers out.

“Think you can take me on, Venus?” Lynx asked.

“No, Lynx. I *know* I can take you on.”

“Why does this seem so familiar?” T-Bone asked himself.

Lynx looked over at him, questionably and asked, “He has no clue, does he, Venus?” She gave Venus an evil grin. “Oh, I’m going to have some fun with the two of you. Wait till I tell him what happened the day before graduation.”

Venus gasped, then growled, “Lynx, you weren’t suppose to remember that day! And how do you know who T-Bone is?”

“I barely do now, but it’s been coming back. That’s the trouble when you’ve been turned mortal. Your powers aren’t as strong as they used to be, sister. And you don’t remember what Daddy told us all those years ago either, do you?” Venus thought to herself for a moment, then gasped, eyes wide.

“I never realized… a strong, talented pilot as the leader… a sure-shot navigator weapons expert… a female warlord… her strong and loyal companion… a fighter who knows how to investigate her surroundings, no matter how new they are to her. Oh, God, how could I have forgotten? How could I never figured it out when I met the five Swat Kats?”

“What are you two talking about?” Razor asked.

“Aye, don’t leave us in the dark. What are they saying, T-Bone?” Quiver asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember anything too special at graduation except her and I breaking up,” T-Bone honestly said.

“Really? Just wait, T-Bone,” Lynx grinned. She then glared over at Razor and Quiver and aimed her shot towards them. “Sorry, Kats, but in this case, three’s company, five’s a crowd.” She released the bowstring. Razor and Quiver jumped as the arrow came between them.

“That was close,” Quiver said. Lynx drew two circles in the air. Both Swat Kats shouted as a ring of fire surrounded them both.

“Damn it! Lynx!” Venus growled.

Lynx shrugged, “At least I didn’t kill them… yet.” Both Swat Kats in the fire rings covered their mouths and coughed as smoke was also surrounding them.

“Hang on, guys! We’ll get you out!” T-Bone said.

Razor looked up, then coughed, “T-Bone, look out!” T-Bone looked to see an arrow coming his way. He unsheathed his sword and held it up. The arrow was blocked from hitting its target.

“What? That arrow should have melted straight through!” Lynx gasped. T-Bone let out something that sounded like a questionable “huh” and looked at the sword. It was not damaged in the least. Then he looked at Venus.

“You got arrows. Use ’em!”

“Satan’s arrows have no effect on the daughters of Satan. Can barely make ’em bleed. As far as I’m concerned, these are safety scissors. The bow’s not any good either.” It began to snow. They did not give care to the freezing cold nipping at their noses.

“Hmm. Wasn’t predicting snow. But worry not, sister. We’re not delaying our battle,” Lynx said. She continued to fire arrows at the two remaining Swat Kats. T-Bone was thinking to himself.

“Is she keeping something from me now? Something happened before graduation that’s making her shaky. Now’s not the time to ask her, T-Bone. But the first snow fall in December made me wonder how far south she really was from,” he thought.

Chapter 5:

Past, one month later. Tigera opened her eyes and looked at her alarm clock, which read 8:59 am. She shouted and shot up in bed.

“Damn, I’m late! Why’d I sleep in?! Lynx and Jettona fixed my alarm clock, I’ll bet!” She jumped out of bed and began to search for some clothes. She heard a clink on her window. She looked and saw a small pebble hitting the window. She grabbed a robe, put it on, then went over to the window and opened it. She stepped back when she a strong cold wind finding its way in. She hugged her robe tighter, then heard a voice.

“Tigera! Come on down!”

“No chance, Chance! I’m not even dressed yet!”

“Well, just put on a robe and a warm coat and come on out!” She blinked, wondering why he was not in school. She assumed he also slept in. She shrugged and went to the door. She opened it, then shielded her eyes at the sudden brightness. “Good morning, Mary Sunshine!” Chance said, grinning. Tigera opened her eyes and noticed snowflakes were falling from the sky and had already blanketed far as she could see. She screamed and backed away back into the house.

“Plague! Falling sky! The world’s coming to an end and you’re just *standing* there?! What’s that?!” She pointed at the snowflakes. Chance blinked, then looked up as a snowflake landed on his nose.

“It’s snow. It’s harmless unless you’re driving.”


“Yeah, snows every winter around here. Haven’t you ever seen snow before?” She looked at the “snow” carefully. She slowly began to come outside, bare footed. She knelt down and touched the snow that was on her doormat. She quickly drew her paw back.

“It’s freezing.” She noticed the snow had made imprints of her fingertips. “Huh?” she asked.

“I guess you haven’t seen snow before, huh?”

“Uh-uh. I’m from down south. *Way* down south.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not gonna bite you or anything. Well, Jack Frost might nip at your nose a bit, but other than that.”

“Who’s Jack Frost?”

“Skip it.”

“Why aren’t you in school? It’s Friday, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, isn’t it awesome? Snow day, babe! School’s canceled.”

“Oh. Then I guess I won’t kill those two hoser sisters of mine. Bummer. Been looking for an excuse.”

“I hope that’s not literal.” Then they both got hit with snowballs. Tigera shouted and wiped the snow off her face, and growled.

“Hey!” Chance said, dusting the snowball off the back of his head.

“Come on, guys!” Cindy said, rolling up another snowball. Bryan tossed a snowball in the air and caught it.

“Who’s up for a snow war?” he asked. They threw the snowballs, this time they ducked.

“Ha ha! You guys are asking for it! I’ll take you both on!” Chance said.

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll join you.” In a few minutes the four had created two snow forts and several dozen snowballs. Each one would sit up and throw a snowball and then quickly duck to avoid the next one. It was only one time they all sat up and each threw snowballs the size of their own heads. Knocked all four over. Cindy and Bryan laughed, still on the ground.

Chance laughed, “Good one, guys!” Tigera was lying back on the snow, grinning.

“The snow suddenly feels so nice,” she said. She did not know what she was doing now. She moved her arms up and down and her legs left and right. Chance sat up and looked at her.

He grinned, “Never been around snow and you know how to make a snow angel?” She looked up at him and blinked.

“Snow angel? What’s that?” Chance extended a paw to help her up. They looked to see the imprint Tigera had left.

“See? The way you moved your arms and legs makes it look like an angel’s gown. Only thing missing is the halo,” Chance said.

“Gnarly.” She grinned, then pushed him down onto the snow.

“Hey!” She sat down near him.

“Show me your snow angel.”


“Show me. Can you make a halo with a snow angel you make? If you really know how to do it?”

“I don’t really do snow angels.”

“Oh.” Somewhat disappointed, she laid back onto the snow angel she had just made. Chance noticed the expression on her face, then crawled over near her. He took his finger and drew a circle above Tigera’s head. “What are you doing?” Tigera asked, sitting up and looked back where his finger was. She noticed the circle above the snow angel.

“You can’t really make a snow angel halo just lying on the ground. Gotta draw one yourself. Something that’s optional, I guess,” Chance said. Tigera laid back down, admiring the feel of the snow beneath her and the halo above her head. Chance grinned. “Well, aren’t you cute?”

“I am? Was I even trying?”

“I dunno. Were ya?”

“Hey, you guys still alive over there?” Bryan called over.

“The war’s not over yet!” Cindy said.

“Says who?” Lynx said as she walked over.

“Oh, hiya, Lynx. What are you up to?” Cindy asked. At that, Tigera began to sat up, forgetting Chance was right in front of her. They touched noses, and on accident, lips.

“Don’t make me get a bucket of ice cold water, Tigera!”

Blushing, Tigera pulled away from Chance’s lips and growled, “Lynx, don’t you have something to do today? It’s cold enough already!”

“Precisely.” Lynx laughed.

Tigera sighed, “Excuse me, guys. I have to go maim my sister.” She stood up and went running after Lynx. They watched them run off, then Bryan grinned over at Chance.

“You sly fox you, Furlong,” he said.

“Huh? What do you mean? You mean that–? That was an accident!”

“Oh, was it?” Cindy grinned.

“Cut it out, you guys. Nothing’s gonna happen between Tigera and me. I’m not looking for a girlfriend.”

“Ahh, but what about that night you and her were in your room ‘going over’ your lines? Was *that* an accident?” Cindy asked. Chance blushed, but had a stone hard face on.

“Shut up! What went on that night is none of your business, Cindy!”

Cindy giggled, “Oh, look at him, Bryan! He’s blushing!”

“He’s starting to look like a tomato!” Bryan laughed.

“Admit it, Casanova. You like her, and more than a friend.”

“Ha! She hardly knows what a friend is. I’m trying just to be friends and she never said if she wants to be or not,” Chance said.

“Well, Romeo, the way you two act around each other sure seems more than friends to me. I heard you shared an umbrella a week prior to the play,” Bryan said.

“Me, too!” Cindy giggled.

“Oh, yeah? Well, I’ve been seeing you two pal around a lot lately. How do I know you haven’t been lip wrestling in between the times you spend with me or Tigera?” Chance grinned. Both Bryan and Cindy gasped and blushed.

Then both said, “You’re nuts!”

Chance shrugged, “No one has a sense of humor anymore. Welcome to the ’80s.” Tigera came back and grabbed Chance by the wrist.

“Don’t listen to these two. I know a great place we could go to. No one else knows about it. It should really warm us up. Very private,” she said.

“Sure, I’m up for it. Ciao, love birds,” Chance said as they walked away.

“See ya, hoser,” Bryan said.

“Catch you later, airhead.” They ran off before they could be bombed with snowballs again. Lynx walked over by Bryan and Cindy, dusting snow off herself.

“Tigera is enjoying this ‘snow’ way too much, much like she’s starting to grow on Chance. Hmm… those two are spending too much time together. Not good,” she said.

“What’s wrong with them being together?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, cause you want Chance for yourself, right?” Bryan asked.

“You… might say that,” Lynx said, eyes sneering after Chance and Tigera. Meanwhile, Tigera had led Chance to a dark cave. Chance unzipped his jacket and fanned himself.

“Wow. Nice and hot in here,” he said.

“Yeah. My favorite place to come when the weather’s cold. Good place to go swimming, too,” Tigera said.

“Uh… swimmin’?”

“Well, not really a good place. The water’s not that deep. You wouldn’t drown. If you’re afraid…” Tigera grinned.

“Ha! I’m not afraid, just don’t like cold water in the winter.”

“Chill out. The water’s warm. And… quite strange.”

“How so?”

“Well, take off your boots and jacket, and I’ll show you.” She lead him further into the cave. Lanterns were discovered on the walls and were lit when they arrived. There were several cut off sections of water found. Tigera had taken off her jacket and boots and went over to one of them. She ran her paw over the water, which glowed as the water rippled. Chance gasped at that, then tried it himself. It happened for him as well. When Chance was not looking, Tigera took a bucket that was nearby, dipped it in the water, filled it up with the water, then tossed the water at Chance. Chance was soaked. Tigera could hardly contain her laughs. Chance coughed some water up, then glared over at Tigera. “Catch me if you can,” Tigera said, stepping into the knee-high water and walking away.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Chance said, running after her. The water went up to Chance’s waist when he tackled her down under it. They both surfaced, coughing.

“That was fun,” Tigera said.

“Well, at least the water’s warm,” Chance said.

“Yeah. Relaxing, isn’t it?”

“Very.” Tigera grinned and floated on her back. The water was low enough for Chance and his feet could still touch the bottom to walk after her. She kicked water in his face to keep him away, but playfully. The water deepened as they continued. He grabbed onto her ankles and pulled her over to him.

“Gotcha,” he said.

“Oh, no fair,” Tigera pouted. She let her legs sink and kept her arms and legs moving so she could stay afloat, because she was shorter than Chance and the deepness of the water was above her nose. Chance looked around at the cave walls, admiring the beauty.

“You didn’t really maim your sister, did you?” he finally asked.

“Nah, just smothered her in snow. She’s not used to it either,” Tigera replied. Chance chuckled. She grabbed his paws and lifted them out of the water with her own.

“Just hold on me and you won’t drown. I wanna show you something.” He did just that. She led him to what looked like a dead end. She held her breath and put her head underwater. Then she raised it back up.

“Yeah, I was right. Hold your breath and hang on.” She led him under to reveal the wall had a hole continuing through. They reached where they could surface again for a breath of air. The water was still low enough for Chance to stay above the water and touch the bottom. Tigera still had to move her arms and legs to stay afloat. She had led Chance to a larger cave with a gentle waterfall flowing above them and ending at the bottom.

“Wow,” Chance said.

“Awesome, huh?”

“Yeah.” They were both silent for several moments. Then they remembered they were still holding paws. They looked at each other, then turned to be facing each other.

“Here’s that feeling again. What is it? The mortal world’s so new to me. I’m not used to these emotions…” Tigera thought.

“She looks so unsure about herself. Should I even do what’s on my mind and kiss her? I look in her eyes and I get an uneasy feeling. It’s new for me. It must be for her, too,” Chance thought. Before Chance could make up his mind, Tigera put her paws on his shoulders, pushed him gently down to her level, and kissed him. Chance quickly pulled away. Tigera blushed and turned away from him, embarrassed.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” she said.

“Does this mean… you want to be friends?” Chance asked.

“I, uh…” She looked back at him.


She smiled. “Just kiss me.” He did just that. He did not even notice that since Tigera had her arms around him, they were floating above the water. Chance only felt like he was floating. He did not know he actually was.

Chapter 7:

Present. The falling snow was not helping put out the fire that surrounded Razor and Quiver. The smoke was becoming so bad, they had to put on their oxygen masks.

“Any ideas how we can put out this fire?” Quiver asked.

“We have a foam bomb in the TurboKat,” Razor said.

“Wonderful. I’ll just jump over these flames, get my tail burned, then break a nail getting the weapons bay open, then throw the foam bomb to save your tail so you can get away unburned. What am I saying? *You* do it!”

“Don’t bite my head off. We can’t contact Boulder or anyone else for that matter. Even if we could call him, his boomerang attacks are only effective on the ground. And bringing Lynx down won’t be easy. So unless it stops snowing and starts raining, T-Bone and Venus are on their own.” T-Bone held his sword up to block Lynx’s attacks.

“You going to give your tom shield a rest, or has being mortal softened you, Tigera?” Lynx grinned evilly.

“Wrong DOS, Lynx,” T-Bone said.

“Shut up. They said Venus was the first daughter of Satan, they said Tigera was the first daughter of Satan. They can’t both be the first daughter of Satan unless they were the same she-kat. And both Venus and Tigera turning mortal at the exact same time? Not likely. Our little sisters aren’t that smart, but they’ll figure it out eventually.”

“Damn, she remembered that part, too. The hell with it!” Venus said, pulling back on her bowstring and releasing an arrow. The tip began to burn. Lynx growled and caught it in mid-flight. The starting flame burned out.

“Forget that the arrows don’t harm the ones born in Hell?” She smashed the arrow in her paws.

“No, but you were rubbing my fur the wrong way.”

Lynx looked behind Venus and T-Bone and said, “I wasn’t, but I believe *that* will.” They looked back to see a metal pipe swinging at them. As a reflex, Venus held up her bow to block it from hitting her or T-Bone. She gasped when the pipe broke through the bow and broke it in two.

“Not so tough now, are you?” Jettona said, who was holding the metal pipe.

“Bitch! I can still make you bleed even if the arrows are useless!” Venus growled, then pulled out one of the arrows from her quiver and went to pierce Jettona’s skin. Jettona grabbed Venus’s wrist and squeezed. Venus groaned, trying to get herself free.

“Sisters, half-sisters, and any daughter’s mother may be able to cause actual damage to or kill a daughter of Satan, but the arrows that were forged by Satan’s own hands won’t help you, Venus,” Jettona said. T-Bone would help Venus if he was not busy dealing with Lynx again.

“We’ve got to help them!” Razor said, uncurling his whip.

“Aye! Can’t let ’em have all the fun,” Quiver said, taking out her stars.

“I’ll take Lynx.”


“Mega thunder crash!” He crack his whip, which lashed out lightning at Lynx, who screamed when she was shocked.

“I owe ya one, buddy!” T-Bone said, still facing Lynx.

“I think we’re even.” Jettona went to tackle Venus, when Quiver threw her stars.

“Mega ice shield!” Quiver shouted. The stars whirled around, then enclosed Jettona in a block of ice. The stars then returned to their owner.

“About time she cooled off,” Venus said.

“That buys us a few minutes until they recover, at least,” she thought. By this time, despite the fire spreading, the snow had reached a 1/8 inch on the ground.

“Hmm. Funny time to have memories, I know. But you can’t help but think about how the little things bring back memories, like how the snow reminds me of my first Christmas in the mortal world.” Past, same day. It was a while later after she and Chance came out of the caves to dry off. Tigera was walking on the sidewalk and saw a small group in the park singing. Curiously, she walked over to watch. They were preparing for a new song and the toms were sitting down. A soft song flowed out of the keyboard that was playing and the instructor was preparing to instruct the young she-kats standing.

“There’s a song in the air, there’s a star in the sky. There’s a mother’s deep prayer and a baby’s low cry. And the star rains its fire while the heavens all sing, for the manger of Bethlehem cradles a King.” The sopranos sang “lullaby” twice while the altos sang “silent night, holy night.” “All is calm, all is bright. Lullaby (Silent night), lullaby (Holy night), sweetly sleep, dearest Child. In the light of that star lie the ages impearled. And that song from afar has swept over the world. Ev’ry hearth is aflame and all earth now will sing for we greet in His cradle our Savior and King.” It repeated. “All is calm, all is bright. Lullaby (Silent night), lullaby (Holy night), sweetly sleep, dearest Child. Loo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo loo ooo ooo ooo, sleep dearest Child.” Tigera’s head cocked.

“Why are they singing about a baby? What’s so special about it?” she asked herself. A new song began and the toms stood.

“Somewhere at this moment, in the world tonight, a single candle, a simple spark becomes a flame,” the sopranos and altos sang.

“But when the one who holds the candle places it inside…” the tenors and basses sang. Then they all sang together.

“That’s when something happens one cannot explain. So light a candle in your heart, and then the miracle will start. You’ll be glowing on the inside, lighting up the dark. Tho’ it’s the coldest time of year, still you can feel the warmth in here, radiating from the candle glow, burning brightly so the world will know, radiating from the candle in your heart.” Chance noticed Tigera was standing there, so he stopped nearby. Tigera had not noticed. “Now the world is getting brighter, one candle at a time. And if we stand side by side, together we can make it shine! So light a candle in your heart, and then the miracle will start. You’ll be glowing on the inside, lighting up the dark. Tho’ it’s the coldest time of year, still you can feel the warmth in here, radiating from the candle glow, burning brightly so the world will know, radiating from the candle in your heart.” A small pause, then they ended. “Candle in your heart.”

“Don’t ya just love the holidays?” Chance asked. Tigera looked over at him.

“Holidays? Is that why everyone’s cutting down pines and putting them up in their homes and decorating them with things? Is that why the streets are decorated with lights and things? Why there’s a fat tom in a red suit letting kittens sit on his lap?” she asked. Chance blinked and put his paws in his leather jacket pockets.

“Well, yeah. I mean, it *is* Christmas.”

“What’s Christmas?” is what Tigera wanted to ask, but she figures Christmas was a national holiday and no matter how far south she said she was from, there would be some mention of the holiday. She decided to think of another way to find out what it was. But then she recalled a virgin named Mary giving birth to a Child a long time ago on December 25. She then remember that it the Child was Jesus, Son of the virgin Mary. She could care less about Him, considering He was the son of God, her father’s sworn enemy.

“Is it? I didn’t know.”

“How couldn’t you? It’s also Christmas vacation, no school for 2 weeks. Singing carols, a fabulous Christmas dinner, presents Christmas morning. It’s a popular holiday.”

“Absent minded, I guess.”

“I’m gonna do a little late Christmas shopping. Wanna come with?”

“No, thanks. I’m gonna go back home and thaw. I’m not used to cold weather.”

“See ya, Tigera.”

“See ya, Chance.” They were about to walk away, then turned back, walked towards each other, wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed on the lips. They pulled away, said their silent good byes, and left. When she got home, she went up to her room and looked into the mirror.

“Is this what love feels like? So many new emotions…” she said to herself. She looked in the mirror and saw Lynx and Jettona sitting on her bed. She turned around to face them. “What the hell are you doing in here?” she asked.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to try to get Furlong’s attention,” Lynx said.

“I’m not.”

“Coulda fooled us,” Jettona said.

“You’re trying to tell us you ‘fell’ on his lips all those times?” Lynx asked.

“Your lying sucks, Tigera.”

“OK, so I’m starting to like mortals. At least they have a more pleasing personality than you two,” Tigera growled. Lynx and Jettona looked at each other.

“She’s taken a liking to the mortal world too much and she’s losing her darkness,” Jettona said.

“She’s becoming more like Venus. We can’t have that, can we?” They both stood up and approached Tigera as she back away into the dresser with the mirror on it.

“What are you doing?” There was no where else to go. She was trapped. She was too concerned about her sisters that she did not notice a large, beast-like paw with long black claws reaching out of the mirror and grasping Tigera around the neck. Tigera screamed and the paw tightened its grip and from the paw a light spread throughout Tigera’s body. Finally, the paw released Tigera and she fell to the ground. She panted, holding her neck.

“What did you do to her?” Jettona asked the paw.

“Making sure she doesn’t betray us. She grew too fond of the mortal world and the mortals in it. She’s become more like them than a daughter of Satan. I now have complete control over her. No more free will for you, my dear,” a voice said. Tigera stood, shaky.

“How do you feel, sister?” Lynx asked.

Tigera looked at her, eyes flashed red. “Hungry.”

“Hold that thought. Tigera, Lynx, Jettona,” the voice said from the mirror. Each she-kat turned to the mirror at the sound of their names. The paw drew back into the mirror, now a blood red color.

“We have seen the future and we know what we’ll be up against. We don’t want it to happen.”

“But who, Father?” Lynx asked.

“A group of pilots. They’ll begin with a strong, talented pilot as the leader and a sure-shot navigator who is also a weapons expert. A few years later, they’ll also gain a female warlord, her strong and loyal companion, and a fighter who knows how to investigate her surroundings, no matter how new they are to her. We need take care of them before they have a chance to meet each other and start an alliance.”

“Have you determined who they are yet?” Jettona asked.

“Not yet, but I’m close. Tigera, go satisfy your hunger. Lynx and Jettona, I wish to speak with you a moment.”

“Yes, Father,” the three she-kats bowed, then Tigera left and shut the door behind her.

“I have determined who one of the pilots will be, daughters. It’s as we feared,” Father said.

“You mean…?” Jettona and Lynx both asked.

“Chance William Furlong. He’s in your class, I believe.”

“Yes. Tigera has taken a liking to him and we don’t like it, Father,” Jettona said.

“Which was one of the reasons I took control of her. Jettona, Lynx, Furlong is considered a heart melter. And he’s beginning to melt Tigera’s. He will be the leader, I fear. If he had won her over completely, she’d join Venus and fight against us.”

“But you saw her. She’s practically in puppy love with him,” Lynx said.

“We’ll keep her under this power. Furlong won’t let any other she-kat get near him now, not even you two. But now Tigera and Furlong are falling in love. We keep Tigera acting like she has been, but the emotions will mean nothing to her, though it may appear they do.”

“How long until we actually kill the bastard, Father?” Jettona asked.

“We’ll wait until his high school graduation, so he can die a tom.”

“You’re sure you can keep Tigera under your control for five more years, Father?” Lynx asked.

“Hmm. She’s the first born, so she naturally has more power than any other of your sisters and half sisters, including yourselves. There will be times she’ll resist me, say if I wanted her to hit Furlong in the head with a brick, she may resist and drop it. I only control her body and what she says, but I have no power over her mind. But I have no doubt that I can’t keep hold of her for five more years.”

“So we should just back off between her and Chance.”

“Yes, especially now. When she said she was hungry, she meant hungry for love.”

“Ooh,” both Lynx and Jettona said.

“Maybe now she won’t be so crabby,” Jettona grinned. Tigera hugged her jacket tightly as she walked down the block. The weather had gotten worse. Freezing rain and snow began to beat down on her. Her hair was quickly dampening, which made her colder. She shivered and rubbed her arms.

“Knew I should’ve worn a hat,” she coughed. She stood there for a moment, noticing it was dark. She was suddenly tired. She passed out, collapsed and landed in a pile of cold, wet snow. A while later, she felt much warmer. Her hair was drying. She opened her eyes. She was in Chance’s bedroom, lying on his bed. She rubbed her forehead and groaned. She noticed she also was not wearing anything under the blankets she was wrapped up in. Chance walked in with a tray and two mugs with steaming liquids.

“So, you’re awake,” he said, setting the tray on the end table by the bed.

“Where are my clothes?” Tigera asked, covering her upper half with the blanket.

“In the washer. Soon to be the dryer. They were soaken wet when I found you passed out on the street. You OK?”

“Still cold. I do hope your mother undressed me.” Chance gulped and shook his head. “Your sister?” Tigera asked. Chance shook his head again. Tigera looked pale. “Aunt? Female cousin? Female friend?” Chance shook his head.

“I didn’t look. I had the lights turned off,” Chance said, handing her a mug of hot chocolate. Tigera took it, and sipped. “Did you want marshmallows?”

“No thanks.”

“Why were you out there in this weather anyway?”

Tigera shrugged, “Had stuff on my mind, got tired of my sisters, you know.” She set the mug on the end table. “Where are everyone else?” she asked.

“Out. Won’t be back for a few hours yet. Volunteered to watch ya.”


“Yeah…” Chance said this feeling like this was leading to something. Chance suddenly had a strange feeling come over him.

“What are you doing, Father?” Tigera thought.

“Just helping you win your tom, dear,” a voice said in her head.

“No. Don’t.”

“You want me, don’t you, Chance?” Tigera asked.

“I have a sudden sensation, yeah,” Chance said. Thunder was heard, and the lights suddenly turned off.

“What happened?” Tigera asked.

“Power outage.”

“Good. Come here.” This time, they went all the way.

Chapter 8:

Present. By this time, Lynx and Jettona had recovered and were attacking again. The Swat Kats were looking bad. Razor and Quiver were running low on their oxygen tanks. T-Bone was getting tired. And Venus had no other weapons to fight against them.

“Getting tired, Swat Kats?” Lynx asked.

“Get bent, bitch,” Venus sneered. Just as Jettona and Lynx were about to throw fireballs at her and T-Bone, two shots rang in the air.

“Jettona, you and your sister are under arrest!” It was Commander Feral. Next to him was Lt. Felina Feral. Both had their firearms up. Behind them was Boulder.

“What’s this, Jettona? Two weakling enforcers and their Swat Kat friend?” Lynx asked.

“He’s not my friend,” both Feral and Boulder said.

“Boulder, put this fire out!” Razor called.

“You got it, buddy!” Boulder said, pulling out a small fire extinguisher from his backpack. He turned it on and aimed at the flames, but flames were not effected.

“Damn it!” Boulder growled.

“Should’ve known, we’re dealing with the super natural. The fire won’t burn out so easily,” Felina said.

“You get used to them, Lynx,” Jettona finally replied.

“But why get used to them when we can just exterminate them?” Lynx asked.

“Good idea.” They both raised their paws into the air and sent out two massive fireballs. When they made contact to the ground, they caused an explosion that threw everyone but Lynx and Jettona back. Venus struggled, but she could barely even push herself up. She looked at the blazing fire near her and the heroes who tried to stop them. She gasped when she saw T-Bone. His suit was shredded and burn marked. His helmet laid near him, dented so bad it would never fit his head like that. Even his mask was nearly torn off his face. He was out. The sight almost brought Venus to tears.

“T-Bone! T-Bone!” she shouted, almost screamed. T-Bone was out, but a memory ran in his mind. Past, 1987. Tigera stood waiting in the gym decorated for the graduating class of 1987. She paced for a few more moments, tugging lightly at the golden heart-shaped locket at her neck, then saw Chance standing in the doorway.

“Stripes! I was about to give up on you,” Tigera said as Chance went over to her and gave her a kiss.

“Sorry, babe. Wanted to see what Bryan’s bike looked like in the library,” Chance replied.

“Aah! Chance, you’re going to get in trouble!”

“Hey, I’m graduating tomorrow. What are they gonna do? Expel me?” Tigera could not help but laugh. She cleared her throat.

“You know that form I sent in with my picture?”

“The one for the modeling thing?”


“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well…” she smiled, “I got a reply and they’re excepting me.”

“Tiger, that’s great!” Chance lifted her up in the air, twirled her around in a circle and gave her a hug and kiss. “We gotta celebrate.”

“I don’t think it’s worth it. The job’s in Paris. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me, Stripes.”

“But I thought we were gonna stay together and maybe…”

“I can’t turn this down just for you.”

“Oh, so all of a sudden, I’m not good enough for you?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“That’s what I’m hearing!”

“Screw you!” They both stopped for a moment to breath and look each other in the eye.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too. I’m gonna stay here. I can’t lose you now.”

“Tigera, I don’t want you to give this up. It’s a great opportunity. Could make you famous.”

“But, Stripes…”

“I’ll wait for you. I won’t settle for anyone else, should you ever come back.”

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?”

“Just for a little while. I mean, you’ll be back, won’t you?”

“I know I will. I’m going tomorrow. Love you.”

“Love you, too.” They kissed again. Present. Venus strained to her feet.

“T-Bone! Stripes!” She started running towards him, then the ground shook and a large shadow figure grabbed onto Venus. Razor and Quiver looked up, weary.

“Who is that?” Razor asked.

“Something familiar about him. I think it’s Satan,” Quiver said.

“Hi, Daddy,” Lynx and Jettona both said.

“Kill her, Daddy. She spoiled our plans,” Lynx said. The same beast paw with long black claws was wrapped tightly around Venus’s neck. Venus screamed and tried to escape from his monster grip.

“No! Satan, you’re not going to take over my body again!” she screamed.

“Who said anything about taking over your body again? Time your sisters were sure about you and your fellow Swat Kats. And this time, no memories will be erased.”

“*No*!” Venus struggled harder.

“Grab your camera, Lynx. You’ll want to watch this again and again,” Jettona laughed. A light spread through the Swat Kats’ bodies. Feral and Lt. Feral were still out cold when this was happening. The sudden piercing pain woke T-Bone and Boulder up. Razor and Quiver were holding their own stomachs, where they believed the source of the pain originated. Soon, their G-suits dissolved back to the clothes they were wearing before.

“So we were right. Tigera *is* Venus,” Lynx said. Chance shook his head to clear it, noticing his G-suit was gone and he was back in his tuxedo. He was still bleeding, as well as weak. Lynx’s eyes glowed, then Chance was suddenly slamed into a tree.

“Stripes!” Tigera shouted.

“He’s weak. Let’s get rid of him, Lynx,” Jettona said.

“Let’s,” Lynx grinned. Tigera panted, still unable to escape her father’s grip.

Before Lynx and Jettona could strike, Tigera screamed, “Chance, I lied! The day before graduation I erased your memory and replace it with another one! Same with Lynx and Jettona!” Lynx and Jettona stopped and looked at Tigera.

“Why?” Chance asked.

“It was like this that day…” Tigera said. Past, 1987. Chance and Tigera were walking paw-in-paw in the park one night.

“Well, tomorrow we’ll be high school graduates,” Chance said.

“Yep. Hope we got to do everything we wanted to do during the last 18 years,” Tigera said. Lynx and Jettona were watching in a nearby tree up above.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’ll kill him now,” Jettona said.

“Steady, Jett. You just want to get warmed up for the Clawson brat, don’t you?” Lynx asked.

“I’m also thirsty. Let me take about eight pints of blood out of him.” Lynx took out her compact and opened it. She stared into the mirror, which turned blood red.

“Father, what do you suggest?” she asked.

“If Jettona has a blood thirst, let her drink,” a voice said.

“If you say so.”

“I’ll keep them busy while you jump Furlong.”

“Hey, Chance, do you love me?” Tigera asked, running a paw up and down Chance’s arm.

“You know the answer to that,” Chance replied.

“But I need to hear you say it. Chance, do you love me?”

“I love you.” They stopped, and Tigera moved in front of him.

“We graduate tomorrow. I want you to look at me, and never lose sight of me.”

“So long as *you* never lose sight of me.” He reached into his pocket, then pulled out a gold heart-shaped locket and put it around her neck.

“What’s this?”

“A locket, silly. Look inside.” Tigera cocked her head slightly, then opened it up. Inside was a picture of herself and Chance, her in his arms. Both smiling. Before she could say anything more, the ground suddenly rumbled. “H-Hey, what’s going on?” Chance asked.

“I don’t know–!” Tigera said, then screamed as something grabbed onto her and knocked her out.

“Tiger!” Before he could react, Chance found himself facing Lynx and Jettona in their normal leather attire. “Jettona? Lynx?” They both growled and extended their claws. As they attacked Chance, Tigera groaned and opened her eyes. The same shadow figure in the future was holding onto her, and had his beast paw with long black claws supporting her neck. She saw Lynx give Chance a hard punch in the face that made him fall to the ground. Much like it will be in the future.

Tigera gasped, “Chance! Chance!” She remembered past talks she and he had had the first few months they were together.

“Hey, Chance, what do you wanna do with your life after you graduate?”

“I dunno. Always wanted to be an enforcer. Maybe that. And, hopefully, one day, get married and have a family… I’m not considering you as a girlfriend or anything and I’m not taking any applications, but maybe as a… friend?”

“It depends on what your definition of ‘friend’ is.”

“To me, a friend is someone you know, like, and trust. Someone who’ll catch you when you fall, help you back up, do what you can to help, like when you gave me that ice pack when I got a black eye. And someone who can make you feel a lot better.”

Tigera’s eyes watered. “And that time he drew a halo over my first snow angel… All he ever wanted was to know I was his friend,” she thought. She looked down at her locket that Chance had just given her. “And now… he loves me. Someone actually loves me outside the family.”

“No!!!” Tigera screamed, and pulled herself out of Satan’s grip with little difficulty. “Get away from him!” She sent a large fireball at her sisters, who quickly retreated back into a tree.

“Father, you didn’t make her do that?!” Jettona asked.

“She’s overcome my control over her,” Satan said. She knelt down to Chance and started to cry. Chance opened an eye when he felt a tear land on his cheek.

“What’s that in your eye?” he asked.

“What?” Tigera asked softly, as if she had no clue.

“That’s a tear. Are you actually crying, Miss Tough-Guy?”

Tigera smiled weakly, “No. Why should I be crying?”

“Tigera, you are my friend… aren’t you?” At that, Tigera cried a little harder.

“Of course I am. I’m so sorry I never answered you before. You always have been my friend. And since my first Christmas here, you’ve been my boyfriend and my lover.”

“I can’t protect you from them…”

“Don’t strain yourself. Leave them to me, please.” Chance nodded. Tigera stood, still crying, keeping a hard face. She kept her back facing her sisters and father. “Venus, I never thought I’d be calling on you, and you come at the worst times, but I need you.”

“I’ll come because you no longer fight against me,” a voice that sounded like Tigera’s said in her head.

“I’ve had enough. I will not allow this! I will pay you back; because forgiveness, for one like you, could never be an option,” Tigera said, turning back to face the three. She groaned for a few moments, then she received a leather outfit much like her sisters’, but she was wearing a mask and a blue helmet with a red triangle on the front. She appeared older.

“Venus!” Lynx and Jettona both gasped. Venus drew her paws together, a bright light eliminating from them.

“Let’s have some fun, shall we?” she asked, then threw a fireball at them. Both Lynx and Jettona jumped backwards and landed a good distance from her.

“You think you can take us on, Venus?” Lynx asked.

“No, Lynx. I *know* I can take you on.” The three she-kats growled, then Lynx and Jettona attacked Venus. Chance was watching, awestruck. He thought he knew Tigera, and now… it was getting very hot with the sisters throwing and hitting each other with fireballs. With one massive fireball, Venus threw it at them, an explosion occurred when it hit the ground, causing Lynx and Jettona to be blown back and knocked out. Venus then turned to her father. “Now for you,” she said.

“Your secret is safe… for now. We have no fight, daughter. But know that you will not always be let off the hook so easily. Especially in the future when the pilots will fight us,” Satan said.

“When the five of them are united, I will join with them and do what I can to fight against you and any pieces of crud you throw at us. When they need me most, I’ll be there,” Venus growled.

“Why wait? I can send your sisters after you right now.” With that, Satan disappeared back into the ground. Venus walked over to Jettona and Lynx, waved her paw over them, and some sparkling dust settled on them. She then returned to Chance. Chance removed her helmet and untied her mask to see the face he had known for so long.

“Why did you keep this from me?” Chance asked.

“Oh, come on. Would you take a daughter of Satan as a friend let alone a girlfriend?” Tigera asked.

“I’ve always liked you, Tigera. It doesn’t matter what you are, but who you are that that I’ve always liked.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t let you remember this day. And I can’t let you be with me, not until I can shake off my sisters. That’s gonna take some time. I’m sorry.”

“I understand. Will I ever see you again?”

“I know we will, Chance. Wait for me?”

“Of course. I may flirt with a few girls, but none’ll compare to you, remember that. I love you, Tiger.”

“Oh, Stripes… I love you.” She held his head up and kissed him deeply. Present.

“I had to do it, Chance! I couldn’t let you know I was a daughter of Satan and I still don’t know why they fought so damn hard to keep us from being in love! If you kept your memory, you would’ve come after me and you never would’ve met up with Jake and Katarina. I didn’t want you to be in any danger! I couldn’t bear that! And now I can’t even protect you from my own family. I’m so sorry, I don’t have anything to fight them with. And I call myself a Swat Kat? Ha! I’m not even a real Swat Kat!”

“What do you mean, you’re not a real Swat Kat? You’ve been fighting with us–” Buster started.

“You all have the star weapons and I only had the arrows and bow of Satan. Look how they failed against Lynx and Jettona. How can I compare with that?!” Tigera asked, with tears in her eyes.

“Oh, boo hoo. She’s not a real Swat Kat, Jettona,” Lynx said, wiping a mock tear from her eye.

“That’s a shame. But we’ve always fought with her as if she was a Swat Kat, haven’t we, Lynx?” Jettona grinned evilly.

“But I’m not a Swat Kat. I never will be. There were only 5 star weapons and I don’t have one,” Tigera hung her head.

“That’s true, about the star weapons, but about not being a Swat Kat, you’re wrong,” Chance said, straining to stand up. Jake, Katarina, Buster, and Tigera lifted their heads to look at him. He was still straining to stand, but he continued.

“What’s a Swat Kat to you, Tigera? Just someone who wears a flight suit and flies around in a jet? Someone who has the same series of weapons? A Swat Kat’s more than that. He or she’s a fighter, justice seeker, and an enforcer who goes by their own rules. Someone who is loyal, brave, willing, and honest… no matter how long they keep from it. Tigera, you and all the Swat Kats are those things. Star weapon or no, you are a Swat Kat, and you did your best to protect all of us. No one’s angry at you for failing,” he said.

“Stripes…” Tigera said.

“None of you are Swat Kats now. You have exhausted your powers. You can’t stand up against us,” Satan said, still keeping a strong grip on Tigera. She was still weak, but she tried her best to stand.

“I won’t allow it, Father. You’ve done enough damage. I’m not gonna let you continue,” she said.

“Don’t be an idiot, Tigera. You have no weapons to use against us and your teammates are worn out. You’ve lost,” Jettona said.

“No. I won’t give up. I haven’t lost. I’m not dead yet. Even though I’m not like the other Swat Kats with their weapons, I have the guts to take you and any or all of the daughters of Satan on!” Tigera growled.

Suddenly, Chance noticed his sword was glowing. “Huh?” The same was happening to Jake’s whip and Katarina’s four stars.

“What’s going on?” Jake asked. Buster looked at his glowing boomerang.

“What could it mean?” Even at Ann’s apartment, the daggers resting on her dresser glowed. Ann had not noticed since she was taking a shower.

“Another one of your tricks, Swat Kats?” Jettona asked. A light shot out of the five star weapons and stopped right in front of Tigera. Satan shielded his eyes and released his grip on Tigera. Tigera, who still had not regained herself, fell to her knees and noticed something forming in the light.

“Could it be possible?” Katarina asked.

“Another star weapon?!” Chance asked. In front of Venus was a silver bow and a quiver filled with arrows. On the handle of the bow, a star appeared.

“Is that what I think it is?” Buster asked.

“The silver star bow and arrows? I thought they were just a legend,” Katarina said.

“Where’d they come from? Why are they here?” Jake asked.

“They were just a legend. They must’ve appeared when Tigera was talking so noblely about being a Swat Kat and fighting the daughters of Satan. All this time she thought she wasn’t one because she didn’t have a star weapon. And now she’s admited she’s a Swat Kat.”

“Then they’re… mine?” Tigera asked. Without waiting for an answer, she reached out and grabbed the bow. Suddenly, light poured into her and she regained her g-suit, mask, and helmet.

“Damn! Not another star weapon!” Lynx shouted. Venus stood with new strength, took one of the arrows, and put it on the string. Jake and Katarina were unable to stay awake much longer in the fire rings. Venus released the bowstring and the arrow flied their way. It landed in the flames. All of a sudden, water spilled out of the arrow and spread out until the fires were extinguished. Jake and Katarina coughed and stood up.

“Now I’m *really* burned up!” Katarina said and without saying or doing anything, regained her g-suit, mask, and helmet.

“Go ahead, guys. Let us cool off for a few minutes,” Jake said and without saying or doing anything, regained his g-suit, mask, and helmet.

“I’ll take on the Prince of Darkness,” Buster said, regaining his g-suit, mask, and helmet.

“You don’t stand a chance, Swat Kat,” Satan laughed, then began to sink back into the ground.

“Mega earthquake smash!” Boulder shouted and threw his boomerang into the ground. The ground shook and turned over a great deal of soil. Satan did not return, but his grunts were heard. Chance stood and turned into T-Bone as Jettona and Lynx were ready to attack him. Before he had the chance to attack, lightning and ice shards hit Lynx and Jettona hard. T-Bone looked back to see Razor’s whip uncurled and Quiver catching her ice stars as they returned to her.

“Letting off a little steam, Kats?” he asked.

“Bingo,” Razor said.

“Bull’s eye,” Quiver said. Boulder stood next to the two, while Venus walked over by T-Bone. She pulled back on her new bowstring loaded with one of her new arrows.

“Make our night, girls,” she said. Jettona grinned evilly.

“Are you in a hurry, Tigera? We now know who you are. We can attack you anytime. And I’m sure everyone will wanna know about your juicy little secrets,” she sneered. Venus growled and was tempted to release the string. “Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson, Katarina Clawson, Bustopher Whitetail, and our dear sister Tigera. It’ll be all over.”

A voice boomed from below, “Now is not the time to gossip, daughters! Keep this secret to yourselves until I say or I’ll curse you with mortality or death.”

Lynx growled, “Yes, Father. Your secret’s safe… for now. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of us so soon, Swat Kats.” With a wave of their paws, Lynx and Jettona disappeared in a fireball each. The Swat Kats’ breathing slowed and Venus lowered her bow.

“Why, Father?” Venus asked.

“I told you. There are times you will be let off the hook. Fortunately for you, daughter, this is one of those times,” Satan’s voice said. His voice faded. By this time, Feral and Felina had woken up and walked over to the group.

“Just great. They got away,” Feral growled.

“What’s Venus got?” Felina asked, noticing Venus’s bow and arrows.

“The silver star bow and arrows. They’re the most unique of the star weapons. Not only can she use the arrows for earthquakes, ice, wind, lightning, and the same amount of fire power she’s gotten from her old arrows, but she can also control water,” Boulder said.

“One thing’s for sure: so long as Jettona and Lynx know who we are, we’ll have to be extra careful about what we say or do from now on,” Razor said.

“Hey, T-Bone?” Venus asked.

“Hey, what?” T-Bone asked.

“There’s still time. Wanna go back to the party?”

“You bet, bright eyes.”

Soon they were back on the dance floor dancing to “Total Eclipse of The Heart” with a new passion, like it was their first dance together. Remembering the past was both exciting and scary, remembering what they almost did not have. Tigera had noticed that Cindy had left the party, and Bryan had never showed up. She never knew Cindy to stay long at a party anyway. She was always fishing for a way out or sneaking around the corners to make out with Bryan. Either way, she was no longer at the party. It did not bother her or Chance. They were just happy to still have each other after all that had happened those years ago, and what had just happened tonight. Elsewhere, someone was watching the scene in an energy ball. He hissed, then noticed Lynx had walked in.

“We have more than we bargained for. They’ve discovered the sixth star weapon and Venus has already learned how to use it well,” she said.

“The Swat Kats are fast learners. I learned that when the first five were first united,” the voice said. Cindy stepped up next to Lynx.

“These weapons were strong enough to keep you here for, what, two years? Even a fire arrow from a daughter of Satan didn’t melt that sword,” she said.

“We don’t know that for sure. It was the *fire* sword. Probably absorbs anything fire, no matter how powerful,” the voice said.

“Does it matter? Jettona and I know who they are. We can attack and kill them when they have no access to the star weapons,” Lynx said.

“Whenever you two are ready, but for a while. Let the Midnight Panther have a break, and the Swat Kats lose their guards.”

Both bowed, “Yes, sir.”

“But be careful about what you say to me. You know who my father is and he can trap you deeper into the center of the earth if you get on my bad side. And you won’t be encased in ice, but you’ll wish you were,” Lynx hissed.

“Understood. But like ‘Cindy’ here, you are of the Midnight Panther now, so you are to follow my orders as well as your father’s. I hope that’s clear.”

“Crystal.” Elsewhere, Jettona was watching Tigera and Chance dancing in her own ball of energy in her room. Jake and Katarina were watching from a nearby table at the party, as were Buster and Ann.

“No doubt Ann Gora is the fifth Swat Kat Shera. I’ve been wondering about her current absence. She’s pregnant with Whitetail’s kitten, no doubt,” she said to herself. Her face softened slightly. “I suddenly miss *my* baby. Must be nice to still have love…”

“Tigera’s a fool to have given up her immortality for a mortal. And doing it for love,” Satan’s voice said. Jettona looked all around, since the voice seemed to be coming from everywhere.

“Love conquers all, Father, but you wouldn’t know that, would you?”

“Watch your tongue. You remember what happened to Demeter when she spoke to me in Tigera’s defense. Perhaps you’d like to be a declawed house cat for the rest of your miserable 9 lives, hmm? Love’s not worth shit.”

“You’re only saying that because you’re a whore.” Jettona gasped as she felt a piercing pain in her stomach, like someone was stabbing her and turning the weapon inside. She hunched over, breathing hard, trying not to scream.

“You’ll not betray us like Tigera or Demeter! You’re too good a warrior! If I have to take control of you like I did her, then I will!” Jettona screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Tigera heard it. Her ears twitched, wondering why her sister would scream. Even though they were not on the same side, she still had feelings enough for her to have *some* concern. Her and the other daughters. She decided to ignore it for now. It was not every day you have your 10-year high school reunion and dance with your husband.


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