Original SWAT Kats Story

The Venus Series: Strangers in a Human Land

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,192 Words

The SWAT Kats, with their new friend Venus, get sucked into a new universe by a creature named Shredder. When they escape, they team up with four green creatures who will help get them back home. T-Bone and Venus start a relationship.

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Author's Notes:

I’m back and with a vengeance! Just kidding. Story Seven is now on the way and the second part of “The Venus Series!” This is going to be my first crossover story with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don’t know which season I’m pulling them out from, because there are so many! Let’s just say the Turtles are still fighting Shredder and Krang and the Tecnodrom is still under the sea, or ocean, or whatever. And Venus comes back to the story sooner than I’m sure most of you would’ve thought wouldn’t come back for a few more stories like Jettona or Dulcea. If I did that, then why would I call this series of stories “The Venus Series”? If you don’t know who Venus is, check out my last story and part one of the series, “T-Bone’s Nightmare”. And if you don’t know who Dulcea and Jettona are, read “Lake Of Fire” or “Quiver’s Aim”. Here we go again!

Jake and Katarina were walking in the park one night after they had finished dinner. Kat was holding Jake’s left arm because his right was still in a sling.

“Thanks for dinner, Jake. Pizza’s better than I thought it was,” Kat said.

“No problem, Kat. We’re going out now, so, by law, we gotta have at least one date that involves pizza,” Jake said. Kat chuckled.

“I see. Look at the stars, Jake. Aren’t they beautiful?” Jake looked up at the stars.

“Not as beautiful as you, Kat.” He leaned towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.


“Sorry, Kat. I didn’t think you’d mind a kiss on the check.”

“Well, I do. I prefer the lips.” Jake lightly slapped his forehead and kissed her on the lips.

“Are you sure you never had a girlfriend, Jake? That kiss could blow any girl away,” Kat said, leaning against Jake’s chest. Jake chuckled.

“Not unless you count Jettona. The way she treated me was almost like she was my girlfriend. Hey, that gives me a thought.”


“Well, if she knows who I am, why doesn’t she tell the enforcers?”

“She doesn’t. When she killed your mother, she didn’t know who either of you were. When she dumped you off at the orphanage, she left your mother’s purse and inside was your birth certificate. When she asked where you were 24 years later, when she saw the picture of you, you were wearing a mask. Gods and demigods can’t see behind the mask.”

“Whew! What a relief. Even that Venus?”

“Even that Venus. Even when we met centuries ago, we both wore masks.” Jake looked at his watch.

“We better go home, Kat. Chance wanted me to help him in the garage with Callie’s car.”

“Again? She might as well buy a new car with all the trouble that one brings.” And they both walked out of the park and into Jake’s tow trunk. Back at the garage, Chance was underneath a green sports car. Then, a she-kat walked into the garage. Right now, all you could see were a pair of high heels. She walked over to the car and looked over it.

“Kat, could you hand me a wrench?” Chance asked. The she-kat walked over to the toolbox and pulled out a wrench. She walked back over to the car and dropped the wrench down the hood-less car. The wrench hit Chance in the forehead.

“Ow! Katarina Lynn, what’s the big idea?” he growled, getting off of the mechanic’s dolly and coming out from underneath the car. He rubbed his bleeding forehead and looked up to see not his sister, but a she-kat with light brown fur, lipid blue eyes, long white hair in a braid, green tank-tops, and blue jeans.

“Hey, cutie. Remember me?” the she-kat asked.

“Uh, should I?” Chance asked.

“Oh, Chance, I’m crushed. We went through junior and high school together. And after almost ten years, you forget about me?” She clicked her tongue. Chance got to his feet to see her face better.

“Maybe *this* will refresh your memory.” The she-kat grabbed his collar and pulled him close to her and kissed him on the lips. Jake and Kat walked in to see Chance and the she-kat kissing.

“Mmm-mwa!” She released Chance from his collar and from her kiss.

“Remember me now, Stripes?”

“Tigera!” Chance lifted Tigera into the air and hugged her.

“Ahem!” Jake said. Chance put Tigera back on the ground and found Jake and Kat looking at them.

“You’re a little late, Jake,” Chance said, clearing his throat.

“Oh, no. We saw the kiss, all right.”

Tigera chuckled, “He’s kinda cute.”

“He’s kinda taken, Missy,” Kat said, wrapping her arms on Jake left arm.

“How did he get hurt?”

“Chance dropped an engine on his arm and broke it,” Kat lied. He really inured his arm because Quiver’s stars hit him. It went all the way to the bone.

“Tiger, this is my best friend, Jake Clawson. And that’s his girlfriend and my little sister, Katarina. Guys, this is my old high school girlfriend, Tigera,” Chance introduced.

“You mean *this* is the little sister you thought had died?” Tigera asked.

“Yeah. Turns out she was stolen from us and was raised in Scotland. We found her about four years ago. We didn’t find out she was my sister until a couple months ago.”

“Hmph. Uh, Stripes, why don’t we catch up on the old times? Are you free sometime tomorrow night around 7:00?” Chance looked at Jake and Kat.

“We had our date, it’s your turn.”

“Uh, OK. I guess so.”

“Great. I’ll call tomorrow for the plans. Nice meeting you guys.” And then Tigera walked out of the garage.

“She seems nice,” Kat said.

“Believe me, from what she was in high school, she is.” Kat looked at Chance’s forehead.

“Let me guess, she dropped a wrench on your head?” she asked.

“How did you know?” She picked up a wrench that had a few spots of blood on it.

“Let’s go inside and clean it up.”

Chapter 2:

Meanwhile, Buster and Ann Gora were just finishing up the news.

“This is Ann Gora, Kat’s Eye News. Back to you, Mike.”

“And, we’re off. Great newscast, Ann,” Buster said, turning the camera off and putting it down.

“Thanks, Buster. Let’s go back home and have some milk,” Ann said, putting her microphone in a box.

“Sounds great. Let’s go.” The rest of the crew had already gone, leaving Ann and Buster alone with Ann’s van. Suddenly, a gush of wind blew.

“What in the–?!” Then, a giant portal opened.

“What the hell is that?!” Buster asked.

“I don’t know! But it’s pulling me in!” Ann screamed as the wind lifted her off the ground.

“Annie!” Buster shouted. Ann grabbed onto a nearby tree. Buster was also lifted into the air. Ann grabbed him as he passed her.

“Buster, call Chance! Quick!” Buster reached for his watch communicator and pushed the buttons.

“Kat Four to Kat One! Kat One, come in!” Back at the Garage, Chance, Jake, and Kat were watching TV and Kat had just finished putting a bandage on Chance’s forehead. Then their communicators started beeping.

“Kats One, Two, and Three here. What’s up?”

“Chance, there’s a portal here and it’s pulling Ann and I in! We need some back-up!”

“Roger. We’re on our way!” They wasted no time. They quickly got into their G-suits and got onto three Cyclotrons.

“Let’s go!” Back with Buster and Ann, they were still holding onto the tree.

“Ann, we gotta get into our G-suits! No one’s around! Earth boomerang!” Buster shouted.

“Wind daggers!” Ann followed. As a huge truck passed, they had received their Swat Kat G-suits. Just then, the other Swat Kats appeared.

“T-Bone! I can’t hold on!” Then, Shera lost her grasp on the tree and she and Boulder started flying into the portal. Razor and Quiver fired the Spider Web missiles and netted the two Swat Kats.

“Great catch, Kats,” T-Bone said. Suddenly, Razor and Quiver’s Cyclotrons started to be pulled into the portal as well. T-Bone fired the grappling cables and caught the two bikes. Then he started to get pulled into the portal.

“Great! Now *I* need back-up!” Just as they were about to go into the portal, an arrow struck the side of T-Bone’s Cyclotron. He looked back to see a she-kat hold onto a rope and pulling. She was wearing a Swat Kat G-suit.


“Hang on, guys! I got ya!” Then her feet started to drag.

“OK, I *don’t* got ya!” Then the six of them were pulled into the portal. They landed on the other side onto a hard steel floor.

“What a landing!” Shera said, getting out of the net.

“Not one of my better ones,” T-Bone said.

“What are these creatures?” a voice asked. Quiver looked up to see a creature with a brain inside its stomach. The brain actually had a face to it!

“I was about to ask the same question, buddy,” she said.

“I am Krang, master of Dimension X. Who are you?” the brain asked.

“They’re called Swat Kats. They’ve been on our case for years now,” a robotic voice said.

“The Metallikats!” T-Bone and Razor both said. They looked up to see two kat robots, one short male, and one tall female.

“Last time I saw you guys, you merged with whatever that monster Zed was made of,” T-Bone said.

“Yeah. And now you’re hanging around with some of your own kind?” Quiver asked, referring to Krang’s robot body and the weird creature covered with spikes and metal.

“That one over there is human. Meet the Shredder,” Molly Metallikat said.

“A kitchen utensil?” Boulder asked.

“And what’s a… Human?” Venus asked.

“You’re a goddess. You should know,” T-Bone said.

“Let’s stop yapping and get the hell outta here!”

“Get them!” Shredder shouted. Suddenly, two other creatures, one with tucks, the other with a horn on his nose, charged at the Kats.

“What are those?” Razor asked.

“Who cares? With those tusks and horns, I don’t think I wanna find out!” Boulder said, getting onto one of the Cyclotrons. Shera and Venus got onto the other two with Quiver and Razor.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty!” the creature with the horn said.

“Kitty this!” T-Bone said, revving the engines and riding out of the room. The others followed. The two creatures jumped out of the way.

“Bebop, Rocksteady, after them!” Krang ordered.

“Right, Master Krang,” Bebop said. He and Rocksteady ran after the Kats. The Kats rode through the halls of wherever they were.

“This place is a maze!” T-Bone said.

“Yeah, they always hide the EXIT signs in these places,” Razor said. Finally, they came to a room where there was a door marked EXIT.

“Here we are,” Quiver said. Then, Razor let out a yelp. He rubbed his right arm.

“What happened?” Boulder asked. Then, a laser was fired overhead.

“Those goons got a lucky shot.” T-Bone pushed the button next to the door. Water came gushing out. He quickly closed it again.

“Wherever we are, we’re underwater! Switch to sub-mode!” Razor and Quiver each pushed a button on the control panel. A dome was surrounding the three Cyclotrons.

“They’re getting away! Stop them!” Mac Metallikat shouted.

“We’re out of here!” T-Bone said, pushing the button again and opening the door. As they drove moved through the tidal wave of water, the doors closed again.

“How could you let the Swat Kats escape?! Now they’re loose!” Molly growled.

“Don’t worry, Molly. They’re outside their own universe. The humans will take care of them,” Shredder said.

Chapter 3:

The Kats reached the outside of wherever they were. They looked to see it was in the shape of a ball. But it was gigantic! And at the top was a giant eye.

“Creepy,” Venus said.

“Yeah. Who knows what kind of new things we’ll find in this universe?” Razor said. They drove the Sub-Cyclotrons to the surface. They found themselves on a beach, at night, were there wasn’t a living thing in sight. They lowered the domes and got off the bikes.

“Holy kats,” Quiver said in awe.

“What is it?” Shera asked.

“Their city. It actually looks like ours.” They looked in her direction to see the city. It almost looked similar to MegaKat City.

“Humans probably aren’t as primitive as I thought,” Razor said.

“That Shredder character certainly wasn’t,” Boulder said.

“If all humans are like him, we better not take any chances. We’ll just keep low,” T-Bone said, getting back onto the Cyclotron. Venus got in the seat behind him. Shera got behind Quiver and Boulder got behind Razor.

“Are you sure you can still drive with that arm, Razor?” he asked.

“Now that you mention it, I don’t think so,” Razor replied, rubbing his arm.

“Ah, Razor, you’re never gonna get your arm out of that sling,” T-Bone said as Venus got of the Cyclotron. Razor climbed behind him. Venus got in the seat behind Boulder.

“Let’s go, guys. Better go to the face helmets.” The Kats each pushed a button on their helmets and the helmets turned into full-face helmets. Then they rode off the beach. Later, they found themselves in an area where they were surrounded by animals.

” ‘Welcome to the New York Zoo’. Let’s check it out,” T-Bone said, getting off of the Cyclotron. The others followed. Quiver looked at one cage. Inside was a giant creature with a horn on its nose.

“Hey, this looks a lot like one of those creatures we saw at that Krang’s place. It’s called a rhinoceros,” she said. The rhinoceros growled at her. She hissed.

“And over here is that other one. It’s called a warthog,” Razor said, looking at a cage with a pig with tusks.

“You think you humans have never seen a rhino or a warthog before,” a voice said from behind them. They turned around to see a cage with two panthers inside.

“Actually, we haven’t,” T-Bone said.

“You can understand us!” one of the panthers said.

“Humans have never been able before,” the other panther said.

“Well, we’re not exactly humans. We’re kats from another universe. Where are we?” Boulder asked.

“The humans call it New York. They stole us from our homes and brought us here for humans to see us. They did this to all of these animals,” one of the panthers said.

“Why, those miserable creatures,” Venus said.

“Actually, some of us like it here. We don’t get eaten, we don’t starve, and our habitat is almost home. Some of the animals are even born in the zoo.”

“Hey, you! What are doing here?” a voice asked. The Kats looked to see a human with a flashlight. He took out a gun and started firing. The Kats started running back to the Cyclotrons and rode off.

“Humans are dangerous!” Shera said.

“No shit. We gotta find a place to hide until the cost is clear of them. Any ideas?” T-Bone asked.

“How about the sewers?” Boulder asked as they were coming to an open manhole.

“It’ll have to do.” They rode the Cyclotrons down into the manhole and rode through the sewer. Meanwhile, in another part of the sewer, four tall green creatures were watching TV.

“Ah, Michaelangelo, are those pizzas ready yet?” the creature with the red mask asked.

“Almost, Raphael,” the creature with the orange mask replied.

“Anything good on, Donatello?” the creature with the blue mask asked.

“Yeah, I think April’s news report is almost on, Leonardo,” the creature with the purple mask replied.

“Pizza’s on, Dudes!” Michaelangelo said, bringing out three pizzas.

“Finally. Let’s dig in,” Raphael said, grabbing a slice of pizza. Just then, they heard an alarm wailing.

“Damn it! Did Donatello’s early alarm system have to pick up an intruder just when the pizza was done?” Raphael asked. Donatello went into the next room and looked at a screen.

“According to this, it’s not one. It’s picking up at least six!” he said.

“Let’s go, Turtles!” Leonardo said, grabbing two swords and running out the door. The other Turtles followed. They leaned against the walls as the noise grew closer.

“Get ready, guys,” Leonardo said. Just then, the Cyclotrons came into view. Michaelangelo and Donatello jumped on two of the bikes.

“Hey! No back seat drivers!” T-Bone said as Razor knocked Donatello off.

“That goes double for you,” Boulder said as he knocked Michaelangelo off. Raphael and Leonardo ran after them along the sides. Raphael threw his sias at the pipes above them.

“Uh-oh!” T-Bone and Razor said. They speeded up and passed the pipes as they began to fall. Boulder jumped forward as the pipes fell, leaving the girls alone. Quiver brought the Cyclotron to a halt.

“Blasted!” Quiver said.

“Now we got some green freaks to deal with,” Shera said.

“Well, at least we have half of them,” Leonardo said. Quiver got off the bike and cracked her knuckles.

“I think he wants to fight,” Donatello said.

“No problem. I’ll take him,” Raphael said. Quiver jumped into the air and landed a kick on Raphael’s face.

“Oh, you wanna play *that* way, huh? Hyah!” Quiver did a back flip to avoid his kick. Shera and Venus looked at each other and shrugged. They went after the following Turtles.

“I think the other two want to play too,” Michaelangelo said. Donatello took out his boe and fought with Shera. She took out her daggers and sliced his boe in half.

“Aw, that was my favorite boe, too,” Donatello said.

“Donatello, they’re *all* your favorites!” Leonardo said as he and Michaelangelo fought with Venus. She raised her paw and fire shot out. Leonardo and Michaelangelo jumped out of the way.

“I don’t think he’s human!” Michaelangelo said.

“Michaelangelo, of course they’re humans. What else would they be?” Leonardo asked. Raphael finally got a lucky shot with Quiver. He knocked her helmet off.

“Rewo!” she growled.

” ‘Rewo’? Did you say ‘Rewo’?” Raphael asked. Donatello and Leonardo both knocked Shera and Venus’ helmets off also.

“Dudes, they’re… Cats!” Michaelangelo said.

“They’re females!” Raphael said.

“They’re female cats!” Donatello said.

“What gave us away– the skirts, the pointy ears, or the tails?” Quiver asked.

“Yeah, we kinda overlooked those, guys,” Leonardo said.

“Now I *really* don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” Shera said.

“Yeah, no shit, Dorothy. Now, tell us why you’re here or we’ll skin you,” Raphael said.

“Hey, you started it, Red Mask. We come in peace,” Quiver said.

“Quiver, ‘We come in peace’? You watch too many alien movies,” Shera said.

“I don’t watch any. Anyway, *don’t* we come in peace, Shera?”

“Of course. Look, we came down here to get away from the humans. They’re so… So… Cruel!”

“I take it you didn’t use to be humans. Humans aren’t all bad. Some of our friends are humans,” Donatello said. The girls looked at each other.

“This one sounds a lot like Razor, don’t you think?” Quiver asked.

“Speaking of which, where *are* the boys?” Venus asked. Just then, the Turtles looked up to see the other Kats standing on top of the pile of pipes.

“Now, you guys want to tell what you’re gonna do with my team?” T-Bone asked, taking off his helmet.

“We were just discussing humans,” Leonardo said.

“We’ve had enough of humans for one night,” Boulder said, jumping off the rubble and joining the girls. T-Bone jumped off to join him. Razor jumped and tripped on one of the pipes. He landed next to T-Bone’s feet.

“Not very graceful tonight, are we, Razor?” T-Bone asked, helping him back up.

“Not really. Shouldn’t we go back and look for Shredder and Krang?” Razor asked.

“Shredder? Krang? You know them?” Donatello asked.

“Not personally. They pulled us out of our universe and we ended up in a room that was all white and had a trans-dimensional portal in it,” Shera said.

“Cool. Alien cats,” Michaelangelo said.

“That was the Tecnodrome. Do you know where it is?” Leonardo asked.

“And why should we trust you?” Quiver asked.

“Because my pupils have been fighting the Shredder for many years. You must trust them,” an old voice from behind the Turtles said.

“Master Splinter,” Raphael said.

“Now I *know* where’s not in our own universe. We don’t have rats that big,” Shera said. Splinter came over to Razor. He took a look at his arm. Razor clenched his teeth as he touched it.

“Laser burns,” Splinter said.

“Yeah, a rhino and a warthog got a lucky shot,” Razor said.

“Bebop and Rocksteady?” Michaelangelo asked.

“Something tells me we got a lot of talking to do,” T-Bone said. Later, they were in the Turtles’ lair, having some pizza.

“What’s Splinter doing with Razor anyway?” Venus asked.

“Rat stuff, I think. I can never understand what Master Splinter does sometimes,” Donatello said.

“You know, you really do sound a lot like Razor. I can’t understand why though,” T-Bone said.

“Hmm, me either.”

“So, this Shredder was a student of your master, who used to be human, then he got him kicked out of Japan?” Shera asked.

“Then he made friends with a bunch of rats in the sewers? And after awhile, you guys came along then you got covered with a bunch of… Ooze?” Venus asked.

“Yeah. You see, the way the ooze worked was if you touched it, you turn into the animal you’ve most recently been in contact with. We were around the master, so we turned into humanoid turtles. But the master was most in contact with the rats,” Raphael said.

“We nicknamed him Splinter. He, in turn, taught us the art of Ninja. He named us after his favorite Rennasance artists. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo,” Donatello said.

“And Shredder is the one who oozed you?” Boulder asked. The Turtles nodded.

“Yeah, I just heard that story myself,” Razor said as he entered the room.

“Hey, Razor. Where’s your sling?” T-Bone asked.

“I don’t need it for a while. Splinter healed it. Although, the affects are only temporary. They’ll wear off in a few hours,” Razor said, rubbing his arm.

“Well, that’s good. What are we gonna do about the Metallikats and the Shredder? And how are we gonna get home?” Venus asked.

“Quiv can get us home easily. She’s been time traveling for years,” Shera said.

“Ah, I hate to tell you this, but I left the Phoenix Gate back in our universe,” Quiver said.

“Damn it!” T-Bone hissed.

“The only way to get you guys home is Shredder and Krang’s trans-dimensional portal,” Leonardo said.

“Oh, no. I’m not going back there again,” Venus said.

“What’s the matter, Venus? Did the eldest Daughter of Satan suddenly turned scardy kat?” T-Bone asked. Venus let out a frustrating groan and walked out of the lair. Razor and Quiver starred at him.

“Don’t you two give me that look. I’ll go after her,” T-Bone said, walking out of the lair.

“Hmph. You think they were dating or something,” Raphael said.

“And what’s *that* suppose to mean?” Quiver asked.

“I withdraw the statement,” Raphael said.

“Smart Turtle. You don’t want to see her when she’s mad,” Boulder said.

Chapter 4:

Later, T-Bone found Venus in the deepest part of Central Park, where no human would ever enter.

“I thought I’d never find you, Venus,” he said. She turned her eyes away from him.

“Look, I’m sorry about what I said back there. I just don’t understand why you don’t want to go back to the Tecna-Tecni-Tecne…”

“Tecnodrom?” Venus suggested.

“Yeah. Why won’t you go?”

“I don’t deal with things that aren’t from our universe. I don’t know anything about them. The Daughters of Satan know everything about our own universe, not others.”

“Hey, you think *I’m* happy about this? I got a date tomorrow night,” T-Bone said, sitting down on a patch of grass. Venus sat down next to him.

“Same here. I care for him deeply, but it’s impossible for me to be in a relationship with him again. He’s mortal, I’m immortal. If I was to be in a relationship with him, it wouldn’t last long. He would die in about sixty years or so.”

“That’s a long time.”

“Not to an immortal. It breaks my heart when we can’t have real love. When we can’t die with the ones you love.” She put her paw over her eyes. T-Bone gently grabbed her chin and looked at her face. He removed her paw from her eyes and gently wiped her tears away. Venus looked at T-Bone’s warm smile. She had to return it. (Getting kind of mushy, isn’t it?) They looked into each other’s all-white eyes, then closed them. They leaned close to each other and kissed. Venus put her paw on T-Bone’s shoulder while T-Bone put his paw on her waste. Realizing what was happening, they both opened their eyes and released themselves of the kiss.

“What just happened?” Venus panted.

“I think we kissed. On the side note, I kinda liked it,” T-Bone replied, also panting.

“Yeah, so did I. Oh, what the hell?” She grabbed T-Bone’s shirt and pulled him to her face.

“You’re lucky I want to do this again, or I would…” His sentence was interrupted by Venus’s lips pressing against his. Then she released him.

“You would what?” she asked.

“Nothing. I’m speechless now.” Then they kissed again. They both laid down on the grass. Back at the lair, the Kats and Turtles were watching TV.

“I wonder what happened to T-Bone and Venus,” Michaelangelo said.

“Good question. I hope they’re all right,” Quiver said. Just then, they heard footsteps.

“Hey, guys. What’s up?” a voice asked. She came into view. It was a female human in yellow pants and shirt and red hair. Next to her was a slightly shorter female human with a blue sweater and purple skirt and brown hair.

“Yike! Humans!” Razor shouted. He and the other Kats hid behind the couch.

“Hi, April, Irma,” Leonardo said.

“What’s the matter with them?”

“They don’t like humans. Guys, it’s OK, they don’t bite,” Donatello said.

“And even if they did, they had all their shots,” Raphael said. Quiver poked her head from behind the couch to see them.

“You must be the Turtles’ human friends April O’Neil and Irma,” she said.

“That’s us. And what’s your name?” April asked.

“Her name’s Quiver. The others are Razor, Boulder, and Shera,” Michaelangelo said as the other Kats appeared.

“Of course, we have another one and one who dresses like us, but we don’t know where either of them are,” Boulder said.

Irma giggled, “Razor’s kinda cute.”

“I don’t mean to be rude, Irma, but back off. He’s mine,” Quiver said.

“Déjà vu. What am I: a piece of meat tonight?” Razor asked himself. Meanwhile, T-Bone and Venus were walking through Central Park.

“Don’t you think we should be heading back to the lair? The others are probably worried,” Venus said.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go,” T-Bone said. Just then, T-Bone gasped. He reached behind his back and pulled out a dart.

“Damn it! Tranquilizer,” he said, shaking his head.

“Try to stay awake, T-Bone. There’s no telling how many there are.” Just then, a dozen humans in purple ninja uniforms appeared.

“Ah, crud! T-Bone!”

“Sorry, Venus. You gotta fight them yourself,” T-Bone yawned, then fell to the ground and fell asleep.

“Fine time for a kat-nap, Hot Shot.” Venus backed away as the ninjas came forward. She reached behind her back and pulled out her bow and an arrow.

“First ninja to take another step closer gets heartburn.” One of the ninjas stepped forward. She released her arrow into the ninja’s chest.

“Warned ya.” The body burned into ashes. Then another came forward. She took an arrow and swung it across the ninja’s chest. She gasped to see it had sparks and plugs inside. It was a robot! She knocked that one down. She took out four more arrows and loaded them into her bow. She released them and they hit four other ninjas.

“Six down, six to go.” One of the robot ninjas crept up from behind her and knocked her over the head. The world around her grew dark. She regained her senses after twenty minutes. She felt a gentle paw on her forehead. She moaned as she opened her eyes. She found it was T-Bone rubbing her forehead.

“They didn’t take us, did they?” she asked.

“Nah. The Turtles found us and took care of the extra Foot Soldiers. Shredder and Krang sent them to find us,” T-Bone replied.

“Foot Soldiers? How tacky can it get?”

“You’re quite a goddess, Venus. You really kicked those robots’ tails. That is, if they *had* tails.” Venus chuckled as T-Bone leaned over and kissed her. Then, Razor and Quiver walked into the room. T-Bone opened one of his eyes to see them.

He released Venus from the kissed and sighed, “You’re never late, are you?” The two Kats snickered and shrugged.

“Well, at least they missed us in the park,” Venus whispered.

“That’s for sure. Is there something you two want, or did you just want to ruin my love life?”

“Actually, as much as we want to ruin your love life, the Turtles want us to go with them to the Tecnodrome and try to get to their trans-dimensional portal,” Razor said.

“Didn’t you tell them that the Metallikats are unlike the Foot Soldiers?” Venus asked.

“They’ve seen worse. Venus, if you’re feeling better, you can come with us,” Quiver said. Venus nodded.

“All right. We’re leaving in about ten minutes.” Then the two Kats left the room.

“I hope we can handle these guys,” Venus said.

“That makes two of us,” T-Bone said.

Chapter 5:

Inside the Tecnodrom, Shredder was at the control panel.

“Now, we’ll move the Tecnodrom to the city and take over!” he laughed, pulling some switches and levers. The Kats and Turtles had arrived at the beach on the Cyclotrons and in the Turtle’s Turtle Van. Razor rubbed his right arm.

“I think the affects Splinter did to my arm are wearing off,” he said.

“Let’s hope not. We could use that right hook of yours,” T-Bone said.

“Well, let’s start swimming,” Donatello said.

“Yes, let’s. It’s such a lovely night for an evening dip,” Raphael said. Then the ground started shaking. T-Bone and Venus fell off their bikes and T-Bone landed on top of Venus.

“Why don’t you two get a hotel room or something?” Raphael asked. T-Bone was about to reply when suddenly, the Tecnodrom started to come to the surface.

“It’s the Tecnodrom!” Leonardo said.

“It’s alive, Egor!” Michaelangelo said. The Swat Kats starred at Michaelangelo, giving him one of those “You’ve-*got*-to-be-kidding” looks.

“Well, it *is*,” he said.

“Yike!” Quiver said. They looked up to see the Tecnodrom was practically on top of them.

“Does the phrase ‘*Run for your lives*!’ hold any meaning to any of you aliens?” Raphael asked.

“Great meaning!” the Kats replied, getting back onto the Cyclotrons and starting the engines. The Turtles got into their Turtle Van and drove off. The Swat Kats followed. The Tecnodrom was close behind them.

“We gotta get it away from these people!” Leonardo said over the radio.

“As much as I hate to agree with him, he’s right. We’re as much human as they are,” T-Bone said.

“Any ideas?” Shera asked.

“Razor, if your brain is still operational, use it!” Quiver shouted.

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking!”

He took out his whip and said to Boulder, “Take the controls!”

“Razor, are you crazy or something?!” Boulder asked, grabbing the Cyclotron’s handlebars. Razor got behind Boulder so he could have a better view of the Tecnodrom.

“Here goes nothing. Supreme thunderbolts, crash!” He cracked his whip and a large spark of lightning struck the Tecnodrom. Inside it, the power went off. The Tecnodrom had stopped moving.

“That damn little Swat Kat and his stupid little whip!” Molly hissed.

“Don’t blow a circuit, Molly. We’ll just go out there and take care of them,” Mac said. The Swat Kats and Turtles stopped their vehicles in front of the Tecnodrom.

“All right, Boy Genius!” T-Bone said, giving Razor a high-five. Razor yelped as he slapped his paw.

“I guess the affects wore off. And what a time,” he said, looking up. Mac and Molly jumped down from the Tecnodrom and joined them on the ground.

“Back off, you overgrown tin cans,” Leonardo said.

“Oh, yeah? Take this!” Mac said, raising his right arm and firing lasers at the Turtles. The Turtles shouted and got out of the laser’s range.

“It’s turtle soup tonight, Molly!” Mac said.

“He-yah!” Quiver shouted, kicking Mac in the head. She knocked him over.

“Come and get me, Robo-Kats!”

“With pleasure,” Molly said, shooting her lasers at her. She did a back flip to avoid it. She pulled out her stars and threw them.

“Ice shards, blast!” The stars surrounded the Metallikats and enclosed them in a block of ice.

“Radical, Sis!” T-Bone said, giving her a high-five. Then Quiver was thrown back. She landed into a bunch of trashcans. T-Bone looked to see that the Metallikats used their lasers to escape from the ice prison.

“Damn it!” he said.

“Figures. If they’re rust-proof, they must be ice-proof, too,” Razor said. In a nearby alley, April O’Neil and her friend Irma were filming the fight.

“She reminds me of a certain reporter I know,” Razor said, looking at Shera. Shera shrugged.

“Oh, April, those robots look too tough for the Turtles and Swat Kats,” Irma said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Irma. They can handle them,” April said.

“But look what they did to Quiver. She’s one of the toughest Swat Kats, not to mention the one with the shortest temper.”

“Hmm, I guess you have a good point there.” Venus raised her paw and shot out fire. As the fire hit the Metallikats, they just stood there.

“Great. Fireproof, too,” Shera said. From behind Shera and Boulder, Krang used his mechanical body and used his big arms to grab onto both of them.

“Let go, you little brainiac!” Boulder growled.

“Don’t count on that any time soon, felines,” Krang said. Then a giant net fell over the Turtles. Leonardo tried to cut the net, but then Bebop and Rocksteady took their weapons.

“Not this time, Shell-backs,” Bebop snorted.

“You know what? I’m in the mood for ham-hocks tonight. How about you, Venus?” T-Bone asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Venus said, taking out her bow and an arrow. Rocksteady used Michaelangelo’s grappler and grabbed her bow out of her paws. T-Bone took out his sword and was about to charge.

“Not so fast, furball,” Shredder said behind them. T-Bone and Venus turned around to see Shredder holding onto Razor. He put on of his sharp metal gloves to Razor’s neck.

“Unless you want something unpleasant to happen to your ‘Boy Genius’, you better surrender.”

“T-Bone, don’t do it! I’m not worth all this–! Ack!” Shredder tightened his grip on Razor’s neck.

“Let him go!” Venus shouted. T-Bone lowered his eyes, and his sword.

“I don’t have much choice, Razor,” he said. The Metallikats shoved their guns into T-Bone and Venus’s backs.

“Move. Don’t try anything funny,” Mac said. T-Bone and Venus raised their arms up.

“Who thinks *this* is funny?” T-Bone asked. Inside the alley, April and Irma watched as they took the Swat Kats and the Turtles inside the Tecnodrom along with the Cyclotrons.

“Oh, no, April! What are we going to do?” Irma asked.

“I don’t know. But we gotta save them.”

Chapter 6:

Outside the Tecnodrom, April and Irma were still in the alley and watching the Swat Kats, their Cyclotrons, and Turtles being brought into the Tecnodrom.

“There’s not another Turtle or Swat Kat left! What can we do?” April asked.

“We gotta think fast if we want to save them. Oh, where’s Donatello when you need him?” Irma asked. Then they heard the trash cans make noise. They looked in that direction to see Quiver getting to her feet.

“Where are those metal creeps? I’m gonna kick their metallic tails so hard, Krang’s gonna feel it!” she growled, swaying from side to side.

“Quiver!” April and Irma said.

“April? Irma? Is that you?” April and Irma rushed over and each put one of her arms around their shoulders.

“Where are the guys?” she asked.

“Shredder and some metal cats have them inside the Tecnodrom,” Irma said.

“They’re called the Metallikats. So far, I don’t see anything that I could hit them with.”

“Why don’t you just throw some sand in their faces?” Irma asked.

“Where do you think we are: the beach? Sand! That’s it! Razor dumped a whole ashtray over Mac one time and a few seconds later, he started to short circuit. Come on!” Meanwhile, the Swat Kats and Turtles were tied up in ropes and were inside the room with the trans-dimensional portal.

“What kind of god would allow herself to get captured by a human and an alien brain?” Venus asked herself. T-Bone looked at her.

“I allowed it for you, T-Bone.”

“As soon as our message gets through, you’re going to work in the slave pits in Dimension X!” Krang said.

“And after you take care of us, then what?” T-Bone asked.

“We’re going to take over your planet!” Shredder laughed. T-Bone growled.

“You’re starting to get me mad, Shred-Head. And you *don’t* want to see me mad,” he said.

“What are you going to so: spit and hiss?”

“No. *This!* Rewo!” His eyes glowed red. Then his body began to shrink. He got down on all fours and growled. He had turned into a panther. He was now small enough to slip out of the ropes.

“What the–?” Shredder said.

“He warned ya, Shred-Head,” Raphael said.

“Bebop, Rocksteady, get him!” Shredder shouted.

“Right, Boss,” Bebop said. He and Rocksteady took out their blasters and started blasting at him.

“Night Prowler, get us loose!” Razor shouted. (Author’s note: in case you didn’t read “Swat Panthers”, Night Prowler is T-Bone’s name as a panther. Now, back to the story.) Night Prowler nodded and started heading towards them. Krang used his mechanical arm to slap him across the room. He slammed into the wall, knocking him unconscious.

“What should we do with him?” Bebop asked, snorting.

“Kill him,” Shredder replied.

“No!” Venus shouted. Bebop and Rocksteady raised their blasters at Night Prowler. They were about to fire when a staff knocked the weapons out of their hands. They looked up to see Master Splinter on the ceiling.

“Leave him alone!” he said.

“Good timing, Sensi,” Leonardo said.

Krang was about to come over to him when he heard a, “He-yah!” Then someone knocked his body over. The intruder put her foot on top of his metal chest.

“The rat’s with me, Krang,” she said.

“Quiver!” the Kats shouted.

“That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.”

“I *knew* we were missing a Swat Kat,” Molly said.

“Who cares? Shut up and get her!” Mac said. As the Metallikats were charging at her, Quiver threw a small bag at them. Sand was spilt all over both Metallikats.

“Party’s over, Swat Kat!” Mac said, aiming his gun at her.

“On the contrary, it’s just getting warmed up!” Quiver said as the two robots were starting to short circuit.

“Blasted Swat Kat! Shredder! Krang! Do something!” Molly shouted, then blew to pieces. Mac quickly followed.

“They went to pieces! Literally!” Donatello said. Bebop and Rocksteady started to charge at her.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” Bebop said.

“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being called Kitty. Yah-tie!” Quiver jumped into the air and kicked both rhino and warthog in the face. When she got back on the ground, she threw her stars in the direction of the Kats and Turtles. The stars cut loose Razor, Boulder, and Shera. Then Quiver caught the stars as they returned. Shredder took out his sword and charged at her.

“Rewo!” Quiver growled, ducking as Shredder swung his sword. Shredder got a lucky punch and punched Quiver into the wall. She rubbed her bruise on her cheek as Shredder came closer to her.

“Cowabunga!” Michaelangelo said, swinging across the room and kicking Shredder in the head.

“Turtle power!” the Turtles said, taking out their weapons and fighting the Foot Soldiers.

“Let’s kick some tail!” Razor said as he joined the Turtles. One of the Foot Soldiers knocked Razor over the head and knocked him down. Quiver realized this as she continued fighting Shredder.

“Razor!” she shouted. The Foot Soldier raised his sword and was about to stick it into Razor’s back.

“No!” The Foot Soldier was then knocked over by T-Bone. He then helped Razor back to his feet.

“T-Bone, I told you wasn’t worth all this trouble,” Razor said.

“You are to me, Little Brother. You OK?” T-Bone asked.

Razor looked behind T-Bone and said, “Not if you don’t move in five seconds! Meow!” T-Bone looked back and ducked as Krang was about to knock him over the head.

“Turtles fight with honor!” Leonardo said, knocking Krang to the ground.

“And Swat Kats fight with their claws!” T-Bone said, taking out his sword and cutting the circuitry in Krang’s robot body.

“Oh, no,” Krang said, trying to work the controls.

“You’re not gonna take over our planet anytime soon, Brainiac,” Venus said.

“Uh, guys! We got company!” Donatello said, pointing to the trans-dimensional portal. Suddenly, an army of Rock Warriors came marching out of the portal.

“Crud! Now we got an army to fight!” Razor said.

“Rock Warriors, destroy the Turtles and their feline friends!” Krang ordered.

“I don’t think so. Venus!” T-Bone said, taking out his sword. Venus stood next to him.

“Let’s melt some rock,” Venus said.

“Firebird, ignite!” T-Bone said, swinging his sword. Out of his sword flew a giant firebird that was flying towards the Rock Warriors. Venus raised her paw and fire shot out. The Rock Warriors were terrified of both fires and retreated back into the portal.

“No!” Krang shouted.

“Get ready to join them, Krangazoid!” Michaelangelo said as he and the other Turtles picked up his body and threw it into the portal. Bebop and Rocksteady were about to charge again, but T-Bone and Razor fired their Spider Missiles and tied their legs up.

“Hey, (snort) no fair!” Bebop said.

“Yeah, *we’re* the ones who should be playin’ dirty,” Rocksteady said.

“Even heroes have to get their paws dirty every so often, scum,” T-Bone said as he, Razor, and Boulder pushed Rocksteady into the portal.

“Bon voyage,” Boulder said. Quiver, Shera, and Venus pushed Bebop in.

“Good-bye, good luck, and good riddance!” Raphael said.

“Now, for you, Shred-Head,” Leonardo said.

“You blasted reptiles!” Shredder shouted, firing a laser cannon at them. Venus was thrown backward.

“Venus!” T-Bone said. Venus was knocked into the control panel.

“I’m OK, T-Bone. Nothing’s too hot for this god,” she said, getting back to her feet. Splinter crept up behind Shredder and kicked him in the back. Shredder landed at the Kats’ and Turtles’ feet.

“Sayanara, Shred-Head!” Michaelangelo said as the group picked him up and threw him into the portal.

“I’ll back, you teenage reptiles and you Swat Kats!” Shredder’s voice echoed. Donatello quickly closed the portal.

“Well, that takes care of Shredder and Krang,” he said.

“Yeah, but now what are we going to do about the Tecnodrom?” Boulder asked.

“Simple. We’re just gonna throw it into Dimension X along with Shredder and Krang,” Donatello replied.

“Then how are we going to get home?” Venus asked.

“Yeah, Donatello. How are we gonna get the Swat Kats home?” Raphael asked.

“First, we use the portal to home in on their universe. Then we’ll just send the Tecnodrom into Dimension X.”

“He’s starting to sound like one of Razor’s plans,” Quiver said.

“Face it: he sounds like Razor period,” Michaelangelo said.

“We must try Donatello’s plan, Michaelangelo. Or the Swat Kats will never return to their home,” Splinter said. Razor cracked his knuckles and started pushing some buttons on the control panel. Then the portal opened.

“It’s all set up, guys. Let’s go home,” he said.

“Thanks for everything, guys,” T-Bone said, shaking Leonardo’s hand.

“Same to you, T-Bone. Hey, if you ever need our help again, just call,” Leonardo said, handing T-Bone a small turtle shell. He opened it up and found it was a communicator.

T-Bone handed him a triangle-shaped communicator and said, “You do the same.” They Swat Kats got onto the Cyclotrons and revved their engines. Quiver gathered the pieces of the Metallikats in a bag and hopped on one of the Cyclotrons.

“See you later!” the Turtles said.

“Thanks, guys!” And they drove the Cyclotrons into the portal. Then they closed it behind them.

“Now to set a timer to send the Tecnodrom into Dimension X,” Donatello said, pushing some buttons. A few minutes later, they were outside the Tecnodrom and watching it move into an open portal.

“There. Now we don’t have to worry about those guys for awhile,” Leonardo said.

“I am not too sure about that, Leonardo. When Shredder and Krang find it, they will find a way to get back here. And I have a feeling that we will meet them and the Swat Kats again soon,” Splinter said.

Chapter 7:

The Swat Kats landed back in MegaKat City a minute later.

“Funny. It looks like nothing’s changed,” Shera said.

“Yeah. As if, we never left,” Razor said.

Boulder looked at his watch and said, “It’s 9:35. It’s five minutes after Ann Gora finished her news report. So we’ve only been gone five minutes!”

“I guess when we left, time froze. It went slower than usual,” Quiver said. T-Bone and Venus exchanged glares.

“Uh, you guys go on home. I want to talk to Venus for a few minutes,” T-Bone said.

“OK. See you at home, T-Bone.” The other Swat Kats drove off, leaving T-Bone alone with Venus.

“Well, um, Venus. Are you ever going to tell us who’s under that mask?” he asked.

“That’ll have to remain a mystery for a little while longer, T-Bone. When are *you* going to remove *your* mask for me?”

“Same answer. Venus, is there any chance for us to, you know…”

“Be together? I don’t know, T-Bone. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there. That’s all I’m gonna promise for now.”

“Oh.” Venus put her paw on his cheek.

“I want to thank you for everything. And I do mean *everything*.”

“Yeah, me too.” Venus moved closer to him, and kissed.

“Good luck on your date tomorrow, T-Bone,” Venus said, tying a rope to her arrow and loading it into her bow.

“The date! I forgot about it!”

“Don’t feel bad. After the crazy night we’ve had, I almost forgot about mine. See you later, T-Bone.” She fired her arrow. Then she was pulled along with it. T-Bone stood there for a minute, then got back onto the Cyclotron and drove off. The next evening, Chance and Tigera were walking in the park after their date.

“Oh, Stripes, I still can’t believe that we’re together again,” Tigera said.

“Yeah, me, too. Listen, Tiger, there’s something I think you should know,” Chance said.

“I think there’s something you should know, too, Chance,” Tigera said.

They both said, “I’m sorry, but I think we should just be friends.” They both had their eyes wide open.

“You really just want to be friends?” Chance asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve been seeing someone else now,” Tigera replied.

“Yeah, so have I,” Chance said.

“It was just so sudden. I mean, we spent the whole night together last night in a park out of town and we kinda… Did it. I know you think I’m a slut now, but, I think I’m in love with him.” Chance tried not to widened his eyes, but he could not help it.

“I see. Well, um, I guess these things happen. I guess we could still be friends, couldn’t we?” he asked. Tigera kissed his cheek.

“Of course, Stripes.”

“Well, I guess this date is over.” Tigera nodded.

“Would you walk me home?” Chance smiled and nodded. Tigera grabbed his arm and they walked out of the park. Could *she* be Venus? She said she spent a whole evening with a kat in a park out of town last night and had sex. And she *does* kiss like Venus. Still, I need some proof, Chance thought. I can’t tell him that I’m dating a Swat Kat. What would happen then? Would he ever speak to me again? No, I can’t ever tell him anything about T-Bone and me, Tigera thought. And so, the two kept silent in thought throughout the night.


Story Seven done, and I’m running out of ideas for the third part of “The Venus Series”. Don’t worry, T-Bone and Venus will reveal themselves soon enough. Questions? Comments? E-mail me: karigilmore@hotmail.com. Later, Kat fans!

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