Original SWAT Kats Story

The Venus Series: Doctors of Doom

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 6,247 Words

The future SWAT Kats come back in time to help the present SWAT Kats save their leader who Quiver is now pregnant with. But when Razor is bitten by a ci-kat-a, they get more than what they bargained for.

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Author's Notes:

Helloooo, Kat fans! Story Eight will now come to order! Since Glenn Leopold could never finish the original “Doctors of Doom” episode of Swat Kats, I’ll finish it for Glenn, my version, of course. Like I’m suppose to know what the hell the script was suppose to be anyway. Well, let’s just give it a go. Part Three of the Venus Series, everybody!

Chapter 1:

Chance was sitting at the table one morning, paper and pen in paw. On one part of his paper, he was writing down things he knew about the mysterious Swat Kat, Venus. On the other half, he was writing down facts he knew about his old high school girlfriend, Tigera.

“Hey, Chance. What are you doing?” Jake asked, taking a chair and getting into it. He was no longer wearing a sling, just had his arm wrapped in bandages.

“She finally said you could get your arm out of that thing,” Chance said.

“Yeah. The bones are healing pretty well. It’s mainly the laser burns that really hurt,” Jake said, rubbing his arm.

“Hmm.” Chance kept his eyes on the paper as he continued writing. Jake looked over his shoulder.

Again, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m making a facts sheet about both Tigera and Venus. I think they’re one and the same.”

“You can’t be serious. Tigera doesn’t even look like a god.”

“How would *you* know? I’ve noticed some similarities about the two of them. They both appeared in MegaKat City about the same time. They both have light brown fur and long white hair. They’re about the same height. And, they both kiss the same.” Jake was still unconvinced.

“Of course, there is something else that made me believe that she’s Venus. But it’s kinda private.”

“You had sex with Venus, didn’t you? Then Tigera said that she also did with a guy she hasn’t mentioned.” Chance lowered his eyes, and nodded.

“So *that’s* where you were the other night. We just thought you couldn’t find her.” Chance got out of his chair and went down into the hangar. Jake followed him. They walked past Katarina who was reading a book. Chance got dressed in his G-suit and unloaded the Cyclotron.

“And where are you going?” Katarina asked.

“I’m just going out for a little drive. If Tigera decides to come over, tell her you don’t know when I’m coming back.” T-Bone revved the engines and drove out of the hangar.

“I guess it was something I said,” Jake said.

“What did you say?”

“Chance admits it. He didn’t come back right away the other night because when he found Venus, they got carried away and had sex. And he thinks that Venus and Tigera are the same person.”

“Yep. That would make him upset. But it’s nothing to be ashamed about,” Kat said, rubbing her stomach.

“Are you OK?”

“My stomach hurts a little bit, but I’m OK. I take that back. Excuse me!” Then she ran out of the room and into the bathroom. Jake could hear her retching. Jake sighed and shook his head.

Chapter 2:

T-Bone was one a cliff that was looking over MegaKat City. He leaned against a tree and looked at the city.

“I always wondered how Razor could ever think all the way up here. With a view like this, anybody would think,” T-Bone said to himself. He walked away from the tree and over to a little stream. He took a paw-full of water and brought it to his lips. Then he took another paw-full and splashed it on his face.

“T-Bone, why are you so obsessed with Venus? It is something about her you can’t get off your mind?” T-Bone said to himself, looking at his refection in the water.

He smacked the water and said, “Of course, there is.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. Then, in the water’s refection, a figure stood behind him. T-Bone turned around to see it was Venus.

“Venus, what are you doing here?”

“Well, I suppose the same thing you’re doing: thinking. I’ve decided to show you who I am, T-Bone, if you show me who you are,” Venus said. T-Bone stood up and faced her.

“I got the feeling that I already know who you are. But you can go ahead and show me,” T-Bone said. Venus removed her helmet and placed it on the ground. She reached for the back of her mask and started untying it. Suddenly, a laser was fired.

“Damn it! Did someone have to open fire just as I was about to find out who Venus is?” T-Bone asked himself. Venus quickly retied her mask and put her helmet back on her head.

“T-Bone, look!” she pointed to the sky. T-Bone looked up to see a giant spaceship.

“Holy kats!” he said. A beam was fired on both of them and they instantly disappeared. Meanwhile, Ann Gora was reading her report she was going to do in about six hours.

” ‘Flying Saucers Appear In MegaKat City’. What is this: The Science Fiction News Channel? Halloween isn’t for another few weeks, Buster,” Ann said as Buster appeared.

“It wasn’t *my* idea, Ann. There were some eye witnesses who saw a flying saucer,” Buster said, handing her a cup of coffee.

Ann took a sip of coffee and asked, “Who, the crackpots at the loony bin?” Buster shrugged.

“Look, we got a couple hours to kill, so let’s go to Jake and Chance’s and go around the obstacle course a couple of times.”

“You’re on, Gora.” As they stepped out of the MegaKat Broadcasting Company’s building, a beam shot down on both of them.

“Hey, what the–?” And they both disappeared. Back at the garage, Jake was fixing Kat some honey tea. He poured some into a cup and served it to her.

“I just don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I’ve never been this sick before,” Kat said as she stirred the tea with a spoon.

“Well, you don’t have a temperature. I don’t see what’s wrong myself.” Kat took a sip of tea and sighed.

“Hasn’t Chance been gone a long time?” Jake looked at his watch.

“Nah, it just seems like a long time because you’ve been sick in the bathroom. It’s only been about an hour or so.” Kat just kept silent.

“Uh, I’m going to go run the obstacle course for awhile. Call me if you need anything.” And Jake walked out of the kitchen. Almost the instant that he left, Jake heard Kat scream. He rushed back to the kitchen to find a strange beam right where Kat was sitting. The beam rushed over and shone on Jake. He disappeared instantly. The spaceship that was over the garage then flew up over the clouds.

Chapter 3:

As T-Bone opened his eyes, they were out of focus. He could see three of everything. He blinked a couple of times, then he could see everything in singles. He sat up and rubbed his head. Then he looked around to see that the other Swat Kats were in the room with him. He crawled over to Venus and shook her.

“Venus, wake up. I think we’re on an alien ship.” Venus shook her head and sat up.

“T-Bone. Where are we?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but wherever we are, the other Kats are with us,” T-Bone replied as the other Swat Kats were waking up.

“What’s going on?” Quiver asked.

“And how did we get into our G-suits?” Razor asked.

“I wish I could tell ya, Razor. But I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you.” T-Bone looked at a door that was only a few feet away from them.

“You think whoever kat-napped us is dumb enough to have the door un-locked?” he asked.

“Possibly, no. But there’s only one way to find out,” Razor said. Boulder got to his feet and walked over to the door. He turned the knob and it opened.

“Yep, they’re dumb enough,” Shera said. They opened the door a crack and looked out. No one was in sight. They opened the door wider and walked out of the room. They all looked at all the circuitry and buttons that they saw in the ship.

“Amazing. It’s like a spaceship from the future,” Razor said. Quiver stopped for a moment, panted, and rubbed her stomach.

“Damn stomach, this is not a good time to start aching,” she said to herself. She ran to catch up to the group.

“Don’t linger, Quiver. We don’t know what kind of creatures we’ll find here,” T-Bone said up front. Suddenly, the room was lightened. They saw seven figures in space helmets standing in a row.

“Great. Now we’re in trouble,” Shera said, taking out her daggers. The one figure in the middle raised a paw to stop them. The figure removed its helmet to reveal a beautiful female with medium dark hair, brown fur, and green eyes.

“We don’t mean you harm, Swat Kats. If anything happens to you, it would affect us,” she said.

“How does she know who we are?” Razor asked.

“We’re from the future. We’re the grandchildren of the Swat Kats,” one of the figures said, taking off his helmet. He looked like a teenage version of T-Bone. The rest followed, each looking like another Swat Kat.

“You mean you’re our grandchildren?” Shera asked.

“I guess we got married after all, Shera,” Boulder said.

“Why have you come here?” Venus asked.

“We’ve come because you are in grave danger, especially Quiver.”

“Why me?” Quiver asked. Boulder’s eyes widened.

“I saw the future before. I knew this day would come,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Razor asked.

“A race of space creatures have come here to make sure that I will never be born. And what better time than now?” the lead kat said.

“Quiver… You’re pregnant.”

Chapter 4:

“You’ve got some explaining to do, Quiver,” T-Bone said as Quiver rubbed her stomach.

“It’s nothing *you* did with Venus,” Quiver replied.

“Keep me and Venus out of this. Who is the guy who fathered the kitten so I can kick his tail?”

“Ahem, uh, that would be me,” Razor said, raising his paw.

“And what were you doing with my little sister? Well, I expected something like this happening someday. Now what are we going to do with Quiver now that she’s got her in her stomach?”

“Well, first of all, I want to know who my daughter will be. What did we end up calling you?” Razor asked the lead kat.

“Skylar. And these two are your grandchildren, Alexander and Selena,” the lead kat said, putting her paws on the two kats that looked like Razor and Quiver.

“Yeah, we kinda figured,” Shera said. Quiver gasped and leaned on Razor’s shoulder. Her stomach slightly expanded.

“You’ve proven to be a painful pregnancy, Skylar. Not to mention, you’re growing awfully fast,” she said.

“How long have you’ve been having these pains, Grandmother?” Alexander asked.

“About three or four hours now.”

“I grew much faster than normal kittens. Instead of nine months, I was born within nine hours. Right now, you’re in your fourth month,” Skylar said.

“Great. In the mean time, I’m gonna be in pain for five more hours and a couple minutes in labor,” Quiver said.

“Roxanne, Rocker, take Quiver some place safe until she is ready to give birth.” The two kats that look like Boulder and Shera nodded and lead Quiver out of the room.

“Now, about these aliens that came back in time to attack us– who are they?” Venus asked.

“Oh, yes. One of the creatures is a bug who used to be a kat. He leads an army of insects. The other is a kat who is half lizard, but all insane. They’re names are unknown to me.”

“Old Lizard Lips sounds like Dr. Viper to me,” Razor said.

“Yeah, and old Bug-Eyes sounds like Dr. Harley Street, you know, the one who had that army of ci-kat-as that trapped Razor in that cocoon?” Shera said.

“I was afraid it was that one. But I thought we squashed that bug two years ago,” T-Bone said.

“Maybe you did with the ci-kat-a, but you only fired an octopus missile at Street. He must still be alive,” Boulder said.

“What kind of trouble do they have planned?”

“I don’t know, Uncle T-Bone. I haven’t heard anything about their plans about how they’re going to kill you,” Skylar said.

“Why would they want to kill you anyway?” Venus asked. Skylar walked over to a chair and sat down.

“They want to kill me because I am the ruler of the future MegaKat City. Also because I’m the one in charge of the Swat Kats.”

“You mean, our children will fly the TurboKat?” Boulder asked.

“You taught us the ways of the Swat Kats. You wanted us to carry on in your footsteps. We did it proudly.” Selena sat down in front of the airship’s control panel and looked at the screens.

“Mother, we have some weird creature on radar. It could be one of those creatures that Viper and Street have sent to kill Grandmother,” she said.

“Malachite, Serenity, to arms!” Skylar said to the kats that looked like T-Bone and Venus. Malachite and Serenity nodded and took out their lasers. The Swat Kats took out their glovatrixes and put them on their paws.

“Alexander, Selena, check on your grandmother.” Alexander and Selena nodded and left the room. Suddenly, something crashed through one side of the airship.

“What in the Seven Galaxies is that?” Malachite asked. The creature screeched loudly. The whole group covered their ears.

“I know that screech anywhere! It’s one of the ci-kat-as!” Razor said.

“I thought Feral toasted those termites!” T-Bone said.

“Apparently, he missed one!” Shera said. The ci-kat-a stop screeching and spat out some green slime. T-Bone and Razor moved.

“Oh, no, I’m not getting stuck in that shit again,” Razor said. The ci-kat-a jumped into the air and landed on Razor.

“Get this thing off me!” Razor shouted.

“Father!” Skylar cried. T-Bone and Boulder grabbed the ci-kat-a’s feet and pulled it off Razor.

“Let’s get this thing out of here,” Boulder said as he and T-Bone kicked the bug out of the hole it came out of. Serenity and Skylar helped Razor back to his feet.

“Father, are you all right?” Skylar asked.

“Yeah, I think so. If its fangs got one more inch closer, I’d start to grow wings,” Razor replied. Then Alexander and Selena appeared.

“Did anything happen?” Selena asked.

“Nothing important, Selena. It’s just that your grandfather was almost bitten by a creature we thought we killed two years ago and that can turn you into an insect,” Razor said.

“Are you all right?” Alexander asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“How’s Quiver?” Venus asked.

“The pregnancy is developing pretty fast. She may give birth sooner than we thought.”

“OK, gather some hot water and we’ll be right in.”

“I’ll be with you in a minute, guys,” Razor said.

“All right. See you in a minute.” Then the whole group left the room. Razor made sure they were out of sight. Then he pulled off his mask and laughed. He turned around to see his reflection in a piece of glass. He found to see his eyes had turned to insect eyes.

“It only takes a little bite for you to become one. Fortunantly, the fools missed the bite.” He cackled as he shattered the piece of glass in his paws. He put his mask back on and walked in the direction the other Kats went in.

Chapter 5:

Meanwhile in the secret lab of Dr. Viper (the same lab that was briefly used in “Giant Bacteria”), Dr. Viper and Dr. Street were receiving the ci-kat-a that had invaded the Swat Kats.

“Well?” Dr. Street asked. The ci-kat-a lightly screeched.

“Excellent. My creature has bitten the Swat Kat who was the father of the MegaKat City ruler.”

“Wonderful, Dr. SSStreet. Now for the sssecond part of our plan. We will send our mutant forcesss to take care of the rest of those SSSwat Katsss,” Dr. Viper hissed. Both doctors laughed as they unleashed an army of mutant insects. Meanwhile, Quiver was reaching her ninth hour. She was lying in a bed with the Swat Kats surrounded around her. Boulder took off her helmet and patted her forehead with a washclothe. She screamed as she felt her stomach expand.

“I think she’s almost ready,” T-Bone said. Quiver grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her face.

“*Almost?!!* I’m ready *now!!*” Quiver screamed.

“Why are you taking it out on *me?* Razor’s the father, I’m just the uncle.” T-Bone pryed Quiver’s claws off his shirt and moved away from her.

“Just breath, Quiver, breath!” Venus said. Quiver started the normal labor breathing exercise as the pain increased.

“Mother, I’m sorry to interrupt your birth, but we got trouble,” Alexander said as he ran into the room.

“This is not a good time, Alex!” Quiver panted.

“You’re telling *me?* Tell the mutant insects outside that, Grandmother.”

“We’ll take care of them, Skylar. Let’s go, Kats,” Malachite said, leading the future Swat Kats out of the room. Razor began to follow.

“Razor, where the hell do you think you’re going when you’re about to become a father?” T-Bone asked.

“Helping my grandchildren, of course. I’ll only be a minute,” Razor replied. Then he walked out of the room. He found the future Swat Kats fighting the mutant insects.

“Razor, we could use some help here!” Serenity said. Razor looked at the ground to find Roxanne and Rocker lying dead on the floor.

“I see you need some help. I’ll be more than happy to give it to you,” Razor said, pulling off his mask and showing his insect eyes.

Alexander and Selena both gaped, “Grandfather!” Suddenly, insect wings busted out of Razor’s back. He flapped his new wings and flew towards Malachite and Serenity. Back with the other Kats, they were listening to the battle while at the same time, waiting for Quiver to give birth.

“I think something happened to Razor,” T-Bone said, looking at the door.

“Go check on him real quick, T-Bone, please,” Quiver said. T-Bone nodded and ran out the door. T-Bone arrives to see Razor pulling his claws out of Malachite’s chest. He found that all of the future Swat Kats were lying on the ground, bloody and dead.

“Razor, what have you done?! You killed our descendants!” he said. Razor turned around to show him that he was not the real Razor. T-Bone gasped.

“That bug *did* bit you.”

“That’s right. And now, the mutant insects are taking care of Quiver and her little baby,” Razor laughed.

“Quiver!” T-Bone rushed back to find that he was too late. Quiver was lying in her bed, dead. The other Swat Kats were weeping over her.

“I was too late. I never should’ve left,” T-Bone said.

“None of us could have stopped that insect, T-Bone. I’m sorry,” Venus said, wiping her eyes.

“And Skylar?”

“She disappeared into thin air just as Quiver was killed,” Shera sobbed.

“First Razor, then our descendants, now Quiver and Skylar. We gotta find Viper and Street before they can get anymore of us,” T-Bone said.

“What do you mean when you said something about Razor?” Boulder asked. “The ci-kat-a really *did* bit him. Now he’s one of them. Maybe if we followed him…” Then they heard Razor screeching. They rushed out to find him flying out the hole the insects had made.

“How are we going to follow them?” Venus asked. T-Bone took one of Venus’s arrows and her bow and tied a rope on it. He loaded it onto the arrow and shot it at Razor’s backpack. The rest of the Swat Kats hung onto T-Bone a he was beginning to be pulled out of the spaceship. They were pulled off and were now hanging onto the rope that was attached to Razor’s backpack.

“Well, this should get us to the Doctors of Doom in no time,” Boulder said as they flew over the city.

Chapter 6:

Finally, the insect forces sent by Viper and Street had returned to Viper’s lab.

“This is where we get off, Kats,” T-Bone whispered, letting go of the rope and landing on the ground. T-Bone dusted himself off.

“Every Kat accounted for?” Shera asked.

“All remaining Swat Kats are here,” Boulder said.

“T-Bone, in case something happens to you while we’re in here, I just wanted to say that I wish I had the chance to show you my real identity,” Venus said, grabbing T-Bone’s paws and rubbing them on her cheek. T-Bone gently took her paws and kissed them.

“I know. Me, too. If Boulder and Shera weren’t around, I’d kiss you.”

“Don’t let *us* stop you,” Shera said.

T-Bone sighed, “Let’s just get inside.” They sneaked to the front door that was being guarded by two of the new insects.

“How are we going to get past those guys?” Boulder asked. T-Bone looked at his glovatrix. Then he had a thought.

“Well, here goes nothing.” He ran out into the open where the insects could see him.

“T-Bone, don’t!” Venus whispered.

“C’mon, you ugly sons of bitches! Come and get me!” T-Bone said, signaling the insects to come over. The insects began to charge.

“Laser torch, fire!” A small gun came out of the glovatrix and shot out fire at the insects. It burned them into ashes.

“T-Bone, are you crazy? You could’ve gotten killed!” Venus said, coming out of hiding and briefly kissing T-Bone on the lips.

“Razor kind of rubbed off on me, I guess. Speaking of Razor, when we get to him, how are we going to change him back?”

“I don’t think we can, T-Bone. None of the kats who were bitten ever recovered from the ci-kat-a’s bite. Dr. Street never did either,” Shera said.

“We could never find out because we kept killing them throughout the whole damn thing! There’s gotta be some way!” T-Bone said, turning his head.

“I’m just taking a wild guess here, but maybe if we took care of the head ci-kat-a, Razor would change back. It works for vampires,” Venus said.

“But we took care of the head ci-kat-a two years ago. The penthouse from the MegaKat Towers fell on it and killed it,” Shera said.

“Not *that* one. I’m thinking Dr. Street is the head ci-kat-a. Let’s go.” They opened the front door and went in. Meanwhile, the two doctors were mixing together a series of chemicals.

“So, what’s that one for, Viper? Buzz,” Razor said. He had mutated further. He hardly even looked like a kat. He had grown insect teeth, antennae, and had insect claws.

“Thisss, my dear SSSwat Kat, will further the poison in the insectsss mutationsss,” Dr. Viper said.

“Right. Meaning… Buzz…?”

“The poison will kill ten times as fast. Buzz,” Dr. Street said.

“I see. And you’re only using it on the new insect mutations?” Razor asked.

“No, actually, we were planning to inject some of this into you.”

“Sounds good to me. Buzz.”

“But not to the rest of us!” T-Bone said as he and the other Swat Kats came into view.

“SSSwat Katsss!” Viper hissed.

“Let’sss kick some tail!” Boulder said. Viper quickly filled up some dart with the new poison and lunged at Shera. He grabbed her and stabbed the dart into her arm. She screamed, then fell to the ground.

“That was fast. Now, it’sss your turn!” Street loaded a dart with the poison and threw it at Boulder. It hit him in the leg. He feel to the ground as well.

“Damn it! Now we’re *really* in trouble!” T-Bone said.

“*You* will be, I don’t know if that’ll work on a god,” Venus said. T-Bone fired his spider web missiles and netted both Viper and Razor. Then he shot out his mini-dart missiles and used them to knock both out. Then Venus took out her arrow and bow. She loaded the bow and fired an arrow at Dr. Street. The arrow hit him in the chest just as he fired another dart. He instantly started to catch fire. Then, he was nothing more than a skeleton.

“Yes! T-Bone, we won!” She heard silence.

“T-Bone?” She turned around to find T-Bone with a dart in his chest.

“T-Bone!” T-Bone fell to his knees and fought to stay awake. Venus rushed over to him and kept him up.

“Don’t leave me, T-Bone, please. We’ve lost everybody else, you can’t leave.” T-Bone touched her cheek and wiped her tears.

“We had to say good-bye sometime in my life, Venus. I’m sorry we never got to know who’s under the mask.” T-Bone’s body began to grow limp in Venus’s arms. This made Venus want to cry more.

“I’m begging you, don’t go.”

“I’ll always be with you, Venus.” Venus kissed him on the lips. T-Bone closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Venus felt his lips leave hers. She laid him on the floor. She continued to cry. Her face was tear-stained, but she got back to her feet. She panted hard, she felt anger growing inside her.

“Satan!!” she screamed. Suddenly, a red mist appeared in front of her.

“You called, Daughter?” the mist asked.

“Why did you allow all this to happen? All of these people have died. Why did you allow it?” Venus asked.

“It was their time to die.”

“Their time?! I’ve seen their deaths and they weren’t to come for a very long time! You saw Razor and Quiver’s daughter and her children. That was meant to happen, Father. I know this was not what they were fated for– to die in cold blood.”

“I could never fool you, Tigera. But I cannot bring them back without a trade.”

“A trade? If I trade you something, you’ll bring all of the Swat Kats back to life, both present and future?” The mist circled around Venus and she waved it away.

“Correct. What are you willing to give up for the Swat Kats?”

“My godhood.”

“Ah, that, I’m afraid, I cannot relieve you of. The eldest Daughter of Satan is one goddess I can’t take her godhood from.” Venus lowered her eyes.

“However…” Venus rose her eyes back up.

“I *can* take away your immortality. But are you sure you want to become mortal? You will bleed, you will grow old, you will get sick, and you will die. Is that what the eldest Daughter of Satan wants?”

“Take whatever parts of my godhood you can, Father. I’m willing to give it all up for the Swat Kats, especially, T-Bone.”

“Very well then, Tigera. Your godhood will remain, but you will be mortal. You cannot take your usual chances, unless they are made of fire. If you are killed by anything else, you will remain in the Fire Kingdom forever.” Venus nodded. Then a glass of a red liquid appeared in front of her.

“Drink it and you shall become mortal.” Venus inhaled and downed the drink. The instant she finished, she felt the immortality drained from her. She swayed for a minute, then she regain herself.

“You are now mortal. Farewell, Daughter.” Venus watched the mist disappear.

“Venus? What just happened?” a voice behind her asked. She turned around to find T-Bone, Boulder, and Shera all alive. She ran over to T-Bone and kissed him. Then she gave him a big hug.

“You have no idea how afraid I was of losing you, T-Bone,” she said, lightly sobbing.

“It’s all right, Venus. We’re alive now. Though I don’t understand why,” T-Bone said, releasing her from the hug.

“I gave up my immortality, T-Bone. I didn’t want to live forever without you.” T-Bone ran his paw over Venus’s silky hair. They were about to kiss again when they heard Razor’s voice.

“Hey, guys. Would you mind getting me out of this net?” T-Bone looked over Venus’s shoulder to see Razor, back to normal. Boulder walked over to Razor and helped him out of the net. Then he retied it to keep Viper inside.

“We’ll drop Viper off at Enforcer Headquarters while we get back to Skylar’s spaceship,” he said.

“Skylar? You know, that reminds me. I got the strangest feeling that there’s something important that we’re forgetting,” Razor said, stroking his chin. That was when they realized.


Chapter 7:

Back at the spaceship, Quiver screamed in pain. The other Swat Kats arrived just as Quiver began pushing.

“Guys, where the hell were you?!” Quiver asked between pushes.

“After the birth, Quiver!” Shera said as Quiver continued pushing.

“All right, Grandmother, just one more push should do it,” Selena said. Quiver screamed for the last time. Then they heard a kitten crying. Quiver threw her head back into her pillow and panted.

“It’s our mother,” Alexander said. Quiver continued to pant as Roxanne gave her the kitten wrapped in a blanket.

“Oh, my little girl. Little Skylar. Oh, Razor, look at her. She’s beautiful,” Quiver said softly. Razor sat in the chair next to Quiver’s bed.

“*Our* daughter, Quiver. I never expected this,” he said, gently rubbing the kitten’s cheek.

“Of course, you never expected this, Father. Most babies come unexpectedly,” the adult Skylar said.

“What I don’t understand is how the baby grew in her stomach so fast. That’s just not feline,” Venus said.

“It’s simple. Mother is a sorceress. It’s been known that gods and sorceresses give birth in nine hours rather than nine months. That’s how I grew so fast.”

“That certainly explains it,” Quiver said.

“Well, now what are we going to do with my new little niece? A baby will cramp our lifestyle,” T-Bone said.

“That’s what Mother said. You see, Uncle T-Bone, every god or sorceress who give birth will have their babies taken care of by someone else,” Skylar said as a stranger stepped into the room. The stranger took he baby out of Quiver’s arms.

“Will I ever see her again?” Quiver asked.

“Of course you will, Quiver,” Roxanne replied.

“You called in to check on her everyday. She knew right away you were her mother,” Rocker said. The stranger gave her a triangle-shaped communicator.

“Use that to check on her. Say bye-bye to Mommy.” Then the stranger walked out of the room with the baby.

“Well, as soon as Quiver’s strong enough to move, we’ll leave,” T-Bone said.

“Oh, we can just send you in the places we got you from. The ones who had their G-suits on will keep them on and the ones who had them off will have them off,” Malachite said. T-Bone and Venus glared at each other.

“Well, I guess Venus and I could continue our little chat where we left off,” T-Bone said. Razor picked Quiver up in his arms and stepped forward. Shera then looked at her watch.

“Kats alive! The news is about to go on!” she said.

“Don’t worry. We’ll send you there five minutes before the news starts. Good-bye, Grandmother, Grandfather,” Rocker said, pushing some buttons on the panel.

“We’ll see you in the future,” Roxanne said.

“You know, there’s still that matter of marriage that we need to talk about,” Boulder said as he and Shera started to disappear.

“Don’t count on that anytime soon,” Shera said as they disappeared. Then Razor stepped up with Quiver in his arms.

“Farewell, Grandmother, Grandfather,” Alexander said.

“We’ll see you in about twenty years,” Selena said.

“Good-bye, Father, Mother. I’ll see you everyday,” Skylar said. Razor and Quiver both waved as they disappeared.

“I guess I was destined to be mortal to have mortal grandchildren. So I didn’t really change anything,” Venus said as she and T-Bone disappeared.

“Bye, Malachite, Serenity. Bye, Skylar.” T-Bone waved good-bye. They both returned to the cliff where they were earlier.

“T-Bone, after everything that’s happen, I can’t take any chances. I’m afraid I can’t show you who I am right away like I was planning,” Venus said.

“I understand. But you know we can’t keep hold up a relationship if we keep secrets from each other, don’t you?” Venus nodded.

“I promise, I *will* show you who I am in the near future. After all, after what we did the other night, we’ll *have* to know each other.” T-Bone kissed her on the lips.

“So, where were we before all this happened?” T-Bone asked.

“Sitting and thinking, I believe,” Venus said, sitting down on a pad on grass and patting the pad next to her. T-Bone smiled and sat down next to her.

“Are we going to re-live the other night?”

“Not tonight. We’re on a cliff and I don’t want to fall off it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a few kisses.”

“Good enough for me,” T-Bone said, putting his paws behind Venus’s back and kissing her. And that is how they stayed for most of the night until they said good night.


Well, that was certainly an interesting story. I’m sure that’s not even close to how Glenn Leopold wrote the story, I mean with the future Swat Kats and everything, but Lance Falk didn’t quote the story very well, so I blame him. I’m gonna try to make the other two unfinished episodes the best I can. At least they have better descriptions. I think I’m going to end the Venus Series in the next story. That’s when she’s finally going to reveal herself. Questions? Comments? E-mail me: karigilmore@hotmail.com. Later, Kat fans!

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