Original SWAT Kats Story

The Cry of the Wolf

By Kari Gilmore & Liv

  • 2 Chapters
  • 15,468 Words

The SWAT Kats and their friends face a new outer-dimensional threat that will take them back to the worlds of “He-Man” and “She-Ra” once again.

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Chapter 2

Everybody was surprised when Thunderbolt said that.

“What did you say, Bolt?” asked Razor.

“We’re in Etheria,” he said.

“But it’s impossible. Sorceress got the dimensional battery from the power box. We can’t go to any dimension, can we?” asked the other Razor when Maller sniffed the air.

“I smell black magic,” she said.

“Black magic? Oh, no, Shadow Weaver!” exclaimed Kat-Zer.

“Do you really think Shadow Weaver is here?” asked Roadfire.

“Must be her, Roadfire,” said Kat-Zer.

“Who the hell is Shadow Weaver?” asked Boulder.

“Shadow Weaver is an evil witch of the Horde. We need to find Freeze and the others to get out of here,” said Kat-Zer.

Meanwhile in the control room, Quiver was attacking T-Bone, Venus, and Sorceress while Shadow Weaver, Hordark, Catlyn, and Kurama were watching the fight.

“Hey, don’t hurt that pink hair too much. I need her,” said Kurama.

“Don’t worry, fox. My slave won’t hurt her much,” said Shadow Weaver.

“This is bad. We can’t attack her – she’s our friend,” said Venus.

When Quiver was ready to kill them, the other Swat Kats appeared.

“Quiver, what the hell are you doing?” asked Razor.

Catlyn rapidly pushed a button and the Swat Kats fell into a hole in the floor.

“Nice work, Catlyn. We never need to worry about them,” said Hordark.

“Thanks, my lord. Should we go to the Fright Zone now?”

“Yes. You’re even better than your sister, Catlyn,” said Hordark.

Meanwhile, the two groups of Swat Kats were falling. They fell into a lake.

“We fell into a lake. Now what?” asked Boulder.

“We need to save Quiver, but we’ll need help,” said Razor.

“Callie, are you OK?” asked Chance.

“Chance?! Are you the golden knight?” asked Callie.

“Yes. Is everybody OK?” asked Chance.

“We’re OK,” said Thunderbolt with Ponyta.

“Chance, come here. Yasha is not OK,” said the other Razor while everybody saw Yasha glowing red.

“We need carry her to the Whispering Woods and fast. Bolt, is the Whispering Woods very far from here?” asked Chance.

“It’s not very far from here,” said Thunderbolt.

“OK, let’s go,” said Chance, helping Yasha to walk.

Meanwhile, in the Fright Zone……

“Hello, sis. It’s good to see you again. Me-yow,” said Catlyn evilly.

“Catlyn? What the hell you doing here?” asked Catra nervously.

“Guess, sis. I am the new captain of the force,” said Catlyn.

“What!? I’m the captain of the force!” said Catra.

“No longer, Catra. Your sister is the new captain of the force. Pack your bags and get out of the Fright Zone,” said Hordark.

“You will pay for this. Me-yow,” said Catra, leaving while Catlyn was smiling evilly.

Back in the hangar, Matrix and Shera were waiting for the group.

“Something must’ve happened to them. I haven’t heard a word from them,” said Shera.

“Yeah. I just hope Hordark and Shadow Weaver didn’t get involved in this,” said Matrix.

“Who the hell are Shadow Weaver and Hordark?”

“Hordark is the commander of the Horde. He took Adora when she was a baby from her family in her world called Eternia. Shadow Weaver’s an evil witch of the Horde. She made Adora an evil warrior once, but, thanks to He-Man, Adora’s now a member of the Great Rebellion.”

“And, did Adora find her family after all this?”

“Yeah. She found her family in Eternia after 20 years, but she decided stay in Etheria to free it from Hordark’s evil forces. Why did you ask?”

“We have a terrible villain named Jettona. I’m afraid now that you’ve told me about the Horde, she might take my kitten. If she took it, I’d die.”

“You need to be brave, like She-Ra in my original world.”

“You came from Etheria, right?”

“Yes, so did Yan and her twin brother Ryan.”

“I hope they’re all right.”

“Me, too.”

Meanwhile, in Etheria…

“Can someone tell me where we are?” asked Yasha.

“We aren’t in the dimension of MegaKat City,” said Chance.

“Please, don’t tell me we’re in Etheria.”

“I hate to say this, but we are,” said Jake. Yasha couldn’t believe this.

“I have to admit it. It’s a beautiful place,” said Callie while she was riding on Ponyta’s back.

“Here would be more beautiful if the Horde hadn’t come 20 years ago,” said Jake.

“Boulder, will that wolf cub stay still in your arms?” asked Chance.

“Well, Sir Furlong, I always wanted a pet,” said Boulder, winking.

“Come on, I know you wanted a pet too,” said Maller.

“How did you know about this?” asked T-Bone.

“I have my secrets,” said Maller when a scorpion woman and some robots appeared.

“I finally found you, kats,” said the scorpion woman.

“Who’s that?” asked Razor.

“It’s Scorpia. She’s another of the Horde’s members,” said Chance.

“That right. Surrender now,” said Scorpia.

“Why must they surrender if they are on my side?” a voice asked.

They saw a woman wearing a short white dress, a tiara on her head, and sitting on a flying unicorn.

“It’s She-Ra! Let’s get out of here!” said a robot as the other robots were running away.

“Come back here, you stupid robots!” yelled Scorpia.

“Well Scorpia, you choose…” said Chance.

“Do you really want to fight with all of us?” asked Ryan.

“…Our run away with your robots?” asked She-Ra. Then, Scorpia ran away.

“She-Ra, it’s good to see you again,” said Chance.

“Hello, Chance, Ryan. Who are your friends here?” asked She-Ra.

“They are Swat Kats in another world. We have big problems.”

“What’s the matter?” asked She-Ra.

“Do you know someone named Catlyn?” asked Ryan.

“Catlyn? Of course. Tell me the story on the way to the Whispering Woods.”

Meanwhile in the Fright Zone, Yan was looking out the window from her cell, very sad.

“Well, I’m here again,” she said to herself when someone opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” asked Yan to Catlyn.

“You know why, snow cat. I want your diamond tears,” said Catlyn.

“Humph, I guess you won’t have what you want, stupid. The Horde will beat and whip me so many times I won’t feel the pain anymore.”

“You’re brave, but you won’t be by tomorrow, my dear. Hordark will send you to Beast Island. And there, you will not escape so easily,” said Catlyn, laughing.

“I’d prefer to become a meal than cry in pain all time. Where’s Quiver?”

“She’s now in the uniform of the Horde. Tomorrow, she’ll go out and kill your friends and your stupid lover.”

“Be careful, my friends,” Yan thought to herself.

Meanwhile in the Whispering Woods…

“And, that’s what happened. Yan was captured and the other Swat Kat, Quiver, was transformed into an evil kat by the Horde,” said Chance.

“Quiver’s my little sister and I can’t bring myself to hurt her. What can we do?” asked T-Bone.

“Well, I guess we need ask help from Light Hope about that problem,” said She-Ra.

“Light Hope? You mean the Legendary Crystal castle’s guardian?” asked Ryan.

“Yes, do you want to go with me to the Crystal castle?”

“Of course. It will be an honor to meet Light Hope,” said Ryan.

“I’m gonna go, too. I’ll do anything to get Katney back,” said Razor.

“Ditto, buddy,” said Boulder.

“Hey, I can’t carry you all on my back,” said Swift Wind.

“No problem, Swift. Razor and Boulder can ride on me,” said Maller.

“That’ll work. Let’s go now to the Crystal castle. I just have this feeling that something terrible will happen,” said She-Ra as she was getting up on Swift Wind with Ryan. Boulder and Razor were getting up on Maller. When they flew away, T-Bone looked at Silver Moon.

“Why don’t you go with them? It’ll be more fun than staying here,” said T-Bone, but Silver Moon ignored him.

“He wants to stay with Yasha,” said Chance.

“Oh, yeah? Why do you defend that stupid wild dog? You’re a kat.”

“T-Bone, it’s better not to get him mad. That wolf cub gave you an electric shock earlier. I suppose you don’t want another one?” asked Venus.

“Relax, Venus. Our uniforms are insulated. He can’t give me an electric shock.” Then, Silver Moon fired flames at Chance, causing him to fall on the floor.

“You asked for it,” said Chance.

“Shut up,” T-Bone said, coughing out smoke. “Who ordered regular and who ordered the extra crispy?”

Meanwhile, in the Crystal castle, the two Swat Kats and She-Ra were telling Light Hope about the problem.

“What are we to do, Light Hope?” asked She-Ra

“Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend,” said Light Hope.

“What are you saying, Light Hope?” asked Razor.

“Oh, no. You’re not talking about Catra, are you?” asked Ryan.

“I guess it’s her, guys. Catra and Catlyn fight all the time,” said She-Ra.

“But, can we trust her?” asked Boulder.

“No, but we have no choice,” said Maller.

“And don’t forget, my friends, amazing things can happen in a battle,” said Light Hope.

Meanwhile in the Fright Zone…

“Me-yow! What are you thinking about Kurama?” asked Catlyn.

“My thoughts are mine and only mine,” said Kurama.

“Go to Hell,” said Catlyn, leaving.

“No problem. I came from there. I need to do something. If that wolf she-kat transformed into a super Shura, I will have many troubles,” Kurama thought to himself.

Back in the hangar…

“Grrr… why am I still waiting here?! I want help them!” said Shera when Matrix came in. She then sat down and rubbed her large stomach.

“Maybe you’re sitting there because you can’t keep up. I have bad news. The ship’s gone. My guess is they went to Etheria,” Matrix said.

“How do you know that?” asked Shera.

“I used my vision sensor. They went to Etheria by black magic.”

“Then we’ll go to Etheria too.”

“But how? You don’t have dimensional powers.”

“But, we have a dimensional device. Come on.”

“But, Shera, do you know use it?”

“My friends and I have used it several times. Do you trust me or not?”

“Why do I fell like I’m gonna get in big trouble for this?” Matrix thought to himself.

When Shera took out the Phoenix gate and spoke the incantation, they crossed the dimensional gate and appeared in Etheria.

“Well, Matrix, are we in Etheria?”

“Yes. We’re in Etheria…”

“Told you I could work it.”

“… But we’re on Beast Island!” yelled Matrix in panic.

Matrix and Shera saw several monsters all around them.

“Now you know why I trust the She-Ra from here more than you!” yelled Matrix, looking at Shera with an angry face.

Meanwhile in the Whispering Woods, Yasha was in a bed. She was thinking. Then, her eyes suddenly glowed red when Venus came in.

“Look, Yasha, I don’t wanna fight with you now, but can you give me a good reason you hate the darkness in people so much?” asked Venus.

“Because they killed my best friend. His name was Riei. He was an orphan like I was, but Maller accepted him to come into our clan. We were close friends. We promised ourselves we’d make a family in the future, but that’ll never happen thanks to that hell fox and his gang,” she said almost crying.

“Oh, girl…,” Venus began.

“Now that you know my reason, can you get out here?” asked Yasha with an angry eye. With that, Venus left her alone.

“Something wrong, Venus?” T-Bone asked when she walked by him.

“I didn’t know she lost her only best friend. Her friend was killed by that demon fox,” Venus said, a little sad.

“Come on, Tiger. Quiver lost her best friend by Jettona, but she doesn’t hate you because you’re her sister,” said T-Bone.

“In her case, it’s different. Her best friend was a boy. They promised to themselves to make a family one day.” Then, they heard a scream.

“What was that?” asked T-Bone.

“I guess it’s Madame Razz coming. Get out of the way!” said Chance.

Madame Razz fell into T-Bone and Silver Moon. Silver Moon let out an electric shock.

“Madame Razz, are you OK?” asked Chance.

“Yes, I’m OK, but Hordark left Yan on Beast Island,” said Madame Razz.

“Beast Island? We gotta do something,” said Chance.

“Calm down, buddy. We need to wait for She-Ra and the others before we do anything else,” said Jake.

“Don’t worry, we’re here,” said She-Ra.

“What did Light Hope say?” asked Jake.

“Light Hope said we need Catra’s help,” said Maller.

“Are you crazy? That’s like asking a wolf to watch a herd of sheep!” said Venus when Silver Moon growled at her.

“No offense, little guy,” said Venus.

“Madame Razz, you said that Yan is on Beast Island, but where’s my little sister?” asked T-Bone.

“If you’re talking about the new warrior of the Horde, she’s in the Fright Zone with some fox called Kurama,” said Madame Razz.

“And, we found Catra a little while ago. She gave us the keys to the cages on Beast Island,” said Boulder.

“So, we just need to make two teams. Team A will go to the Fright Zone to get Quiver back while Team B will rescue Yan from Beast Island,” said Jake.

“Well, in that case, I’ll go with Team B,” said Chance.

“The same for me. Yan is my sister. I can’t leave her on a horrible place like Beast Island,” said Ryan.

“I don’t know why, but I feel I should go with you to Beast Island,” said Boulder.

“I’ll go with Boulder,” said Razor.

“And, Venus and I will go to the Fright Zone with She-Ra,” said T-Bone.

“I…. I want go to the Fright Zone too,” said Yasha, weakly.

“Yasha, it’s better if you stay here with Callie,” said Jake.

“No. You don’t know Kurama like I do. Please, let me go with you to the Fright Zone,” said Yasha.

“OK, but I’m going with you,” said Jake.

“To travel easily to Beast Island, Swift Wind, Maller and Ponyta in her fire mare form will go with us,” said Chance.

“All right. Let’s do it,” said T-Bone.

Meanwhile on Beast Island, Matrix and Shera were hiding in a cave.

“At least we’re safe here for a while,” said Shera.

“Indeed. Now, if only our friends knew we were here,” said Matrix when they heard a strange sound.

“What’s that?” ask Shera, nervously.

“I don’t know. I just hope it’s not a dragon.”

A creature appeared that looked like a mix between a wolf and an eagle. It was sitting down on a rock.

“I can’t believe it! It’s a wolf-eagle. I thought that they were extinct years ago,” said Matrix.

“Is it evil?”

“Of course not. Wolf-eagles are the gentlest creatures in the universe.”

Then more wolf-eagles appeared.

“Well, I guess we’ve made new friends, Matrix.”

Meanwhile, Kat-Zer riding on Roadfire, Ryan on Maller, Razor and Boulder riding on Swift Wind, and Silver Moon got onto Beast Island.

“Well, the plan is simple. We rescue Yan and get out of here,” said Swift Wind.

“But first, we need find out where Yan is,” said Kat-Zer when Silver Moon sniffed the air and ran ahead.

“Hey, Silver Moon, where are you going?” asked Ryan.

“He smelled something. Let’s go, guys,” said Maller.

When they came into a cave, they found Matrix and Shera with the wolf-eagles.

“Annie! Thought I told you to sit this one out!” Boulder said as he went to Shera and kissed her.

“So, I got a little impatient. Besides, when have you known me to obey orders?” Shera asked, winking.

“What you guys doing here?” asked Razor.

“Better yet, *how* did you guys get here?” asked Roadfire.

“Let’s just say someone left us here,” said Matrix, looking at Shera, annoyed. The others were looking at the wolf-eagles.

“Hey, these are wolf-eagles. I thought they were extinct,” said Ryan.

“No, they’ve been here for a long time,” said Matrix.

“Hey, maybe they know where Yan is,” said Kat-Zer as the wolf-eagles backed away.

“They know where she is, they said,” said Maller.

“All right. I guess you all want off of Beast Island,” said Kat-Zer.

“Just one more a question. Is Catlyn here with a gray fox and a she-kat?” asked Boulder. The wolf-eagles replied.

“They said Catlyn is here, but no fox or she-kat.”

“Good. Now, we just need to plan,” said Kat-Zer.

Meanwhile in the Fright Zone, She-Ra, Yasha, T-Bone, Venus, and Jake were in the Horde’s base.

“How can we fight Quiver? I don’t wanna hurt her,” said T-Bone, looking at Quiver, Hordark, and Shadow Weaver.

“Well, if you don’t want to use violence, you can use the sleep dust,” said Yasha. She threw some dust at Quiver, Hordark, and Shadow Weaver.

“What is it?” asked Hordark.

“It’s sleep dust,” said Shadow Weaver. They fell to the ground, asleep.

“I could use that sleep dust if I have insomnia,” said Venus to herself as she and the group walked over to the sleeping bodies.

“Now, how can we wake her up?” asked She-Ra.

“With this flower,” said Yasha, showing a flower in her paw. She placed it at Quiver’s nose. When Quiver smelled it, she sat up, and sneezed.

“I think I’m allergic to pollen. T-Bone? Venus? What happened?” asked Quiver.

“Believe me, kiddo, you don’t wanna know,” said T-Bone, grinning.

“Who are they?” asked Quiver, looking at Yasha, She-Ra, and Jake.

“That’s Yasha, that’s Jake from another dimension, and that’s She-Ra,” said Venus.

“She-Ra? The Princess of Power? Yan told me about you,” Quiver said.

“I’m glad to hear that, Quiver. Yan is a good princess,” said She-Ra.

“Speaking of which, where is she?” asked Quiver.

“Relax. Razor, Boulder, and the others are gonna find her,” said T-Bone.

“Guys, I don’t want to worry you more, but don’t you think that things have been going pretty easy for us?” asked Jake.

“Yeah, I think so too,” said Yasha. Then, Kurama suddenly appeared above them.

“I was waiting for you, Pink Hair!” said Kurama, laughing.

“Kurama, it’s me you want! Leave my friends alone!” said Yasha with an angry voice.

“I think not,” he said, transporting them and himself to an open arena.

“Where are we?” asked Venus.

“We’re in the battle arena of Hordark,” said She-Ra.

“That’s right. We can fight better here,” said Kurama.

With his mind, Kurama lifted Jake up into the air.

“Stop that, Kurama!” yelled Yasha.

But, it was too late. Jake had exploded in the air at Yasha’s panic.

“You bastard fox!” said Yasha with such anger and hate.

Her body began glowing red again and something started to happened. Her hair was becoming longer and became dark silver. Her green eyes became yellow and she had many red marks on her body.

“Humph, that transformation means nothing to me,” said Kurama, shooting an energy ball at Yasha. Yasha caught it and threw it back to Kurama.

“But, that’s impossible! You can’t be what I’m thinking!” he said.

“You’ll pay for what you’ve done to Jake and Riei!” said Yasha.

In her paws, she grew an energy ball and shot it at Kurama. Kurama disappeared in the beam of light.

Suddenly, her body returned to normal and she fell on the ground.

“It’s better we return to the Whispering Woods before something else happens,” said She-Ra, helping Yasha to walk.

Meanwhile, on Beast Island…

“Grr… I’ve whipped her so many times and she won’t cry!” said Catlyn.

“What should we do, captain?” asked a robot.

“I don’t know. I need to think,” said Catlyn.

Watching, the Swat Kats were hidden behind a box.

“Boulder, throw your boomerang at that water conduct,” said Kat-Zer, pointing.

Boulder nodded, and threw his boomerang at the water conduit. Water leaked out and fell on Catlyn and the robots.

“What the–?!”

“Silver Moon, use your electric shock,” said Boulder.

Silver Moon then let out an electric shock. The robots fell on the floor, but Catlyn remained standing.

“You stupid wolf, I’ll make certain you’ll never see tomorrow!” she growled, putting her mask on her face and turning into a panther. She was ready to fire flames at Silver Moon, but she was suddenly frozen solid.

“How did–?” Boulder began.

“Hi, guys,” said Yan,

“Yan! Are you OK?” asked Kat-Zer.

“Yes. A little shook up, but I’m OK.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, something gave me an electric shock, but thanks to it, the ring around my neck broke.”

“So how long Catlyn will stay frozen?” asked Boulder.

“A long time. All can I say is she’ll never give us trouble again,” said Yan.

“In that case, can we leave and go back home?” Shera asked.

“Of course,” said Kat-Zer.

Sometime later in the Whispering Woods…

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” said Chance, crying.

“It was my fault. If I hadn’t escaped from Kurama…,” said Yasha, sadly.

“Listen. The only blame here was Kurama, but how did you kill him?” asked T-Bone.

“It’s strange, but I can’t remember what happened,” said Yasha.

During this, Yan was talking to Quiver.

“Quiver, I want to give you this,” said Yan giving a golden amulet with a diamond on it to Quiver.

“Oh, I can’t take–” began Quiver.

“You can. I made it for you. I want you to always remember me,” said Yan.

“After that crazy mis-adventure, how can I forget? I’ll take it, just to be nice,” said Quiver, pocketing the amulet and clasping paws with Yan. Then, she cleared her throat.

“Ready to go home, Kats?”

“You bet. I can’t wait to put my feet up,” Shera said.

“Hey, where’s that wolf cub at anyway?” asked Razor.

“Silver Moon’s staying here with the wolf-eagles. I guess he’d be happier here than with us,” said Boulder.

“Suits me. He can’t give me electric shocks or fire flames at me if he’s not around,” T-Bone thought to himself.

Quiver took out the Phoenix gate and spoke the incantation. They crossed the dimensional gate.

“Well, we’ll go home, too. Good-bye, She-Ra,” said Chance.

“Good-bye, my friends. Visit us again someday,” said She-Ra.

The other Swat kats crossed the dimensional gate made by Maller. When She-Ra waved good-bye, a wolf-eagle came to her.

“What’s the matter, my friend?” asked She-Ra. The wolf-eagle barked.

“Silver Moon’s not here? Then, where is he?” asked She-Ra.

Meanwhile, when the Swat Kats returned to their hangar, Boulder was taking off his backpack.

“Damn, this thing’s heavy. Who stuffed the rocks in my pack?” he asked, opening the flap.

“Don’t look at us,” Razor said.

Boulder let out a shout in surprise when Silver Moon stuck his head out of Boulder’s bag and licked his face.

“Silver Moon, you’re here! Why?” asked Boulder.

“I guess your little friend wanted to stay with you, Bust,” said Venus.

“Your pet can stay with us for a while, Boulder, but when he’s older, he’s going back to the forest,” said Quiver.

“You hear that, Silver Moon? You can stay with us for a while,” said Boulder as Silver Moon licked his face again.

“No. Anything but that wolf….,” thought T-Bone to himself.


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