Original SWAT Kats Story

The Cry of the Wolf

By Kari Gilmore & Liv

  • 2 Chapters
  • 15,468 Words

The SWAT Kats and their friends face a new outer-dimensional threat that will take them back to the worlds of “He-Man” and “She-Ra” once again.

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Chapter 1

At the hangar, Chance was talking with Jake about Etheria and the Great Rebellion.

“Wow. The people of the Great Rebellion must be mighty,” said Jake.

“Oh yeah, especially they have the help of two special humans,” said Chance.

“Cool, who they are?” asked Jake.

“They are He-Man: the must powerful man of the universe and She-Ra: the princess of power,” said Chance.

Jake was surprised when Yan, princess of the snow and also Chance’s wife, came in.

“And also they have 2 pets; He-Man has the mighty Battle-Cat and She-Ra has a flying unicorn called Swiftwind,” said Yan.

When Yan was talking, Jake remembered an important thing.

“And, what about your evil eye? Your evil eye opened in there, didn’t it?” asked Jake.

Chance remembered another important thing when Jake mentioned the evil eye.

“Yeah, but, don’t worry. My evil eye does not exist anymore. I remember now – Pastmaster was working with the Horde. He wanted my evil eye open again. What happened to him?” Chance asked himself as he suddenly he looked at Yan.

“Yan, tell me the truth – what happened to Pastmaster?” asked Chance.

“Well… I don’t know if you will like it but…. you killed him when your evil eye opened,”said Yan.

“Well, at least, he did have a right to die, anyway – he who began this nightmare, not Ashura,” said Jake. “Look at the time – it’s bedtime,” said Yan, looking at the clock on the wall.

“Waa… Yan,” said Chance. “And for breakfast, I will make pancakes,” said Yan.

“SWEET!!” said Jake and Chance together.

In the same night a ship, crossed through a dimensional gate. The pilot was a robot.

“We got in the dimension where the Fire Star knight and the last cat-woman of the snow are, commander,” said the robot to a strange woman with a purple and black body, a black cape and a purple mask on her head. She had long black hair and purple eyes.

“Me-yow, excellent,” she said, leaving the control room.

“Where you going, commander?” asked the robot.

“I will go look for a perfect bait to attract these two kats,” she said.

Meanwhile, Callie had finished the papers for Mayor Manx.

“Finally, I finished it,” she said to herself.

When she left her office, suddenly, she saw a small pool of blood and also the footsteps of some wild animal.

“W-What is it?” asked Callie to herself, afraid. When, suddenly, she looked up. She saw a black panther wearing purple armor and a purple mask on its face. The panther jumped at Callie and Callie yelled.

The next morning, Chance, Jake, and Ryan were eating the Yan’s pancakes.

“Sis, your pancakes are delicious,” said Ryan.

“Thanks, brother. Anyone want more pancakes?” asked Yan.

“I want more, Yan,” said Jake.

“But Jake, that’s the 15th pancake you’ve eaten,” said Chance.

“You have to admit her pancakes are delicious,” said Ryan.

“Oh buddy, I almost forgot to tell ya something: my sister has a horse farm and I thought Ponyta might want to have the company of other horses,” said Jake.

“Sure would. Where’s Yasha?” asked Chance. “She went to the MegaKat park to relax,” said Jake.

Meanwhile, in the park, Yasha was sitting on the grass, leaning against a tree stump reading a book.

“It’s a good day to read a book,” said Yasha to herself.

When, suddenly, a big shadow crossed the park. Yasha looked up and saw a big ship.

“I better contact Jake and others about this,” thought Yasha to herself.

Meanwhile, Chance was helping Yan to wash the dishes while Jake and Ryan were playing a video game.

“I’ve only known them a short time, but I think they’re impossible!” exclaimed Yan.

“Don’t worry, Yan. Just worry when ….”

“I WIN!!” yelled Ryan.

“Oh no, let’s play again!” exclaimed Jake. “…When your brother wins,” said Chance.

Suddenly, the alarm started blaring.

“Yes, Miss Briggs?” said Jake.

“Jake, it’s me, Yasha,” said Yasha.

“Yasha, what’s the matter?” asked Jake.

“Guys, it would be better if you all see the sky,” she said.

Everybody then saw the sky at the window and saw the ship. Suddenly, they saw a hologram – the hologram was of a human.

“Me-yow. Hello, citizens of this world. I am Catlyn, and I have a message to the knight Kat-Zer and the snow lady Freeze: I have your dear friend Callie Briggs. If you two don’t surrender, you will not see her again,” she said laughing while the hologram disappeared.

Chance and Yan went quickly to hangar.

“What are you two going to do? Do you surrender?” asked Jake.

“No, we’ll rescue Callie. You know what you need to do, Chance, don’t you?” asked Yan.

“Yes, Yan. Are you ready, Ponyta?” Chance asked Ponyta. “Yes, of course. I was waiting for action,” said Ponyta.

“So let’s get the FireStar sword,” said Chance, getting his golden sword. “FIRE STAR!” he cried.

Suddenly, a fire ribbon circled around on his body and the fire magic exploded like a Vulcan.

“I HAVE THE POWER!” Chance cried out.

Chance became Kat-Zer, the FireStar Knight, and he pointed the ruby at Ponyta. Ponyta’s four black legs became fire as did the hair on her head and her tail became fire. Ponyta became the mighty Roadfire.

The others became Swat Kats and Kat-Zer asked:

“You all ready?”

“Roger,” they all said.

Meanwhile, the Enforcers were attacking Catlyn’s ship.

“What are you waiting for, you stupid? Shoot the lasers at them,” said Catlyn to the robot.

“Yes, commander,” said the robot.

They shot at the Enforcers and they fell.

Suddenly, Kat-Zer arrived riding on Roadfire, Freeze on Matrix in his flying mode, and Razor & Thunderbolt flying in the Turbokat.

“Is that Catlyn’s ship? To me it’s a junk-dealer, Freeze,” said Matrix.

“You’re right, Matrix, but Callie is in there,” said Freeze.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Catlyn and the robot pilot were watching the arrival of the Swat Kats.

“You want us to shoot the lasers at them, Comander?” asked the robot.

“No, Gust, when they land on the ship, I’ll push the button and they will have a big shock,” said Catlyn.

When the Swat Kats landed, Razor said:

“I don’t like this, pals, it’s too quiet.”

Catlyn pushed the button and they all were electrocuted, and they fainted in the floor.

“Gust, send the other robots to lock them in the force camp, and put the special rings on their necks, and also separate the animals from their owners,” said Catlyn.

“Yes, Commander,” said Gust.

Meanwhile, Yasha was in an abandoned tower.

“Here, nobody can see me,” she said to herself.

Yasha took a bright emerald from her bag and said:

“FOREST EMERALD!!” Suddenly, she was wearing a short, dark green dress, a light green cape, golden short boots, golden gloves, and a tiara on her brow.

“Now, to arrive on the ship…..”

Yasha got the other bright stone; the stone was a diamond.


Suddenly, a pair of wings appeared on her back and fly to direction of the Catlyn’s ship.

Meanwhile, on Catlyn’s ship, the Swat Kats were trying to get free.

“How are you all feeling in your new home, Swat Kats?” asked Catlyn, laughing. “Oh, you… What you done with Callie and our pets?” asked Razor with an angry voice. “Don’t worry about the animals, they’re locked in another room and Briggs – she’s frozen,”she said evilly.

“I have a question: By chance are you any of Catra’s folk?” asked Freeze.

“Yes, I am her younger sister. When Hordark sees you all captured by me, he will have to make me a new captain of the Horde in Catra’s place,” said Catlyn, leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Yasha entered Catlyn’s ship.

“Guys, where are you?” asked Yasha.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind Yasha.

“Well, well, well, look who’s here. You must be Sorceress. I know you have some magic stones. Me-yow,” said Catlyn.

“And you must be Catlyn. If you want my stones, you will have to use your force,” said Sorceress, getting into a defensive position.

“Fine with me,” said Catlyn putting her mask on her face. Suddenly, she became a black panther with purple armor.

“Oh, a panther, huh? Do you have any more tricks?” asked Sorceress.

“Yes I have one,” she said, firing flames out of her mouth at Sorceress.

“Just what I needed: a Panther flamethrower,” said Sorceress to herself. Sorceress got a rose and launched it at Catlyn, but, accidently, she hit the power box of the ship.


“WHAT?!” exclaimed Soceress.

In another dimension that they were about to go to, three couples were having a picnic.

“Nice to finally have some time off crime-fighting, eh, gang?” the she-kat with light gray fur, claw scars on her left eye, long black hair in a braid, and a light Scottish accent asked as she donned her sunglasses.

“We know the feeling. But don’t think we don’t miss the action,” the kat with the bluish-gray fur said as he handed Ann Gora a sandwich.

“Yeah. I miss the action, but how can you fight when you’ve got a small watermelon in your stomach that keeps growing for four more months?” Ann asked as she ate the sandwich.

“Believe me, Annie, it’s worth the wait. Can’t speak from experience though,” the she-kat with light brown fur and long white hair in a pony-tail said.

“Tigera, Buster, Ann, I’m trying to relax here. I don’t want to be reminded about crime fighting or labor. I’ve been through both enough times lately,” Katney said, lowering her sunglasses and looking at them.

“Sorry, Kat,” they all said as Katney laid back on the picnic towel they were on. Katney let out a relaxed sigh, then looked up at the sky and saw Catlyn’s ship overhead.

“Aw, crap. I finally get a second to relax and trouble rears its ugly head again,” she said.

“There’s no rest for the defenders of justice around here,” Chance said, getting up.

“What a time for David and Kari to be in school. We could use some back-up,” Jake said. They then looked at Buster and Ann.

“Think you guys can keep up?” Tigera asked. Buster and Ann looked at each other, then at the others, smiled, and nodded.

“Then, let’s get going!” And, they followed Chance to their vehicles and drove to the garage.

Meanwhile on the ship…

“Me-yow. Now I am really furious,” said Catlyn jumping into Sorceress, but Sorceress kicked a big iron tin at Catlyn and covered her.

“That tin will detain you for some time while I get out here,” said Sorceress.

Meanwhile, Roadfire was trying to free herself and Matrix with her flames.

“ROADFIRE, STOP!!! The ropes are fireproof, but I’M not,” said Matrix.

“Sorry, Matrix, but we need to get out of here,” said Roadfire.

“You two need some help?” asked Sorceress.

“SORCERESS!” said Matrix and Roadfire.

Sorceress broke the ropes and freed Matrix and Roadfire and ran. Sorceress kicked the door and it opened.

“You’ve gotta be kidding us, will we jump?” asked Matrix.

“By chance you have a better idea, cyber tiger?” asked Sorceress.

“No, but this collar doesn’t let me use my other modes. If you break the collar, I’ll explode like an atomic bomb,” said Matrix.

“Oh boy. Matrix, ride on Roadfire – she can fly with you using her flames,” said Sorceress.

“And, what about you? How can fly?” asked Roadfire.

“With the diamond wings. Now, let’s go,” said Sorceress.

Meanwhile, three objects in the sky were flying towards the ship. Two were jets and the other was a female Swat Kat with bat wings flying with them. Down below was a motorcycle driven by another female Swat Kat.

“Why do I get the feeling we’re flying into a trap?” Ann, now known as Shera, asked.

“I always get that feeling after I’ve relaxed for 5 seconds,” Kat, now Quiver, replied.

“Be prepared for anything, gang,” T-Bone said, “We don’t know what’s in this thing.”

“Roger that, T-Bone. I’ll go get a closer look,” the flying she-kat said, diving towards the ship.

“Watch your tail, Venus,” Buster, now Boulder, said.

“Watch your own, Boulder. Venus out.”

T-Bone looked back at Quiver.

“Better go with her, sis. Just for back-up,” he said.

“All right, I’ll go. Try not to miss me too much, boys,” Quiver said as the canopy opened and her seat flew out and followed behind Venus.

“We’ll try not to, Quiv,” Razor said.

Meanwhile, in the ship, Catlyn finally freed of the iron tin and ran to control roon and pushed the button and the ship became invisible.

“The ship disappeared!” said Venus, looking back at Quiver.

“Ships that big don’t disappear, Venus. It’s just invisible,” Quiver said with the oxygen mask on.

“Back to relaxing?”

“Uh-uh. I have this feeling there are others here. I’m gonna try looking for the door on the ship and the ship itself. You check down below in the forest. Keep in radio contact, you copy?”

“Affirmative. Just don’t get into too much trouble. Team’s gotten attached to you,” Venus said as Quiver flew towards where the ship should be. Then, Venus went down towards the forest.

Back in the ship’s control room, Catlyn returned to her human form and removed her mask from her face and placed it back on her head.

“Gust, let’s go back to Etheria. I have what I wanted,” said Catlyn.

“I’m sorry, commander, but we can’t. That white she-cat with pink hair you battled… She must have taken the battery from the power box. We can’t go back to Etheria or any other place,” he said.

“WHAT?! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT,” said Catlyn with an angry voice.

Meanwhile, in the forest…

“Ow, my back! Matrix, how many chyle have you had today?” asked Roadfire.

“Hey, I’m a tiger robot. I need to be heavy,” said Matrix, looking at the sky.

“Oh, no. Catlyn’s ship is gone,” said Matrix.

“Gone? So, what am I going to do with this thing I got?” asked Sorceress to herself.

Matrix looked at the thing in Yasha’s paw and saw it was the dimensional battery from the power box.

“I can’t believe you got the dimensional battery. Now, without this, Catlyn can’t go to Etheria or any other dimension,” said Matrix.

“Cool, we have a chance to save them,” said Roadfire.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a gun.

“What was that?” asked Sorceress.

They saw a hunter shooting a gun at a little baby light gray wolf and also some dead wolves.

“Now, I’ve got you,” said the hunter.

When the hunter was ready to shoot at the baby wolf cub, Sorceress shot a rose at the hunter’s back and the hunter died.

“It’s time you learned how good it is to be killed,” she said.

The baby wolf cub came Sorceress’ way and she picked it up.

“Poor little one. The evil hunter injured your paw? Let’s see how I can help you,” she said.

Sorceress’ paw began to glow a bright silver near the baby wolf’s paw and suddenly the paw was healed and the baby wolf licked her face.

“Thanks for the kiss, and I’m so sorry about your family, but you can stay with us,” she said, looking at the other dead wolves by the hunter.

“She said the wolf can stay with us?” asked Matrix to Roadfire.

Sorceress looked at the baby wolf ‘s brow and noticed a dark gray spot that looked like a crescent moon.

“I’ll call you ‘Silver Moon’,” she said.

Venus then flew above them and landed behind the bushes.

“Hmm. A few dead wolves and a hunter, some she-kat, a wolf cub, a fire horse, and a tiger. Nothing too serious,” she said to herself as she wrapped her wings around her shoulders.

“What just flew over us?” Roadfire asked, looking up at the sky.

Sorceress walked over towards the bushes and said, “One way to find out.”

Just then Venus spread her wings out, flew over her head, and landed behind her. “Don’t feel like fighting and if you feel like fighting, I’ll burn your tail off,” she said, stretching her wings out.

“She’s dressed like a Swat Kat,” Matrix said.

“Gee, I’ve been a Swat Kat and dressed like one for over a year now. I think that makes me a Swat Kat, don’t you?”

“Close those stupid wings. I know that trick,” said Sorceress.

“What?!” asked Venus.

“You’d better go away now. You may be dressed like a Swat Kat, but I don’t trust you,” said Sorceress.

“Hmph. Daughters of Satan always have trouble with trust. Look, I don’t know who are you, young lady, but I’m not going anywhere,” said Venus.

“Well, I warned you,” said Sorceress.

Sorceress cried out with a strange sound. The sound sounded like a crow. Suddenly, ten crows appeared and began to attack Venus. Venus rapidly tried to fly to get away from the crows.

“Damn it! There’s more to her than meets the eye,” said Venus while the crows were attacking her.

“A question – why you don’t trust her?” asked Roadfire, looking at Venus being attacked by the crows.

“Yeah, why you don’t trust her?” asked Matrix.

“Because I felt in her the Darkness, and my smell never failed me before,” said Sorceress, looking at Venus while the crows attacked her with a cold eye.

Meanwhile, Quiver was flying around the area where the ship should be.

“I know I feel a ship, but I’m having difficulty finding the door,” she muttered her to herself. Then, she heard a beeping noise. “Crap, my seat’s out of fuel.” She quickly jumped out of the seat, landed on the side of the ship, and allowed her seat to fall to the ground. She gripped onto the ship with her claws digging into the metal.

“Wonderful. Now how do I get in?” she asked herself as she started to climb up. Then, her paw pushed something in and saw she found a small door. “This must be the kitty door. Too big for me.” Then, she grinned and changed into a panther. Then, she crawled into the door and closed it behind her.

Quiver came into the ship and back to normal form. She walked and found the room where Kat-Zer was in. She was surprised because he looked like Chance but with longer hair and wearing golden armor.

“You need some help?” asked Quiver.

Kat-Zer was surprised because she was dressed like a Swat Kat.

“Who are you?” asked Kat-Zer.

“Name’s Quiver. Don’t worry, I’m a friend,” she said.

Quiver was pushing some bottoms to try to free Kat-Zer while Catlyn was hidden behind her.

“Quiver, watch out!” yelled Kat-Zer.

Quiver rapidly got her Japanese stars out, but Catlyn shot a laser at Quiver’s paw where the stars were and they fell.

“Don’t move, fool,” said Catlyn.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re in trouble,” said Quiver as she rubbed her paw.

“You won’t be so brave when you became a prisoner in a cage on Beast Island or a slave of Hordak and Shadow Weaver,” said Catlin.

“Hordak?! Shadow Weaver?! Who the hell are they?” asked Quiver.

“Believe me, you don’t wanna to know,” said Kat-Zer.

“Hmph. Can’t be as bad as I used to be. As goes an old saying of the Swat Kats… I ain’t going down without a fight!” She growled, and transformed into a panther. She bared her teeth and made her eyes glow a ruby red.

“Me-yow. Nice trick, but I can do that too,” said Catlyn, putting her mask on her face. Suddenly, Catlyn transformed into a panther too and they began to fight.

“Just what I needed: A battle of panthers,” thought Kat-Zer to himself.

Quiver tried to scratch Catlyn, but Catlyn’s armor didn’t give. Suddenly, Catlyn began to fire flames at Quiver and Quiver was caught and she turned back to her normal form.

“Now, Gust!” yelled Catlyn.

Gust shot a ring on Quiver’s neck.

“Lemme go!” exclaimed Quiver while trying to pull the ring off her neck and two robots grabbed onto her.

Catlyn turned back to her human form and removed her mask face, putting it back on her head.

“Arrest her with the others Swat Kats and, Gust, you and more two robots go to the forest to find that she-kat with pink hair. I want her,” said Catlyn.

“Yes, my lady,” said Gust.

“Other Swat Kats? Either they caught my team, or it’s a totally different SK team. Either way, I’m gonna have to allow myself to be taken,” Quiver thought to herself as the two robots dragged her away.

Meanwhile outside, the two jets were flying over where the airship should be.

“She’s been in there too long. We gotta go in after her,” Razor said.

“If I could find a place to land, we woulda been in there some time before she made it in, Razor. Any ideas?” T-Bone asked.

“Well, from the way I see it, we have one of two choices to choose from. A: We can try our dimensional radar and see the skeletal structure of the ship. Or B: We can dump something in the air that can show that the ship is actually there,” Boulder said.

“Yeah. I’d go with B, myself. But I’m not the one who’s flying those jets,” Shera said over the radio and looking up at them.

“I was thinking of doing Plan Z…” T-Bone began.

“NO PLAN Z!!” the other Swat Kats shouted.

“OK, OK, scratch Plan Z! Razor, we got some paint with us?”

T-Bone looked back and saw Razor wasn’t in his seat. Razor was down below, opening the bomb bay doors. He lifted up an opened barrel of black paint over his shoulder.

“Here’s hoping” he said as he dumped the paint out. The paint landed on the airship and revealed enough of the top to land. “Bingo!”

“Great aim, Sure Shot, as always. I’ll be finding a way up ASAP,” Shera said as she rode back towards the hangar.

When Shera closed off contact, the two TurboKats were landing on the paint-covered top of the airship.

“Once again, the TurboKats I and II make a purr-fect landing,” Boulder said as both canopies opened.

Razor looked at a other side of the jet and saw Venus being attacked by crows.

“T-Bone, is that Venus?” he asked.

“Yeah. She’s being attacked by crows. Venus!!” yelled T-Bone.

The crows did manage to break one of Venus’s wings and she fell. But she fell on the floor of the ship and T-Bone shot a smoke bomb on the crows. The crows ran away, leaving Venus alone.

“Venus, are you OK? Venus?!” asked T-Bone, but Venus didn’t reply.

Razor got a little machine to see how doing Venus’ health was.

“Holy kats, T-Bone, her health is almost on 0%! We need to get her to the hanger now!” said Razor in panic.

“But, what about Quiver?” asked Shera when she finally managed to get aboard.

“She knows how to take care of herself, Shera. Now, we need to save Venus,” said T-Bone, carrying Venus to the TurboKat.

Meanwhile in ship, the robots locked Quiver in a cell.

“Come back here, you lousy trash bins! When I get my powers back, I’m gonna…!” she growled, banging on the cell.

“Hey, crying like this won’t work,” said Freeze.

“Huh? Who’s crying? I’m growling. Who are you?” asked Quiver, looking at the masked she-kat.

“I’m Freeze, a snow kat,” said Freeze.

“Name’s Quiver. Are you a Swat Kat?” asked Quiver.

“Yeah. I’m also T-Bone’s wife,” she said.

“T-Bone’s wife?” asked Quiver.

“Yeah, I guess you saw him as the FireStar knight. You want to talk about that troublemaker called Catlyn?” asked Freeze.

“Sure. I want to know more about that bitch and I guess it’s the beginning of a new alliance, Freeze,” said Quiver.

Meanwhile in the hangar, the Swat Kats were worried about Venus’ health.

“How is she doing?” asked Ann nervously to Buster.

“Well, Annie, all I can say is, she’s really bad. Whomever did that to her, it did a nice job. Of all the birds I know, the crow has the must dangerous claws in the world,” said Buster.

“Who can it be? Jettona, of course, and….”

“For a moment, I thought she did this to Tiger, too, but I don’t think it’s her this time,” he said.

“Give me two goods excuses that tell me it wasn’t her this time,” she said and held up two fingers at Buster’s face.

“OK. First: She hates us, but I think she’d love for us to be killed by her own paws. Second: Does she send animals to kill us?” asked Buster.

“OK, OK. This time, Jettona didn’t cause trouble, but I want to go to the forest to find something. Can you go with me?” asked Ann.

“Sure, and I couldn’t let you go alone. Especially at this point of your pregnancy,” said Buster.

“OK, so let’s go,” said Ann.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Quiver continued to kick and punch the cell that held her and Freeze.

“Yah! Tai! Kai! Yah! Tai! Crack, damn you! Kat! Tai! Yah!” she yelled, kicked, and punched with each shout. She stopped, panted, and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“It’s no use. That door can’t be broken. I’m afraid we’re stuck in here,” Freeze said as she was watching Quiver try. Quiver just tried to pull the ring off her neck.

“I don’t think this is real gold. I’m starting to itch,” she growled. “Plus, it’s starting to get hard to swallow.”

“Well, we’re stuck here. Get used to it.”

“I’m just worried about Venus and the others. I’ve been trying to reach them, but I keep getting static.” She paced for a few moments then stopped. “Got an idea. Nah, she’s considered a baddie now. But not today.”

“Huh?” Freeze asked as Quiver touched a button on her belt. Quiver lost her g-suit and gained a ninja outfit.

“This is the only suit that I have that has what we need to escape,” Quiver said as she pulled out a green ball. She then threw it at the door, making it splatter. Where the splatter was was eaten away and leaving a hole in its place.

“You gotta love those acid balls, eh, Freeze?” Quiver asked as she returned to her g-suit.

“You do the ninja thing often?” Freeze asked as she and Quiver stepped out.

“Not so often anymore. Dulcea’s more of a bad guy now. C’mon. Let’s find whatever Swat Kats are left and find out what happened to the rest of my posse.”

Freeze and Quiver got out of the cell and walked to find the others.

“Freeze, tell me why that Horde you told me about is after you?” asked Quiver.

“Because of my nature,” said Freeze

“Huh? I don’t get it,” said Quiver.

“You don’t know it, Quiver, but my tears can transform into diamonds,” said Freeze.

“Diamonds?!” asked Quiver surprised when, suddenly, they heard a strange sound.

“What’s that?” asked Quiver.

“I don’t know, but I think we won’t like it,” said Freeze. Suddenly, they saw a woman with a snake tail.

“Are you going somewhere, girlssss?” asked the snake woman.

“It’s just we need, a snake woman,” said Quiver, folding her arms across her chest.

“Be careful, Quiver. Etherian snake women have a fatal venom,” said Freeze.

“SSShe’sss right, ssstupid cat. I’m Venoma,” she said.

“Why, you… I’m gonna…” growled Quiver.

“Quiver, I need you to remind you the rings on our necks don’t let us use our powers,” said Freeze.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Any ideas?” asked Quiver.

“Yes, I have one: RUN AWAY!” yelled Freeze. Quiver and Freeze began to run while Venoma was after then.

Meanwhile, in the forest.

“OK, Matrix, you’ll carry Silver Moon while I get some fish,” said Sorceress.

“OK, but how you will get the fish? Will you use your paws?” asked Matrix.

“Yes, I will. Where’s Roadfire?” asked Sorceress.

“She went to find some grass to eat,” said Matrix.

Meanwhile in the wood, Roadfire was eating some grass.

“This grass is delicious,” thought Roadfire to herself.

What Roadfire didn’t know was that she was being watched by Boulder and Shera.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. It’s a fire horse,” said Boulder.

“Kinda like a Ponyta or a Rapidash. But what’s so special about a fire horse, Boulder?” asked Shera.

“You don’t know it, Shera, but I always wished to ride on a fire horse, especially that type of creature if it can run faster than the speed of sound or the speed of light,” said Boulder still looking at Roadfire.

When Shera looked behind her, she saw Catlyn’s robots.

“Eeerrr….Boulder,” she said.

“What’s up, Ra?” asked Boulder to Shera who was pointing at the robots. He looked.

“Gulp. Now, we’re in trouble. Any ideas?”

“There’s always running for our lives,” Shera said.

“Why run when we can ride? Move it!” Boulder said as he grabbed onto Shera’s paw, got on the Cyclotron, and started riding with the robots close behind.

Roadfire stopped eating and watched them take off.

“Catlyn’s robots? Two more kats dressed like Swat Kats? I gotta get after them!” she said, running after them.

Sorceress had already caught a large pile of fish by the time Boulder drove the Cyclotron towards them.

“Gangway! Coming through!” Boulder shouted as the Cyclotron flew over Matrix’s head and landed on the other side.

“More kats dressed like Swat Kats!” Matrix said.

“I’ll send a crow flock after them if they’re with that other one,” Sorceress said.

“Wait a second, Sorceress! Look!” Matrix said, pointing to Catlyn’s robots firing at the Cyclotron.

“Catlyn’s robots chasing after them?” Sorceress asked when Roadfire arrived.

“Trouble, guys, we need to help them,” Roadfire said.

“Well.. Ok, I guess the other Swat kats can be useful,” Sorceress said, getting up on Roadfire and running.

Meanwhile, Catlyn’s robots were shooting at Shera and Boulder.

“Where did these robots come from?” asked Shera.

“Beats me. My guess is they probably came from that ship,” said Boulder.

One of robots shot out the Cyclotron’s tire and Boulder and Shera fell over a precipice but suddenly something grabbed then.

“Vine whip? Does this forest have a creature that looks like a Bulbasaur?” asked Boulder.

They got up and they saw Sorceress hurrying over to them.

“Are you two OK?” asked Sorceress.

“Hey, that is the she-kat Catlyn wants,” said one the robots.

“Catlyn?! Who’s Catlyn?” asked Shera.

“Believe me, you don’t wanna know,” said Roadfire.

“OK, kitty, give us back the dimensional battery now and we’ll leave you and your friends alone,” said the other robot.

“To whip Freeze to make diamonds? No way!” said Matrix, growling.

“That tiger talks?! Now, I’ve seen everything,” said Shera.

“I’ll warn you of two things. First – If Catlyn wants her dimensional battery back, she needs to find me by herself. Second- Don’t ever call me ‘kitty’ again!” said Sorceress.

Sorceress picked up a giant rock and threw it at the robots and destroyed them.

“Wow. A descendent of Hercules?” asked Shera.

“No, she’s a Shura,” said Matrix.

“A Shura? No way! The Shura females are called the most powerful warrior she-kats in the world,” said Boulder.

“Yeah, and also we’re rarely born too. What’s your name?” asked Sorceress. “I’m Shera and that’s Boulder.”

“Hmph. I prefer She-Ra of Etheria,” said Matrix.

“Oh, yeah? Tell me three things that she has that I don’t have?” asked Shera.

“OK. First – do you have a magic sword that can transform into others weapons?” asked Matrix.


“Second- Do you have super strength?” asked Matrix.


“Third- Do you have a flying unicorn?” asked Matrix.


“So, you’re not perfect like She-Ra,” said Matrix.

“Grr… I’m gonna…”

“Easy, Shera, easy. And you, pink hair, you have to tell us what’s going on here,” said Boulder.

“It’s a long story.”

“So, you can begin now,” said Shera.

Meanwhile on the ship, Quiver and Freeze were trying to run away from Venoma.

Venoma caught Quiver and Freeze with her tail.

“Let us go, you viper!” growled Freeze.

“Well, well, well, look who’s trying to get out, me-yow,” said Catlyn.

“Mangy feline wannabe!” Quiver hissed.

“Laugh while you can, Catlyn, when Sorceress and our pets come…”

“Well, when she appears here again, Venoma will get her and…..”

“Good luck to your friend,” said another voice. Everybody looked to the right and found a gray fox wearing black armor.

“Who the hell are you?” asked Catlyn.

“I’m the demon-fox Kurama Yoko,” said the fox.

“What do you want here?” asked Catlyn.

“I just want the she-kat with pink hair,” said Kurama.


“Because, she’s an ex-slave of mine,” said Kurama.

While the fox was distracting Catlyn and Venoma, Quiver got her paw free and tried to get her communicator working.

“Kats, I could really use some back-up up here,” she whispered into it.

Meanwhile at the Hangar…

“No! I’m not saying sorry to that bitch,” said Yasha.

“Oh, yes, you will. You made those crows in the forest attack me and now you know I’m a good girl. You need to apologize,” said Tigera. While the others are watching the Tigera and Yasha fight

“What’s the problem with your friend?” asked Chance.

“We have no idea,” said Matrix.

“I’ll get out of here. I don’t trust you anymore than I can throw you,” said Yasha.

“Boy, you have a few evil sisters and everyone thinks the whole damn family’s evil. Pardon me for my father being Satan,” Tigera growled.

“Do you think you two can stop arguing long enough to catch your breath?” Buster asked as Ann clutched onto her stomach.

“You OK, Annie?” Tigera asked, looking at her.

“Yeah. Yeah. Just the kitten kicking,” Ann replied, rubbing her stomach.

Jake looked at his watch and asked himself, “Quiver shoulda been back by now. She must’ve been captured.”

“Yeah. She can usually take care of someone before dinner or breakfast. It’s way past both times,” Tigera said.

“Little sister can get herself out of any situation. But just in case, we better get back up there and see if she needs some back-up,” Chance said, heading for his locker.

“T-Bone! Requesting back-up up here!” a voice on the radio said.

Buster ran over to it and pushed the button.

“Quiver! You OK?” he asked.

“Just peachy, Boulder. The Snow Lady Freeze and I are in the grasp of some snake person called Venoma, some fox called Kurama Yoko is looking for a she-kat with pink hair, Catlyn’s distracted by him, and this damn collar is preventing me from kicking their tails! All and all, I’m still breathing,” Quiver said.

“Did she say Kurama Yoko?! No, not him!” said Yasha, sounding afraid.

Back on the ship, Kurama saw Quiver’s communicator, levitated it from her paws with his mind and destroyed it.

“Hello? Quiver? Oh, crud, we lost the contact. Look who’s Kurama Yoko, Ya…” Everybody saw Yasha had disappeared.

“Good, she’s gone,” said Roadfire.

“Hey, Silver Moon’s gone, too,” said Matrix.

Everybody looked around and saw that the wolf cub was drinking one of Quiver’s poison darts.

“Ack, he’s drinking Quiver’s poison!” yelled Jake.

Chance grabbed the cub wolf. “Look here, little bud…”

But, the little wolf gave him a thunder shock and fell on the floor.

“Houston, we have problem,” said Chance.

Back on the ship…

“Lock them with that knight, Venoma,” said Catlyn.

“Yessss, Commander,” said Venoma with Quiver and Freeze.

“And now, Kurama, how you will get that swift she-kat?” asked Catlyn.

“I know that she-kat very well, Catlyn, and I know she will try to rescue her stepmother, the goddess she-wolf Maller,” said Kurama.

“Are you crazy?! How would we catch a goddess wolf?!” asked Catlyn.

“Watch and learn,” said Kurama.

Meanwile in the forest in the other dimension in the dark ages, a giant white she-wolf was howling to the full moon.

“Yasha, my dear, I hope you’re all right,” the wolf thought to herself.

But suddenly, she was teleported to Catlyn’s ship.

“What the… Kurama?” asked the wolf.

“Hi, Maller, I’m glad to see you,” said Kurama evilly.

Maller jumped at Kurama, but Kurama froze her.

“Now, a note,” said Kurama.

Back with Freeze and Quiver, Venoma was taking them near the cell they had escaped from earlier.

“We need to get our tails out of this ship. You have any ideas?” Freeze asked.

“Aye. If you’ve been around T-Bone and Razor as long as I have, you end up getting a few crazy ideas,” Quiver said, extending her claws, taking out a file, and starting to sharpen them.

“What makesss you think that nail dust will let me release you? Ssstupid feline,” Venoma said, tightening her grip around Quiver.

“It’s not the dust, viper, but rather how I shape my claws are. Here’s what you get when you mess with me, bitch!” Quiver growled, thrusting her claws deep into the coils holding onto her.

Venoma let out a loud scream of pain, releasing her grip on Freeze and Quiver.

“Come on! Let’s get out of here!” Freeze said, pulling on Quiver’s arm.

“Aye, just wait a moment, eh?” Quiver asked as she took something from her belt and threw a metal ball to the ground towards Venoma. The ball exploded and circled around Venoma. Both Quiver and Freeze covered their mouths and noses. When the smoke cleared, Venoma was lying on the ground. Quiver and Freeze breathed normally again and looked at her.

“Let’s just see how she feels when we put her in one of these things,” Quiver said as she dragged Venoma into a cell and locked it.

“OK, NOW can we get out of here?” Freeze asked.

“Aye, now we may.”

Meanwhile in MegaKat Park, Yasha was thinking about Kurama Yoko.

“I can’t believe he’s back,” Yasha thought to herself. Suddenly, she smelled somebody.

“Go way, Buster,” she said.

“How’d ya know it was me?” asked Buster.

“I feel your smell,” she said.

“I can’t believe it. You can be a she-kat, but your way is more like…”

“…like a wolf?”

“Yeah. By chance, were you nursed by wolves?”

“To tell the true, yes.”

“Look, I know you can’t trust us here, but who’s Kurama anyway?”

“Kurama is a demon-fox. I was his slave, but thanks to Maller, I’m not anymore.”

“And who’s Maller?”

“Maller is a goddess-wolf and my mother. She taught me how to speak to animals.”

“Cool. I always wanted to speak to animals.”

“And, you can do it. You just need to understand the animal and the animal will speak to you,” said Yasha when they saw something fly over them.

It was a bat robot and Buster threw his boomerang at the robot, causing it to fall to the ground.

“What is it?” asked Yasha.

“It’s some kinda message cube, I guess. It’s addressed to you,” said Buster, giving the cube to Yasha. Suddenly, an image of a fox appeared. It was Kurama Yoko.

Kurama told her that he captured Maller. And, if Yasha would not surrender now, she would not see Maller again.

“Oh, no, Maller,” Yasha said to herself.

“Look, girl, I know you want to save your friends and your wolf-mother, but you’ll need help,” said Buster.

“I hate to say it, but you’re right,” said Yasha, crying.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” said Buster while Yasha was crying on his shoulder.

“Oh, boy. Where’s Quiver when you need her?” Buster wondered to himself.

Back on the ship…

“I can’t take this crap anymore! Lemme off the damned ship!” Quiver yelled while robots were firing at her and Freeze.

“This hasn’t exactly been a dream vacation for me either!” Freeze said while putting her paws on her head.

Quiver stopped running, cracked her knuckles, and took out her throwing stars.

“Just because I’ve lost my powers doesn’t mean the ice stars haven’t lost their touch. Mega ice shard slash!” she yelled, throwing the stars at the robots. The stars trailed a ribbon of ice that circled around the robots. The stars crashed through the ice blocks, causing them to shatter. Quiver caught the stars as they returned to her. She and Freeze went over to the pile of ice and saw several robot pieces scattered about.

“Hmph. Bastards, even if they were robots,” Quiver said, hooking her stars to her belt.

“Yeah. We just need to find a way out of here now,” Freeze said.

“Ach, I’m sick of looking for doors. I’m making a door,” Quiver said, taking a star and pressing it against the wall. Then, ice spread out along the wall. Once that was done, Quiver kicked the wall, breaking through and making a large hole.

“Nice trick,” Freeze said.

“Trick? Nah, you’d have to be smart enough to come up with this kind of thing,” Quiver said. Then, she looked out of the hole and saw how high they were. “God, I hate heights,” she mumbled to herself as she stood within the hole she made.

“You’re a Swat Kat and you’re afraid of heights?” Freeze asked, somewhat surprised.

Quiver replaced her slightly afraid face for her usual tough she-kat look.

“I’m not afraid of anything! I just enjoy the ground more than I do the sky. Which is why I don’t spend my time in the TurboKat a lot. If you don’t have a parachute, just hang onto me. And, by chance do you have any idea how to get out of here?” asked Quiver.

“Hummm, I guess the weapons room of this ship has flying bikes. We can escape with the bikes,” said Freeze.

“Good, but how will we get in there? The ship’s a labyrinth.”

“I forgot to tell ya – I was a prisoner on a ship that looked like this, and I know we are above the weapons room.”

“Grand. We just need to go down.” Quiver took out a star and pressed it against the floor. Then, ice spread out along the floor. Once that was done, Quiver kicked the floor, breaking through and making a large hole.

Freeze and Quiver jumped into the hole and got in the weapons room.

Freeze got a lazer gun and pointed it at the ring on her neck and broke it.

Suddenly, one of Catlyn’s robots appeared.

“FREEZE!” said the robot.

“Nice idea,” said Freeze.

Freeze pointed a finger at the robot and, suddenly, the robot was frozen.

“Not bad,” said Quiver.

“Thanks. Take this gun, and point it at the ring on your neck. You will have your powers again,” said Freeze, handing her the gun.

When Quiver was getting the gun, Kurama appeared.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, ladies,” said Kurama.

“Ach, not you again,” said Quiver.

“I’ll make you shut up your mouth for a long time,” said Freeze.

Freeze was ready to attack Kurama but he suddenly threw some dust at Freeze and Quiver. Freeze had fallen to the floor, asleep. Quiver covered her mouth and nose and coughed. It was not helping. Her eyelids were getting heavy and she began to fall to her knees.

“Is this… ever… going to… end?” she asked tiredly, then collasped on the floor, asleep.

“The sleep dust always works,” said Kurama, laughing.

Meanwhile at the Hangar…

“What are you saying?! Is *that* your plan? Are you crazy?!” asked Jake.

“Hey, in my dimension, you’re my teacher. Buster and I will go to the ship with RoadFire,” said Yasha.

“All right, but why him and not the rest of us?” asked Chance.

“Because, you all know Buster is the only one who I can trust, anyone disaprove?!” asked Yasha in an angry voice.

Jake was about to speak up when Matrix spoke.

“Believe me, guys, I saw Yasha really angry once and I guess you don’t wanna see it either,” said Matrix.

“Well, are you ready, Boulder?” asked Yasha.

“Affirmative,” said Boulder, getting up on Roadfire while Yasha was using the emerald and the diamond as Silver Moon barked at her.

“Sorry, Silver Moon, you can’t go with us,” she said.

But, Silver Moon’s barking was leaving Sorceress a little confused.

“What did you say? You have powers?” asked Sorceress.

“Your wolf tells the truth. He has powers now. He gave Chance an electric shock a while ago,” said Ann, sitting slowly but surely in the nearest chair.

“But, how…”

“He drank one Quiver’s potions. Now, he has electric attacks,” said Jake.

“Really? Does he has other difference type of attacks?” asked Sorceress.

“Not for awhile and…” But, suddenly, on Silver Moon’s back, a pair of wings appeared and he began to fly.

“Hey, pink hair, he can fly and he has electric powers. I think he can be useful in the fight,” said Boulder.

“OK, but you need to be careful. Understand, Silver Moon?” Sorceress asked. The wolf cub licked Sorceress’ face.

“All right. Let’s do it,” said Boulder.

Meanwhile on the ship…

“That female Swat Kat with the Scottish tongue is brisk, like ex-captain Adora. Maybe she can be an excellent warrior for the Horde,” said Catlyn as she looked at Quiver and Freeze tied to chairs and still asleep.

“Yes, and it took her longer for her to fall under the sleep dust than it did for the other one. You can do whatever you wish with *these* Swat Kats. I just want the pink haired one,” said Kurama.

“And, may I ask why you are so interested in that kat?” asked Catlyn.

“Because in the dark world, I did a great negotiation with a demon in Rank S,” said Kurama.

“And what’s your Rank?” asked Catlyn.

“My rank is A,” said Kurama.

“Very interesting,” said another voice.

They saw two figures. They were Hordark and Shadow Weaver.

“Lord Hordark, it’s good to see you again,” said Catlyn.

“I see you did get the last snow cat-woman of Etheria,” said Hordark.

“And who is that other cat-woman?” asked Shadow Weaver.

“It’s a Swat Kat of this dimension. I have a nice idea, my lord. Why we don’t transform them into Horde’s warriors? You know, Hordark, the snow cat has mighty frozen powers and that other one is a fine and clever warrior,” said Catlyn.

“The idea is not bad, Catlyn. Shadow Weaver, you know what need you to do,” said Hordark.

“Yes, my lord,” said Shadow Weaver. Shadow Weaver went over to Freeze and Quiver when she noticed something was not right.

“The Swat Kat’s ropes are lose,” she said. She went to inspect the ropes when she felt something stomp on her foot. She screamed, then Quiver jumped over her head and out of the room.

“Clever indeed. Get after her!” Catlyn ordered her robots.

Quiver panted as she ducked the lasers shooting over her head. She unhooked her ice stars, then threw them. Far ahead, the stars created a thick sheet of ice on the floor.

“Time to show off again, Quiver,” Quiver said to herself, pushing a button on her boots. Suddenly, skating blades appeared on the sole of her boots. She skated over the ice as the robots slipped and fell. She looked back at them, grinned, and caught her stars as they returned to her.

“Chill out, boys.” When she reached the end of the ice, she stopped, pushed a button on her boots again, lost the skating blades, and walked off the ice.

“Now, that I got that done, I better find that door so I can get some back-up and save the others. Getting this flea collar off would be nice, too,” she said to herself.

She took a step forward, then saw Shadow Weaver ahead of her.

“Not you again.” Shadow Weaver’s eyes glowed a bright yellow. Quiver looked away, then backed up into the robots again, who grabbed onto her.

“Why fight it, Swat Kat? You were on the side of evil several times. I would think you would stay with the feeling,” Shadow Weaver said, raising her face up to hers.

“Call it a change of heart, bitch,” Quiver said, sneering. Shadow Weaver slapped her hard in the face. Quiver took it, let out no cry of pain. She just looked at her with such anger.

“You can even withstand pain. You’re going to make a fine warrior for the Horde,” Shadow Weaver said, forcing Quiver’s eyes to look into her glowing bright yellow eyes. Quiver fought to keep her eyes open when her eyes were getting heavy. Then, she passed out again.

Back in the hangar…

The clock on the wall ticked loudly in the hangar while the group was sitting and tapping their claws along with the ticking.

“This is stupid! We should be going up to that ship and getting Quiver out!” Jake finally said, slamming his fist on the arm of his chair.

“Yasha doesn’t trust the rest of us, Jake. And, she doesn’t seem too thrilled about us coming along. She and Buster must know something we don’t,” Ann said, slumping in her chair and rubbing her large stomach.

“Boulder’s trained to handle the situation. He’ll take care of himself and Yasha,” Chance said, turning his hat around, pulling the flap over his eyes, and slumping in his chair like he was ready to take a nap.

“That’s what you said about Quiver and she’s been up there all night. And, she’s perfectly trained herself! Damn it, Chance! Get off your tail, get in your suit, and fly us up there so we can save them!” Tigera said, grabbing Chance by his shirt, knocking his hat off his head and bringing him up to her face.

“Tiger means business,” Ann said, looking at the scene wide-eyed.

“Damn it, Chance, that’s your *sister* up there! Are you gonna lose her again or are we going up there and save her?!” Tigera asked, shaking Chance a bit.

“Personally, I have to agree with her. Are gonna keep the bench warm or are we gonna kick some tails?” Jake asked.

Chance pried Tigera’s claws off his shirt and went for his locker. Then, he tossed out their helmets. They caught them.

“I’ll let Yasha whip you when she finds us. Suit up, Kats,” Chance finally said, grinning.

“Hey, will you all let me go?” asked Matrix.

“Hey we forgot him,” said Shera when she suited up.

“All right, you can go with us on one condition: Tell us more about that Yasha,” said Razor.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve known her just a week. All can I say is she was nursed by wolves, she’s Ashura’s only daughter and she hates demons very much for some reason,” said Matrix.

“I don’t know why, but I felt she has something that she herself doesn’t know. Shera, it’s better if you stay here,” said Venus.

“No way! I don’t wanna stay here alone,” said Shera.

“No problem. Matrix can stay here with you while we save Quiver and anybody else we happen to find,” said Venus.

“But… but…”

“See you later,” said T-Bone as he disappeared with Razor and Venus.

“When my kitten’s born, I’ll show you,” said Shera.

“I hope your child doesn’t take your way,” Matrix mumbled to himself.

“What did you say?!” yelled Shera.

“Nothing. How about I tell ya about She-Ra and He-Man?” asked Matrix.

Meanwhile, on the ship…

“Wow, you’re right, Sorceress. You really have a 6th sense,” said Boulder.

“Thanks. Now, search for my friends and your’s with Roadfire and Silver Moon. I’ll find Kurama,” said Sorceress.

“All right, and good luck, Pink hair,” said Boulder, going one way and Sorceress another.

When Boulder was walking with Silver Moon and Roadfire, his Swat Kat team appeared.

“What are you doing here, guys?” asked Boulder.

“The same reason you’re here, Boulder. We came to save Quiver, too,” said Razor.

“Where’s Shera and Matrix?” asked Roadfire.

“They’re in the hangar. Where’s that rebel kat?” asked Venus.

“She went that way and…” But, Venus quickly went down Sorceress’ way.

“I better go with her before that rebel does something to her again,” said T-Bone, going after Venus.

When Razor and Boulder looked back, they saw three corridors.

“Well, you choose, Boulder,” said Razor.

“Me? Hmm… My mother told me to choose the very best one….” Then, Boulder looked at Silver Moon.

“All right, Silver, smell find the right way,” said Boulder.

The little wolf smelled the three corridors and came back to the second.

“All right, let’s go,” said Razor.

Meanwhile, Sorceress was almost ready to head down a new hallway when T-Bone and Venus appeared.

“What you doing here?” she asked.

“We came to save our teammate,” said Venus.

“Just one thing: Get out of my way, OK?”

“Can you stop, please?” asked T-Bone when Sorceress felt Freeze’s smell .

“I feel the Freeze’s smell, that way,” said Sorceress, pointing at a corridor.

“How do you know that it’s this way?” asked Venus.

“You’re so stupid. Haven’t you ever trusted your nose before?”

“My nose? What do you mean?” asked Venus.

“Venus, you forget she was nursed by wolves? She has a wolf spirit,” said T-Bone while Sorceress was walking to the corridor.

“Hey, wait for us,” said T-Bone.

Meanwhile, Boulder and Razor found Kat-Zer and released him.

“Thanks, you guys. Now, we need find Razor, Thunderbolt, Callie, and Freeze,” Kat-Zer said.

“Who’s that wolf?” asked Razor looking to the frozen wolf.

“I guess it’s Maller. Yasha told me about her,” said Kat-Zer.

“Yasha told me about her, too. How will we free her?” asked Boulder.

“Well, Roadfire, this looks like your department,” said Kat-Zer. Roadfire kicked the ice and broke it.

“What happened? Where’s Kurama and that other one?” asked Maller.

“Calm down, Maller. Are you OK?” asked Kat-Zer.

“Hey, are you not the kat who Ashura transformed into a demon and killed many kats?” asked Maller.

“What’s she talking about?” asked Boulder.

“Well… I’ll tell ya later. Now ,we need find my friends, OK?” asked Kat-Zer.

Back in the control room…

“Well, what’s your name?” asked Shadow Weaver.

“I am Katarina, warrior of the Horde,” Quiver said.

“Nice work, Shadow Weaver. Now it’s the princess’ turn,” said Hordark.

“I did that when we captured her for first time in Etheria and it didn’t work,” said Shadow Weaver.

“What do you mean?” asked Hordark.

“The black magic won’t work on a snow kat,” said Yan, waking up.

“Princess Yan, it’s good to see you again,” said Hordark, removing her mask.

“I can’t say the same for you, Hordark,” said Yan with a cold eye.

“Well, we can’t make you a warrior of the Horde, but we can make you cry for the diamond tears,” said Hordark.

“Catlyn, let’s go to Etheria,” said Shadow Weaver.

“Hmm… we can’t. The snow cat’s friend got the dimension battery – we can’t go to Etheria,” said Catlyn.

“Not a problem. I can to go to Etheria with my black magic,” said Shadow Weaver.

“I won’t let you do that,” said Sorceress.

“Well, well, well, look who’s here,” said Kurama.

“Quiver! Sis, are you OK?” asked T-Bone, but Quiver didn’t reply.

“Get out of here! She’s under Shadow Wearver’s control!” yelled Yan.

“What?!” asked T-Bone, Venus, and Sorceress.

Shadow Weaver sent Quiver to attack while she was doing a spell.

“By the powers of the dark spirits, send us to Etheria!” said Shadow Weaver.


“It’s about time,” said Razor, getting out of the cell.

“Sorry for the delay, pals,” said Kat-Zer, removing the ring from Thunderbolt’s neck.

“All right, can someone tell me what’s going on?” asked Callie.

“It’s a long story, Callie,” said Roadfire.

“I feel something’s wrong here,” said Thunderbolt.

“What is it now?” asked Boulder.

Then, Thunderbolt looked out the window:

“I can’t believe it! We’re in Etheria!” yelled Thunderbolt in panic.

To Be Continued…

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