Original SWAT Kats Story

Quiver’s Aim

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 8,580 Words

After Quiver thinks it’s her fault that Razor got injured by her weapons and Callie got shot, she disappears and later discovers that she was set up by Turmoil and Jettona.

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In a woman’s prison, Turmoil threw a dart to the wall. There, she hit a picture of the Swat Kats. She hit the part of the picture of a jet that stood behind them. “Damn it,” she said to herself.

“You’re not the only one who’s had her mind on killing the Swat Kats, Turmoil,” the kat in the next cell said.

“If only we could exterminate them for good,” Turmoil said.

“But that would prove impossible. I heard T-Bone and Razor have three new ones now.”

“And where did you hear this, Jettona?”

“Word has gotten around, Turmoil. I’ve got the most marvelous idea. How about we team up and destroy them? You could have T-Bone, and I could have Razor.” Turmoil rubbed her chin.

“Sounds good. But what about the other three? And how are we going to get out of here?”

“We’ll be getting out of here in about 3… 2… 1.” Then a loud explosion came from outside Jettona’s window.

“Ah. Here’s our ticket outta here, Turmoil. And I also took the liberty of freeing your crew,” Jettona said as several women stepped in front of Turmoil’s window.

“I think you better stand away from these windows, Ladies,” one of the women said, lighting a stick of dynamite and putting it against between both cells. Turmoil and Jettona stepped away as the dynamite exploded. The prison alarm blared as they escaped from their cells. Two prison guards came out and started firing their guns. But the prisoners had already rose into the air in a giant air fortress. Turmoil got out of her prison uniform and into a pink suit and black cape.

“Ah, that’s much better. Now, what are we going to do about those extra Swat Kats?”

“Oh, don’t worry about them. If we play the cards right, they’ll take care of themselves,” Jettona said, sharpening her claws with a nail file. Both villains laughed as they thought up a plan to rid themselves of the Swat Kats.

Chapter 1:

“He-yah!” Quiver shouted as she tossed some stars a wall. They bounced off and were flying towards a target. She missed the bull’s-eye and hit the second and third rings. Quiver growled as she pulled the stars out of the target.

“So much for a sure shot,” she said to herself.

“Don’t worry, Quiv. There’s gotta be something you’re good at,” Razor said, patting her shoulder.

“When I was Dulcea, I could do plenty. But as *Quiver*, I can’t do anything. I’m worthless.”

“Don’t say that. You’re *not* worthless. You’ve saved my tail plenty of times.”

“No, *Dulcea* saved your tail plenty of times. *I* haven’t,” Quiv said, crossing her arms. Razor shook his head and sighed.

“That was *you* in that suit, in case you’ve forgotten.” Quiv walked over to her locker and opened it up. Inside was a ninja uniform.

“Then maybe I should keep the suit on and tell Boulder and Shera I died.” Razor thought it was a joke, but the look on her face told him that she was serious. *Dead* serious. Then the alarm started buzzing.

“T-Bone was right. It isn’t as loud after a few months,” Quiv said as she pushed a red button on the wall radio.

“Aye, Ms. Briggs?”

“Quiver, there are some masked kats attacking Pumadyne! You better get down there!” Deputy Mayor Briggs said.

“Roger that. We’re on our way!” Then she pushed the button again.

“Do you know where our partners are?”

“Yeah, I think Chance is handling a customer upstairs in the garage. And Buster and Ann are working with the news. We’re on our own, Quiv,” Razor said, opening a door. Inside were two jets. One was a shining new jet with three seats inside called the TurboKat II. The other was the orginal TurboKat. Razor jumped into it.

“Are you sure you know how to fly this thing, Razor?” Quiv asked as she jumped into the seat behind Razor.

“Relax, I flew it last year against a giant Godzilla-sized monster named Dr. Viper. I know how to fly it.” Razor flipped some switches and pushed some buttons.

“OK, but if we find any of these… God-zil-las, I’m outta here,” Quiv said as they entered the sky. Meanwhile at Pumadyne, a group of ninjas were holding a pack of Pumadyne scientists hostage.

“You think this will bring the Kats here?” one of the ninjas asked.

“If they care for their citizens, they’ll be here,” another replied.

“He-yah!” a voice shouted. Then a smoke bomb exploded and the room filled with some.

“Here’s a few of them now,” the ninja said. While inside the smoke, Razor and Quiv moved the Pumadyne scientists out of the building. When the smoke cleared, the band of ninjas was facing two of the Swat Kats.

“Well, well. Swat Kat infestation. Get them!” one of the ninjas said as the other ninjas charged. The two Swat Kats did back flips to get away from the ninjas.

“As T-Bone would say, let’s kick some ninja tail!” Razor took out his whip and cracked it.

“Supreme thunder, crash!” A flash of lighting struck half of the ninjas. “Nice shot, Sure Shot,” Quiv said. She took out her stars and threw them. They passed two of the ninjas. The stars hit the steel vault on the other side of the room. One stuck to the side of the vault door. The other three bounced off and hit Razor in the back, left leg, and right arm. He screamed and fell to the floor.

“Razor!” Quiv gasped.

“Love to stay, Quiver. But we gotta make like ninjas, and vanish!” One of the ninjas threw a smoke bomb to the ground, filling the room with smoke. When the smoke cleared, the ninjas were gone.

“The damn bitch!” Quiv cursed. Then the Enforcers appeared, guns ready to fire.

“Put those away. I’m on your side,” Quiv said.

“Who are you?” a tall, dark kat asked.

“Name’s Quiver. And you must be Comm. Feral.”

“What’s just happened?” Feral asked. “Well, Razor and I came here to stop a group of ninjas and save a few Pumadyne scientists. They’re safe, the ninjas escaped, and Razor isn’t looking too good. Anything else, Commander?”

“No, Swat Kat. I’m just surprised that you haven’t caused any damage. Let’s go, men.” And Feral and the Enforcers walked away. Quiv looked at Razor’s body and tried to get him back to his feet. But Razor had passed out.

“Great. I guess I’ll drive the Cyclotron and tow the TurboKat with it.”

Chapter 2:

Back at the hangar in the first-aid room, Razor was in bed while Quiv was cleaning his wounds.

“Looks like the star went all the way to the bone into your arm, Razor. It might be broken. I’m sorry, I never should’ve tried that move again. I can’t do it,” she said, wanting to cry.

“Don’t torture yourself like this, Quiv. I’m usually alert and look what happened,” Razor said as Quiv wrapped his arm in a bandage.

“Well, it was *my* stars! It’s my fault. Dulcea was never this unlucky. Now I know why my panther name is the Black Cat.” She got up from her chair and walked away. She passed T-Bone on the way over. T-Bone looked back at her as she began to cry.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asked, sitting next to Razor.

“She thinks it’s her fault that I got hurt. It was an accident. She was trying to do that new move I was teaching her. The stars bounced off the safe and hit me in the leg, arm, and back. And I think one of the stars broke a bone,” Razor said, trying to sit up. But the pain in his back forced him to lie back down.

“Well, you’ll be out of action for awhile. As for Quiver…” T-Bone said, getting out of his chair. Razor grabbed his arm.

“Don’t yell at her, T-Bone. She didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Relax, bro. I just wanna talk to her. Maybe I can cheer her up.” Razor let go of his arm and T-Bone walked out of the first-aid room. He found Quiv starring into her locker. She pulled out a sleeve and rubbed it through her fingers.

“Quiver…” T-Bone started. Startled, Quiv released the sleeve, shut her locker, and turned to him.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him, T-Bone,” Quiv said.

“I know you didn’t, sis. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. It could’ve happened to anybody. Even Razor has bad aim ev’ry so often.”

“Rarely. Even Dulcea can do better than me. Maybe I should just be her 24 hours a day. I can’t do anything right.” Quiv took off her mask and wiped her eyes. She started to walk away, then she stopped.

“And to think, I used to love watching people suffer.” Then she walked away. T-Bone sighed and shook his head. The next day, Kat was in the kitchen drinking some milk. Buster sat next to her. He was wearing a green sweatshirt, gold sweatpants, a red backwards baseball cap, and sunglasses.

“So how’s Jake?” she asked.

Buster took off his sunglasses and replied, “Well, he’s fellin’ better in the leg and back, but hes certain that the bone in his arm is broke. The pain’s still bad. Chance said he’ll be out of action for at least three weeks.” Kat sighed.

“He told me what happened. You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. It was just bad aim.”

“Yeah, I’m sure, Buster. I just hope Callie doesn’t call anytime soon,” Kat said, digging her claws into the table.

“Sorry to interrupt your conversation, guys. But Callie just called,” Chance said, sticking his head out from the hangar entrance. Buster and Kat looked at each other.

“Damn, that Briggs. Can’t she handle *anything* by herself?” Kat asked herself.

“Come on, guys! We gotta get over to the Museum of Natural History,” Chance called.

“Let’s roll!” Buster said, heading down the hangar. Kat followed behind.

“Why can’t Dr. Sinian handle anything herself?” Meanwhile at the museum, the ninjas from the other night were stealing a book.

“What’s the point of stealing this book?” one of the ninjas asked.

“No point, really. We just need to lure the Swat Kats over here,” another ninja said. Then a boomerang knocked the book out of her paws.

“What the–?” Boulder caught the boomerang as it returned to him. T-Bone and Quiver were standing next to him.

“Well, well. Look who is back for a second round.” Quiver hissed and bared her teeth.

“Let’s kick some tail!” T-Bone said, taking out his sword. They charged at the ninjas and began fighting. Quiver was about to take out her stars when she remembered what happened the last time. Instead, she removed the sword from her necklace. The sword grew into a giant sword. She used it to fight the ninja with the ginzu sword. A ninja behind Quiver took out a gun. She fired just as Quiver knocked over the ninja she was fighting. Callie Briggs was just coming into the room when the gun was fired. The bullet shot her in the stomach. The Swat Kats stopped when she fell to the ground.

“Ms. Briggs!” T-Bone shouted. The ninjas disappeared with the book when the Kats’ eyes were on the Deputy Mayor’s body.

“I did it again. I moved just as the gun was fired,” Quiver said.

“Quiver…” T-Bone started.

“Actually, T-Bone, she *was* in that spot when the gun was fired,” Boulder said.

“Shut up, Boulder. Don’t make her feel any more miserable. We gotta get Callie to the hospital!” T-Bone carried Callie in his arms and rushed to the TurboKat. They arrived at MegaKat Memorial Hospital a few minutes later. There were paramedics outside, having their break. T-Bone landed the TurboKat II and jumped out with Callie in his arms.

“The Deputy Mayor’s been shot. She needs help, fast!” he said, giving the body to the paramedics. They instantly ran into the hospital with her. T-Bone wiped the blood off his hands on a clean piece of clothe. T-Bone jumped back into the TurboKat II. The three Swat Kats were silent the whole way back to the hangar. Quiver jumped out of the jet first. Shera came to her.

“Is everything OK?” she asked. Quiver didn’t answer. She just passed her with a sob and headed for her locker. Shera turned to T-Bone and Boulder, who both had sad looks on their faces.

“What happened?”

“Callie got shot,” Boulder said. Shera gasped.

“A ninja aimed the gun at Quiver, but she moved just as the gun was fired. The bullet hit Callie instead. After what Quiver went through last night, I think she’s really gonna be hard on herself now,” T-Bone said. Later, he told Razor the story.

“Man, that’s the second time this week. She’s gotta be crushed,” Razor said.

“You don’t know the half of it, bro. As hard as I’ve tried, I just can’t get her to feel better.”

“She’ll be OK in time, T-Bone. It’s just like the time Dark Kat shattered my self-confidence.”

“Yeah, but it still bothers you quite a bit. What if she doesn’t get over it?”

“Let’s not talk about that, right now. Wait. What’s that noise?” T-Bone perked his ears up. It sounded like a motorcycle’s engine revving. T-Bone left the first-aid room and saw Quiver riding off on the Cyclotron. Buster walked over to him.

“Should we follow her?” he asked.

“She just needs some time alone, Buster. She’ll come back when she’s ready.”

“How long will that take?”

“I wish I knew.”

Chapter 3:

At the hospital, Callie was still unconscious. Quiver opened a window and climbed inside. She looked at Callie with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry, Callie. I never should’ve moved. It’s all my fault.”

“Don’t blame yourself. She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” a gentle voice said. Quiver turned her head to see a she-kat Enforcer.

“I should know who you are. Are you Felina Feral?” Quiver asked.

“*Lt.* Felina Feral. And you must be Quiver,” the Enforcer said. Quiver nodded.

“Who knows if it was bad luck or bad aim? It was *my* stars that hurt Razor. And I moved when Briggs came into the building. Oh, Lt., how can I live with myself now?”

“Well, the good news is the Deputy Mayor will be all right. She’ll just be on crutches when she gets out for about a week or two.”

“Still, I’m dangerous. I think I should just disappear for awhile.” Then she walked over to the window and climbed out.

“Quiver, what about T-Bone? What about Razor?” Felina called out.

“Razor is out of action for awhile and T-Bone can take care of himself,” Quiver called back. She climbed down the fire escape and got onto the Cyclotron. She revved the engines and rode away. Three days later, T-Bone was in the TurboKat, looking for Quiver.

“T-Bone, I thought you were going to give Quiver some time to herself for awhile,” Shera said over the radio.

“She’s been gone for three days. If that isn’t enough time, I don’t know what is,” T-Bone said into the intercom. Then an arrow struck the side of the TurboKat. But T-Bone hadn’t noticed. A few hours later, he returned to the hangar. Boulder and Shera both stood in front of the TurboKat, waiting for T-Bone to jump out. T-Bone jumped out and shook his head.

“I can’t find her anywhere. It’s like she disappeared off the face of the whole planet,” he shrugged. Then something on the TurboKat caught Shera’s eye.

“Hey, what’s this?” she asked, pulling the arrow off the side of the jet.

“Where’d that come from?” Boulder asked. Shera pulled off the piece of paper that was attached to it. She unfolded it.

“It’s from the ninjas. They want us to meet at the old clock tower in the graveyard tonight at 8:00. They want all four of us to come, including Razor. Apparently, they know Quiver disappeared on us,” Shera said.

“But Razor’s in no condition to fight,” Boulder said. Then they saw Razor, standing in between the doorway of the first-aid room with his right arm in a sling and a crutch under his left arm.

“I’ll be fine, Boulder. They apparently want me for some reason. They want me, they can have me,” he said. He walked over to the group. He took the letter from Shera and read it.

“Maybe they know where Quiv is. They might have kat-napped her.”

“Maybe, but Boulder, Shera, and I are going to find her. You’re staying here until you’re healed up,” T-Bone said, snatching the letter from Razor.

“The hell, I am. I’m going, like it or not.”

“Mangy alley kat. If he wasn’t already injured, I’d hurt him,” T-Bone said, crossing his arms. Razor walked back to the first-aid room and returned with four stars.

“Maybe Quiv will want these. Hey, wait a minute.” Razor looked at three of the stars. Then he looked at the fourth star.

“These aren’t Quiver’s.”

“What are you talkin’ about, Razor?” T-Bone asked.

“What’s the difference between these two stars?” He handed T-Bone two of the stars. He looked at both stars. One had a star in the center and the other did not.

“Well, this one has the symbol of the Star Weapons. And this one doesn’t.”

“Exactly! And that star is the only one that missed me. I can tell by the bloodstains on the other three. If my hunch is right, I’d say Quiver was framed by those ninjas.” Boulder took the extra stars from Razor and looked at them.

“How would these be any different from the Star Weapons?” he asked. Razor took the stars from Boulder.

“Watch. First, take cover.” The Kats moved the steel table and placed it down on its side. They all hid behind it. Razor joined them.

“OK, Kats. Hit the deck!” He threw the stars. One of them hit the wall. The other three bounced off the wall and headed straight toward the Kats. The stars hit the table and got stuck. Shera peered out from behind the table and looked at the stars.

“Whoa. If this table wasn’t here…”

“Aha! I knew it. They’re heat seekers! The ninja Quiv was fighting with must’ve switched her stars with these. Apparently, she missed that one,” Razor said, pulling the stars out of the table.

“Well, what are we gonna do? We don’t know where Quiv could be. And her communicator’s busted,” Boulder said.

“But the Cyclotron’s communicator is still operational. We’ll look for her later. Right now, we got an appointment.” Chapter 4:

Down by the docks, Quiver walked past all of the crates and fisher-kats’ nets.

“The boys were better off without me. I think after I say good bye to them, I’ll go back to the Dark Ages,” she said to herself. Suddenly, someone grabbed her neck. The stranger wrapped his claws around her neck. Gasping for air, Quiver threw the stranger over her shoulder. She felt her neck for blood when the stranger returned to his feet. She then discovered that her intruder was one of the ninjas.

“You! What are you doing here?”

“Just doing my job, honey. And that would be, destroying you!”

“Not so fast, buddy!” a voice said. Quiver and the ninja turned their heads to see Lt. Felina Feral.

“Lt., what are you doing here?” Quiver asked.

“I was in the neighborhood and I saw you and this guy fighting. Thought I could lend a hand,” Felina replied.

“She’s gonna need it after I get through with her!” the ninja said, pushing Quiver into the water. Quiver landed in the water with a big splash.

“Come on in, darling! The water’s fine!” she growled, grabbing the ninja’s leg and pulling him into the water with her. They started fighting in the water and brought it down under the water. Felina watched the bubbles shoot up to the surface. Suddenly, the bubbles stopped forming.

“Quiver!” A few seconds later, Quiver shot up to the surface, gasping deeply. In her arms was the ninja. She swam up to the deck and Felina helped her up. Quiver panted as she was brought back onto the dock. Then she rung out her hair.

“Are you all right?” Felina asked.

“Sure. That swim was refreshing. Cough. Was it good for you?” Quiver asked the ninja. The ninja coughed as a reply.

“All right, buddy. Who are you working for?” Felina asked.

“What if I don’t tell you?” the ninja asked.

“Eight reasons…” Quiver said, extending her razor-shape claws.

“And here they all are.” The ninja gulped and answered.

“All right, all right! Though being a new Swat Kat, you wouldn’t know them. They’re called Turmoil and Jettona.”

“Turmoil?!” Felina shouted.

“Jettona?!” Quiver shouted. Felina and Quiver both starred at each other.

“I should know who Turmoil is, but could you refresh my memory, Lt.?” Quiver asked. (Author’s note: they’re going into a flashback. So don’t picture Felina and Quiver standing together while Felina’s telling the story. Try picturing scenes from “Cry Turmoil” if you’ve ever seen it.)

“Well, first of all, her real name is Charista Donavichnetz. She’s a pilot, crime boss, drug dealer, black market, and weapons dealer. She wanted two million dollars in gold last year. She had a vertigo beam that made other pilots dizzy and lose control of their jets. T-Bone out-flew it and her jets, of course.”

“Of course,” Quiver said.

“Anyway, Turmoil was impressed and kat-napped him. Before he got aboard, T-Bone ejected Razor out of the jet. When T-Bone was inside, he planted bombs all over her ship while she was giving him the tour. Luckily, Razor was still loose. He came onto Turmoil’s air ship and ran into some of the guards. When Turmoil found out that T-Bone saved his partner, he had to prove himself loyal by killing him.”

“What did he do?”

“Well, when they found Razor, T-Bone pretended that he really turned evil. Of course, Razor was certain that his best friend turned on him. He was about to be thrown off the air ship when T-Bone stepped up to him. He unlocked the cuffs they put on him and kicked him off. Razor took off the cuffs and fired his grappling hook and returned to the air ship. He and T-Bone escaped in the TurboKat with Turmoil’s pilots after them. That was when T-Bone set off the bombs he planted. The air ship crashed into the sea, and Turmoil was captured.” (Author’s note: flashback’s over. We now return you to our story.)

“Quiver, you gotta take care of Turmoil and Jettona,” Felina said.

“But I can’t. You know what happened the last two times. I can’t risk it,” Quiver shook her head.

“Quiver! Do you read me? Come in! This is your brother calling!” a voice said over the radio in the Cyclotron. Quiver rushed to the Cyclotron and pushed a button.

“T-Bone, I’m here! I found out who the ninjas are working for!”

“Quiver! Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you for three days! We thought you were kat-napped!”

“I-I’m fine, but never mind that! You’re in danger! Where are you?”

“The Kats and I are at the graveyard. We got a message from them saying they want to meet us here.”

“The graveyard? T-Bone, you guys gotta get out of there! It’s a trap!” Just then, she heard Razor shouting.

“What is Razor doing there?! Boys!”

“Quiver!” The rest was static. Quiver’s eyes glowed red as she looked at the ninja.

“If anything has happened to my boys, it will be your neck!”

“Turmoil and Jettona will make short work of them. You can’t save them.”

“You know what they say, Quiver: third time’s a charm. You better go rescue them,” Felina said. They watched a giant air ship head in the direction of the graveyard.

“It won’t be me performing the charm, Lt. If Jettona’s back, I think she should see an old enemy.” The Swat Kats slowly regain conciseness. T-Bone shook his head to clear it.

“Damn! Did anyone catch the number of that bus?”

“Aah! My arm’s killing me. Maybe I should’ve stayed home after all,” Razor said, gripping his arm.

“Ah, but if you stayed home, you would’ve missed all the fun,” a voice said. The Kats all looked up to see two ninjas in front of them.

“You know, somehow, I think I recognize this headache. But from when?” T-Bone asked himself. One of the ninjas removed her mask and smiled.


“Hello, T-Bone. It’s seems like a dog’s age since we last met,” Turmoil said, rubbing T-Bone’s cheek. T-Bone eyes instantly glowed red. Turmoil drew her paw back.

“When did he pick up *that* trick? Oh, no matter. We have him and his three best friends, minus the sister, of course.”

“You set her up!” T-Bone growled.

“Of course. We figured that since she cares for her friends so much, she would believe that if any of them were injured by one of her own weapons…” a ninja said, heading for Razor. She took his right arm and twisted it. He screamed and nearly blacked out. T-Bone growled and bared his teeth.

“She would think it was her fault. Apparently, our theory was correct.”

“Why?” Razor asked, gripping his arm.

“Then we would have less trouble,” Turmoil replied.

“By the way, Turmoil, who’s your friend?” Razor asked. The other ninja removed her mask and her long golden blonde hair flowed out.

“Jettona! T-Bone, we’re in trouble.”

“All right, Ladies. What did you want with that spell book you stole a few days ago?” Boulder asked.

“Oh, nothing, really. We just wanted you to come. Oh, by the way, when your Deputy Mayor got shot, did she pass out right away, or did she gasp and gurgle?” Jettona cackled. Razor got to his feet. The pain in his leg caused him to fall to his knees.

“Daughter of a bitch! Wait till I get my claws on your face!” Jettona continued to cackle. Then she grabbed his shirt collar.

“Don’t you remember what happened the last you said that to me? I gave you that scar underneath that patch of fur.”

“Yeah, and I wanna return it!” Razor extended his claws and almost scratched her cheek.

“Orphan brat!” Jettona raised her claw close to his neck.

“Say good-bye to your ‘little brother’, T-Bone!”

“Jettona, wait! I don’t want to kill them yet,” Turmoil said, grabbing Jettona’s wrist before she brought it to Razor’s neck. She then turned to T-Bone.

“T-Bone, I’m in a generous mood today. I’ll let your Swat Kats go if you surrender. Otherwise…” She pushed a button on the panel and a trapdoor opened.

“They’ll make quite an ugly stain on the street. You already lost your baby sister. Do you want to lose the best friends you’ve ever had?”

“You’re bluffing, Turmoil,” T-Bone said, crossing his arms.

“I don’t bluff. Jettona?” Jettona took Razor over to the hole and held him over it.

“You have no idea how much joy this brings me.” She released his collar one finger at a time.

“And you have no idea how much pain this will bring me. Yike!” She released him. He started to fall to the street.

“No! All right, Turmoil. You win,” T-Bone sighed. Turmoil smiled. She then pushed another button on the panel. From underneath the air ship, a grappling hook was fired and grabbed Razor before he hit the side of a building. Even though Razor was safe, T-Bone lowered his eyes. Two of Turmoil’s pilots grabbed both his arms and put them behind his back. They took some rope and tied up his paws.

“Turmoil, you mean you’re going to let the other Swat Kats go?!” Jettona growled.

“The other Swat Kats mean nothing to me. All I want is T-Bone.” You can *have* T-Bone. All I want is to finish what I started with Razor, Jettona thought.

“Jettona, take the other Swat Kats to the TurboKat. And make sure you let them go unharmed.”

“Gee, Turmoil. Sounds like you’re going soft on the heroes. Otherwise, you’d ask me to kill them,” Jettona said, leading the Swat Kats out.

“A deal’s a deal, Jettona. Now, make sure they get going fast.” Jettona smiled and left. Out on the launch pad, Jettona took out a gun and shot something at the Kats.

“Hey! What was that?” Boulder asked.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just an energy gun. I just took away half of the powers you’ve been given from those weapons. And the same amount of strength. Girls!” Three of the pilots grabbed the Swat Kats’ backpacks and threw them aside. Then they grabbed the Kats and held them over the edge of the building.

“Hey! Turmoil told you to let us go!” Shera said.

“That’s just what I’m going to do. Now, Razor. Join your mother in death!” Then the pilots let them go.

“Not again!” They screamed as they fell through the air, nearing the streets.

Chapter 5:

T-Bone looked out the window as two of the pilots were leading him away. He caught a glimpse at three object. He recognized them right away.

“Donovichnetz!” he growled. Turmoil looked out the window to discover what had him upset.

“I thought we had a deal!” T-Bone’s eyes started glowing again.

“T-Bone, I told Jettona to let those three go off in the TurboKat,” Turmoil said. The pilots tried to hold T-Bone back, but he fought himself lose.

“Tell it to the Judge, beautiful.”

“Ha! How can you attack me when your paws are bound?” Suddenly, Turmoil fell to the ground.

“Wow, I didn’t even do anything to her!” T-Bone said to himself. He looked up to see Jettona holding a gun.

“Jettona, what are you doing?!” Turmoil shouted.

“You told me we could have Razor! But you only took T-Bone! It’s time to end our little partnership!” Then Turmoil’s Lt. came into the room.

“Turmoil, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Jettona is the problem! Get her!”

“No, let *me* get her!” Jettona said, shooting the gun at the Lt. She fell to her knees.

“Why do I feel so weak?” she asked herself.

“It’s the energy gun we stole from Pumadyne! She’s using it against us!” Turmoil shouted.

“Normally, I wouldn’t say this to the enemy, but let’s get moving before we get our tails blown off!” T-Bone said as he started running. Jettona fired her gun, but T-Bone jumped out of the way. Turmoil and the Lt. followed him. Jettona put a disgusted look on her face. “I do *not* have time for this. I have a city to conquer.” Then she started walking in the direction where they ran off. Back with the falling Swat Kats, they were only a few hundred more feet from hitting the top of a building.

“Hold on, guys. This is it!” Shera said, covering her eyes. Then, they stopped in mid-air.

“What the hell–?” Razor asked, looking up. He saw a female in a black uniform, a jetpack, and a mask with eyeholes and a mouth hole holding onto their belts.

“Good thing I was in the neighborhood. Right, Razor?” she asked.

“Dulcea! Boy, am I glad to see you,” Razor smiled.

“Uh, I don’t mean to interrupt, but can we continue this conversation on the ground or something?” Boulder asked as Dulcea continued to hold him by his belt. Dulcea chuckled and landed on the building below them. The Kats panted as Dulcea landed.

“Thanks,” Shera said.

“No sweat,” Dulcea said, dusted her paws off.

“I’m glad you *were* in the neighborhood, Dulcea. Otherwise, we’d be street pizza by now,” Razor said, hugging Dulcea. She released him.

“You look good, Razor. Better than the last time we met, in fact. Back then, you had more injuries than these.”

“Yeah. Uh, can I talk with you, *Dulcea*, alone for a minute?” Dulcea nodded and walked over to the other side of the building where Boulder and Shera couldn’t hear.

“So what made you change your mind, Quiver?”

“The fact that I found out Turmoil and Jettona are working together. Apparently, you found that out.”

“No shit. Listen, we’ve found out that you were set up.”

“What do you mean?”

“My injuries weren’t your fault. Three of your stars were switched with heat seekers. They sensed my body heat and came at me. And T-Bone remembered that you were too far away from the spot where Callie got hit, so that wasn’t your fault. They used Turmoil’s vertigo beam to make everything look like the room was spinning. That’s why it looked like you were right in front of that door. You were set up!” Dulcea’s eyes widened.

“When I get my claws on those daughters of bitches–! Wait. Where’s T-Bone?”

“Turmoil and Jettona have him up in the air ship. Jettona was pissed when he surrendered only for our safety. And Turmoil only wanted him. That’s why we were falling without a parachute.”

“Razor, are you done talking yet? We gotta save T-Bone, remember?” Boulder asked.

“Don’t tell them who I really am yet. I wanna keep this identity handy in the future with Jettona or Turmoil,” Dulcea whispered.

“Gotcha. Ahem. Boulder and Shera, this is my friend, Dulcea, the Queen of Ninjas. Dulcea, Boulder and Shera,” Razor introduced.

“Nice to meet you. How are we gonna get all the way back up there? Dulcea’s jetpack isn’t big enough for all four of us. And T-Bone’s in trouble,” Shera said.

“Aye, and knowing Jettona, I’m sure Turmoil is also in turmoil. There’s gotta be some way,” Dulcea said. Suddenly, an enforcer chopper landed on the building.

“Need a lift, guys?” Lt. Feral asked.

“Good timing, Lt. Let’s get going,” Razor said, getting inside the chopper. Dulcea and the other Kats followed. Meanwhile, Jettona was still roaming the halls of the air ship, looking for T-Bone, Turmoil, and her Lt. When Turmoil passed the ventilation shaft, T-Bone, still having his paws tied up, peered through the holes.

“Is she gone yet?” the Lt. asked.

“Looks like. But you can never be too sure with Jettona. After our last fight, I kicked her tail pretty well. Prevented her from killing Razor. She wanted to kill him because she waited twenty-four years to kill him after she killed his mother. So you can see why she wanted him so damn much,” T-Bone said.

“You won’t be able to kick her tail if she drinks the fluids she’s collected in that gun,” Turmoil said.

“What do you mean?”

“Pumadyne designed that gun to restore energy to weak and frail kats. But Jettona used the spell book she stole from the museum to reverse it. Fortunately, it only took away half of our energy and not all. She most likely took half of your Swat Kats’ energy before she killed them.” The Kats. What will I do without them? T-Bone thought.

“Most likely, the only energy she drained from them is the energy they get from the Star Weapons. I was wondering why I felt a little dizzy,” he said.


“Well, when we found them, we were in the Dark Ages and the Star Weapons wouldn’t work unless a family member of the Queen would shed blood on one of the weapons. And, I was the Queen’s descendant, so… That makes us family.” (Author’s note: that’s not what really happened. See my other story “The Fire Skull Attacks.”)

“Interesting. Quiet! She’s coming back!” They ducked down as Jettona walked past the ventilation shaft.

“I think we should move to the launch pad. This way,” Turmoil whispered. The Lt. crawled on her paws and knees while T-Bone was just on his knees. Back with the Kats, they had just landed on Turmoil’s launch pad. They got out just as the cover of the ventilation shaft flew open. The Kats pointed their glovatrixes at the shaft as something popped its head out.

“Kats! You’re alive!”

“T-Bone!” Razor rushed over and helped pull T-Bone out of the hole. He extended his claws and cut the rope on T-Bone’s paws.

“Thanks, bro,” T-Bone said, patting Razor’s shoulder.

“Oh, so now he’s your brother?” Dulcea asked.

“Dulcea! What are you doing here?”

“Quiver told me Jettona was back, so I came to help stop her. She was too heart broken to face her herself,” she said.

“You’ve seen Quiver?! Is she OK? Where is she?” Boulder asked.

“Yes, yes, and I don’t know. Hit the deck!” Dulcea shouted. Not taking time to wonder what Dulcea meant, they did as she said. Just then, a laser flashed over their head. Lt. Feral got hit with it.

“Swat Kats! I thought I was rid of you!” Jettona growled.

“Yeah, you might say we’re harder to kill than a cockroach on steroids,” Razor said. He unrolled his whip and cracked it.

“Supreme thunder, crash!” But only half the power it usually delivers shot out. Jettona pointed her finger and shot out a gush of wind. The thunderbolt was thrown back into Lt. Feral’s chopper.

“My uncle isn’t gonna be happy about this,” Lt. Feral said to herself.

“Crud! She must’ve already drunken the fluids! Now we’re in trouble! And *where* did Dulcea go?” T-Bone said.

“For what happened to Dulcea, your guess is as good as mine. And as for Jettona, are you kidding, T-Bone? We can handle her,” Boulder said.

“You wanna crack at her, Boulder? Be my guest.” Boulder got back to his feet and charged at her. She raised her paw and a flash of lighting struck him. He fell back to the ground. Turmoil and her Lt. charged at her at once. Jettona kicked them both and punched them both into the wall. One by one, she did this to the group. They were all too tired and bloody to continue the fight.

“Oh, giving up so soon? I have enough of your energy to go on until the turn of the next century!” Jettona cackled. T-Bone panted and wiped the blood away from his mouth.

“Where’s Dulcea? She disappeared just as you came in, so where is she?” he asked.

“The Ninja Queen? Most likely on a street corner somewhere, as dead as I left Razor’s mother,” Jettona cackled again.

Razor, leaning on T-Bone shoulder and more injured than the rest of the group, shouted, “Liar!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Razor.” She tossed him a ginzu sword, covered with blood at Razor’s feet. Razor recognized the design.

“That does it! You’re mine, Jettona!” He took the sword and started to charge at her. She tripped him and knocked him on his back. He panted as Jettona put her foot on his chest.

“Nice try, Razor. But like your mother, you failed. And now, I’ll make sure that you finally meet her!” She took Dulcea’s sword and began to prepare to heave it into Razor’s chest.

Razor closed his eyes and faintly heard the other Kats shouting, “Razor!”

Chapter 6:

As Jettona was about to heave the sword into Razor’s chest, a voice stopped her.

“Keep that filthy thing away from him, daughter of a bitch!”

“What the hell–?” Jettona asked, looking up. Standing in the moonlight, the figure stepped forward.

“Well, Jettona. We meet at last.”

“Quiver!” T-Bone shouted.

“So, *you’re* Quiver. A pleasure to meet you for the first and *last* time!” Jettona threw a fireball at her. Quiver jumped out of the way and took out a spell book. She spoke in Latin and then the fireball returned to Jettona. Jettona ducked as it came to her.

“A sorceress. How cute.”

“Let him go, Jettona! Now, before I make a scratching post outta ya!” Quiver growled.

“There’s not much left of him, but he’s yours.” With that, Jettona kicked Razor over to Quiver.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“Hell no. I think you better back off before she takes away half of the ice in your stars.”

“I don’t think so. I know you’ll mind, but she’s mine. Jettona, I challenge you to a fight!”

“That’s it. She’s as crazy as her brother,” Boulder said.

“You wanna end up like your team here?” Jettona asked, almost laughing.

“Fine, you don’t have to fight… If you’re a scardy kat.”

“A *what*?!!!” Jettona screamed.

“You heard me! How about we make things interesting? If I win, you return the Kats’ energies.”

“But what that if *I* win?” Jettona asked.

“If *you* win? You can kill me.”

“Quiver, no!” Boulder and Shera shouted.

“You can’t!” T-Bone and Razor said.

“Stay out of this, Kats. Is it a deal?”

“Yes. I’ll give you one minute to talk to your brother and friends. It’ll be your last.” Quiver looked at the Swat Kats and came to them.

“Quiver, you can’t do this,” Razor said.

“Love, I don’t have much choice. I can handle her. And I don’t want any help from you guys,” Quiver said.

“You don’t have to do this for us,” Shera said.

“I’m not doing it *just* for you guys. I’m doing it for myself. I gotta prove to myself that I’m good for something and that I can do something right.”

“My Queen…” Boulder started.

“Boulder, I thought I told you *not* to call me that.”

“You’re still a Queen to me, Quiver. Be careful.” Quiver briefly nodded.

“Quiver? I lost you once, I don’t want to lose you again. Come back in one piece, sis,” T-Bone said.

“I promise, T-Bone.” Quiver took a deep breath and turned to Jettona. Jettona laughed as Quiver came to her.

“You better save that laugh, Jettona. It’s gonna be the last one you’ll ever have. Let’s do it!”

“Are you in a hurry to die, mortal?”

“He-yah!” Quiver jumped in the air and kicked Jettona in the head. Jettona punched the ground, creating a small earthquake. Quiver fell to her knees as the ground shook. Jettona jumped nearly on top of her. Quiver rolled over and Jettona missed her. Jettona growled and shot out both fire and lighting. The combination knocked Quiver to the ground.

“*No*! Quiver, get up!” T-Bone yelled. Quiver’s fur was singed. She tried to push herself up, but she collasped back to the ground.

“I’m sorry, T-Bone. I can’t continue,” she whispered. T-Bone bit his lower lip as Jettona picked her up by the collar and laughed.

“Say good-bye to Quiver, Swat Kats! To think, she thought she could beat *me*!” While Jettona was talking to the Kats, Quiver took out her stars. I gotta get it right this time. No excuse!

“Ice shards, blast!” She threw her stars at the wall behind Jettona. The stars bounced off the building and hit Jettona in the back. She dropped Quiver to the ground. The stars in her back started to imprison Jettona in a block of ice.

“Bull’s-eye!” Quiver shouted triumphantly.

“She did it!” Lt. Feral said. Quiver walked over to the energy gun, and crushed it in her paws. Instantly, the group of Kats regained their energy.

“Ah, that’s better,” Shera said.

Lt. Feral came to Turmoil and her Lt. and said, “Charista Donovichnetz, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.”

“Sorry, Turmoil. But you know what they say: third time’s a charm,” T-Bone said as Lt. Feral slapped some cuffs on her. Turmoil growled as Comm. Feral appeared in a chopper with three more choppers.

“Looks like the gang’s all here,” T-Bone said.

“Late, as usual,” Razor said, leaning on T-Bone’s shoulder. Then they turned to Quiver.

“Are you OK, Quiv?”

“I’ve been better. Cough. Anykat for bar-b-cue? Hey, I did it!” Quiver said.

“Yeah, she finally mastered that move. I guess she’s something of a sure shot after all. And something of a quick thinker,” Razor said.

“Well, I guess I’m good for something after all, even if I was set up.”

“Wait a minute. How did she know she was set up?” Boulder asked as the Enforcers few away with Turmoil and Jettona.

“Well… Since Jettona’s out of sight, I might as well tell you. I help T-Bone and Razor catch Jettona when they first met up with her,” Quiver said.

“But you didn’t become a Swat Kat until before I became into one,” Boulder said.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Shera followed.

“Yeah, but I wasn’t who I was at the time. Perhaps you knew me as Dulcea, the Queen of Ninjas?” Quiver made a bow at the two. Boulder and Shera’s mouths both dropped.

“You’re Dulcea? But that sword–” they both said.

“Fake blood. I disappeared long enough to change costumes.” “It’s a long story otherwise. You see, Quiv? You didn’t have to be Dulcea to save us. A real hero comes from the heart,” Razor said, wrapping his arm around Quiver’s shoulder.

“Thanks, Love. How about we all go home now? For the first time this week, I’m happy.” The rest of the Kats smiled and jumped into the TurboKat and the TurboKat II. Callie came out of the hospital after a week. She is on crutches now, but she will live. As long as the Mayor does not give her a lot of paperwork to do. And Razor returned to action two weeks after that. Now everything is back to the way it was. Turmoil and Jettona are back in jail, the Deputy Mayor is alive, Razor is back in action, and Quiver has taken the place as third in command after Razor. She has finally proved to herself that she can do something right.


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