Original SWAT Kats Story

Lake of Fire

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 6,342 Words

The SWAT Kats meet Dulcea, the Ninja Queen, who helps them fight her immortal enemy Jettona.

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Author's Notes:

Hey, everybody! This is my first story I’ve ever typed for the Swat Kats Fanfiction Archive. I’m really excited! People might actually read my stories! Pinch me! Well, here’s my first story. These stories take place one year after the second season of Swat Kats. So it’s 1995. Just wanted to clear that up.

Chapter 1:

The TurboKat soared through the night air on their way back from their previous mission. “You know, T-Bone, I’ve got the feelin’ that we’re being watched,” Razor said, looking out of the cockpit.

“Razor, stop worrying. Who’d be awake at this time of night?” T-Bone yawned. “Hmm, good point. Only owls are up at this time of night.”

But someone *was* watching them. A dozen kats in black stood on one of the many buildings of MegaKat City. One of the kats took out a radio and spoke into it. “They’re right above us, Jettona,” he said.

“Excellent. Bring the jet down and bring me the one called Razor. I have some… Unfinished business with him,” a woman on the other end said.

“You heard her! Bring that jet down!” The kats took out their laser guns and aimed for the TurboKat’s engines.

The jet’s shaking woke T-Bone up who was nearly drifting off to sleep. “What the–?!” he shouted.

“T-Bone, we’re going down! Kiss our tails good-bye!” Razor said, covering his head. The jet crash-landed in the street where the kats in black were waiting.

T-Bone opened the cockpit and jumped out. “All right! I could use some action!” he said, putting his glovatrix on and charging at the kats. He smacked two into a near-by trash dumpster.

Razor jumped out of the jet to join his partner. “Let’s kick some tail!”

“He’s the one Jettona wants! Get ‘im!” one of the kats shouted. Two of the kats charged at him and grabbed onto his arms.

“Let go, you little creeps!” Razor hissed.

“Take him back to the bikes! If necessary, shoot him with a tranquilizer gun,” the kat leader said.

“Don’t count on it!” they heard a voice say.

Suddenly, four Japanese stars hit Razor’s captors in their arms, releasing Razor. Razor looked up, and there was a black ninja standing in the moonlight.

“Nobody’s taking him anywhere,” she said in a Scottish accent.

“I couldn’t agree more!” T-Bone shouted, punching two of the kats in black’s faces. The ninja took out a ginzu sword and fought with another with a sword.

“En garde!” she said.

“Out of my face, Ninja!” the kat in black said, extending his claws and scratching her arm.

Suddenly, her eyes started to glow red. “Rewo! You’re gonna regret that!” she growled, punching him in the face.

“You know, T-Bone, I’m getting tired of this,” Razor yawned, punching another kat in black.

“That makes two of us. OK, I’m in a generous mood tonight. Take what’s left of you and get out of here!” T-Bone growled at the remaining kats in black. The kats in black nodded, then scampered to their motorcycles and rode away.

“Well, I must say, that was a wonderful work-out,” the ninja said, putting her sword back in its case. T-Bone and Razor looked at the ninja. She was dressed completely in black, with a full-face mask with two eyeholes and a mouth hole.

“Thanks for savin’ my tail. My name’s Razor. This is T-Bone. What’s your name?” Razor asked.

“I am Dulcea, the Queen of Ninjas,” the ninja bowed.

“What are you?” T-Bone asked.

“I’m a normal kat, just as you are, T-Bone. Though I can’t explain why my eyes glow whenever I get mad. My temper can be so short, and I guess the eyes are my way of warning them. But my eyes aren’t the things to worry about,” Dulcea said, extending her claws.

T-Bone and Razor gasped when they saw the razor-sharp claws.

“These beauties can cut steel, or stone.”

“Make a note, Razor: don’t make this she-kat mad,” T-Bone whispered.

She removed her claws from their sight and smiled. “Well, I suppose I’ll see you around, Swat Kats,” she said, starting to walk away.

“Wait! Do you know who those guys who attacked us are?” Razor asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do. They are the minions of one of the most feared creatures in this universe: Jettona, the Daughter of Satan,” Dulcea said, turning her face toward the Swat Kats. A flash of lightning and thunder sounded when that name was sounded.

“Daughter of Satan?” Razor gulped.

“If not for me, she might not have become the monster she is. 800 years ago, I attacked her village of the Isle of Sky. Killed everyone but a handful of people. And she, in turn, killed my best friend on the same day. It’s my fault she’s this way.”

“800 years ago? You’re immortal?” T-Bone asked.

“Nay. I’m a time traveler. I’m the queen of the city called Oriana. After my father was killed, a warlord put a spell on me. It turned me evil. That was why I killed her village. The spell is no more. Now I must atone for all the deaths I caused. But I must stop Jettona from continuing the killing. She’s the one who’s immortal.”

“Wow. Do you know why Jettona’s minions wanted me?” Razor asked.

“She has some unfinished business with you, Jacob Clawson. Your mother, Athena, died while she tried to save you when you were a kitten. Jettona killed her.”

“What? How do you know who I am?”

Dulcea looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, yeah. Time traveler. Continue.”

“Thanks. Your mother was killed because she overheard some of Jettona’s business about the Devil’s Eye.”

“The Devil’s Eye ruby? That was our first case together when we were enforcers. A she-kat named Katarina helped us with the case about four years ago,” T-Bone said.

“Aye, the Devil’s Eye has extraordinary power. And she owns it again. When she regained it, she killed Razor’s mother by pulling her heart out of her chest.”

Razor put his paw over his heart and gulped.

“She was about to strangle you, Razor, when she heard Satan tell her to wait until you had reached your twenty-fourth birthday. Apparently, you’re twenty-four and she wants to end everything.”

“Great. Now we got a god on our paws,” T-Bone said, slapping his paw on his forehead.

“Demigod, actually. Her mother was mortal. Think of her as a female Hercules who can shoot fire out of her smallest finger. She’s also responsible for Razor’s trouble of friendship at the orphanage. The only way he could make friends was is he was outside the grounds.”

“So that’s why none of those kittens would like me when I was in the orphanage!” Razor said. “Aye. And now I suggest you keep low until I can beat her. I know her better than you do,” Dulcea said, turning away.

“No. If she wants by pal, she needs an appointment with my fist, first!” T-Bone said, putting his arm around Razor’s shoulder.

“Yeah. Just tell us where to find and we’ll kick her tail!” Razor agreed.

“Are you sure you want to do that? She’s more powerful than all the villains you’ve ever fought against. You don’t stand a chance, Razor,” Dulcea said.

“Dulcea, if she killed one of my parents, I want revenge. Tell us where she is.”

Dulcea sighed and pointed to the west. “Go west and stop when you come to a volcano. There’s a secret entrance along the bottom. And beware looking at the Devil’s Eye. Those who are vengeful to her fall under a dark spell,” she warned.

“Thanks, Dulcea. But now how are we going to get there? The TurboKat’s engines are busted,” T-Bone said.

“Well, you can always take the Cyclotron.”

“The Cyclotron! Good idea. Will we see you later, Dulcea?” Razor asked as T-Bone unloaded a motorcycle from underneath the TurboKat.

“Yes. I’ll be there later,” Dulcea replied.

“C’mon, Razor! We got some demigod tail to kick!” T-Bone said, revving the Cyclotron’s engine.

“OK. See you at Jettona’s lair!” Razor jumped in the seat behind T-Bone. T-Bone revved the engine again and drove away.

“God speed, boys. Don’t let your revenge get you killed, Razor,” Dulcea said to herself.

Chapter 2:

T-Bone and Razor had just reached the volcano Dulcea told them about. “I’m glad this volcano is extinct, or we’d be fried by now. OK, how do we get inside?” T-Bone asked.

“Dulcea said there was a secret entrance along here. Help me look for it,” Razor said, looking around the bottom of the volcano.

T-Bone leaned against the wall and felt something move. He moved away and a secret door opened.

“Nice work, buddy,” Razor said, entering.

“Uh, right. No problem, Razor,” T-Bone shrugged and followed him. The turned on the headlights in their helmets and followed the tunnel.

“I see light up ahead!” Razor whispered.

They slowly made their way to the small beam of light. When they reached it, they looked out. They were about twenty feet above ground. They kept low when they saw the same kats in blacks approach a thrown facing away from them. Suddenly, the chair turned and there, and sitting in the thrown, was a woman with long golden blonde hair, blue eyes, red cape around her shoulders, a huge ruby attached to a chain around her neck, and silver battle armor.

“So… Where is he? Where is Razor?” she asked.

“We had him, Jettona, but Dulcea, the Queen of Ninjas saved him,” one of the kats said.

“The Ninja Queen saved him? The Ninja Queen saved him?! Do I have to do everything for you idiots?!” Jettona shouted, raising her hand and shooting fire at them.

T-Bone and Razor looked away when the fire hit the kats in black. They looked again to see the kats in black’s skeletons.

“I’ll have to send more powerful minions next time,” Jettona said to herself. Razor leaned his weight on a stone.

“Talk about a short temper,” he said.

“It might be shorter than mine,” T-Bone said, looking at Jettona.

Then the stone Razor was leaning on got loose and sent Razor falling out of the hiding place. He fell right to Jettona’s feet.

“Well, just the kat I wanted to see,” Jettona said, rubbing her paws together.

Razor got back to his feet and faced her. “Sorry I can’t stay, Jettona. But I’ve got places to go, people to see, things to do,” Razor said, walking away. Then two kats crossed their swords, blocking his path.

“I’m sorry, Razor, but we’ve got some unfinished business I’ve been putting off for twenty-four years and when I put my mind to killing someone, they end up dead,” Jettona said, approaching him.

Then someone kicked her in the head. It was T-Bone to the rescue.

“Kill my partner, and I’ll make you wish you were mortal!” he hissed.

“How touching. Friends to the end. And that happens to be now! Attack!” Jettona shouted to the kats in black.

“Let’s kick some tail!” T-Bone said to Razor.

“Deploy mini octopus missiles!” Razor said, aiming his glovatrix. They both shot octopus missiles at some of them. The missiles hit them in the stomachs and sent them to the wall. Razor threw one over his shoulder while T-Bone kicked one in his stomach.

“Hmm. Perhaps I could use him after all. I just need to make him join with me,” Jettona said, tugging her necklace.

Then two kats in black sneaked up behind the two Swat Kats and grabbed onto them. “Struggle, and you both get a new air hole,” one of the kats said, extending his claws.

T-Bone and Razor growled as Jettona came to the Swat Kats. She grabbed Razor’s chin and looked at his face. His eyes narrowed.

“Don’t worry, Razor. I’m not planning to kill you anymore. Instead, how would you like to join my team?”

“When I join you, Hell will freeze over, bitch!” Razor hissed.

Then Jettona grabbed onto his neck. “Watch what you say to me, boy! It’s either me or your grave,” she growled. With her free hand, she held her giant ruby to his face. Razor tried to looked away, but it was too late. Razor had fallen under a spell. Then she released his neck.

“Then again, I think the job sounds interesting. Count me in,” he said.

“Excellent,” Jettona smiled.

“Razor, what are you doing?! She’s a bad guy!” T-Bone said, struggling while still in the kat’s grip.

“I know. That’s what I like about her,” Razor said.

“He made his choice, T-Bone. If he wants to stay, then let him,” Jettona said, putting her paw on Razor’s shoulder.

“I’m not planning to leave without him, Jettona,” T-Bone growled.

“Who said you were leaving anyway? Anyway, it’s fine by me,” Razor said, extending his claws and raking them across T-Bone’s face.

T-Bone growled, “Little son of a bitch! When I get my claws on you–!”

“Hmm, he’s not as vengeful to me as Razor was. I can’t put the spell on him.”

“Then what do we do with him, Jettona?” a kat in black asked.

“Hang him over a lava pit by a rope. The lava will do the rest,” Jettona said, turning her back.

Later, T-Bone was hanging over a lava pit by a rope that was slowly starting to catch fire.

“I can’t believe this! Betrayed by my best friend! When I get my claws on him–!”

Then he was lowered. The first layer of the rope had snapped, leaving a few more left. T-Bone started sweating from both the heat and the fear of falling.

“Crud! If I don’t get out of this, and fast, I’m gonna be fried to a crisp!”

Chapter 3:

T-Bone only had a few seconds to escape from the rope hanging from above the lava pit. Suddenly, the rope snapped for its last time! T-Bone began to fall towards the lava. He got his paws free from the rope and grabbed onto a ledge. He watched the rope fall into the lava, which was eight feet below his feet. Some of the blood from his face dripped into the lava also. He sighed in relief. Then the ledge began to crack.

“OK, T-Bone, how do you get out of this one?” he asked himself.

Then a rope appeared in front of his face. He looked up and saw Dulcea holding onto the other end.

“T-Bone, grab on! Quick!” she called to him.

T-Bone smiled and grabbed onto the other end of the rope just as the ledge T-Bone grabbed onto broke off. Dulcea pulled him up to the edge of the ledge where the lava pit was.

“Thanks, Dulcea,” he panted.

“My pleasure, T-Bone. I owed you before,” Dulcea said. She rubbed her new wound, which was on her shoulder.

“What? But we’ve never met before… Have we?”

“We have, but I’m not saying who I am yet. Oh, T-Bone, you’re hurt!”

“Yeah, Razor did it. I had no idea his claws were that sharp!” T-Bone said, rubbing his face. Dulcea took out a small bit of powder and blew it onto his face.

T-Bone coughed, “What was that for?”

“It helps ease the pain and prevents the injury from becoming a scar,” Dulcea replied.


“No problem. Now we gotta save Razor from the spell Jettona put on him.”

Dulcea started walking, but T-Bone grabbed onto her good shoulder. “You mean he’s under a spell? He *didn’t* turn on me?”

“Of course, not. I told you Jettona could only put a spell on him if he was wanting revenge on her. Jettona’s controlling him. Hopefully, we can free him,” Dulcea said, grabbing T-Bone’s arm and leading him to where Razor and Jettona were.

They hid behind a corner as they watched Jettona’s minions loading bombs onto their bikes.

“Holy kats! There’s enough bombs there to destroy MegaKat City. That bitch is mad!” T-Bone said.

“Aye, but she’s the most powerful bitch in the world. Are you ready, T-Bone?” Dulcea asked.

T-Bone nodded. “Let’s kick some tail!”

They charged at the kats in blacks who were still loading the bombs on their bikes.

Razor growled, “T-Bone! I thought Jettona’s boys took care of you!”

“Well, now you learn to think again, Razor!” T-Bone replied.

“Rewo! Kill!” Jettona growled.

The kats in black circled around T-Bone and Dulcea.

“Ready to take ’em, Dulcea?” T-Bone asked. Then he heard a gun click behind him. He slowly turned his head to find Dulcea holding a gun at him.

“Not quite,” Dulcea said.

“Oh, Dulcea, not you, too?! But that’s real blood,” T-Bone said, looking at her arm and shoulder.

“We had to make it look convincing that I was on your side. Sorry, T-Bone,” Dulcea said.

“So am I, for thinking I could trust *you*,” T-Bone hissed. Dulcea turned her head.

“You know, T-Bone, I still want you fried. Can you arrange that, Jettona?” Razor asked Jettona.

“Always. Lakes of fire, heed my say! Size with claws of flames on my prey!”

Suddenly, the ground started to shake. Then a pool of lava came out shaped like a claw. The claw tried to attack T-Bone. He was a kat’s hair short of getting burnt.

“Don’t you think that this is too much for him to handle?” Dulcea asked.

“Of course it is. Why should you care? You haven’t grown soft on the Swat Kat, have you, Dulcea?” Jettona asked, extending her claws.

“No, of course not.”

The lava split into two and came to T-Bone from in front and behind. At the last second, he jumped out of the way. Both of the claws smacked into each other and formed a tidal wave of lava. The lava then disappeared.

“Rewo! I’m getting tired of him. Dulcea, just shoot him,” Jettona growled, giving her a gun.

“What? I’ll do nothing of the sort! T-Bone’s blood is not going on my paws,” Dulcea said, throwing the gun to the ground.

T-Bone smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Well, it appears the spell I put on her is broken. If you wish to die with him, Dulcea, it’s your head. Kill her!”

The kats in black charged at her and T-Bone. One jumped on Dulcea, but she kicked his stomach and threw him back.

“Yah-tie!” She got back up and saw three more around her. She jumped up in the air and kicked all three of them in their faces. T-Bone came up to Razor, who had a sword in one paw and his claws in the other.

“All right, T-Bone. If Jettona’s not gonna kill you, then I will,” he hissed.

“Easy, little buddy. I’m not the enemy, remember? Jettona is!” T-Bone said, trying to get Razor out of his spell.

“No! You’re my enemy now! And now, the death of a Swat Kat is about to come forth!” Razor shouted, charging at T-Bone.

T-Bone grabbed both of Razor’s wrists before he had a chance to hurt him again.

“Let go! There’s nothing you can say to make me turn on Jettona!” Razor growled.

“What about your mother? Huh? Have you’ve forgotten why you’ve came? It’s because of *her*. Jettona killed your mother. Remember?”

As T-Bone talked, the expression on Razor’s face softened.

“My mother? T-Bone… What am I doing?”

T-Bone let go off his wrists then Razor dropped his sword and fell to his knees.

“I almost killed you. I almost killed the best friend I’ve ever had,” he whispered, almost crying.

“Ah, pal…” T-Bone said, knelling down and putting his paw on Razor’s shoulder.

“That’s so sweet, I’m getting cavities. Looks like I’m going to have to kill you after all!” Jettona growled, aiming a gun at the Swat Kats.

“Boys, look out!” Dulcea shouted.

The Swat Kats looked and moved just as the gun was fired.

“You OK, Razor?” T-Bone asked.

“Yeah, except my left hip,” Razor said, putting his paw on his bleeding left hip.

“Looks like she’s back to wanting to kill you, Razor.”

“Not if I can kill her, first!” Razor growled.

He charged at Jettona, who clawed his left check when he was close enough to her.

“Rewo! You no good, daughter of a bitch!” Razor hissed while blood gushed out of his wound. Jettona grabbed his collar.

“Your mother heard too much of my business, Razor. I had to make sure she couldn’t tell anyone. Don’t worry. I’ll make your death quick, but painful!”

Chapter 4:

Jettona raised her gun to Razor’s neck, about to fire. Then a Japanese star knocked the gun out of her paw.

“What fool would dare?!” Jettona growled.

Dulcea picked up her star and her eyes glowed red.

“Oh, yes. It’s *you*, Dulcea,” Jettona sighed.

“You won’t hurt him any further, Jettona. Not as long as I’m still standing,” Dulcea said.

“Then prepare to fall, Ninja Queen,” Jettona said, picking up her gun and pointing it at Dulcea.

“Ha! You think you’re so tough with that thing. You’re just a scared little demigod hiding behind her weapons. Do you have the guts to face me claw-to-claw?” Dulcea asked, putting her paws on her hips.

Jettona threw Razor and the gun to the ground and growled, “I fear no mortal!”

The two she-kats fought with each other. T-Bone came to Razor and helped him up. Razor grunted when he got back to his feet. He gripped onto his right knee.

“You OK, pal?” T-Bone asked.

“Not really. I twisted my knee. And did it hurt this much when I clawed *your* face?” Razor asked, putting his paw on his left cheek.

Jettona scratched Dulcea’s chest. As Dulcea was holding onto Jettona’s claws, she leaned back and back forward, making Jettona fall over.

“And you call yourself a Daughter of Satan? Ha!” Dulcea said, shoving Jettona into an open vault and shutting the door.

“Can you teach me that move?” T-Bone asked Dulcea.

“Maybe later.”

“Thanks for savin’ my tail again, Dulcea. That’s twice I owe you,” Razor said, gripping onto his knee.

Dulcea smiled.

“Did she hurt you bad?” she asked.

Razor nodded. Then they heard motorcycle engines revving. Jettona’s minions were just getting out of the volcano with the bombs.

“Damn it! We forgot about the bombs!” Dulcea said.

“Razor, you take the Cyclotron. I’ll take this jet,” T-Bone said, jumping in one of the jets.

“T-Bone, what about Dulcea?” Razor asked.

T-Bone starred at Dulcea.

“Dulcea, you go with Razor. He needs all the help he can get to move around.”

Dulcea smiled.

“OK, guys. Let’s kick some tail!” T-Bone started the engine of the jet and flew up into the volcano’s opening. Razor and Dulcea went outside and got onto the Cyclotron. It was well past morning when they came out.

“Well, so much for turning in for the night, right, Dulcea?” Razor asked.

“No comment. Let’s get back to the city before it turns into the Ruins,” Dulcea said as Razor revved the engine.

But MegaKat City *was* turning into the Ruins. Jettona’s minions were throwing the bombs along the streets where the citizens were running and screaming. At City Hall, Mayor Manx paced his office carpet.

“Oh, Callie. Who are they and where are the Swat Kats?” he asked the Deputy Mayor.

“I don’t know, Mayor. But I’m sure they’re on their way,” Callie replied.

She cleared her throat and said, “Excuse me. I have to make a call.”

She stepped out of Manx’s office and closed the door.

“Who would be making a call at a time like this?!” Manx asked himself.

Back with Razor and Dulcea, Razor’s intercom started beeping.

“What the hell is that?” Dulcea asked.

“It’s the Deputy Mayor. Razor here. What’s up, Ms. Briggs?”

“Razor, where are you guys? Maniacs on motorcycles are bombing MegaKat City! We need you!”

T-Bone, still inside the jet he stole from Jettona, took out his pocket communicator and replied, “Don’t worry, Ms. Briggs. We’ll take care of ’em.”

Then the jet started shaking. He looked back, and saw Jettona flying in a jet behind him!

“Jettona! How’d you get out of that vault?” he asked.

“Ha! I can rip a vault door out in five seconds. Where is your little partner?” Jettona growled.

“Leave him alone! If you want him, you need to take care of me first!”

“That can be arrange! Prepare to die, Swat Kat!” Jettona hissed, shooting missiles at the jet.

“T-Bone, do you read me? You gotta eject! I’m not worth all this trouble! You gotta back off! It’s me she wants, not you!” Razor said over the radio.

“You’re worth the trouble, Razor! Besides, she trying to kill me now so no one would be able to protect you!” T-Bone replied.

“No shit? You gotta get out of there, T-Bone! Please!” Dulcea said over the radio.

“Dulcea, I’m gonna distract her long enough for you guys to take care of the bombers. If I don’t make it, protect Razor from Jettona. Promise me you will,” T-Bone told her.

“T-Bone–!” Dulcea started.

“Promise me!”

She looked at Razor, who looked back at her.

“I promise, T-Bone.”

“Just be careful, buddy. I don’t you to get hurt,” Razor said.

“I’ll be careful, pal. You just stop those bombers!”

“Roger that.”

Razor continued driving the Cyclotron towards the kats on the motorcycles.

“Dulcea, you think you can operate the glovatrix?” Razor asked. Dulcea pulled the glovatrix on her paw and replied, “I’ll certainly try, Razor.”

She aimed and fired at one of the wheels on the motorcycles. The tires went flat, causing the motorcycle to crash into three more motorcycles.

“Nice shot,” Razor smiled.

“It’s not my ginzu sword, but it works.”

Razor fired some match-head missiles that hit four more motorcycles. Dulcea continued firing and hitting the bikers along the way. Finally, they took care of all of them. Razor pulled over and searched the sky.

“Where is he?” he asked himself.

“There they are!” Dulcea shouted, pointing at two jets still in an air battle. The jet in front was fired in the engines. Razor recognized it right away.

“*T-Bone*!!” he gasped.

The jet crashed into the side of a building. Their faces were in shock.

They heard Jettona laugh, “Now there’s no one to save you, Little Razor! You’re as good as dead!”

A tear ran down Razor’s wounded cheek.

“She robbed me of my mother and my best friend. It’s time for a show-down,” he said, clenching his fist. When he unfolded his claw, the claw was bleeding.

“Let’s kick some tail!” Dulcea growled, eyes glowing red again. Razor revved the Cyclotron’s engine and followed Jettona.

Chapter 5:

Jettona rested her jet on top of a small building. She took out a vile that had a green substance. She then took out a syringe and filled it with the substance.

“This should give him a painful demise. Now I just have to wait for him and Dulcea to show up to avenge T-Bone,” Jettona said to herself.

“Yah-tie!” a voice shouted.

A Japanese star appeared and shattered the syringe and the substance formed a puddle on the floor. Jettona growled as she watched the puddle make a hole.

“Damn it. That acid shot was meant for Razor, Dulcea,” she said, turning her back, facing Razor and Dulcea.

“I’ve had all my shots, so I don’t need another one, bitch!” Razor growled.

“I’d be careful of what I was saying if I were you, Razor. I have a whole vile full of the acid and I can just keep filling it up in more syringes. So watch it.” Razor looked at Dulcea.

“Any ideas?” he asked.


“OK, Razor, it’s time to end it,” Jettona said, loading the acid into a new syringe.

Dulcea took out a glovatrix and fired two match-head missiles at the vile and syringe. Both were destroyed. Jettona growled.

“That does it! Prepare to die!”

She took her ruby and aimed it at both Razor and Dulcea. They dodged.

“I’m in no condition to do this!” Razor exclaimed.

“Rewo!” Dulcea grunted.

Then she got pushed back into a brick wall and hit her head. Jettona took out a blade and threw it at Razor. It hit Razor in the shoulder and knocked him down to his knees.

Jettona grabbed his collar and growled, “I’ll take care of you in a minute. First, I’m going to kill your ninja girlfriend, then no one can protect you.”

Jettona slowly made her way toward Dulcea. Razor wanted to stop her, but he was injured too much. Jettona’s claw started to burn. When she was only a few feet away from Dulcea, a water balloon was thrown and hit her claw. The fire burned out. Jettona growled and looked up.

“Go to Hell, bitch!” a figure shouted.

Razor gasped.


T-Bone came on the roof and helped his partner up.

“Boy, am I glad to see you,” Razor said.

“Same here, buddy. Haven’t you’ve done enough damage to him already? I think it’s about time we did some damage to you!”

“Not in this lifetime, mortal!” Jettona shouted, aiming the Devil’s Eye ruby at them.

They both moved.

“I’m *really* starting to dislike that rock of yours,” T-Bone said, using the grappling hook to grab the ruby. It brought to ruby to him.

“No! You can’t destroy my ruby!” Jettona shouted.

“Wanna bet?” T-Bone walked over to the edge of the building and threw the ruby down. The ruby shattered.

“No!!!” Jettona screamed.

When the ruby shattered, all the destruction had changed back into the peaceful MegaKat City. Dulcea finally came around.

“Blasted! Where’s the bitch? I’m gonna kick her tail so hard–!”

“Calm down, Dulcea. Are you OK?” T-Bone asked.

“T-Bone! You’re alive!” Dulcea said, coming to T-Bone and hugging him. Then she released him.

“We saw that jet crash. How did you get out of there alive?” Razor asked.

“I ejected at the last second. I couldn’t let Jettona kill my best friends,” T-Bone said, putting his arms around Razor and Dulcea’s shoulders.

“*Friends*? You mean, you guys and me?” Dulcea asked.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Dulcea.” Jettona found a piece of broken glass and charged at T-Bone.

“*Die, Swat Kat*!!” she screamed. Razor flipped her onto her back and took the broken glass in his claws. He was about to bring down into her heart when Dulcea grabbed his wrist.

“Razor, you can’t do this!” she said. Razor growled at her.

“She can’t die! She’s immortal!”

“But I want her to feel what I’ve felt for my entire childhood! I want her to die!”

“Razor… do you love us?” T-Bone asked. Razor looked at him.

“If you love us, you won’t kill her. Good guys don’t kill.”

Razor lowered his eyes and dropped the glass. T-Bone and Dulcea put their paws on his shoulders. Then an Enforcer chopper appeared. When it landed, the Swat Kats and Dulcea were gone.

Chapter 6:

That night, Razor was in the graveyard, looking at one grave. He dropped a rose on the grave and said, “Rest in peace, Mom.”

He turned his head and saw Dulcea and T-Bone. Razor came to T-Bone, and hugged him.

“Your mom would’ve been proud of you, Razor,” T-Bone said.

Razor released himself.

“Proud of what? I almost killed you and Jettona. What the hell does she have to be proud of?” Razor asked.

“You showed that you loved your mother and your friends. That’s something Jettona doesn’t know anything about,” Dulcea said, putting her paw on his shoulder.

“I guess I owe you more than what you’ve done, Dulcea,” Razor said, hugging her.

“Dulcea,” T-Bone said, clearing his throat, “you told me we met before, but you haven’t told me when. Would you mind telling us?” Dulcea was released from Razor’s hug and faced T-Bone.

“I guess it’s only fair that you see my face since I’ve seen yours,” she said, taking her mask off.

T-Bone and Razor gasped. She ran her fingers through her long black hair. Her emerald green eyes starred at both of the Swat Kats.

“Surprised, boys?” she asked.

“Katarina! I can’t believe it!” T-Bone said, putting his paws on her shoulders.

“Believe it, Chance. You know, I really *was* under the same spell Jettona used on Razor.”

“Because you wanted revenge for your friend’s death,” Razor said.

“Yeah, and I fought against it like I did with the warlord’s spell. And I really *am* a Dark Age queen. But not anymore. With your permission, I’ll stay here,” Katarina said. T-Bone looked at Razor.

“What do you think, Razor?” he asked.

“She could come in handy, T-Bone. Hell, she’s *been* handy,” Razor smiled.

“Permission granted… Partner,” T-Bone said. Katarina put a shock look onto her face.

“What? Partner?! You mean–?!” she asked, bursting into a smile.

“Welcome to the Swat Kats, Katarina,” Razor said, shaking her paw.

She kept her smile wide and hugged both of the Swat Kats.

They all then started walking back to the Cyclotron.

“Now we just need to get her a few things like a name and a uniform,” Razor said.

“We’ll come up with them all in good time, buddy. But right now, I’m ready for about 40 winks,” T-Bone yawned.

“You mean 40,000 winks,” Katarina said. Then they took the Cyclotron and rode back home with the newest edition to the Swat Kats.


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