Original SWAT Kats Story

Future Shock

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,840 Words

A fairground gypsy shows Kari the Swat Kats’ future 900 years from now, where the Swat Kats are legends and Dark Kat still lives and six teenagers named after the original Swat Kats are meant to be heroes.

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Author's Notes:

Well, I’m back again. Miss me? Before I start this story, I wanna thank my pal, Rachel Holt (also known as Razor1999, Turmoil, and Storm on the archive), for the story idea. I’m gonna do this the best I can. I got the last names from www.babynamer.com. Helio means “sun,” Ravindra means “powerful sun,” Raad means “thunder,” Stone means “stone,” Seferino means “west wind,” and Wentworth means “winter stronghold.” Now then… Summary! A fairground gypsy shows Kari the Swat Kats’ future 900 years from now, where the Swat Kats are legends and Dark Kat still lived, and six teenagers named after the original Swat Kats are meant to be heroes.

Chapter 1:

The fair had come to MegaKat City and most of the city was there. Kari and the others were there and walking from one of the tents.

“Is it OK if I go look around for myself for a while, guys? I promise I’ll be careful,” Kari said, looking at Chance.

“What do you think, guys?” Chance asked Jake and Katarina.

“She can defend herself pretty well,” Jake said.

“Aye, besides, she has our communicator in case she needs us,” Katarina added.

“All right, but be careful,” Chance turned to Kari. With that, Kari took off. Kari walked past a tent where a gypsy was standing there.

“Have your fortune read, young lady?” she asked.

“No, thanks. I don’t have the time,” Kari said, stopping for a moment to turn to face the gypsy then started to walk away.

“I warn you, the Swat Kats’ future is very bleak. If you do not listen, a terrible fate will befall on them.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, I wouldn’t happen to know their number or anything. I mean, I don’t know them personally,” Kari said, trying to protect her secret of the Swat Kats.

“You can’t hide any secrets from a gypsy, Ms. Gilmore. I know all about your little friendship with the Kats,” the gypsy said.

Kari stopped in her tracks and gasped.

She turned back to the gypsy and asked, “How do you know my name?”

“Come into my tent and the future will be revealed.” The gypsy gestured Kari into the tent and she followed.

“Listen, lady, I can’t really afford for this reading, so…”

“Who said anything about money, Kari? For you, it’s free. Now, sit, and let Lady Carmen tell you the fate of the Swat Kats.” Kari took a seat at a round table in the center of the tent. In the center is a crystal ball, which sat in front of the gypsy Lady Carmen.

“Now, let’s see what the future is for your friends, the Swat Kats.” The crystal ball began to glow and Lady Carmen stared into it. Kari kept her full attention on her. “It says that in ten years, a terrible virus will take affect on the Swat Kats which there is no cure.”

“They’ll be dead?” Kari asked.

“Not quite *dead.* They will be locked in ice to preserve them until a cure is found in the future. Their children will continue in their place. Then their children will carry on. Then the next generation will continue. Then the next will continue. This will continue for about 500 years.”

“What’ll happen after 500 years?” Kari asked.

“It shows that the Swat Kats will meet a villain that will destroy them. And they say that these Swat Kats had no children. Over the years, the Swat Kats will become legends, myths, if you will. Not many will believe them, but many do. And those legends say, that the last generation of the Swat Kats had children and that there are descendants of the Swat Kats still living, though the descendants themselves do not know it.”

“Is there a generation after that last generation that will carry on?” Kari asked, looking into the crystal ball.

“As a matter of fact, there is. It is about 400 years after the last generation of the Swat Kats is destroyed. Let me tell you the story. No charge.”

Megatropolis, 2899. A sophomore class is taking a trip to a history museum with their history teacher. She showed them a display of a large black jet and lockers standing behind it with the doors wide open. Inside both lockers were worn red, blue, and black G-suits.

“And this is a life-sized model of the TurboKat, the fighter jet of the legendary Swat Kats,” the teacher said.

“What are Swat Kats, Mrs. Lynx?” one student asked.

“They’re well known to all of the citizens of Megatropolis. It is a 900-year-old legend. The Swat Kats were a high tech team with numerous gadgets designed by one of them.” Her attention grew on the brown furred kat wearing a black jacket and gray pants in the back of the group, looking at the other exhibits.

“Razor! Please pay attention. This will be on the final.”

Razor looked forward and said under his breath, “What *isn’t* on the final?” He scoffed.

“None of that attitude, young tom. Now, as I was saying, no one actually remembers what the Swat Kats were named, but they carried on generation after generation, passing down the TurboKat to each new one. For each generation, the Swat Kats were six to a team,” Mrs. Lynx said.

“Then why aren’t they still around?” a student asked.

“The last generation disappeared before they had a chance to have children and pass the TurboKat down to them. Some people say that they were destroyed. But the legend grows on that they *did* have children and that there are living descendants of the Swat Kats that are alive today. Who they are is anykat’s guess.”

“What a waste of Io metal to spend it on that cheap jet and those lockers. They expect us to believe that,” Razor said as he and a light-brown furred she-kat with blue eyes and white hair in a short light blue dress walked down the steps of the museum.

“Razor Raad, you mean you don’t believe the legend?” the she-kat asked.

“Venus Ravindra, you mean you do?”

“Well, why not?”

“Legends are just stories people make up for kids to make ’em shut up and go to bed or read a book. I never bought ’em even if I did believe in aliens living in the basement.”

“Hmph. Well, if the final had aliens in the basement, you’d get an A on that part. Swat Kats? Probably F-.” He playfully tackled her to the sidewalk and she struggled. Venus laughed and said, “All right, I take it back!” Razor stopped tackling her and helped her back up.

“No one even knows the names of these legendary heroes. Either someone’s not keeping a very good track of history, or some people just don’t care about names, just customers and merchandising,” Razor said, looking at the poster of the TurboKat that hung by the museum.

“Oh, Razor, you’re impossible.”

“That’s the way I was raised, Ravindra.”

“Hey, guys. Whatcha doin’?” a she-kat with light gray fur, dark green eyes, medium black hair, and in a short pink dress asked. Standing next to her is a taller kat with yellow fur with brown stripes on both arms, wearing a white jacket and black pants.

“Oh, hi, Quiver. Hi, T-Bone. We were just talking,” Razor said.

“About the Swat Kats, perhaps?” Quiver asked.

“Yeah. Venus thinks they’re real.”

“Razor, you don’t believe that legend?” T-Bone asked.

“Et tu, Helio? They don’t even have clay models of the original team to make it look more realistic. What are you guys up to anyway?”

“We were just about to go to the club and hang out with Boulder and Shera. Wanna come?” T-Bone asked.

“I don’t know if I can. I got a lot of homework and…” Venus began.

“Aw, come on, Venus. Let yourself have a little fun once in a while,” Quiver said.

“Well, OK. Count me in.”

“And how about you, Razor? Are you up for some fun?”

“Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do,” Razor shrugged.

“Well, then, let’s go.” They walked over to a parked hovercraft and got into it. T-Bone got into the driver’s seat and drove off. Later, they arrived at a club that was covered with neon lights and music came booming out of it. They stepped out of T-Bone’s hovercraft and walked into the club. As soon as they were inside, a group of bikers barked their bikes next to the other hovercrafts. Inside, two kats sat at a table that was closest to the kitchen. The she-kat had peach fur, short brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing a short green dress. The kat she was with had gray fur, wearing sun visors and a white jacket with gray pants. Razor and the others grabbed some chairs and joined them.

“Hey, guys. You made it,” the she-kat said.

“What’s up, Shera? What did you order for us, Boulder?” Razor asked.

“Imported food from Mars. Couldn’t read the translation,” Boulder replied.

Quiver’s head popped up and she looked behind her.

“What’s wrong with you, Wentworth?” Shera asked.

“I just got this weird feeling that something’s gonna happen. It’s like– like I heard something,” she replied. She shook her head.

“Must be my imagination.”

Boulder looked behind her and said, “Maybe not. It’s the Vipers.”

“Not what we need,” Razor said. A group of a dozen kats gathered together. Each was wearing a black leather jacket with black leather pants. On the back of their jackets are green vipers with gold and purples letters saying “Vipers.”

“If we get out the back way, we can avoid them,” Shera said.

“No such luck,” T-Bone said as the Vipers came over to their tables. The kat up front grabbed Quiver’s arm.

“You’re cute. Wanna dance?” he asked.

“Sorry, I don’t dance outside my species,” Quiver replied.

“Why, you little–!” He drew his paw back, about to smack her, when Razor threw a punch that sent him backward.

“You OK, Quiv?” he asked.

“Yeah, but now I think you got him mad,” Quiver replied.

The lead Viper growled and wiped the blood from his mouth.

“You guys can take the other two and the bimbos, but that bastard’s mine!”

“Bimbos?!” Quiver, Shera, and Venus shouted.

“OK, I was gonna result to this in a polite matter, but now I’m mad!” Shera said, jumping into the air and kicking one of the Vipers in the stomach.

“I agree. Let’s pound these punks!” Venus said as she and Quiver knocked two more Vipers down.

“Well, what are you guys standing around for?” T-Bone asked the other Vipers.

“Bring it on!” Boulder said.

“You asked for it,” one of the Vipers said, breaking the legs off one of the tables. Then the fight rode on. Razor and the head Viper circled each other, while the Viper twirled his chains in a circular motion.

“I’m gonna make lunchmeat outta you, alley kat!” the Viper said.

“Bring it on, sicko,” Razor said as the Viper came running at him with the chains. He stepped aside, making the Viper crash into the table that was behind him and broke it.

“You’re gonna pay for that one!” the Viper said, getting back up.

“Put it on my tab.” Then Razor threw another punch. Boulder grabbed a plate off of a near by table and tossed it out like a boomerang at two other Vipers.

Quiver grabbed some starfish that decorated the walls of the club.

“Why do they even hang these things up when they don’t even *have* sea food?” Quiver asked herself.

Three more Vipers came running towards her. She threw the starfish at them and the starfish pinned them against the wall. “Remind me to ask them.”

Shera and Venus were punching and kicking the Vipers that were attacking them while T-Bone and Boulder did the same.

“Is it just me, or is this party getting a little dull?” T-Bone asked as a Viper came at him, while stepping aside to let him fall on a table.

“Yeah, and we’re probably going to get stuck with the bill for the damages,” Venus said.

“Not if we’re not here. I’ll miss you Vipers like I miss poison ivy!” Razor said, kicking the head Viper in the stomach. The six kats ran outside and met up with at least a dozen extra Vipers.

“Aw, not again,” T-Bone said.

“These guys givin’ you trouble, Leo?” one of the Vipers asked as the other Vipers stepped out of the club.

“Yeah. Take care of ’em,” the head Viper said. The Vipers surrounded the six kats, where they could not see any means of escape.

Chapter 2:

The Vipers were still surrounding the six friends who could see no means of escape.

“Any bright ideas?” Boulder asked Razor. Razor looked behind some of the Vipers and three motorcycles that were big enough for two riders each.

“If we could make it to those bikes, we could get away,” Razor whispered.

“Great plan, except we’re stuck with them right now,” Shera said.

Suddenly, Razor softly gasped.

“What’s the matter with you?” Quiver asked.

“I felt something.”

“Don’t look at me,” T-Bone said.

“No. Something else.” He gasped again. Then he shook his head. “Do you guys feel different all of a sudden?”

“You’re wacked, Razor,” Boulder said.

“Don’t knock it, Boulder. I feel different, too,” T-Bone said, rolling up his sleeves to reveal brown stripes on his arms.

“So do I,” Quiver said. Then she extended her claws, which shined like metallic metal.

“Take care of them!” the lead Viper ordered.

“Let’s kick some tail!” T-Bone shouted.

When a Viper came running towards them, each kat kicked, punched, or scratched each one with a new strength.

“Let’s get out of here, guys!” Boulder said, jumping on one of the motorcycles. Shera got on behind him.

T-Bone shared another bike with Venus while Razor shared one with Quiver. They started the bike up, and rode off with the Vipers riding behind them. They drove their bikes onto the highway, where a traffic jam was just beginning. They managed to get the bikes onto the railing on the edge of the highway. When they reached the starting point of the traffic jam, they got back on the road and rode on.

“When did we learn how to do *that*?” Boulder asked.

“Let’s just go with it, Bould, so long as the Vipers *can’t*!” T-Bone said.

Some of the Vipers managed to get their bikes on the railing, but some fell of in they had reach the middle. The remaining Vipers rode after them.

Quiver looked back and said, “We’ve lost quite a few, but they’re still on our tails!”

“We gotta shake ’em off! Follow me!” T-Bone said, leading the kats off the rode and into the abandoned part of the city.

“T-Bone, are you crazy?! No one comes into *this* neighborhood unless they’re suicidal!” Razor shouted.

“You gonna let an old haunted neighborhood scare you, buddy? It’s either this or we let them beat us up,” T-Bone replied.

“What’s a name of a good hospital?”

The Vipers stopped at the new road where they got off at.

“They’ve got a lot of guts to go in *there.* Do we follow ’em?” one of the Vipers asked.

“The Vipers are *not* chickens! C’mon!” the lead Viper said. Then they rode off after them. Back with the kats, they reached an old two-story building with a scrap yard behind it.

“What a dump!” Venus said.

“This building’s ancient,” Shera said.

“I can’t see why it would be the Eighth Wonder of the World if it’s still practically intact,” Boulder said.

“We’re wasting time. The Vipers will be coming any second,” Razor said.

“We’ll slip around the back, then. C’mon, guys,” T-Bone said. With that, they drove their bikes to the back of the building, where they heard motorcycles approaching.

“Why are we running from these guys? We can take ’em,” Quiver said.

“Can’t take that chance, Quiver. We don’t know how tough these guys really are,” T-Bone said.

“Yeah, right, T-Bone. The Vipers were being *easy* on us back at the club. What do you call this? Eating your homework again?” Shera referred to the cut on T-Bone’s lip.

He wiped the blood off.

“Hey, *we* didn’t know how tough we really were until that moment. I’m telling you, T-Bone, something’s happening to us.” Quiver got off the bike and walked a little distance before stopping.

“It’s like… we’re becoming different people. Man, I’m getting such a headache, I feel like the world’s falling apart.”

“Well, the world’s not falling apart, but the ground from under you is,” Shera said.

The ground under Quiver’s feet cracked, then gave away, making Quiver fall into the hole she created. She screamed as she fell down into the hole. When she crashed to the ground, she found herself in darkness.

Various cries of “Quiver!” “Quiv, you OK?” and “Speak to us!” came to her ears.

“I’m fine, guys, don’t worry,” she called to them. Suddenly, the room filled with light. She gasped in shock and awe.

“You guys, get down here and check this out!” The others looked at each other and jumped into the hole. Suddenly, the hole closed up just as the Vipers appeared. They noticed the bikes were there, but no one else.

“Where could they have gone?” a Viper asked.

“They couldn’t have just vanished!”

Down below, the six friends explored their new surrounding.

“Well, it’s dusty enough to be a museum,” Boulder said, wiping some dust off a table.

Razor walked over to a steel table that had some strange looking gloves on it.

“What the hell is this?” he asked, holding it up. Venus took the backpack from her back and pulled out her history book. She flipped through the pages and stopped at a certain page.

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s called a glovatrix, one of the weapons used by the Swat Kats!” she said, looking at the picture in the book.

“This old thing? Chayeah, right.”

“How does it work?” T-Bone asked, looking at another one of the glovatrixes.

“It says here that it’s voice activated. Just say an order and it’ll do it,” Venus said.

“Oh, you mean something like ‘laser torch, fire’?” Quiver asked.

Then, from out of the glovatrix in Razor’s paws came a small cannon. The cannon shot out fire that torched the nearest wall. The six of them looked in amazement.

“Yup. It works something like that. And watch where you aim that thing, Razor,” Venus said, blowing out the fire on her dress.

“Sorry. This thing is like a million years old; I didn’t know if it still worked,” Razor shrugged.

“Just put it down before it goes off again,” Shera said. With that, Razor placed the glovatrix back on the table.

“What is this place anyway?” Boulder asked.

“I’ll bet it’s the secret hangar of the Swat Kats. The glovatrix gave me the idea,”T-Bone said.

“Come on, guys. You’re not saying you still believe what Mrs. Lynx said about them? The Swat Kats are just a legend to tell kittens to help them go to sleep,” Razor said.

“All right, Mr. Skeptic. If the Swat Kats are legends, then what’s *that*?” Venus asked, pointing at a big black jet.

“It’s just like the one at the museum,” Quiver said.

Boulder walked over and blew some of the dust off of it.

“Yeah, except this one’s a *whole* lot dustier,” he said, sneezing.

“There’s gotta be some kind of explanation for this,” Razor said.

“Face it, Razor. You were wrong,” Venus said.

“I’m not admitting anything. I stand my ground on the subject.”

Then, something zipped past his head and hit the wall.

“Hey, watch where you’re throwing whatever that thing was!” he said as Quiver passed by.

“I was aiming for your head to see if your brain still works. But I missed,” Quiver replied, pulling the weapons she threw out of the wall.

“What are those?” T-Bone asked.

“I’d say these are the ice stars, one of the other weapons used by the Swat Kats. Somehow, I feel like they were meant just for me,” Quiver said, holding them out in her paws.

“Oh, please. They’re just some old ninja weapons,” Razor said.

“Well, there’s more where those stars came from, Razor. Look what else we found,” Boulder said, dragging a medium size trunk over to the rest of the group.

Shera reached into the trunk and pulled out a red book. She blew the dust off of the cover and coughed.

She read the cover, “‘Weapons of the Stars.’ This is the book from way back in history. I mean, way back into the Dark Ages.”

“What more proof do you need, Razor?” Venus asked.

“I can’t believe you guys could buy in on this stuff. It’s just junk,” Razor said, reaching into the trunk and pulled out a whip. Then a strange feeling sweep over him. “But it *does* feel like this whip was made for me. Uh, what’s in the book?”

Quiver took the book from Shera and flipped through the pages.

“It’s all in some weird language. I think Mrs. Lynx calls it Latin. I learned how to read it, but these words are pretty faint,” she said.

Suddenly, the pages from the book started glowing. After a blinding flash, they looked in the book again. The words had became clearer.

“OK, I’ll buy that. But what else can this book do?” Razor asked.

Quiver looked through the pages and placed her forefinger on one of the pages.

“This one sounds interesting.”

“Well, read it, then. Maybe it’ll bring us to the Swat Kats,” Razor said, sarcastically.

Quiver ignored him and read the spell in Latin.

Suddenly, one of the walls slid aside. They looked at each other and walked into the room behind the wall. They all gasped in shock and awe.

“No way,” T-Bone whispered. Inside were six chambers, each filled with a huge block of ice. Inside each block of ice appeared to be a body wearing white robes.

“This can’t be happening,” Boulder said.

“We’re not seeing things. It’s real,” Shera said.

Chapter 3:

The six kats walked over to the chambers which each held a kat dressed in robes encased in a solid block of ice.

“It’s almost like those cavekats at the museum. Except these are a bit more up to date. Well, almost,” Quiver said.

“Yeah, about 1000 years up to date,” Venus said.

T-Bone placed his paw against one of the chamber doors. Above a keyboard pad was a name. It read “Chance W. Furlong. 2006.”

“This is creepy. This one looks like me, only older. What do you think happened to them?” he asked.

Shera looked at Venus’s history book and said, “It says here that the original Swat Kats came down with a terrible virus. Each new one that fell was cased inside a block of ice until the virus would died or a cure was found. When the last Swat Kat fell, the next generation of Swat Kats took on. Years pasted and the virus never died. They haven’t aged any, and it’s been close to 900 years since the first one fell.”

“And after that long locked in ice, I’ll bet the virus is gone,” Quiver said.

“Right. They say that only the descendants of the Swat Kats can free them from the ice chambers. But they don’t have any living descendants.”

“The legend said they do.”

“Even if *we* were their descendants, we wouldn’t know the code to get them out of there,” Razor said, leaning on the keyboard pad next to one of the chambers.

Suddenly, air hissed out of the chamber and the door opened. Razor gasped and backed away as the ice from the kat began to melt. The kats gasped as they heard the kat being released from the ice start breathing. When the ice completely melted off of her, she shivered and fell to her knees. Her light gray fur was soaked with ice and water. And her long black hair stuck to the side of her arms.

“Razor, what did you do?” T-Bone asked.

“I just leaned on the keyboard and she came out of it. You don’t think…?” Razor asked.

Quiver walked over to the nearest table and took a towel. She brought it over to the she-kat, who squinted with emerald green eyes.

“She looks a lot like Quiver,” Shera said.

“Yeah, only a bit older,” Venus said.

“Who are you?” the she-kat softly asked in a light Scottish accent.

“I was about to asked you the same question, lady,” Quiver said, wrapping the towel around the she-kat’s shoulders.

“I’m having trouble seeing. I guess I’ve been stuck in ice for too many years. What year is this?”

“2899,” Razor said.

“What year are you from?” Shera asked.

“Closest I can remember is 2006.”

“Whoa. Are you ever late for supper,” Boulder said.

“Once again, who are you?” Quiver asked.

“Katarina Lynn Clawson. If you think you can, will you release the others like you did me?” the she-kat asked.

“I don’t know if we can, Ms. Clawson,” Shera said.

“It’s Missus. Just put your paw on the control pad and the doors should open.”

“All right,” T-Bone said, doubtingly.

Each kat walked over to the remaining chambers and placed their paws on the control panels. Suddenly, air hissed from the chambers and the doors opened. The ice melted from the other bodies who started to shiver and breathe. Each kat wrapped them each in a towel.

Later, the six kats who were trapped in ice were around the fire that the teenage kats had made for them.

“Can you see yet, Mrs. Clawson?” T-Bone asked. Katarina looked at him, then squinted. Then her vision came into view.

“Clear as glass,” she replied, then turned to her friends. The other kats started to see again as well.

“Nice to see you guys again,” Katarina said.

They were talking to each other a bit while the six teenagers watched them. Then Katarina turned to them.

“Thank you for bringing us back. Though we never caught your names,” she said.

“That’s because we never threw them at you. I’m T-Bone Helio. These are my friends Razor Raad, Quiver Wentworth, Boulder Stone, Shera Seferino, and Venus Ravindra,” T-Bone said.

The six kats looked at each other.

“This is unbelievable. Those were the exact same names of the original Swat Kats,” the kat with the yellow fur and brown stripes on his arms said.

“Oh, boy, here we go with the Swat Kats again,” Razor said. “No one even knows the Swat Kats’ names, let alone their real names.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. From the time when we’re from, we knew everything about the Swat Kats,” the kat with the dark brown fur said.

“You know, we never introduced ourselves either. I’m Chance Furlong. This here is my brother-in-law Jake Clawson, you met his wife and my sister Katarina, Buster Whitetail and his wife Ann Gora, and my wife Tigera. We are the original Swat Kats,” the kat with the yellow fur and brown stripes said.

“Nice try, Mr. Furlong. But in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re not exactly Kindergartners,” Razor said.

“We’re just going to have to show him,” Ann Gora said.

They walked over to the trunk filled with weapons. They each took a different one. Chance took the sword, Jake took the whip, Katarina took the stars, Buster took the boomerang, Ann took the daggers, and Tigera took the bow and quiver full of arrows.

“Well, guys, it’s been a long time since we’ve used these things,” Chance said.

“Hope they still work,” Tigera said.

“We’ll just see. Fire sword!” Chance raised the sword over his head. Fire engulfed the sword and himself. Suddenly, the fire died down and he received a red, blue, and black G-suit, complete with a black mask and helmet.

“Thunder whip!” Jake said, preparing to crack the whip. Suddenly, the whip started to grow sparks that soon engulfed himself. He cracked the whip and in a blinding flash, received the same kind of G-suit Chance had received with the mask and helmet.

“Ice stars!” Katarina said, throwing the stars into the distance. Following the stars was a ribbon of ice. As the stars returned, they circled around her, creating a case of ice all around her body. When she broke free, she had received the same G-suit Chance and Jake received, except this one had a skirt on it that covered the pants. She also had the mask and helmet. She caught the stars as they continued to circle her.

“Earth boomerang!” Buster said, throwing his boomerang into the distance. The boomerang dived into the ground. Then dirt surrounded Buster as the boomerang shot back out of the ground. When the dirt lowered, Buster had received the same G-suit as the others. He caught his boomerang as it returned to him.

“Wind daggers!” Ann said, twirling the daggers in her fingers. The faster she twirled the daggers, the more the wind blew. A blinding flash appeared, and Ann received the same G-suit as Katarina.

All Tigera had to do was raise her paw in the air, and a beam of light surrounded her. When the light died, she received the same G-suit the other girls had.

The six friends looked in awe when they saw what had happened.

“Holy kats. You’re the Swat Kats,” T-Bone managed to say.

“Well, I’m happy that these things still work,” Jake said.

“If you’re the Swat Kats, and we managed to get you out of those chambers, that means…” Venus began.

“Yup. You’re the descendants of the Swat Kats,” Buster said.

“Then the legend *was* true. The last generation of the Swat Kats had children,” Razor said.

The Swat Kats nodded.

“It’s a whole new world and a whole new generation, SKs. Let’s hope we can live up to the challenge,” Chance said.

“Hey, if you’re up to full strength, then maybe you can take out a big kingpin who’s been running this city for centuries,” Boulder said.

“Centuries, huh? Must be an immortal. Who is it?” Chance asked.

“He calls himself Dark Kat,” Quiver said.

“Dark Kat?!” the Swat Kats shouted.

“You know him? Sheesh, you learn a lot when you’ve been in a coma for 900 years,” Shera said.

“No, it’s not that. We’ve known Dark Kat for years before the virus affected us. He was a criminal mastermind who we only caught about two times. He’s still alive?” Jake asked.

“Damn, he must be ancient,” Katarina said.

“Well, whatever he is, he’s still around. The Swat Kats are reborn! SKs, let’s kick some tail!” Chance said, raising his fist in the air.

“Yeah!” the other Swat Kats shouted, raising their fists in the air.

“Yeah, we got some things to settle with that guy,” Razor said.

“You’re kidding, right?” Ann asked.

“Who said you’re coming?” Jake asked.

“We brought you guys out of those ice cubes, remember? You owe us!” Boulder said.

“Sorry, Kittens. But this is too hot for you. Besides, we have some unfinished business with Dark Crud concerning that virus he poisoned us with,” Chance said, clenching his fist.


“No buts, young kat. You’re staying put,” Tigera said. Quiver and Venus both growled.

“Come on, guys! Let’s hit it!” Chance said, racing towards the TurboKat.

The other Swat Kats got into two separate jets and flew off.

“I can’t believe this! I hate being benched!” Shera said.

Quiver turned her head and saw a TV monitor. She turned it on and saw pictures of buildings coming towards them.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“I think it’s coming from the pilot’s helmet. It’s projecting pictures so that they could improve their fighting skills somehow. We can watch the action now,” Venus said, holding her history book in her paws.

“Well, it’s as close as getting in on the action as we’re going to get right now,” Razor said. They all gathered around the monitor and watched the Swat Kats go into action.

Chapter 4:

The two TurboKats landed in front of a large office building that was almost above the clouds.

“Dark Kat’s been busy,” Katarina said.

“Yeah. With us gone, he just went ahead and took over,” Chance said.

“But not without trouble from Skylar and the other Swat Kats,” Jake said.

“Well, let’s go in, Kats. We’re wasting enough time just standing here,” Tigera said. Then she walked into the building’s doors.

“Follow the Swat Kat,” Chance said. Then the other Swat Kats followed her. Inside, they found the building completely empty.

“I don’t like this. My fur’s starting to stand on end,” Katarina said.

“There’s no way Dark Crap knew we were coming. We’ve been in a coma for 900 years,” Jake said.

“Maybe we got the wrong building?” Buster suggested. The Katarina’s ears twitched.

“No chance of that, Boulder.” They looked up and saw little pink creatures hanging on some of the fans.

“Creeplings!” Chance shouted.

The creeplings glided down to the floor with their little wings and landed in front of the Kats. They started crawling all over them.

“Kat-tai-yah!” Katarina yelled, throwing all the creeplings off of her and the other Sks. The six teenage kats were watching this from the hangar on a large TV monitor.

“Hmph. Now I know where I got the temper,” Quiver said.

“And the claws to match,” T-Bone added as he watched Katarina scratching the creeplings.

“Hmm, you’re right.”

Buster threw his boomerang at two of the creeplings.

The boomerang dived into the ground, creating a crack. Then the crack grew wider and the two creeplings fell in. And the cracked closed back up again with the boomerang coming out of it. Buster caught it as it returned.

Chance and Katarina were cornered by at least six creeplings.

“Shall we, my brother?” Katarina asked.

“I don’t see why not,” Chance replied. They both growled and shrunk down on all fours. Their fur turned to pitch black. They had turned into panthers.

“Whoa! Where did they pick up that trick?” T-Bone asked, watching the monitor.

“According to the book, it says that two of the Swat Kats had the ability to change into panthers at will caused by the blue claw marks they have on them. We can see that Katarina has one on her right shoulder and Chance has one on his chest,” Venus said.

“I wonder if we could do that,” Boulder said.

“Shut up and watch the fight, guys,” Quiver said. On the monitor, they noticed some small objects flying towards Chance and Katarina. The objects hit them each in their shoulders.

“T-Bone, Quiver, are you OK?” Jake called to them. Katarina pulled out the dart in her shoulder and shook her head to clear it.

“I’m OK. Just a little dazed.”

“How is this possible?!” a voice from several stories above cried. The Kats looked up and saw a figure in a cloak.

“The original Swat Kats? Alive?!”

“Dark Kat!” the Swat Kats shouted.

“That virus should have finished you centuries ago!”

“And we would’ve thought that time would finish *you* off, Dark Crap!” Chance said.

“How did you survive?” Ann asked.

“You have your secrets, and I have mine. Megabots, take care of them!” Dark Kat pulled out a controller and pushed the button on top.

Suddenly, a door burst open. The Swat Kats turned and saw large robots come marching in.

“Perfect. Just what we needed today,” Buster said. The teenage kats watched as the Swat Kats attempted to fight the robots, but the Kats were easily defeated.

“This doesn’t look good,” Shera said.

The Swat Kats were knocked unconscious. Katarina was half-awake and pushed a button on her watch. Suddenly, a light started beeping on the control panel where the monitor was at.

“If you kittens can hear me, we could use some back-up,” she whispered, bringing the watch to her mouth.

“But how can we–?” Razor started.

“Calling for help, Swat Kat?” Dark Kat asked, snatching the watch from Katarina. The teenagers watched the monitor as Dark Kat crushed the watch in his large claws.

“You’re getting old, Swat Kats. You’re rather rusty.”

“Enough with the yakking, Dark Crap. What are you going to do with us?” Katarina asked.

“You’ll see soon enough. Oh, and this should prevent your little friends from following.” Dark Kat walked over to Chance’s helmet and crushed it. The monitor thenreceived static.

“Oh, no! What are we going to do?” Venus asked.

“We have to save them somehow,” T-Bone said.

“Good news, guys. I got their location before Dark Kat smashed Katarina’s watch. If we hurry, we can get there before they leave,” Quiver said, typing on the keyboard in front of her.

“And how are we going to get there? Hitch-hiking?” Boulder asked.

“Actually, I had something faster in mind.” She pointed to the motorcycles at the other side of the hangar.

“The Cyclotrons?” Venus asked.

“You have any better ideas?”

“What’s wrong with the bikes upstairs?” T-Bone looked at another monitor that showed upstairs where they were at earlier.

“Uh, the problem with those bikes are they’re gone. The Vipers must’ve taken them back,” he said.

“What choice do we have?” Boulder asked.

“Either we go and save them, or the Swat Kats will remain legends forever,” Shera said.

“Count me out. Isn’t it enough that I believe in the Swat Kats now? And that I believe that we’re their descendants?” Razor asked.

“Hell, no,” the others said in unison.

“Well, I’m not going to risk one of my nine lives for them. If you guys want to get yourselves killed, be my guest.”

“All right, fine. C’mon, guys!” T-Bone said, running towards the motorcycles. Three of them went on one bike and two went on another. They revved the engines and drove out of the hangar.

Razor pushed a button on the control panel and the radio came to life. The least I can do is listen in on them, he thought.

Later, the teenagers reached the building where the Swat Kats were at. They ran inside and found it emptied.

“Damn! I knew we’d miss them,” Shera said.

“How are we going to save them now? We don’t even know where Dark Kat took them,” Venus said.

T-Bone started pacing back and forth.

“Calm down, T-Bone. Besides, you’re making me dizzy,” Quiver said. Then T-Bone’s foot hit something. He looked down and saw a sword. He bent over and picked it up.

“Hey, it’s the fire sword.” He bent over again and picked up some more weapons.

“And all the other star weapons! Dark Kat must’ve left them behind.”

“Well, what are we suppose to do with ’em? Play ‘Braveheart’?” Boulder asked.

“No, the Swat Kats used these to change into their G-suits, so maybe they’ll work for us.”

“He’s kidding, right? Us, become the Swat Kats? It’s– I just can’t see it happenin’,” Shera said.

“Naturally, I agree with her. We don’t even have the G-suits, T-Bone,” Boulder said.

“Did Quiver, Boulder, and Shera have G-suits when they became Swat Kats? It won’t kill us if we just try, guys,” T-Bone said, passing out the weapons to the others.

Quiver doubtingly looked at the stars in her paws.

“Well, what do we have to lose? Uh, why don’t you go first, T-Bone?” she asked.

“Afraid, Quiver?” T-Bone asked with a sly smile on his face.

She growled and her eyes started glowing red.

“OK, OK, I’ll go first! Let’s see how Chance did that again…” He held the sword over his head and remembered what Chance did before.

“Fire sword!” Fire engulfed the sword and himself. Suddenly, the fire died down and he received a full fireproof red, blue, and black suit with a cowl over his head and a triangle on his forehead. On his sleeves were kat heads with fire inside. The others gasped in amazement to see T-Bone’s new suit.

“Holy kats, that’s incredible!” Quiver said.

“It *feels* incredible, too. You guys gotta get in on the action,” T-Bone said, looking at his new uniform.

“OK. Let’s see how Katarina did it,” Quiver said, preparing to throw her stars. “Ice stars!” Then she threw the stars into the distance. Following the stars was a ribbon of ice. As the stars returned, they circled around her, creating a case of ice all around her body. When she broke free, she had received a uniform similar to T-Bone’s, but had a skirt covering her pants, a ponytail at top of her cowl, black high-heeled boots, and kat heads with ice inside on her sleeves. “Me-yow. I like this.” She caught the stars as they returned to her. “OK, Boulder, it’s your turn.”

“OK. Let’s do it. Earth boomerang!” Boulder said, throwing his boomerang into the distance. The boomerang dived into the ground. Then dirt surrounded Boulder as the boomerang shot back out of the ground. When the dirt lowered, Boulder had received the same suit as T-Bone, but instead of fire inside the kat heads on his sleeves, he had a brown crack running through it. He caught the boomerang as it passed him. Shera and Venus looked at each other.

“Well, it’s my turn,” Shera said. She picked up the daggers and started twirling them in her between her fingers. “Wind daggers!” The faster she twirled the daggers, the more the wind blew. A blinding flash appeared, and she had received the same uniform that Quiver had, except she had lines that represented wind inside her kat heads on her sleeves. “I like this. C’mon, Venus. Do it!” she said.

“In case you’ve forgotten, Tigera didn’t use her arrows to change into her G-suit. I don’t even think that these are star weapons,” Venus said, holding up a quiver filled with arrows.

“True. You know, she *is* a god. Maybe you’re her direct descendant,” Boulder said.

“Yeah, you look a lot like her except you’re a bit younger,” Quiver said.

“Give it a shot,” T-Bone said.

“Well, OK. I’ll try,” Venus said, cracking her knuckles. She raised her paw in the air, and a beam of light surrounded her. When the light died, she received she same suit as Quiver and Shera, but she had a fire kat head on her sleeves.

“The Swat Kats are reborn!” T-Bone said, raising his sword above his head.

The others raised their weapons above their heads and cheered.

“One problem, T-Bone: T-Bone, Quiver, Boulder, Shera, and Venus have already been taken. We’re gonna have to come up with some new SK names,” Boulder said.

“He’s right, T-Bone,” Venus said.

“OK, OK. We don’t have much time to think up names because we have to save the original Swat Kats. So, we’ll just go out and find them,” T-Bone said, leading them back outside.

“What about Razor?” Quiver asked.

“He chose not to come. It was his choice.”

Then they got on the Cyclotrons and rode off.

Chapter 5:

Meanwhile, at the old litterbox factory on the east end of the city, Dark Kat’s robots were tying the Swat Kats to the conveyer belt.

“You ever get that crazy–?” Jake began.

“Don’t say it, Razor. It’s been about 900 years since you’ve said déjà vu, but we don’t need to hear it again,” Chance said.

“Only this time, there’s no escaping me,” Dark Kat said, turning the belt on. The Swat Kats struggled in their ropes to get free, but they only got closer to the grinding spike of the belt. Katarina looked about to find a way out.

“C’mon, kittens. Where are you?” she asked herself. Buster and Ann looked ahead to see they were only a few feet away from the grinding teeth.

“See ya on the other side, Kats!” Buster said.

“Kat-tai-yah!” a voice yelled.

Suddenly, a star struck the control panels and stopped the belt and the conveyer belt cold. Ann looked up to see her head was only inches away from getting crushed. She gulped.

“What?! No! That should have destroyed you! Who stopped the machine?!” Dark Kat shouted.

“Name’s Coldfire, your worst nightmares,” Quiver said, appearing with the other young Swat Kats.

“More Swat Kats?!” Dark Kat asked.

“Hey, we have lives. We can make kids,” Tigera said.

“I thought I destroyed all of the Swat Kats 400 years ago. No matter. Get them!” Dark Kat shouted at his robots. The robots advanced, making the new Swat Kats back away.

“If those Swat Kats couldn’t stand up against these guys, what chance do we have?” Shera asked.

“Like Dark Kat said, they’re rusty. They’ve been out of action close to 1,000 years. We’re fresh out of the factory,” T-Bone said, pulling his sword out.

“Yeah, we should be able to handle it,” Boulder said.

“Except…” Coldfire said.

“Except what?” Shera asked.

“They’re more experienced than we are.”

“She has a point there.” Just as the robots were closing in on them, lighting bolts engulfed one of the robots, stopping it cold.

“What the–?” they all asked at once.

“That was the thunder whip!” Jake said.

“But none of us has the whip,” T-Bone said.

“Maybe not, but I do!” a voice said. They looked ahead and saw Razor in an outfit like T-Bone and Boulder’s, but inside the kat heads were lightning bolts.

“About time you show up, Raad!” Boulder said.

“Just call me Thunderclap.”

“I’ll call you dead in a minute! Get them!” Dark Kat ordered. The robots advanced again.

“In the words of our great ancestors… Let’s kick some robot tail!” T-Bone shouted, swinging his sword.

“Shera, I could use your help here.”

“How?” Shera asked.

“You got strong enough breath to spread this fire around. Blow on the sword.”

“I’ll take that strong breath crap as a compliment for now,” she said, blowing on the sword and causing fire to spread out. The fire managed to melt the guns off of the robots’ hands.

“Ha ha!” Shera said.

“We outta start calling you Cyclone,” T-Bone said, walking past her.

“What’s a good name, Coldfire? I want it to have a good catch phrase,” Boulder said, preparing to throw his boomerang.

“This is old, but how about Rumble?” Coldfire asked, having her back face Boulder’s back.

“Rumble, huh? All right, then. Let’s get ready to Rumble!” With that, he threw the boomerang. It sank into the ground, creating a crack that caused a robot to fall in. Then the boomerang returned to him and the hole closed up.

“Rumble, it is!” T-Bone and Venus ran away from the remaining robot until they were in a corner.

“Well, since everybody is coming up with new names, what should we call ourselves before we get stumped by these robots?” Venus asked, taking out an arrow and loading it into her bow.

“Worry about our lives right now, Venus!” Venus pulled back on the string and released the arrow. It hit the robot in the chest plate and it melted into a puddle.

“Call me Firestar, then. And I’m not good under pressure so don’t bug me!”

“Yes, ma’am,” T-Bone said, obeying with a bit of pleasure.

“Hotshot,” Firestar replied, playfully brushing her tail in his face.

“Thanks, I needed a name.”

Rumble and Coldfire were just finishing up untying the original Swat Kats.

“I gotta admit it, you kittens did all right,” Chance said.

“Yeah, thanks,” Ann said.

“Wait a minute. What happened to Dark Kat?” Cyclone asked.

“Yeah, he was here threatening our existence a few minutes ago,” Hotshot said.

“Look out!” Katarina shouted. The new Swat Kats jumped as Dark Kat brought down a large pillar to the ground, trying to crush them.

“What does this guy put in his cereal? Rocks?” Thunderclap asked.

“I’ll take care of him!” Firestar said, taking out an arrow and loading and releasing it into Dark Kat’s chest. The arrow stuck into Dark Kat’s chest, showing fake fur melting off to reveal a metal plate.

“Am I the only one seeing this, or is Dark Kat actually a robot?!” Chance asked.

“No wonder he managed to live all these centuries. He transported his brain into a robot’s body!” Katarina said.

“Cool,” Buster said.

“Yet freaky,” Tigera added. Dark kat’s eyes glowed yellow.

Out of his heels came out rockets.

“You win this time, Swat Kats! You haven’t seen the last of me!” His rockets came to life and he flew out of the building through a hole in the roof.

“Well, so much for Dark Kat,” Hotshot said.

“Can we make it out in this century, guys?” Tigera asked.

“We probably won’t be able to fight in it, not with the way they fight now. But we have six new Swat Kats to carry on for us,” Chance said, turning to the new Swat Kats.

“What do you say, guys? Become the new Swat Kats?” Jake asked.

“It *was* kinda fun fighting those guys,” Thunderclap said.

“Yeah. And the Swat Kats would no longer be myths,” Coldfire said.

“And we’ll probably get more time out of school,” Rumble added.

“Not likely, Rumble. But count me in,” Firestar said.

“Me, too.”

“Me, too!”

“Same here!”

“I’m up for an adventure every once in a while.”

“And I agree. Hotshot!” Hotshot put his paw out. Thunderclap put his on top of his.

“Thunderclap!” Coldfire put hers on his.

“Coldfire!” Rumble and Cyclone put their paws on top of the others.


“Cyclone!” And Firestar put hers on the top of the rest.

“And Firestar!”

“Swat Kats!”

Chapter 6:

Lady Carmen’s crystal ball stopped glowing after she had showed Kari the future.

“And that is how the Swat Kats continued in the year 2899. What did you think?” Carmen asked.

“Well, it was certainly interesting. The Swat Kats are legends that not many believe? Man, the future’s gonna be a weird place in 900 years,” Kari said, putting her bangs up in clips.

“Any questions you may want answered, my dear?”

“Well, when do Chance and Tigera and Buster and Ann get married?”

“Ah-ah-ah, I cannot reveal everything about the future.”

“Damn. Well, is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening?”

“That, I *can* tell you.” Then she pulled out a vial and gave it to Kari. “Give them this vaccine and they will not be affected by the virus in the future.”

“Well, thanks. It’s been an interesting look into the future.” Then she walked out of the gypsy’s tent. She walked off near the forest, opened up the vial, and poured out a small bit of the liquid inside. When the liquid made contact with the ground, it instantly made a hole.

“Acid. That damn gypsy…” Then she dumped out the rest of the acid and dropped the vial into the acid puddle. Then she walked back into the fairgrounds.

“Kari! Over here!” Chance called. Kari turned around and smiled as she saw Chance, Jake, and Katarina coming up towards her.

“Hey, guys. How’s it going?” Kari asked.

“Great. How about you?” Jake asked.

“Well, let’s just say I got to see a bit of what the world’s going to be like in a couple hundred years,” Kari replied, looking up at the sky with a smile.

“You went to a fortuneteller or something? Or did you steal my phoenix gate?” Katarina asked, putting her paws on her hips.

“Which one do you want me to say?”

“Leave her alone, Katney,” Jake said.

“Katney?” Chance and Kari both asked.

“It’s another shortened version of Katarina.”

“Well, I’ve had just about enough fun for one day. What say we go home?” Katarina asked.

“I’m up for it,” Kari said.

“Us, too,” Chance and Jake both said. They walked back to the tow truck and drove home.

Kari kept silent in thought as to whether or not that fortuneteller was telling the truth about the future Swat Kats. She knew that it might have been fake, but then how did she know her name or how she knew the Swat Kats’ real identities? And who was she really and why did she give her an acid vial that was said to prevent the virus that would affect them? Right now, the only thought was not believing the story about the future Swat Kats. But however the future is shaped out, there will be Hotshot, Thunderclap, Coldfire, Rumble, Cyclone, and Firestar to defend Megatropolis in the next 900 years.


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