Original SWAT Kats Story

Change of Heart

By Kari Gilmore

  • 1 Chapter
  • 8,538 Words

Having a slow crime week, the Swat Kats take a vacation to Ana Kata. Everything’s great until Buster finds a wounded Jettona, who claims she’s turning a new leaf. Is this just an act to get close to them and strike, or has she really had a change of heart? Guest stars the Swat Kats from Storm Furlong’s series.

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Chapter 1:

Down in the hanger, Jake was looking through Katarina’s spell book mumbling to himself. Chance, Katarina, and Tigera were beside him, watching.

“OK, I think this is the one. We got all the star weapons?” Jake asked, putting his finger on the page and looked to his friends. Chance put his sword on the table in front of them. Katarina set her four throwing stars next to the sword. Tigera set her bow and quiver of arrows next to them. Jake set his whip next to them, then reached down and set a boomerang and two daggers on the table. Jake spoke in Latin, then the weapons shrunk and then turned into six silver rings with stars on them. Each star had a different design inside. “Bingo!” Jake cheered, picking up the ring with a lightning bolt in the star.

“You turned our weapons into rings. Do you realize how much the value has decreased?” Chance asked, picking up the ring with fire in the star.

“Buddy, I just increased the value. Now we don’t have to carry big weapons around everywhere. Now we have these silver, nearly identical rings. We can still transform as usual and the rings will turn back into the weapons when we need ’em. Not only that, but we can shoot fire, thunder, ice, earthquakes, wind, or water from our rings.”

“Is that the case? I’m gonna like this ring,” Katarina said, putting the ring with a snowflake on.

“Me too,” Tigera said, putting on her water drop ring.

“Buster and Ann will be around soon,” Chance said, grabbing the two remaining rings.

“Good idea. I’d better grab some milk,” Tigera said, climbing up the latter. In the middle of opening the fridge, she noticed a shadow outside the window quickly move away. She closed the door and walked outside. She didn’t see anyone, but she felt someone was still around. “I know you’re here. Come out,” she said.

“I’m almost positive I can use your twins against you, Tigera,” a voice above and behind her said. Tigera turned and saw Jettona sitting on the railing of the balcony on the second floor.

“You’ve been hanging around here a lot lately. Getting bored?”

“Mmm-mm. Just thinking of how I can destroy you and the rest of you pathetic Swat Kats. As well as your pet Digimon and Mewtwo should he ever come here.”

“You think you can hurt me through my kittens, Jettona? But you know, I think I already know how to hurt *you.*”

Jettona cocked a brow.

“And how is that?” she asked ever so sarcastically.

“Mention Axel.”

Jettona’s face winced.

“Axel.” Jettona’s voice shook slightly.

Tigera was suddenly sympathetic. “You miss him, don’t you?”

“None of your concern,” Jettona muttered.

“Jett, it’s been almost 20 years. And surely you miss the father, too.”

“I’m a daughter of Satan; a daughter of the underworld. I can’t afford to love. You know that. The only thing I can do other than torturing mortals is reproducing. Not… real love.”

“Oh, Jett, if you want love that much–”

“I refuse to become mortal like you and Demeter did! There are so few of us left. We need to plague the world with grandchildren of Satan. Besides, who could ever love a bitch like me?”

“You can’t fool me, sister. There’s a sliver deep inside you that wants to become mortal. I know it.”

“Why are you saying this? Another trick?”

“No trick. When we were on the same side, didn’t we expressed some sort of protective feelings to each other? Don’t you miss that either?”

Jettona’s eyes turned away from her half-sister. “Even if I did turn to your side, your friends would never accept me. Razor’s mother, Quiver’s best friend who was also Boulder’s sister. So forget about it, *Venus.*”

“We can both dream, can’t we?”

“…Yes.” Jettona stood on the railing, and disappeared in a fireball. Tigera softly groaned, then her ears twitched when she heard some noise inside.

“Oh, now what?” she asked herself, walking back inside. Katarina was growling at a light that appeared in the kitchen, ready to attack the first thing that came out. She saw a figure start to come through, then she pounced on it. The figure yelped in surprise, being tossed to the floor with Katarina. Chance and Jake raced up the latter of the hanger to see two more come out.

“What the–?” they both asked, then went to attack the other two. The other two figures grabbed onto Jake and Chance’s shoulders and prepared to punch. Jake and Chance did the same. The light died down, and they got a view of their guests.

“Will?” Chance asked, blinking.

“Xavier?” Jake asked, also blinking. Katarina took a good look at the she-kat she pinned.


“You forget we’re on your side, Katney?” the she-kat asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You know how I get. What are you guys doing here anyway?” Katney asked, giving Storm a hug.

“What? We can’t miss you and bug you into a vacation?” Stormie asked.

“A vacation… when was the last time we had one?” Chance asked himself.

“Well, let’s see…” Jake mumbled to himself, counting on his fingers. “Counting last year… never.”

They then heard a van pull up, then saw it was the Kats Eye News van. Ann jumped out the microsecond Buster stopped it. She cursed loudly as she walked in, followed quickly by Buster.

“Annie, you can’t argue with KEN for wanting to put you on maternity leave. I mean, the kitten’s gonna be due any day now!” Buster said, a little nervous of his wife’s foul mood.

“Buster, you know very well–!” Ann growled, then noticed the extra guests in the room.

“Well, look who’s here! Long time no see, guys!” Buster grinned.

“Gaining a little weight, Annie?” Xavier asked.

“Xavier, don’t make me kick your–!” Tigera quickly grabbed hold of her shoulders and stuffed a strawberry in her mouth. Ann blinked, then chewed, seeming to calm down. She swallowed, exhaled, and said, “Thanks, I needed that. These mood swings can be killers.”

“Ann’s the one who needs a vacation,” Chance said.

“Yeah, we know. KEN suggests we go to AnaKata to unwind. And having a pregnant newscaster for a wife is slowly leading me to insanity. I’ll be glad when she has it,” Buster said.

“Hey, I’ll tell you what, Buster. I’ll carry the next one,” Ann glared at him.

“Mmmm… a vacation. Some kats get all the fun,” Katney said.

“So… any names yet, Bust?” Will asked.

“Well, Rocky and Roxanne were the future Swat Kats, so…” Buster said.

“Things have been kinda slow around here nowadays. I’m almost thinking Jettona and Lynx forgot about us,” Chance said.

“Don’t jinx it, Stripes,” Tigera said, slapping Chance’s shoulder.

“Maybe you guys should take a vacation,” Stormie said.

“The kittens can run the place. And I can’t take much more stress, myself,” Jake said.

“Then go for it, guys,” Will said.

“You in?” Ann asked.

“Oh, what the hell? A week’s vacation won’t kill us,” Chance said.

“Let’s go pack, Katney!” Tigera giggled, grabbing Katney’s wrist and dragged her upstairs.

“May I remind you we don’t even have swimsuits?” Katney asked.

“Damn shame AnaKata doesn’t have nude beaches,” Xavier joked. Jake and Chance both growled.

Chapter 2:

The next day, most of the group was sunbathing on the beach of AnaKata while the rest were either engaged in a water gun war or relaxing in the hotel. Tigera stretched out in her new blue bikini and yawned.

She lifted up her sunglasses and said, “This is so relaxing.” Chance was in the lounge chair next to Tigera in green trunks.

“Too bad they don’t allow pets here,” he said. Katney skid to a halt in front of the pair, wearing a purple bikini top and short shorts.

“Don’t you guys want to take a swim?” she asked.

“We’re here all week. What’s the rush, Katney?” Chance asked, looking under his sunglasses. Jake stopped by Katney in red swim trunks.

“You’re gonna get burned if you stay out of the water this long,” Jake teased.

“We’ll get wet eventually. Chill out,” Tigera said. Jake and Katney took out some big water guns and squirted both of them with them. Chance and Tigera let out a yelp in surprise, becoming wet.

“You get wet now,” Katney giggled. Chance and Tigera got out their own squirt guns and returned fire. The other two yelped in surprise, then laughed as they resumed firing. Buster came out of the hotel in white shorts and a blue shirt wearing his usual sunglasses. He smirked at his teammates playing like kittens, then he frowned when he noticed something a little ways from them. He walked past them and over to what appeared to be an unconscious she-kat with golden blonde hair and pale fur. He knelt down to her and turned her over.

“Holy kats…” The she-kat opened her eyes partway.

“Boulder… help me…” she whispered, then passed out again. Buster gasped, realizing the she-kat was Jettona. She had a black eye, bruises, and small bleeding cuts on her body. He wondered how she got into this shape, and whether he should help her or not. He was especially worried about telling the team. He picked her up in his arms, then started walking back to the hotel. Katarina turned to look at him, then growled.

“Katney?” Jake asked, then looked where she was looking. He gasped.

Buster stopped in his tracks, feeling eyes burning into his back.

“Oh boy. Here it comes,” he mumbled, hearing Katney approaching.

“Bustopher, what the hell are you doing?” Katney growled.

“Call me loco, but I’m helping Jettona.”

“You are far beyond loco. Did you happen to forget she’s our enemy and she killed your sister?”

“I haven’t forgotten, but I also haven’t forgotten I’m also a Swat Kat and I help the ones who need help. And I consider her condition in need of some help.”

Jake, Chance, and Tigera walked over to see the sight.

“Let’s just take care of her. I can tell she won’t be able to fight back, so then we can ask the questions,” Jake said, a little upset that her visit is ruining the vacation.

“Yeah, besides, the sooner we take care of her, the sooner we can kick her tail outta here,” Chance said. Tigera glared at her husband and brother-in-law. Buster resumed walking inside with Jettona in his arms. About two hours passed. Jettona was bathed and clothed and in a bed. Tigera and Storm were sitting by her bedside playing Go Fish.

“Any 3s?” Storm asked.

“Go fish. Any 10s?” Tigera asked. Storm scuffed and handed her two cards. Tigera chuckled and put down four cards on the bed.

“Smart ass,” Storm mumbled. Tigera giggled. Jettona groaned softly, her eyes slowly opening. Tigera and Storm turned to her.

“Ti…ger…a?” she mumbled.

“Jett, what happened to you?” Tigera asked, leaning over her.

“Daddy got pissed at me. I was remembering my baby too much. He said I was softening. He thought beating the crud out of me would beat some sense into me,” Jettona said, holding herself.

“You realize the others aren’t too happy that you’re here. So the sooner you heal, the better,” Storm said.

“You noticed I haven’t roasted anyone yet, right? Have a little faith in me.”

There was a knock on the door. Jettona jumped, then watched as Storm went to the door to see who it was.

“It’s Will,” she said, opening the door.

“Planning on killing me yet?” he asked Storm.

“Just because I’m around Jettona doesn’t mean–!”

“Will, would you leave her alone?” Tigera asked.

“Stay out of it, Tigera.”

“Shut up! I swear you’re worse than Daddy!” Jettona said, covering her ears.

“Will, do us a favor and leave, would ya? I’ll make sure my sister behaves herself, all right?” Tigera came over to Will and started shoving him out.

“Hold on, I want to ask him something!” Jettona said, holding out a paw. Tigera stopped and Will turned to face her. “I just want to know, does everyone still think I’m bad and I did this to myself?”

“I dunno… but you know those guys. They’re hardheaded as hell,” Will shrugged.

“You gotta love ’em. Katney always has trouble with trust and she-kats. Ask Storm,” Tigera said.

Storm nodded. “It took me almost dying for her to trust me. I think it was the pillow fight that did it though.”

“And Jake may still carry a grudge since you… uh, killed him and his mom. It’ll take some time. Katney trusted me because I saved her brother from almost making a mistake.”

“Really?” Jettona asked, almost interested in knowing the whole story.

“Really. If he hadn’t gotten out of some kind of funk he was in, the city would’ve been burned down. Long story, don’t feel like going into it now.”

“I’m not in the mood for long stories anyway.”


“I’ll see you ladies later,” Will said and walked out.

“Yeah, me too. I’ll leave you two to talk and I’ll try to talk some sense into the others,” Storm said, walking out.

Jettona sighed, “I wonder why she’s trusting me so quickly.”

“She’s a mind reader.”

“That explains it.”

“Well, sit tight. I’ll bring us back some ice cream.”

“That’d be nice.”


“Of course!”

Chapter 3:

“Jake, why won’t you believe me?”

“If you lived my life, you wouldn’t either.”

Storm growled at Jake, who sat across from her on the sand.

“She killed my mother and myself once, and you expect me to actually *trust* her?” Jake asked, then noticed Athena had just sat down next to Storm.

“I understand what Jake’s saying, Storm. Do you?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Storm grumbled.

“I’m sorry, Storm, but I can’t trust anything that serves Satan for 800 years and who was aiming to kill me since I was still on the bottle. Well, I trust Tigera because she never tried to kill us,” Jake said.

“Does she have to earn everyone’s trust?”

“As far as I can see, yes.”

“Yeah… besides everything comes to those who wait. You know how the Furlongs and Clawsons are,” Athena said.

“How could I forget?” Storm asked herself. Jake cleared his throat, then stood up, dusting the sand from his trunks.

“I need to do something that’ll distract me from Jettona’s visit,” he said.

“I think Katney’s in your room, sunshine,” Athena winked.

“Mom,” Jake blushed. Storm giggled at Athena’s nickname to Jake.

“Be careful on your way back, Jake. I think I heard Tigera’s double escaped from the mental ward in our world and she might come after us,” Storm said.

“I’ll keep a lookout,” Jake said, walking away. Jake made his way to the hotel just as Tigera and Jettona were leaving. They stopped at the doorway.

“Well, Jettona, I haven’t heard anyone screaming yet. You must be behaving,” Jake said.

“Jake!” Tigera growled.

Jettona frowned, “I can be nice if I want to be. Have I made any death threats to you…?” Jake raised an eyebrow. “…today?”

“Well, maybe not. Look, I’m fine with you hanging around if you don’t cause too much trouble. You don’t try to kill me, I won’t kick your tail. A little quiet time for the rest of the week, OK?”

Jettona looked ahead and said, “It’d be easier without the Tigera double for quiet time.”

“Huh?” Jake and Tigera both asked, looking in Jettona’s direction. A she-kat with white hair wearing black vinyl jeans and a tight green shirt with a shotgun approached the hotel. She did look like Tigera and she was looking at the trio.

“My nutcase double, I presume?” Tigera asked.

“Mmm-hmm. My name is Tiger Lily,” the double said.

“Not very original,” Jettona grimaced.

“You said it,” Jake also grimaced.

“Time to die, kitties,” Tiger Lily said, raising the shotgun to their level.

“I say we get out of the hotel area before we’re blamed for the damages,” Tigera said.

“Good idea,” Jake said. The three of them started running as Tiger Lily fired off a few rounds of ammo at them. Jettona growled, turned to face Tiger Lily, then knocked her over into the sand. She then started to wrestle with her over control of the shotgun. Storm wondered over to where Jake and Tigera had stopped to pant a moment.

“What’s going on?” she asked, blinking.

“My nutcase double was trying to skin us,” Tigera said flatly.

“Looks like Jettona took care of her,” Jake said.

Jettona now had the shotgun pointed and her foot planted on Tiger Lily’s chest.

“Damn, Jetty,” Storm said.

“She never fights neatly,” Tigera shrugged.

Jettona kept the shotgun in Tiger Lily’s face and replied, “Not my style to fight nice. Now, Lily, who sent you?” Tiger Lily only chuckled and disappeared from under Jettona’s feet. Jettona growled, took the bullets out of the shotgun, and tossed them into a nearby trashcan. She broke the shotgun in two and tossed the pieces into the same can. “I hate guns,” she growled.

“Yeah, we know you like shooting fireballs than use a gun,” Jake said.

“Don’t remind me, Clawson,” Jettona sighed, sitting on a rock, brought her knees up to her face and rested her chin on them. Tigera cleared her throat, then nudged Jake in the side with her elbow.

“Ow! What?” Jake asked, a bit annoyed. Tigera motioned over to Jettona. Jake cleared his own throat, pulled his t-shirt collar away from his throat, and then walked over to Jettona. Jettona looked up, then looked away from him. “Oh stop it. I ain’t gonna hit ya or anything. Never thought I’d hear myself say this to you, but uh, thanks.”

Jettona nodded slightly, “Never thought I’d hear you say it either. Guess it was worth nearly getting myself killed. Look, I can’t apologize for everything I’ve done to you guys. The only thing I can do is ask for you all to bear with me for a little while.”

Jake nodded, then looked towards the hotel, where he noticed Katney was looking out of the window of his room. She appeared to have growled, then walked away from the window.

“May take a while for that to happen with Katney,” Jake said.

“I don’t expect it to ever happen with Katney,” Jettona sighed.

“We’ll see about that.”

“What do you mean?”

Jake turned his baseball hat around. “I’m going in.” And he walked towards the hotel.

“He’s praying for a miracle, isn’t he?” Storm asked.

“Lemme know when the war’s over. But with this team, almost anything’s possible. You never know what going to pop up,” Tigera said.

“I’ve noticed plenty of things with this team. You never have a dull day,” Jettona said.

“Wanna bet?” Tigera grinned.

“Oh yeah, things have been pretty dull in Megakat City, eh? I wasn’t doing my usual mayhem and destruction!” Jettona laughed at herself. Jake came back with his baseball hat in one paw and rubbing his head with the other paw.

“Well?” Storm asked.

“Well, I know one Swat Kat who’s sleeping on the couch tonight. Katney doesn’t believe me,” Jake shrugged.

“Sorry, kid,” Jettona shrugged.

“Nah, you never asked me to talk to her.”

“She has a hard head sometimes,” Jettona said.

“Sometimes?” Jake, Tigera, and Storm all asked.

“All the time, then. Well, thanks for trying, Jake,” Jettona said. Athena walked up the beach, then stopped when noticed Jettona. Tigera looked over at her.

“Hi, Nana,” she said, calling her a nickname most of the group called her. Jettona looked over at her, then at her feet.

“Been a while, Athena,” she mumbled.

“Y-Yes, well…”

“Mom, don’t you start it, too. Anyway, Jettona, Katney would probably forgive you if she didn’t have nightmares of her past every night. She gets a new one every night,” Jake said.

“Do they get worse?” Jettona asked, curious.

Katney approached them, “Worse and more visual.”

“I think I know what’s up with them, Katarina, but then you might think it’s some plot to hurt you.”

“That becomes a habit with me.”

“I didn’t expect anything else. It’s possible some barrier was put in your mind so you wouldn’t remember certain events. Maybe even some kats didn’t think you had business remembering.”

“Blame Bustopher for that.”

“He could be the blame for a lot of things, but he was only looking out for you and those you love.”

“I’m still trying to get him back for that. He had good intentions, but I would like to know when I lose my virginity to him,” Katney said, then turned and left.

Jake gasped.

“I think Buster better sleep with one eye open tonight,” Storm said. Tigera and Jettona both nodded.

“Hey, about we go get drunk? I got a legal ID,” Jettona said.

“You drive until we get drunk,” Storm said.

“Count me out,” Jake, Athena, and Tigera said.

“Let’s go, Jetty!” Storm said as she and Jettona walked away.

“Guess I’ll go bug Chance,” Tigera giggled and walked away.

Jake and Athena stood there for a moment, then Athena said, “C’mon. I found something that I wanna show you real quick.” She pulled him to a nearby beach house and closed the door behind them. Inside were an old movie projector and a big white screen.

“Believe it or not, sweetness, I spent some summers here,” Athena said.

“All the way from New York?” Jake asked as he sat down.

“Yep. In fact, I met Mike and Mary-Ann on this beach, too.” Athena turned off the lights and switched on the projector. The first scene was a young Chance sticking his tongue out at the camera, and then rushing over to his mother and “Auntie Nana,” both who were very pregnant. He put his ear to Athena’s swelled stomach, then giggled when his head bopped a little.

“Even then, you had one hell of a kick,” Athena grinned. Jake smirked. A new scene appeared, where they now saw Jake’s father, Shadow, sitting in a tree and smoking a cigarette. Shadow looked towards the camera.

“What is it with you and home movies?” he asked.

“It’s for me. Why does it bother you so much?” the Athena in the movie asked. Shadow jumped down from the tree and got close to the lens. Jake thought that he looked so much like his father, it’s scary.

“I don’t see a reason. You’ll always remember me,” Shadow said. The next scene was of Athena and Shadow kissing, to which Athena shut the projector off in mid-kiss.

“Ironic, isn’t it?” she asked her son. Jake nodded. They both walked out of the beach house just as Will ran up to them, in a big hurry.

“Does your car work, Jake?” he asked.

“Yeah, why?” Jake asked.

“Cause there’s been an accident.”

Chapter 4:

Will paced the hospital waiting room floor so much, he was leaving a trail. Katney impatiently and nervously tapped a claw on her knee. The rest of the gang waited anxiously for someone to come to them. Finally, a nurse entered the room.

“Storm Clawson’s family?” the nurse asked. Will nodded for the group. “There’s good news and bad news, especially for the she-kat that was with her.” Katney growled softly, then had her foot stomped on by Jake. She clenched her teeth and glared at her husband. “Jettona’s in a mild coma and Storm fractured a few ribs and broke her left leg, but we believe she’ll be all right.”

“Who was driving?” Tigera asked.

“Jettona was. From what Storm said, the car that struck them was coming from the passenger side of the car, but then Jettona maneuvered the car to hit the driver’s side. The car that struck them was way over the legal limit of alcohol blood level.”

“Damn,” Katney said softly.

“Can we see Storm?” Will asked.

“Of course. Follow me.” The group followed the nurse to a room on the second floor, where they found Storm moping in a wheel chair. There was a cast on her left leg up to her knee. She smiled when she noticed company.

“You OK, pal?” Katney asked.

“Yeah. How’s Jetty?” Storm asked. Katney mumbled under her breath.

“In a mild coma,” Jake said.

“What room is she in?” Storm asked the nurse.

“134, two doors down,” the nurse replied. Storm wheeled herself out the door, followed by the group. When they reached the door, they found Jettona in a bed, looking pale. Storm wheeled over and rubbed her paw.

“How can a daughter of Satan get into a coma?” she asked.

“I have a hunch Daddy took away her immortality,” Tigera said.

“I think he did, too. He likes to do that a lot. Mostly if they want to follow in other sisters’ examples,” Chance said. Katney waited outside of Jettona’s room, then noticed Storm had wheeled herself out and looked up at her best friend, a little red in the face.

“Katney, I’m going to ask you a question and you’re going to give me a straight answer,” she said.

“All right,” Katney said.

“Why? Jettona proved she’s not some evil daughter of Satan anymore. I mean, I understand if she tried to kill me, you’d be a bitch. You’re not one right now, but I’m not understanding why you’re acting like this.”

“It’s some act she’s putting on. I can usually tell when someone is innocent or guilty. Here, everyone thinks she’s innocent. I don’t think she is.”

“It’s like opening a can of worms,” Storm sighed, and started wheeling away.

“She’s just stringing you along, Storm! Damn it, why can’t you see it?!”

“Maybe so, Katney, but someone trusted me. She may be stringing me along, but why should it matter? What is there for me to live for?”

“Fine then. But don’t come wheeling to me when she tries to kill you.”

“And don’t bug me anymore.”

Katney winced quite visibly, then left. Jake was still in Storm’s room, then decided to leave it when Storm entered and cursed in Russian. Katney leaned against the building and sighed. She noticed Xavier was leaning next to her, lighting a cigarette.

“You know they’re crazy, right?” he asked.

“Aye,” Katney mumbled.

“Jettona’s up to something, and I’m not gonna be there when she turns.”

“Storm made it clear that she trusts her and she’d rather have her as a best friend than she would me.”

“The last thing I want is my sister hurt. And you know that’s not true. Storm sees potential in Jett for some reason.”

“Ohh, why won’t she believe she’s up to something?”

“Stormie’s the type of she-kat who looks to the good in bad kats too often… like Tigera.”

“Jettona’s her sister. I guess she should care somewhat. But I can’t face Storm now. Could you go in there and make sure they don’t get into any trouble?”

“They’re fine, Katney. Besides, I wanna stay out here for a while. Things are too stuffy in there.”

“Hmm. Hey, X?”

“Hey what?”

“You think I’m getting soft?”

“Hell no… you’re still the bad ass she-kat I met last year.”

“Heh. Thanks.”


Inside the hospital…

“She just left?” Jake asked, rubbing his forehead.

“Uh-huh. She’s probably either outside, or on the roof,” Buster said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Outside *is* the roof, Bust.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry, I’m a little absent minded right now.”

“I understand her feelings though. She still thinks Jettona is a wolf in sheep clothing.”

“I do think something isn’t right about Jettona still,” Athena said.

“Maybe you’re just imaging things, Mom,” Jake said.

“I don’t know.”

“Look, let’s just sign Stormie out and get our tails back to the beach,” Buster said.

“Good idea. Katney’ll show up when she wants to,” Athena said.

“Have you guys ever noticed that every time any heroes go on vacation, it all goes to hell?”

“Yeah. I think we’re being punished,” Jake said.

A few hours later, when Storm was checked out and everyone else had gone back to the hotel, Jettona opened her eyes and sat up in bed. She rubbed her forehead, then growled softly when she saw a giant fireball appear. Lynx came out of the fireball, and Jettona relaxed.

“You’re jumpy,” Lynx frowned.

“You rammed the car into me. What do you expect?” Jettona growled.

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it? And I think the Tiger Lily bit helped gain their trust, too. I do make a nice nutcase, don’t I?”


“Now that you’re on their good side, it would be a good time to strike.” Jettona rubbed the paw that Storm had rubbed, realizing that she really did care for her. And now she realized she *did* want friends. She *did* want love.

“I… I can’t.”


“Do it yourself. I’m through.” Jettona pulled all the hospital equipment off as Lynx rubbed her forehead, chuckling.

“I-I’m sorry. I think I heard that wrong. I must have some blood or something in my ear.”

Jettona got right in her face. “Then read my lips! Forget it!”

Lynx was shocked.

“Have you forgotten whose side you’re on, Jettona? You are a daughter of Satan!”

“I want nothing more to do with him!”

“You’ve been softening since the sixth star weapon was found and you found out Shera was pregnant. You realized you missed your baby. Daddy will take control over you again if you betray us.”

“I don’t care. Just let him try.” She began out the door when she gasped hard, then whimpered as she dropped down to one knee. A red mist appeared in the room and wrapped itself around Jettona, almost as if to strangle her. “No, Daddy, please!” Jettona whimpered.

“We will destroy the Swat Kats with your help, my dear. But not under your own free will,” the mist said. Jettona screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks. When the mist released her, she collapsed to the floor, panting hard and whimpering.

“Tonight is the Swat Kats’ last night. When she is ready, we strike,” Lynx chuckled darkly.

They did not know that outside the room, Katarina was listening. She was going to go in there and give Jettona a good thrashing whether she was awake or not until she heard Lynx enter the room. So she heard everything and knew Jettona was plotting to destroy them, but then had a change of heart. Satan had taken control of her like he did Tigera. Now she knew Jettona wanted to change. She growled softly and ran out quickly.

“I gotta find the guys before she catches her breath,” she said to herself and ran out of the hospital.

Chapter 5:

The gang was gathered in Buster and Ann’s room watching TV. Ann cringed at the TV.

“Would you look at my replacement?!” she growled.

“He’s nothing compared to you, sweetness,” Buster said.

“Buster, that’s a she-kat!”

“It is? Eew. Please tell me that’s not a mustache.”

“Looks more like peach fuzz,” Will said.

“Someone needs to call the fashion police,” Jake said.

“Anyway, I wonder where Katney is,” Chance said, looking at his watch.

“Not to mention Xavier. I haven’t seen him for a while,” Tigera said.

“I tried contacting Katney, but she turned it off,” Ann shrugged.

“And I’d check with X, but he doesn’t carry his communicator and I have a headache. So I can’t find him,” Will said.

“Ditto,” Storm said.

“They’ll show up when they feel like it. Gather around. I found another home movie we can watch. It’s of me going to the hospital and Chance meeting Jake for the very first time,” Athena said, putting a video into the VCR and turned it on. The group watched Athena’s rush to the hospital, being handed a furry bundle wrapped in a blanket, and a young Chance Furlong standing on tiptoe to look. After that, Athena turned off the VCR.

“That’s how you two originally met,” she said to Jake and Chance.

“Like we’d remember!” the two replied. The door opened, which caused everyone to look back at it. Jettona stepped through in her hospital gown.

“How ironic,” she said.

“Weren’t you in a coma not two hours ago?” Tigera asked, ready to get out of her seat.

“Yes… but Daddy broke it.”

Jake leaned over to Chance and mumbled, “I thought her ‘daddy’ hated her…”

Chance mumbled back, “You’re right…”

Jettona looked at the two and slowly walked to them.

“Daddy’s forgiven me. In fact…” She regained her usual leather catsuit, grabbed both toms by the throat and gave them very tight squeezes. “… he gave me my immortality and strength back.” Both toms choked, then Jake raised his paw with the ring on it, then unleashed a thunderbolt on Jettona. She shouted and dropped both of them.

“You!” Storm growled and swung a crutch at Jettona. Jettona grabbed the crutch from Storm and swung it, knocking her down. “I can’t believe I trusted you!” Storm grunted.

“Yes, I had just about everyone’s trust… that was our plan,” Jettona purred.

“Who helped you?” Will growled.

“My dear sister Lynx, and Daddy.” Suddenly everyone was sent to the walls of the room, and were held by invisible restraints. Lynx appeared by her half-sister.

“That’ll hold ’em. Go ahead,” Lynx chuckled. Everyone struggled as they watched Jettona walk around the room.

“The plan was this: make you think I was mortal and weak, wanting to turn over a new leaf. I earn your trust, and when we were all alone, Lynx, Daddy, and I would slowly cut off your air supply,” Jettona purred.

“Every Goddamn thing is about you, isn’t it?” Storm growled.

“It’s called revenge, Turmoil.”

“Making your already over inflated ego bigger by killing us? How about Jake? He’s god based. And Tigera, your own half-sister.”

“I can kill a sister, and Clawson is a *mortal* demigod. After all, I’ve killed him before, haven’t I?”

“If you’re really immortal, then why did you bleed when we found you?” Athena asked.

“I was wondering when someone would ask that. Yes, unfortunately, Daddy really did have to beat me. But if we succeeded in our plan, it would be worth it.”

“Oh, the plan was almost flawless. She had the trust of each and everyone of you except…” Lynx growled at her own pause.

“Katarina,” Storm and Athena said.

Jettona hissed, “Yes. The one she-kat I’ve wanted dead for over 800 years.”

“Yeah, and like you’ll ever be able to, either,” Athena grinned.

Jettona quickly gripped onto Athena’s neck and started to squeeze.

“Killing Shadow’s whore again will give me such joy…”

“I guess Dad had better tastes than I thought he did. He’d never fall for a bitch like you,” Jake growled and tried to escape from his restraints. Jettona grinned over at Jake, then released her grip, letting Athena breathe again. She then walked over to Storm.

“To think, Stormie, had you the sense to listen to Katarina, you might not be in this situation, would you?”

“There’s more than one way to skin a kat,” Storm smirked.

“You know how much that killed her, don’t you, when you trusted me?”

“You made me lose the only best friend I’ve ever had, you heartless bitch!”

“You were going to lose her anyway. I would’ve hunted her down and had one last battle with her.” Jettona backed away as Storm was struggling hard against the restraints.

“We’ll take care of Katarina in due time. Let’s kill them together, sister,” Lynx said, forming a fireball in her paw. Jettona shook her head as if to clear it, rubbing her head.

“I-In a minute. What’s wrong with me?” she quietly asked herself. She grunted then regained her hard look. Tigera cocked her head, then softly gasped.

She leaned as far as she could to Buster and whispered, “Satan took control over her.” Buster’s eyes widened, then he cleared his throat.

“I think it’s time to try this ring out,” Buster said, leaning his fist back to have his ring touch the wall. He concentrated, then the ring sent out some violent vibrations, cracking the wall surrounding him. He pulled and was free from the wall. Jettona looked to him, and raised a paw, fire engulfing it.

“Sir Whitetail… tell your little sister I said hello.” Buster growled as Jettona prepared to throw the fireball, then her paw was struck by a throwing star.

Without turning around, Jettona let out a disgusted sigh and asked, “What kept *you*?” She turned around to find Quiver stepping into the room.

“Oh, I was just fascinated how you explained this whole plan of yours. I was waiting for the right moment,” she said, looking at her claws.

“Yeah, that’s Quiver, all right,” Will grinned.

“Not for long,” Lynx growled, approaching the Swat Kat.

“Claws off, Lynx! She’s mine!” Jettona growled, pushing her sister aside.

“You want that last battle, Jett? You got it,” Quiver grinned.


“But first…” Quiver motioned towards her friends on the wall. Jettona grimaced, snapped her fingers, then the rest of the Kats were released and landed on the floor.

“Where are we having this battle? Victim’s choice tonight.”

“Bite your tongue. We’ll have it on the roof.”

Chapter 6:

Quiver prepared for the fight with Jettona, making sure she had everything ready.

“Quiver, you can’t fight her. You don’t know what’s wrong with her,” Venus almost begged quietly to her.

“Venus, calm down. I know Satan has control on her right now. She really does want to change. But it’s gonna take something like this to knock some sense into her,” Quiver whispered, checking her claws.

“Katney, I know this isn’t a good time, but…” Storm started, but Quiver held a paw up.

“I know. I know.”

“You gonna be able to handle this, sis?” T-Bone asked.

“I’m gonna give it my all. OK, Jetty, let’s go.”

“You’re gonna die this time, kitty,” Jettona said.

“What? Don’t wanna see your mummy again?”

Jettona’s face winced slightly.

“As good as that would be, no!” Jettona flung a fireball at Quiver, who rolled to the side and threw her stars. Jettona caught the four weapons and tossed them over the side of the building. Jettona went to throw another fireball, but only smoke came out of her paw. Venus grinned, holding up Quiver’s spell book.

“Temporarily takes away fireball powers,” she said. Jettona growled and pulled out a dagger from her boot.

“Fine. If I can’t kill her that way, I’ll kill her this way!”

Quiver pulled her own out from her backpack.

“Suites me just fine.” The two of them clashed the daggers together, growling. Jettona grinned, extended the claws on her free paw, and raked them against Quiver’s dagger arm.

Quiver grunted, then growled, “Wanna play *that* way, eh?” She extended the claws on her free paw and returned the service to Jettona.

“Quiver, Jett, stop it! I know everything wasn’t just some act! I know it!” Storm cried.

“I’ll take care of her, Stormie. Chill out!” Quiver said, then tackled Jettona to the ground. Jettona growled and tried pushing her off. “Not so tough now, are ya?”

“Lynx, a little assistance?” Jettona hissed.

“Hmm? Oh, I’m sorry. Were you talking to me?” Lynx yawned.

“Damn it, Lynx, get her off me!”

“Oh, no. You told you were going to kill her yourself. I’m respecting your wishes.” Jettona growled again and managed to kick Quiver off. She stood and panted.

“You know something, Jett? You keep wanting to kill me, and for what? Revenge? You know that your mother’s never coming back,” Quiver said.

Jettona’s face winced.

“And since did *you* start to care about me?” Jettona asked sarcastically.

Quiver looked over at her teammates, then back at her. “I admit that when I killed your mother I had enough guilt to drown in. Truth is, you had your revenge a long time ago when you killed Victoria.”

Jettona blinked, confused.

“So then you lied when you said I never had my revenge. Equal blows, eh?”

“Jettona, are you going to finish this fight?” Lynx asked, a bit annoyed.

Jettona rubbed her aching head. “Get out of my head, Daddy. I won’t do it anymore!”

T-Bone, Razor, and Boulder looked at each other and asked, “Daddy?” The red mist rose from a crack in the roof.

Venus growled, “Hello, Daddy. Take off that hold on Jettona, *now*!”

“Hold?” Will and Storm asked. Just then Jettona gasped and dropped to her knees. She panted and looked at the mist that was her father.

“I couldn’t help but watch this fight. You disappointed me, Jettona,” Satan said.

“What are you talking about?” Jettona sneered.

“While this plan started out as planned, you’ve grown soft and weak, much like Venus here, experiencing love and friendship. Soft and weak.”

Venus growled, “Shows how much you know about love and friendship.”

“Daddy, I-I can explain!”

“And your enemy has stopped fighting, you had the chance to kill her. You didn’t.”

“I couldn’t. I can’t,” Jettona said softly.

“Like Daddy said, soft and weak,” Lynx chuckled deeply.

“Hmm, you know, Jettona, I can’t even think of seeing you return. If you fancy the mortal world so much, then you’ll stay… as a mortal.”

“No, Daddy, please!” She groaned when she felt sharp pain in her stomach, then she felt weak when the pain stopped. She panted hard.

“You still have your firepower. Be grateful I leave you that.” The mist known as Satan disappeared.

“Lynx, you’ll not abandon me?” Jettona looked to her sister.

“Your fault, little sister. Swat Kats, we’ll let you be… for now,” Lynx said, then disappeared in a fireball. Jettona stared at where her sister disappeared, then slowly got back to her feet.

“Jett?” Storm asked quietly.

“See, even real sisters are like this. It’s no use to fight for the sake of others,” Jettona sadly said, but she was smiling. The group looked at her sadly. “Why are you looking at me like that? Why don’t you laugh? You won. I was foolish to trust my sister to help me fight.”

Venus walked over towards her.

“I’m your real sister. Do you see me abandoning you?” she asked. Jettona lowered her head and started to sob. “The reason why you’re sad is because you’re looking for love. You have to feel your own love.”

“Do I really have love?” Jettona asked.

“Of course.” With that, Venus wrapped her arms around Jettona, soothing her.

“Jettona really was set on betraying us, but after spending the day with us, experiencing love and friendship, she wanted to change. So then Satan took control of her again,” Quiver said to the others.

“But now what is she going to do? She doesn’t have anywhere to go,” Ann asked. The home Swat Kats looked at each other.

“I don’t wanna tell her. You wanna tell her?” Razor asked T-Bone quietly.

“I don’t wanna tell her. Bould, you tell her,” T-Bone quietly said.

“Uh-uh. Not me. Annie?” Boulder asked quietly.

“Mmm-mm. Quiver?” Annie turned Quiver. Quiver went to turn to the next Swat Kat, only to find they were out of home Swat Kats. She grunted softly, cleared her throat, then approached Venus and Jettona. Jettona wiped her eyes and looked at her.

“Jettona, uh, we, err, would, um, like you to stay with us?” Quiver stammered.

Jettona blinked, “I think I punched you too hard.”

“Oh, admit it. You kinda like us.”

“You have your moments, Katarina.”

“Well?” Venus asked.

“Well, all right, but don’t expect a rose garden to bloom over night.”

“Of course not!” Venus and Quiver both said.

“Eh, some vacation,” Razor said sarcastically.

“Yeah. Same time next year?” T-Bone asked. Razor nodded.

“Guys, what do you think you’re doing? This was only the first night here,” Will said. Xavier came up from the staircase.

“Yeah. We still got 6 days and 5 nights left here,” he said.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Boulder asked.

“Surf’s up!” Will shouted, racing down the stairs. Most of the group followed.

“C’mon, Jett. You can help me find those stars you tossed over the side of the building,” Quiver grinned.

“You think I’ll do OK as a good guy and a mortal?” Jettona asked.

“Hey, Tigera turned out all right. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll find your son.”

“I hope so.” They both followed the group down the stairs.


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