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Swat Kats More Than Just Your Regular Fan Fic

By Kai Celiera

  • 4 Chapters
  • 6,039 Words

When Razor is poisoned by Dr. Viper, T-Bone must think on his feet to save his friend’s life.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Swat Kats More Than Just Your Regular Fan Fic
Author: Kai Celiera
Rating: K+
Summary: When Razor is poisoned by Dr. Viper, T-Bone must think on his feet to save his friend’s life.

Chapter 1

Dr. Viper's Dangerous Venom

Kai: (grins) Well, here it is, my first Swat Kats fan fic!
Spike: (gives little drum roll)
Kai: (rolls eyes) Ahh… thanks, Spike.
Razor: Something else to torture your writing class teacher. Kai?
T-Bone: Na, Sure Shot, I think it’s she’s just going for the ‘Fan girl feels like torturing favorite character which means you, Razor.
Razor: (sighs) Yeah, because you know I love THOSE plot devices
Kai: Shut up.. You weren’t suppose to tell him…yet
T-Bone: (shifty-eyed) Right, you didn’t hear that, okay.
Razor: Whatever…what happened to ‘let’s pick on T-Bone because it’s much more fun then picking on Razor’
Kai: It died…
T-Bone: (glares at Razor) Why I outta cream you one, Razor.
Kai: (Huggles Razor) Well, you can’t because I’ve all ready got dibs on him!
Spike: What the hell kind of word is “dibs”
Kai: It’s special
Yami Bakura: What, you mean like you, Kai?
Kai: (Hits Yami Bakura with a two ton mallet) Bite me.
Spike: (grins) Okay!
Kai: (rolls eyes) Not you, stupid… As usual, I don’t own anything except for myself. So, no suing!!!
Yami Kai: (points to above statement) And, I’m selling her for top dollar!
Kai: YAMI!!!
Razor: On with the fic!


Chapter 1: Dr. Viper’s Dangerous Venom
Jake smiled as he took a big gulp of water. He and Chance were just beginning to enjoy their well deserved break at the junk yard when the alarm went off, signaling there was evil afoot in Megakat city.

“Yes Ms. Briggs?” Jake responded, nodding to Chance to go make sure the gear was ready, “What’s the problem?”

“Razor, someone’s broken into Megakat Labs,” Callie’s voice stated over the intercom.

“Leave it to me and T-Bone,” Jake announced as he got into his disguise where he was now known to the city as Razor. “The Swat Kats will take care of everything!”

“What’s the scoop, Sure Shot?” T-bone questioned as Razor jumped into the Turbokat’s cockpit. “Giant bug or man-eating ooze?”

Razor smiled at his friend’s humor. “Neither, there’s a break in at Megakat Labs,” he replied as T-bone fired up the engines and the jet took off out of the hanger. ”I bet it’s Dr. Viper up to his old tricks again.”

“Doesn’t he ever know when to quit?” T-Bone asked as they flew over the city towards their destination.

“Do I even need to grace that with an answer T-Bone?”

T-Bone laughed. “Guess not,” he said, bringing the jet down on the rooftop of the lab.

Once they had landed, the two kats jumped out and looked around for the best point of entry.

“So, what’s the plan of action Razor? You do have a plan, right?”

Razor rolled his eyes at T-Bone as he opened up the hatch to the air vent. ”Let’s split up and try to find out what’s being taken and who’s stealing it,” he explained as he crawled into the small place. “We’ll meet back here in an hour. Good luck, buddy.”

“Yeah, you too, Razor,” T-Bone said, but Razor was already out of earshot, so he probably didn’t hear him. T-Bone suddenly shivered as if someone had walked over his grave. I’ve got a bad feeling about this, he thought to himself as he followed his partner down the ductwork. I just hope Feral doesn’t decide to show up.

“What do you mean that slime, Dr. Viper, has broken into Megakat Labs?” Feral yelled at one of his officers.

“That’s what I said, Sir,” the officer replied, cowering in the far corner of the office. “And, it would appear someone has alerted the Swat Kats as well.”

“The Swat Kats!” Feral screamed, spilling his cup of coffee all over the floor. “Just the kind of trouble I don’t need.”

“Your orders, Sir?”

Feral glared at the officer. ”Dispatch the elite Enforcers,” he commanded, “And, take care of the problem…NOW!”

Razor crept quietly through the darkened hallways of the labs in search of the two voices he had been listening to for about 20 minutes.

“Would you stop messing with every chemical in the room and just grab what you need?” a deep voice questioned as the sound of glass shattering reached Razor’s ears.

“Shut up,” the other voice commanded as more glass shattered on the floor. “I’ve almost got everything I need.”

“Dark Kat and Dr. Viper,” Razor muttered a bit too loudly because the noise caused the two villains to spin around and scan the room for an intruder.

“Get him!” Dark Kat shouted as a few Creeplings appeared from the shadows.

“Crud, time to go!” Razor announced as he scrambled to his feet in the direction of the doorway only to find his way blocked by Dr. Viper.

“Lost, Swat Kat?” Dr. Viper sneered as Razor took a step back and bumped into Dark Kat.

Dark Kat grabbed Razor by his throat. “We should get rid of him, Viper, before his friend decides to show up,” he stated, tightening his grip on Razor, causing him to make gagging noises.

Dr. Viper smirked as he took out one of the vials he’d taken from the desk. “I think I’ll use the Swat Kat as my lab rat instead,” he replied, waving the metallic blue substance in the vial in front of Razor’s face. “What do you think of that, Swat Kat?”

Razor’s eyes shifted back and forth from the vial to Dr. Viper. He had a feeling that whatever was in that vial was not going to be good for him, and he was determined not to swallow any of it. Come on T-Bone, anytime you wanna show up, he thought to himself as he struggled to get out of Dark Kat’s grasp.

“Stop squirming!” Viper shouted angrily as he tried to shove in the vial in Razor’s mouth.

“Razor!” a familiar voice shouted as a figure appeared in the doorway.

Razor glanced in the direction of the doorway to see T-Bone standing there. “T-Bone, it’s about time you got…,” his voice trailed off due to the vial being stuck in his mouth by Viper.

“Drop him and let’s go,” Dr. Viper yelled as Dark Kat dropped Razor on the ground. “Sweet dreams, Swat Kat. I hope you enjoy the affects of my new poison.”

And, with that, the pair disappeared into the shadows of a smoke screen.

“Crud, they got away,” T-Bone cursed as he knelt beside Razor. “You okay, Sure Shot?”

Razor attempted to respond, but before he could, the room began to spin and Razor passed out on the floor.

“Razor!” T-Bone cried out as he shook the smaller kat to try and get him to open his eyes. “Come on, buddy, and wake up.”

Seeing that he was getting no response, T-Bone picked up Razor and headed towards the Turbokat, only to find Commander Feral standing next to his baby. “What do you want?”

“I see your friend managed to let Dr. Viper and Dark Kat escape,” Feral stated as he walked towards T-Bone.

T-Bone glared daggers at the Enforcer’s commander as he stopped a few feet in front of him. “You think you can just pin this on Razor?” he spat as he fought the urge to beat Feral to a bloody pulp right then and there. “I don’t have time to listen to you whine.”

Feral let out a laugh like what T-Bone said was the funniest thing in the world. “Yes, I’m sure you have plenty of other things to worry about,” he agreed. “Like how to save your sick friend.” And, with that, Feral got into his helicopter and took off.

T-Bone raised an eyebrow to Feral’s statement. How does he know about the poison?, he thought to himself as he set Razor in the cockpit of the Turbokat gently and then got in himself, firing up the engines in the process. Something smells like bad tuna here.

Kai: Well, there’s chapter numor 1! I hope you enjoyed it!
Spike: There yah go, Lov, makin’ up words again.
Kai: It’s a word! It’s Spanish, but I think I spelled it wrong
Razor: I’ll go get the Spanish to English Dictionary
Kai: (glares) Very funny, Razor.
Razor: I thought it was (smiles)
Kai: Yeah, well, whatever, genius. Please read and review
T-Bone: Reviews=Updates which=Readers are happy with Kai^_^
Kai: Nicely said T-Bone only let’s try for a little less complicated next time.
T-Bone: Oh…right.

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