Original SWAT Kats Story

A Dark Intro

By Kage

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,914 Words

Feral believes he’s finally caught T-Bone, that mangy SWAT Kat, but he has some crazy flight veteran instead named Mike McKatson. (Based off the author’s RPG character.)

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This Heading is dedicated to DJ Clawson and Strike with out whom
in would never have been possible. I.E. you wouldn't be reading this now
I'll try to keep this brief, if you don't know who the Swat Kats are Read 
another story most of them have a good description of them in the header. 
If you don't know much about mycharacter look you Strikes RPG page on Geo Cities 
under SOHO 9294 and read his bio!



Hit the lights (thrashy Metallica Music plays in the background)

	Thinking back I remember it like it was yesterday, that
might be because it was in fact only a few months ago. It started on
a night like many others I had been driving around trying to shake a
felling of depression that stemmed from another source best forgotten
but burnt into my brain all the same, please excuse my rambling as I
continue on. I was driving slowly around the docks when a strange
sound coming from an ally near by caught my attention. Hmm sounds
like a mugging, reaching under my seat for an old flight helmet and
my katanas glad for once that I usually keep them in my car. Stopping
I throw on the stuff I just dragged from under my seat and headed
down my dark alleyway, being careful to keep in the shadows like the
mercenary that I used to be. Stopping behind a garbage can that is
near the sight of the mugging and looking over the thugs 2 of them
both big but not so large as I, hmm the mark seams to be resting good
the bigger one is talking I can barley make out his words

   Man you just don't get it do you punk there's no one
around to help you just give us your wallet and we wont have to rough
you up

	Lucky for you sir he's wrong. 

(The punks whirl around to face Kage.) 

	What oh its just one of those swat kat wanna be's. he he

(He draws a gun)

	I'll ice him for you Johnny

(I reaching into my boot for my throwing knife.)

	Oh really, punk.

(PUNK starts to aim)

(But I'm faster, throwing my knife. I watch in satisfaction as it
thunks into his gun knocking it to the ground)

(Standing up as I draw my katanas, I grin)

(The punks back up their eyes going wide with sudden fear as they
realize how much danger their in)

	Man you ca-can't do nothing you're no enforcer.

	So why should that stop me you look like criminals to me
and I'm betting that this man the one you were mugging would be more
than happy to testify against you in a court of law 

(slapping their in the heads with the flats of my katana blades, I
watch as they slip into unconscious) 

(I turn to the rather small kat the bullies were harassing) 

	If you just alert the enforcers I'm sure that you can
have these 2 put behind bars.

(I squint as the ally fills with light) 

					(to KAGE)
	Freeze mister! You're coming with us!

	(Turning slowly my paws held out to the sides of my body)
	Ah, enforcers -- just the people I wanted to see. There two
punks on the ground behind these burning barrels. They where just
mugging this solid katizen here.

			(in a snide tone of voice)
	Really, SWAT Kat -- but were much more interested in you,
T-Bone. Aren't we Murphy?

("Murphy" nods)

	T-Bone. You Think I'm T-Bone!

	Book'em, Dan. 

	Hey, guys -- this is all a big misunderstanding . . .

(I seeing stars as the small kat behind him hits him in the back of
the neck with the lid from a garbage can)

**Later, at enforcer HQ**

			(Moaning as I regained consciousness I opened my
eyes to find myself on a cot in an enforcer holding cell)
	Hey -- who's out there? What am I being charged with? Hello?

			(from outside the cell)
	Hmm. He's awake better -- get Commander Feral.

	Huh? Guess they really do think I'm T-Bone. How could they
from what I've seen I'm several inches taller and considerably better
          (thinking : I bet I can use that line on Feral)

(Several minutes later the commander arrives) 

	SO, T-BONE, *I've* finally got you! What have you to say for
yourself? I'm gonna make you work off every cent in property damage
that you've done in my city!

	Heh heh. Feral, you've got it wrong. I'm not T-bone. I don't
even look like T-bone!

	That so, SWAT Kat? Well, you look like T-bone to me!

	Hey, I'm not even a SWAT Kat! I mean, wouldn't I need a jet
for that or something?

	If you don't have a jet then why are you wearing a flight
helmet hmm, SWAT kat?

	Hey -- it's a momento its been in my car for almost two years
-- ever since I got back to Megakat city. Besides which, why would a
SWAT kat stoop to stopping a mugging and where is the property damage
a SWAT kat would have caused? Well, Feral?

	You're right -- that is odd. I've never known you not to blow
at least something up, T-Bone.

	Sheesh -- will you stop calling me that, Commander? It's not
exactly a compliment. You know I mean. Just because I've been a
mercenary for six of the last eight years doesn't mean that I've
blown up half of a city.

	If you're a mercenary then prove it -- you must have a
service jacket or something.

			(Shudders tears welling up in his eyes)
	S-sorry, Feral. The missions I flew were confidential and
even if they weren't, I'm retired and my jacket would have been
shredded by now.

	Then what proof do you have that you're not T-Bone?

	Well, you could check the dates of my residency at my current
abode. I've only lived there a little less than 2 years and the SWAT
kats have been active for a lot longer than that.

	True, but you could have just moved. That doesn't prove that
you weren't in Megakat City, just that you did live there.

	Then I don't know what to tell you, commander -- just that I
hope you believe me, because if you try me for T-Bone's crimes it
will ruin me forever, even though you wouldn't be able to convict me.

	Hmm . . . that doesn't sound like the T-Bone I know. Why
don't you take off your little momento and let me get a decent look
at you?

	What can you give me in return? I mean, I can't believe that
it hasn't already come off, or that this won't spread to the
newspapers by the end of the day.

	Well, SWAT Kat -- I could just take it off myself, and then
you wouldn't even get the pleasure of showing me your true identity.

	Let's make a deal, Feral -- you cover up the security cams in
the corners of my cell, close the door and the window, order your men
back so they won't see, and promise not to I.D. me until after the
trial -- and then only if I'm convicted, and I'll take off my helmet
and tell you who I really am.

	Why should I make promises like that, SWAT Kat? Tell me, I'm

	Well, because I'm a hardened ex-mercenary who came to Megakat
city to start a new life, because that was only the second act of
"vigilantism" that I've ever committed. The other was about a week
ago. I just broke up another mugging because I was going to let your
enforcers take me anyway, even before that creep I just saved knocked
me out -- and a few other good reasons that escape me at this moment.

	Well, I admit that you're certainly not acting like T-Bone,
but that's still not good enough.

	Well, then how about this?
         (standing up and jumping at the same time to
bring his paws from his backside to his front in one single motion)
	If you don't make my deal and prevent this nonsense from
ruining my fiscal career, you're gonna have to take it yourself and
your sorry little stun guns aren't going to knock me down like your
run of the mill criminals.

	So you think you can beat me with your paws cuffed, huh SWAT
kat? Well, then come on!

	Oh, I don't know about that . . .
           (twisting paws in an unusual way and taking of the
now open cuffs)
	But you want to bet that I can't make getting this helmet off
without my permission a painful ordeal -- worth a lot less than I
would cost you?

	Hmm, SWAT Kat -- impressive, but doing that makes me think
that there's more to you then you let on.

	Well, there is -- but it' s not what you think and I don't
want anyone to know about it. It's kinda private

	Then if I make your deal -- and you still haven't convinced
me to do any such thing -- you're gonna tell me about it?

	I can't -- it's too personal and itos what I came to Megakat
City to get away from.

	Then you saying it's illegal, SWAT Kat.

	No such thing, Feral -- just painful and besides which, it's
level 5 top secret. That means that I'd have to kill you if I told
you, but I will say that I screwed up and lost the best friends I've
ever had because of it.
             (eyes tear up agin)

	That's still not enough to make me agree to your
stipulations, SWAT Kat.

	Well, then how about this?
           (pulls out a piece of fur from his tail and holds
it up for Feral's inspection)

	So how does that affect your situation, SWAT Kat? What, that
you can pull out fur and say we abused you?

	No, Feral -- if this were fur that probably wouldn't have
much effect would it.

	Then what is it, SWAT Kat?

	Oh, nothing much -- just a neutron detonator. Oh and by the
way, pulling it out like that just armed it.

	So it's a bomb it's so small that it probably wouldn't kill
even you let alone me, SWAT Kat.

	If it were a normal bomb, you're probably right -- but this
"bomb" as you want to call it works like a giant Microwave and since
its powered by Netoium It'll Make every living thing within a radical
mile run a feaver a big feaver about a 1000 degrees.

	I don't believe you, SWAT Kat.
              (turning to the door Guard)
	Get Me Hackle.

(a little more then a minute later the guard returns with a phone)

	Prof. Hackle -- This is Commander Feral. Here I've got a Kat
in my holding cell that says he's got a bomb the size of the first
joint on my little finger that will level every thing with in a
radical square mile.

	Well, my my -- that's highly unlikely. The only thing I know
of that could do anything like that is a neutron detonator and that
would have to have a very special power source to do anything like

	Hold on a sec, prof -- I'll ask him what he said it was made
of again.
                  (looking up)
	Well, SWAT kat -- what did you say it was made of again?

	Netoium and I said it would kill everthing not blow it up. Oh
by the way, Feral -- it goes off in just over 2 min.

				(Back at the phone)
	Did you hear him, Prof? 

	Yes, yes I did -- and it sounds like he's telling you the
truth. A Netoium bomb would really do that, terrible, just terrible.
Where does all of this violence come from?

	Thanks Prof. I have to talk to this mad man now
			(hangs up and pulls his blaster pointiong it at Kage.)
	Why don't you just disarm that and give it to me, Now!

      (Walks up to the table grabs the pad of paper that was placed there for his
intergator to take notes, and quickly scribles somthing down, then flips the pad
		over and drops the bomb into a pocket on his trench coat.)

	What are you doing, SWAT Kat? I said give me that bomb, Now my niece
is in this bulding and there's no way in hell your gonna kill her!
               (voice trembling with rage)

          (Walks up to Feral ingnroing the gun untill it is less
then a few inches from his chest, moves quickly grabs not at the gun
 but at Ferals arm pulling the gun forward untill it stops righ over
his heart.)
	Go ahead kill me, I don't really care, I even made it easy for
you I wrote down how to disarm the bomb on that peice of paper, just
pull the triger and you can save your niece, that is if you can kill me
in cold blood.

	(Shaking and trembling he seems a hair short of pulling the trigger)
	Your taking an awful risk, SWAT Kat. How do you know I won't just
shot you?

	That's becuse I know about honor, Feral. I had honor once, and I know
that you'll lose yours if you just kill me becuse deep down I know you
believe me, youd be long gone if you didn't.

     (Lowers the blaser to his side)
	Fine, whoever you are -- just stop the bomb. 

	Deal -- if you'll swear on your family's honor that you
personally will check out my story an, guarantee that you'll keep my
identity a secret even from your fellow enforcers -- even from your
niece, and that you'll keep off the records you find off the

	Fine deal, SWAT Kat. Now, disarm your bomb and give it to me.

   (Clicking a few buttons then tossing the bomb to feral who turns white as he
catches it)
	Oh, by the way Feral you had 7 seconds left.
                   (Sits down nochantly)

         (Tells the door gaurd to back off and cover up the cameras)
		Fine, SWAT Kat -- You have my word of honor and my family's
pledge of honor that I won't give your identity away. Unless this
isn't really a bomb -- then all bets are off, SWAT Kat.

	The deal has been made Feral -- see that you stick to it.
(Takes of his helmet) Now you've seen my face and got your bomb. And now for
the rest of the bargain : my name Is Michael M. McKatson I live at 210
West Boulevard and the records I have are in a safe in the floor under my
bed. It's in the master bedroom. You should have no trouble finding it. It's
the really big one.

A little break here for the heck of it. And for a qoute from Kage

     The Painful warrior famoused for fight,
     After a thousand victories, once foiled,
     Is from the books of honour razed quite,
     And all the rest forgot for wich he toil'd.
                         Sonnet 25

                   (to door guard)
	Guard that door well and keep the prisoner there. Don't
let them take him for identification. And don't mess that up!

**Later, at the crime lab**

	Well, is it what that wacko claimed it was?

	Yes, I'd say it is. It's incredible, sir. I can't even get
into it without seting it off, but I would say that this is most
defiently the most advanced explosive device that I've ever seen, who
ever made it must have been an genius plus the metals in this
"bomb" -- it's really to advanced to call it that -- are worth
several hundred thousand dollars.

	Hmm . . .I wonder where that vigilante got that kind of
money, or if he just stole it.

	No, sir -- this is not from any for the weapons firms or the
gov't. It'd have markings on it, this was either custom built . . .

	Or what? 

	The vigilante you caught built it himself. Either way, it's
worth about $300,000 dollars.

	That much?

	Yes, sir.

(Feral storms off)

**Later in the holding cell**

(Slamming open door to cell Feral enters)

	You certainly look comfortable, SWAT Kat.

	Not Really Feral oh and would you knock it off with the SWAT
Kat bit? Sheesh, it's getting about old enough.

	Well, I went to your house and read through your records. It
looks like there's pretty good prof that you're not T-Bone, but
	There's still enough to send this to trial. Oh, by the way, SWAT Kat,
you're being put on trial tomorrow. The lawyers want this done
A.S.A.P. and there's not too much I can do about it.

	Hmm, well then Feral -- if you really believe me leak the
fact that I'm being put on trial to the newspapers.

	Wait, SWAT Kat -- I thought you wanted this kept secret! 

	I do, Feral -- my identity at least -- but if you leak this
to the papers I'd bet half my fortune that the Real SWAT Kats will
show up at the trial, and then this trial would be pretty much over
wouldn't it?

	Clever, SWATK Kat. Very clever, but what if your idea doesn't

	Then it'll take me a while longer to get free, but that's not
important as long as you keep my identity a secret.

	Why don't you want people to know your name swat kat?

	I'm a business kat and it'd ruin me all my contacts wouldn't
think of me as a rulthess entrupner any more they'd think of me as a
joke and I'd never recover.

	True, but you seem to have more than enough money secreted
away for the rest of your life.

	Yeah, I do. But how would you like to have people point at
you every were you go, to have your privacy continually invaded? See
my point, Feral?

	Yes, I think I do, SWAT Kat.

	Oh and by the way Feral don't bother setting a trap for the Swat Kats they are
doing me a favor if they show up after all!

**The next morning at the Salvage yard**

	Hey, Chance -- you'd better take a look at this!

	What is it? I'm watching Scardy Kat!

			(Dropping news paper into chances lap)
	You made the front page, buddy!

	Huh . . .
           (picks up news paper and reads a little of the article)
	Poor guy, considering the way Feral feels about us. We've got
to help him -- but how?

	Well, I figure the SWAT Kats ought to put in an appearance at
the trial. It's scheduled for today  -- in about half an hour.

	Jake, you're brillant. Let's go.

**back at the holding cell**

	Come on, creep -- you don't want to be late for you trial!

	Hey, not so rough there, buddy. It's not like I'm cuffed. I
could get upset if you don't lay off.

	Wadda you mean you're not cuffed you're supposta be?

	Yeah, well, I didn't like the enforcer accesories so I took
them off.


	That's nor really any of your business -- but let's just say
that a child could get out of those cuffs.

	Sheesh -- well, put 'em back on . I don't want to get fired
and if you don't have cuffs on I probably will be. 

	Fine -- just lay off a little bit. It's not like I killed
your family or something.

	All right. Just get those cuffs back on before someone sees
you without them!

               (Clicking cuffs back onto his paws)
	Fine -- now lead the way my good man.

	All right. It's just across the street.

**at the arringment**

	Well, mister kat -- since you won't tell us who you are and
Commander Feral won't I.D. you for some mysterious reason, I have no
choice but . . .
     (stops as the rumble of a jet engine penetrates her court
	Bailiff, check that out!

(T-bone and Razor wave from the TurboKat as the bailiff comes out.
Several people are now watching them)

              (as he exits the Court house)
	So we don't have you after all, T-Bone.

	Bingo, Commander. Why would you think that you caught me,
anyway? I meen whoever you caught doesn't I mean I'm way
better looking.

	You think so, SWAT Kat? Well, maybe you're right. Why don't
you take off your mask and let me decide?

	Nice try Commander (his voice changes a little as he dose a poor imation of
Feral) What do you think I am -- Stupid? But why don't you tell me why you didn't I.D. the kat
you've got in there?

	Becuse we made a deal based on honor, somthing you wouldn't understand Swat

	I'm sure it took some fancy maneuvering to get you to make
that promise, Commander.


	That bad huh, Feral -- well now that we've put a stop to this
farce we're out of here!

	Yeah. See you later, Commander -- Much Later I hope!

(Jet leaves just as I get a good look at it)

                  (to myself)
	Incredible -- simply incredible. I've got to track them down.

(Judge slamms gavel against podium to regain control of court room)

               (As crowd quiets down)
	Now considering the recent events I'm going to have to let
the defendant go. Good-bye, mister, and try not to darken my doorstep

(I run across the street dropping the cuffs about half way and hop
into my car)

               (to Feral)
	Good-bye! I wish I could say it's been grand, but it hasn't.
I do owe you one, though.  Oh yeah you can drop off my stuff any time if im not
there just leave it by the gate.

(My car accelerates in a puff of burnt rubber but stops accelerating
at the speed limit)

	Damn -- there goes a perfectly good excuse to bust that kat! 

**A few minutes later Kage is in the hanger that is hidden under his
house. It used to belong to McKatson Tech and was used to store top
secret developmental jets**

(climbing into the cockpit of a black jet with purple trim and now
wearing an old black flight suit. There are serval out lines faintly
viable that suggest patches that have been removed) 

               (to myself)
	Boy, dad I'm sure glad you kept this hanger and its contents
a secret.
               (Grin as I close the canopy)
	You really out did yourself with this one, dad. I just wish
you could see it now that it's finished.

(pressing several buttons that open the concealed hanger door and
launch the jet using a massive catapult system)

	Now where are those SWAT Kats -- I haven't even said thinks
            (Looks at radar screen)
	Hmm . . .there they are. Good thing they haven't moved
too much yet! Must be on patrol. 

(Thrusts forward on the accelerator and grunts as the G's throw me
back int the command chair.)

**about a minute later**

	Hey, T-bone -- looks like we've got company!

	Where, little buddy? There's nothing on radar.

	Look up.

				(looking up)
	Well, well -- what do you know? Maybe Feral was closer than
he thought.

	Yeah, it does look like the guy from the newspaper.

	Well, what do you think, Razor? Is he any good?

	Yeah, T-bone -- I think he's pretty good considering that
he's flying with you upside down less than a foot away from our
cockpit at mach 2 and is giving us a paws up sign -- which means he's
only got one paw on the controls.

	True -- but whattaya say we play some canyon tag and find out
just how good he really is? 

                 (voice on the intercom)
	Sure, T-bone, but let's take it outside town -- and by the
way you can call me . . .
                  (slight pause)

 	Sure thing, Kage. How long have you been listing in on our com chanle?

	Oh, not to long

(TurboKat accelerates away from the black jet)

	Hmm -- looks like they want to play fast. Good. 

(black jet accelerates after TurboKat)

	Well, buddy -- is he still there?

	Oh yeah, T-bone -- he's still there. And he's gaining on you
for that matter.

	Hmm . . . I wonder what he's got under the hood. Well, hang
on buddy. We're hitting the desert test run.

	At mach 4 -- are you nuts, T-bone?!

	Nope. You just leave the flying to me!

	Oh Sheesh, T-bone.
           (Blacking out from the high G bank into the canyon)

	Hmm . . . they're good.
         (grunting From the sudden lateral G's as his jet enters the run)

					(to Razor)
	Well, buddy -- is he still there? Razor?
                    (looks back)
	Man, he must have Blacked out.
                    (banks jet to avoid a spire of rock and sees Kage)
	Man, he's still there. This guy is good!

(Barrel rolling plane around the rock spire and through the arch. The
TurboKat went around. Kage draws even with T-bone) 

                 (over intercom)
	Very impressive, T-Bone -- you're almost as good as they say
you are.

	Oh yeah, Kage? You ain't seen nothing yet!

(pulls up and flies over a bend in the canyon as the mystery jet
flies around it. T-bone regains the lead)

	Excellent, T-Bone -- I'm impressed.

	Yeah, well -- you should be!
         (snarls as mystery jet kicks in after burner and scoots
into the lead going right underneath him)

	But I'm still the best!
               (banks around corner at such high speed that his wing tip
touches it,  giving the lead back to T-Bone)
	Shit -- that wasn't suppose to happen!

	Yeah. Looks like you goofed up, Kage and I don't think your
gonna win now.
	(Accelerates down final straight away of run towards a
cliff wall)

	(Cutting in after burner and caching t-bone at the very
end of the canyon as both jets pull up)
	True, but it doesn't look like I lost, either.

	No, it doesn't, Kage. I'll admit that you're incredible --
seeing as that's the only way you could have tied me.

	Fine -- and I'll admit that your as good as they say. Hey,
you want to get together later?

	Not at my place. I don't trust you that much yet, but if you
want to get together at yours, just tell me where it is.

	Sure. I don't think you'll give me away. It's at 210 West.

	Hey, that's very rich neighborhood, so is your money clip as big
as your ego.

	Bigger, but my neigbors still don't like me for some reason, stop by
any time tomorrow -- at 2 will be fine. If the neighbors complain I'll
just tell them that you're actors and I was thinking of producing a SWAT
Kats Movie or something.

	Sure, sure -- listen, I'm getting low on fuel so I gotta go
back to the hanger, but I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

              (waking up)
	So did you kick his tail, T-bone?

	No, sleepy head. I didn't. What's the idea -- taking a nap
like that?

	You know what happens to me at high g's T-Bone. We did win,
didn't we?

	No, Razor. We didn't.
           (some anger in his voice)

	You mean he won?

	No Razor, he didn't.
           (starts to laugh)

	So what happened? 

	We tied, Razor. We tied.

	Really? You must be slipping!

	Hardly. In fact, we both broke the record run by 10 seconds.

	Whoa -- then he must be incredible!

	He is, Razor. I've never seen another pilot that good, except
for me, of course. I'd just love to know where he learned to fly like that,
Pilots that good don't grow on trees you know.

	Well, what else? Did you invite him to join or what?

	No, but we're going over to his house for lunch tomorrow.

	Really? Where is that? 

	210 West Bulevard. Real ritzy place, if I remember correctly.

	Did you get a good look at his jet, T-bone? It was
incredible! I've never seen anything quite like it and I can't
believe it didn't show up on our radar.

	Come on, Razor -- you must know about stealth technology. 

	Yeah, I do, but I modified our radar to pick up most stealth

	His jet must be Radar asorbant or something. Well,
sleepy-head -- why don't you ask him tomorrow?

(Jet lands) 

	Fine -- I will, but for now, don't you need to be fixing
Deputy Mayor Briggs' car?

	Yeah, yeah -- I'll get right on it, Jake. Whatever you say.

* The End *

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