Original SWAT Kats Story

Unexpected Ally for the SWAT Kats

By Julia DeLuca

  • 2 Chapters
  • 7,295 Words

Jake falls madly in love with Callie’s niece, Amelia Briggs, newest of the Enforcers. However, Amy was betrayed, so she made a vow never to fall in love again. But when Dark Kat decides to try to take over the world, Amy must put her trust in the SWAT Kats if they’re ever going to stop Dark Kat’s evil plans.

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Chapter 1

It was midnight at the MegaKat Museum of Natural History. A security guard in his late 30’s with black hair with silvery-white streaks was patrolling the museum keeping his eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. All of a sudden, a cloud of smoke appeared. The guard was coughing drastically because of the thickness of the smoke. When the smoke faded, out appeared a he-kat in his early 20’s. He had red hair and was dressed in a skin-tight black outfit that covered his whole body except for his head and neck.

“Who…who are you?!” demanded the alarmed security officer.

“I don’t think it’s any of your business, old-timer. I can’t let you get in the way of plans, now…can I….?”

The security guard reached for his blaster, but the thief drew out a small, yet sharp knife and shredded the laser into pieces. He then grabbed the cop’s uniform and hurled him into an exhibit on armor in the Dark Ages. He then searched around the museum until he came across a glass container. Inside it was a strange talisman with a black pearl in the middle of it.

“Ahhhhhh….the Scarponi Talisman. Legend says that whoever holds the talisman, promises the wielder eternal life and great wealth, fortune, and luck. Heh heh heh heh….I can’t WAIT to steal that pretty little pendant.”

Meanwhile, the guard was trying to regain conciousness….he crawled to the emergency button and pressed the silent alarm….he then collapsed, still alive, but weak from the crook’s strength. The alarm was received by a young, 21 year old she-kat enforcer with strawberry-blonde hair tied up in a braided pony-tail that went down to the tip of her tail. She was the same height as Razor.

“Hmmmm….a break-in at the Natural History Museum. Better go see what’s up this time. Lieutenant Feral, there’s a break-in. I’m gonna go and check it out.”

“I’ll go with you, Sergeant. You might need help; and don’t try to talk me outta it.”

The female cops grabbed their laser guns and drove over to the museum. When they entered the building, they saw the collapsed guard near the emergency button. Amy then put 2 fingers to his neck and checked his pulse.

“Well, Sergeant….?” asked Felina.

“He’s still alive, Lieutenant, but unconscious.”

“Good. And please don’t call me Lieutenant. Call me Felina.”

“Ok….Felina. And don’t call me Sergeant. It’s Amy.”

The 2 female defenders of MegaKat City searched around the museum for the reason why the guard set the silent alarm off. They then came across the crook with red hair. He had the talisman placed on the collar of his black suit.

“Felina! He stole the Scarponi Talisman!”

“Hmmmm….you seem pretty quick for a new-comer, Sergeant Briggs. But not quick enough to stop me! Once I escape with the Scarponi Talisman, I, Drex Ll’amas, will become the greatest thief of all time!”

“Not while the Enforcers are around, creep! Drop the talisman and place your paws into the air; you’re under arrest!” shouted Felina.

“I don’t think so, sugar.”

He then grabbed his sharp knife and walked towards the cops. Amy and Felina fired at him, but the bullets only bounced off his body.

“What gives?! We’re not even putting a single dent in this guy! Is he wearing some sorta armor under that outfit of his?!” Felina asked angrily as she kept firing at him.

“It must be the talisman. If we can blast it off, maybe we can take this thief into custody.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You pathetic Enforcers! You’ll never be able to defeat Drex Ll’amas!”

“Wanna bet, ugly! HIYA!”

Amy leaped into the air and grabbed the talisman away from Drex. When she landed, she did a low kick. and knocked him down flat.

Felina then came to Drex and placed the cuffs on him. The female cops were about to take the crook into custody, but he used his razor-sharp claws and escaped from the cuffs. He then took the talisman from the ground and tried to make his escape.

“Felina! You go get Commander Feral and some back-up! I’ll stop Drex Ll’amas!”

“Right! Be careful though, Amy. That guy’s a ruthless fighter.”

Felina went back to Enforcer headquarters and Amy headed off to stop the crook. She found him at an exhibit on the dinosaurs.

“Hands in the air, Ll’amas! You’re under arrest! Put your paws in the air right now!”

“Heh heh heh….you Enforcers were always fools, Briggs. Your justice system is so tacky!”

“I said….’put them up’… now!”

“And I say…no, baby!”

He drew out his blade and lunged at Amy. She dodged out of the way, but he stuck the blade towards her face. She drew out her laser gun, but he only sliced it in half.

“This’ just great,” she thought. “Ll’amas destroyed my weapon, I can’t contact for help, and there’s no one who can help me. How am I gonna get outta this mess?!”

“Give it up, Sergeant. There’s no one who can help you!” He then made a small cut on her lower-lip.

“Wanna bet, Ll’amas?!” asked the familiar voice of a blonde he-kat with brown stripes on his arms.

“Who said that?!” Drex asked angrily.

All of a sudden, 4 mini-slicer missiles shot out of nowhere and sliced Drex Ll’amas’ blade. Out of the shadows came the SWAT Kats T-bone and Razor, each one of them holding their Glove-a-Trixes at Drex.

“The SWAT Kats!”

“You got that right, Drexy,” stated Razor.

“Grrr….I’ll finish you off once and for all, you morons!”

Drex tried to get to the SWAT Kats, but Amy grabbed him by the tail and tossed him to the ground. T-bone and Razor dropped their jaws at that sight; T-bone, because he was amazed by her strength and martial arts skills, and Razor because of the sight of the beautiful she-kat. He was stunned by her amazing figure; model-like, yet athletic. They then rushed to her side and saw the small cut on her lower lip from Drex’s blade.

“You ok, miss….?” Razor started to say.

“Briggs. Sergeant Amelia Briggs, but everyone on the force calls me Amy.” “Wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone for a minute there. Did you just say that your last name was…’Briggs?’”

“Uhhh…yes. Is…that a problem, T-bone?”

“Umm…no. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t hear wrong.”

“Listen, Sergeant,” Razor started to say. “You wouldn’t, in any way, be related to Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs….would you?”

“I am. She’s my aunt.”

“YOU MEAN THAT YOU’RE HER NIECE?!” T-bone and Razor asked in total shock.

“Yes. Is….that also a problem, SWAT Kats?”

“Ummm, well….” Razor started to say. “Not really. Just…why would the deputy mayor’s niece have such a dangerous job like Enforcer work?”

“Well…..” Amy began.

But before the female sergeant could answer Razor’s question, the 3-some heard footsteps from down the hall. In a matter of seconds, Felina, Commander Feral, and Callie came running in.

“Heh heh…looks like the gang’s all here.” T-bone stated.

“Grrr…I should’ve known you pesky SWAT Kats were…..” Commander Feral started.

“Easy, sir. They just saved my life.”

“And if I know Sergeant Briggs right,” Felina stated, “She’ll be getting herself into even more trouble.”

Callie came up to her niece and tightly hugged her. Amy looked like she was a bit embarrassed, but she then placed her arms around her aunt’s neck.

“Amelia….thank god you’re all right. I was worried sick about you. <sigh> I wish you’d give up trying to become a detective and find another line of work. This job’s too dangerous for you…”

“Sorry, Auntie. I made a commitment, and I gotta stay with it no matter what the risks.”

“At least stop taking such unnecessary chances.”

Amy had no choice but to obey her aunt. Commander Feral grabbed Drex Ll’amas and brought him into custody. The next day at the Salvage Yard, Jake and Chance were working on a car’s engine, when they heard the sounds of a motorcycle coming in through the driveway.

“Looks like we got another customer, Chance.”

“Can’t this city go through one day without our help?”

When the motorcycle stopped, a young female figure jumped off the bike. When she removed her helmet, she placed on the sunglassed that were on her headband on top of her long, strawberry-blonde hair. She wore a long sleeved turtle-neck blouse that looked like a really short mini-dress. It had a zipper on the collar and a thick, black stripe going through the middle. The outfit also had a gold belt with ring-like buckles. She also wore skin-tight black pants and leather silvery-black boots.

“Uhhh….can we help you, miss?” Jake asked in a shaky voice.

“I think so. My engine’s having starting problems; it stops in the middle of the road every 10 minutes; and it takes me twice as long for it to start up again.”

“We better take a loooong look at the engine then.” stated Chance. “WOW! A Growler X200! I didn’t think they made these types of motorbikes anymore!”

“They don’t,” the she-kat corrected. “I put this little beauty together in high school.”

“Come on, Chance. If we don’t start now, we never will.”

In about less then 5 minutes, the motorcycle was starting up again.

“The battery was low on power. It’s recharged now, but I’d recommend that you go buy a new one.” Chance stated.

“Do you know where I can find one?” “Yeah. There’s a car part shop about 10 blocks from here.”

“Gee…thanks, Furlong. How much do I owe you 2 for the repairs?”

“Well,” Jake answered. “It usually costs $10 for repairs, but I you do me the honor of taking you out tonight for a movie, the repairs will be free.”

“Let me think; I can either pay or date. Let me think.”

Chance then nudged Jake’s arm with his elbow and whispered into his ear. “She’s not gonna go for it, buddy. I know; I tried it.”

After a minute of silence, the red-headed she-kat answered.

“I guess I’ll take the date for tonight.”

“You…you sure you wanna go out with me?”


“Well, then…..” Jake started to say. “How about I pick you up at 7 tonight?”

“Sure. Here’s my name, address, and #. See ya tonight, Jake.”

She turned her head, flashing that long red hair of hers. She placed her sunglasses on her head and sat her helmet on. She mounted her bike and drove off. Jake was totally amazed by what happened. He was shocked at the sight of the beautiful she-kat that agreed to go out with him. When he looked at the paper she gave him, he looked as though he was gonna scream. He saw the girl’s name. It was….Amelia Briggs. And her address was only a 10 minute walk from the Salvage Yard.

Later that night, he got ready. He wore a black shirt with the buttons loose and loose blue-jeans. He headed out the door and walked towards Amy’s apartment house. He took the elevator to the 3rd floor and walked towards room #213. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door opened, showing Amy’s figure. She was wearing a pink short-sleeved turtleneck under a skin-tight purple sweatshirt with an upside-down triangle showing some of her turtle-neck. She also wore light blue skin-tight jeans.

“Wow….Amelia….you look….incredibly amazing.”

“Thanks, Jake. You don’t look so bad yourself. C’m on; if we hurry we can make it in time for the movie. Bye the way; which movie are we seeing, exactly.”

“Let me put it this way; you in to horror movies?”

That night they saw a horror movie. Everyone screamed at the sight of the giant black widow with dripping fangs, all except for Amy. Jake was a bit disapointed that Amy wasn’t scared and went into his arms for comfort and protection. But in one scene, where the giant black widow ganged up on a group of teenage boys and was about to gobble them up, everyone except for Amy and Jake screamed as though THEY were the ones that were about to be eaten. Amy was then terrified to the point where she went into Jake’s arms. When the scary scene was over, Amy felt totally embarrassed about what happened. When the movie was over and Jake walked Amy home, they had a conversation about the movie.

“That was one freaky scene there.”

“Which one, Amy?”

“The one where that black widow ganged up on those innocent teenagers. It sent shivers down my spine.”

“And you into my arms.”

Amy blushed in embarrassment. Before the couple knew it, they reached room #213. Amy then took out her keys and started to open the door.

“Listen, Amy….do you think we can do this again some other time this week… if possible?”

“I don’t know. I have duty the entire week, and if I miss any day without a good excuse, Commander Feral will have my badge.”

“You’re married to your job as an Enforcer, aren’t you, Amy?”

“Married? No–I’m just very loyal in what I believe in. It’s the reason why I decided to become an Enforcer: to protect and to serve.”

“You know, that kind of loyalty isn’t found in most Enforcers these days.”

“Well–I’m not most Enforcers, Jake.”

He then leaned closer and closer to Amy’s face to kiss her. She then got scared and ran inside her room and closed the door. Jake had a look of heart-break and confusion in his face. He then slowly walked away from Amy’s apartment room.

Meanwhile, Amy was trying to catch her breath. She knew that she couldn’t have another relationship with a guy…not after what happened between her and Mike Mouser 6 years ago. She went into her room and changed into her pink silk pajamas and tied her hair into 2 braided pig-tails. She then sat on her bed and looked at the sky. The moon was full and it was filled with the glittery stars of the heavens. She then remembered that very exact full moon and starry night; the night she vowed never to fall in love with anyone again.

It was the year 1989, 1 week away from graduation and 2 days before the final exams. Amy was 17. She was walking home from her original hometown library from studying; the Milkdale Public Library. As she was walking along the trail home, she heard several giggling sounds and voices. One of those voices sounded exactly like Mike. She then peaked behind a bush and saw a he-kat that was almost 18 with medium-length black hair and muscular arms. She saw him making-out with another girl. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Mike! Mike; what’s going on here?!” Amy demanded.

Mike then turned around and saw Amy’s face. She had a look of confusion on her, and looked as though she was about to cry.

“Oh….hi, Briggs.”

“Mike…what’s going on here?! How come I saw you making-out with Julie McNailson?!”

“Like, simple, Brains,” Julie explained. “Mike and I have been dating for at least 3 months now.”

“But that’s impossible! Mike and I have been going out for nearly 3 months!”

“Not exactly, Briggs. You see, I’ve been having academic trouble in school. The coach said that if I didn’t get at least a C average, I couldn’t stay on the football team. That’s when I remembered you. You had a straight-A average in the school, so I thought that if I pretended to be in love with you, my grades would rise and I could stay on the team.”

“You mean…you were only…using me?”

“You bet he was, Brains! You now know the story, so…get lost! Mike and I want some privacy.”

Amy then had tears falling down her eyes. She then starting running from the park and ran inside her house. She ran into her room and shut the door. She then hit the bed and sobbed bitterly to sleep. But before she did, she made a solemn promise 2 herself.

“<sniff> I’ll never fall in love with anyone again, no matter how much I like him.”

Then, Amy’s flashback went away, and she was back in her apartment room in MegaKat City. Remembering that scene 6 years ago in her life brought a few tears to her eyes.

“But Jake’s nothing like Michael….IS he? she thought. I mean…<sigh> I can’t be sure at the moment. Mike did the same thing to me; acted as though he truly cared about me, but cheated on me behind the back. He only used me. I’m not gonna let that happen again. I won’t make the same mistake twice. <sigh> Jake…I’m sorry. If only you knew what happened 6 years ago. If only I could be sure that you won’t do the same to me.”

With a heavy heart Amelia set her head on the pillow and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned tuna-factory on a small island 6 miles away from MegaKat City, an evil genius was planning to make the ultimate weapon to destroy the entire city.

“Blast it!” cried out Dark Kat. “I still don’t have the fire-power to make my Doomsday Cannon! If I can get the materials I need, I can turn that cannon into the most deadly weapon this city has ever seen! And as soon as I do, MegaKat City and the entire WORLD will bow down before me as their new leader! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

His creeplings joined him in laughter.

Later the next night, a security guard pointed out that some missiles were missing. Amy arrived at PumaDyne to check out the scene of the crime. She then heard the sounds of a high-tech jet as her braided hair blew in the wind. It landed and out came 2 vigilantes.

“I was wondering when you 2 were gonna show up.”

“You mean you were…expecting us, Sergeant?” T-bone asked.

“I think every Enforcer here was expecting you 2.”

“Well…what exactly happened here?” Razor asked in curiosity.

“Someone drugged the guard last night and stole some high-tech missiles. We’ve been searching the whole area all day, but so far no clues….”

“SERGEANT! I FOUND SOMETHING!!!” cried out an Enforcer.

“Bring it over hear, Kalloway!” she cried.

The Enforcer ran towards Amy, T-bone, and Razor and gave her a piece of cloth.

“A piece of cloth? THAT’S an important clue?!” asked T-bone in disgust.

“Very funny, T-bone,” Amy stated. “This cloth may tell us who was behind the robbery.”

“Hmmmm…..the color kinda looks like Dark Kat’s cloak.”

“Hold on a second there, Razor! You may have figured this out!!!! The robber IS Dark Kat!”

“Whoah, Briggs. You sure?” T-bone asked.

“Who else would wear this type of color? And check this out; there’s some fur on the cloth; it PROVES it was him. Only Dark Kat would have purple colored fur!”

“So, you’ve basically solved this mystery without our help.”

“Not exactly, Razor. I need to find out what he’s up to with those high-tech missiles…”

“City-takeover…what else?”

“Thank you for pointing out the obvious, T-bone. But what TYPE of city-take over? THAT’S what concerns me. If I’m right, he’ll probably come back again for more missiles. I’ll track him down and stop his plans.”

“T-bone and I’ll go with you….to help.”

“Thanks, Razor….but I can handle this on my own.”

“I don’t know, Sergeant. DK’s the most wicked and cruel crimelord….”

“I said that ‘I can handle this on my own,’ T-bone.”

“<sigh> Suit yourself, Briggs. But don’t blame us if you get killed.”

“I WON’T be killed, SWAT Kat. I’m an expert in martial arts and I know how crimelords like him think. Thanks for your concern, but I’ll handle that jerk on my own.”

Knowing that Amy was stubborn and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, the SWAT Kats had no choice but to leave the crime scene at PumaDyne and flew off to their hideout. Later that night, Amy drove her car at PumaDyne and waited behind one of the stone walls, passing the guards.

“If I know Dark Kat right, he’ll be back here in any minute for more high-tech missiles,” she thought. ” I just hope that my suspicions are correct.”

It turned out that Amy was right. At precisely midnight, 2 creeplings came out and threw sleeping gas the guards. They were knocked out cold. They then snuck into the building. Amy then followed, being careful not to set off any alarms or have the creeplings and Dark Kat know that she was on to them. She caught them stealing some more high-tech missiles and they left PumaDyne. Amy followed them in her convertible, being careful that she wasn’t spotted. She then came to the MegaKat Bay and saw DK’s scout ship flying over to an abandoned tuna factory on an island.

“Hmmm…..why would grape-fur take high-tech missiles to an abandoned tuna factory?” she thought. “I’d better go and check it out. Lucky thing I learned scuba-diving back in my old hometown. The old scuba-gear I always leave in my car will DEFINITELY come in handy now.”

Setting on a wetsuit(the same as Lara Croft’s from Tomb Raider/Witchblade Revisited #1), scuba diving gear, 2 9mm pistols, and a small knife in a pouch on the calf of her leg, Amy was getting ready to dive into the water, when somebody gagged her mouth. She broke free, took out one of her pistols, and turned around. She then saw Felina behind her. She had on a dark wetsuit also. It was like Amy’s, although shorter in leg-length and tighter.

“Felina! Geez, girl; you nearly scared the wits outta me! I thought it was Dark Kat.”

“Sorry, Amy. I thought you might of been one of DK’s spies. I see you came prepared.”

“I still have some scuba diving gear and millimeters if you need any.”

“No need. I already have my own. But the scuba gear I could really use.”

After preparing for the trip, Felina and Amy dove into the water and swam towards the tuna factory. After they made it towards the island, they quickly and quietly took off their oxygen tanks and flippers and setted on their Enforcer boots. They peered into the window, but saw no one.

“Don’t see anyone, do you, Sergeant?”

“Negative, but Dark Kat may be holding a trap for us.”

The 2 female defenders of justice cautiously entered the factory without making a single sound what-so-ever. They searched around the place, then Felina stumbled upon a gigantic computer.

“That must be some sort of control matrix of DK’s,” Felina whispered. “Wonder what it’s for?”

“I’ll find out…IF I can remember all of the computer codes I learned in science camp.”

After fidgeting the buttons for a couple of seconds, Amy finally got something out of the computer. There she saw a 3D model of a brand new city on the computer. Where city hall stood, there was a castle. Where Enforcer Headquarters stood, there was a headquarters for a personal army, and where the Salvage Yard was, there was a type of dungeon.

“So that’s what DK’s up 2. He’s gonna turn MegaKat City into his own little empire! That cannon’s probably the re-modeling device, in more ways then 1. We…”

But before Amy could finish, 2 hands were clasped over the female’s mouths. The were then thrown to the floor, each one of them scarred on their shoulders. When the female defenders looked up at their throwers, the saw the evil yellow eyes of none other then the sinister crime-lord…Dark Kat!

“Well, well. It seems as though I have 2 unwelcomed guests here; Feral and Briggs. I apologize for interrupting your conversation, Sergeant.”

“Give it up, Dark Crud!” Felina exclaimed. “We know what you’re up 2!”

“Lieutenant Feral and I know that you’re gonna use that cannon of yours to re-model this city into your personal little empire! Then take over the world, if I know crime-lords like you!”

“Hmmmm….you and the Enforcers know me better then I expected, Sergeant. But since you and Feral know about my plans…I can’t let you 2 see the light of day again now, can I? CREEPLINGS!!!!!!”

Within a matter of seconds, Dark Kat’s loyal creeplings tied up and gagged Felina and Amy. He then opened the latch of a secret door on the floor of the factory and took out 2 bottles; each containing a black-widow spider.

“These are black-widow spiders, the most poisonous spiders on this planet. One bite, and you go into a dizzy phase. In the matter of 3 hours, you collapse and die. But since I love my prey to die a slow and painful death, I’ll send these creatures into the farthest corner of the secret hallway; which isn’t very far in your case.”

He entered the compartment and came back in less then 60 seconds.

“Now, 2 send you 2 Enforcer pests into the afterlife. Enjoy a painful passage into death!”

He grabbed Amy and Felina by their hair. Their mouths were gagged, so they couldn’t scream out in pain. He then threw them into the compartment and closed the door, leaving the 2 enforcer girls in total darkness. He then locked the compartment and pushed the computer over the secret door.

“Just to make sure that those 2…pests….don’t escape. Now for more important matters. Now, my creeplings….we must make out contact with MegaKat City and make our demands. Then Dark Kat City will arise out of the ashes, my capitol of crime! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

To Be Continued

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