Original SWAT Kats Story

Black Arrow

By Jessi Hilyard

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  • 3,438 Words

Jake has a new girlfriend with a thing for bows and a secret identity.

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Gabriel Alex sat quietly behind the gunners at the Megakat City Shooting Gallery. She was storing the different techniques away for  future use that night. The attractive young she-kat usually did this  every other weekend or so. When she wasn’t doing that, she was  sharpening her skills at archery. Rumor said that she was one of the best in the city. Her small house was littered with trophies from  contests and championships. Occasionally, she would go hunting, but  preferred plain target practice over all.  Another reason she came here was to check out all the tomkats that hung around the gallery. On this particular day, a handsome caramel- colored kat with dark eyes and one heck of an aim caught her attention. After watching him a while, she finally mustered up enough courage and walked up to him after he had finished that round.

“You’re pretty good. Do you come here very often?”  He looked up from reloading and smiled shyly at the pretty she-kat.

“Yeah, every week. How about you?”

“Oh, not very often.”

“Are you any good?” he asked, holding out his revolver.

“No. Not at shooting guns anyways.”

“Well, what are you good at?”

“Archery is my sport.”

He smiled and held out his paw.  “My name’s Jake.”

“Mine’s Gabriel,” she said, shaking it.

“Hey, I have to pass the archery gallery on my way home. Maybe I  could meet you there.”

“Why not? How long will it take you to finish up here?”

“Not much longer.”

“Okay, would an hour long enough for you to finish up and meet me  there?”

“Yeah. See you there.”

“Bye.”  Gabriel walked outside, smiling to herself. Jake was so handsome and  calm she couldn’t help but fall head-over-heels in love with him. If  only he knew how she felt.  Little to her knowledge, he felt the same way about her. Her deep  tannish fur, green eyes, and dark hair was enough to catch any  tomkat’s attention. Also, her good attitude and shyness fit in with that  category as well.


Dark Kat sat in his chair, going over his plans to destroy the city. He chuckled to himself, engulfed in his thoughts. It was such a perfect plan. Why had he not thought of it before?  He was planning to take over the new chemical plant and use the  chemicals for his own uses such as bombs and poisons. He had hired a group of thugs to rob the Megakat First National Bank to distract the  Swat Kats as he completed phase one of his foolproof plan. Even if  they did manage to find out, he would be ready for them, and, this time,  he would destroy them plain and simple. No machines this time, just him  and a gun.


Gabriel was at the archery gallery about fifteen minutes early, just enough time to check and adjust her bow. To her surprise, Carol, one of her hunting buddies, was there.

“Hey Gabriel, what are you doing here so early?”

“A friend is coming over to watch.”

“Oh really? What is she like?”

“_He_ is very sweet, and he’s shy too.”

“Sounds like you two will get along just fine. I’ll be seeing you.”

“Bye Carol.”  Gabriel had just made the final adjustments on her bow when Jake  walked in. He came up behind her and quietly watched her take a  practice shot. She drew her bow string, took quick aim, and released.  To his surprise, it was a perfect bull’s-eye. He walked up beside her. She glanced over him, smiled and released a second arrow, hitting the  target only fraction of an inch away from the first.

“Not bad. How long have you been practicing?”

“A few years. I was training to be an enforcer, but that jerk Feral

didn’t like my attitude or the fact that I was better then him at

problem solving, so I was kicked off.”

“I know how you feel. My partner and I got kicked off for Feral’s

mistake. We had our missiles locked and everything, but he had to have

the glory of shooting the plane down and we wound up running into his  new tower while we were arguing with him and we had to pay for it.”

“It’s just not fair.”  She raised her bow and took aim again, but she gasped in pain and it  missed the target completely.

“Are you okay?”


“What’s wrong?”

“I broke my wrist a few months ago.”  Jake found himself holding her paw and examining it. Both kats blushed wildly.

“Sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s alright.”  Jake looked at his watch.”I have to get going. Maybe we’ll see each

other again sometime soon.”

“Maybe. Bye, Jake.”

“Bye.”  When he was gone, Carol came back over to talk.

“Does he know about your little secret?”

“No. I’m not going to tell him unless we really start to like each


“Oh. Hey, speaking of that, don’t you have to start your rounds at

seven?”  Gabriel looked at her watch: 6:45 P.M.

“Oh crap! I only have fifteen minutes to get ready!”

“Yeah, you better get going.”  Gabriel quickly packed up her bow and arrows and went home. She put  her practice bow away and ran into the kitchen. Gabriel went to the  back of the pantry and crawled into a small door. After standing up,  she ran down a narrow, twisted stairwell. When the young she-kat reached the bottom, she bounded over to a locker and stripped off her  clothes. She changed into a dark, light-weight outfit. Gabriel tied up  her hair and put on a mask and helmet.

After changing clothes, she retrieved from a metal cabinet a black, high-tech, compound bow and jet black arrows. She placed the quiver of  arrows on her back and walked over to a garage door and pressed a  button on the wall. The door opened up to reveal a black ultra-light plane.  Within ten minutes, she was up in the air high above Megakat. She  turned on her radio to the enforcer calls. What luck, a bank robbery at Megakat First National Bank. Just as she was turning, two other aircraft  spotted her. One was Feral’s chopper; the other was the  Turbokat. The Swat Kats had been listening like she had been when they heard her and Feral arguing.

“This is Commander Feral. Land your craft for further investigation.”  Black Arrow smiled and flipped on her voice disguiser.

“Don’t you have anything better to do other then pick on me?”  Razor could make out Feral’s low growls over the radio. He grinned. Finally there was someone other then T-Bone and himself that would stand up to the old grump.  Felina’s voice filled the TurboKat’s cockpit.

“Uncle’s upset that there’s a new kat trying to do the Enforcers’  jobs.”

“Who is it this time?” asked T-Bone.

“She calls herself Black Arrow. That’s all we know so far.”


“Yes, she! Is there something wrong with having a she-kat as a hero?” Felina spat.

“No. No. Nothing wrong with that.”



Black Arrow stood by the doorway, getting ready to scare the crap out  of the bank robbers. She peered around the corner and spotted an  opportunity, the breaker box. After selecting and loading a diamond  tipped arrow, she took careful aim for the wall behind the top of the box and released. It hit directly in the middle, cutting the power to  the entire building.  All were quiet when they saw her dark silhouette. Her glowing eyes  were the only thing that could be made out perfectly.

“Okay, guys, put the money down.”  The three thugs slowly put the money down and raised their paws above their heads.

“Good. Now, get up against the wall like good little kittens.”  Seeing her weapon, one robber tried to make a run for it. After taking two bounds, an arrow came between him and freedom.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Black Arrow purred.

“No problem!”  The sound of sirens cut their conversation short.

“If any of you move . . .”

“Halt!!”yelled an Enforcer.

“Sorry, can’t stay and chat.”  With that, she sprinted to her plane. Just as she reached the door, the Swat Kats arrived. Razor’s heart jumped at the sight of her. T-Bone only managed to raise an eyebrow before Miss Briggs’ communicator blinked to  life.

“Yes, Miss Briggs?”T-bone answered.

“T-Bone, it’s Dark Kat. The bank robbery was just a distraction. He’s  attaching the new chemical plant.”

“We’re on our way.”  Black Arrow, who was already heading home, noticed the Turbokat  racing towards the plant. Curiosity got the best of her, and she  steered her small craft in that direction as well.


T-Bone and Razor entered the plant. Hearing Dark Kat’s voice, they  followed it down a long corridor. At the end of the hall the Swat Kats  found him, only he had been expecting them.

“So nice of you to join me,” he said, holding his `guests’ at  gunpoint. “Now, I’m going to finish what I should have done years ago.” He took aim for Razor’s heart. “Let’s get rid of you first since you are the  most likely to get away.”

“No!!” screamed the new arrival.

“What the . . .”  Before he could say another word, an arrow was thrust into his shoulder blade. Dark Kat roared in pain. Another was shot into his forearm,  causing him to drop the gun.  Speaking of unfinished business,” she said, aiming for his forehead, but, before she could release his doom, a familiar pain ran up and down her  arm, and the arrow barely scratched the top of Dark Kat’s head. He  vanished down a hole in the floor as he vowed revenge.  Razor stood, deep in thought, trying to work out what had just happened. He knew who Black Arrow was. It was Gabriel who had just saved their  lives.  He spied a creepling coming up behind her with an iron bar in its  claws.

“Gabriel!!”  It was too late; she sank limply to the floor. Razor fired his glove-a- trix, killing the creepling. He ran to where she had fallen.

“Gabriel? Wake up.”

No answer.

“Come on. Please!”

“Jake?” she asked weakly, not opening her eyes.

He nearly cried. “No. Razor.”


“We have to get you to a hospital.”

He picked her up and carried her to the Turbokat.


They left her at the hospital, relieved that there was no serious  damage caused.  The doctors did discover her true identity though: Gabriel Alex. Now, her Black Arrow days were over.

Jake came to visit her the next morning. She had been sound asleep in her room. He walked over to her bed and put his paw on her forehead.


She yawned. “Razor?”

He smiled. “No. It’s Jake this time.”

“Good Lord, this is confusing.”

“I know. Are you feeling better?”

“A little.”

“Good. I have good news and bad.”

“What’s the bad news?”

“Everybody found out who you are including Feral.”

“What’s the good news?”

“Thanks to Miss Briggs you don’t have to worry about a hospital bill,

and you don’t have to go to jail.”

She didn’t look any happier.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s back to my plain, boring life as a nobody secretary.”

“Come on, Gabriel, there’s still plenty of things you can do with your  life.”

“Black Arrow was what I did with my life, Jake. Without her, I can’t do


“I can think of plenty of things you could do with your life.”

“Like what?”  He bent over and kissed her gently. “Like get married and start a  family.”  Gabriel smiled shyly. “Those do sound like good ideas, but where would I find the right tomkat?”

“I’m afraid I can’t help you there. That’s up to you.”  Jake got up from his chair and turned to leave. He looked back at her again before leaving the room. “Think about it, okay?”

“Okay. Bye Jake.”



Gabriel returned home the next week. Her house had been trashed by  angry gangs. The walls had been spray-painted with graffiti. The  windows had all been broken. Inside the house everything had been  stolen.  Right down to her newspaper. Poor Gabriel felt like crying; even though it was a small, one-kat house, it was her home.

She ran down to her hanger and cried a few minutes, but then she  straightened up and pulled herself together. Luckily, the hanger hadn’t  been found so everything was still there. Gabriel called the garage.  Jake would know what to do (she hoped).


“Chance? This is Gabriel. Is Jake there?”

“Yeah, hold on.”  She heard Chance yell for Jake, the thumping of feet, and finally . . .

“Jake speaking.”

“Jake? This is Gabriel.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Every dirtbag criminal and gang that I ever turned in came to my  house last night and had a party. The place is a wreck. I’m afraid they  might come back tonight.”

“If you’re asking if you can stay here tonight, you’re more than  welcome to.”

“Thanks, Jake.”

“Do you want to pick me you up?”

“No, I can . . .”  The sound of heavy footsteps above her cut Gabriel short.

“Then again. I think you better,” she whispered.  Sensing the urgency in her voice, Jake understood what was happening.

“I’ll be right there.”  Gabriel hung up the phone quietly and sat down to wait for Jake.


When he arrived, he parked a few hundred meters away from her house just in case. He used the woods that surrounded her house to his advantage. When her tiny house came into view, he saw a vehicle parked in the  driveway. A small kat stood beside it, waiting for something. Jake heard some sort of conflict going on in the house. In a few minutes, the  sounds ceased and a huge, burly tomkat stepped out of the house with a ticked Gabriel in front of him. The smaller kat walked up to her and  took her chin in his paw.

“Aren’t so tough without your bow are you?”  Gabriel growled angrily and spat in his face. He slapped her across the face.

“Dark Kat sent us here to get rid of you. Let’s get this over quick –  I’m in a hurry.”  “Good luck trying.”  With that, she dropped to her hands and tripped her captor. The other  kat in front of her made a run for the car, but Jake got there first and grabbed him.

“Oh no you don’t,” Jake said, lifting his tiny opponent off the  ground.

“Oh, yes I do,” he smiled. “Get the girl, Joe!”  Another kat appeared and tackled the unsuspecting she-kat. Gabriel  didn’t know how to get out of this situation, so she was completely helpless.  Jake panicked for only a second, then slammed the small kat against the  car door, knocking him unconscious. He then jumped onto the kat that had pinned Gabriel down and sunk his teeth and claws into his back. The  tomkat howled in pain. Jake defeated him easily.  Moments later, Jake and Gabriel were watching the police as they hauled the three crooks off to jail.

“Are you okay, Gabriel?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Are you still up to staying with me tonight?”

“What do think?” she smiled.  Jake grinned shyly at her and remembered what he was going to ask her.

“Why didn’t you fight back when that kat jumped you?”

“I don’t know how to do that trick yet.”

“I could teach you.”

“No. I can manage.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

Jake opened the truck door for her and started the engine. This  certainly had proved to be an interesting evening.


Jake and Gabriel circled each other, each waiting for the other to  make the first move. She decided they had waited long enough and  pounced on her opponent. He dodged the attack and tripped her. The  anxious she-kat quickly recovered from her fall and whacked Jake one  right in the side of the ribcage. As he gasped for air, she tripped and  pinned him to the mat.

“I win again,” she giggled.

“I don’t think so,” he replied, knocking her off her feet and taking  her place as the dominant figure. “Give up?” he asked, pinning her wrists  and ankles down.

“Okay, I give.”  Jake looked down at the panting she-kat and smiled. This was the second  time in a row he had successfully pinned her. He could tell she was  starting to get tired, but she never wanted to quit.

“What are you smiling at?”

“Hmm? Oh, nothing.”  She grinned and kissed him gently. He purred softly and returned her kiss. Both were now purring deeply.

“Hey, you two,” Chance interrupted, “the mat was meant for fighting on.”  The two lovers looked up at him instantly.

“Hey, do I bother you?” Jake asked.

“No, but I’m never doing that.”  It had been several months now ever since Jake and Gabriel had chased  away the gang at her house. Now, Gabriel had practically moved in with  her fiancé, even though her house had been fixed weeks ago. Jake didn’t  mind her staying at all. He needed the extra company, and, besides, it would only be a week or so before they could sleep together without  feeling guilty about it.

Chance didn’t mind as long as they would move out when they got  married. He didn’t need or _want_ to be a babysitter. He knew that once  Jake got started it would be no time before there would be a kitten to take care of. Gabriel didn’t much either; she was already asking for it.


About a year after they were married, Jake still worked at the garage  with Chance. One afternoon Gabriel came over to talk to her husband.  She pulled him into a private corner and told him a shocking little secret.

“Umm, Jake, I went to the doctor this morning about the flu that I  have been getting on and off all month.”

“Well what’s wrong?”

She smiled shyly and kissed him lovingly.

“You do know that we have been fairly busy lately right?”

“Right,” he grinned knowingly.

“Just thought you would want to know.”

“I kind of suspected it.”

“I think you’ll make a good father.”

“And, you will make one heck of a good mother.”

The Beginning

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