Original SWAT Kats Story

Sonic Swat Kats

By Jesse Nelson

  • 1 Chapter
  • 11,086 Words

A “Sonic: The Hedgehog” crossover. Sonic and his friends get thrown into the SWAT Kat universe, and they team up with the kats to defeat some old foes.

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It was early morning in Knothole village.  Things were getting prepared for an annual information raid on Robotropolis.

Sally just entered the kitchen to talk with Sonic.

“Sonic a chili dog is not breakfast,” said Sally.

“It’s is when your me,” shot Sonic.

“And what about Tails.”  She looks at the young fox.

“I don’t see a law saying you can’t eat what you want for breakfast.  Unless you made one up.”

“I wish I could but it would be senseless.”

“I rest my case.”

“What case?  Forget it, I don’t want to fight right now.”


“Now here.”  Sally pulls out Nicole.  “I am trusting that nothing will happen to Nicole.”

“No problem.”

“But if something does happen to her, I will personally see that you suffer for it.”

“What are you going to do, take my sneaks away?”

“How about canceling the next order of chili and hotdogs?”

“She’s as save as an egg in a nest.”

“She’d better be.”

Sally leaves.

“Are you alright Sonic,” asked Tails?

“I’m fine kido,” said Sonic, “after Breakfast we’ll go to the ring pool and get another ring.  I have a feeling that I might need a second one.”

Meanwhile Bunnie was at Rotor hut for a check up.

“How are yah feel’n today Bunnie,” asked Rotor.

“I’m fine,” said Bunnie gloomily.

“Are you sure?”



Rotor went to checking her robotic limbs.  Normally Rotor wouldn’t call Bunnie to check her artificial limbs but the climate was a little more humid.  Of course he also had to check on Sonic’s Uncle Chuck, being that he is a total robot.  Rotor closes a panel on Bunnie’s lag finishing the check up.

“Everything seems to be in working order,” said Rotor.  “If anything goes wrong though…”

“I’ll get here as fast as I can,” finished Bunnie, “I know.”

“Are you sure your ok?”

“Are yuh writing a book?”

“Depends on how interesting the book is.”

Bunnie sighed then stood up.  “Rotor, I would just like to be normal.”

“Oh, I see now.  Uhm, you can go now.”

“Thanks Rotor.”

“No problem Bunnie.”


Pumadyne Labs outside Mega Kat City.  Astronomers, researchers, engineers, and technicians aimed a large telescope up into the sky.

“I is everything ready,” asked a head researcher?

“Everything is ready,” said a technician, “aiming at coordinates M-0-B-1-U-5.”

“Then lets reach out and touch someone.”

“Activating telescoping beam.”  The technician presses a large button.

The telescope began to hum as its systems began to go online.


Sonic was dashing from Robotropolis to the edge of the Great Forest.  He had just finished another info gathering mission in Robotropolis. He soon  met up with Bunnie and Tails.

“What did you find Sonic,” asked Tails?

“Nicole what does Robotnic have planned,” asked Sonic as be pulled out Nicole from his pack?

“Nothing unusual in retrieved files,” voiced Nicole.

“So the mission was for nothing?”


“Well more sleep for me.”  Sonic proceeded to put Nicole back into his pack.

“Sonic,” shouted Tails.

“What is it,” asked Sonic as he looked up?  “You not caught in anything.”

“I’m not using my tails!”

Sonic then felt himself being pulled off the ground.

“Uh-oh.”  Sonic began move he legs as fast as he could but since the ground was two feet under he didn’t go anywhere.

“Hold on Sonic,” shouted Bunnie.  “Hold on Tails.”  She began to extend her arm out to Tails, but soon felt herself being lifted off the ground as well.

Bunnie turned around and tried to grab a tree or rock but they were out of her reach.

All three soon felt themselves being propelled at a rate or speed threw space.


“Four objects have been picked up sir,” said a technician at a console.

“Are they organic,” asked the head researcher?

“The first two are,” said the technician, “the third seems to be but I’m not sure, the fourth it metallic”

“We will be able to see what they are when they come.”

“Uhm sir.”


“Target one and four are on course for us.”


“The other two are off course.  They will be landing outside the city somewhere.  It is hard to tell where though.”

“Kats alive I hope we didn’t bring something dangerous.”


Sonic and Bunnie came falling into a junkyard.  They got on their feet groaning from the pain from the impact.

“Is everyone ok,” asked Sonic as he got on his feet?

“I’m fine,” said Bunnie as she got to her feet.  “What about you Tails?”  She waited for an answer, “Tails?”

“Hey Tails, where are yah?”

Bunnie extended her legs so that she could see farther.  “Oh my stars.”

“What is it Bunnie,” asked Sonic?  “What do you see?”

Sonic began to climb a pile of junk.  When he got to the top he saw what Bunnie was seeing.

“Where are we,” asked Sonic?

“I don’t know,” said Bunnie.

Suddenly a door on the ground opened near them.  Then a large aircraft flew out knocking them off their feet.

“Hey you can’t do that,” shouted Sonic before running after the aircraft.  He used a hill of junk to propel himself to the aircraft.

Sonic barely managed to get a hand on a vertical tail fin.  He slowly brought his hand down to his sneakers turning on his magnetic shoes then stepping onto the aircraft.

Meanwhile Bunnie watched as Sonic and the aircraft flew off.  She returned to her normal height and went to the open door.  She stepped in just as the door closed.

T-Bone and Razor flew to the city to stop the Metallikats.

“Crud,” shouted Razor.

“What is it,” asked T-Bone?

“Someone’s in the hanger!”

“What?!  How?”

“I don’t know.”

Razor began to hear a knocking above him.  He looks up and sees a blue face outside the canopy.

“Ahh,” shouted Razor.

“What,” questioned T-Bone?

“Something’s on the jet.”

“Now you’re pulling my tail.”

“No, someone’s on the jet.”

By now they were well in the city.

On the jet Sonic gazed at the city.  He had never seen anything like it.  In a way to him it was a mix of Robotropolis and Mobotropolis.  There was a light amount of smog but the were not robots to be seen.

Sonic felt the jet stop then fall at a slow pace.

“Look like I’d better get off.”  Sonic jumped off the jet and spun all the way to the streets below.

The jet landed and the canopy opened.  Razor came out and turned to looked the back of the jet.  There was nothing there.

“So where the guy on the jet,” asked T-Bone?

“There was someone here,” defended Razor.

“Right.  Come on, Callie needs our help.”

“What are you two doing here,” asked Feral?

“We got paged.”

Above Mac held the deputy mayor out of the top window.

“Hey grease monkeys,” shouted Mac from the top of city hall. “You want the deputy mayor… catch.”  Mac drops Callie.

“No,” shouted T-Bone.

Everyone on the ground watched as the deputy mayor fell.

T-Bone walked still starring up.  Suddenly something pushed him to the ground.

A blue object ran up city hall.  The blue streak caught the deputy mayor then ran into the window she fell out of.

In city hall Sonic set down the kat he just saved then turned his attention to the robots in the room.

“All right robutts,” said Sonic, “time to learn you don’t mess with the living.”

“What the hell are you,” asked the short robot loudly?

“Someone you are going to regret messing with.”

Sonic jumped on the small one kicking it back.  This did not do much.  Both robots began to fire at him.  He just ran circles around them.  He soon went into a buzz saw and began to cut into the floor.

Mac and Molly had a hard time hitting the blue creature because it was moving too fast for their computer sensors.

“Stop moving you blue freak,” shouted Molly.

Suddenly he stops.

“Very stupid,” said Mac.

“No, very smart,” said Sonic waving.


The floor under them fell leaving a large circle hole in the floor.  Sonic looks down the hole only to find that the robots were aiming at him.

“What the…”  blast came at Sonic before he could finish his sentence.

Sonic decided he that he did his part.  He went back to the kat he saved picked her up and jumped back out the window.

“What are you doing?” shouted the kat.

“Trust me.”  with a free hand Sonic turned on his antigravity shoes and slowly fell to the ground.

When he got to the ground all guns aimed at him.

“Hey, the robo goons are up there,” said Sonic.

“Deputy mayor,” called out Feral, “please step away.”

Callie did.

“What, you don’t trust me,” asked Sonic?

“I don’t trust anybody would endanger any life.”

“Then excuse me.  If you got nothing else to do then…”  In a flash Sonic dashed away knocking over two enforcers.

“Enforcers fire!”

“We can’t sir,” said and Enforcer, “he’s too far out of range.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Feral if you don’t mind,” said Callie, “the Metallikats are still in my office.”


In a large facility scientist and researchers examine a vehicle that was recently brought to them.  It was egg shaped.  There were what seemed to be couple of  gun ports on top and two in the front. The top half was a red color excepted for the darkly tinted windshield.  The rest was black.

Already the researchers have guessed that the technology was more advanced than there own.  They came to this conclusion because the aircraft was floating over the ground without the use of air. Pumadyne Labs hasn’t come close to creating an antigravity device.

“Hello,” called the head researcher to the aircraft, “is there anyone inside.  We have one of your kind.  A young two tailed, uh, resident from your planet.”

Inside a large, round figure sat and listened to the kat outside.

A young two tailed resident from Mobius, thought the figure, sounds like the young brat that sticks around Sonic.

“Swat bots,” called the figure, “exit the pod, and address me as Julian.”

Outside two doors on the aircraft opened on both sides.  Two large black robots walked out.

“Kats alive,” said the head researcher, “we brought a robotic race.”

At that moment a large, round, figure walked out.

“Greetings,” said the figure.

“You look nothing like the other,” said the researcher.

“I know.  There are many other races on my planet.  My name is Julian.”

“James Brian.”  The researcher stepped up to Julian and shook his hand.  “I assume you are from an advance world than ours.”

“I assume you were more advanced than ours.  Technology on my planet has never reached to another planets.”

From behind James three guards and Tails stepped in the facility.

“Robotnic!”  Tails began to float into the air.

“Swat Bots,” called Julian, “capture the criminal, low power!”

The two robots began to aim and shoot at Tails.  Tails flew as fast as he could to avoid being hit, but ended up crashing to the floor after one hit.

One of the robots walked up and picked up a knocked out Tails by his arms.

“How can he be a criminal,” asked James, “he is so young.”

“He is part a rebellious terrorist group against me and my kingdom.  Because of them this happened.”  Julian showed his metallic arm.

“Kats alive, you lost your arm.”

“Uh, yes.”

“I can well see your robot technology as well as your bionic are far greater then ours.”

“I see.  Tell me were there any other residents that you picked up from my planet.”

“Yes, there were.”


Sonic finally manages to find the junk he landed in earlier. Unfortunately Bunnie was nowhere to be found.

“Great now I lost Tails and Bunnie,” said Sonic.  Suddenly a rare occasion accrued with Sonic, he got an idea.  He pulled out Nicole from his pack.  “Nicole you still there?”

“Affirmative,” voice the computer.

“Can you find Tails or Bunnie.”

“Bunnie found.”

“Good, where?”

Nicole navigated Sonic threw the junk yard until he got to a familiar spot.

“Ok Nicole, where is she?”

“Straight ahead, twenty feet under ground surface.”

“I think your scanners are whacked.  How can she be twenty feet below the ground?”

“There is a large access tunnel in font of you.”

Sonic looks down and began to move some dirt away.  There was a metal door in the ground.

“Nicole can you open it.”


“Then do it!”

The door opened revealing a runway.  Sonic walked in and put Nicole away.

“Hey Bunnie,” shouted Sonic, “are you in here?”

“I’m down here Sonic,” came Bunnie’s voice.

Sonic quickly followed her voice to her.  Sonic found himself in large work shop.

They soon heard something that got louder and louder.

“Hide,” said Bunnie as she dashed behind some barrels.

Sonic also hid.

The Turbokat rests on its rotating platform the occupants exit but are still tense.

“Who’s in here,” shouted the large one.

The other went to a console and turned on the monitor.  There were four different scenes on the screen.  He slowly checks threw all of them.

“There,” he said, “T-Bone behind the oil barrels.”


Uh-oh, thought Bunnie.

The kat was just about to look over the barrels when Sonic made his presence.

“Hey, over here,” shouted Sonic as he showed himself.

“You,” T-Bone turned and faced him.

Bunnie took the opportunity.  She stood up and grabbed the kat’s arm with her robotic one.  Then held him up.

“Now what is wrong with yuh all,” said Bunnie, “we’re not trying to hurt yah.”

“Well we would like to keep our identities a secret,” said Razor before shooting his mini cement cannon at her.

“Hey,” shouted Sonic dashing at Razor.  Sonic shoulder rammed the kat knocking off his feet.

On the ground Razor swiped his leg across the floor tripping the blue one.

“Gee I thought you would be more polite knowing I’m around,” said Sonic as he got to his feet.

“We don’t even know who you are,” Razor aimed his glove-a-trix at him.

“What Robotnic’s doing mind wipes or something?”


Just then an arm reached out grabbing Razor’s arm with the glove-a-trix.

“I got them pinned down sugah hog,” said Bunnie.

“Thanks Bunnie.  Now who are you?”

“We should be the ones asking the questions,” said Razor, “you’re on our turf.”

“Mobius belongs to everyone.”


“Don’t play dumb with me.”

“Who’s playing?”

“Your serious?”

“Dead serious.”  Razor slipped out of his glove-a-trix and jumped at Sonic.

The two tumbled around while T-Bone threw Bunnie off him.

Razor soon had Sonic in a head lock.

“Give up,” questioned Razor?

“Never.”  Sonic went into a quick spin throwing the kat off him. Sonic then began to run around the Razor putting him in a cyclone.

T-Bone was caught off guard went the cyclone appeared.  He was soon decked by Bunnie’s right hook.

“All right,” shouted Razor, “I give.”

The cyclone stopped and Razor fell hard to the floor.

“Now answer my question,” demanded Sonic.  “Who are you?”

“The Swat Kats, who do you think,” said Razor as he got to his feet.

“Never heard of yuh.”

“I figured as much.  Your not from this planet.”

“What makes you think that?”

“For one you’re not a kat.”


“This is a kat populated world.”

“Not very nice I’d say.  I got a twenty-one gun salute all aimed at me.”

“Don’t feel bad Feral wants to do that to us,” said T-Bone as he got on his feet.  “You got a killer right hook,” said T-Bone to Bunnie.

“You want to try my left,” said Bunnie showing her other arm.

“Uh no.”

“Ok,” said Sonic, “if this is a kat populated world then how did we get here.”

“Sonic why don’t you ask Nicole,” suggested Bunnie.

“Who’s Nicole,” asked Razor?

Sonic just pulled out a small hand held device, Nicole, and opened it.

“Nicole any idea where we are,” asked Sonic?

“None,” voice Nicole.

“Any idea how we got here?”


“Do got anything that can help us.”


“Is that a micro computer,” asked Razor.

“I am a artificial intelligence, compact, super computer,” said Nicole.

“Wow, will it respond to anybody.”

“Just about,” said Sonic.

“Can you show a star map?”

“Nicole grant the cat’s request.”


Nicole projected a hologram of a galaxy.

“What system are you from,” asked Razor?

A bright dot appeared on the map.

“Razor what are you getting at,” asked T-Bone?

“I read that Pumadyne was building a giant telescope that is also a tractor beam.  Here is our system.”  Razor pointed on the map.

“What you think Pumadyne took them off there planet?”

“I does explain them here.”

“Who’s Pumadyne,” asked Bunnie?

“A science research center.”

“Maybe that’s where Tails is.”


“Someone we lost on the way here,” said Sonic.

“I think introductions are need before we can go on.”

“Sonic Hedgehog, but you can call me Sonic.”

“You can call me Bunnie.”



The four continued to discuss about the matter.


Tails woke up in a bare room.  The lighting was bright and there was only one door.  He walked up to the door and looked out the small window on the door.  There was only a kat guard outside the door.

Just then Tails saw Robotnic walk by.  He quickly got out of the way.

Julian walked down a corridor with James.

“This roboticizer,” said James, “you use it to punish your criminals.”

“Yes,” said Julian, “it put the criminals under my control.”

“How does it do that?”

“The roboticizer is complicated to understand.  It mainly transforms organic tissue into metal and wiring.  In other words it makes them a robot.”

“Amazing.  Do they still retain there own memories and thoughts?”

“They do, but the programming I put in prevents them from using them.”

“Can the process be reversed?”

“Yes, but only if the robot were transformed by the roboticizer.”

“Sir, sir,” called out a kat, “I think we found one of the lost targets.”

The kat led James and Julian to a room with a color TV.  On it was a news broadcast.

“A mysterious blue figure rescued Deputy Mayor Callico Briggs,” said a news anchor.  “The hero miraculously run up the wall of city hall and caught the deputy mayor when Mac Mange dropped her from the top floor window of city hall.”

“Hedgehog,” growled Julian.

“Who,” asked James?

“Sonic Hedgehog.  He is my most wanted criminal.  He is ruthless, uncaring.  He is responsible for most of the damage done to my kingdom.”

“Then that leaves only one left.  Unfortunately we don’t know whether it is organic or not.”

“Did your sensors show traces of both organic and metallic.”


“It is another criminal on my most wanted list.  She was captured and partially roboticized.”

“I was afraid that this might have happened.”

“If you would provide me with the necessary resources I can capture those criminals.”

“If you can then I will provide all the necessary supplies you need.”

“Thank you.”


In a dark cavern Dark Kat listens to the researcher and alien talk.  He was very interested in the roboticizer as well as any other technical knowledge that may be useful.


Sonic and Bunnie had told the Swat Kats about their world and the Swat Kats told them about theirs.

“If this Pumadyne place brought us here,” said Sonic, “then I say we should check it out for Tails.”

“You want us to help,” asked T-Bone.

“Nah.  I think we can do it by ourselves.”

“Then good luck.”


Bunnie grabbed on to Sonic’s shoulders.  They dashed off in a flash threw the hanger runway.

Later at Pumadyne Labs Sonic and Bunnie reach it, but found it to be deserted.

“Where is everybody,” asked Sonic?

“I don’t like this,” said Bunnie.

“Neither do I but finding Tails is our primary mission.  After that we can find a way home.”

“What ever you saw sugah, but being that there is only two of us I think we shouldn’t split up.”

“Me to.”

Sonic and Bunnie walked straight to a building and went in.  The building was just as bad the outside.  No one to be seen.  They walked done the corridor looking into every door they came across.

They didn’t find anything going down the corridor, so they back tracked to an intersection.  They were about to go left when a glare flashed into both their eyes making them go right instead.

The hallway was dark.  There were no doors except at the end. When looked into that door though they found a large room with a lot of equipment.  Also in that room was on of Robotnic’s transport pods.

“I’m starting to hate this,” complained Sonic.

“You and me both,” said Bunnie.

They began to here a faint mumbling and followed it.  The mumbling was coming from Tails who was tied up and hung on a wall. They rush to him and quickly tried to untie him.  Sonic first pulled the tape off his mouth.

“Sonic it’s a trap,” shouted Tails, “Robotnic’s here!”


Suddenly laser fire rained on them.  Bunnie took Tails off the wall and took some cover.  While Sonic looked back for a moment to see who was shooting at them.  They were kats in gray uniform shooting at them along with a couple of Swat Bots.

Sonic ran around the large room trying to find a way up to the shooters.  He found a large console and used as a leaping platform. He jumped up to the level the kats were on then dashed around them taking there guns as he went by.

There was one kat who aimed carefully and shot Sonic. Fortunately the blast hit the guns he was carrying but it was enough to knock him to floor.

“Freeze,” growled the kat deeply, “put your hands up.”

“If that’s what you want.”  Sonic raised his hands.  Then went into his sonic spin and buzzed past the big kat.

The big kat was knock to the floor as Sonic took out the Swat Bots.

“This is Feral,” radioed the kat, “bring reinforcements.”

Sonic went back the lower level with Tails and Bunnie.

“Come on the coast is clear,” shouted Sonic.

Bunnie came out of her hiding place still carrying Tails.

They ran out of the room and back the way they came in.  When they turned into the cross hallway the were showered in blasts.

One blast hit Sonic in his shoulder cutting into the back pack strap.  Sonic was thrown down with his pack not to far away from him.

Bunnie’s left shoulder was hit but it hit bounced off because it was metal.  Another blast hit her in the knee, but this time piercing threw the metal crippling it.

Tails wasn’t hit but fell hard to the ground when Bunnie dropped him.

Bunnie tried to move but the damage was severe.

Behind her a large figure walked up.

“Hello Ms. Rabbot,” greeted the figure.

Bunnie turned and looked at the figure, “Robotnic!”

He bends over and picks up Tails who is still tied up.  “I wouldn’t try anything if I were you.”  He pointed a large gun at Tails’ head.

Bunnie just knelt down staring at  Robotnic coldly.

Mean while Sonic struggled against the pain in this shoulder crawling to his pack.  He reached into it and pulled out a power ring.  After using it the pain he felt was numbed away.  He got to his feet grabbed Bunnie and dash threw the kat shooters.

Robotnic wasn’t worried even though he hadn’t planned this to happen.

Feral came by, “Why didn’t you stop them?”

“Because they have lost more than what they started out with.”

Feral gave a questionable look Julian.

“You see they failed to rescue there friend and now,”  Julian picked up the pack Sonic left, “they left a power ring,”  he pulls out a golden ring, “and there computer,”  he pulls out Nicole.

Nicole knows who is holding her let out a surge of electricity, shocking Julian’s hand.

“It is more of a win for us then,” asked Feral?

“It is.”  Julian placed all the items back in the pack.


Sonic and Bunnie were half way to the junk yard.  Sonic began to fell the brunt of the pain in his shoulder as the power ring began to die out.

“Ahhhhhh.”   Sonic stopped as the power ring completely died out.

“Sonic are you all right,” asked Bunnie?

“I’m fine.”  He holds his shoulder.  “What about you?”

“I’ll live.”

“Man!”  Sonic suddenly kicks the dirt.  “Robotnic’s here.”

“It isn’t that bad.”

“Bunnie, he’s got Tails, Nicole, and a power ring.”

“Ok it is bad.”

“Sally’s going to kill me.”

“Sonic it’s not your fault.  We didn’t know Robotnic was here. Besides we didn’t ask to be brought here.”

“What about Tails?  Robotnic is playing goody, goody with them making us look bad.  Who knows what Robotnic can do.  To top it off he’s at a research center with all kinds of gadgets.  Hell he can probably make more Swat bots or…”

“What Sonic?”

“The… roboticizer.”

“Sonic calm down.  You’ll just bleed more.”

“Man we are going no at this pace.”

“Sonic why don’t go ahead with out me.  I’ll just slow you down.”

“No, I’m not leaving you behind.”

“Sonic you need to fix your shoulder or you’ll keep bleeding, and I can move any faster than I already am.  Tell the Swat Kats to come and get me.”


“I can take are of myself.”

“All right.”  Sonic hesitated but dashed out for the junk yard.


Julian was with James at a computer trying to access Nicole.

“I’ll be at the assembly line checking on the Swat bots,” said Julian, “let me know when he have found something.”

“Sure Julian,” said James as Julian left.  “Ok now why aren’t tell me anything.”

“I am not permitted to tell Robotnic any information,” said Nicole.

“Who said that?”  James looks around.

“I did.”

“Where are you?”

“I am the computer you are trying to access.”

James looks down at the small computer.  “You?”

“Yes.  I am Nicole.”

“Who is Robotnic?”

“Julian.  Robotnic is the name he adopted after his take over of Mobotropolis.”

“He told me about that he said it was a filthy kingdom before he came.”


Nicole began projecting a hologram image from her data banks.

Julian slowly walked into another building.  In the building were Swat bots slowly being assembled.  There was one area in the complex where a platform was being built.  He walked up to the platform and examined it.

“Amazing what this kats can do in such little time,” commented Julian.

“Sir Julian,” called a large kat.  Julian did notice that the face of the kat was hard to see.  “We have some problems reading the schematics on the roboticizer.”

“All right.”

“This way.”

The kat led Julian to another room with nothing inside it.

“I see you are much more clever than the others,” said Julian. Suddenly small pink scaled creatures flooded into the room from a hatch in the floor.  “It takes one to know one.”

“Then you know I want your technology.”  The kat was now in a black robe with a shield on his shoulder with the initials D and K on it.  “You have nowhere to go and this room is sound proof.”

“I’m not scared.  You are just another feline to be under my power.”

The same creatures began to advance on Julian.

“No my Creeplings.”  The kat raised his hand stopping the creatures.  “You have deceived the researchers here as well as me. How true are your words?”

“Lets just say I make a habit of making live miserable.”

“Then we have something in common.”

Julian smiled.


Bunnie slowly limped threw the arid plain.  She was wishing that Sonic had stayed with her.

“What’s taking you so long Sonic,” asked Bunnie?  “I hope nothing happened to yuh.  What’s that?”

Bunnie could see a dust cloud ahead.  It seemed to be moving toward her.


Bunnie could soon make out a land vehicle that she had never seen before.  The vehicle soon pulled up to her.

“Need a lift,” asked the driver as he leaned out the window?


“Bunnie no time for questions,” said Sonic from the back of the vehicle, “just get in.”

Bunnie limp to the back of the vehicle with Sonic.  She carefully got up into the back of the vehicle.  The driver then began to drive.

“Sonic I thought you were going to get the Swat Kats,” said Bunnie.

“I did,” said Sonic.  “T-Bone,” pointing at the driver, “and Razor,” he pointed at the other kat.  “Or should I say Chance and Jake.”  He pointed in the same order.

Now at the salvage yard Bunnie sat on a bench with her left leg off.

“This is very complex,” said Jake as he looked as Bunnie left leg.  “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Man I wish Rotor was here,” said Bunnie.

“I can’t help you here.  But I think I know who can.”


“Professor Hackle.  He’s a robot expert.  He created the Metallikats by mistake.”


“I’ll tell you about it later.”

Jake picked up the leg and walked over to Bunnie.  He stopped feeling nervous of were he had to go to but the lag back on.

“What’s wrong,” asked Bunnie?


“Let me guess, your shy around girls.  I’ve seen it before.”

“Well… yah.”

“Don’t worry I won’t bite.”

Chance was in the G-force simulator with Sonic.  But Sonic wasn’t in one of the seats.  He was outside running along side with him on the wall.

“Shutting down,” shouted Chance.

The G simulator slowed to a stop with Sonic.

“Kats, I never thought anything could run that fast,” said Chance.

“That way they say I’m the fastest thing alive,” commented Sonic.

“How fast can you go?”

“I don’t know.  It’s never been measured.”

“Chance,” came Jake’s voice over the intercom, “are you busy?”

“No,” said Chance as he got to the intercom, “what’s up?”

“Bunnie’s leg beyond what I can do.  I figured we could take her to Professor Hackle and see if he could help.”

“So you want us to play taxi.”


“Right.  Be there in a few minutes.”


Julian was escorted by recently built Swat bots to where the roboticizer was nearly complete.

I am very impressed, thought Julian, it would have taken me weeks to build a roboticizer like this.

“The roboticizer is complete,” said a kat technician.

“Excellent.  Now to test it.  Bring the prisoner.”

Julian walked to another Swat bot.  This one was larger and had more features.  He opened the chest plate of the robot revealing a power ring.  He smiled at the sight of it.  Julian turned when he began to hear some yelling.

Two Enforcers were carrying Tails by his arms to the roboticizer.

Julian walked back to the roboticizer.

“Take off the restraints and place him in the cylinder,” said Julian.

The Enforcers did what they were told.  Tails was now in the roboticizer.

“You can’t do this,” shouted Tails threw the glass cylinder, “Robotnic’s going to change you all into…”  Tails was cut off as the roboticizer began to change him.

Everyone around turned away from the bright light that began to change young fox from flesh and bone to cold steel and copper wires.

“Roboticization complete,” announce the roboticizer console.

The glass tube opened and a golden colored robot emerged from it.

“Tails, called Julian, “state your directive.”

“Serve and obey my master,” said Tails with a metallic voice.

“And who is you master?”

“Lord Robotnic.”

“Good.  Now for your first order assist the Swat bots in capturing all the residence in this complex.  Separate those with firearms.”

Everyone was shock to heard that.  This was big mistake because the Swat Bots began to round up all the kats.

From another room a large kat walked in.

“Ah Dark Kat,” greeted Robotnic, “come to join the festivities?”

“I believe you have things under control here.  I just want to ask you a favor.”

“And what might that be?”


The Turbokat lands near a home outside of Mega Kat City. Standing outside was an old kat.

“What do I owe this visit,” asked the kat as the Swat Kats exited their jet?

“Professor Hackle,” said Razor.

“Razor, when you called you said there was someone who needed my help.”

“There is something you need to know first.”

“Hey how long is this going to take,” came a voice along with a blue figure from the jet.

“My word,” said Hackle, “who is that?”

“Names Sonic Hedgehog, but you can call me Sonic.”

“Professor Hackle,” said Razor, “have you read about the telescoped that Pumadyne was building.”

“I have.  You have been taken from your planet,” asked Hackle to Sonic?

“I can’t say I enjoyed it,” said Sonic.

“Sonic a little help here,” came another voice.

Sonic went to the bomb bay doors of the Turbokat.  He helped Bunnie to the ground.

“Who is that,” asked Hackle?

“This is the person I asked you to help,” answered Razor.  “You know more about robotics than any kat I know.”

“She is part machine?”

“Yah, I am,” said Bunnie.  “we was hoping you could fix my leg.”

Hackle was a little surprised at what he was seeing.  He felt nervous but felt they were good.


Callie was surveying her office.  It would be a few weeks before repairs could be made.

“I wonder, where I’m going to do my work,” asked Callie?

She turned to the window and looked out, but there a gray and sliver robot blocking her view.

“What the…”  the robot reached threw the window to Callie.

Callie avoided the hand and ran away from the window.  The robot broke threw the wall and advance to the deputy mayor.

Callie managed to get to grab her purse as the robot grabbed her.

The robot flew out of the office and over the city.  Callie dug her hand into her purse scrounging for the communicator the Swat Kats given her.


T-Bone sat in the jet waiting for Razor to come back.  Sonic waited with him next to the landing gear.  Both were extremely bored.

“Wouldn’t I go for a chili dog  right now,” said Sonic.

“I’d rather have a tuna sandwich,” said T-Bone.

Suddenly the alarm went off in the Turbokat.

“What’s that,” asked Sonic as he got up?

“Our calling card,” said T-Bone as he pressed a button.  “Yes Miss Briggs?”

“T-Bone,” shouted Callie, “I’ve just been kidnapped by some weird flying robot.”

“Do you know where it’s taking you?”

“It looks like it’s taking to Pumadyne…”

“Miss Briggs,” called T-Bone.  Static.  “Miss Briggs?  Callie?” T-Bone changed to his radio, “Razor get over here.  Callie’s in trouble.”

“Coming,” radioed Razor.

It didn’t take long for Razor to come.

“I’m coming with yuh guys,” said Sonic.

“You won’t be able to do much with one good arm,” said Razor.

“Hey I am the fastest thing alive my feet are my weapons, besides I still need to rescue someone.”

“Then hop aboard.”

“I’ll take the low road thank you.”

“If you insist.”

The canopy closed and the jet took off.  After a while Sonic followed the jet.


Dark Kat had just finished using the roboticizer behind Robotnic’s back.

“Ah yes my creeplings,” said Dark Kat, “now you are more superior but know who you master is.”

“My master is Dark Kat,” voice the roboticized creepling.

“Enjoying my toy,” questioned Robotnic from behind Dark Kat.

“Just interested in my one robotic minion.”

“Your prisoner has arrived.  Why do you want her though?”

“Just as you have difficulty defeating one annoyance I have difficulty in defeating two.  I need her as insurance.”

“Lord Robotnic,” called Mech Tails, “radar has pick a fast moving object in the sky.”

“The Swat Kats have come to rescue the deputy mayor.”

“Lord Robotnic, radar has just picked up another fast moving object on the ground.”

“The hedgehog!  Swat Bots surround the building.  Mech Tails begin roboticization of the prisoners.  Begin with the law enforcement felines.”

“Yes Robotnic.”

Mech Tails walked over to the Enforcers at one side of the room. He forcefully grabbed the wrist of one female Enforcer.

“Take your hands off her,” shouted one Enforcer grabbed the wrist of the robot.

Mech Tails released his hold on the enforcer and punched the other.

“Would you care to take her place,” questioned the robot?

“I would do anything to keep her safe,” said the kat.

Without any hesitation Mech Tails grabbed the other Enforcer and flew him to the roboticizer.

“Uncle no,” shouted the female Enforcer

“Commander,” shouted a couple other Enforcer.

A bright flash of light had everyone turn away from the kat. When they turned back the kat was a robot.

“Combat Commander Feral reporting to serve Lord Robotnic,” said the newly roboticized kat.


Running on the ground Sonic began to make out the research complex along with gray dots coming from the place.

“I guess Robotnic saw me,” said Sonic.  “It’s not like those tin cans can stop me though.”

In the air Razor was picking up a couple of blips coming toward them on radar.

“Two boogies at twelve -o-clock,” said Razor.

“I see them,” said T-Bone.  “What the…”

“What is it T-Bone?”

“They’re not jets.”


Suddenly the two boogies were on either side of the Turbokat. One was a weird dome headed robot the other looked faintly familiar.

“Commander Feral,” questioned T-Bone?

That robot went on the top of the jet and rammed its fist threw the outer skin.  It continuously hit the Turbokat causing system malfunctions.

“T-Bone I’m not getting anything at my controls,” shouted Razor.

“I just lost control of the jet,” shouted T-Bone.

“Fuels dropping.  T-Bone we got to land this thing.”

“I can’t.  I got not control.”

“Try hover mode.”

The Turbokat suddenly stopped and slowly descended to the ground. Fortunately they had enough fuel to reach the ground before their engine went out.

When they got out they were immediately captured by the robots.

A distance away Sonic was busy barging threw Swat Bots. Being the way Sonic is he did all kinds of fancy moves to get by the bots.

Sonic finally made threw after taking out all the Swat bots.  He looked up to see if the Swat Kats were in the air.  Instead he saw two flying robots.

“Uh-oh,” said Sonic, “looks like trouble.”

Sonic looked around then picks up a head of a Swat Bot.  He goes into his tornado sonic spin move then throws the head at the flying robots.  Sonic watches as the head spins towards one of the bots.

The head hits one of the bots causing it to fall.  Sonic moved to meet where the bot was going to land.  The bot was something he had never seen before, but knows where it came from.

“T-Bone,” called Sonic, “are you alright?”

“I’m fine, “said T-Bone, “but this bot ain’t.”  He was ready to smash his glove-a trix into the robots face.


“What?”  He stopped just before hitting.

“He’s no a real robot.”

“What are you saying?

“That is someone from this place.”

T-bone looks at the robot closely.  A gold shield catches his eye.  “Feral?  What happened to him?”

“Robotnic got a roboticizer working at Pumadyne.”


Just then the robot stood up.

“Terminate hedgehog,” voice the robot.

Suddenly the robot just fell down.

“What the…” said Sonic.

“Are you Sonic Maurice Hedgehog,” came a voice from behind them.

They turned to see a kat in a lab coat walking from a jeep.

“How did you know my middle name,” questioned Sonic?

“This little computer,” said the kat.  “She also the one who deactivated Commander Feral.”

“Who are you,” asked T-Bone?

“I am James Brian.  I am responsible for what has happened here. Now I am hoping it can be resolved.”

“Let me guess,” started Sonic, “you let Robotnic get all the supplies he needed, build an army of Swat bots and built the roboticizer.  An now he roboticizing anyone he can.”

“Yes.  He also roboticizer someone else that was from your planet.”


“I believe so.”


“I’m sorry.  Robotnic played me and everyone else for a fool. Now he has a allied, Dark Kat.”

“Robotnic’s going to roboticize him the first chance he can get.”

“Dark Kat’s in this,” questioned T-Bone?  “Crud!  We are in big trouble.”


“Dark Kat’s a big shot on this planet.  He can hold entire countries for ransom.  He even blew up our jet once.”


“Listen we know Dark Kat he’s bad news.  The worst.”

“I take it his like Robotnic to me.”


“Sir, Nicole.”

“Oh yes,” James hands Nicole over to Sonic.

“Nicole, can you remove Robotnic’s programming.”


“Then lets do it.  We are going to need all the help we can get.”


Robotnic continued to watch as nearly all the Enforcers were roboticized.

“Striker bot has returned,” voice a Swat bot.

“What of the Combat Commander,” asked Robotnic?

“Combat Commander was brought down.”

Just then the large robot Robotnic was admiring earlier came in with Razor in his hand.

“Thank you Striker,” said Robotnic.  “Take him over with the other special prisoner. By the roboticizer.”

“Yes Lord Robotnic.”

Striker walked to the Roboticizer where another robot stepped out.   He set Razor down next to a shekat who had been tied up.

“Do not try anything,” said Striker, “or she will perish.” Striker left and returned to his duties.

“Razor what happened,” asked the shekat next to him?

“Callie,” said Razor, “thank god your still alive.”

“Where’s T-Bone?”

“I don’t know the other robot crashed.  What’s going on here? What’s this machine?”

“They call it the roboticizer.  I don’t know how but it changes kats to robots.”

At the moment they saw Lieutenant Feral being escorted to the Roboticizer.  Then they felt themselves being lifted off the floor.

“These two will also be roboticizer,” boomed a deep voice.

“Lord Robotnic said to roboticizer the Enforcers first,” said Mech Tails.

“Lets just say this two will be helpful as robots.”

Mech tails thought for a moment.  “Ok, put them in.”

Dark Kat placed Razor and Callie in separated tubes.

“Beginning roboticization process.”

Just then a blast from nowhere shattered the tube Lieutenant Feral was in.

“No one’s going to make a robot out of my niece today,” came a voice.

A robot flew down to the roboticizer and grabbed Felina.  The roboticization process continued with Razor and Callie.

Sonic and T-Bone rushed to the roboticizer.  Sonic jumped on Mech Tails and used Nicole to deactivate and reprogram him.

Meanwhile T-Bone ran to the tubes on the roboticizer.  He began to pound on the tube Callie was in.  He manages to break the glass and pull Callie out of the roboticization field.  In the end the arm T-Bone used to pull Callie out was a machine and fused with his glove-a-trix and Callie was machine from the waist down.

“Tails, are you alright,” asked Sonic?

“Sonic,” Tails voice had changed back to normal, “what happened to me?”

“Robotnic happened.  Don’t worry we’ll change you back.”

“T-Bone,” shouted Callie, “my legs, what happened?”

“Your still a kat.”

“Your arm.”

T-Bone looks at his right arm.

“Dear Callico Briggs,” boomed a deep voice, “I may not gotten you but I did get a Swat Kat.  Who is your master?”

“Dark Kat,” came a metallic voice.

“Then obey me.  Terminate the Swat Kat.”

“As you wish.”

T-Bone turned around only to see a metallic fist hit him in the face.

“Sonic Hedgehog,” voice Robotnic behind Sonic, “you are out number here even with you two tailed brat.”

“If I’m going down,” shouted Sonic, “then I’m going down fight’n.”

“How brash, but you won’t fight.  Not if you don’t want these feline law enforcers to breath again.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“You know me.  Mech Enforcers terminate the hedgehog.”

Tails grabbed Sonic and lifted him above the robots quickly

“Thanks Tails.”

“No problem.  I may be a robot now but I’m still a Freedom Fighter.”

“Things never change.  Nicole,” Sonic opened her up, “is there anyway to reprogram all the robot to have there own memory at the same time.”

“No.  Reprogramming needs direct link up.”

“Can you deactivate them

“Yes.  But there insufficient power to perform such a task.”

“Do you know where we can get sufficient power?”



“From a power ring.”

“Uh Nicole, in case you haven’t notice I don’t have anymore power rings.”

“I know that.  The power ring Robotnic took is here.”


“Directly in below of us.”

“What?”  Sonic looked down and saw only a large Swat bot.  “You mean in the flying tin can.”


T-Bone was doing he best to defend himself against Razor.  He didn’t want hurt Razor but as long he stayed on the defensive the more likely he will lose.

“Razor,” shouted T-Bone, “Razor I know your in there.”

Razor continued to fight.  He had T-Bone on the floor and was ready the drive his fist threw his head.

“Razor don’t,” shouted Callie.

Razor’s fist stopped an inch away from T-Bone’s face.  T-Bone moved before Razor continued to fight.

“Razor,” shouted T-Bone, “this is not you.”

Razor now aimed this fused glove-a-trix at T-Bone. The three barrels shout out at T-Bone leaving blaster burns on the Swat Kat.

T-Bone fell holding his chest.

Outside the building the robot that took Felina set down on the ground.

“Who are you,” demanded Felina as she tried to get away?

“I am you commanding officer lieutenant,” voice the robot.

“Uncle Ulysses?”

“And you uncle.”

“Your still alive.”  She hugged the bot.

“Only my mind.  I am still a robot.”


Feral suddenly felt something come into his head.  He was receiving a message from something.


“Felina I have to go.  They need my help inside.”

Without any other word Feral took off back to the building

“Yo bot,” shouted Sonic from above, “what’s your name?”

“Striker bot.”

“Well Striker, Robotnic want’s me to check out you power system.”

“Destroy hedgehog.”  Striker reached up and grabbed on of Sonic’s feet and pulled him away from Tails.

“Hey you can’t do that,” shouted Tails.

“Destroy hedgehog.”

“Not today.”  Another robot came up and slugged Striker in the face causing him to drop Sonic.

“Yo Feral, nice of you to help,” said Sonic.

“I am helping you so that you could save my men and the other kats.”

“All I need is a power ring.”

Striker came up and shoulder rammed Feral.

“Hey bolt brains, catch this.”  Sonic went into his patent sonic spin and threw himself to the large robot.  He only manages to break open the chest plate of Striker, but it was enough to expose the power ring.

“Yo Feral,” called Sonic, “get the ring in his chest.”

Feral came back and drove his fist threw Striker’s chest and the center of the ring.  The eye on Striker dimmed down to black.  Feral drew his fist out and left the dead robot fall.

Sonic came up and pulled out the power ring and set on the floor.

“Alright Nicole,” said Sonic, “what now.”

“Hold the power ring in you hand and me in the other,” said Nicole.


T-Bone just got thrown against a wall.  He still held his chest and Razor kept advancing to him.

“Hold Razor,” ordered Dark Kat.  “I have what time and day to see this moment.  Now I will be rid of you Swat Kats for good.  Finish him now!”

Razor drew his fist ready to throw it at T-Bone’s face.

Suddenly a bright flash of yellow filled the area.

When everything focused T-Bone still saw Razor but he was on the floor.

“What happened,” asked Dark Kat?

“I don’t know,” said T-Bone, “but I am going to enjoy this.” T-Bone walked up to Dark Kat and quickly decked him with his metallic arm.

Dark Kat was out cold.

Robotnic stood around as he watched all his robots fall to the floor.

“What’s happening?” shouted Robotnic.

“They’re all turned off Robuttnic,” shouted Sonic as he approached him.

Robotnic looked to his left and saw Tails advancing to him. Behind was T-Bone and to his right was Feral.

“Give it up Robotnic,” said Sonic, “your surrounded.”

“Never hedgehog.”  Robotnic ran past Sonic and tails to the door. When he opened it he stared down the barrel of a gun.

“Going somewhere butter ball,” asked the gun holder?

“Leaving so soon Robotnic,” mocked Sonic from behind Robotnic.

“Who are you,” demanded Robotnic.

“Lieutenant Feral.  Your under arrest.”

“You lose again Buttnic,” said Sonic.


The sun was setting over Mega Kat City.  All the robots have been reprogrammed and nearly all deroboticized.

“Your next Razor,” said Callie still half roboticized.

“Ok,” said Razor before walking up to roboticizer platform.

“Too bad we couldn’t do three at a time,” said Sonic.

“Yah too bad,” said T-Bone, “when Razor and me tangoed we damaged the other two.”

“I ain’t that bad,” said Bunnie, “at least one tube still works.”

“Well after everyone it deroboticized I guess we can go home,” said Sonic, “Tails how are yah feeling?”

“It still stings,” said Tails who is deroboticized.

“It’ll get better.”

Razor stepped out glad to be normal again.

“Commander,” called Callie.

Feral stepped into the chamber.

James came by, “Ok Sonic, the Swat bot, and roboticizer, designs have been erase.  As soon as you go home we will dismantle the roboticizer and remaining Swat bots.”


“T-Bone your next,” called Callie.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go next,” questioned T-Bone, “after all it’s just an arm.”

“I’m sure.”

T-Bone stepped in as Feral left the platform.

“Well you’re finally going to be normal again,” said Sonic.

“Yah, after three years,” said Bunnie.

T-Bone came out, “Anybody got some aspirin?  My arm’s killing me.”

“Bunnie,” called Callie.

“You go ahead,” said Bunnie, “I’ve been like this for three years I’m sure I can watch ten more seconds.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead.”

Callie smiles at Bunnie and walks into the roboticizer.

In a corner three Enforcers guard a knocked out Dark Kat, but he slowly comes around.  He slowly stands up.  With his giant hand he swings it across the three Enforcers throwing them to the ground.  He pulls out a remote and presses a button on it then tosses it.  Then he picks up one of their guns and fires it.

Callie was fully deroboticized when Dark Kat shot the controls.

All eyes turned to Dark Kat.

“You have thirty seconds before this building explodes,” shouted Dark Kat before running off.

“Crud,” shouted T-Bone.

“Get the Deputy Mayor out,” order Feral to roboticizer control kat.

“I can’t the controls are dead,” said the kat.  “Nothing’s working.”

“No it has to work,” shouted Bunnie as she went to the controls.

Bunnie began to press buttons but nothing happened.  She slammed her hands on the controls out of frustration causing more damage from her left hand.

“Come on Bunnie,” shouted Sonic, “we have to go.”  Sonic pulled her away from the controls.

“Everybody get out,” shouted Feral.

Feral began to rush researchers and Enforcers out of the building.

“Razor what are you doing,” asked T-Bone?

“I’m saving Callie,” shouted Razor, “go.”

“There’s no time!”


Outside the building everyone saw T-Bone run out.

“Is everyone out,” asked Feral?

“No Razor and Callie are still in there,” said T-Bone.

“Out of the way,” shouted Sonic before dashing into the building.

“Wait, there’s no time,” shouted T-Bone.

After a moment the building blew up

“Razor, Callie,” shouted T-Bone.

“Sonic,” shouted Tails.

The building crumbled into ruble.

Tails’ eyes began to fill with tears.  Bunnie walked up to him and tried to comfort him despite her loss.

T-Bone watches as the fire covered the ruble.  Feral stared at the flame with sadness covering his face.

Other than to flames everyone began to hear something.  It kept getting louder and louder causing Feral to draw his gun.  Finally something shot out of the ground.  When it landed it was a familiar blue face.

“Sonic your alright,” shouted Tails before rushing to him.

“Over course I’m alright,” said Sonic, “did you ever doubt me.”

“What happened to Callie and Razor,” asked T-Bone?

“We’re right here T-Bone,” shouted Razor from the hole in the ground.

“Your alive!”

“Thanks to Sonic.”

Razor help Callie up before himself.

“Well doc I think it’s time to go home,” said Sonic to James.

“Yes it is.”


Day has come.  The sun shone brightly over Pumadyne Labs.  Sonic, Tails, and Bunnie waited as technicians prepared the telescope for their arrival home.

“Are you alright Bunnie,” asked Sonic?

“I’m fine,” said Bunnie.

“I know I’m not the sentiment type, but letting that kat go first was a good thing.”

“I know Sonic.  I just wish that I could live a normal life again.”

“Hey it’s hard to live a normal life with Robotnic around.”

“I just want to be my whole self again, before this happened to me.”  Bunnie showed her left hand.

“I know it’s hard.  I have to live with the fact that my uncle’s a robot.”

“Sonic, Bunnie,” called James, “we’re ready.”

Sonic and Bunnie went to the professor.  They met with Tails.

“Are you sure you want to take Robotnic with you,” asked James?

“I would love to leave tubby here but I don’t trust some kats here.  Besides he’s our problem.  We wouldn’t want to give to anyone else.”

“Alright then.”

Sonic, Bunnie, and Tails got in the pod Robotnic came with.  It had been placed on a platform under the telescope.  Inside was a cage with Robotnic in it.

“I would love to leave you here, Robuttnic,” said Sonic, “but if I do you could take over this planet.  If I do leave you here then I wouldn’t have any fun when I kick your butt all over Mobius.”

“Shut up, hedgehog, and let’s go home,” said Robotnic.

“We’re ready,” radioed Sonic.

“Powering the telescope,” radioed James.

The telescope hummed to life.  The pod soon lifted off the platform and disappeared.


Sonic, Tails, Bunnie and Robotnic returned to Mobius, but they land in Robotropolis.

“Thanks for the new ride Robuttnic,” said Sonic, “but I believe this is your stop.”  Sonic presses a button opening a floor hatch dropping Robotnic still in this cage.

“I will get you hedge, umph,” shouted Robotnic as he hit the surface of Mobius.

“It’s great to be back home,” said Sonic, “even if Robotnic is still dictator.”

“Come on Sonic we are overdue with our report,” said Bunnie.

“Ok here we go.”

Sonic flew the pod into the Great Forest and to Knothole Village.


Dark Kat sat in his chair pleased with himself.

“All wasn’t a total loss,” said Dark Kat, “I still have my robotic creepling and designs that the researchers deleted.  It will be a matter of time before I can take over Mega Kat City and rid myself of the Swat Kats.”

Dark Kat turned his chair around and faces a wall of monitors. All of them had the design semantics of the roboticizer.

“In due time, I will win.”

Dark Kat’s laugh echoed in the dark cavern he was in.

“I will win.”

The End

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