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SWAT Kats: The Movie

By Jason

  • 3 Chapters
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What a day to leave the Galaxy! Two people leave earth to inspect a probe at Pluto, but they should have checked the meteor forecast! (Unfinished)

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Chapter 1

SWAT KATS-The Radical Squadron
The Movie - Part Ia Building The Bridge
By Jason

                         Part Ia - Building The Bridge
[Real World]
Earth 2012 

Reporter (Ane):  Today we are live at Canaveral Island for the most
		 talked about launch of the Millennium, Outer Probe, a
		 mission that will benefit all of mankind. The first
		 probe to Pluto will be powered by the Hylixian engine
		 created by Commander Jason Vonick Ph.D. We now go live
		 with Commander Vonick and Reporter Kate Johnson. Kate?

Reporter (Kate): Thank you, Ane. I'm here with Commander Jason Vonick,
		 creator of the Helixian Engine. So, Commander how is
		 this engine so revolutionary?

Jason Vonick:    Well I can't tell you that; it's classified. But, I can
                 tell you about the next mission.

Kate:            And, what is this mission?

Jason Vonick:    It is a two manned mission to the outer reaches of
		 our solar system, myself commanding with a close
		 friend of mine, Tim Routney, as Pilot.

Kate:            Thank you, Commander.  Let's get back to the launch.

(cut to mission control)

INCO:            Liftoff in T-00:00:30... T-00:00:20...T-00:00:15
		 Helixian power up... T-00:00:10, 9, 8, 7, Computer
		 start, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ignition! 

(cut to public viewing)

Ane:             Now the probe will reach Pluto in 1 hr,
		 leaving Communication beacons in its path.

2 days later...

(Training floor JPL)

In the centrifuge

Tim:   		 Jason, I don't know how you talked me into this.

Jason: 		 Quit your whining; we just passed 7 G's.

Tim:   		 When we hit 10, tell me.

10 seconds later...

Jason: 		 That's it, 10 G's (slams the stop button)  You OK, Buddy?

Tim:   		 Is it over?

Jason: 		 Yes, and you have equal tolerance as me - 12 G's.

Scientist: 	 Now I hope you two are ready to go.  The MegaJet craft is
		 on the pad.

Jason and Tim nod. All three leave and are helicoptered to Canaveral. 

There she sat, the most smallest of space shuttles, the MegaJet, which
Jason and Tim called Nostalgia.  The first of its kind, all the best
advances - retractable wings, four 360° rotating thrusters, 3 all
purpose turbine thrusters with afterburners.  

Within the hour, the two explorers were about to embark on a historic


Tim:   		 Final Checklist completed.

Jason: 		 Commander to mission control. We're ready to go!

FD:    		 Decreasing time to T-00:01:00.


Jason: 		 Both computers operational, automatic system checks complete.

Tim:   		 Boron/Carbon fuel priming, complete.

Inco:  		 T-00:00:20

Jason: 		 Advance 2nd jets.

4 Boosters fold out

Inco:  T-00:00:15

Jason: 		 Arm all Engines.

Inco:  		 10 seconds, 8, 7, start engines, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 liftoff.

Jason: 		 Here we go, firing boosters.

The craft bursts out of the atmosphere at over Mach 10.

Tim:   		 Passing Mars.

Jason: 		 Disengaging boosters and main turbines. (turns on Heads Up
		 Display) Trajectory locked into outer planets, retract wings
		 and tail; we don't need them.

Tim:   		 (pushes several buttons) Retracted.

Jason: 		 (nods to Tim to switch off his headset) Give me a weapons

Computer: 	 Fully loaded.

Tim:   		 I hope we don't have the X34's.

Jason: 		 X34? The Doomsday Missile.  The warheads are deactivated, only
		 tactical arrays are armed.  Look, we're passing one of Jupiter's
		 moons, Io.  Now Europa... Wait, fire breaking thrusters and put
		 us in orbit around Europa.

Tim:   		 How close?

Jason: 		 Close enough to dispatch collector hose.

The ship then slows and comes close to the moon.  A large hose with a
drill bit from the craft comes in contact with the surface.  The icy
surface reveals water, and it is collected into the ship.

Jason: 		 Now we have full tanks.  Retract hose. Set course for Plutonian
		 beacon 12.

Tim:   		 Course laid in Nav computers. Executed.

Jason: 		 Nostalgia to Earth, back on course to Pluto. ETA 10 minutes.
		 Refueled for maximum burn, out.  Firing boosters.

**************************some time later********************************

Tim:   		 There it is, the mysterious rock.  Houston, we've reached
		 Destination B.

Jason: 		 But, what is that?

Tim:   		 It's heading right for us!!

Jason: 		 Tim, do you have that small bottle I gave you?

Tim:   		 Yeah.

Jason: 		 Drink it.  The chemical compound will ease the pain of faster
		 than light travel.  Going to solar engines. Firing.

***************************TO BE CONTINUED*******************************

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