Original SWAT Kats Story

Unlikely Couple

By Jason Miller

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,752 Words

Callie finally musters enough courage to ask her favorite mechanic out on a date, but things get ugly when Dr. Viper decides to crash the party. (The remainder of this series has been removed per author’s request.)

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Unlikely Heros by Jason Miller


“It’s been a LONG day!”  Calico Briggs said to herself as see was driving home.  She just finished 3 speeches for the mayor and some back-logged paper work.  “What I going to ware and who shall I take?” She pondered about an up and coming charity banquet for some organization or another.  Smiling to herself  “I would love to see Feral’s face if I was escorted by one of the SWAT Kats.”  Turning a corner her car died, “Great now what!?”

Chapter One

“Hay Jake, want to break for lunch?”  Chance’s voice carried over the drilling.

“OK, be right there!”  Jake replied as he was finishing up the work on a old car.  Washing up he was about to go the kitchen to eat when the phone rang, “Chance and Jake’s Garage, Jake here.”  He picked up.

A female voice over phone replied “Hi Jake!  It’s me Callie, my car

broke down again.  Could you pick it up and fix it for me?”

Jake froze for a moment, he was always shy with she-kats especially Callie.  Coming to his senses he replied sheepishly, “OK sure, where are you?”

“By 7th and Main.

“Be right there.”

OK, thanks!” Came the reply.

“Jake who was on the phone?” Chance asked when Jake got into the kitchen.

“Callie, her car broke down again.”

“Well then lets get moving!” Chance replied with a grin.

In the sewers of Megakat city a ominous figure appears, “Ssssoon my plan will come into effect!”  With that the figure is gone back into the shadows, all that can be heard is hideous laughter echoing though the sewer.

“Sorry it took us so long.” Chance said as he and Jake where hooking up the cables.

“No problem, can you fix it by tonight?” She asked worriedly.

“I’ll work on it as soon as I get back.”  Jake said wile getting back into the truck.

“Need a lift?” Asked Chance grinning.

“No I’m pretty close to my apartment, I’ll walk.  Thanks anyway.” With that the mechanics took off.  “Nice move Callie you could of asked him right there but no!  You didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings.” She said to herself as she walked home.  Chapter 2

In center of the city on the 7 floor of city hall preparations for the party where on the way when a shadowy figure drops something in a potted plant, his eyes gleam as he moved on to the next plant.

“All done!”  Jake said with success.

“Good I’ll call Callie to tell her.”  Chance said with a grin as he moved towards the phone.

“Good, I’ll wash up then!” Jake called back heading for the bathroom to take a shower.

Callie paced back and forth rehearsing her question she would ask, “I have to go to this banquet would you like to come with me?”  “No, that won’t do.  I’m going…”  She continued when the phone rang “Hello?”

“Callie this is Chance.  Your car is fixed and ready for pick up.”

“OK, thanks Chance I’ll be right there.”  She hung up, grabbed her purse and started out the door.  “Oh great now I have to think of something fast.”

Putting the phone down Chance smiled to himself, he always liked talking to Callie and was actually glad to hear her voice whether it was for something like this or if a super villain was terrorizing the city.  Heading up stars he saw his friend zoned out to the TV.  “Hey buddy, I’m going to wash up now could you take care of Callie when she gets here?”

Jake, only hearing something about “take care”, nods and zones back out.  It’s been a hard week for him.  With the modifications on the Turbokat, and a back-log of work a mile long, he was looking forward to the night off. He was starting to doze off when he heard a car door shut.

Callie paid the cab driver and got out of the cab.  She now had the perfect question to ask, and only hoped that his friend was not around so she can ask him.  She was about to ring the bell for service when the garage door open.  To her surprise it was just the kat she was hopping for.

“Good evening Callie.”  Jake said shyly.  “I’ll be back with your keys.”  He turned towards the office, as she step in an waited by her car.

“It’s now or never Calico Briggs.”  She thought to herself.

“Here you go and if you would just sign here you can leave.”

She singed the paper and gathered her courage “Um..Jake?”


“I have to attend a banquet in a hour, and was wondering if you like to come with me?”  She said finally.

Jake stood there with a surprised look on his face for a few moments. Finally not knowing what to do the first word out of his mouth was “Sure.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up in a hour OK?”  He nodded.  She got in her car and waved good-bye.

When she was out of sight a voice snapped him out of his daze “Well, guess your the one she likes best.”  Chance said disappointedly.


“Forget it.  You have to get ready for your date.  Want me to help?”

“That would be appreciated.”  Jake said with a slight grin on his face.

The shadowy figure poured something into the plants.  “Sssoon it ssshall be mine!” With that he disappears again into the shadows.  Chapter 3

With a smile on his face Chance looked at his friend, “Not bad!”  Jake was in a make-shift suit that was back with blue pin stripes on it.  Chance bought it for himself some time ago for some reason he couldn’t remember, but retailored it for his friend.  “Although I would look better in it.” He said smirking.

“Hey Chance if I tell you something will you promise not to laugh?”

“Sure buddy, what?”

“This if my first date in a long time, and…well…I’m nervous.”

“Hey don’t sweat it.  I mean it’s not like you going out with a “GODDESS” or anything.” Chance ducked to miss a blow.

“That’s just it I am going out with a “GODDESS!” ”

Chance with a huge grin on his face was about to make fun of him again when the bell rang, “Well buddy good luck.  I still don’t know what she sees in you?”  This time barely avoiding his friend’s blow.

Jake goes down and opens the door only to have his jaw hit the floor. In front of him was Callie dressed in a black dress that reviled more then it should of.  “Cal-l-i-e?  You..Um…look great!”  He finally managed to say.

“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself.  Ready to go?”

“Yeah, I think.”  With that they left.

Chance went to the TV the moment he could no longer hear the car. Flipping through the channels he found what he was looking for, “Yes a Scardy Kat marathon!”  Chapter 4

Jake sat uncomfortable in the car next to the she-kat, wondering why she asked `him` to go with her.  He was about to ask when the car came to a slow stop, “Where here.” Callie said.  With that they got out.

“Um, what is the banquet being held for?”  He finally managed to ask something.

“I really don’t remember the organization.  All I remember is they have this weird tree as the symbol so I ordered a whole bunch of them.” Callie said while pushing the button for the elevator.

As they went on to the elevator Jake realized he had no idea on how to act and was probably making a fool of himself.

“Jake, I been meaning to ask..” She stopped when a voice boomed as the doors opened.

“Clawson what are you doing here!?”

Commander Feral himself decided to be the security guard for this event, he was actually having a good time, but he would not it admit it nor show it.

He has about to go downstairs to check the other rooms when the elevator’s doors opened and in the elevator was deputy mayor Calico Briggs and Ex-Enforcer Jacob Clawson, “Clawson what are you doing here!?”  He shouted when he saw the ex-enforcer.

“I can explain..” Jake was cut off when he heard Callie’s voice.

“He’s my guess.”

“But Ms. Briggs…” Feral tried to say something then just shrugged it off.  Getting on the elevator he pressed the button for the next floor, “I’ll have my eye on you Clawson.” He finished as the doors closed.

They took there seats near the mayor, “Callie you were going to ask me something before Feral interrupted?”

“I was?? I..Um lost my train of thought…Sorry I can’t remember.” She said hastily

As they where being served something caught Jake’s eye, he thought he saw one of the plants move.  “Ha, it must be my imagation because I’m nervous.” He thought to himself.

He was about to eat his dinner when he new what he saw was real as the plants moved in.  One made a swipe at Callie.  Instantly he jumped to stop the blow yelling “Look out Ms. Briggs!”  He did managed to stop the plant but it’s blow hit him across the head knocking him out and leaving him bleeding, the last thing he heard was Callie shouting his name.

A shadowy figure appeared as soon as Jake was down, “Don’t move or the deputy mayor and mayor Manx will end up like thisss.”  Pointing to Jake as he steps from the shadows he can be seen.  It’s doctor Viper.  As the plants got closer and closer Callie pulled out her communicator for the SWAT Kats.

Chance was laughing his head off, when the alarm went off.  Surprise and sorrow came over him at the same time.  Quickly he went to the hanger and picked up the wall phone “Yes Ms. Briggs?”

“T-Bone we have trouble here at city hall!  Viper is back and a kat is injured!”  He nearly drooped phone when he heard the last part.

“If Viper hurts my friend so help me!” He thought to himself.  “Razor has the night off, but I’ll be there as fast as I can.”  He hung up the phone and already had his flight suit on in a matter of seconds.

Feral having completing his rounds of the building went on the elevator to the banquet hall.  “I wonder way Ms. Briggs brought that hot shot?”  He said to no one.

The moment the doors opened he was taken by surprised by one of Viper’s plants.  “Viper!” he shouted.

“Yesss my dear commander.”  Viper spoke as Feral was being tied up by the plants.

“Want do you want you twisted psycho!?”

“I want Katlissss X59 for the exchange of your life and thesssse.” Viper gestured to the room of kats.

Freal looked around and found Ms. Briggs with a worried look on her face as she was crouched down by Jake, his head in her arms.  “He must have tried beening a hot shot again.” He thought to himself.

He was about to yell at his capturer again if it was not for the sound of braking glass.  “NO! Not them!”  He said to himself.

T-Bone had gotten there in record time, seeing Viper though the window he set the Turbokat down on the roof and repelled down crashing in thought the window.

He has about to take this moment of surprise to spring on Viper, when he saw is buddy laying on the floor motionless.

Just as he got his sensens together he had to dodge one of the plants. Using a mini-hedge cliper missile from the gloveatrix he destroyed it, then he got to his feet.  He found himself near Callie who had a tear in her eye.  His heart sank, but then anger took over.  “You’ll pay for what you’ve done!”  He yelled and then pounced at Viper who was surprised that T-bone destroyed his plant monster with ease.

T-bone was promply knocked out of the air by another plant monster. Coming to his senses again he saw Viper getting away.

He destroyed the last of the plant monsters and was about to give chase when he heard a moan.  “JA!”  He was about to yell before he stopped himself, glad his friend was alive when he saw Jake coming to.  “How is he Ms. Briggs?”  He asked as he tried to do his best to keep from looking too worried.

“I think he’ll be fine.  But we have to get him to the hospital.”

T-Bone nodded as he untied Feral “Could you take Ms. Briggs and her friend to the hospital?”

“Where are you going?”  Feral asked.

“To chase Viper.”  Feral was about to speak up in protest when he heard the deputy mayor.

“Please Commander, we have to get him to a doctor!”

Freal gave up in defeat as T-bone ran out after Viper.  After a few minutes T-Bone had given up as Viper was no ware in sight.  So he ran up the stars and towards the jet.  “I’ll have to be home before Callie calls.”  Epilog

Jake woke up in the hospital and saw his friend sleeping on a small arm chair.  “Hey buddy, looks like you need this bed more than me.”  He said waking his friend with a start.

“Jake your OK, you’ve been out nearly a day!”

“I have?  What happened?”

Chance was about to relay the story when there was a knock on the door.  Standing there was Callie, seeing Jake was up she ran towards him and threw her arms around him.

“You’re OK!?!”  She said crying.

Jake replied back with is face bright red, “Yeah I guess I’ll be all right.  Sorry about the poor date.”

“Jake if you don’t mind I’ll leave, got a lot of stuff at the garage that needs to be done, so don’t slack off too much.” He friend said while he was leaving.

“Bye Chance see you later.”  Jake said wishing he could throw something heaver than the pillow at his fleeing friend for leaving him alone with this attacive she-kat.

“Um..Jake, I need to ask you something.”  Callie picked up after huging him.

“Sure, what.”

“I was wondering if I could pay you back for saving me from that plant thing, by taking you out to dinner?”

Jake’s jaw dropped, again to the floor, but this time he quickly gathered his wits and said, “Sure as long you promise there be no plants.” with a smile.

She smiled back to him, “Call me.” Is all she said before she left.

“This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.” He thought to himself.

A ominous figure can be barley seen in the sewers.  “Sssoon Ssswat Katss I’ll have my revenge!”


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