Original SWAT Kats Story


By James L. King

  • 1 Chapter
  • 612 Words

A SWAT Kat parody based on the superhero parody “Team Laser Explosion”.

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Author's Notes:

Buggered up by James L. King

Legal: H/B owns the SWAT Kats and all related characters, Weebl owns Weebl and Bob, and Team Laser Explosion, and the TLE logo, etc.

Notes: Before you read any of this, copy/paste the following URL into your Browser.
http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk/Team Laser Explosion.htm

Rating: PG
Warning: One word… British slang referencing male anatomy

Start date: 04-27-2004
Finish date: 04-29-2004

Without further ado —

SWAT Kats logo flashes across the screen and a cheesy psuedo-anime voice says, “THE SWWWAT KATS!”

Setting: The Hangar

Razor: The alarm is ringing.
T-Bone: Well answer it then Razor.
Razor<to T-Bone> K ::picks up receiver:: : Hello? Oh, hi Callie.
T-Bone: Who is it?
Razor <to T-Bone>: It’s Callie. ::turns back to phone:: : You say you’ve been kidnapped?
T-Bone: What does she want?
Razor: She wants to be rescued.
T-Bone: She’s in trouble?
Razor: Yes.
T-Bone: Again?
Razor <looking peeved>: YES!
T-Bone: To the skies!

Setting: the TurboKat. Two bicycle pedals are evident and the TurboKat is barely staying aloft.

T-Bone: Faster Razor, Faster!
Razor: Can’t you pedal too?
T-Bone: I don’t do exercise, Razor.

Setting: Abandoned warehouse.

T-Bone: The SWAT Kats are here!
Razor: Yes.

SWAT Kats logo flashes across the screen requisite with psuedo-anime voice and we see T-Bone, Razor and Callie all standing together

T-Bone: What’s the wrong, Callie?
Callie: I’ve been kidnapped.
Razor: Holy dog toffee!
T-Bone: Indeed. But who would do such a dastardly deed?
Dark Kat: Me!
Creepling: ::chitters::

Dark Kat Squad logo flashes across the screen. Deep sinister voice says: “Dark Kat Squad!”

T-Bone: Dark Kat, and the Creepling! I should have known.
Razor ::muttering:: : His logo’s better’n ours.
T-Bone: To the skies!
Razor: Shouldn’t we rescue Callie first?
T-Bone: Good thinking Boy-…er, partner. To the skies!
::Everyone looks strange at T-Bone::
T-Bone: Where we will battle.
Razor: K.
Dark Kat: Ok.

Setting: Skies above the City. TurboKat and Dark Kat’s ship dog fighting.

Razor’s pedalling furiously.

T-Bone: Get ’em Razor!
Razor: Megalaser!
::Nosecone splits and the laser fires several times. All miss Dark Kat::
Creepling holding onto the ship and flapping its wings rapidly.
Dark Kat ::to the Creepling:: Easy with the claws, Creepling. ::to SWAT Kats:: : Heat Beam!
::Beam misses::

Razor: Megalaser!
::Nosecone splits and the laser fires several times. All miss Dark Kat, who flies upward::

T-Bone: Where’d he go?
Dark Kat: Acid slime attack!
::Misses Razor’s part of the cockpit but hits T-Bone’s::
Razor: They’re using Dr. Viper’s attacks, Lo–, er, buddy.
T-Bone <shocked>: Cunning.
Dark Kat: Now we have you. <Close-up of face> Plasma Cannon!

T-Bone: Looks like you forgot your weapon.
Razor: You can borrow mine.
T-Bone: Razor!
Razor: Megalaser!
::hits Creepling, Dark Kat’s ship drops like a rock::
T-Bone: Victory is mine!
Razor: Ours!
T-Bone: No Razor.
Razor: Wanker.
Dark Kat: I’LL GET You next time, swat kaaaa…..

Setting: back in warehouse

SWAT Kats logo flashes across the screen again with the voice again and we see T-Bone, Razor and Callie all standing together

Callie: Thank you, SWAT Kats; you saved the day again.
T-Bone: No problem, Callie.
Razor: We live to serve!
T-Bone: No, that’s Napalm Waitress force.
Callie and Razor: Ah haahaahahaahahaahahaaa!!!!!!!!

SWAT Kats logo flashes across the screen yet again with that voice, yet again…

T-Bone: What? What’s so funny?

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