Original SWAT Kats Story

Feral, Furlong, and Fun

By James L. King

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,315 Words

Chance finally gets Felina to the Grand Palais, while Chop Shop and his brother, Slice, try to wreak havoc.

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Author's Notes:

Feral, Furlong, and Fun

James L. King Freakaz@comcast.net

Start date: 11-12-2001 Finish date: 06-20-2002 Rating: PG/PG-13

Warning: Sexual innuendo, mild violence

Summary: Chance finally gets Felina to the Grand Palais, while Chop Shop and his brother, Slice, try to wreak havoc.

Legal: SWAT Kats, MegaKat City, and all associated places/personas are copyright to Hanna/Barbera.

November 29, 1995

“Aww, c’mon, you’ve yet t’ let me take ya.” Chance opens the driver’s side door to her ‘Cuda.

“Chance, it’s not that I don’t want to…,” she replies, folding her arms and glaring slightly at Chance.

“You’re just ‘fraid of being seen there with me,” Chance says as he usurps the drivers seat from her.

“Chance, do I have any say in this at all?”

“Uh, no. Tonight, you’ve got no excuse,” he says as he puts the transmission in gear.

“It’s too expensive!”

“I pulled in a favor; it’s paid for.”

“What? Fine. Just don’t drag race anyone.”

“Who said we’re taking your car? There it is,” he says as a stretch limousine pulls into the Salvage Yard.

She sighs as she replies, “I’m not even gonna ask.”

“I pulled in another favor,” he responds, grinning.

He gets an impish look on his face as she says, “I’d rather swim across a crocodile infested lake than go to the Grand.”

“Too late, now c’mon.”

“I’m gonna regret going,” she says as she looks upward.

“No, ya won’t. I’ve also got something special in mind,” he replies slyly.

“You’re scaring me, Chance,” she replies as the chauffeur opens the door for them.

“Good, it keeps you on those pretty Enforcer toes.”

“Do you have a toe fetish or something?”

“Yeah, well, foot, actually.”

“Now you’re really scaring me.”

Callie’s car pulls in, and she gets out and runs to the garage, where Jake is standing.

“What if you and Jake…”

“It’s covered,” he replies, nonchalantly.

“How?” she asks, getting a curious look on her face.

“Let’s just say Jake’s been giving her lessons. He’ll handle my job, and she’ll do his.” Chance points to Callie, who Jake is kissing in the doorway.

“That’s really scary. How many people owe you?”

“Too many,” he grins, “Too many. Not that many anymore, though.”

* * *

As Chance and Felina ride off in the limousine, Jake turns and heads into the house. Callie follows him and goes down to the Hangar while Jake waits upstairs. After a few minutes, she calls up that she’s changed. He climbs down, and she watches his transformation into Razor.

As he pulls on his G-suit, he asks, “Have you decided on a callsign yet?”

“Uh, no. I can’t think of anything,” she responds.

“Wait a sec. Where’s your glasses?” he asks, after looking back at her.

“In the locker with my sweats. I’m wearing contacts.”

“We still have to get you a locker of your own, now that you’re in training.”

“I’m fine with using yours. I won’t be able to fly too often.”

“How’s the G-suit fit?”

“Like a glovatrix, thanks,” she says. She kisses him before he puts on his mask.

He groans, “Baaaaad pun.”

* * *

“Reservations?” a balding tom asks, with a stuck-up look on his face at the two Kats who just got off the elevator.

“Furlong, party of two.”

“Ahh, we’ve been expecting you, Mr. Furlong.” The tom waves over a younger tom, “Party of two, Furlong, house seat,” the bald one says in an extremely low voice.

Felina hears, and her jaw drops open. She quickly closes it, feigning a yawn. The younger tom leads them to a table that looks out over the bay. She whispers, “Must be some favor you were owed.”

“Here’s your table, the finest in the house. Also, compliments of the chef.” The young tom produces a rather expensive champagne.

Felina stares at it, slack-jawed.

“Merci,” Chance replies.

Shortly, an older tiger-striped tom-kat comes out, dressed as a chef, and smiles as he sees Chance.

“Bonjour, Chance.”

“Bonjour, papere. Comment ça va?”

“Tres bien, merci. Et tu?”

“Bien,” he says, pausing as he switches to English. Felina’s mouth drops open again as Chance says, “Dad, this is my girlfriend, Felina Feral.”

“Good to finally meet you,” he says, smiling at her in a charming manner. He asks her, “What would you like to eat, Mademoiselle?”

Chance leans over and whispers, “Ask for his *special* Filet Mignon.”

She stares at Chance disbelievingly, then replies, “Yeah. Uh, your special Filet Mignon.”

“Very good. Now, what would you like, son?”

“The same.”

“Very well. I’ll let the garçon finish serving you and get to cooking,” he says, before turning and raising his paw, snapping his fingers, “Garçon!”

As he walks away, Felina asks in a whisper, “Your father works here?”


“Wait a second… What kind of favor did he owe you?” she asks, eyes narrowed.

“I’ll never tell.”

* * *

Razor helps Callie into his seat and makes sure she’s properly strapped in before jumping into T-Bone’s seat. The lift drops, and he throttles up, taking off. Razor banks away from the City, towards the Desert.

“Allright, Callie, we’re going to give you another lesson in being a Radar Intercept Officer. This practice run, the drones will shoot back at us.”

“Oh, boy.” He hears her fear.

“Don’t worry, their weapons won’t even scorch the paint.”

“No worry, right.” Her voice quivers.

“Approaching practice run…,” Razor says as he gets an interesting radio signal from the City.

‘Commander, it’s Chop Shop! And, he’s got a wingkat!’

“Chop Shop? Crud! What a night this is turning out to be!” Razor mutters as he banks away and throttles up back toward the City.

* * *

“Chop Shop, this is Slice! You there, brother?”

“Yeah, hahahahaha!”

“Hahahahaha, let’s tear this City apart!!!”

“Watch for those SWAT Kats!”

“Only one Kat has ever taken me out of the air, and he’s not flying anymore!”

* * *

“Approaching City, activating force-field and radar cloak.”

“Targeting systems online. I’m worried, Razor.”

“Don’t worry, you did well on our last few practice runs; you can handle these two.”

* * *

Felina glances out the window and sees explosions in the air across the City. “Chance, ” she hisses, “trouble!”

“I’m sure the SWAT Kats’ll get it if the Enforcers can’t, dear,” Chance says as he wipes his mouth. “Does it taste good?” he asks, pointing to her meal.

Flabbergasted, Felina looks at Chance and mutters, “You should be…,” but is cut off by the sound of a jet and a chopper screaming by the skyscraper. Seconds later, a black jet screams by, followed by several Enforcer Choppers.

“Told you it’s nothing to worry about,” he says as several Kats run to the nearby windows and look out. “How is it?” he asks again.

Amazed at his nonchalance, she picks up her fork and starts eating.

* * *

“There they are, can ya get a lock?”

“I see them, Razor. Systems have locked on the chopper.”

“Waitasec, that’s Slice!” Razor cries. “Lock on the jet. He’s faster than the Chopper. He’s also more dangerous.”

“Switching targets, placing Chopper as secondary target.”

‘This is the Enforcers, Chop Shop, Slice, you’re under arrest!”

‘Fat chance, Enforcers! Only one Kat has ever gotten me, and he’s not an Enforcer anymore!’

“But, he’s right behind ya, Slice!” Razor yells.

‘What?!’ Slice banks his jet and heads toward the TurboKat II, firing slicerblades, which impact the force-field and do no damage.

“Firing drill-bit missile,” Callie says.

The missile lances out and strikes the intake of Slice’s jet, drilling a hole through the engine compartment and coming out the back. Slice’s jet tumbles out of control, and he ejects before the jet hits a water tower and explodes.

“Callie, use the grapples to snag him. We can’t let him get away!”

Chop Shop fires his sawblades, which impact the force-field on the TurboKat II, and Callie uses the grapples to catch Slice’s ejection seat. She reels him in, so he’s inside the force-field’s protection.

Razor pulls the stick back as he engages Hover Mode and Maneuver Mode simultaneously. Chop Shop flies past, now in front of the TurboKat, and surprised at the Maneuver. Callie takes advantage of the matter and fires a Bolo missile at his rotor.

The Bolo tangles up the rotor, causing his Chopper to drop out of the sky like a rock. Razor flies down, and Callie engages the Magnetic Grapple. They lower Chop Shop to the ground and release Slice as the Enforcers arrive.

A Kat’s Eye News chopper flies up next to the TurboKat II, and Razor opens the canopy.

“This is Ann Gora, mid-air with the SWAT Kats. Today, you’ve captured two different criminals in less than five minutes. You guys… and who are you?” she says, surprised to see Razor piloting and a female in the rear position.

“I…,” she says, but Razor cuts in, “She’s in training right now. She hasn’t chosen a callsign yet, even though we’ve been asking her too. I think she’ll be a top RIO, better than me in some ways,” Razor ends the comment with a toothy smile.

“So, a SWAT Kat-in-training took down two skilled criminal pilots easily?” Ann asks.

She nods nervously, then looks down as Razor says, “Like I said, she’s good.”

“What’s your name?” Ann asks, pushing her mike in Callie’s face.

Callie looks up, smiling, her green eyes shining like emeralds, “Queen. My callsign is Queen.”

* * *

The night’s events run through her mind as Chance leads her through a path at MegaKat Gardens. She grows more nervous by the minutes as he doesn’t say anything.

Finally, she sees a small clearing, lit by the moon, the arched entrance to it covered with blooming flowers. She sees marble benches facing a pool that has a small fountain.

He walks over to a bench and sits down. She sits next to him, and he holds her paw for a minute before reaching into a pocket and producing a black velvet case. He gives it to her, then kneels in front of her as she opens it.

She gasps as she sees a diamond ring with sapphires on either side of the diamond. He takes it and asks, “Felina, will you do me a great honor? Will you marry me?”

She nods, tears forming in her eyes, “Yes,” her voice chokes up as he places it on her finger, then kisses her.

* * *

Razor lands the Turbokat II and leaps out, with Callie close behind him. He catches her, mid-air, and kisses her as he places her onto her feet. He walks over to the locker and starts changing, when he notices her next to him, also changing.

“Don’t you think we should change separately?” he asks, blushing under his fur.

“Oh, come on Jake, you’ve seen more of me than this,” she replies, slapping his arm.

“True,” he says, considering what she had said, “This is very true.”

She hangs up the G-suit and takes her clothes out of the locker. She doesn’t get into them, but climbs out of the Hangar in her underclothes. He finishes changing a few seconds later and heads upstairs himself. He quickly looks around and doesn’t find her, but sees her car still outside.

He goes upstairs and finds her in his bed, sound asleep. He sighs as he strips to his boxers and tank top, then climbs into bed himself. He wraps his arms around her and falls asleep as he listens to her start purring to him.

* * *

Felina and Chance get to the Salvage Yard, and he pulls her into an embrace at the door, kissing her passionately.

“You sure you can make it back without falling asleep?” he asks after they part lips.

“Yeah,” she replies just before he kisses her softly, then releases her. She doesn’t move away and declares, “I want to spend the night here, with you.”

He stands there, surprised at her request. He finally says, “Only if you feel it’s necessary.”

She takes his paws in hers and all but drags him to his bedroom. They hear two intertwined purrs from Jake’s room as they pass it. Felina whispers, “It sounds like they enjoy each other’s company.”

He nods as she pulls him into his room.

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