Original SWAT Kats Story

Chaotic Measures

By James L. King

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,111 Words

Turmoil’s sister, callsign Chaos, holds the City hostage in exchange for her sister’s release. She also captures T-Bone and Razor, and it is up to Callie and Felina to rescue their fiances.

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Author's Notes:

Chaotic Measures
James L. King

Rating: PG
Warning: Same as the show.
Start date: 12-02-2002
Finish date: 03-19-2003
Summary: Turmoil’s sister, callsign Chaos, holds the City hostage in exchange for her sister’s release. She also captures T-Bone and Razor, and it is up to Callie and Felina to rescue their fiances.

Authors notes: Several elements of this fic are similar to, but not the same as Tazura Avery’s ‘Chaos and Turmoil’. Any French dialouge will be denoted by brackets[] in a conversation. Also, this air-carrier is not the same layout as Turmoil’s. The bridge on this model overlooks the flight deck.

February 12, 1997

The skies above the City were calm, save for a few cumulus clouds scattered about here and there. The TurboKat, with its two occupants, was patrolling along the north side of the City, much to the chagrin of the nearby patrolling Enforcers.

“TurboKat, I repeat, we do not need you here,” the Squadron leader says testily.

“Well, bud, that’s tough. We have to shake down this new new engine, and the best way to do that is a calm, quiet patrol. That way, when an emergency comes around, we won’t be flying on only two engines,” the burly tiger in the pilot’s seat saucily replies.

“I somehow don’t think flying circles around them doesn’t quite class as a ‘quiet patrol’, T-Bone,” the slim copper tom says as he continues to closely moniter the new engine.

“You’re a party-pooper, Razor,” T-Bone retorts but falls in formation with the squadron insted of flying around them. After switching off the comm, in the middle of the Squadron leader fuming, T-Bone says, “I’m glad you were able to build another M-24. That M-20 was startin’ to become a bit testy.”

“I’m glad you finally let me at the design. I’ve managed to up the power output 9%.”

“As if it wasn’t powerful enough already.”

“Well, you do know what that one tom says on that sitcom, ‘More power!’” Razor says, then starts grunting maniacally.

“I’ve really got to get you away from that stupid show. It’s corrupted you,” T-Bone says, then mutters, “Jet-powered riding mower. I wondered what you were doing with those chopper jet engines.”

“I can’t help it. It’s my quest for more power that keeps us ahead of the bad guys,” Razor comments.

“I thought it was my flying,” T-Bone returns with sarcasm.

“Yeah, that too. But, don’t forget who shoots them all down. Whoop, we got a yellow light on the injection nozzles. Switch back to the normal engines and head back to the Hangar, buddy.”

“Roger that. What about the time I shot down Dark Kat?”

“Then what about the time I had to fly the anti-mutagen to Enforcer HQ?”


* * *

“Hmm,” Razor says as he looks at it. “Mmhmm. Ahh, here it is. They won’t handle it much longer. They’re so old they’re corroding. Do we still have those C-141 engines, or did we ship them out already?”

“Nope. I sent them off to McChord last week. They had a Starlifter grounded because its engines needed a complete overhaul,” T-Bone says as he oversees the refueling.

“How ’bout that last C-5 engine?” came Razor’s muffled voice.

“I think so. Dover was gonna buy it, but they found one nearer to Delaware, for the same price. They retracted their bid.”

“These J-75 injectors are corroding. That is taking a major toll on them. They’ll last a few hours, but not much longer.”

“Heh. Told ya.”

“Hey, what do you expect me to do, use the injectors from that Crapvette you’re fixing up?”

“It’s a Corvette, Mr. Rustang, and, no, you can’t,” came sharp reply as T-Bone glared at Razor.

“Then don’t criticize me. I’m working with what I have on hand. Wanna help me disassemble that C-5 engine?” Razor says as he climbs down the ladder to the lower level and prepares to walk up the ramp.

“Sure. Beats smelling jet fuel fumes,” T-Bone says as he shuts off the fuel and disconnects the refueling hose. He turns on the ventilation system and beats a hasty retreat before he could get high on the fumes.

“I just hope it’s injection nozzles aren’t bad,” Razor comments from the darkness of the ramp.

“T-Bone?” he hears. He silently pads toward his voice. “Chance?”

T-Bone grins evilly as he tackles Razor in the dark. They roll down the ramp, T-Bone laughing, Razor yelling, into the lower level of the Hangar.

“Gahhh!!! Are you high on fumes again?!”

“Hehehehe. Nope. Just wanted to scare you.”

“That was five of my nine lives there, Chance!”

“Darn, I was shooting for eight.”

* * *

“Allright, let’s see if these’ll handle it,” Razor says.

The alarm goes off, and T-Bone, being nearer, leaps to the panel and slaps the button. “Yeah, Callie?”

“Guys, a giant air-carrier has just appeared and shot down all chopper patrols. Felina’s the only one still in the air, and that’s because of the prototype she’s flying.”

“Turmoil?” Razor asks.

“No, she’s still in prison. Can’t be her,” T-Bone says.

“She’s identified herself as ‘Chaos’, and is demanding Turmoil’s release,” Callie responded.

“We’re on our way!” Razor cries as he runs toward the TurboKat.

They take off, and even from where they are, they see the carrier over the city. As they approach, several of the enemy squadron break off from the black chopper they are fighting, and head toward them.

“Anti-glare visors, T-Bone!”

“Gotcha,” he replies, then thumbs the comm for the chopper’s frequency, “Hey girl, need help?”

“Flashbulb missiles, away! Hi ‘Lina!” Razor says happily.

“You’re already helping. Gotcha!” she replies as one of the enemy planes goes down from a laser hit.

The flash doesn’t have the effect intended, and the four jets start firing at them.

“Razor?” T-bone growls worriedly.

“One sec, bud,” he says, his fingers flying over the console, “Buzzsaw missiles away!”

For probably the first time ever, the Buzzsaws hit their marks and cut off the wings to three of the four jets. An Octopus missile hits the belly tank of the remaining one, and ruptures it, causing a huge fireball just as its pilot ejects.

* * *

Felina watches the TurboKat take out four jets within seconds, and suddenly feels nauseous. She realizes the carrier had a vertigo beam.

She manages to say, “Guys… Vertigo…” before passing out.

The chopper spins out of control, and the computer AI comes online as the onboard sensors register pilot unconsciousness.

Several lines appear on the VDU, and the chopper rights itself, and leaves the combat zone. It sets itself down at ‘home base’, Enforcer HQ.

* * *

Razor hears Felina’s garbled transmission and glances to see her chopper spin out of control, right itself, and leave. They feel the jet lurch, and T-Bone cries, “She’s got us in a tractor beam Razor!”

“Crud! Go to maximum thrust!”

“I’m already there! Oh, crud.”


“Central engine’s out!”

“Speed of heat!”


“She’ll hold together, do it!”

Before T-Bone can throw the lever, he feels a strangely familiar sense of vertigo, and the world goes black.

* * *

‘Felina?’ she hears.

“Felina. Wake up,” her Uncle’s voice commands.

“What… happened?” she replies groggily.

“The chopper flew itself back here after you were hit by the Vertigo beam. Chaos has captured the SWAT Kats.”

“God no. Uncle, request permission to…” she says as she steps out of the chopper.

“Denied,” he says.

Callie runs up and says, “Commander, your office, now.”

“What is is Ms. Briggs?” he asks as they enter his office.

“The second pair of SWAT Kats are going to deploy in fifteen minutes. You’ll have to take both your niece and I into custody and put us in holding cells to stop us. I can only imagine what you’ll say to the press if you try to stop us.”

Feral growls, then snaps, “Since I can’t stop you, get on with it then.”

* * *

“I can’t believe you handled Uncle that easily.”

“He has one major fear, that he’ll receive bad press. He receives so much of it already, he knows he can’t afford any more. That’s my only weapon against him. I hate having to use it, but she’s captured our guys,” Callie says as she weaves through traffic at a break-neck pace.

They make it to the highway out to the Salvage yard, and Callie floors it. Her sedan is registering triple-digit numbers on the speedometer as the Salvage yard comes into view.

She flies into the yard, screeching to a halt inches from the towtruck’s front end.

They leap out and rush inside. They jump down the hatch, and start stripping clothes as they run toward the lockers to change.

A minute later, the two other SWAT Kats are loading up ammo and explosives. They use the cargo dolly to haul the TurboKat II onto the launch lift, and power up the highly advanced craft.

* * *

“Felina, we don’t have a callsign for you yet,” Queen says as the TurboKat II circles to a high altitude.

“I’ve been told I’m a regular hell-Kat when angry. Use that.”

“HellKat?” Queen asks.

“HellKat,” comes the terse reply.

* * *

“We’re at sixty-thousand, shutting down engines and powering up Radar Cloak. We’ve got to infiltrate her carrier and get the guys. This’ll be our best chance,” HellKat says.

“I don’t like this woozy feeling.”

“That’s free-fall. We’re losing altitude so rapidly you’re experiencing negative gravities.”

After a minute, HellKat switches the engines to hover mode and powers them up just enough to cushion the landing on the flight deck.

The TurboKat hits the deck, and, within seconds, the two She-Kats have the jet powered off and are exiting the flight deck.

An alarm Klaxon sounds, and they break into a run as a crewmember sights them and draws her weapon.

They dodge fire and duck down a hallway. They continue the deadly game of hide and seek with several crewmembers for a few minutes until they finally lose them.

* * *

The Intruder alarm sounds, and she wonders who has come on board, and if they have anything to do with the SWAT Kats. She draws her pistol, and starts patrolling the sectors she is in charge of.

She rounds a corner, and drops her pistol in suprise as she sees a masked she-kat with her face. “Quoi?” she gasps.

Queen stands in shock for a moment as HellKat runs up. “Qu— what in the…”

She bows, saying “I am Major Dubois. I surrender to you, Daughter of Callista.” She picks her pistol up as both Queen and HellKat raise their glovatrixes. Seeing that she holstered the pistol, they lower them. “I know where they are being held. I shall lead you to them.” She turns and starts walking down the hallway she had come from.

HellKat and Queen follow warily.

HellKat whispers, “Queen, this is crazy. She looks and sounds like you.”

“I know, HellKat,” Queen says, then turns to her double. “You said ‘Daughter of Callista’.”

She turns and looks at the two she-Kats. “You and I are daughters of Callista. Her second child, a daughter, was stolen from her at birth. She was told by the midwife zat her daughter had died. Later, it was found out zat she had lived, and was taken out of ze country, but no one knew where. Many attempts were made to find her. None suceeded. Later, ze son’s descendants fled to Gaul when zey were deposed by ze Prussians. I am descended from her son.”

“How do you know she’s a descendent of Queen Callista?” Hellkat asks.

She turns and looks at HellKat with a regal look on her face.

“An arche-mage, Eugene, blessed her, and her offspring. Part of it was that we, her daughters that are direct descendants, carry her beauty for all time. I am fully familiar with ze tale of Sirs Razor and T-Bone. You two are ze ones who acompanied zem on zeir second quest for our ancestress, non?” she points at them. Briskly, she turns and stops in shock.

“Vell, helping de enemy?” Chaos smirks at them. “I trusted you, Major. Now you vill die along vis all of dem. Take dem all avay.”

Before anyone can move, Queen and HellKat fire nets from their glovatrixes and run, with the Major right behind them.

They round a corner, and run down it, taking another side corridor as one presents itself. They see a ventilation duct in the ceiling, and quickly, HellKat and Queen have it open and are inside. The pull the Major inside it and get it closed just before the first of their pursuers comes around the corner. The three of them huddle in the duct, barely daring to breath.

A moment later, they hear Chaos demand, “VERE ARE DEY?”

“They disappeared, sir,” a voice says.

“Maybe zey went into the ventilation ducting. Oui? Give moi a flashlight, I’ll go see,” a french-accented voice asks.

A few seconds later, the vent opens, and a tan she-kat sticks her head in, with a flashlight in one paw, and her pistol in the other.

She turns around, and quickly the Major says with hand-gestures, ‘Engines bomb. You get prisoners.’ She then comes out of the duct and says, “I did not see zem, however, if zey are up zere, zey will probably go to ze holding cells, non?”

“Yes, you’re right. They’re only one deck below there. Come with me!” Chaos cries and runs off.

They hear the clicking of boots running on the steel deck, and eventually, the sound fades.

They start crawling after the Major, who leads them to a junction in a main corridor, then to a vent above an armory.

After leaving the ducts, she says, “I am a member of the French Intelligence Agency, as is my partner. I told her that we will bomb ze engine room. One of you will have to go help her rescue ze prisoners.”

“I’ll help bomb the engines,” Queen volunteers.

“I knew you would. I’ll get the guys then,” HellKat says.

“Get back into ze ventilation shaft, head down ze main corridor ducts until you reach a junction zat also leads to the deck above. After you make it zere, take ze nearest vent out, zen make your way to ze holding cells. Ze path is clearly marked on ze walls.” she instructs, and HellKat nods. “After you rescue zem, get to ze bridge, and set a course out of ze City.”

“See ya later,” she says, then leaps into the duct.

“We will need explosives,” she says, browsing the armory’s crates.

“I have a few charges. Not enough, I don’t think,” Queen says, joining the search.

After a few minutes, they find a few pounds of plastic explosives, detonators, and remotes. They open the door to the armory, and, seeing the corridor clear, they quickly and silently make their way down it.

After a few minutes, they make it to a stairway, and go down a deck to the engine level. They cautiously approach the engine room, and, seeing it guarded, they go into the ducts and enter the engine room that way. They drop down between the two inside guards and silently subdue them. The Major seals the door as the outside guards start pounding on the metal.

They set about planting the explosives. Each fuel line, inside of each access panel, and power junction has explosives planted on or in it. Queen also distributes a few of Razor’s custom explosives in a few very unlikely spots, in case the main sabotage job is detected and the explosives removed.

They make their escape from the engine room just before the guards cut through the door.

* * *

‘C’mon, hurry up, get on with the gloating…’ HellKat thinks as she crouches in the ventilation shaft above T-Bone and Razor.

“I’ve driven off your two friends, SWAT Kats, and, ven de City frees my sister, you vill make a grand present for her. I vill enjoy vatching her torture you to death.”

“You are one crazy she-Kat,” T-Bone growls at her.

“No, not crazy, brilliant,” she snaps.

T-Bone counters, “Such brilliance, capturing two tom-kats, but not their partner she-kats. The she-kats will take you down, and get us out to boot.”

“Unlikely,” she replies. She turns to her underlings, and says, “You two, stand guard here.”

Suddenly, HellKat bursts out of the duct, bowling over Chaos and her subordinates. The she-kats outside the cell burst in upon hearing the commotion.

T-Bone shouts as he snaps his restraints like string, “Go get ’em, girl!”

She rears back and hits Chaos as hard as she can in the face, then with her fists and her feet, goes after every moving she-kat in the room simultaneously, except the tan she-kat she recognizes from the ventilation shafts.

She stops as she feels a pistol pressed against the back of her head.

“Surrender or die,” Chaos says.

“Ahem,” T-Bone says, tapping Chaos’ shoulder.

“VAT?” she asks as she whirls around, then T-Bone’s fist meets her face. She flies back and hits the far wall, then slides down and lies there breathing, but otherwise unmoving.

“Normally, I wouldn’t hit a she-kat, but when my fiancé’s life is at stake…” he says to the now unconscious she-kat.

Hellkat quickly got to her feet and said, “To the bridge, we must set a course out of the City.”

“Because the Engine room has been sabotaged, yes, I agree.”

“I’ll go with HellKat and take care of that. Get to the flight deck and sabotage her jets,” T-Bone says.

Razor nods and heads down the hallway, only to meet Queen and the other agent.

They head to the flight deck, and the two agents help set explosives in all the jets except the one they would use to escape.

T-Bone and HellKat set a few explosives on the bridge, and set a course out of the City. As the engines power up and the mammoth carrier starts moving, Commander Feral smiles and launches all of his jet squadrons.

They hear pounding at the Bridge doors, then the sounds of a torch starting to cut the metal, and T-Bone says, “Wanna live dangerously?”

“Why not?” Felina says, having an inkling of what he was thinking. She aims her glovatrix at the main window and fires mini-octopus missiles.

The glass shatters, and they make a running leap from the window, twisting around in mid-air, firing their grappling hooks. They swing down onto the flight deck, near the two TurboKats, and each runs toward their respective craft.

The three jets take off, while Queen, Razor, and the Major activate their detonator remotes. In the main engine room, bridge, and flight deck, simultaneous explosions rock the carrier, causing it to suddenly pitch forward and make a nosedive toward MegaKat Harbor.

T-Bone sees a familiar escape craft, and says, “There it is. Razor, do the honors?”

“Sure thing,” he says as the TurboKat swoops down on the tiny jet. A second later, the craft was locked to the TurboKat’s magnetic grapple.

The two TurboKats escort the other jet and Chaos’ escape craft to Enforcer HQ, then the TurboKat II leaves without landing. T-Bone and Razor get out of the jet just as they lead Chaos away, and the two French agents start explaining who they really are.

They hear as they walk up, “I am Lieutenant Colonel Marie Annette Furlong, of ze French Intelligence Agency, and zis is my partner, Major Jeanette Delacroix. We were assigned by our government to infiltrate Chaos’ carrier and arrest her for her crimes against ze country of France. We request her immediate extradition to our country for trial and sentencing.”

Razor glances at T-Bone.

“I’ll have to consult my superiors and your government. Until then, I’ll have you assigned quarters here.”

“As you wish,” she says, then turns to the two vigilantes standing nearby.

She kisses Razor on both cheeks, then T-Bone.

Marie stares at T-Bone for a while, then says, “Thank you for your help. Also, thank your lovers for me.”

“[I will. Thank you, cousin.]” he replies. She gives him an odd look, then smiles.

They get in the TurboKat, and, as the canopy closes, Razor asks, “Furlong, huh?”

“She’s a cousin. I’m sure of it. I’ll have to ask dad though,” T-Bone replies as the TurboKat takes off.

* * *

March 5, 1997

“What are you doing here, Chance?” his father asks as Chance walks into the house.

“I heard you’re going to France on vacation. Gonna go see relatives?”

“Yes,” Jacques replies.

“If you meet my cousin Marie, give this to her,” he says, placing a gift-wrapped flat object in his father’s paws.

“May I ask why?”

“It’s a gift of thanks. I met her not long ago, and she helped me out alot.”

* * *

March 7, 1997

Jacques runs toward his older brother, and they embrace, kissing each other’s cheeks.

“[René! I’m sorry for being gone so many years.]” he says.

“[Nonsense! You’ve kept in contact. You look well! Come, meet my children.]”

“[I apologize I couldn’t bring my sons or my daughter. They are all grown and couldn’t get away from their careers to visit.]”

“[I will visit you some time, and meet them.]”

“[Good, I’ll see you within the year maybe?]”


“[Well, are you going to introduce me to your children?]”

“[This is my oldest kit, Marie. She works for…]”

“Paperé…” she replies warningly.

“You look like our Deputy Mayor Briggs. Have you ever been to MegaKat City?” Jacques says, taking her paw and kissing it.

“Yes, Uncle, I have. I’ve been told I get my looks from mameré.”

“Then my oldest son, Chance, says that this is for you,” he replies, producing the package and giving it to her. She opens it and sees a framed picture of Chance, Jake, Felina and Callie dressed in their normal clothing, standing in the Hangar, with the Turbokat providing a backdrop.

“[He is my cousin then. Thank you, Uncle.]” she replies, then shows the picture to Jacques. He stops in shock at the picture, and says, “My son is a SWAT Kat?”

“You didn’t know?” she replies.

“No. I didn’t. Of course, I’ve never really been a supporter of theirs.”

“[He is. I think he only wanted to make you proud.]”

“[Ahem. Jacques, this is my son…]” René says, continuing to introduce his children.

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