Original SWAT Kats Story

SWAT Kats: The New Wave

By Hotaru

  • 4 Chapters
  • 3,202 Words

(Unfinished) Time has passed in Mega Kat City, and Chance and Jake have enjoyed a peaceful life with their sons, but when Dark Kat comes back, the plan he has could cause mass destruction in Mega Kat City.

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Chapter 1


Mega Kat, my home for 12 years. Now, I live in the junkyard with two older men. One of them is my father and the other is his best friend who is like a big brother to me. I go to school, hangout, you know, teen stuff. My heroes are the Swat Kats who I looked up to ever since my childhood, but for some strange reason it seems I knew for a long time, which is funny cause I already know who they are. It’s hard to keep my secret. You know, these secrets caused some major problems for me.
My name is CJ. I’m the son of Chance Furlong. I don’t know who my mother is. Dad said she died, but I dunno. You see, my whole life has been a mystery to me ever since child birth. Sometimes I will look at the stars to find answers to some questions I have like how mom died. Or why do I feel pressured to keep the secret of the Swat Kats or even what’s my purpose in life? But, I was able to cope with the pain in my heart with people I care for the most around, but I don’t bother them with my problems…….. problems that almost destroyed the ones I loved.

Chapter 1

The sun rises over Mega Kat city as the citizens can sleep soundly cause they know that this town is protected but the Swat Kats. As the sunlight hits an upper window of the Hangar, a young kat is awoke by it light

**Yawn** As the kitten stumbled out of the bed with his eyes still closed as he walks to the kitchen and get a bottle of milk and drinks down to the last drop he opens his eyes and walks to the living room and turned on the TV.

“Man, there is nothing on TV today. What is a kat supposed to do before he goes to school?”

“CJ!! Did you drink out of the bottle again!!” said a booming voice as CJ knew who it was.

“Coming, dad,” as he got up and walked to the kitchen. His father was in there, having his arms crossed. **sighs** “CJ, would it kill you to use a cup once in a while?”

“Fine, dad, alright.” CJ sighed.

“That’s my boy,” as he grabs his son and gives him a noogie. CJ was struggling with his father grip but can’t help but smile.

“Geez, you guys are loud for two people,” as Jake and his son Sam came down the stairs to find out what is the commotion.

Jake looking at his watch. “Don’t you two have to school to go to?” said Jake with a sly look on his face.

CJ and Sam looked at the clock… and they start running upstairs to get ready.

“Chance, that’s some Kid you got there,” said Jake

Chance laughs. “Takes after his old man.” He sees CJ and Sam leave to go to school.

CJ looks back and waves goodbye and catches up to Sam and they start walking.

Sam looks at CJ. “So, you asked your dad yet?” as Sam looked down at the ground as he asked his friend his question.

“No, not yet. Maybe I shouldn’t ask them cause I don’t think I can be a hero like my dad or Uncle Jake. They saved Mega Kat City so many times they worship them like gods and me asking them to become a Swat Kat is asking them to much what if I mess up and hurt people. I don’t wanna put people’s lives on the line if I mess it up.”

“CJ, I’m sorry,” as Sam looked down at the ground.

“Don’t worry about that, man.” CJ notices his shoe string is loose. “Go ahead – I gotta tie my shoe. Meet you at school.” As CJ ties his shoes, he hears a voice that chills his spine and stood there looking back and see nothing but darkness when all of a sudden he heard someone call his name.

“CJ CJ CJ!! Snap out of it!”

He snaps out of his trance and notices Sam looking at him.

“You okay?” Sam said, looking worried.

“Oh, I’m fine.” CJ smiled. “Let’s go.”

“What was that all about?” as he thought about what has happened.

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