Original SWAT Kats Story

Baby Blues

By Hotaru & Sksaber

  • 4 Chapters
  • 5,035 Words

Chance deals with the task of raising his two young sons while courting Callie.

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Chapter 3

The Big Date

The night of the big date Chance is standing in front of the mirror with a towel on making himself look good for Callie Jake knocks on the door with an angry tone.

“Come on Chance you been in there for an hour now she will be here in 10 minutes,” Jake said.

“Keep your shirt on Jake I’m coming,” Chance yelled as he came out the bathroom he walks into his room and changes into a white shirt blue pants and a brown leather jacket after he changes he goes into the boys’ room and put some clothes on them to which took awhile cause they were a bit fussy about it after that ordeal he goes into the living room and waits for Callie Chance begins pacing back and forward while BJ , CJ and Jake looks at him then Chance heard a car pull up and starts sweating.

“This is it *gulps* now or never,” Chance said as Callie who was wearing a pink sweater and green pants she walks up to the door and when she did Chance was there to greet her as he was about to open his mouth she sees BJ and CJ on the couch and walks towards them.

“Hey guys you ready?” As she picks up BJ and plays with him a little bit Chance looked down and went back into the living room to get CJ and the diaper bag and bottles Callie grabs the car seat and puts the boys in the back sit as she goes to the front and sits in the passenger side Chance gets in and starts the car they drive down the road.

“So what do you have planned for us tonight Chance?” Callie said as she looks at Chance he looks at her.

“Well how about a movie or something?” Chance said as his face turned red.

“That would be lovely Chance,” Callie said as she looks at the boys playing with their toys they arrive at the movies Callie and Chance got out the car and then got the boys out Chance got CJ out and the bags while Callie got BJ and tickled him a little BJ was laughing away while smiling at her they got their tickets and at down in their sits with the boys on each lap the movie starts and Chance begins thinking of what to say.

“I don’t know what to say to her she so wonderful my boys love her and she looks good to and she smells wonderful……..*sniffs* I don’t think that’s her,” Chance said as he look at CJ and he knew what to do he looks at Callie.

“Umm Callie I have to do something ummm important CJ had a little accident excuse me.” Chance gets up and grabs his bag and goes into the bathroom and begins changing CJ.

“You did this on purpose didn’t you huh,” Chance smiled at him while changing him he threw away his diaper and put on a fresh one he then picks him up and goes back to the movie.

“Chance could you get me a bottle I think BJ’s hungry,” Callie said as Chance got out the boys bottles he gives one to Callie and she starts to feed BJ and Chance gave CJ his bottle after they finished they burped the boys and sat til the movie ended they got up and walked back to the car Chance noticed that CJ was sleeping and BJ was nodding off.

“I guess the boys are tired now maybe we should go home and put the boys in bed,” Callie said as she rock BJ to sleep Chance put CJ in the car seat he drives back to the garage and he gets out of the car and takes the boys and the bag inside but Callie called him.

“You know Chance I had a great time I hope we can do it again sometime bye boys,” Callie said as she kiss Chance on the cheek and then kissed the boys who were still asleep he takes them inside and he notices that Jake hasn’t got home yet he takes the boys into their crib and takes their clothes off and put on their jammies he watches the boys for awhile.

“Good night boys I love you guys,” he said as he touches the boys on the head and he went to his room and fell asleep.

The next morning Chance got up and went to the kids’ room and they were still asleep he looks at them for awhile and then they wake up with a smile on their faces as Chance smiles and picks them up he takes them down stairs and he places them in their high chairs and gives them some strained carrots which the boys don’t like to eat but Chance got to eat it all he then notices that they were dirty so he went upstairs to give them a bath upstairs the kids splash him and Chance laughs as he gets hit by the kids’ water attack he then takes them out and dries them off he then put some clothes on them and puts them in the playpen he gives CJ his teething ring and BJ’s teddy bear he then turns on the TV and watches Scaredy Kat after awhile he hears Jake waking up from upstairs and he came downstairs looking sleepy he looks at Chance.

“How was the date?” Jake said as he yawns Chance laughed at him

“It was pretty good how’s yours?” Chance said with a grin Jake sighed.

“You don’t wanna know it was alright in the beginning until her uncle came and spied on us,” Jake said as Chance laughs.

“That’s Feral for ya then right boys,” Chance said as he looks at the boys.

Jake stood there and looked annoyed at them but he laughs it off as he begins playing with the boys which he always do.

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