Original SWAT Kats Story

Baby Blues

By Hotaru & Sksaber

  • 4 Chapters
  • 5,035 Words

Chance deals with the task of raising his two young sons while courting Callie.

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Chapter 1

Mishaps in the Mall

It’s a quiet night in Mega Kat City as everyone is sleeping soundly for the recent peace in the area but this silence wouldn’t last long just ask Chance Furlong as he gets up from a sound coming from the next room he gets up and leans over and picks up two bundles from a crib theses are his sons BJ and CJ.

“Come on guys why were crying?  You guys hungry?” Chance said as he smiles and walks into the kitchen sleepy and gets two bottles from the fridge and heats them up and then he gives them to the boys as they began to drink them up.

“You guys finished now it’s time to burp ya,” Chance said as he put both of the boys over his shoulder and patted them on the back  both of the boys burped up and they went back to sleep.  Chance got up and put them in the crib and looked at them for awhile before he went back to his own bed and slept til morning

Morning Time

It’s early in the morning and the alarm off Chance’s clock began to rang he smash the top and woke up with one eye still closed he walks into his sons room and he saw them just awaking up he smiles

“Hey boys good morning,” Chance said as the babies see their daddy and smiles back and they raised their hands up he knew what they wanted he picks them up an takes them into the living room and places them in the play pen the boys begin to play with their toys as Chance watches Scaredy Kat he hears Jake’s voice coming from down the hall he walks in with a toothbrush in his mouth he sees Chance sitting down

“Hey Chance kids kept you up again?” Jake said as he continues to brush his teeth but Chance laughed at him and smiled.

“Nope I gotten used to being a father now so it doesn’t don’t bother me right guys?” Chance said as his sons are playing with each other but then Jake notices smell and held his nose he knew what it was he looks at Chance.

“Ugg Chance someone needs a change,” Jake said as Chance stood there and gets up and takes the boys upstairs for their diaper change he put a clothes pin on his nose as he began to unravel CJ’s diaper.

“Ugg this is so disgusting I got to watch what you guys eat from now on,” Chance said as he took off the dirty diaper and threw it in the waste basket and put a fresh one for both of the boys he picks them up and carries them in the living room to play again he then hears Jake complaining about something.

“Chance I need some things from the mall but I can’t leave because I have to fix someone’s car this morning you may have to take the kids too,” Jake said as Chance had a look of dismay on his face he agrees and gets a diaper bag , bottle , and a carrier for the boys he put some clothes on the boys CJ’s blue shirt and pants and BJ’s red shirt with blue pants too he walks outside and gets into the pick up car and straps the boys in the car seat and they drive to the mall he puts the boys in the carrier and grabs the bags and walks towards the store he looks at the list Jake gave him and walked in he gets the tools Jake needs for the garage and then he goes and sit down and closes his eyes for a minute and opens them up and looks at the last item on the list and looked shocked.

“You got to be kidding me man Felina got Jake whipped oh well then,” Chance said as he walked into a women’s clothing store to get some lotion for Felina but he didn’t know that the boys got loose from the carrier and started crawling around the store as Chance got up to the counter he noticed the clothes were gone he begins to freak out and starts looking for them he looks around for them he blindly goes into the women’s changing rooms and see some women still changing around he looks and then gets slapped he then looks in the perfume section and get sprayed by free sample he begins coughing then he hears some ladies crowding around a circle Chance walks to them and see his sons in the center he picks them up and hugs them as he was worried about them the ladies looked at chance and started talking.

“How cute what cute kids you have,” said a lady as Chance blushed from the comment and the ladies all agreed Chance waved goodbye to them and he walked back to the truck and then he looked at the boys who were tired he sees them sleeping and he smiles at them and said, “Those two are something else Jake wouldn’t believe me if I told him.”

He smiled he arrives to the hangar and sees Jake in the garage working on the car Chance gave him the stuff he asked for and Jake noticed a smell on Chance.

“Umm Chance where have you been you smell like a perfume shop” Jake said as he begins to laugh Chance sighed.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Chance smiles “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m taking the boys for their nap now,” Chance says as he takes the boys upstairs and placed them in the crib as they went to sleep Chance went to his bed and fell on the bed and slept peacefully.

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