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The Kat Who Cried Wolf

By Hillary "Xena" Mader

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,216 Words

When Callie is kidnapped during a snowstorm by an evil demon and his pack of wolves, the ever-resourceful SWAT Kats have to figure out a way to save her. The only problem is,the demon wants Razor for something, but what?

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Author's Notes:

This is my first submission, so E-mail me and tell me if anything needs  to be fixed. ?


This story is based on a legend I have read when I was little about a mystical white wolf who disappears like a snowflake in the morning sun. The language I used in this story is Romany (The ancient language of the  gypsies) and if I didn’t have horses in at least this one, my friend  would have my head. I’ll think I’ll shut up now-enjoy!

The sun crept slowly above the skyline of Megakat City.  Its warm rays shone down on the glistening snow that had blanketed the town overnight.

Soft country music floated out over the MegaKat City Salvage Yard. Jake Clawson groaned and slammed his paw on his alarm clock, and the music  stopped. He yawned and rolled out of bed and walked quietly down the stairs  so he wouldn’t wake his friend. He looked in the fridge to see what he could  scrape up for breakfast, but found only cold pizza and half a gallon of  orange juice. Jake slumped down at the table and turned the radio on.

“Vote for Mayor Manx…” the radio blared out. “He’s the right candidate for our future.”

Jake groaned and rolled his eyes as he changed the station.

“Commander Feral declares that there is no lead on the mysterious disappearances. The Commander says it looks like it appears to be animal attacks…”

Chance Furlong walked into the small kitchen with a grumpy look on his face.  “Turn on the weather station,” he ordered Jake.

“About three and a half feet of snow fell during the night breaking last years record…” Jake turned the radio off.  Chance sat next to him with the last of the pizza. “Great we’re snowed in.  The hangar door is frozen shut and covered with snow. I can’t even get the  truck out of the garage. I sure hope Callie doesn’t call.”


Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs sat in her office in City Hall, phone in one one hand, Mayor Manx’s latest speech in her other.

“No lieutenant…  Yes,It is still too bad they didn’t find out who, or what is  kidnapping those civilians…  Well, if you come upon something, let me know… ..Ok, nice talking to you too, bye.”

She hung up the phone just as Mayor Manx walked into the room.

“Who was on the phone?” he asked Callie.

“Lieutenant Feral. They still didn’t find the kidnapper.” She handed Manx  the speech.

“Well, just keep up the good work,” Manx called over his shoulder as he headed outside to catch his limo.

Callie started to put some papers in her briefcase. In the shadows of  her office, two large red eyes glistened in the dark. It growled and  crouched for attack.


Later that afternoon, Jake and Chance were working on a new project called the “TurboDragon” while they listened to the news on the radio.

“Hand me a wrench,” Jake said from under the ancient car.

“Are you sure this rustbucket is going to run?” Chance asked as he kicked the bumper. It rattled for a few moments then came crashing to the floor.

“If you don’t stop beating the krud out of it, it won’t run,” Jake replied  as the radio blabbed on.

“Mayor Manx is on the top of the poles and it looks like he could be reelected again this term. This just in-Deputy Mayor Briggs  is being held hostage at this hour. Commander Feral received the ransom note about a half hour ago.”

“What!!!???” Chance and Jake yelled.

“Let’s hit it!!!” Chance yelled as he ran towards his locker.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Jake said as he put his flight suit on. Chance stared at him blankly. “We’re snowed in.” Chance groaned. “I have an  idea, but it may be a little drastic.”

“Well, it can’t get any worse. What is it?”

“Do you know if that stable a few blocks down is open?”


Callie opened her eyes. She was in a cave of some kind. Her eyes looked for a way out. She saw the mouth of the cave and made a run for it. Suddenly,  six wolves jumped in front of her and blocked her exit.

“I see you have awakened,” a deep voice from behind her said. A large creature stepped out from the shadows. It had large wings and it was covered in silvery-grey fur. Its long and sharp claws matched its  hawk-like beak. Beside him stood a monstrous black and grey wolf, his red eyes glistened.

“Who, or what are you?” Callie questioned, keeping her eyes on the giant wolf by his side.

“I am Bakro, controller of the gem wolves.” He pointed to the giant wolf. “And this is Terom.”

Callie looked at him oddly. “Gem wolf?”

“The gem wolves are kats, just like you. Each one owns half of a gem.  Normally, the brother or sister has the other half. Using these gems and collars made out of a special kind of magical fabric, they can turn themselves into wolves. I have all the gem wolves except for two, so I am missing one complete amulet. Once I own that kat’s piece, I will have control over him. When I have all the gems in my hands, their power could destroy the entire universe, leaving me in charge.”

“So what does this have to do with me? I don’t have one of those gems.” Callie asked as Bakro tied her up.

“I know you don’t possess a gem, but I need you for bait to catch the one who loves you.” He finished with an evil laugh.


“Do you need a lift, buddy?” Razor asked his partner from atop his assigned black mare, Vigilante.  T-Bone shook his head. “Are you sure this is the only mode of transportation?”

“Positive, T-Bone. Unless you want to walk to Enforcer Headquarters.”

T-Bone sighed and got on his grey gelding, Butch. Razor gathered the reins of  Lisa, the chestnut mare for Callie when they rescued her.


Felina Feral stood outside of Enforcer Headquarters waiting for T-Bone and Razor to pick up the ransom note. Her Uncle would kill her if he found out she  was going to help the ‘young hotshots’. Her long black and white hair rustled in the icy breeze. She wrapped her arms around herself to keep out the chill.

The door to the building opened and closed. Felina spun around, afraid her Uncle would catch her, but it was only Major Steele. She glared at him as he passed her.

Felina closed her eyes after he left, trying to imagine that the snow was melted and it was nice and warm. She thought she could hear the chirping of crickets, the laughter of children, the snorting of horses.

The snorting of horses? She opened her eyes. Standing before her were three horses and two SWATKats.

“The SWATKats, on horses? Now I’ve seen everything.” Felina said as she  handed the ransom note to T-Bone.

“It was either this or walking,” Razor said with a smile.

T-Bone looked  over the note.  “I think you should take a look at this, buddy,” he said as he handed it  to Razor.

‘Dearest Razor,

I have your precious Deputy Mayor in my cave beyond MegaKat Forest. If you want her back, bring me the wolf amulet and turn yourself over to me, or she’ll never see the light of day again.


“Wolf amulet,” T-Bone and Felina asked Razor at the same time.

Razor looked at them and pulled out a necklace that he had tucked into his shirt. He took it off and handed it to Felina.

“Wow,” she said. “This must be worth a fortune.” It was a crystal with the front part of a wolf etched into its surface. Around the one edge was a golden snake. “But, it looks like this is only half of it.”

Razor nodded. “It’s over 800 years old and has been in my family for  generations. My father gave me this half before he died. He gave the other half to my brother, Christopher.”

“You never said you had a brother before,” T-Bone said, glancing at him.

“He disappeared right after my father died. I haven’t seen him since.”

Felina jumped aboard Lisa. “Let’s go and bust this guy’s tail!” she  said as she wheeled her horse around.

T-Bone looked at Razor.  “I like her style!” he said as they started off in search of Callie.

The three entered MegaKat forest. Felina was still eyeing Razor’s amulet.

“Hey, Razor, there’s an inscription on the back, but it’s written in  another language.”

Razor nodded. “I noticed, but I can’t decipher it.”

A sudden crash came from behind the group as a branch crashed to the ground, made heavier by the snow. Vigilante bolted and almost threw Razor into the next time zone. Razor regained his balance and pulled up on the reins to try and stop the galloping mare.  She ran for five more minutes until Razor was able to bring  her to a stop.

He jumped down and inspected her for injuries, but couldn’t find any. Razor grabbed the reins and started to cool her down while trying to find out where they were, realizing they were lost.


Callie tried to wiggle her arms free of the ropes that tied her, but they  were tied too tightly. Bakro sat next to her carving something into a strip of something that looked like leather, except it was red and seemed to glow. Above her sat two wolves. Keja and Kore. Canis and Lupis stood at the mouth  of the cave. Pesha and Cluj were sitting on the cave floor, asleep, and  Terom paced back and forth.

Bakro stood up and put what he was working on down on the stone next to her. She looked at what he had done. It was a  collar, that was easy to see. Callie leaned over to see what Bakro was etching and gasped.

Terom, hearing her walked over to her growling. Bakro picked the collar up and motioned for Terom and the other wolves to follow  him.

Callie wished she never even looked at that collar-wished she’d never  seen the word ‘Razor’ etched in it-the way all the other wolves had identical collars. A tear ran down her cheek. She hoped that Razor would be able to outsmart Bakro.


Razor looked at the inscription on the amulet, and to pass the time, he read  it out loud.

“Me tume beshon het mander te mulengi shavale draba.”

The amulet suddenly  started to glow. The wind picked up as it started to snow lightly.  A howl cut through the forest. Before Razor stood a white wolf, as big as a horse. The wolf’s blue eyes twinkled. The only thing that separated him from the snow was the black tips on his ears.

Razor couldn’t take his eyes off of the wolf. The wolf nuzzled Razor’s arm. Razor stroked his long white fur.

Vigilante pawed the ground nervously. The wolf suddenly started to growl. Then everything went black.


T-Bone and Felina followed Vigilante’s hoofprints in the snow, hoping to catch up with her and Razor.

“How far did they go?” Felina asked T-Bone, who just shrugged.

They reached a clearing and saw a riderless Vigilante tied to a tree. Butch and Lisa suddenly stopped in their track and whinnied in terror. A large gargoyle-like creature stood in front of them, surrounded by eight wolves.  Felina noticed something hanging from the creature’s neck.

“What are you doing with Razor’s amulet?” she asked.

The creature just  laughed.

“Where is Razor?”

The creature laughed again. “Why, right in front of your noses, but it’s too late. He’s under my control now.” He roared and flew into the air.  The large black and white wolf ran after him followed by six grey wolves  and one wolf with a copper colored coat……


Callie had almost freed her hands from the rope when Bakro and the wolves returned. He had returned with a new wolf. She could tell this one was  different than the others, his copper coat set him apart-as did his blue  eyes.

“We are going out to take care of those others,” Bakro told the wolf.  “Guard the Deputy Mayor. If she tries to escape-kill her!” He flew out of the  cave with the wolves close on his heels.

Callie watched as the wolf slowly moved towards her-its blue eyes twinkled as it bared its teeth and charged.  She closed her eyes, awaiting the inevitable, but was surprised when she felt a tugging at her feet. She opened her eyes.

The wolf was trying to chew the ropes apart. He looked up at her for a moment before returning to the ropes. Nestled in his coat, was a collar, with the word ‘Razor’ etched into it.

Razor finished with the ropes bounding her feet and he started on her  hands. He finished untying her, and she got up, rubbing her wrists. She bent down and put her arms around his neck. He licked her face. She laughed.

“You may look different on the outside, but you’re the same sweet Razor on the inside. C’mon we have to warn the others!”

She and Razor ran out of the cave-and came face to face with Terom.

“And, just where do you think you’re going?” Terom asked as he started to circle Razor and Callie.

“None of your business, Terom,” Razor growled back, wishing that Callie could understand what they were saying.

“So, let me guess, you faked your loyalty to Bakro to save your little friend’s meaningless life. How amusing. Too bad.” Terom said with an evil chuckle. He bared his teeth at the smaller wolf.

Razor just glared at him. “I don’t want to fight,” he said with a cold voice.

Terom crouched for attack. “You’re dead meat, SWATKat!” He growled as he charged Razor. Instinctively, he lunged for Razor’s neck.

The smaller wolf dodged and slammed his jaws down on Terom’s tail.  He howled in pain. In a rage of hatred, he grabbed Razor by the neck and threw him into a nearby tree, knocking him unconscious.

Terom stood over Razor.  “Say goodbye, hero,” he said as he lunged for the final bite, but he never made it.

Something rammed him from his side, knocking him to the ground. He looked up at the gallant White Wolf.


T-Bone and Felina stood in the snow, searching for the cave. T-Bone  shivered.

“That cave has to be around here somewhere,” Felina muttered.

“I think we’re going in circles,” T-Bone said, jumping off of Butch.

“Actually,” a voice said, coming from the sky. Bakro landed in front of a very surprised T-Bone and Felina. “You don’t need to go any further,”

“Where is Razor and Callie?” Felina asked suspiciously, raising her gun.

T-Bone raised his Glovitrix.

Six wolves surrounded the two kats.

“Attack!” Bakro commanded his canine goons.

Cluj and Pesha charged first. T-Bone fired two octopus missiles at the advancing wolves, hitting them in shoulder. They fell to the ground, unconscious from the force of the hit.

Canis and Lupis snuck up on Felina while Keja and Kore kept T-Bone busy. Felina put tranquilizer darts in her gun just before the two wolves attacked. Keja knocked Felina to the ground. She could feel the wolf’s hot breath on the back of her neck.

Suddenly, the wolf was knocked off of her back. Lisa had kicked Canis into Lupis, knocking them unconscious as well.

T-Bone,  meanwhile, had a little trouble with Kore and Keja. He couldn’t get a clear shot because the wolves kept darting back and forth.

Felina aimed her dart gun at Kore, and she fired. The tranquilizer dart hit its mark in the wolf’s shoulder. Lisa struck out and kicked Keja.

“Thanks, girl,” Felina said, patting Lisa on the nose.

Lisa nickered in agreement.

Bakro growled with anger. He raised Razor’s amulet and aimed it at the kats.

“Your time is up, heroes,” Bakro laughed. The amulet started to glow. Just as it was about to shoot a ray of magic at them- the White Wolf leapt out of  nowhere and grabbed the amulet from Bakro’s claws.

“You!!” Bakro yelled at the wolf, who hung back and growled.

The White Wolf held the amulet in his jaws so the crystal faced Bakro. A ray of magic shot out of the amulet. It shone on Bakro, who growled in pain. Black smoke filled the air. It was too thick to see in. When the smoke cleared, Bakro was gone.

“T-Bone!! Felina!!” cried a familiar voice.

Callie and a copper colored wolf ran over to the three heroes.

“Are you okay?” Felina asked.

Callie nodded.  “Razor here saved me,” she replied, pointing to the smaller wolf. Callie bent down and took Razor’s collar off.

There was a flash of bright light, when the others looked back, Razor was standing there in the snow, a big  smile on his face.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” T-Bone laughed, patting Razor on the back.

The White Wolf stepped over to Razor.

“Thank you,” he said as the wolf laid the amulet in his paw. He stood still for a few minutes than ran off into the forest.

“We better get you back to City Hall,” Felina told Callie. “Or they’ll think we were kidnapped.”

Callie got up on Butch behind T-Bone. Felina mounted Vigilante and the two started off towards the city.

Razor got up on Vigilante. Just as he was about to follow, he heard the howl of a wolf echo through the valley. He smiled and hurried to catch up with his friends.

The End…or is it?

Coming up next…

MoonSpell-the sequel to “The Kat Who Cried Wolf” E-Mail me with your comments: Razor610@aol.com

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