Original SWAT Kats Story

Opposites Attract

By Hillary "Xena" Mader

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,932 Words

A “Road Rovers” Crossover. The all-dog and all-kat team, after settling some minor inter-special conflicts, team up to defeat Hard Drive and some bad guys from the RR’s universe.

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Author's Notes:

Hi! Here’s my latest piece of fanfic.  Author’s note (For people who don’t know about the Road Rovers):

The story of the Road Rovers:

Hunter is the leader of the pack and is a mutt with a heart of gold and is always the one with snappy comebacks. Colleen is the collie from London and is second in command. She thinks Blitz is nothing more than a speck of dust. Blitz is the German Doberman who looks and acts strong, but he is really a puppy on the inside. Exile is the Russian Husky who can shoot heat and ice lasers out of his eyes. Shag is the extremely shaggy sheepdog who can hide just about anything in his coat. He can’t speak Human and is a total coward.  Muzzle is the crazy lunatic Rottweiler that, when set free from his straight jacket, turns into an uncontrollable invincible weapon of destruction.

Several years ago, Professor Shepard was working on an experimental design called the “Trans-dog-mafier”, which could turn ordinary dogs into  anthropomorphic dogs or “Cano – sapiens” When the evil Parvo discovered this, he  stole the plans for the machine and destroyed the Professor’s lab. Several  years later, Shepard(which now, for some strange reason had glowing  eyes) made an underground lab and finished his machine just in time. Parvo  had finished his earlier and had transformed several dogs to try to take over the world. Shepard called upon 5 dogs to help him in the quest to stop Parvo. He gave each dog super powers.  Hunter: Super speed. Colleen: Agility. Blitz: Powerful jaws and claws. Exile: Strength and the eye-laser thing Shag: (he was supposed to be brave – but the Professor got 4 out of 5 right) Together, these 5 dogs, with the help of Muzzle, who was saved from the pound by Hunter, are the Road Rovers!

Authors: Hillary and Jessica Mader

Hope can be a fool’s game, or the salvation of us all. Your choice.-Laegreffon


Chapter One

“It’s not stinking fair!” Chance Furlong yelled at his buddy, Jake Clawson, who had a large smile on his face. “I can’t believe you beat me at  the obstacle course.”

Jake shrugged. “Well, you came close to beating me at that insult contest.”

“And Monopoly, Clue, a game of poker and even a baseball game on TV.”

“I guess I’m just on a roll today,” Jake smiled.

“Well, I’m gonna break your winning streak. What sporting events are on TV today?” Chance grumbled.

Jake looked at the TV book.  “It’s either a horse race or the chess tournament.”

“Horse race.”

Jake turned it on, and got out a large bag of potato chips. Chance reached into his pocket and put some money on the coffee table.

“$20 on Rick’s Natural Star.”

Jake looked at the odds. “But, Chance, that horse is 100 to one!”

“So what? What’s your choice?”

Jake hesitated. “I’m all for Cigar.”

“Ha! You really think that horse is gonna win?”

Jake shrugged. “Well, he’s won 11 races in a row already.”

Chance shook his head. “Just for picking a stupid horse, I’m gonna throw in the $60 I owe you from last year’s world series.”

“You’re on!”

Just then, the starting gates opened and the horses took off.

“They’re off,” the announcer said. “Rick’s Natural Star takes the lead from Diplomatic Jet, who is settled in second.”

“Go, Rick!” Chance whooped.

“Serena’s Song is in third and Lollipop Lisa and Lil E. Tee are neck and neck in fourth. Cigar is sixth and Louis Quatorce and Skip Away trail the field as they head into the backstretch.”

“Your horse doesn’t stand a chance.” Chance yelled.

“We’ll just see about that!”

“It’s still Rick’s Natural Star in the lead, Lollipop Lisa moved up into second,  while Serena’s Song, Diplomatic Jet and Cigar are grouped together in third. Cigar wants to go to the lead, but Jerry Bailey says no, not yet. Louis Quatorce and Skip Away are still in last place. Rick’s Natural Star is rapidly starting to fall back, leaving Lollipop Lisa in the lead.”

“Krud!” Chance groaned. “C’mon Rick! Get those legs moving!”

“They’re coming into the homestretch, Lollipop Lisa is still in the lead.  Skip Away starts to move forward and Louis Quatorce is starting to charge up on the outside-CIGAR!” the announcer screamed. “Cigar makes his move as he sweeps to the lead with a dramatic rush!”

“YES!” Jake cheered.

“It’s Cigar in the lead, Lollipop Lisa close in second. And Jerry Bailey calls on Cigar for everything he has!”

“I can’t even see your horse,” Jake laughed at his partner as Cigar charged toward the finish line.

“And here he is, the incomparable, invincible, unbeatable Cigar! Twelve in a row, and he did it in style! And let this racehorse burn in your memory,  we won’t see another one like him in our lifetime!” the announcer screamed  into the microphone.

“Pay up, bud,” Jake said.

Chance growled and handed Jake the $80.

“And here comes Rick’s Natural Star. Walking across the finish line.”

Jake started to quietly chuckle, but he was soon laughing so hard he fell off the couch.

Chance tackled him and gave him a violent rub on the head, which Jake loathed. Jake shoved him off.

Chance grinned.  “How about a little wager on a game of ‘Go Fish’?”

Meanwhile at Road Rover headquarters…

Five dogs sat at a round table with a deck of cards. One of them wore a green visor and was dealing the cards.

“Now” he said. “You know the rules. No cheating. First player with a  full doghouse wins. Blitz, you go first.”

“Okay, Hunter,” Blitz said. “Does anybody have any Chihuahuas “

All the others shook their heads.

“Let’s take a vote,” Hunter says. “Who thinks the Chihuahuas are not dogs?”

Everyone raised their paws except for Shag.  He mumbled something in dog language.

“What did he say?” Colleen asked.

“He says the Chihauhaua was once a rat, but a wizard turned into a dog who looked like a rat.” Hunter translated. OK, Let’s get back to the game. Exile, It’s your turn.”

“Quit russian me.” He stuck out his tongue and scratched his head. “Does anyone have any Scooby Doo’s?”

“There are no Scooby Doo’s in this pack,” Hunter said. Exile handed Hunter his card. “Uh, Exile, this is a Great Dane.”

Exile shrugged. “Scooby Doo, Great Dane, it’s the same thing to me!”

Suddenly, a door opened and Professor Shepard stepped out.

“Rovers,” he said.  The dogs put away the cards and stood at attention. “A highly deadly ray gun was stolen by Parvo and his lackey, Groomer. If they get the chance to use the gun, they could destroy the planet.  Your mission, should you choose to accept, it is to retrieve the ray gun and return it to the Jackal Laboratory (their equivalent to Pumadine). Parvo and Groomer were last seen heading towards the swamp. So go out there and fetch!”

Hunter turned to his troupe of dogs. “Let’s hit the road, Rovers!” he yelled.

They ran into the hangar and boarded the Sky Rover.


Jake and Chance had just settled down at the kitchen table, ready to start their card game, when the alarm went off.

Chance answered the call.  “T-Bone here, how may we help you Mrs. Briggs?”

“Hard Drive and Chop Shop have robbed the bank and they’re making a get away in Feral’s new tank. The Enforcers can’t stop them. They are heading towards MegaKat Swamp.”

“We’re on it.” he said before hanging up.

“Let’s kick some tail!” he hollered as he and Jake ran towards the TurboKat.


Parvo and Groomer ran through the swamp. Groomer carrying the gun under her arm. They stopped under a tree to catch their breath.

“Lozenge,” Parvo wheezed.

Groomer handed him a cough drop.

They were just about to continue when they heard a rumbling in front of them. A tank crashed through the bushes. It stopped a few feet from where they stood. The canopy popped open. A hyena with pink hair and a kat with a mohawk jumped  out. Both of them held guns, aimed at Parvo and Groomer.

An evil plan started to form in Parvo’s head. Maybe these two punks could be of help to him.


“You see anything, Exile?” Hunter asked as they patroled the sky over the swamp.

“I can see nothing, Comrade, except for lots of trees.”

Shag whimpered.

“Well, Shag, you should have thought of that before we left.” Hunter said, looking at the radar.

“Uh, Hunter…” Blitz said, poking Hunter in the shoulder. “What is that thing heading towards us?”

Hunter looked up to see a large object heading towards them at an extremely fast speed. The Road Rovers yelled and closed their eyes. The object swerved at the last second, nicking the wing.


“What was that?” T-Bone said, after he swerved away from another plane.

“I don’t know, but it looks like they’re going to crash.” Razor replied.


“I’m too beautiful and pretty to die!” Blitz whimpered as he cowered behind Colleen’s seat.

The Sky Rover crashed into the swamp with a splash. There was silence,  then there was a hiss and a pop.

“Well,” Colleen said shakily. “At least the airbags work.”


T-Bone and Razor landed the TurboKat in a nearby clearing.

“Let’s see if we can find them,” T-Bone said, placing his glovitrix on his hand.

Razor checked the jet from where it nicked the other plane.  “Krud,” Razor mumbled. “Another ding. Just what I need.”

“C’mon,” T-Bone said as he headed into the swamp.

Razor hesitated, then ran to catch up.


“Is everyone OK?” Hunter asked.

“I think we’re all right,” Blitz answered.

“How’s Muzzle doin?”

Shag gave Hunter a thumbs up sign.

“Good. Let’s check the damage.”

The Road Rovers stepped out of the plane. Exile examined the damage.  Hunter asked if there was any serious damage.

“I think the worst thing is new coat of paint.” Exile replied.

“Did you ‘ear something?” Colleen asked to no one in particular.

Everyone remained silent. A twig snapped. Two kats stepped out from the bushes. One was yellow and more burly than the other. The smaller one was copper colored and seemed more hesitant than the other one.

An instant  chemical reaction was produced by combining cat and dog.  Blitz started to growl. He ran towards the yellow kat, barking. Shag and Exile followed.

T-Bone saw the dogs coming and fired an octopus missile from his glovitrix at the approaching Doberman. It hit him in the stomach, and it sent the poor dog flying. He shot several missiles at the Husky and Sheepdog. They were knocked back. T-Bone fired at Hunter and Colleen, who were watching the excitement. Colleen dodged the missile, but it hit Hunter the stomach, knocking him into the plane. Razor shot a missile at Blitz, who was sneaking up behind T-Bone.

“Ok,” Hunter growled. “Now it’s personal.” He ran over to Muzzle. He unstrapped him from his restraints. “Ok, Muzzle,” He pulled the muzzle off of the Rottweiler’s nose. “MUZZLE ‘EM!”

Muzzle leapt at Razor, who didn’t have time to react to the charging lunatic dog. All the Road Rovers covered their eyes.

“I can’t look,” Blitz said.

Razor was knocked onto his back. He looked up at the dog’s drooling fangs.  Muzzle bit into Razor’s glovitrix, smashing it to pieces.

“Ok, now, I’m mad!” Razor growled.

T-Bone saw what was coming. He covered his eyes with his paws.

“I can’t look,” he thought.

The Road Rovers still had theirs shut. Shag was whimpering, and Blitz’s knees started to knock.

“Is it over with?” Blitz asked Hunter.

“I don’t know. But, I don’t normally hear the noises that follow Muzzle when he’s causing mass destruction.”

Blitz felt a tapping on his shoulder. “Not now, Shag, I’m cowering.”

Shag made a funny noise.

Blitz peeked out from around his paw. Shag was standing across from him, with a terrified expression on his face. Blitz felt the tapping again, this time it was harder. He turned around, screamed and fainted.

Hunter took his paws away from his eyes. There stood a large copper colored kat, holding Muzzle up by the collar.

“Does this belong to anyone?” the kat growled as he dumped the rottweiler at Hunter’s feet.

The larger kat stood behind the smaller one, snarling at Exile.

T-Bone aimed his glovitrix at Exile, and was just about to fire, when a tank tore tore into the clearing.  It stopped before the group and the top opened. Parvo, Hard Drive and Chop Shop stepped out.

“Yet another unexpected twist,” Hunter said. “I just love it when you’re away from home and you run into people you know!”

Chop Shop held up the ray gun.

“Isn’t that that gun we were supposed to get?” Exile asked.

Hunter nodded.

“Time’s up, heroes!” Parvo said.

Chop Shop aimed the ray gun.  “EAT DIRT EVERYONE IN THE VICINITY!!” He yelled as he fired.

The ground right in front of Razor and Exile went up in smoke, leaving an extremely deep hole in the ground. Exile gulped. Razor pulled out his missile launcher. The missile hit its mark, destroying the tank.

“Krud!” T-Bone yelled. “Now we’re gonna owe Feral another bill!”

Hunter and Colleen looked through the rubble. There was no signs of the villains except a trail of footprints leading away from the tank.

“Just perfect. They’re gone.” Hunter muttered.

“Why don’t you just go bark up a tree,” T-Bone growled. “We’re the heroes in this city.”

“Hold it, Hold it,” Hunter interrupted before there was any bloodshed. “You mean that you two are the good guys?”

Razor nodded.

Blitz still glared at T-Bone, unsure whether to trust him.

Hunter and Razor shook paws and exchanged introductions.

“Maybe we could be of some help to one each other,” Razor suggested.

Later that evening…

The SwatKats had taken the Road Rovers back to their hangar, after a large argument between T-Bone and Razor about their little secret, but Razor assured him that the Road Rovers would keep their secret a secret.  After a little hesitation and a tiny bit of mechanic work, just enough to get the Sky Rover to fly, they made it back to the salvage yard.

“Wow!” Hunter and Colleen said. “Cool setup.”

Shag murmured something.

“What’d he say?” Razor asked.

“He wants to know where the refrigerator is.” Hunter translated.

T-Bone reluctantly showed Shag, Muzzle and Blitz to the fridge.

“Do you think you can get the Sky Rover to run perfectly again?” Colleen  asked.

“Sure,” Razor answered. “I can even make some modifications.”

Blitz walked over to Colleen.  “So, Would you accompany me to the fridge?” he questioned.

“Ok, Blister.”

Blitz started to climb the ladder, but Colleen leapt up ahead of him and closed the trap door on his face, sending him flying down the ladder.

“Why me?”

Hunter, Shag and Chance sat on the couch, laughing at the latest episode of ‘Scaredy Kat’.

“This show is the greatest!” Hunter exclaimed as he stuffed a piece of pizza into his mouth.

Blitz shook his head and stepped into the kitchen. The first thing that caught his eye was the dish of chocolate chip dog biscuits sitting on the table. He was just about to snitch one, when he felt something bite down on his tail. Blitz screamed and looked at the thing which had bit him. He was staring into the face of a large white creature. It was growling and baring it’s sharp white teeth.

Jake ran into the kitchen, expecting to find a battle, with all the growling and screaming.

“What is going on here?” he said, crossing his arms and staring at the two troublemakers.

“It was his fault; he bit me on the tail when I tried to take one of the biscuits!” Blitz complained.

Jake looked at the second.  “And, what’s your story, Shandor?”

The white wolf growled at Blitz, then walked over to Jake. He put his paws on Jake’s legs and licked his face.

“Sucking up won’t work this time, mister!” Jake said as Blitz stood up.

“Yeah, sucking up won’t work!” he repeated.

“Stay out of this, Blitz,” Jake growled.

“I will not, Jerk!”





“That was cold, Blintz!”





“WILL YOU TWO STOP YOUR BICKERING!” Chance yelled from the other room.  “We can’t hear the television.”

Blitz was just about to answer back when a green car pulled into the garage. A she-kat stepped out of the car, carrying a briefcase. Jake and Chance tore into the garage.

“Hello Mrs. Briggs,” Chance stuttered as he took her by the hand. “What seems to be the problem?”

“It’s pinging again. I’m thinking about just going out and buying a new car.” She was about to say something when the Road Rovers stepped into the garage.  “I didn’t know you guys had company,” she said, a little nervous at the sight of the dogs.

Jake laughed and passed introductions around. Callie shook each of their paws, feeling a little more comfortable.

“Hello there, pretty kat lady,” Blitz said when Callie reached him.

“Hello. Have we been introduced?” Blitz frowned.

“Not another one.”

“I think we can have your car fixed by tomorrow, Mrs. Briggs,” Chance prescribed after checking the engine.

“I’ll stop by tomorrow then. Thanks, guys.”


Hunter stared at the ceiling that night. He was having a little trouble sleeping because he had left his favorite tennis ball back at Road Rover Headquarters. There had been a small argument between Jake and Chance when it came time to find out where everyone slept. After yelling at each other for about five minutes, they had a plan fixed up. Chance slept in his bed, while Exile and Shag slept beside his bed on cots. Hunter and Blitz were stuck in Jake’s room while Colleen slept out on the couch with Shandor and Muzzle for company.

Hunter sighed and sat up on his cot. He could hear Chance, Shag, and Exile snoring loudly across the hall. Blitz started to whimper in his sleep.

“But, you know me! I’m Blitz!” he mumbled.

Hunter chuckled and laid back down. He had almost fallen asleep when he heard a metallic clang.

“Ouch!” Bliz yelled. “What’d I do? Why’d you throw your clock at me?”

“Your pathetic whimpering woke me up,” Jake growled.

“It did not!”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

Hunter was starting to get annoyed. He chucked his pillow at Blitz, but it hit Jake instead. Blitz threw his pillow at Jake, but missed and hit Hunter. All three of them sat there for a moment in silence, until Blitz jumped up.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” he yelled.

Within seconds, there were feathers flying  everywhere. All the commotion had awakened Chance, Shag, and Exile, who ran  into the room with their pillows. Shandor tore into the room to join the excitement.

Colleen stood in the doorway with Muzzle beside her.

“Oh, boys? Boys?” she said, but no one paid her any attention. A pillow hit her in the face. “TIME OUT!” she yelled.

Everyone froze.

“Even a very perfect beauty needs her beauty sleep. Now will you kindergartners keep it down for the rest of the night or do I have to call your mommies to take you home early?”

“No Colleen,” everyone groaned.

“Very Well then,” She replied, yawning. “You guys better get some sleep.  Tomorrow we go after Parvo.”


The TurboKat hovered above MegaKat Swamp. Inside, T-Bone and Hunter were intently watching the radar screen, looking for any signs of Parvo. Razor had decided to stay back at the hangar to help Exile with the Sky Rover.

“I have an idea,” Hunter said. “Head towards the city on the opposite end of the swamp. We can check in at Road Rover Headquarters and see if Parvo went back there.”

“You got it,” T-Bone said, turning the jet.

They flew over the city, Hunter staring in disbelief.

“Whoah! Hit the brakes!!” he cried out.

“Did you see something?”

“Yeah. This is not New York City.”

T-Bone laughed. “You got that right. This is Jhonston City.”

“But, don’t you see, this isn’t where we came from.” Hunter told T-Bone.

“Yet another unexpected twist.”

“Always expect the unexpected,” T-Bone replied as he banked the TurboKat around. “Let’s head back to the hangar.”

When T-Bone and Hunter arrived, they found Razor and Blitz working under the Sky Rover.

“The wires with the negative polarities should attach to the ones with the positive polarities.” Razor growled.

“No way, Kat boy. The wires with the little plus thingys should go with the matching pair.

“No they shouldn’t!”



“Time out,” T-Bone interrupted before it got out of hand. “We have a bigger problem on our paws. It seems that the Road Rovers aren’t exactly from around here.”

“Then if they’re not from around here, then where are they from? Earth?”

“Actually, we are,” Hunter replied.

Razor slowly pulled himself from out of the jet.  “You’ve got to be kidding. The scientists have proved there is no  intelligent life on Earth.”

“Hey, I’m from Earth!” Blitz growled.

“Exactly,” Razor replied. “No intelligent life! Hunter, did you observe that anything strange happened that you think could have thrown you into this dimension?”

“All I know is we were chasing Parvo into the swamp and then we almost crashed into you.”

Razor thought for a moment. “I have a theory that might be our answer, but I’ll have to look into it further.”

Colleen and Exile climbed down into the hangar. “There was a news flash on the tele,” Colleen reported. “Parvo and three of his goons just robbed a place called ‘Pumadyne Labs’”

Exile inspected the Sky Rover. “Is it finished comrade?”

Razor gave a thumbs up sign. “All fixed and ready to fly. Let’s kick some tail!”

Hunter turned to his partners. “Let’s hit the road, Rovers!”


“The ultimate weapons of destruction!” Parvo gloated. “Now, with these  weapons, we can destroy this puny world!” He started to laugh but was cut off when he started to cough. “Lozenge!”

Groomer handed him another cough drop.

Chop Shop looked at Hard Drive. “What’s in it for us?”

Parvo scowled at them. “Total control over two cities-plus the defeat of the Road Rovers and those SWATKats of yours.” He handed one of the guns to his accomplice. “Groomer, take these guns to the back of the warehouse and cover them up.”

“Yes sir!”


The TurboKat and the Sky Rover flew side by side over MegaKat City. Hunter turned on the intercom that linked the two aircraft.

“Do you have any idea where they might be?”

“We sure do,” Razor answered. “Now think, if you were a bad guy wanting to find a place to hide in MegaKat city, where would you hide?”

“The old abandoned warehouse,” both SWATKats said simultaneously.

“Then let’s go!” Hunter growled.

Shag whimpered.

“Don’t worry, Shag. I’m the one who turned off the coffee,”

Shag released a sigh of relief.

The two aircraft reached their destination and landed close to the building.

Hunter crept up into a window and carefully looked inside. Chop Shop and Hard Drive were keeping guard by the entrances. Parvo and Groomer were  tinkering with two large ray guns.

“They’re in there all right, with the weapons”

“Ok, you all know the plan. Let’s go in there and crash their party!” Razor cried.

“I am ready for some serious tooshie biting!” Blitz growled.

Exile gave him a funny look. “Don’t be a weirdboy.”

Razor, T-Bone and Colleen crept into the warehouse, taking out Chop Shop on their way.

Hard Drive stood at the opposite end, holding a machine gun. A tennis ball rolled out in front of him.

“What the-” he said, picking it up.

A compartment opened and a green gas poured out. Hard Drive fell to the floor, unconscious.

“Bingo!” Razor whispered. “Two down, two to go.”

The two groups met behind a large crate. Hunter gave Razor a smile.

Shag’s knees suddenly started to knock loudly. The noise gave them away-and the next thing they knew–Groomer and Parvo had the ray guns aimed at their heads.

“Yet another unexpected twist,” Hunter repeated yet again.

“Face it, Hunter,” Colleen replied. “The psychic hot-line you’re not.”

Groomer put her finger around the trigger. “Put your paws up!”

They did as she said.

“Well, Well, Well,” Parvo bragged. “What do we have here? It seems we caught some fish in our net.”

“Let us go, Parvo!” Hunter growled.

“Don’t count on it!”

“Oh yeah!” T-Bone snarled as he aimed his glovitrix at Parvo. He fired an  octopus missile. It hit Parvo’s gun, knocking it out of his hand and  distracting them long enough for Razor to sneak away.

Parvo retrieved the gun and faced his prisoners. “Where’d that other kat go?”

“Right here!” Razor yelled from the opposite end of the building. “Do you  guys surrender, or do I have to unleash our secret weapon!”


“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he reached for something behind a crate.

“MUZZLE THEM!” he yelled savagely as he let Muzzle loose. The rottweiler sprang up, drooling and snarling.

Razor and the others turned their heads.

He walked over to his comrades.  “We make a pretty good team,” he said, shaking Hunter’s paw.

T-Bone picked  up Chop Shop and Hard Drive.  “Let’s get these lowlifes down to Enforcer HeadQuarters.”

“We’ll take Parvo and Groomer back to the New York City Police.” Hunter said. He turned once again to his friends. “To the power of the pack!”

The Road Rovers threw back and howled as T-Bone and Razor exchanged hi-fives.

Back at the hangar…

“I think I finally figured it out,” Razor said. “You guys were chasing Parvo into the swamp. The chemicals in the swamp mixed with the chemicals in the air and made something kind of like a dimensional portal. Hopefully, I can recreate those elements and send you guys back home.”

“That’s great,” Hunter said. “Let’s try it.”


The Sky Rover and the TurboKat stood in the clearing near the swamp. Razor had managed to recreate the opening.

Hunter handed him a communicator.  “This is in case you ever need us. It’s so powerful, it was tested to work between dimensions.”

“Thanks,” Razor replied.

They shook paws and exchanged their good-bye’s. The Road Rovers got into the Sky Rover, with Parvo and Groomer tied up in the  back. They waved and entered into the portal and disappeared from view.

Razor looked at T-Bone.  “I don’t think we’ve seen the end of those crazy mutts.”

The End

Coming soon in the “Legend of the White Wolf series”  Against All Odds: Bakro, with the help of the PastMaster, returns to challenge Razor to a dangerous dog-sled race. The stakes-the future of MegaKat City and Razor’s life.

Double Trouble: Jake is not acting like himself-robbing banks, destroying buildings and even attempting to murder his partner…

Also:  Primordal Attraction: The PastMaster has sent the SWATKats and Enforcer into the Cretaceous Period, where dinosaurs lurk around every corner-and Razor falls in love with a rookie Enforcer.

Children Of War: Jake and Chance meet their match… Evil kittens that they got stuck baby-sitting. The ending result is an all-out prank war.

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