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By Hillary "Xena" Mader

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,833 Words

Sequel to “The Kat Who Cried Wolf”. Terom and his gang of evil wolves are back, but this time they take care of that helpful white wolf before hand, and there’s no one to come to Jake and Chance’s rescue when they are attacked in the yard. But, Felina isn’t far behind on the wolves’ trail.

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Author's Notes:

Author’s note: this story takes place 8 months after “The Kat Who Cried Wolf”

Boredom is a worthless currency.

Why is it then the price we often pay to get what we want?– Laegreffon the Triceratops


The full moon cast its light down upon MegaKat Forest. Not a living thing  dared to stir from its home. Even the night air couldn’t cool the stifling heat.

Even Shandor, the mystical White Wolf, didn’t dare to step out from his lair. He yawned and lay his head on his paws.

Shandor was just about to fall asleep when he sensed something in the air. His canine instincts were screaming to him that something was wrong. A strong gust of wind seemed to come out of nowhere. Shandor stood and sniffed the air. He recognized the scent at once.

A large black and white wolf stepped out from the rising mist.

“Well, well, well,” the wolf said. “If it isn’t the great and mysterious Shandor.”

“What do you want, Terom?”

“I’ve just come to visit my little brother. Is that a crime?” He walked around the cave, in search of something. “I see your feline friend isn’t here. That’s too bad.” An evil smirk stretched across his face.

“Lay a paw on Razor, and I’ll make you wish you had never been born.”  Shandor growled, flattening his ears.

“Temper, temper,” Terom said coolly. “I’m not going to touch your little buddy. However-you’ll have to talk it out of my friends.”

Several other large wolves stepped in front of the cave.

“I have taken the liberty of using some of the gemstones to create an invincible army of wolves.”

“You’ve gone mad,” Shandor replied, not letting Terom out of his sight.

Terom laughed.  “It’s just so sad. You won’t even be there to help your pathetic friend.” He turned to the wolves standing behind him. “Kill him.”


“Hand me that connector,” Jake Clawson told his best friend, Chance  Furlong.

“You’ve been tinkering with the TurboDragon for weeks. Is it almost finished?” Chance questioned.

Jake sighed.  “This is the third time you asked me in two days. All I have left to do is align the brake cables and replace the fan belt. It should be done by tomorrow.”

“Great, buddy. I’m going to order us a pizza.”

Jake shook his head and returned his attention to the braking cables.


“Finally,” Lieutenant Felina Feral said as she placed the last form on the  “out” pile. She stood up and looked out the window. The city had been kind of boring the past few weeks. Except for the usual speeders and complaints- there were no robberies or villains who wanted to take over the city. Felina had been stuck doing paperwork for the past two days, a job which she loathed.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she said-still looking out of the window.

Her Uncle, Commander Feral, walked in.

“I need you to go over to the salvage yard tomorrow and pick up the check from those two hotshots.”

“At least I get out of this stupid office.” she smiled.

“Oh, and Lt.” Feral said. “I have something for you to do in the meantime.” He took out a pile of papers and placed them on her desk and walked out of the room.

Felina moaned and put her head down on her desk.


Later that evening…

Jake was watching David Litterbin while Chance was finishing off his pizza.

David Litterbin held up a blue card. “…and here I have tonight’s top 10 list! Tonight’s category: The most annoying things ever spoken.  Number 10: tED tURNER.  Number 9: Driving down highway 40 in my big old pickup truck.  Number 8: This is Feral: Bring me chopper backup…”

Chance yawned. “Isn’t this getting a bit old?” he asked Jake.

“Hey, I like it.” Jake replied.

“That proves my point.” Chance said as Jake rolled his eyes.

“…And the number one annoying thing ever spoken…Hey Macarana!”

Jake turned the TV off.  “Hey, Chance, do you have this funny feeling that something is wrong?”

Chance shook his head.  “No. It must be your imagination. Maybe you’re working too hard.”

Just then, the sound of shattered glass came from the kitchen.

“What the-” Chance yelled, but he was cut off when he saw the large black and white wolf walk in the room, surrounded by five other wolves.

Jake narrowed his eyes.  “Terom,” he growled.

Terom stood there for a second. The wolves behind him bared their teeth and snarled. That’s when they attacked.


Felina drove up to the garage the next morning. She yawned as she stepped out of the car. Felina turned her attention to a dump truck entering the salvage yard. It parked next to her, and with a loud ‘crash’ it dumped it’s load in front of the garage doors.

A small kat stepped out from the truck.  “Hey look, Burke,” he said. “If it ain’t that Enforcer chick here to collect the taxes!” Murray laughed coldheartedly, while Burke grinned.

“Yeah, Murray, what you said,”

“Get lost, Creeps,” Felina growled.

“Ooh, I’m so scared!” Burke mocked.

The two got back in their truck and drove off in a cloud of dust.

Felina coughed and walked over to the front door. The garage was dark  inside and the window in the front was broken.  She opened the unlocked door- which opened with a creak.

“Hello? Anybody home?”

Inside, everything was overturned or broken. Felina  searched for clues, but could find only some paw prints outside in the dirt. They looked like wolf prints.


Chance slowly opened his eyes. He took in his surroundings and guessed that he was in a cage of some kind. Jake was in a cage next to him, apparently still unconscious. Chance slowly sat up. He noticed there was another cage on his left side.

Before he was able to see who was in the adjoining cage, Terom walked in the cave, with two white wolves cowering behind him. He led the two wolves into the cage next to Chance. One of them was pure white, while the other had a grey muzzle and tail.

Chance heard a groan from beside him.

Jake sat up and rubbed his head.  “Did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me?” he moaned. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know, buddy, but I don’t like it.”


Felina followed the tracks into the forest. She walked for about two miles then stopped by a small stream to rest. Felina poured some water over her head, for it was still pretty humid out. She was just about to leave when she heard a whimpering coming from behind a nearby cave.

Felina drew her gun and slowly walked into the cave. A large white wolf with black on the tips of his ears lay on the cave floor. Felina put her gun away and walked over to the wolf. He had a large gash in his side, which was bleeding heavily.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Felina said as she wrapped some bandages around his wound.

The wolf leaned up and licked her on her face. Slowly, Shandor stood up.

“C’mon,” Felina said. “We’ve got to find Furlong and Clawson.”


“I almost got it,” Jake said as he tried to pick the lock using his claws.

Chance sighed.

“What’s your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem, you’re the one with the problem. You’re going paranoid ever since this afternoon.”

“I am not paranoid, I am perfectly calm.” Jake whispered, his voice becoming higher-pitched as he spoke.

A rock fell from a ledge that stood above them and hit the top of Jake’s  cage with a loud ‘clang’.  Jake yelped and jumped about five feet.

Chance laughed uncontrollably.

“That wasn’t funny,” Jake grumbled. “Just about gave me a heart attack.”

Chance suddenly shushed his ticked partner.

Terom and several more wolves stopped in front of the cages. The wolf had a book between his teeth.  The title read: “Moon Spells.” Terom laid the book down on a flat stone and literally ‘barked’ orders to  the other wolves.

They opened the cage next to Chance and brought out the two other White Wolves. Jake and Chance watched as the two were led over to Terom, who looked up at the sky in earnest. The moon was almost above them.

Midnight approached. Terom and all the other wolves stood in a circle  around the White Wolves.

“Do you have any idea what they’re doing?” Chance muttered to Jake, who shrugged.

Terom suddenly lifted his head to the moon and howled. One by one, the  other wolves followed suit.  A mist started to rise from the White Wolves. The mist seemed to form a  shape in the air.

“By the g-ds!” Jake gasped as he recognized the shape which was slowly becoming more solid.

“Is that who I think it is??!!” Chance muttered.

Jake nodded, his face turning pale.

The wolves stopped howling as the form landed on the ground and the White Wolves collapsed to the cave floor. The form stood and unfolded its large grey wings. He had grey fur and a hawk-like beak.

“Freeze!” a voice cried out.

“Lt. Feral??!!” Chance and Jake yelped as Felina jumped out of the  shadows.

“Sorry I’m late, boys,” Felina said as she aimed her gun at the creature, who chuckled evilly.

“No one can stop Bakro!” the creature yelled as he flapped his wings and took off. He collided into Felina- knocking her unconscious. Bakro landed on top of Chance’s cage and picked it up in his talons. He flew up to the roof of the cave and dropped the cage. The cage crashed next to Felina.

Bakro landed in front of Jake.  “I have special plans for you,” He growled.

Jake watched as Bakro raised his fist. Suddenly everything went black.


Callie Briggs sat in her office, reading the morning newspaper and sipping her coffee. A very grumpy looking Commander Feral stepped into her office.

“Good morning, Commander,” Callie said, putting her paper down on the table.

“Have you seen Felina? She left yesterday afternoon and she hasn’t returned yet.”

“I’m sorry, Commander, I haven’t seen her. If I see her I’ll be sure to tell you.”

He nodded and left the room just as Mayor Manx walked in.

“Callie, I need you to write my speech for the opening of the new canine section of the museum on Tuesday. Have it on my desk by Monday.”


When Jake awoke, he was once again in his wolf form, as was Chance and Felina. The two white wolves sat next to him while Terom paced back and forth in front of their cage. Bakro stooped over the spell book, trying to find a certain spell.

“Biloxi and Kolora,” Terom growled at the two white wolves. “Bakro wishes to see you two. You too,” he said to Jake.

The three were taken out of the cage, and led to Bakro.

“I now have three of the four most powerful wolves of the Kingdom of Argot.  With your powers combined I shall have enough power to take over this entire galaxy! When the full moon rises tonight, I’ll cast the spell that will take your powers and give them to me, and when I get hold of Shandor, I  shall be invincible!”

Once again, Bakro stood over the spell book, murmuring something under his breath. Jake looked over at Chance and Felina, who were staring at the full moon slowly rising over the mountains. Biloxi and Kolora cowered behind Jake.

Bakro looked up at the moon, and smiled.  “It’s time,” he growled to Terom.

Biloxi, Kolora, and Jake were placed in a square around Bakro. Only one corner remained empty. Bakro stood in the middle, holding the spell book in his hands.

“Powers of darkness, Powers of the dark glower

Aid in the ultimate weapon of doom

Transfer these wolves’ magical power

To strengthen the power of the moon.”

A beam of light shot down from as Bakro repeated these words from the book.  The light engulfed the three wolves. Chance and Felina watched in horror as Jake crumpled to the floor. The ray of light suddenly turned off of the wolves

“I am invincible!”

There cane a growl in the darkness.

“Not without me you’re not,” said a mysterious voice from the shadows.

“SHANDOR!” Bakro growled, dodging Shandor as the white wolf leapt to attack.

Jake meanwhile had slowly gotten up and was working on freeing Chance and Felina. Biloxi and Kolora were standing there, wondering who to hide behind.

The cage door swung open, and Felina and Chance charged out.

“You two go after Terom and the other wolves. I’ll help Shandor,” Jake said, taking control of the situation.

Bakro growled in pain as Shandor grabbed a hold of his leg and started to shake it. The gargoyle-like creature swiped at Shandor, knocking him several feet across the cave. Jake leapt up and bit Bakro on the tail. The next  thing he knew, he was laying next to Shandor on the other side of the cave.

“Stay out of this Jake,” Shandor growled. “This is my fight, not yours.” With that he jumped back onto his feet and ran after Bakro.

Jake looked around, trying to think of a plan. Then he saw the open spell book. He ran to it, and flipped through the pages as best as he could until he found a spell that he though would work. Jake was interrupted in his search by Chance, who was thrown into him by Terom. Chance ignored Jake, and he jumped back up and rejoined the fight. Jake looked up at the spell book and saw the perfect spell.

“Good and Evil, Young or Old,

Your old soul will now be sold

The liars will now speak the truth

For their new soul will be of youth!”

Another beam of light shot down from the moon, It engulfed Bakro, Terom and all the other evil wolves. There was a flash of bright light, and there stood several wolf puppies. S

handor leaned over the puppies.  “BOO!” he yelled.

The puppies scrambled to their feet and ran away.  There was another sudden flash of light as Jake, Chance and Felina were returned to their original form.

“I’m fine, but I don’t know about Shandor.”

The white wolf had several more injuries on his front leg.

Jake picked him  up in his arms.  “I think we can handle him until he’s all healed,” he said, patting Shandor on the head.

Biloxi and Kolora finally mustered enough courage to step out of the cave. They glanced at Jake, then vanished into the mist.

The three kats headed back toward the city with one white wolf.

In the bushes, sat a little grey puppy. He growled.

“This isn’t over with yet, Shandor.”

The End

Coming up: Opposites Attract: What happens when a team of crime fighting kats team up with a pack of crime fighting dogs to save their planet from ultimate destruction? Find out when the SwatKats join with the Road Rovers!

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