Original SWAT Kats Story

The First Law of Mutation

By Harley Quinn

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,376 Words

Dark Kat and Dr. Viper have teamed up, and it only spells trouble for two SWAT Kats with bad colds and one mutant.

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Author's Notes:

My brain cells are working hard due to the pressure of my final year in school.  I have to study hard to get into college.  So,what the hell am I doing writing fanfics?  Well, I work all day, so my dear sweet mom said I could have some time off.  But she said only some time.  I stretched it a bit.  This one’s for you, Ma.

Note: It’s not what you think, OK? The story just fits the title because RT finds out more about her mutation. It will clear all the details regarding it.  Of course there are a few things unrelated to the title, but it just sounded good.  Read the stories I wrote before if you want to understand the new character in this one.  Right, let’s get goin’.  The first law of Mutation states that…… .gee, I forgot…. I just learnt it………. or was that the first law of thermodynamics……..?

Megakat City salvage yard waste disposal area, commonly known as  the dump.  It mainly consisted of scrap which used to belong to the city’s enforcers, hired to protect it.  It also consisted of trash which the citizens outgrew for some reason.  But, what the other kats thought of this ‘dump’ did not bother Jake Clawson one bit.  To him and his partner, it was kind of a life supporting system.  And, now that they had a new member in the yard, they needed it more than ever.

At this time, they needed it badly as the mutations that attacked the city about a month ago caused a lot of damage.  The group had to sleep on mattresses and eat dinner on the floor, near the TV.  At least that was working.

“Jaaa-aaake!” came a sound from behind the mound of scrap metal at which he was staring blankly.

Jake suddenly snapped out of the thought stream and watched the black she-kat run towards him.

Chance popped his head out from under the hood of the car they were working on.

“Chaaaa-aance!” came the voice of the she-kat again.

She probably wanted to give them equal attention.

RT ran towards them, puffing a little.  She stopped when she came to them, eyes twinkling in childish glee, a twinkle that lied about her age, telling the world she was 10 years younger than what she looked.

“I think I found our new couch.” she said brightly.

Jake smiled and immediately stopped what he was doing.

Chance did the same. “It’s about time.I’m tired of sittin’ on my butt on a hard floor.” he said and rubbed his behind a little to prove his statement.  His gaze suddenly  shifted from RT’s face to her tiny feet. “RT, what in Basted’s name are you doing, running around barefooted.”

RT looked at her feet and then looked back up at Chance. “Ha-ha-ha!  Look who’s talking.  What do *you* do when you go running around chasing criminals, huh?”

“Hey, we need the manuverability.” Chance protested.

“Then so do I.” replyed RT.

“You two are forever arguing.  Why don’t ya stop yakking and give me a paw here.” said Jake, trying very hard to lift the couch which he managed to drag from the dump area.

Chance and RT immediately ran to the aid of their friend. Together, they easily lifted the couch and carried it into the garage and laid it gently next to the TV.

Chance looked at RT with slight disbelief.

Jake noticed it. “I take it that you didn’t put all your muscle into that, did you?” he said, looking Chance in the eye.

Chance turned his gaze to the alien.

RT shrugged. “A lot of things in me have changed ever since I mutated.” she said.  The  thought brought back memories of being human.  RT realised that she had to go on with her life, anyway.  And her friends were trying to make it as comfortable as possible.  She looked at Chance.  He probably never saw a tiny she-kat who could lift a heavy couch just as well as he could.

“You can hear sounds that we can’t.  You can ricochet off walls.  You can lift  couches…. and you’re about 14 years old….” said Chance.  He was about to  continue when RT stopped him.

“Who told you I’m 14?” She looked at him seriously. The childish twinkle in her eyes seemed to diminish.  She then blushed hard, the black on her cheeks literally turning red  .At that moment, even with the loose t-shirt and jeans, and the backward turned cap, RT looked her right age.

The two mechanics looked at her for a moment.

RT then said,”You think a fourteen-year-old would be allowed to ride a  scooter?”

“Yeah, sure.” said Jake, “I got my learner’s permit when I was 13 for my mom’s scooter and I got my license to drive and ride a motorbike when I was 16.”

“Wow! Back at home, you can’t get any license till you’re 18.”

Both Jake and Chance looked at RT in disbelief.

“You’ve been riding without a license?” asked Chance.

“Ya, but I haven’t gotten into any trouble.  Policemen catch boys more than girls.Wow, do you know what this means?” RT’s eyes twinkled again.

“No, what?” said Jake.

“I’m overdue for my license. Wow!”

The two mechanics looked at each other for about a second.

“How old are you ?” asked Chance, the words seeming to choke him somehow.

RT hesitated for a moment. “I’ll be seventeen this August.” she said, blushing again.

“Seventeen!?” said the two of then in unison.

“Not yet, only this August.”

“Seventeen.” the two repeated and looked at each other again.  It came as quite a shock to them.  No wonder their friend knew more than her age.  It was because *they* couldn’t guess it.  And, now they’ve found out that she’s old enough to get married and she’d just been acting like a kitten.

“You act like you’re seven.” said Jake, watching RT fidget.

“Let’s just say…. I wanna remain small for as long as possible.” she said, smiling at them.

Surprisingly, the two nodded.Guess it was fun to be small and play tic-tac-toe and snakes’n’ladders and basketball.

“C’mon.Let’s go find something for padding for this baby.” said Jake,patting the couch.

RT smiled. “Lead the way, Jacob Clawson.” she said, raising her paw in the general  direction of the garage.

Jake walked towards the attic, followed by Chance and the seventeen-year-old alien.

Suddenly, RT sneezed.

The two mechanics turned around. “Bless you.” they said together.

RT nodded and rubbed her nose.  The two kats noticed her wriggling her nose a bit.  RT braced for another sneeze, and the two kats waited.


“EEEEOWWW!” the two kats screamed.

RT blushed when she saw all her saliva on  them.

“Didn’t your mother teach you to cover your mouth when you sneeze?” said Chance, wiping his fur.

“Sorry.” said RT and then sneezed again, this time, making sure to cover her mouth. “Got a hanky?” she asked them.

Jake forked out a men’s hanky which was slightly soiled with grease.

RT was not affected by it and blew her nose freely into  it.  When she stopped, she saw them make a funny face at her.  OK, so it was  revolting , but she couldn’t help it.  She figured she caught a sniffle. Probably due to the change in temperature or something.

“C’mon.Let’s go.” she urged the other two, and the three of them went up to the attic.


“OOOOooooh!” groaned Jake as he lifted his head away from the steam and out of the bedsheet surrounding him.  He rubbed his eyes to see  more clearly, but his blocked nose made it a tedious job.  He looked at the  alien kat at his side who also brought her head out of the sheet.  He gave her a dirty look.

Immediately,RT defended her rights, but it was hard to do with her sore throat.

“——Id’s not my fault.  HOW——-was I to gnoW—- that you were pronE.”  She coughed violently and fell down from their new couch.

Jake immediately helped her on the couch and rubbed her back while she took short breathes  through her mouth.  “Dhon’t thalk.You gotha badh throath.” he said, his voice giving evidence of a very stuffy nose.

RT nodded and then glanced at the other mechanic at the far side of the couch. “——check oNN Chance.” she said.

Jake turned to see Chance.  He was curled  up like a ball in the corner of the couch with a blanket wrapped around him and a thermometer in his mouth.  His face was drawn into a huge sulk, telling everyone around him to back off.

Jake pulled off the thermometer from his mouth and looked at the readings.  “Noth goodh, buddy.” he said.

Chance didn’t let out a sound, but his face wrinkled into a bigger sulk.

“Baybe you outha thry outh the steam…..” Jake ventured.

Chance shook his head vigorously.

Jake immediately stopped trying. He then rubbed his nose on his hanky and blew hard.

RT looked at Chance and figured maybe she should try and make him say something.  Keeping your voice to yourself when you had a bad throat only made it worse, and Chance refused to take any medicine except a cough syrup.

She kicked herself mentally for sneezing at them in the first place.  Immediately the next day, both of them got the cold and, within three days, she and Chance had a blocked nose and a stuffed throat which made talking seem so hard whereas Jake got over his throat infection quickly. She got better too, but Chance was not making any progress.  He just didn’t want to admit that he was sicker than any of them.  The only sound he gave out all morning was him blowing his nose.

Suddenly, the klaxon in the hanger rang.  Both Jake and RT let out pathetic moans while Chance’s sulky face turned into one of dismay. What a time for the city to be in trouble.

The three of them ran down the hatch and into the hanger, rather reluctantly.  Chance picked up the phone and opened his mouth to say the usual, only to give out a small, hoarse whine about two octaves above his usual tough kat voice.

“Is that you, T-bone?” came Callie’s voice.

Chance sulked again and handed the phone to Jake.

“Yes, Biss Briggs.” he said, trying his best to sound normal, only to lisp at the *Briggs* bit.

“Razor? Is that you?”

“Yes, Biss Briggs.  Ith’s be.” he said, now forgetting to sound normal.

“It’s Dark Kat.  He has a new airship and is at Megakat Nuclear plant.  Are you alright, Razor?”

“I’b fidhe.We’re odh our way, Biss Briggs.”  Jake put the phone on the stand .”C’bon, leth’s geth goidh’.”

“——iII’B cobbing.” said RT as the two changed into the Swat Kats.

“Dho.” said Razor, coming out of the closet. “——Aa eebeber whath habbendh lasth thibe.” Razor thought for a moment.

T-bone signaled to him to take her along.

“All dhrighth…you thake thath.” said Razor pointing at the cyclotron.  He had taught her how to ride it in his free time and he was confident that she could ride it.

“Yay, yay, yay!” said RT, forgetting she had a cold until her nose leaked again and she was forced to blow it.

Razor and T-bone blew too, and then looked at each other in dismay.  How the hell were they going to stop Dark Kat in their condition? They decided for themselves to at least give it a try.

“Cadn you fly the thurbokath, Thee- bone?” Razor asked T-bone, concerned as they got into the jet

.T-bone nodded and then said his first sentence that morning in a high, hoarse,almost hard to hear voice  “****Can you shoot straight, sureshot?”

Razor smiled. “Yeah, I guess.”

The Turbokat took off into the air followed by a cyclotron on the ground.


Callie put the communicator back in her purse and turned back to the scene in the sky.  Dark Kat had a huge air fortress right over Megakat Nuclear power plant.  According to the enforcers who were there, Dark Kat’s creeplings were stealing canisters containing radioactive katonium and some electrical equipment.

He had stolen some more equipment from Pumadyne two months ago.  Nobody could figure out what he wanted with it as the parts he stole had nothing in common, except some parts were used in experimental generators.  The whole thing sounded fishy, of course, and the Enforcers and the Swat Kats were on their guard, until the Pastmaster showed up and caused so much chaos.

Callie heard the familiar sound of a jet’s throttle and looked up to see the Turbokat flying in the air.  Good, she thought.  They’ll stop Dark Kat.  The enforcers can’t seem to be able to get to Dark Kat’s ship.

Her thoughts then turned to Razor.  He sounded pretty beat up.  Callie was worried.  She hoped nothing was wrong with Razor or T-bone.


“Hi guys.  Glad you could come to the party.” came Lt. Feral’s voice over the radio of the Turbokat.

T-bone and Razor immediately perked up.

“How didh you thap intho our frequency?” said Razor, surprised, but a little pleased.

“Same way you guys tap into ours.  I figured it out.  Say, you don’t sound so hot.  And, T-bone hasn’t made any smart remarks yet.  You guys usually tap into the enforcers’  band first to give my uncle a migraine.”

Razor looked at his partner who was shaking his head furiously and mouthing a few words, which Razor interpreted as *Don’t tell her*.

“Leth’s codh-sedh-thrathe odh the sithuation here firsth, Lieuthenanth.”

There was a short pause.  Then Felina’s voice came again, “OK, I think Dark Kat has some sort of force field around his ship.  We can’t get through it.”

“Well, leth’s see if ith cadh hadhle a billion begavolts.” said Razor, making ready his missiles.  “Cadh you geth close enough, buddhy?” he asked his partner.

T-bone showed a thumbs-up to his partner.

Felina, meanwhile, was wondering why T-bone was not his usual talkative self.  She pushed her thoughts aside  and concentrated on the situation at hand.

“Laudchig scrabbler bissiles.” said Razor, and two missiles fired from the turbokat.

Felina thought- *scrabbler bissles?*.

The missiles landed on a transparent force field and made it lighten for a second and then bounced back.

“Crudh!” said Razor.

T-bone mouthed the same.

Felina’s voice came over the radio.  “Razor, I thought you said a billion megs.  No force field can handle that much.  Besides, how did you get hold of a billion megs of electricity?”

“——-NoTH Billion, bfmiollion as in *ebm* .” came a small, muffled she kat’s voice over the radio.

“RT?” asked Felina.

“—–yAAA.” said RT, trying hard to speak.

“What’s wrong with your voice?”

“——-aaaaAAA badh throath ‘ndh’ coldh.  Razor and T-bone have it too.”

“Oh, no wonder.”

“Felina, stop yakking with those vigilantes and get to  work.” came Feral’s voice in the background.

“Right, Uncle.  So, what do we do now, guys?”

Suddenly, a loud animal cry, which sounded like a cry of a whale in pain, pierced through the radio.  It made Felina’s fur stand on end.

T-bone immediately guessed. “****r thee!” he squealed.

“R thee!” screamed Razor.

T-bone turned the jet with a jerk that made Razor almost black out.  He blew his nose on the hanky hard.  T-bone held the controls with one paw and blew his nose on the other and then coughed violently and squealed in dismay.  The cyclotron was on the street, and RT was in the clutches of a few titanium alloy tentacles from Dark Kat’s ship.  What did that sicko want with RT?


RT did not like this situation one bit.  She didn’t know what a guy who did not know her want to capture her.  Maybe for a hostage or something, but why her?  Oh, why her?

She let out another scream.  As usual, nothing came out for a moment and then it burst out abruptly.  She hated this.  It wouldn’t have been fun even if she was well.  She felt her head burn and throb.  Her  glasses suddenly slipped out of her face.

*Damn* she thought.

She squinted to see herself being taken into an airship straight out of *Independence Day*. The tentacles pulled her into the airship and into an air lock.  The door behind her closed, and the tentacles let her go.  She squinted to see what was around her.  She noticed the ventilating shafts giving off a funny smelling gas.

Soon, her head started throbbing more and her eyelids forced shut.  She fell to the ground.  That was the last thing she could remember.


“Sobethig’s habbeding.” said Razor.  He felt tired and  drained.

T-bone’s face looked awful.  Their enforcer training never included fighting villains when having a bad case of earth cold.

A huge holographic  image of Dark Kat showed up in the sky. “Greetings, Swat Kats.  Missing someone?”

“What have you dodhe with our friendh!” said Razor out of frustration.

“Your friend is fine.If you want to rescue her, you have to come in.” said Dark Kat, his voice oozing with icy evil.

As he talked, an entrance opened at one side of the airship.

T-bone, taking the hint, flew the Turbokat into the entrance.  The entrance was a long tunnel similar to the one at the hanger. As the Turbokat flew deeper and deeper, the radio started to crackle.

“Ith’s godda be a thrap.” said Razor half to himself and half to his partner.

“****I hate it when you say that****!” squealed T-bone.

*Poor guy* thought Razor,*He’s hating this more than I am.*


RT woke up with a start.  She felt herself pinned to something. Her senses didn’t clear.  The nasal cavities in her face were still clogged, and she still found it difficult to speak.  She opened her eyes a little and squinted.

She found herself in a room which looked like a laboratory.  She was tied to chair.  The left sleeve of her t-shirt was on her shoulder and there was a belt tied tightly around her arm.  She remembered people doing that when they wanted to make a vein bulge so that they could draw blood.

*Uh-oh* she thought, *This doesn’t look good*.

A snake like figure came out of the  shadows.  It looked frighteningly familiar.  Its yellowish green eyes glowed in the shadows.  RT then knew who it was.  She struggled hard and then opened her mouth to scream.


“Sssstop sstruggling, wench!” Viper said, anger evident in his voice.

RT  stubbornly struggled even more, trying to break free and run away from him. Viper caught her readied arm tightly.

“——-!!” RT squealed.

Viper held out a syringe and pushed the piston out.

RT’s eyes widened with fright.  She had a terrible fear of injections ever since she had to remove a tooth, and the dentist stuck a needle into her gums.  At least her mother was with her  .Now  she was facing a psychotic mutated mad scientist.

”Thisss won’t hurt… much.” he said with a sly smile on his face.  He pushed the needle into RT’s fur and drew out her blood with the syringe.

RT sat still with fright, trying to scream for help but finding nothing coming out of her mouth.

Viper pulled out the needle and wiped out the blood flowing down with a piece of cotton and removed the tight belt.  At least he bothered to do that.  He could have just let her bleed to death.  The thought puzzled her.

“——I HOPE that was clean.” she said finally.

“Oh, it’sss clean.  I wouldn’t want your blood to be contaminated with anything elssse now, would I?” he said, his voice was calmer but still slimy.

“———why DIDhn’t you justh leth be bleedh tho dheath, if that’s whath  you wanthedh.” said RT, her eyes filled to the brim with tears of frustration.

“And, lose your wonderfully live DNA strands? I think not.” he said and hissed happily.

RT frowned. “——–whAATh dho you wanth with be?” she spat.

“I want your genetic code, kitten.” replyed Viper,turning from his table to  face her, “You ssee, you’re a very fascinating mutation.  Plussss you have a  contagious virusss, both of which are of great ussse to me.”

“———whERE’RE by friendhs.”

“The Ssswat Kats?  They’re in good pawsss.  Very good pawssss.” he hissed again and it turned into maniacal laughter.

RT shuddered.  She should have listened  to Jake the first time.  Now she blamed this whole situation on herself.  She thought, if anything happened to her friends, she would never forgive herself.


T-bone was worried sick about RT.  He had grown fond of her even thought she was a bit irritating at times and they argued a lot. He wished he had listened to his partner and left her at home.  If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself.

“Are you althrighth, Thee-bone?” asked his partner from behind.

T-bone nodded.

They landed on an internal runway.  T-bone and Razor got off the jet and were greeted by hordes of creeplings, who immediately caught hold of them.  They  fought them off as much as they could, but the creeplings outnumbered them. They were finally pinned down by dozens of them.

“Don’t make a move, Swat Kats, or you’ll find yourself sicker than you already are.” came Dark Kat’s voice over a speaker.

“Show yourself, Dhark Crudh. Or are you too chicken?” spat Razor from underneath the creeplings.

“You’re in no position to mock me, Swat Kat. If you want your friend to live, then I suggest you cooperate.”

Razor sighed and looked at T-bone.  His face was one of pure hatred, but he was trying to fight it.

“Creepling, show our guests to their…rooms.” said Dark Kat over the speaker with maximum sarcasm.

The Swat Kats were glad he didn’t show his face. They were lead into a cell by the creeplings.  They were stripped of their gear and were chained to the wall.  A force field came up at the entrance.

“****whath now?” said T-bone.

“I guess we thry and geth outh of here.” said Razor. He pulled out a pick  from his long sleeve and started picking on the cuffs that held him.


“—–soOO,whath do you wanth with my DheeNA?” asked RT, curious.

“Well,” began Viper, noticing the alien’s interest,”For sssstarterss, I’m going to analyse your genetic code. Then, I use it to create my own  mutantssss.”

“—–whATh’S so special aboUTh my DheeNA?”

“Everything!” he turned to RT again and walked up to her.  He looked at her like he would look at one of his mutations as they formed. “You are a very sssuccesful mutation.  There is a mutant gene inside you that givess you abilitiessss far greater than a normal kat.”

“—-bUTh I wasn’Th a kath before.”

“It doesssn’t matter.  The gene is there, and I’m going to find out which one.”

“—–buTh YOU goth your bloodh sample.Why wOULDh you wanth be alive?”

“I need to exxxxpesiment on plenty of samplesss until I get the right code. Therefore, my dear, you are invaluable to me.”

RT frowned.  *@%#$&*!!  S.O.B* she thought, *Why can’t he use his own, bloody DNA?*

But, she didn’t open her mouth.  She didn’t want to give him ideas.

“If you want to know why I didn’t usse my own DNA,” began Viper, and RT perked up.  “Aaah! You do want to know.” Viper turned his head away from her.  “The Viper mutagen which turned me into thisss… was a failure.  It could mutate anything, but the mutants would die quickly. It was too strong.  The effectssss it has on katsss iss evident, but I don’t want any more creatures like myself trying to take over this city… .Megaswamp cccity issss MINE!”

His last words made RT jump. Now she was really scared. What is this psycho gonna do? Where are the Swat Kats? Where are Chance and Jake….?


Razor had managed to release himself and was working on T-bone’s cuffs.  Soon, they were both free.  Neither made any noise so that the creepling wouldn’t be alerted.

Razor brought out a tiny buzzer hidden deep within his g-suit.

T-bone signalled – What are you going to do with that.

Razor smiled and threw it at the force field.  The force field lit up with a blinding light, and the mechanism at the sides of the cell burst.  Razor put his hand at the entrance and, finding that the force field was not there, signalled T-bone to follow him.

The two of them ran towards the upper portion of the air ship, figuring out that Dark Kat was probably keeping a close watch on their friend.  Suddenly, an alarm sounded.

“Crudh!” they said in unison and began to run faster towards the upper deck.


Viper seemed to want to let something more out as he  continued talking.  “I figured it all out. How ironic. The sssame little wench who made me ssssuffer a whole night iss going to make my dreams come true.”

RT didn’t know what to say.  She knew she couldn’t help it.  She let him talk some more.

Viper’s anger seemed to be rising.  “Do you know how *much* I suffered that night when you transsssmitted that agonising noissse?”

RT shook her head.  Then she ventured to ask something, “—–HOw were those  vides destroyedh? I didn’t figure ith outh.”

“Obviously, the mutation didn’t affect your brainsssss any.  It was infrasonic ssssound, of coursse.”

“——COrrecth be if I’bd wrong, buth doe’th idfrasodhic beadh *before hearing radge*”

“Exxxxactly.  It is part of the mutating processss that your auditory range increases.”

It then struck her.  RT remembered reading somewhere that reptiles and insects could hear infrasonic sound, and it was used to drive them away. It also  explained why the other kats couldn’t hear the sound. Maybe their hearing range was smaller than hers.

[Author’s note: I am currently studying a bugging lesson on sound.  So I got  influenced.]

Suddenly, an alarm was heard.

Viper stopped working and wondered what the commotion was about.  He went outside to check.

RT thought she heard a faint *thud* over the alarm.  Her ears twitched.  Her tail began to move frantically.  Then, a huge figure came through the door.  RT’s heart got caught in her throat, along with the rest of the phlegm.  She felt like choking.

The kat was BIG.  His face was pale and lifeless, with no emotion what-so-ever. He had an unconscious Dr.Viper in his fist.  He flung the figure onto Viper’s workbench, breaking all of Viper’s apparatus which he was using for his current project.

He then came up to RT and looked down at her with a face so cold it made RT suddenly cry.  Tears flowed down like a river, but she didn’t utter a sound.

Dark Kat suddenly pulled RT out of the chair by her collar.

“——!!”  she uttered and then gave out an animal cry of frustration and fear.  RT right now wished she was home in her mother’s loving arms.

Dark Kat then gave a swing to his arm and flung RT into another apparatus.  The wires of the apparatus was loose and as soon as RT crashed into them she felt the same pain she had felt when she first came to this world.  She screamed with all her might, but nothing came out.  The pain lasted for a few, agonising seconds and then RT let the darkness engulf her.

Viper meanwhile had woken up and took a glimpse of Dark Kat, leaving his lab.  The first thing that caught his eye was RT’s figure in suspended animation as her body was exposed to the electricity.  When it stopped, he came up to the unconscious figure on the ground.

He watched in total shock and disbelief when he saw RT’s fur drop off slowly and her huge ears shrink slowly and her claws and tail slowly receding back to where it came from. RT was mutating, this time in reverse.


The Swat Kats had been running to the upper decks of the airship for a while.  They only stopped to try out doors to look for RT.  Suddenly, the lights in the tunnels began to blink.  But, it seemed only for that level according to Razor’s glovatrix’s sensors.

“***power surge?” asked T-bone, his voice as squeaky as ever.

“Yeah, buth it’s odly around this area.” said Razor, looking at the readings on his glovatrix.  He then looked at T-bone. “I have a hudch thath RT adh Dhark Kat are on this level of the ship.  If we  followedh the tracker to the source of the power surge, baybe we bight have  a lead.”

T-bone nodded to everything his partner had said and followed him as he followed his tracker.  They had to hold all the creeplings around them at bay.  The place was swarming with them, all of them after their heads.

Both Swat Kats felt like tearing their faces apart to relieve them from that blasted cold virus, so that they could concentrate better.  Their sweat was not giving them any relief, and it only made them feel more feverish.

T-bone coughed violently all through their escape.  It was getting very difficult for him to pant through his mouth as this made his throat worse.  Razor patted T-bone’s back every time he coughed, fascinated by how such a burly mass of muscle like his partner could be defeated by one tiny germ.


RT felt the immensely grinding pain all through her dream.  She woke up to find out the pain was real.  Her whole body was burning, and she could barely open her eyes.  She wished she could forget the pain in her head and the fear in her heart, but it just wouldn’t go.

She brought her paw to her head to massage off the killing pain, only to discover she was not touching fur anymore.  It was a strange, rubbery feeling.  She vaguely knew what had become of her.

She propped herself up on her elbows, and immediately, felt that terrible pain.  She groaned, and then realised that she didn’t feel stuffed-up anymore.  Far from it, she felt like a new person; her sinuses were cleared.

“Hey” she said clearly, basking in the sweet sound of her voice. The hoarseness had gone. She wanted to try out the voice she had gotten back. She hit a high note with her vocals and was thrilled to find it flawless as  before.

“Ssstop that!” came that familiar hissing sound.

RT groaned again and made a tremendous effort to sit up.  She was able to see Dr. Viper staring at her as if she had done a very wrong thing, and that he was very unhappy about it.

He then turned around, hitting what was left of the damage caused by that huge and horrible kat she encountered. “All my planssss, ruined! He’ll pay for this! Dark Kat will pay!” With that he slithered out of the room.

*So, that was Dark Kat*, thought RT. She still shivered at the memory of it.

She then noticed that she was also shivering because it was suddenly colder than she remembered.  She put her arms around her and felt that rubbery feeling again.

She looked down at herself and got the same shock she had felt when she first arrived.  She was human again.  No paws, no claws, no tail, no ears, no fur, no everything.  She felt her skin again.  She had forgotten what it felt like as she got used to having all the perks of being a kat.  Now they were gone and she felt sort of naked and defenseless.  All those abilities greater than a normal kat Viper praised  so much were all gone.

At least he won’t be using her for any more experiments to achieve his goal.  RT smiled at the thought.

She then made an effort to pick herself up and dust herself.  Then she looked around for a weapon she could  use to defend herself.  She spotted something that looked like a gun and ran towards it.  She felt funny not having her tail or ears twitching.  She grabbed the gun when she heard a speaker outside the room.

“Swat Kats.  Meet me in the control room if you want to see your friend.”

“How dho we kgno that you’re dhot lying?” That was Jake’s voice, and he was still suffering from the cold.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to bargain.  My creeplings will escort you.”

RT peeked out to see Razor and T-bone pinned to the  ground by hordes of creeplings.  RT could hear T-bone coughing and then cursing his throat infection as violently as he could.  She hid in a corner when the two passed the room guided by those little red monsters.  She waited till they had gone a little farther and then followed as quietly as she could.  She felt safe with the gun but still didn’t know how to use it.  Well, she’ll figure it out, she always figured it out.

The creeplings had led the Swat Kats to a huge room.  It looked like the main control centre.  RT sneaked behind a big steel thing she figured out to be a CPU with all the wires running out it.

The Swat Kats were led to the centre of the room and left there.  Suddenly, a force field came out from under the floor and sealed them in.

“Surprise,surprise.” came a voice from a big chair near the computer console. It turned around to reveal that same character who fried RT.  She got goose bumps just looking at his emotionless face.

“Whath have you dhone to our friend.” spat Razor, fed up of the whole issue.

Dark Kat shrugged.  “She was only the bait.  She was of no use once you came.”

RT could see the realisation, terror and mad anger that suddenly erupted in her friends’ faces.  It scared her greatly.  She wanted to jump out of her hiding place and assure them that she was OK, more or less anyway, but her instincts told her to stay put.

“YOU SON OF A….” began Razor, and then stopped.

T-bone let out a wild animal cry that shook the whole airship.  The cry could even be heard outside the ship.

RT crouched down behind the CPU with her head on her knees, mentally assuring her friend, Chance, that she was OK.

T-bone slammed himself on the force field and received an electric surge.  He was pushed back, but he hit the force field again, screaming out wildly.  After a second shock he coughed violently and fell to the floor.  Razor was over him, rubbing his back and soothing him.

RT was crying for her friend.  She wanted to badly go up to him and hug him and assure him again that that maniac was lying.

Dark Kat did not show any emotion.  Slowly, a sort of smile formed on his face.  It made RT want to whack him in the jaw.  He held out a remote control box and pointed it to his prisoners.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this.  Farewell, Swat Kats.” he said spitefully and moved his claw onto a button.

RT thought fast.  She had to do something  *now*.

She stood up from her hiding place and came into full view.  She trained the gun towards Dark Kat’s paws, squinted to see her target clearly and fired, hoping that the jinx about her first tries at shooting had always being lucky ones was true.  It seemed to be true as the red laser ray that came out  of the gun found its mark and melted the remote control.

Dark Kat turned  towards the source of the ray, and so did T-bone and Razor. They were surprised to see a creature with hardly any hair except for her familiar hair cut and no ears or tail, wearing Jake’s clothes.

Dark Kat was surprised too, but it soon turned to shock.  His red eyes made him look like as if he was looking at the ghost of the kat he fried a few minutes ago.

T-bone and Razor recognised their friend.  They both grinned with joy.

RT pointed the gun in the general direction of Dark Kat.”You leave my friends alone!” she screamed, tears flowing down continuously, the droplets just rolling off her cheeks instead of staining it.

“You’re dead!” screamed Dark Kat

“Sez who?” screamed back RT.

Dark Kat immediately pushed a button on his control desk, and a trap door below him opened.  It closed up as RT came to it.  She looked at her friends.

“RT, is that you?” asked Razor.

“Ya, guys.  That jerk electrocuted me, and I demutated.  So,wadaya think?” RT made a sort of model pose.

“Do thime for that.  Go to the computher and type out…” Razor gave her a few commands and instructions to type out, and RT did them as fast as she  could.

At the end of everything, she pressed the *enter* button, and the force field around the Swat Kats  disappeared.  T-bone, immediately ran to RT and  picked her up to give her a big hug.  She returned it, beginning to cry again and then jumped down to hug Razor.

“I really missed you guys!” said RT, wiping off the  tears.

T-bone nodded in approval.

“So, this is whath ya really look like.” said Razor,looking at his now pure alien friend.

“So, what do you think?”asked RT.


“Never mind.” RT shook her head. She knew, for them, she looked awfully weird with no fur or tail or all those other things.  She felt half empty herself, or was that her stomach? “Got water around here, guys? I’m thirsty… and hungry.”

“We’re not outh of the woodhs yet.” said Razor and the other two turned to see him looking at a monitor come alive with Dark Kat’s face.

“It’s not over yet, Swat Kats.  I’ve planted a bomb in the nuclear plant.  In five minutes, it will blow sky high, along with the rest of your precious city, and out of the ashes will arise my metropolis of crime!”

The monitor went dead and the trio took off, Razor first, then T-bone followed by RT.  They ran down the corridors, down to the hanger where the Turbokat was.  There were no creeplings around; that meant they all evacuated the airship.

RT tried her best to catch up with the Swat Kats, but she didn’t have the stamina to do so.  Finally, T-bone carried her the rest of the way.  RT tried hard not to blush, wishing she had enforcer training like them so that she wouldn’t have to be carried by T-bone.  She tried not to hold on to him too tight.

The three reached the hanger, and the Turbokat was again up in the air.  From the air, Razor had a clear view of the situation down  below.  RT, who was squeezed into Razor’s seat, looked down too.

The place was evacuated of all katizens and only enforcers were present, including Feral. RT could see a copter near the plant and two kats, one with a camera and the other with a microphone, walk up to Feral and some other kats, definitely trying to irritate them.  It was definitely the press.

T-bone switched the amplifier in the Turbokat and signaled Razor to speak into it.

“Be!?  I dhon’t wanna be hearedh like this!”

“***Razor, I can’t dho ith.”

“Well, I can’th dho ith either.”

“Oh, gimme that.” budged in RT and took the microphone out of T-bone’s paws. “Hey!  Everyone!” she screamed into the microphone.

She caught everyone’s attention, basically because they were surprised to hear a female’s voice instead of T-bone’s voice,  the Swat Kat who usually made all public announcements.

“There’s a bomb in the nuclear plant.  It’s gonna blow in one minute  .Get outta there!” screamed RT with urgency.

The announcement made everyone panic, resulting in mass hysteria.

“Thath wasn’th what I hoped for.” said Razor to RT.

“Oopsy.” whispered RT, trying not to look at Razor.

The Turbokat had landed, and the trio jumped out of the jet and ran into the plant  .They were confronted by the news crew, who were more interested in the weird creature with the Swat Kats rather than with them.

The camera focused on RT, who just ignored it saying, “Sorry, no autographs.” She smiled later at the thought of signing autographs.  But now, was not the time for that.

“We have about three minuthes to look for that bobb.” said Razor, looking at his watch.

“Did I hear something about a bomb?” asked a young she-kat in a lab coat, coming up to Razor, looking very serious.

Razor opened his mouth to say something when she flipped out her ID card. “I’m the physicist around here.  We’ll help you look for the bomb.”

Razor smiled a little shyly in reply and nodded.

The she-kat ran to her  colleagues and organised the search.

T-bone and Razor split up to look for the bomb.

The search had carried on for one minute.  RT was, all the while, getting frantic, but she tried to keep her presence of mind.  There were lot of kats searching the plant.If she couldn’t find it, somebody else might. She came across a door on which was a sign in red – Nuclear reactor –  Authorised personnel only.

RT stopped. A hunch told her that this had to be where the bomb was.  She thought – if she wanted to destroy a whole city, she could get the best results by blowing up the reactor.  The door had no latch.

RT immediately radioed in. “Razor? I think the bomb is in the nuclear reactor room.”

“How can you be sure?”

“How else will Dark Kat destroy a whole city?”

Razor stopped for a moment.  Then he said, “Stay right there, RT.  Watch outh for anything suspicious.”


RT waited for another one minute.  It felt like waiting for one year.  She then saw the others running up to her.

“It’s about time  .I think we have about one minute left.”

The physicist put her ID card into the slot and opened the door.  Inside was the reactor, looking very normal.

“Look around for it.” said the physicist to generally everyone in the room.

Everyone searched the reactor.

“****I foundh it.” squealed T-bone on the other side of it.

The group came rushing over to where he stood.

The bomb looked like it was just kept there.  Its digital clock showed that they had about one minute and twenty seconds to disarm it.

*Plenty of time* thought Razor.

He got out the pliers, hoping against hope that Dark Kat didn’t put all the wires red like last time.  He waited as T-bone screwed out the cover.

*Whew.  They’re not all red* he breathed.

He  confidently cut out the red wire.  The digits still kept scrolling.  Razor,panicked. Something was wrong here.  He cut out the yellow wire, but the digits kept on scrolling.

“*****Razor?” asked T-bone urgently. “

“S-Sobethig’s wrogh…” said Razor frantically, now trying to remove the bomb. “IT WON’TH COBE OFF.” He gritted.

“Wait,” cut in the physicist,”It looks like it’s connected to the reactor.”

“Oh dho.” said Razor to himself, almost sinking to the ground.

“What!  What does that mean?” asked RT, looking at the digits.

“Unless the reactor….” began the physicist, and then stopped abruptly. She suddenly grabbed Razor and made for the door. “We have to shut down the reactor.” she said to him as they ran down the  corridor.  “It’ll give the city a massive power failure, but it’s either that  or kablooey.”

Back at the reactor, the group watched in total suspense at the countdown, which was now reading 45 seconds.

RT couldn’t help but bite her nails and hold on to T-bone as tight as possible.

“It’s up to Razor now.” whispered T-bone to himself.  “Come on Jake,you can do it.” he said in his mind.

At that moment, he was suddenly wondering what was the name of that she-kat.He didn’t bother to see her ID.  She wasn’t pretty but certainly had a dynamic personality….


Razor followed the she-kat to the outside of the building. He looked at his watch.

“30 seconds.” he said.

The she-kat then came up to an advanced type of fuse box.  “We’re here.  But, I can’t open it.” she said, looking desperately at Razor.

“25 seconds.  Bove asidhe.” he said and pushed the she-kat out of the way.  He moved a finger on his glovatrix and a tiny wielding torch lit up.

*I have to thank RT for this idea, if we don’t get blown to bits.* he thought while cutting through the metal.

His watch read ’15 seconds’ when he was half way  through.  He was begging the torch to hurry up.

“10 seconds!” screamed the physicist as she watched Razor finish off cutting through and pulling at the handle.  She grabbed the handle too, and both of them managed to get it off and Razor pulled down the handle.


The reactor was starting to overload, and the rest of the group ran away, not wanting to be there when the explosion went off.

T-bone looked at RT.  “****Just in case, it was a pleasure kdowing you.” he said in his small and hoarse, but warm voice.

“Likewise.” said RT.  She watched the countdown from 10 seconds.  The numbers burned in her head.


“Jake, please get there quickly.” she prayed and looked at the countdown again.


As the last second came, the reactor suddenly lowered its tone and the whole room became dark.

From the darkness, a voice spoke. “Am I dead?” asked RT softly.

As an answer T-bone’s head light lit up to show their faces.  T-bone grinned widely and shook his head.  “He did it!” he said.  It was his best voice all day.

RT screamed for joy and hugged T-bone.  “Let’s go find him.” she said, and the two went out of the room to look for the Swat Kat.

Night was slowly approaching and the whole city was in darkness.  With T-bone’s strong head light,they could see where they were going.


Razor stared at the total blackness of the city, then at the stars which were popping up in the sky.  The city was safe again.  Now all they had to do was to remove the bomb from the reactor.

He suddenly realised he was alone in the dark with a she-kat.  He could still make out her outline.

“My superiors are gonna kill me for this.” she muttered, sort of good naturedly.

“Hey,it was either this or kablooy, like you said.” put in Razor.

The she-kat nodded.

“By the way, idh all that cobbotion I didd’t get the tibe to….”

“You gotta cold?” she asked, slightly concerned.


“It’s pretty bad.”

“Yeah, I fell therrible.” he said, massaging his head.

The she-kat watched him for a moment.   She was used to thinking that the Swat Kats were some sort of super heroes.  She now realised that there was a normal kat behind that mask. “Maybe you should go home and sleep.” she said comfortingly, but keeping arm length distance from him.  “It’s a cool night; you can drink some hot cocoa and lots of fluids and sleep outside, but make sure you cover up ’cause it gets pretty cold in the middle….” she stopped, realising she was talking too much, a sign which meant that she was feeling very nervous.

“You kdho? We bake a goodh theam.” said Razor,noticing the she-kat looking slightly jitterish.  He felt himself feeling nervous too.  He badly wanted to know her name, but was too afraid to ask.

He then heard voices in the dark.

“Think we better go show ourselves.” said the she-kat.

“Good idea.” said Razor and switched on his head light.

The sudden light left him and his companion blind for a moment, but they soon regained their sight.

Razor first took a good at his companion.  She was not *very* pretty, but she had a sweet face which showed dimples when she smiled.  She had light grey fur with tiger stripes of a darker grey and black hair and eyes.  She was  dressed in and open t-shirt, jeans and a labcoat, of course.  On it was a label saying- ‘Dr. Nell C. Jones – physicist’.

“Is something wrong?” asked Lisa.

“Nell?” he asked, fidgeting a little.

He was interrupted by the sudden commotion back at the building.  Lisa nodded and rushed ahead when she heard her name being called out (name as in Dr. Jones).

He saw T-bone and RT rush towards him.

“Let’s go home; I’m parched.”  said RT, pulling at Razor’s g-suit.

“Be too.” said T-bone hoarsely.

“C’mon, let’s go hobe.  The doctor has precribedh a treatment that just bight work.” said Razor.

The other two ignored a small twinkle in his eye.


[Author’s note: Harley: Aw, ma! I just have to right a little more..

Ma : You stop this instant and go study.

Harley: just one more para, pleeeeese, pleeeeese..

Ma : All right, one more para and you’re through.]


A week had passed and Chance and Jake’s infections had been cured. Jake was reading an article in the paper about a crash in Mayor Manx’s new golf course. It was Dark Kat’s airship.  It crashed there during the time they were engrossed in the bomb.  They were so caught up in the whole thing that they forgot all about Dark Kat’s air ship.  Nobody knew who flew the ship to the golf course.

RT suspected it to be Dr. Viper, but was not sure. The last time she saw him, he was acting insane. She definitely didn’t want to see him again.  The feeling was mutual.

Jake then heard the sound of the front door bell. He walked up to the door only to stop suddenly at the sight of the she-kat at the door.

“C-c-c-can I help you?” he was finally able to let out.

“Yes.” said Nell decisively.  “Can I borrow a tool box?”

“T-tool box?”

“Yes, can I borrow one?”

“Um… Yeah, just a sec.” He stumbled when he ran to get one. He came back with one and held it out to Nell.

“Thank you.” she said pleasantly, taking the tool box.  “I’ll return it in a minute. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No, of course not…. Do you have a problem?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, thank you.”


For a brief moment, Nell suddenly realised how familiar this mechanic looked, especially those characteristic sideburns. She looked for signs of recovery from cold.

“Do you need anything else?” asked Jake, trying hard to sound casual.

“Well, maybe you’d better come.  If it isn’t something I can’t handle, I might need a tow.” She smiled, showing off the dimples.

Jake couldn’t help but smile back. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.(?)


Ma: That’s two paras!

Harley: OK, OK! I’m ending! Jeez!


THE END   Cholee ke peeche kya hai….? (You wouldn’t wanna know what this means)

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