Original SWAT Kats Story

The Comic Book

By Harley Quinn

  • 1 Chapter
  • 14,242 Words

(Unfinished) Dark Kat teams up with Ted Turner to defeat the SWAT Kats, who find new allies to help them from a comic book.

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Author's Notes:

Well, here it is, in all it’s horror. Since no one sent me any ideas, I had to make my own characters. Don’t blame me if they are rip-offs of some cartoon I haven’t heard of before, (which is true because not everything from the US reaches here.)

Now then, let’s get on with the show.

Note: The villain, whose name is Ted Turner, bears no resemblance what-so- ever to the *real* tED tURNER. Besides, ‘Ted Turner’ is a proper noun. Anyone can use it.

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Dark kat fumed over his control panel. He pushed the ‘Enter’ button again. For the umpteenth time, the screen showed the Turbokat move in close to the New-and-improved Black Widow. The Black Widow moved closer to a power line. Then two buzz- saw missiles shot out from the Turbokat and cut the power lines. The lines fell over the Black Widow and short circuited it’s high-voltage force field. Now the Black Widow used it’s Vertical lift-off engines and flew upwards.The Turbokat followed. The Black Widow fired many missiles from the back and the Turbokat accurately avoided all of them. Then it shot forward at high speed. The Black Widow slowed down so that the Turbokat could come in front. Now the Black Widow was in pursuit of the Turbokat.

Dark Kat frowned again. This was where he had made a mistake. Before he could fire his missiles at them, a small missle rack rose from the Turbokat’s top portion and fired three missles at his ship. He couldn’t dodge all three of them. The Black Widow was severely damaged and he had to retreat. Luckily, the Turbokat was trying to regain stability and the Swat Kat’s couldn’t see where he went. He had escaped again. But the agony of defeat was too much for the massive kat this time.

“There has to be *some* way of defeating those Swat Kats!” Dark Kat banged his fist on the computer console on the word ‘some’. The console short- circuited and exploded. The creeplings, which were surrounding Dark Kat, moved away in terror and let out a few screeches.

Dark kat turned around, “SILENCE!” he yelled. Not a sound came after a laspe of a few minutes. Dark Kat looked around him. He then spotted a creepling placing it’s claws behind it.

“You!” he pointed his huge claw at it. It immediately shivered in terror.

“What’s that behind you!?” Dark Kat demanded. With a little squeal of terror and submission, the creepling removed it’s claws from behind it and held out a comic book. Dark Kat said nothing and frowned. He then walked over to the creepling and snatched the comic book from it’s claws. He then turned his back towards the creepling, allowing it to scramble to the side of the room and hide in a dark corner.

Dark Kat looked at the cover. It showed a picture of three kats, two tom-kats and one she-kat, standing in defensive stance and facing a rather large and horrible looking half kat, half animal. The monster showed off teeth that were large and deadly sharp. The mouth was wide open and drool came out of it. The claws were long and pointed and were placed to tear who so ever came near it. This was the left side of the monster. The right side seemed to be made entirely of metal, save a few places where dark grey fur stuck out. The monster was huge and frightening. The title of the comic read ‘KAT KOMMANDOES’.

Dark Kat was interested. He began to wonder what kind of mind would dream up such an awful creature. What strange imaginations these story writers and artists had. It was truly a pity these things were fiction. None of them could possibly be true or could be created in real life. Or *could* it? Dark Kat grinned. He wondered whether he would be able to create such a monster to destroy the Swat Kats. Maybe the answer lay in the story.

He flipped through the pages. The first page was a recap of what happened in the previous copy of Kat Kommandoes. He again turned to the cover and read the edition. It was Number 90. Dark Kat sighed. He would probably have to go through some of the previous editions to get the full picture of whatever he was looking for. He then came across a picture of a tom-kat. He was a middle-aged kat,sporting grey and white fur, wearing a white suit and white trousers and a black shirt inside. On his head was a white hat with a black ribbon around it. He carried a rather large walking stick. He wore a large mustache and a small beard and was grinning with a rather evil grin. The balloon over him said ‘Now to test this baby’.

Suddenly, a bright light blinded Dark Kat. He dropped the comic book and stepped back , covering his eyes. He could hear his creeplings screech in terror. When he took his paws off his eyes, he was shocked to see the kat from the comic book standing before him. He looked again at the comic book. It was blank. He looked back again at the tom-kat who was now twirling his walking stick.

“I must admit, my good kat, you look even more formidable in real life.” he commented, in a rather suave voice.

“Who are you and what do you want!?” demanded Dark Kat fiercely.

The other kat bowed, “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ted Turner. I am a businesskat from a place called Terrakat city.”

“You popped out of the comic book!” blurted out Dark Kat, pointing to the blank set of pages. Ted Turner looked at it and rubbed at his beard, “Hmm…interesting. It would appear that my world is a mere comic book in your world, in the same way that your world is a comic book in mine. That would definitely solve many problems.”

“How did you get here, and what do you want !?” demanded Dark Kat again.

“It’s very simple. I have come with a proposal for you.”

“And that is?”

“You want to take over this city, don’t you?”

“That is true. But why do you want to help me?”

“Well, you have a place in the outskirts of the city which you call Pumadyne, where you reacently had encountered the Swat Kats…”

“Hold it! How is it that you know so much ?”

“All this information was in the first few pages of the latest copy of Swat Kats. I had entered into your world through the picture of you where you were very angry about your defeat.”

Dark Kat frowned. If what this Ted Turner had said was true then he would have been one up on him if he had read a few more editions of Kat Kommandoes.

“Let me guess. You have a problem with three kats who call themselves the Kat Kommandoes.”

“You guessed right, my friend. And the problem is quite similar to yours. You see, I have captured the hearts of all the citizens of Terrakat city by offering them employment and finance and such, ” Turner’s face suddenly darkened, “But those wretched Kat Kommandoes had known from the beginning that I had plans to take over Terrakat city. It was a mistake that I made long ago that brought me to this sorry state. Maybe Kat Kommando fans of your world would know of this. And I am certain that you are not one of them.” his face suddenly lightened up with new hope, “But this time, it will be different. This time, I may have an ally, hopefully, you.”

“I’m listening.” said Dark Kat, now a new idea forming in his head.

“As I was saying, there is some equipment at Pumadyne which we will need to put a stop to these Swat Kats. We get rid of them, and then we travel back to our world with the help of one of my scientist’s invention…”

“So *that’s* what you were testing.” said Dark Kat.

Ted Turner nodded, “Then I will need your help to get rid of the Kat Kommandoes. Once these kats are out of our way, we can take over our respective worlds. So, will you join me?”

“Your plan does sound like it could work. What is this equipment you want?”

“I know a method by which we can make an army of cyborg monsters, which will be under my…I mean, our command. How does *that* sound?”

Dark Kat’s red eyes glowed. He though of the cover of the comic book he had seen and the frightening monster it displayed. The possibilities seemed endless at that moment. And, once all of it was over, he could get rid of this old kat and take over both worlds himself. But he had to be on his guard, as this kat sounded too cunning to be taken lightly.

“The plan seems fool-proof. I will join you.” Dark Kat grinned.

“Then it’s settled.” declared Ted Turner and held out a paw to shake. Dark Kat took it in his huge paw and shook it firmly. Ted Turner pulled back his paw and rubbed it, wincing and mumbling ‘What a grip!’. “Sorry about that. Sometimes, I don’t know my own strength.” said Dark Kat, grinning. Turner tried to grin back but was too busy nursing his metacarples.


The Turbokat rode through the tunnel and stopped over the huge hydrolic platform which lowered it into the hanger. The canopy opened and out jumped the two Swat Kats onto the wing and then onto the floor.

“That was fun. We oughta’ do it again sometime.” said Razor, taking off his helmet and mask and revealing his true identity.

“Are ya kiddin’ me? We almost died out there!” yelled T-bone, taking off his helmet and mask.

“Oh! Since when have *you* been afraid of going out in a blaze of glory, Mr. Macho Kat ?”

“Since I bought the latest copy of Kat Kommandoes. *That’s* when.” replied Chance, taking out the latest copy of Kat Kommandoes from his g-suit. He suddenly jumped back.

“Crud! There’s a crease! And the pages are bent!” he made a despirate attempt to straighten out the pages. “This is all your fault, *Razor* !”

” *MY* fault!” blurted out Jake, holding his paw to his chest.

“Yeah! If you’d had let me *keep* the comic book before we left it would’ve been in better condition.”

“Chance! It’s a *comic book* for Kat’s sakes! It ain’t a warhead.”

Chance grumbled for a moment. Then he looked up at Jake. “Ok, I’m sorry.”, and then mumbled to himself, “But you should’ve let me keep it.”

Jake smiled, “Look. I’m gonna go topside to get some shuteye. Why don’t ya do the same?”

“Negative, buddy. I gotta see how the Kat Kommandoes defeat the monster on the page cover.” Chance showed Jake the page cover showing three kats, two tom-kats and one she-kat, standing in defensive stance and facing a rather large and horrible looking half kat, half animal. Jake girmmaced.

“What the heck *is* that thing?”

“Dunno. I’m gonna find out. You take some rest.” Chance turned his head to the comic book and opened to the first page, “It does look a little familiar, thought….” he muttered, looking at the monster.

“What looks familiar?” asked Jake.

“Um…oh nothin’. The monster looks familiar.”

Jake peeked over Chance’s shoulder, “Yeah…kinda looks like you when you’re in a funk…” He quickly dodged the comic book which Chance swung at his head, “See? Wha’d I tell ya.”

“Quit it, sureshot, and go get some sleep!” ordered Chance, grinning at his partner.

“Roger that,” Jake yawned and stretched and headed for the ladder. As he climbed up he said, ” ‘Night ,buddy.”

” ‘Night Jake.” Jake could hear Chance say half heartedly. He shook his head and closed the hatch. *Chance takes that Kat Kommando thing too seriously*


Chance was reading with utmost curiosity and love for his favourite heros when he came across something which shocked him.

“Dark Kat!? How did *he* get in the act?” He looked at the pictures and read the balloons. Ted Turner wanted to team up with Dark Kat so that they could get rid of the Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes. Chance then wondered why the Swat Kats would be involved in this. And wouldn’t that spell trouble for DK comics? Putting real characters in fiction? They should have asked their permission first. But then, the Swat Kats were already Megakat city’s most finest heros. What harm could a little publicity do? They wouldn’t find out about the new weapons they had in store for the villians of the city. Chance shrugged and continued.

Then he came across the conversation between the two villains. It had some mention about the battle between the Swat Kats and Dark Kat that very evening. Chance was pretty worried about how this was turning out. But he labelled it as just a mere coincidence and continued. Dark Kat attacked Pumadyne once before. It was easy to predict that he would do it again. And Dark Kat couldn’t be a Kat Kommando fan.

Chance continued reading. The scene switched to the three Kat Kommandoes, Grid,Tank and Acro moving into Turner Laboratories. They were talking about Dr. Mould’s new invention. Then Acro, a lean , sand coloured tom-kat used one of his fusion bombs to remove the lock for one door and Grid, the caramel coloured she-kat with sideburns cracked the code for the computerised lock for another door, and Tank, the huge grey coloured tom-kat bashed down the third. Chance grinned. Tank was his favourite Kat Kommando.

Then they came up to a rather large and strange looking machine with a compartment that could allow a maximum of four kats inside.

As the story went, Grid discovered how the thing worked. The three of them were discussing whether to test the machine or not. As usual, Grid and Acro had their quarrel while Tank stopped them after listening for a while, shaking his head. Chance chuckled. Those two always fought. But they somehow worked together when the time came. Quarreling didn’t stop them from doing their job.

Suddenly, a blinding flash of light came out of the comic book . Chance dropped it and stepped back, keeping his eyes closed. In the bright light , he could hear the sound of a van’s engines. Then he heared the screeching of the tyres and a crashing sound. Chance opened his eyes and found a huge black van sticking out of the hanger wall in front of him. He could hear sarcastic punch lines like ‘Now look what you did!’ , ‘Way ta go, Grid-ster!’, ‘Yeah!’

“Hey! Don’ blame me! It was *Turner’s* toy!” said ‘Grid-ster’.

Chance’s eyes widened. He was staring at the Kat Kommandoes’ van, the BlackBear, and he was actually *hearing* the voices of his favourite heros.

Chance looked down at his comic book. The pages were blank. He picked it up and flipped through the pages. Even the cover was blank. The adds were still there but the story and the illustrations were missing. Then he looked up at the huge van. The engines had started and the tyres screeched. It then pulled back , out of the hole in the hanger that it had created. The engines then stopped. Chance could hear some murmurs coming out of the van . Then a head popped out.

Chance was thrilled. It was Tank who looked out. Tank was a huge and well built grey tom-kat who’s attitude towards life , she-kats and villians was almost similar to Chance. Infact, Chance’s role model when he was a kitten was Tank. He always wanted to fight crime the way Tank did.

Tank was staring at him in the same way. Then he looked back in. “I gotta take a closer look.” he said quickly to the inside of the van.

“He’s fake, Tank.” said another male voice. Chance guessed it to be Acro.

“Yeah. There are no such things as Swat Kats.” added the she-kat, Grid.

Chance heared it. He reacted suddenly. “There is too!” he said , adamantly.

Tank had gotten out of the van, not even once taking his eyes off Chance.

“T-bone? Chance Furlong?” he asked pointing his claw to T-bone.

“Um, yeah. You’re Tank? Tank McClawber?”

“Hey! How’d you know my name?” asked Tank , suddenly moving back.

“Easy, Tank!” said Chance , holding out his paws in a show of submission, “You’re my favourite Kat Kommando. I’m your biggest fan.” he then held up two claws on both paws, “Peace, kat. Um…how’d you know *my* name?”

“Are you kiddin’ me?” blurted out Tank and he walked right up to Chance. They were the same height and build and looked like brothers, “I’m your biggest fan! You’re my favourite Swat Kat! Are you sure you’re not fake?” he frowned a little.

“I’ve been Chance Furlong all my life. And the Turbokat over there proves I’m a Swat Kat. ” he pointed to the jet in the center of the hanger.

“Amazing!” he heared Acro whisper.

“It’s all fake.” muttered the she-kat.

Chance turned back to Tank , who was now staring at his g-suit, “Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually *looking* at a Swat Kat!” he then looked at Chance, “You’ve been my hero ever since I was a kitten!”

“And you’ve been my hero ever since *I* was a kitten.” replied Chance, suddenly wondering why Tank was acting like a kitten in a toy store rather than a Kat Kommando.

“How come? Heck! This is a dream come true! How long have you known me?”

Chance pointed to the empty comic book in his hand, “I read your comics ever since I learnt how to read!” “*My* comics?” asked Tank.

“What’s he blabberin’ about?” muttered Grid to Acro. Acro was too taken aback by the hanger to notice her.

“Wait. I’ll show you…” began Chance, and headed for the shelf where he kept half his Kat Kommando comics. When he was half way there, all of them heared Jake’s voice.

“Could ya keep it down , Chance? I’m trying ta get some sleep!” Jake then came climbing down the ladder from the hatch. The first thing he saw was the hole in the hanger, which now showed the fresh rock outside the hanger.

“Chance! What’s that!?” Jake demanded, pointing to the hole.

“It’s a hole.” answered Grid. Jake then looked at her and his jaw dropped. He then turned to Chance.

“This time you’ve gone too far, Chance. Givin’ Kat Kommando look-alikes a tour of our, may I remind you, *secret* hanger!” he gritted.

“Hey! We’re the *real* Kat Kommandoes! *You’re* fake!” yelled Grid.

“Easy,G. I don’t think they’re fake. Look at this.” said Acro from behind Grid and pushed a comic book into her paws. Her eyes widened. On the cover page was a picture of all three of them, riding the BlackBear.

“Hey look! This was where I turned into a zombie!” said Tank and held out a comic with him in the center, looking rather monsterous and ugly. Grid winced. She remembered that episode. She had wanted to forget it for long and now the root of all that trouble was causing her bile to come up into her mouth. “Ugh! How many times have I told you not to remind me of that, Tank!” she muttered and pushed the comic book away from her.

“Look! Here’s Acro in his bomb suit.” said Tank ,ignoring Grid and showing Acro, a lean and sand coloured tom-kat, a picture of himself in a lead suit with all his trademark bombs attached to it.

“Don’t I look cool?” said Acro, adjusting his hair a little. Grid, the caramel coloured she-kat with sideburns, just shook her head. She couldn’t believe what she had seen.

“We’re comic book characters!” she blurted out.

“Yeah! Ain’t it great!?” said Tank, now putting an arm around Chance, who did the same to him. Then Tank’s eyes widened and he removed his arm and looked at Chance, “Wait! I’ll show *you* something. You’re comic book characters too!”

“Chance, what’s going on?” asked Jake, following Chance as he got pulled by Tank.

“My wildest fantasy come to life!” yelled back Chance, all beaming with happiness. Tank led him to the BlackBear and pulled him inside.He then pushed a button which moved the seats automatically to the sides of the van to make a pathway to the back of the van. Chance kept muttering ‘This is so cool!’ as Tank pulled him all the way to the back of the van. The back of the van was filled with all types of weaponary and a computer with other side monitors hung on the sides. Chance knew this all too well. This was what the Kat Kommandoes used to track down evil doers. Tank then took out something from the shelf and held it out to Chance. Chance stared at it wide eyed. There he was , on the cover of a comic book, as T-bone and with Razor in ‘really cool’ poses, and behind them was the temple of Kachu-Peechu, with the Pastmaster and Callie in the background.

Jake looked at it too. He then grabbed another comic, which lay under the first. This one had a picture of Jake as Razor, facing of T-bone, when he has gotten mutated with Dr. Viper’s mutagen. In all the comics, there was the logo of the Swat Kats, written in the ‘cool’ way the illustrators of comic books always do. He gulped.

“Chance, do you know what this means?” he asked, looking at Chance.

“Yeah! I’m a comic book hero for real!” he replyed, grinning.

“No Chance! This means these guys know all about us!” said Jake, rather angry about the way his partner was taking this strange incident.

“Not all, really.” said Acro, as he walked to the back of the van.

“Me and Grid here don’t read Swat Kats.” he pointed his claw at him and at the she-kat.

“Just once in a while when we wanna check what goes inta Tank’s brain.” said Grid with a smirk. Then she asked more, “Did you *really* build that jet all by yourself?”

“Um, yeah.” replied Jake.

“Cool!” she commented, “I never knew that it could be done. I gotta try it sometime.”

“You Swat Kats might know all about us.” said Acro. He was slightly taller than Jake, but it wasn’t a visible difference.

“Er, No. I just read one comic. It, um…didn’t…y’know.”

“Hey! It’s ok, guys!” said Tank, his arm back over Chance’s shoulder and Chance’s arm over his.

“Yeah! We’ll get you acquainted, right buddy?” Chance turned to Tank.

“Right buddy.” replied Tank.


Grid examined the glovatrix Jake had given her. “This is neat! How’d ja make this?” she asked, showing utmost interest.

“Well, I don’t know if you’ll be able ta understand…” began Jake.

“Oh! She’ll understand.” interrupted Chance, who was sharing a pizza with Tank, now wearing his coveralls, “She’s the Kat Kommando fix-it lady. She designed the BlackBear, and put in all the weapons too.”

“Really?” Jake turned back to Grid. The she-kat was staring at Chance with her mouth wide open.

“What’s her real name, Chance?” asked Jake, not bothering to look at Grid’s expression.

“No! Not that!” begged Grid, clasping her paws together and looking at Chance with a pathetic look.

“Gertrude Havana.” said Tank. Grid gave him a dirty look, “Call her Grid.” He added, his mouth half filled with pizza.

“And that’s Acro,” said Chance, pointing at the lean kat, who seemed to be interested in his claws at the moment, “The Kat Kommando playboy.”

“That’s me.” agreed Acro, smiling an assumed million dollar smile.

“What’s *his* real name?” asked Jake.

“Jimmy Kruger. I think he could’ve used his real name more often.” said Tank.

“Yeah, but Acro’s cooler. And it always gets the babes.” replied Acro, still smiling.

“He’s also the bomb expert and a big genius in Chemistry.” added Chance.

“Don’t push ‘im, Chance.” said Grid, watching Acro smile widen.

“You don’t hav’ ta’ introduce Tank.” said Jake and turned to Tank. ” Chance won’t stop yakkin’ about ya. And yer almost like Chance, so I gotta good picture of ya.”

“And now for Jake, aka, Razor.” said Tank, waving his paw at Jake, “He’s the genius and sure shot in this outfit.”

“I can’t believe you could make all those way-out shots you do in the comic books.” said Grid, looking at Jake, “That’s all fiction.”

“Well, I can’t believe you can hack into *any* computer system. I mean, the element of luck can’t *always* be on your side.”

“Same to ya.” replied Grid.

“Any way. I’ve been thinking of our current situation.” cut in Acro, “We need to get back to our world to stop Turner from takin’ over Terrakat city. And ta get back, we need that gismo we used.”

“Wait!” cut in Chance, suddenly remembering something, ” Before you guys came out, I was reading the comic book. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but I saw Turner teaming up with Dark Kat to steal somethin’ from Pumadyne to stop all of us.”

“Is there a place called Pumadyne here?” asked Acro.

“Yeah. We caught Dark Kat stealing some equipment just yesterday.” said Jake.

“And *that* was written in the book too. I came upto the part where you guys used some wierd invention of Dr. Mould.” added Chance.

“Dr. *Mould* ?” muttered Jake.

“Hey! What if…all this *really* happened?” suggested Grid. She then shook her head, “Crud! I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore. It’s like *we’re* in the comic book. But how did we get in?”

“Maybe *that* was what that thing was supposed ta do.” suggested Acro.

“That can’t be. We’re not comic book characters!” said Chance.

They were all interrupted by the blaring sound of the klaxon. Grid jumped out of her seat and held her paw over her beating heart.

“It’s Callie!” yelled Tank over the sound of the beeps.

“I’ll get it!” yelled Chance and ran towards the wall where the button for the audible speaker was placed. He hit it and began in his T-bone voice,

“Yes, Ms. Briggs.”

“It’s Dark Kat again!” came her voice, clear so that everyone in the hanger could hear, “He’s at Pumadyne….again!”

“Ask her if he’s stealing the same thing…” urged Acro.

“What was that, guys?”

“Is he stealing the same thing?” asked Chance.

“No. He’s at sector four. Hurry!”

“We’re on our way, Ms. Briggs.” said Chance and cut the connection.

“We’ll come too!” said Tank and was already sprinting towards the BlackBear.

The two mechanics rushed to their closets to change into the Swat Kats while the three Kat Kommandoes rushed to their van. Grid and Acro ran to the back and switched on a few buttons and turned on a few keys. The control panel built at the back of the van came to life with a loud ‘wrrr’. Tank pushed a button on the dashboard and the front seats folded back into their original position. He then got in at the wheel.

All three then yelled “LET’S HIT IT!” . Tank jammed his foot on the accelerator and moved the BlackBear out of it’s original position and into another one…

“Waitaminute!” yelled Grid, “Do you know the way outta here?” she asked Tank.

“Oh! I hadn’t thought of that. The only way out is through the take off tunnel for the Turbokat. I could’ve made us a tunnel of our own but ,hey, this is *their* joint.” replied Tank and shrugged.

Grin moved forward over the front seat and adjusted their radio.

“What ja doin’ ?” asked Tank.

“Tunin’ into their communication band.” came the reply along with static from the radio and stray voices. Then Grid got hold of the frequency. She could hear their voices.

“All systems go.” she could hear Chance say. Then she butted in. “Chance, do you copy?” she called.

Through static she could hear, “Not ‘Chance’! I’m T-bone now….Razor…. open….”

Then she could hear more static. “We shoulda tuned our radios to each other instead of yakkin’ back there.” she mumbled. Then the static cleared and Jake/Razor’s voice could be heared clearly, “Kat Kommandoes, do you copy?”

“We copy ya. How do we get out?” said Grid.

“Use the take off tunnel. Follow the Turbokat.” said T-bone.

“Roger. Grid out.” said Grid and cut communication, “You heared ‘im, Tank.”

“Yeah. Too bad we didn’t bring our jets.” said Tank.

“How did we get stuck with the Blackbear anyway?” said Acro from behind the van.

“That’s what we used to get to Turner Labs. Remember?” said Tank.

“Heck! This baby’s as good as their jet.” commented Grid, patting the dashboard and getting back to her position.

“It can’t shoot in the air at over 500 kilometers per sec.” said Tank.

“We just have ta make do with the van.” said Acro.

The three of them ran systems check on the van while the Turbokat was raised to the cealing with the hydraulic platform which came back down again for the BlackBear.

“Let’s kick some tail!” sneered Tank and accelerated towards the platform. When it was in the middle, the platform raised it to the top and into the tunnel. The Turbokat had already left and the three could hear the engines holler through the tunnel.

“They’ll leave the door open for us. Let’s go!” yelled Tank and accelerated through the tunnel.

“Activating turbo propultion!” declared Acro and hit a large switch. The loud wrrr of the hydraulics took over and the high tension noise of a jet engine came to life. The BlackBear then began to change form. The hood moved down and took a new position and a plating similar to the speed-of- heat sheald of the Turbokat covered the entire van. It was now streamlined and ready to handle high speed. Inside, Tank switched on another button with turned the back row of seats back to their normal position and Grid and Acro took their places. “Hang on!” warned Tank.

He then hit the trottle on full and the van now shot at supersonic speed through the tunnel. Tank drove like he had done in many episodes before this one, untill he saw the light at the end of the tunnel begin to lessen. Within a split second , he noticed that the door was closing back.


Outside, the Turbokat hovered at a considerable distance above the hatch leading to the hanger.

“Razor! The door is closing! *Do* something!” yelled T-bone.

“I can’t! It’s not responding!” yelled back Razor, pressing the control buttons again and again.


Back in the tunnel, Tank desided in a split second that they could make it out. He positioned himself for take off. And then , the BlackBear got through, just in time for Grid and Acro to see the door close behind them. They were now halfway in the air due to the propultion of their engines.

“Fabulous driving, Tank.” commented Acro.

“Not outta the woods yet. I gotta land this baby. Standby for impact. Acro, cut thrusters now.” said Tank as if in one whole sentence.

“Roger.Cutting thrusters.” declared Acro and pushed another button. The sound of the engines died down and the van made a parabolic turn downwards.

“Hold on.” warned Tank and aimed for the huge pile of garbage he saw before him.

The van hit the mound and moved down in one smooth motion and came to a stop. The radio then crackled to life.

“Are you alright, guys? Sorry. Something went wrong with the door.” came Razor’s voice, “It must’ve gotten used ta opening for only one vehicle.”

“We’re alright ,Razor.” returned Tank.

“Pumadyne’s on the other side of town. Ya can’t miss it. We’ll meet you there.” said T-bone. The Turbokat’s engines then flared to life and made off into the horizon.Tank hit another button and the BlackBear returned back to it’s original position. The Kat Kommandoes then looked at each other.

“How fast can we get to the other side of town?” asked Acro. Grid then grinned. The two tom-kats looked at her.

“This had better work, she-kat!” warned Tank.

“When have I ever gone wrong?” asked Grid and then looked at the two tom-kats’ faces. “Don’t answer that.” she said and moved to the back of the van to the control board, “Remember that transportation device of Turner’s that flopped?”

“It’ll flop again. So don’t use it.” said Acro.

“No, I found out the problem and used the idea ta build us our own beam facility. Just hold on, okay?”

Grid’s claws moved over the keyboard fast and the graphic representation of the city which she had downloaded from the Swat Kat’s database into hers, blinked to life and calculated the coordinates of their destination.

“Here goes.” she said, half sighing, and then pushed a button.

Tank and Acro could see a sudden flash of light outside and they found themselves right in the middle of a panic stricken hoard of citizens. The Turbokat, which was seen over one of the buildings confirmed their location.

“I can’t believe it! You *actually* did something fool proof!” yelled Acro, and shook Grid by the shoulders. But before they could complement any further, a blast near them toppled the BlackBear onto it’s right side.

“I take it back, she-kat!” yelled Acro, now lying over Grid, “This was the worst idea you’ve ever had!”

“You have ta find fault with everything I do!” yelled back Grid.

“Like, it’s hard not ta find fault with the current position of our van.”

“Hey! *I’m* the one being squashed to death by you!”

“Enough, you two!” yelled Tank from the front, “I’m activating right jacks.”

Tank pushed a button on the dashboard . Immediately, two jacks, one in front and one at the back, on the right side of the van lifted the van back into position and then retracted back in.

“Well, we’re here. Where’s the problem?” asked Tank.

“That way! That was where the Turbokat was.” said Grid, pointing to their left. Tank accelerated the van in that direction.


Ted Turner flipped another page of the comic book he had. He then closed the book and smiled.

“What now? The Swat Kats are here.” said Dark Kat, looking away from his computer console and at Turner.

“And so are the Kat Kommandoes.” said Turner, “Have you gotten all of the equipment?”

“No. We still need that experimental generator they have.” said Dark Kat.

“We’ll get that later. My drones should be arriving…” Turner kept the comic book on the floor, “Right about now.” he stepped back.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light . When it cleared, Dark Kat found his control room filled with hovering spheres , about the size of a basket ball.

“You have your orders. Go through there.” said Turner and pointed to the exit of the control room. All the spheres rushed out of the control room through the exit in perfect order.

“What were those?” demanded Dark Kat.

“Bait.” returned Turner, “To make them think that we’re not here for them. Once they’re in our trap. We make a stop at Megakat Nuclear. And then we make for your lair.”

“This had better work, Turner.” growled Dark Kat.

“Oh. It’ll work.” said Turner, and took out an extra Swat Kat comic book from his suit, “I’ve planned this for quite long. Now I will know the Swat Kats,” he took out a Kat Kommandoes comic from his suit, “*and* the Kat Kommandoes’ every move.” Turner grinned evilly. *Things could never get any better* he thought with glee.

Dark Kat was beginning to understand what this old kat’s plan was. The plot in the Swat Kat’s comic book would focus on the book’s heroes- The Swat Kats. Similarly, the Kat Kommando comic book would focus on what the Kat Kommandoes would do. Both comic books would show Dark Kat and Ted Turner’s next move. That meant that they could almost predict the future. Dark Kat’s eyes glew brightly. Now the *villians* had the upper hand, and the heros have no idea what was going on.


“T-bone! Something’s coming out of Dark Kat’s ship!” said Razor, his eyes focused on the dimentional radar.

“Hey! Those are Ted Turner’s drones! That means he *did* team up with Dark Kat.” said T-bone.

“Do you know anything about these drones?” asked Razor.

“Yeah.” said T-bone, and switched off the VTOL engines and flew the Turbokat far above sector four of Pumadyne. The spheres followed the Turbokat. Once they were at a certain height they shed their spherical outter shell . Then they looked like tiny warheads almost resembling wasps.

“Give ’em your best shot, buddy. These guys are tricky.” warned T-bone.

Each drone then brought out a small lazer cannon and fired. The Turbokat dodged skillfully all the shots that targetted it, but T-bone was not able to keep it up for long.

“Razor, There’s too many of them!” he yelled back to his partner.

“Hang on , T-bone. I’m working on it.” assured Razor. On his weapons panel he tried to figure out some formation the drones used for attack. He noticed that most of them stuck together, and a few flew at some distance away from the main group. Razor grinned.

“T-bone, do you see a big set of drones coming your way?” he asked his partner, who was trying his best to avoid all the lazer beams shot at them.

“Whadaya think I’m dodging here!” returned T-bone, frustrated.

“OK, keep it up, buddy. I’ve got just the thing.”

Razor switched missiles to Bolo missile.

“Bolo missile…” he took aim and locked the missiles on the main pod and concentrated on T-bone’s movements, “Deployed!” and he fired. The Bolo missile shot out of the Turbokat and split into a huge net. It then tied up most of the drones together. The drones hit each other hard and a series of explosions caught all of them in a huge explosion. The Turbokat avoided the explosion and flew higher.

“Bingo!” yelled Razor.

“Nice shot, buddy.” commented T-bone, “I was gettin’ tired.”

“What about the Kat Kommadoes?” asked Razor.

“Oh. They’ve got something that can handle the drones. Grid is always prepared for emergencies.” said T-bone, almost proudly. Razor grinned. If it weren’t for his partner’s fondness for Kat Kommandoes, they would have been in the soup by now.

“We gotta intercept Dark Kat’s ship and get in.” said Razor

“But how? He’s got his force field again.” said T-bone.

“Fly in close. I got an idea.” said Razor.

The Turbokat flew towards the Black Widow.


“Hey Tank! Drones at two ‘o’ clock!” declared Acro, after having a look at the radar scope.

“That means what T-bone said was right.” said Tank and accelerated the van towards the drones.

“Turner’s gettin’ sloppy in his work. Those are the same drones he used last time!” said Grid, typing away at the van’s computer console.

“So, do ya have somethin’ for them?” asked Tank.

“Sure thing.” sneered Grid and pushed a button. The screen showed a pixel image of the drone pod and the BlackBear. Grid took aim, “Leech missile,” she said and locked her missiles on the incoming drone pod, “Deployed!” She then fired. The missile shot out from the missile rack on the van. In mid flight, it split into many tiny pieces that flew at the drones. The drones began to suddenly waver and lose control. They began to bang on each other and explode .

Tank and Acro grinned. “What was that missle, G?” asked Acro.

“Well, each little piece you saw has a circuit that can cause any lazer system ta overload. The drones can’t control overload.” explaned Grid with a wide smile.

Tank reversed the van , and with more burning of rubber, he headed back.

“We’re outta here. The drones are fallin’ on us!” he yelled.

Acro looked at Grid with his usual dirty look. Grid smiled a sheepish smile, “Oops. I didn’t think of that aspect.” she said slowly. Acro shook his head, “No wonder you were kicked out of the military.” he said. Grid gave him a smirk and turned away.

“Look,you two. This is no time ta argue. We got…”

Tank couldn’t go any further. The van was suddenly caught in an intense light beam that seemed to take a toll on the passengers of the van.

“Tank!….can’t see..!” yelled Acro. He felt himself going blind and his temples hurt horribly.

“Get out! Now!” yelled Tank. He pulled his paws away from the steering wheel and covered his eyes. The two tomkats suddenly felt themselves being caught in a tractor beam. They felt themselves being lifted into the air .

The she-kat felt nothing. Grid had grabbed a pulse cannon from the shelf of the van and had jumped out of the van, just in time.

For a moment, she lay on the tarmac of the sector four compound and rubbed her eyes. Her head ached due to the intensity of the light beam. She then raised her head, making sure she cupped her paws around her eyes. She could barely make out the BlackBear in an intense light beam, being pulled into the huge, spider like ship, called in the Swat Kat comic books as the Black Widow.

“Great! Now what?” she said aloud.


“Razor! What the heck is that!?” yelled T-bone, watching the light beam suddenly shoot out of the Black Widow.

Without warning, the same beam of light issued from some other point on the Black Widow and hit the Turbokat. Both the pilot and gunner were blinded by it.

“Razor…edject…now!” yelled T-bone. As if to save his partner from anything worse, T-bone instinctively edjected the gunner’s seat himself. He could hear his name being called out before the seat flew out of the Turbokat. T-bone held his head and shut his eyes . He could feel himself being pulled in the general direction of the Black Widow.

*Dark Kat must’ve got me in a tractor beam. What next?* the orange kat thought.

Razor couldn’t see where he was going for a while. He rubbed his eyes and massaged his temples before he looked down. He could now see the upper portion of the Black Widow clearly, but the Turbokat was missing. Looking further down, Razor discovered that the BlackBear was also missing. *He must’ve got them too. It was like he knew what we would do next…* mused Razor, while using his seat engines to bring him down quickly.

Enforcer choppers were all over the place. Razor could hear Commander Feral giving orders for them to move out. He then heared a voice coming from the Black Widow, via loudspeaker. He looked further right to see the holographic figure of Dark Kat.

“Enforcers, if you don’t want your precious Pumadyne to be blown to smitherines, I suggest you do not interfere.” and the hologram disappeared.

“Looks like he means business.” Razor said to himself. His seat now landed safely on the ground. He got out of it and was about to confront a nearby enforcer when he heared a voice behind him.

“Razor? Is that you?”

Razor turned around to see Grid running towards him. She had what looked like a rather large weapon for a she-kat to carry. But Grid was a Kat Kommando.

“Grid! They didn’t get you!” said Razor and ran towards the she-kat.

“Nah! I jumped out. But Tank and Acro are inside. And T-bone?”

“The tractor beam got him. My head still hurts.” and Razor rubbed his temples again.

“Yeah. Same here…” began Grid.

“Hey! No place for comic book characters here, lady!” the two saw an enforcer walking towards them, “This is a restricted area!” the enforcer ended and then looked at Grid’s weapon, “And don’t you have a license for that?”

“Look, Officer. She’s the real thing.” said Razor, and tried to push the enforcer away before he made Grid more angry.

“How can a grown Swat Kat like you think that the Kat Kommandoes are real?” explained the enforcer.

“Hey!” said Grid and waved her paw for the enforcer to come nearer to her. When he did, Razor gave a hard hit with his glovatrix on the back of the enforcer’s head, and he passed out.

“Thanks, kat!” said Grid and showed her paw. Razor and Grid high fived.

“Now let’s see if we can get aboard the ship.” said Grid and readied her pulse cannon.

“Wait, Grid. Haven’t you noticed that things have been going on as if it was all, well….planned?” asked Razor. Grid thought for a moment.

“Turner is definately in that thing.” she said,” I guess you could say the whole thing seemed planned.”

“Like…as in the Scary Kat toons, he’s seen this episode before. That’s it!” said Razor.

“What’s it?” said Grid.

“Have you read the latest copy of Swat Kats?”

“No, but how will that help…waitaminute…” Grid suddenly slammed her right fist on her left paw, “Yeah! That’s what’s been happenin’. The gismo that we used zapped us and Turner into the comic book. Turner already read this copy before.”

“But howcome Tank didn’t see this before?” asked Razor.

“Turner’s filthy rich. He can buy the latest copy of any comic even before it’s open to the public. He must’ve gotten hold of a few copies. If that’s true, then he would know what happens next!”

“And with that, he could have an edge over us.” added Razor, “He would’ve gotten a few latest copies of Kat Kommandoes too. The creeplings would have been able ta do that.”

“We can’t possibly get a Swat Kat comic book here. We need an edge over both of them.” said Grid.

“Dark Kat’s no threat here.” said Razor, “I doubt if he’s a Kat Kommando fan.”

“So what do we do?”

“I dunno….I’m not a Kat Kommando fan. We need an avid fan, like T-bone.”

Razor then looked up at the sky. A chopper was coming down on the tarmac. Razor could see that the Leutenant was flying and her uncle was the passenger. “Oh, great! Just what we need!” moaned Razor. Grid looked at the huge kat that stepped out of the chopper, followed by a she-kat in a uniform.

“Who are they?” asked Grid.

“The big ‘n’ ugly one is the Commander of the enforcers. The she-kat is the Leutenant and his niece.” replyed Razor. He then placed himself before Grid to meet the Commander.

“May I know what the heck is going on!?” demanded the Commander, keeping an eye on the she-kat with the large pulse cannon, which she had removed from her shoulder and had placed on the ground. Grid had noticed that the Leutenant was staring at her with her mouth half open. She was suddenly interested in the she-kat.

“You see, Commander. A lot of wierd things have been going on lately…” began Razor, but was interruped by Feral.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going!?” he demanded, pointing his claw at the she-kat behind Razor, who moved away and was approaching the Leutenant.

“Hi! I’m Grid.” she said in a friendly manner and held out a paw. Felina was still staring at her.

“Are you *really* a Kat Kommando?” she managed to say.

“Yeah. That’s about the size of it.” said Grid and shrugged. Felina suddenly burst into a smile. She grabbed Grid’s paw and shook hard.

“You *are* Grid! I know that smirk anywhere! You’re my favourite Kat Kommando!” she said , grinning widely. Grid couldn’t help but blush a little. The she-kat was atleast an inch taller than her . It felt very wierd to have a Leutenant look up to her.

“Um…yeah…and you’re my favourite Swat Kat…I mean…actually…” she found it hard to explain.

“That’s enough, Felina!” ordered Feral.

“But Uncle…” began Felina.

“That’s enough, Leutenant!” he ordered again. Felina grumbled and let go of Grid’s paw. “Yes sir.” she muttered.

“Leutenant. Can I ask you a favour?” said Razor, now moving to Felina.

“No favours, Swat Kat!” bellowed Feral.

“Sure, Razor.” said Felina and turned to her uncle, “He might have something here, Uncle. We might be able to get rid of Dark Kat.”

Feral fumed , but he knew his niece was right. He decided to listen to their conversation.

“You see, Leutenant, in the Kat Kommando world, our world is a comic book. It seems that Ted Turner found a way to zap into the comic book…”

“So *that* was what that gismo was for!” said Felina.

“What? You mean you read the latest copy?”

“Yeah. I thought it was all just a story. But it’s turning out ta be real!”

“Then you should know what happens next.” said Grid.

“Yeah I do. But it’s not a nice picture. Turner turns Dark Kat into a mutant cyborg.”

“The one on the cover?” asked Razor.

“Yeah! That one…Is it going to be true?” Felina’s voice suddenly turned doubtful.

“I’m afraid so, Leutenant.” said Razor.

“You don’t mean to tell me that what happens next in our lives is already planned?” asked Feral.

“Yeah. Atleast upto the part when Dark Kat turns into a mutant.” replied Razor and mused, “So that’s why that monster on the cover looked familiar to Ch..T-bone.”

“So what do we do? ” asked Grid

“We’ll just have ta go in and figure out what ta do next.” said Razor,slowly shaking his head.

“But there has ta be some other way.” said Felina, “The good guys always win!”

“Well, maybe…but we’re in a situation where the future looks bleak.” said Razor,”The outcome just depends on how we handle that monster.”

“So we go in?” asked Grid, pointing to the Black Widow that loomed over Pumadyne. As they watched, the ship suddenly raised itself a little above the ground and it’s engines carried it away.

“Quick! Follow that ship!” yelled Feral, and the four of them rushed to the enforcer chopper which was parked close by. The chopper lifted itself in the air and flew in the direction where the Black Widow flew.


Dark Kat was now wondering why Turner had this change of plans. “I can’t wait any longer! I know what the outcome of this episode will be. I can act as I want.” was all he had to say. Dark Kat had figured out why Turner had not given him either of the comics to read. It was clear that Turner did not trust him. Dark Kat then called a creepling to his side. He had ordered it to steal one of the comics from Turner. Dark Kat was now wondering whether the creepling was able to get to the comic book. He then heared a small chirping at his side. The creepling he had sent had come back and was now holding a Swat Kat comic book in his claws. Dark Kat smiled. He took the comic book from the creepling and patted it’s head with two of his huge claws. He then put his ship on auto pilot and began to read. All that had happened uptill then was illustrated . Most of the story showed the Swat Kats’ point of view. He quickly turned the pages to the end. All the Kat Kommandoes and the Swat Kats had escaped from their prison in the ship and the other Swat Kat had gotten in with the other Kat Kommando.

“Now I must take that away from you.” he heard the elderly, swave and evil voice behind him. Dark Kat turned around to see Ted Turner. “And why should I give it back?” demanded Dark Kat.

“My good kat, the only way for both of us to take over our respective worlds and to get rid of the Swat Kats is for you not to know what will happen next.” came the reply.

“And why is that?”

“Because you play a very important role in this conquest. Without you, I won’t get what I want. And you won’t get what you want. Trust me, Dark Kat. You will not regret it.” the tom-kat simled and slowly pulled the comic book away from Dark Kat.

“I know that you know that the Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes will come here to fight. But not before we finish construction of the transmutator.” Turner waved his paw to the half finished mass of steel , glass and circuits on the other side of the control room, taking up over half the space.

“Everything is going according to plan.” said Turner and rubbed his paws in glee.

Dark Kat frowned again. If only he knew what this kat was planning. He had a strange sensation at the pit of his stomach that told him that he was going to face grave danger. But greed and the will to get the better of this Kat seemed to overcome all other feelings that would have warned him of danger to his life.


The Black Widow had stopped over Megakat Nuclear power plant, and had, by the mere look of it, had managed to get rid of all the power plant officials and by standers. The news chopper had been there to film everything that went on. Ann Gora watched as the creeplings came out of the black widow and had headed inside. She lifted the microphone to her mouth and waited for her camerakat, Johnny, to give the signal.

“Okay, Anne. You’re on.” said Johnny and rolled the camera.

“This is Ann Gora, Kat’s Eye News, coming to you live from Megakat Nuclear, where a strange ship, possibly flown by the evil villian, Dark Kat, is looming over the power plant”. Johnny moved his camera to focus on the Black Widow.

“Yesterday evening, this same ship had been seen over Pumadyne, where the Swat Kats had defeated it . Today, it seems to be back with a vengence.”

The camera then turned to Deputy Mayor Briggs, who was also in the news chopper. Callie straightened her hair before facing Ann. She had the same dedicated and purposeful look in her eyes as she kept at other interviews.

“I have with me Deputy Mayor Briggs. Ms Briggs,” Callie nodded slightly, “Do you think the Swat Kats can defeat Dark Kat again for good, or will he be back for more?”

“I’m not sure, Ann.” said Callie, truthfully, “Dark Kat is cunning, and not even the Swat Kats seemed to figure out why he came back so quickly.”

“Could the earlier attack be a diversion?” asked Ann.

“I doubt it. Dark Kat had put up too big a fight last time for a diversion.”

“One more thing, Ms. Briggs. Sources tell me that a van looking like the van of the Kat Kommandoes was also seen in the area where Dark Kat attacked. They also spotted one of the Kat Kommandoes escaping along with a Swat Kat. Is this true?”

Callie shook her head, “The Kat Kommandoes are all fiction. If your sources did see these kats , they must have been look-alikes.”

“Thank you, Ms. Briggs.” Ann turned back to the camera, “We will bring live coverage of this incident on Kat’s Eye News.”

The camera turned back to the scene of the crime. Johnny’s eyes were on the enforcer choppers that surrounded the Black Widow. But his mind was on that little piece of information they had recieved from their sources *Ann shouldn’t have put that Kat Kommando thing in the news. Even if it was true, nobody would have believed it.* he thought. And enforcer chopper came close by and moved towards the ship. Johnny zoomed in on it, since he spotted the Commander in it. Feral was always good for an interview or so. The enforcer chopper landed on the road leading from the power plant. Johnny zoomed in some more. Out came the Commander, followed by a Swat Kat. *Razor* Johnny guessed. Then he saw the third figure which made him jump.

“Rob! Get in closer. I got something!” yelled Johnny and zoomed his camera on the third figure. His heart beat fast. The she-kat looked exactly like how Grid would look in real life. She had that same stance, that same grim look in her face, and the same pulse cannon which she carried in some stories of Kat Kommandoes. She looked so true!

“She *has* ta be real, Anne!” he said , while focussing on the she-kat , who ran after Razor, “I would know if she’s fake.”

“Or maybe she’s a good actor. What’s she doing with a Swat Kat and the Enforcers?” asked Ann, while looking out with Johnny. Callie looked out with them. She was still sure that Razor knew what he was doing, however silly it looked from their point of view. Maybe there was a logical explaination for that.


“Ready, Grid?” asked Razor, looking at his companion, and then at the Leutenant , standing a little further off. She held him a thumbs- up. Razor returned it.

“I’ve been waiting ta fire this.” said Grid and lifted her pulse cannon.

“Here goes!” she yelled and pulled the trigger. The pulse cannon fired rapidly huge bullets. They hit the force- field of the Black Widow and exploded on it, causing no damage to the ship.

“Do you think they see us?” asked Grid.

“Hopefully.” replyed Razor, looking up at the huge vessel.

Suddenly, the tractor beam shot out and caught both of them.The two kats looked at each other. “They’ve seen.” they said together and nodded. They were lifted off the ground and towards the ship.

“Houston. We have liftoff.” said Grid in a nasal voice. Razor grinned. Better to enjoy the current situation since the worst was yet to come, and it looked like there was nothing they could do to stop it.


T-bone watched Acro stare at the bars of their prison.

“Wha da ya make of it, buddy?” he asked.

“Simple job.” said Acro, and pulled out somethings from his pocket. One a small packet and the other a square shaped device.

“Then why’d you take so long ta figure it out?” asked Tank,grinning.

“First, the bars are electrified.” he took out something from the packet and unfolded it. It was a pair of gloves. He wore both on one paw.

“I need lots of insulation.” he said, pulling at the ends of the second glove to make it fit. He then took the device and pushed a small switch on it. He carefully went near the bars and placed his device on one of them. He then stepped back quickly.

“Get down!” he yelled and all three kats huddled into one corner. The device spewed out something which made the bars sizzle and suddenly burst open with a loud explotion. The three kats looked up.

“Great job, Acro-dude!” commented Tank.

“Piece ‘o’ cake.” said Acro, pleased with himself.

“Wonder why Dark Kat or Turner didn’t search us ? Turner would have known you carry all that stuff with you.” said T-bone, pointing to one of Acro’s shirt pockets, “It looked like he *wanted* us ta get out.”

“Yeah. Better yet, ta delay us a little and then allow us ta get out.” said Tank.

Acro nodded, “This has somethin’ ta do with that comic book thing.”

“If only I read the whole comic book.” said T-bone, “Then I would’ve known what Turner was up to.”

“That gives Turner an added advantage.” said Acro, “He knows what ta do next Any ideas what it is?”

“Well…He could be leading us…” suggested Tank, “I say we go find him first.”

“I guess that would be the best thing ta do in a situation like this.” said Acro. He started off down the corridors of the prison, followed by Tank and T-bone.

They had walked to the end of the corridor and had come up to the door. It was locked, with a lock that was easily pickable.

“Our turn now.” said T-bone and turned to Tank. Tank grinned widely.

Within seconds, the door caved in from outside the prison, after being kicked open by the two huge tom-kats.

“Which way now?” asked Acro.

The three kats looked on either sides of the tunnel they had entered. A chirping sound could be heared on one end of the tunnel. Then a hoard of creeplings appeared from the turning, screeching and chirping.

“I think Dark Kat decided for us.” said T-bone. And the three kats began running through the other side of the tunnel.


Dark Kat could see all that was happening on the three monitors. The little Swat Kat and the she-kat were captured and were safely away in the hold and the other kats were busy warding off his creeplings. The other creeplings had successfully retrieved the plutonium canisters from the power plant. So far, what Ted Turner had planned was going smoothly. Dark Kat turned from his computer console to look at the half finished contraption of Turner’s. He slowly let out a low growl. He had no idea why Turner was acting this way. If he were in the old kat’s shoes, he would’ve stopped playing around with the Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes and would have finished them off for good. But then, they would escape again He had exausted all methods of getting rid of them.

“I see that you have retrieved the plutonium canisters.” he heared Turner comment behind him, “Excellent! Now set a course for your hideout.”

“What if the Swat Kats or the Kat Kommandoes escape? Then they will inform the enforcers of this hiding place and that will be the end of it.” said Dark Kat, half mumbling to himself.

“They won’t get out. You will see to it that they don’t.” came the reply.

“And how sure are you that I will be able to do that?” asked Dark Kat, suddenly becoming curious about Turner’s faith in him.

“You *will* be able to do it. That is your destiny. I know that you will.” said Turner. The nature of the voice sent a sudden chill down Dark Kat’s spine. He knew well that this was not going to turn out right. He had no idea what he had gotten himself into. But he was willing to hang on for the ride. *Anything to rid myself of those wretched Swat Kats!* he thought. After that, no more doubts entered his mind. All he wanted was the destruction of his enemies. First the Swat Kats and then the enforcers. Turner could have the Kat Kommandoes to himself. He didn’t care about them.

Dark Kat worked on his computer console and set a course for his layer in the extinct volcano on the outskirts of Megakat Springs. After the auto pilot took over, he watched his monitors to see how his enemies were fairing.


Felina Feral was worried about how this was going to turn out. She had an idea of what was going to happen. In the end the Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes would have to face the mutant cyborg. *There has ta be some way out!* she thought despirately.

Her uncle had gone with the squadron which followed the Black Widow as soon as it left the nuclear power plant. Feral had ordered Felina to stay put, and , as usual, the Leutenant protested harshly and then gave in.*The direct approach is not going ta work here, anyway* thought Felina.

“Leutenant Feral!” she heared someone call her. She turned around and groaned inwardly, *No! Not again!*

Ann Gora rushed towards her, followed by her camerakat and the Deputy Mayor. Felina waited untill Ann reached her.

“Leutenant. Can you tell us who the she-kat who was with the Swat Kat was?” Ann pushed the microphone near Felina.

“Don’t you read comics? That was a Kat Kommando.” answered Felina, simply.

Ann gave a small frown. Then she turned to Johnny, “C’mon, Johnny. No story here…”

“Wait Anne.” said Johnny and put his camera down.

“Johnny, you don’t really believe…?” began Ann.

“I believe, Ann. That *was* Grid.” said Johnny and walked upto Felina, who seemed rather pleased to have someone on her side.

“May I know how she got here, Leutenant?” asked Johnny.

“Did you read the latest copy of Kat Kommandoes?” asked Felina.

“You don’t mean….all that was for *real*?”

Felina nodded silently, “Don’t ask me how, but it’s real.”

“But how can that be?” asked Johnny, astonished.

“Look, I don’t know how it could be real. That bit about Turner zapping himself into a Swat Kat comic book just came true somehow.”

“Then in that case, he knows all that’s going to happen to the Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes. And he’s gonna turn Dark Kat into a monster.”

“There’s gotta be some way ta stop it!” said Felina, pounding her right fist into her left palm.

“You two are acting like kittens here.” cut in Callie, “Comics just can’t come to real life like that. There are illustrators and writers that work on this thing for a whole month…”

“Hey! Maybe, Turner doesn’t know the next episode yet!” cut in Johnny.

“Hmmm…you think?” asked Felina.

“Yeah. He couldn’t have gotten the next copy of Swat Kats. But he could have asked the writer for the script. Turner’s rich, y’know.”

“Yeah, but is he that smart?” asked Felina,”And besides, how could *he* get the script?”

“Same way I can get it.” said Johnny. Felina gave him a quick look.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well,” began Johnny, “I have a pal who’s one of DK comics’ writers. He could tell me the script.”

“You know? If this carries on like how it is, and if we could get the low down on what comes next…” began Felina, slowly breaking into a grin.

“Then we would know how ta defeat the mutant cyborg and get rid of Turner and Dark Kat!” finished Johnny with a smile.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” said Felina, and took off towards her chopper, followed close behind by Johnny.

“Hey! Wait for us!” yelled Callie, and ran after Johnny, followed by Ann.

“Well. Looks like there *is* a story here.” said Ann to herself as she ran after Callie.


The three tom-kats ran down the corridor, followed by the creeplings.

“Hey! This ain’t fair! We’re grown kats here. Why are we running away from a bunch ‘o’ little goblins?” yelled Tank.

“To make them think we’re scared.” said Acro, digging to his trouser pocket for something.

“Really? I didn’t know.” said T-bone, and shrugged his shoulders a little.

“Yeah. Me neither.” added Tank, and frowned.

“Yeah. I know.” said Acro, still digging into his pocket. It was slowing him down , and soon he was lagging behind and heading close to the creeplings. “Where *is* it!?” he spat. He then switched to the other pocket. He immediately found what he was looking for.

“There! No wonder I couldn’t find it.” he grinned. It was a small package.

T-bone looked back and realised what Acro was doing. He stopped, and watched along with Tank.

Acro threw the package at the creepling, and ran towards the other two kats. “C’mon! It’s a stink bomb!” yelled Acro. The mention of the word ‘stink’ made the other two kats run as fast as they could. *Acro’s stink bombs smell worse than smelly socks kept in the closet for a year!* thought T-bone as he ran. He wondered if that fact was true. He didn’t want to find out.

Further back into the tunnel, the bomb had exploded and had given out a stink so foul that all the creeplings were knocked out cold.

The kats ran untill they came to a strong , steel door.

“Crud!” yelled T-bone and slammed the door with his fist. He stopped when he heared a voice from behind the door.

“T-bone! Is that you?”

T-bone recognised it immediately. “Razor! Buddy! How’d you get in?” he yelled.

“Oh. We got ourselves caught.”

“Is G with you?” asked Acro.

“Yeah, Acro. I’m here.” came Grid’s voice from behind the door, “Hold on. I’m cracking the code.”

“What happened to your glovatrix, Razor?” asked T-bone.

“Aah. Dark Kat’s creeplings took it. They also took Grid’s pulse cannon.” came Razor’s voice. Then T-bone heared, “How’s it goin’ Grid?”

“I can’t crack it!” yelled Grid.

“Told ya. You just can’t crack *all* codes.” said Razor. Grid let out a frustrating yell.

“Stand back, guys!” she yelled.

“Wha..why..?” began T-bone when Tank pulled him to his side with Acro.

T-bone then heared a high karate yell from Grid. The door crashed open and slammed the wall opposite to where they were standing. Grid walked out along with Razor.

“Piece ‘o’ cake.” she said and sneered. Razor looked at T-bone with his mouth half open. T-bone walked upto him and whispered, “No prob. She’s always like that when she’s angry.” Razor nodded slightly.

“Now ta get back our weapons.” said Tank, “Any ideas?”

“Well,” began Acro, “We can go back there,” he pointed to the corridor behind them, “But we have ta hold our breath.”

“And that’s where the creeplings came from.” said T-bone, “Alright. We go that-a-way.” he said , pointing to the direction in which they came and walking towards it. Tank walked by his side and the rest followed.


Dark Kat watched as the Black Widow reached the side of the extinct volcano. He watched as the ship went through the hard exterior of the volcano. That cloaking device that he had stolen had worked wonders for hiding his volcano. Hw watched as the whole ship went through the wall. He then swiched on a button. A rumbling noise echoed through the tunnel in which the Black Widow flew. After that, Dark Kat could hear a faint crash from outside. He smiled. No doubt one of those puny enforcer choppers, banging into the outer wall. It was good that he had installed that movable steel door on the opening. To the enforcers, it wouldn’t have looked like there was any difference. Just that the Black Widow got in and the Enforcers couldn’t. Dark Kat smiled again. Sometimes he was so proud of himself.

The Black Widow flew through the tunnel until it arrived into the large cavern in the volcano. The cavern felt just right for Dark Kat to set up his new base since it resembled the old cavern he had used.

Dark Kat pushed a few buttons on the computer console for the ship to complete its landing procedures. The power generator which he used to run some of his machines would be used to run the trans mutator which Turner had built.

*Wonder what he meant by me being the important part of his plan?* he thought.

In spite of the feeling Dark Kat got by being called ‘important’ he also felt great dread. For some reason, he felt like he was walking into a trap. But he could not figure out what the trap was like and how close he was to it. Turner was definitely not to be trusted. Dark Kat could sense that. And it was from experience that he learnt never to trust anyone. Dark Kat suddenly turned around. He saw nobody in front of him. He frowned.

*That’s strange.* thought Dark Kat. *I could have sworn felt some…*

Dark Kat’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a sharp pain in his right arm. He swiveled around and pulled his aching arm. Turner was right at his side, moving away quickly. Dark Kat’s eyes glowed with anger and pain. He felt his right arm with his left paw and found a syringe sticking out of it. With a cry of anger he pulled it out. Ignoring the stain on his cloak he fixed his eyes on Turner.

The old kat looked at him without batting an eyelid.

Dark Kat then moved forward in order to pounce on the kat but the pain and the strange drowsiness that overtook his limbs made movement difficult. Dark Kat fought to stay awake and to keep his senses. Looking at Turner with drowsy eyes he cursed himself for not reading any Kat Kommado comics before in his mind and vowed that he would get Turner yet. With that, he fell on the floor of his ship in a heap and with a loud thud. Turner grinned. Now for the final phase of his plan.


The Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes suddenly shook on their feet. “What was that?” said Grid.

“The ship has landed somewhere.” returned Razor.

“So. Do we still go forward?” asked T-bone.

The kats looked at each other for sometime.

“Turner can still be there.” said Acro, “I say we go on.”

The kats looked at each other again and continued down the corridor.

After a while, they came across a door. “This is it , guys.” said T-bone, “Weapons?”

“Dunno where they are.” replied Tank.

“I have my bombs, but they aren’t much. Just for diversions and such.” said Acro, patting one of his trouser pockets.

“Then I guess we gotta go in the ol’ fashion way.” said Tank and grinned. T-bone grinned with him.

“Let’s do it!” he said , eager for a fight. The two huge tom-kats turned towards the door and each lifted their right leg.

“Um…fellas.” began Grid, “I don’t think that’s a…”

Before she can finish the two kats hit the steel door with their legs and the combined strength of both knocked the door down onto the other side. The tom-kats went in , followed by the she-kat. But all were met with a surprise.

“There’s nobody here.” said Acro.

“Crud!” yelled T-bone, “They’re outside!”

Suddenly , the wall on their right slid open with a hiss and some steam. All the kats immediately turned to look at the sliding door. It led outside , into the cavern.

“He’s been expecting us.” said Acro, “I don’t think we should go.”

“We have to, Acro.” said Razor, “Turner already knows what’s gonna happen next. Our fate is sealed…atleast for now.” he placed a paw on Acro’s shoulder.

“What are ya tryin’ ta say , buddy?” asked T-bone.

“We’re in big trouble.” cut in Grid, “Anyway you look at it.This whole thing was planned. We have to go out or we’ll never be able ta come back alive.”

“How’s that? How do you know?” asked Tank.

Razor then explained to the other kats the situation that they were in and that there was no escape since it was already written in both their comic books, the Swat Kats and the Kat Kommandoes.

“We gotta figure out how to stop this.” said Razor, “And not going out there is not going to solve our problem. We have ta cause some damage to that gizmo of his.”

“Then I guess it’s show time for us, again.” said Acro, smiling lopsidedly.

“So we’re going in?” asked Tank.

“Whenever you want.” replied Grid.

“Let’s do it then!” said T-bone, and walked forward with Tank , followed by the others.

They jumped down from the Black Widow and onto the soft sand on the floor of the cavern. The air was hot and sultery, and the cavern was filled with machinery, some familiar and others not. Suddenly a few lights switched on and the voice of Turner could be heared. The kats looked up to see Turner on the railing that surrounded the cavern. He was holding the handle of a two-way switch.

“Gents and my little lady,” he said, first looking at the tom-kats and then looking at Grid.

Grid, who hated being called ‘little’ tried to make a pounce at the kat on the rail but was stopped by Tank.

“I give you my greatest creation.” and Turned pushed the two-way switch down.

A crackling sound was heared behind the kats. They turned around to get a glimse of the fireworks behind them.

The machine was huge and had a large kat/animal inside a larger glass case , now sizzling with a flurocent and white light . The buzzing sound that emmitted out of the machine was ear shattering and the light was blinding. Then the kats heared a loud crackling sound and a deep growl.

“Uh-oh.” whispered Acro.

The machine exploded into many pieces and smoke filled the side of the wall. The kats could hear a low snorting for sometime. It was suddenly broken by a large roar. Out of the smoke and rubble came the monster from the cover of the comic book.

“Holy kats!” whispered Grid and held on to Acro’s hand.

The Kat Kommandoes and the Swat Kats impulsively stuck together. Even Ted Turner, on the railing, was fixed to his position.

The monster looked even more dangerous and formidable in real life. The left side was bulging with overflexed muscles and dark grey fur. The right side was covered with metal plates that seem to be sizzling with electricity. There were pieces of cloth on the monster which the Swat Kats discovered as the remains of what Dark Kat usually wore.

The monster’s red eyes fixed themselves on the five kats on the other side of the cavern, and it gave a loud and frightening roar which shook the whole extinct volcano .


To be continued:-

Author’s Note: The Kat Kommandoes that I have created need not be permanent. Other authors are allowed to create their own version of Kat Kommandoes. I’m just experimenting here. If you have any comments, drop me a note. Thanx, Harley.

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