Original SWAT Kats Story

Commander Feral’s No Good, Very Bad Day

By Harley Quinn

  • 1 Chapter
  • 7,311 Words

Commander Feral experiences some difficulties with his jet in an their battle, and winds up . . . dead?

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Author's Notes:

This is dedicated to our friendly neighbourhood Commander Feral. Ever wondered why Steele wasn’t around during the second season of Swat Kats? This story takes place after the first season. Everything will be clear, so don’t worry.

Commander Feral rushed out of the enforcer building. He headed for the hanger and got into the helicopter which was waiting for him. It was one of those wild nights where the city would be in trouble. It was his job to protect the citizens of Megakat city and he loved doing it…even though it meant having to put up with those Swat Kats. No doubt they will appear this time too. Feral thought that he should be used to them by now- catching the criminals on their own and causing as much destruction as the villains.The funny thing was, when *he* did something like that the Mayor, and the Deputy Mayor…especially the Deputy Mayor would be on his tail. Will she ever leave him alone?

The chopper flew over the city. It was in total caos. It was as if something caused a sudden uproar among the lowlives in the city and they were finally uniting and turning against the innocent citizens.The many gangs that were scattered all over the city were always itching to take control of the city. But those punks were too busy fighting among themselves to fight City Hall.

“Captain, report.” ordered Feral over the radio.

“It seemes as if all the gangs in the city have united and are attacking the city. They are all spread out ,causing havoc where ever they go.”

Feral looked down at the streets. There were huge motorcycles on the streets, mounted by kat punks.

“Hey look! Enforcer!” screamed one of them. “Hey! Watch me fry ’em!” screamed another one and aimed a new type of bazooka at the chopper.

“Move!” screamed Feral and took the controls instantly. He managed to avoid the shot which exploded a few feet away from them. “That was one of those experimental weapons Pumadyne was working on! How did they get hold of that?”

“Um…Sir…permission…” began the pilot, not knowing how to behave in a situation like this. “You know something about this?” demanded Feral,looking at the pilot straight into the eye,”Is there something I have overlooked?” he asked more calmly ,noticing how jumpy the enforcer was.

“Y-Yes Sir…The weapons and those jets they were working on were stolen during the Mayor’s golf tournament where you attended, Sir.”

“And why wasn’t I informed?”

“Lt. Commander Steele was in charge of the situation, Sir.”

A dark shadow fell over Feral’s eyes. “Steele!” he spat bitterly.He then grabbed the radio.

“Captain, send for chopper backup. We’re going to set this whole thing straight, starting with that bunch down there.”

He took the controls and headed for the gang on the streets. “Hang on . This may get messy.” he informed the pilot who nodded and held on to his seat.Feral headed straight for the gang, avoiding skillfully all the fireballs being thrown at him. He set his lazers on fire and destroyed most of the gang’s motorcycles and weapons.

“Squadron, move in!” he ordered on the radio.

“Roger.” replyed the enforcer on the other end and the squadron headed for the gang . They surrounded the gang members who, on account of not having enough artillary, surrendered.

“Any more?” asked Feral, half to himself.A lazer beam suddenly fired past the chopper. Feral looked back to see one of those prototype jets being flown by a punk kat.

“Hey Commander Dude! Hope you have insurance.” said the punk over the radio.

“You’ll wish you stayed in the gutter once I’m through with you !” replied Feral and turned the chopper around to fire at the jet. He knew this was going to cost the enforcers a fortune but he couldn’t do anything about it. He fired and managed to disable the jet’s wing. As it fell, he heard an explosion behind him. He looked back to see another jet falling and the turbokat in the air.

“Is this a private party or can anyone join?” asked T-bone in the radio.

“Back off, Swat Kats. The Enforcers will handle this.” said Feral, wishing he could think of something new to say instead of that line. He was getting pretty tired of it.

“Give us a break, Commander. We just saved your life.” said T-bone annoyed.

“Look out!” yelled Feral . He watched as the Turbokat dodged another lazer blast.

“Woah!” he could hear the two vigilanies yell. “Now we’re even.” he said over the radio.

“Feral, look out!” screamed Razor. Feral turned his head to the wind sheald only to find a building heading towards him.


For a moment, Feral thought of his last encounters with buildings which were in the way. He always survived. He didn’t know how but he always survived, just long enough to call for more chopper back up. He was sure the same would happen again. He prepared himself for the impact. “Get out of here, NOW!” he yelled at the pilot and pushed a parashuit into his paws.He didn’t see whether the pilot jumped out in time or not.

As the building and the chopper came in contact, Feral found himself being flung towards the windsheald, and suddenly, into cold, black nothingness.

He picked himself up and looked around. He could see himself but nothing else.He felt a bit funny too. A little cold , perhaps, but a very pleasant type of cold. The surrounding still baffled him. Everything was black, except him.

“That landing didn’t hurt at all. That’s good.” he said to himself. “What is this place?” he asked himself and proceeded to take a step forward. No sooner did he do that when he dropped. He was falling down,deeper and deeper. Feral had no idea what was going on. All he knew was that he was falling and he had to do something about it. He then remembered he was wearing a parashuit. He pulled the chord hoping to be saved. But he felt the impact of solid ground hitting his behind . As he hit, the parashuit opened and gently fell on him.He wasn’t hurt. The landing wasn’t that hard but it was still a humiliating way to fall.

Feral pulled the shuit off him and got up.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say that someone around here somewhere loves Scary Kat Cartoons.” he said to himself and then looked in front of him. Seeing solid rock, he proceeded to take a step again. This time, he could walk and look around.

“What is this place…and why is it so hot?” he began asking himself while removing his coat to let out the heat. Slinging his coat over his shoulder, he walked some more. Soon he came upon a long line of kats. It extended as far as he could see.

“Looks like everyone’s lining up for some carnival ride, judging from the length of the line.” Feral thought and proceeded to see what was at the end of the line. The line was incredibly long. He had never seen such a big line before.

“Coomander Feral!!?” asked a kat in astonishment. Feral turned around to see a punk…the same one he had knocked out.

“You!” he blurted out.

“What are you doing here?” asked the other kat.

“Never mind that. What are *you* doing here?”

“Didn’t you know? Um…why don’t you go to the end of the line and see for yourself?”

Feral looked forward,”See you around.” he said and walked forward,putting on his coat again.

“I truly hope not,dude.” whispered the other kat to himself.

Feral walked on and on. He suddenly felt himself fall.

“Oh no. Not again.” he said in anguish as he hit something hard under him. There was nothingness again. He could only see himself and nothing else.

“Commander Ulysses Feral?” asked a female voice from behind.Feral turned around to see a she-kat…but only her head, white as snow and her paws,also white,and the shades on her eyes. It took him some time to realise that she was actually wearing black.

She snapped her fingers and the place suddenly lightened… like a spotlight on stage . That was all Feral could see- himself, her, and the spotlight. The she kat grabbed his paw with both of her paws. “So pleased to make your aquaintance, fella.” she said .

“Yeah, whatever.” mumbled Feral trying to remove his paw from her grasp, which was pretty cold. “Can you please tell who you are and , ahem, where am I?” he muttered, finally getting back his paw.

“Well, I’m…” she motioned her paw, asking him to come closer. When he did she whispered something in his ear.

“You are!?” he asked, surprised.

“Yep. And this is…” she whispered some more.

“It is!?” asked Feral, even more astonished.

“Uh-huh. Do you like it?” she asked, making her eyelids bat a few times.

“It looks….dull.” said Feral, unable to figure out the right word for a place this strange.

The she-kat snapped her fingers. Feral suddenly found himself on a dance floor at a disco. Music was playing at a deafning volume and the many lights danced on the floor and walls. They were the only kats there. Feral closed his ears for a while. He then saw the she-kat’s mouth move. He slowly uncovered his ears.

“Lively enough for you?” she yelled.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” yelled back Feral.

The she-kat snapped her fingers again and the scene returned back to what it was before.

“Look, what do you want from me?” demanded Feral.

“Well…” replyed the white she-kat, swaying her tail,”There’s been a slight clerical error and you will have to wait with me till the boss decides where you have to go.”


“You’re not registered anywhere.So you’ll have to wait with me.”

“Why can’t I just go back to Megakat city and wait there?”

“You can’t.You’re dead.”

“I’m not dead!”

“Yes you are!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!!”

“Don’t be stubborn, Feral. What do you think you’re doing here? On a holiday or something?”

The scene suddenly turned into a beach with Feral in shorts and the she kat in a black bikini, sunning themselves on two easy chairs.It suddenly turned back to the normal one (or abnormal according to Feral).

“You’re dead, Ulysses! That’s why you’re here.” repeated the she-kat

“Then we’ll just have to see that I’m *not* here.” said Feral and suddenly made a dash for it into the dark.He couldn’t see where he was going but just ran.

“Give me a break, Uly! I’m not as young as I look, y’know.” he could hear the echo of the she-kat’s voice.

“Oh? How old are you then?” he mocked , still running aimlessly in the dark. The she-kat appeared before him and he stopped.

“I’m not sure. But I’ve seen many kats go my way.Be co-operative and I won’t bother you.” she said calmly.

Feral wasn’t in a mood to co-operate. In his mind he had the picture of the battle he was missing out on.The enforcers must be without a Commander now and he wasn’t going to let the Swat Kats handle this situation alone.He pushed the she-kat aside and ran forward. He hit something hard and fell. He immediately picked himself up and felt whatever he hit. He felt something like an elevator button.

“Don’t touch that!” screamed the she-kat.

Feral pushed the button and a door to an elevator opened, sheading light to the surroundings.Feral ran in and turned around to see the she-kat stand at the elevator looking defeated.

“Sorry Ms. Reaper, but I have some unfinished business.”, he said while pushing the button marked ‘down’,”I’ll be back someday.”

The door closed and the elevator fell down, down, down……


Commander Feral knew something screwy was definately going on . He didn’t pay much attention to it until he was in the elevator. He thought this was all a dream and somewhere in the middle he would wake up.But the surroundings felt quite real. While wondering whether he was doing the right thing, a sudden flash of light blinded him.He found himself in his chopper, only it looked a terrible state and it was in the salvage yard.He got up and looked around. The place looked deserted. But he wasn’t interested in that now.He had to get to his office somehow.

The salvage yard was far from Enforcer HQ . Feral looked around for a vehicle and finally finding a car, which was in good condition, rode to Enforcer HQ.

The whole city looked a mess. There was decay and graffiti all over the place. The streets were deserted and it was only 5:00 in the evening- the time of the city’s rush hour. Something terribly wrong had happened which even the Swat Kats couldn’t handle. Feral was astonished to find himself actually feeling happy about it. Now was not the time to be happy over silly rivalry like that. The city was in trouble.And he had to find out what had caused it.


Enforcer HQ was in caos. The building on the inside looked a wreak, with enforcers running this way and that. Feral went to ask an enforcer what was going on but the enforcer walked right through him. “Well, talk about impulsive.” he muttered under his breath. He then noticed other enforcers walking right through him, as if he wasn’t there.He thought he would get some answers at his office, so he headed for it.

Feral walked through the door. He wasn’t bothered to be surprised about it. What he saw surprised him…and angered him even more.

Steele sat at his desk with his feet on it. On the desk was a gold nameplate saying- Commander Steele. Steele was yaking over the phone.

“Hey! I ordered pizza about an hour ago…..what do you mean ‘you’re closed’ …….I don’t care what I signed.I want my Anchovie pizza with tuna topping and wipped cream…..okay, make it clams…..”

Feral was boiling mad. This was the last straw. The city was in trouble and he sits there ordering Anchovie pizza with wipped cream…or whatever.Feral was too mad to think straight. He tried to grab Steele by the colar but found his paw go right through him.

“What!?” he yelled and tried to hold Steele. His paws just went through… as if he wasn’t there.

“……running low on Anchovies? What the devil do you mean by that?……. I’m Commander around here and I order you to bring me my pizza on the double…….” went on Steele. And as he talked, Commander Feral yelled and punched but couldn’t even get his voice heared.

Steele suddenly stopped and put the phone down. There was a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” said Feral, out of force of habit.

“Come in.” said Steele, cocky as ever.

In came Calico Briggs. She looked worn out and tired. She wore dirty sweats and carried a newspaper with her.

“Ms. Briggs!?” asked Feral in astonishment. The poor soul must have been working non-stop to look that tired. There were dark circled under her eyes which Feral had never seen before.

“Steele,” said Callie in a hoarse voice,”When the heck are you going to clean up this city!?”

“All in good time, my dear.”

“I’m not you’re ‘dear’.”

“I swear,” yelled Feral,”I’m gonna get you for this, Steele!”

Callie’s ears suddenly picked up. Feral noticed it.Could she actually hear him?

“Did you say something?” she asked Steele.

“Yes, I said – all….”

“No,no. After that.”

“Um…maybe you’re going wacko with all this work. Why don’t you take it easy,Callie…”

“Don’t you *dare* call me ‘Callie’!”

“Ms. Briggs, can you hear me?” asked Feral, eagerly looking at Callie. Her ears picked up again, and then dropped in anguish.

“Ms. Briggs, you can’t give up now. I’m here!” screamed Feral. He was so frustrated that he didn’t notice Callie adjust her glasses and look in his direction. Nor did he hear Steele recommending a rest and a good restaurant to have dinner.Callie didn’t hear him either. She was too busy trying to focus on the blured vision of the late Commander Feral.

“What do I have to do to get some attention around here!” screamed Feral.

“Commander?” asked Callie, unable to believe what she saw.

“Yes?” asked Steele.

“Not you!” yelled Callie in frustration.

“Ms. Briggs?” said Feral.

“Commander?” said Callie.

“I can’t seem to hit Steele. Can you do it for me?”

Callie smiled, turned to Steele and gave him a huge punch in the jaw. Steele was so stunned that he toppled over and fell on his tail.

“C’mon Ms. Briggs. I need to get some things cleared.”

” I know just the place.” said Callie and ran to the office door, followed by Commander Feral and leaving a very overwealmed Steele.


Feral watched as Callie drove them both to the cemetary.

“How long has it been ?” he asked.

“Not long…a day .” replyed Callie.

“So what happened?”

“When you…kicked the bucket, so to speak…Steele immediately took command He couldn’t organise for nuts.The Swat Kats had to deal with an incredibly large army of punks. They couldn’t handle the way those lowlives fought.With no back-up , they were captured….along with the Mayor.I escaped. It’s been a day and we have news that the Swat Kats and Manx are still alive….I feel so releaved telling all this to you….”

“It’s okay, Ms. Briggs.” said Feral.

They had now gotten out of the car and were heading for a grave.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to see my own grave.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually seeing *you*.”

“Did I have a nice funeral?”

“I’m sorry, Commander….”

“It okay. Forget it.”

“Hey, who’s that?” asked Callie, pointing to a grave.Someone was standing next to it.A young she-kat,with thick black hair,wearing jeans and a t-shirt

“I don’t know.” said Feral, trying to get a better look.

“That’s your grave.Who knows you that much.”

“That looks like….” began Feral,trying to get a closer look at the person. He didn’t know anyone who would visit *him*, let alone visiting his grave. Except maybe….

Feral went up to the figure, now pretty sure he wouldn’t be noticed. The she-kat turned around reluctantly and walked in the direction of the enterance. Feral was able to get a good look at her, and what he saw surprised him.

“Felina?” he asked. The she-kat paid no attention and walked on. Feral ran to Callie who was on the path to the enterance on which the other she-kat was walking.

“Felina….my niece.” said Feral.

“Niece?” asked Callie,”Felina?”

The she-kat looked up and saw Callie. Callie noticed that she ,in a way resembled Commander Feral. She was tall and shapely and had good features. The expressions on her face could be matched to Feral’s. She seemed a lot like him. It was hard to believe she was his niece. She looked more like his daughter.

“Huh?…How…? Who are you?” she asked Callie.

“Um…Calico Briggs, Deputy Mayor.”

“You….You know Commander Feral, don’t you?”

“Felina? Can you hear me? I’m right here!” yelled Feral standing right in front of Felina.

“Yes I do. ”

“Is that how you know my name?”

“Yes…sort of.”

“Oh.” the she-kat looked a little lost, but she hid it quickly . *Just like Feral* thought Callie.

“Well…see you.I may be transferred to Megakat city soon, so I may see you soon.”

“What!” yelled Feral.

“Wait…” Callie called after Felina. She turned around. “Can you hear him?” she asked with an eager look in her eyes.

“Yes Felina! I’m talking to you!” screamed Feral.

Felina’s ears picked up. “Y’know something? I think I can…”

“Then look this way.” said Callie, pointing at Feral. Felina gave Callie a funny look and then looked in the direction she was pointing. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Uncle?” she said, focussing on the blured vision of Feral which was quickly clearing.

“Felina! You can see me!” said Feral, delighted.

“Uncle!” said Felina and ran into her uncle’s arms which were wide open,only to pass through him.

“Is this a joke?” Felina asked Callie, frowning in the same fashion her uncle did.

“No joke. He’s a ghost.” said Callie.

“And I’m no joke either.” echoed a voice which all three of them could hear.

“Oh no! Not her!” moaned Feral.

The snow-white she kat appeared for all of them to see and looked Feral in the eye, although Feral couldn’t look into her’s as she still wore those shades.

“Yes, me. I’ve come for you.”

“Leave me alone, please.” groaned Feral, his shoulders stooping in defeat.

“What is it with you? I never had this much trouble with anyone. Do you realise how much confusion you caused?”

“Look…the Deputy Mayor here,” he nodded to Callie,”would like to set this city straight and get back the Mayor and her two heros and I would like to help her…to get back the *Mayor*, of course, not to forget being united with my niece again after ten years.”

“I know , but….oh!” the she-kat snapped her fingers and Feral found himself in an iron cage.In frustration he slammed his fist on the wall. It gave way and a big hole formed .

“I’m staying right here.” he said, coming out.

“No way!” yelled the she-kat and spun her finger round a few times. A small tornado appeared and picked Feral from the ground.

“What are you doing? Leave him alone!” yelled Felina and pointed a gun at the she-kat.The she-kat used her other paw and zapped Felina, tying her up in a stretcher with a sock in her mouth.

“Sorry,honey. But your uncle is due.” she replyed.

“I am not!” yelled Feral and suddenly the tornado disappeared.Feral fell to the ground and ran to Felina’s side.

“Oh!…I give up.” groaned the she-kat. She zapped Felina free.

“Listen, why are you so keen on getting me?” asked Feral.

“It’s my job. The boss has assigned me to you and if I don’t get you where you have to go it might alter the entire system of life.The one up,” she pointed up,”and the one down” she pointed down,”Are really quarreling over you.”

“Wait. Don’t I have eight lives left?”

“Eight? You are down by three. I have to keep you with me until *they* decide what’s next.”

“Why can’t I wait it out here?”

“Okay.” the she kat snapped her fingers and Feral found himself in a tuxedo The she-kat was in one too.

“Let’s discuss this like mature business kats.” she said,”How about a pizza?

“I’m tired of pizza.” yelled Feral.

“Please,” cut in Callie, looking at the snow-kat,”There isn’t much time.We have to get the Mayor and the Swat Kats back and rid this city of all these punks if we want the citizens to carry on with their lives again.”

“She’s right.” added Felina,”You can leave my uncle alone as he wishes to help us and not come with you.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!” said the she-kat, floating in the air a bit,”I’ll make a deal with you all. Once this city is free, Feral comes with me. Fine? Good. It’s a deal then.” she zapped Feral back to his uniform and herself back to her body hugging black outfit and held out a paw,”I’ll have to break a few rules so you owe me big time.”

“‘s okay by me.” said Felina.

“What do you say, Commander?” asked Callie.

“It’s a deal.” said Feral and was about to shake the she-kat’s paw when she drew it back to adjust her hair.She giggled a bit when Feral frowned.

“Okay. Back to business,” she turned to Felina and Callie,”Stay out of trouble. Take care of her, kiddo.” she said to Felina and nodded at Callie. She snapped her fingers and both of them disappeared.

“Where did they go?” asked Feral.

“City Hall. That’s where the prisoners are kept.Now , you have to give yourself up to me.”


“I’ll have to try something that I haven’t done before.It works on mortals- you witnessed it- but my powers hardly work on a ghost like yourself, especially a stubborn one like yourself.”

“Is that why you weren’t able to stop me?”

“Exactly. Now, will you co-operate?”

“Anything to save this city.”

“Okay. I want you to concentrate and think of nothing for just a while.”


Feral closed his eyes and cleared his mind of all his thoughts.He could feel some sort of energy pass through him.As he concentrated more he felt more energy. He concentrated on the energy flow. It surged through his body like a rushing stream. And suddenly there was a flash of light…


Felina and Callie found themselves in a closet with a few mops and buckets over them.

“We must be in the basement.” said Callie, looking around.

“Let’s get out of here before I get claustrophobic.” declared Felina and searched for a lock to the door. Finding none, she gave a war cry and kicked the door open.

The buckets fell to the floor and the other things fell all over the place making that very irritating sound of plastic and stainless steel hitting a tiled floor.

Felina and Callie winced at the sound. “Look!” said Callie, pointing to a corner.

“The Swat Kats?” asked Felina,”Deputy Mayor, wait!” she saw Callie running towards the two bodies chained to the wall, g-suits tattered and torn and wearing black masks,”It could be a….”

Suddenly, a cage dropped down on Callie. “Trap.” finished Felina, just in time to meet a bunch of punks.

“Hey gang, looky what we got ‘ere.” said one, walking towards Callie.

“The Deputy Mayor Dudette. Cool!” said another from behind Felina.She turned around to find out she was surrounded.

“Yo mama. What’s a nice lookin’ chick like you doin’ in a place like this?” one came up to Felina. The other kats laughed wildly. The tom-kat was about to put a paw on Felina’s shoulders when he got thrown over her shoulder to the ground.

“You shouldn’t have done that, doll.” spat the tom-kat ,getting up.

Felina held out her gun and a badge,”Enforcers. You’re under arrest.”

“Enforcer?” thought Callie. This she-kat is getting to be more like her uncle by the minute.Maybe that’s why she said she was getting transferred to Megakat city.

The kats laughed even more wildly, and each and every one of them held a bazooka at her.

“Ooo. I’m sooo scared. Why don’t ya put the nice gunny wunny down so that I don’t see ya get blown away.” said the tom-kat, heading to Felina.

“Youse too pretty to get blown away.” he purred.

Felina looked at the Deputy Mayor. She was having trouble too. A strategy formed quickly in her mind to get to her and get away.But before she could execute it, she was blinded by a flash of light.


As the light cleared, Feral found himself in the Mayor’s office.It was redecorated with grafitti. No more golf balls all over the place, just lots and lots of weapons.In his arms was the white she-kat.

Actually, she was sitting over someone and he was sitting on the ground, his now transparent body was through that someone. The fellow got up and turned through Feral such that the she-kat was in his arms now.

“Well, well, boys. Looky what we got here.” he said teasingly.

“Put me down.” demanded the she-kat, quietly.

“Didja hear what she said , boys?” asked the tom-kat to his followers.

“Yeah!” answered one,”She said- ‘Put me down’” he imitated the calm way she said it. The room was filled with wild laughter.

The she-kat snapped her fingers, grinning a bit.The tom-kat who was holding her, put her down very quickly and figited a bit.

The white she-kat gave him an intense look. He began to figit more. Feral then noticed that the room was now devoid of punk-kats.

“Um….excuse me. I gotta…GO!” The tom-kat lunged forward and ran to the direction of the rest room.

The she-kat stood up and dusted herself. “Serves them right. I asked them nicely….what are you lying down there for On your feet, kat.”

Feral got up quickly. The she-kat snapped her fingers again and suddenly, everyone appeared before Feral- Callie, with the Swat Kats, who looked terrible, Felina, who looked like she was ready to attack, and Mayor Manx, holding his lucky nine iron and wimpering.

“It’s over ?” asked Feral, looking at the she-kat.

“Yep.” she replyed.

“No it ain’t!” screamed another tom-kat.

The group found that they were surrounded by punks again.

“Don’t you guys know better than to mess with Death?” asked the she-kat, annoyed at the delay.Suddenly she held her head and knelt down.

“Woah…! What’s happening?” asked Feral, kneeling down beside the she-kat.

He was suddenly blinded by the familiar flash of white light.


When the white light died down, Feral found himself back to square one- that dark place where you couldn’t see anyone except yourself, that snow- white she kat next to you…and two she-kats, looking exactly like the white she-kat, except that one was red and the other blue,standing in front of you.

“Now to settle this confusing matter once and for all.” declared the blue kat, using the same voice as the white kat.

“Oh no ya don’t. He’s mine!” screamed the red kat,with the same voice. Feral could actually see the fire burning through the shades.

“Nothing doing! He belongs to my domain.”

“That’s a lot of bull! He’s too proud and vain.”

“He’s not vain! And he has a good soul.”

“Good soul, my tail!”

“What’s going on here?” asked Feral, trying to be as calm as possible, looking at the white kat.

“Um….y’know those two who were fighting over you?…the one up….”

“Yes, yes. It figures. Why can’t they make up their minds.”

“You are one complex tom-kat, Ulysses.”

“Am I?…Am I really…?”

“Don’t let it bother you…”

“No! It has to bother me!”, Feral burst out, making the two kats who were arguing stop and listen,”Because of me, Megakat city is in the clutches of those punks, with all that weaponary and all that power,and Steele sits at my desk ordering pizza and what not instead of helping those poor kats down there. I can’t save my niece, the Deputy Mayor, Manx, or the Swat Kats, whoever they are.And neither did I have the chance to save the city.Why can’t I be damn normal like other kats and finish off what I started and then go to heaven or hell or whatever you call it? Huh? Why not?”

All three she-kats just looked at him for a conciderably long time.There was perfect silence….it made Feral realise how empty this place really was.

“This was our mistake. We should set it right. Isn’t that so?” asked the white she-kat to the other two.

“I was *her* fault!” said the red one pointing at the blue one.

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Stop it!” screamed the white one,”Why don’t you just make it like all this never happened? I don’t have power over time and space to do that.”

“I have never done that before.” informed the blue kat.

“Neither have I .” said the red one.

“Both of you are the reason for all this confusion.” said the white one, “You should have decided earlier where he goes instead of fighting like the way you are now. You’d better set everthing back the way it was or things will get worse.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” decided the white one,”But I need more power.”

“I’ll provide that.” said the red one,”I’m fed up of this fighting.”

“We’ll need your power too, snowy.”

“Okay.” the white she-kat gritted. She hated being called that, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Be at peace. I was only teasing.” said the blue kat with a smile,”Be at peace Ulysses Feral. Everything shall be all right.”

“You expect me to believe that?” began Feral. He was only answered by a sudden flash of burning white light, formed by joining of all three she-kats paws.It was then followed by darkness which engulfed him.


“Commander! Do you copy?” Feral could hear the Swat kat- Razor’s voice over his radio. He immediatedly opened his eyes and found himself in his chopper. He was not badly wounded, just a few bruises, but badly shaken.

Feral groaned and reached for his radio.

“This is Feral.” he said with a groan,”Bring me…..I want chopper back up on the double!”

And he fell down on the shattered control panel, drained of energy

“Well, that was a new one…sort of.” he could hear T-bone remark.

He didn’t care to respond. He just closed his eyes and lay there, waiting for his back up. Hopefully, he still had time to stop all this madness.He waited patiently, his thoughts suddenly turning to his niece.How he would love to see her again.

He only had to wait for a minute for the back up to arrive.

“What are your orders, Commander?” called in one of the enforcers.

“Get me a chopper and let me at those lowlives.” gritted Commander Feral, trying to get out of the rubble.

“Roger.” was the reply and the radio went dead.

Feral smiled. He had got his second chance.


It had been a whole two weeks since that day. Feral was again in his office. But for some reason, he was a little jumpy. Fancy seeing Feral jumpy, thought the other enforcers. Feral tried his best to look his usual sober self, but having Steele out of his life for good was too much for him to be calm. Steele had gotten transferred to another city, the one in which his niece worked. She was coming to Megakat city. She wasn’t Leutenant Commander, and that suited Feral just fine. Atleast he would be closer to her. Felina was the only one in his family that he cared for so much.

“Sir, Leutenant Felina Feral is here to see you.” said his secretary over the intercom.

“Send her in.” said Feral.

The door opened and in stepped Felina, looking exactly as how he had seen her in his dream…or *was* it a dream.

“Uncle!” said Felina, full of happiness to see her uncle.She hesitated for a moment to show affection, but Feral opened his arms as if to welcome her in his embrace. She quickly stepped forward and went into his arms.

Feral was so glad she didn’t go through him this time. After a minute, he released her from his grip and lifted her face to get a good look.

“You haven’t changed since high school, minus the hair.”

“Do you like it?”

“I prefer the short hair cut, but I guess this is fine. If you want to grow it any longer, make sure you….”

“I know. Tie it. It’s my shift now, Uncle.”

“Then get back to work on the double.” yelled Feral, good naturedly. Felina laughed and gave her uncle a peck on the cheek before running out through the door. Feral smiled and got back to his paper work.

“Hi!” he heared a familiar she-kat’s voice. He looked up from his desk to see the white she-kat leaning over him.

“You!” he jumped.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you happy to see me?” joked the she-kat.

“Am I dead?” asked Feral, the sudden thought made his blood rush to his heart.

“Heck no! I’m just here to see you.”

“Oh.” said Feral, calming down considerably.

“Well then, see you in the future.”

“Wait. I want to know something.”

“What?” the she kat leaned closed to him, with all interest.

“Why was it that only The Deputy Mayor and my niece could see me?”

” ’cause they care about you, Ulysses.That extends across all boundaries or something like that…”

“My niece, I can understand….but the Deputy Mayor?”

“What about her?”

“Well…the fact is we’re not exactly close.”

“Oh! You’re closer than you think .”

“How is that?”

“I can’t tell you that. You have to find out.Bye.”

“No wait!”

But the she-kat disappeared into nothingness. The intercom rang.

“Sir, Deputy Mayor Briggs is here.”

“Send her in.” said Feral. “Talk of the Devil.” he thought to himself.

Callie entered, with her usual scowl. “What can I do for you, Ms. Briggs?” he asked formally.

“What is the meaning of this?” yelled Callie, showing the slip of paper she was carrying.

“The Mayor has to pay for all the damage….”

“Which *you* caused.”

“Oh! I supposed the Swat Kats would have done better.”

“Leave the Swat Kats out of this. If it wasn’t for them, this city would have been crushed….”

Callie stopped, noticing a funny look on Feral’s face, a look she had never seen before.

“What are you looking at?” she demanded.

“Nothing. Carry on.” said Feral cooly.

“I demand….”

“It’s none of your business to pry into what I think. I can assure you that you don’t have to worry. Now about that bill.”

“Manx will raise taxes.”

“He can spare some of that moolah he spends on his golf course.”

“Moolah!?” Callie had never heared him use much slang before. Where did he get that word from?

“Excuse me – money.”

“….Something’s wrong with you. Are you sure you’re all right.” Feral noticed Callie sounded a wee bit concerned.He was thinking of putting what that snow-white she-kat told him to the test, but decided against it.

“I’m perfectly all right. Carry on.”

“No. You get some rest. Maybe I can get some myself. I guess things will go smoother since Steele is gone?”

“Much smoother.” assured Feral.

“Well, good night Commander.And you’d better cut down on these expenses.” Callie put the slip of paper on his desk.

“Good night Ms. Briggs.”

After she left Feral gave a sigh and got back to his work. Things were still not all well. There were plenty of other scum to deal with. Hopefully, with Felina….and Callie’s help, and the enforcers he could manage it until he finally meets that snow-white she kat…. whose name, he did not know why, was supposed to be such a secret.


Chodo kal ki bathein Kal ki bath purani

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