Original SWAT Kats Story

Down, But Not Out

By Greg Williams

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,281 Words

The TurboKat, impounded; the hangar, dismantled; the SWAT Kat’s, disbanded. But, Chance and Jake get a second chance and in the process save Callie’s life.

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Chance (voice over): Crud! I can’t believe this is happening! The TurboKat’s been impounded, the hangar’s been dismantled and the SWAT Kats disbanded. It happened about a year ago. I won’t bore you with the details; let’s just say Commander Feral had a field day. If it wasn’t for the interference of Mayor Briggs, we’d be in jail right now.

You heard me. Callie’s mayor now that Manx has retired.

The bad guys? Well, Dark Kat’s in the maximum security island prison of Kata Penthe in the North Katlantic Ocean, Dr. Viper is dead, thanks to one of his mutations he couldn’t control, but there are rumors running around that he’s cloned himself. The Metallikats are piles of junk in Professor Hackles lab, and he vows they’ll stay that way. And, finally, The Pastmaster is stuck for all time in an in-between dimension of time. Don’t ask me to explain it.

But, you know what finally adds insult to injury? Burke and Murray. Those low-life rednecks lorded over us every chance they could get, bragging that we’ve REALLY been brought down.

Now, I’m working as a cook in the Enforcer headquarters commisary. A cook! Sweet justice as Feral once said to me. Jake’s in charge of the evidence locker. Let me tell you we’re both mad as hell!

Enforcer HQ commisary. Chance is busy over the grill cooking some hamburger patties.

“Well, lookie who we got’s here,” says a familiar red-neck voice. “A fly-boy flippin burgers!”

Burke laughs at Murray’s joke.

“Good one, Murray! Hey, Furlong, unless you flip yerself you ain’t gettin in the air anytime soon!”

Both laugh heartily as Chance seethes. He scoops up one of the patties and throws it right at Murray, who ducks just in time, and the pattie lands squarely on Burke’s face who screams as the hot pattie burns his face.

“Why you….!”

“That’s enough!” yelled Commander Feral. “You two, for the last time get out before I bring you in for disturbing the peace!”

“He started it!” yelled Murray.

“NOW!” screamed Feral.

Both of them scramble to leave the room. Feral casts Chance with a glare. Chance looks back at Feral as he slams another pattie on the grill. Feral chuckles as he leaves. Chance growls loudly.

Evidence Locker. Jake’s behind the desk with a bored look on his face. Just then, Lieutenant Felina Feral walks in.

“Afternoon, Lieutenant,” says Jake boredly.

“Hi, Jake. Just wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“Do the words ‘Bored out of my skull’ mean anything to you?” says Jake.

“I’m sorry. You two got the short end last year.”

“You’ve been saying that for almost a year, Felina. It’s getting a little old.”

“All right. See you around,” says Felina.

“Wait, Lieutenant. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just the way we’ve been treated ever since. You’d think your uncle would give us some slack. Heck, we’ve literally saved this planet!”

“I know,” says Felina. “I’ve tried talking to him, but he never listens to me on the subject.”

“I know you’re doing your best. Thanks anyway.”

Hallways of Enforcer HQ. Chance is walking down a hallway, heading home for the day, when another kat stops him.

“Chance? Chance Furlong?!”

Chance does a double take when he sees him.

“Leonard Kirby? No way!”

They both embrace each other like old chums.

“Man, it’s been years since we’ve seen each other!” says Chance “Where have you been?”

“Being an Enforcer,” says Leonard “I’ve been serving aboard the Enforcer Navy for the past five years keeping the peace in the Persian Sea. I only got back about 2 months ago.”

“Man, it’s great to see you again! Hey, stop by the apartment later; I’d like you to meet a good buddy of mine.”

“Jake ‘Razor’ Clawson?”

Chance’s face falls.

“Oh, you heard.”

“Who hasn’t? Feral bragged to the entire service how he brought those ‘dangerous criminals’ out of the sky.”

“Well the invitation still stands.”

“Thanks. I’ll be there.”

Chance and Jake’s apartment. A run-down little place that’s no better than the apartment in the salvage yard. Jake is cooking dinner while Chance is sitting on a ratty couch watching a “Scaredy Kat” toon. A knock on the door alerts them to someone there.

“Must be your old pal Leonard,” says Jake.

Jake opens the door and finds Leonard there.

“Come on in, Leonard. Chance has told me about you two.”

“Thanks. Hey, Chance, you still hooked on those Scaredy Kat toons?”

“Always. Have a seat, man. Jake, get a milk for Leonard.”

“You got it.”

“No offense, guys, but this place is awful.”

“It’s all we could afford on our measly pay,” says Jake

“Feral?” says Leonard.

“Feral,” says Chance.

“That’s a subject I’d like to talk to you about. But, not now. Right now, I’d like to catch up with one of my old buddies.”

“No argument here,” says Chance.

Next day after work. Chance is sitting in Leonard’s apartment.

“So, what’s this you want to talk about Feral?” says Chance

“You never liked him, did you? How’d you like a chance to take him out?”

Chance blinks.

“You’re joking, right?”

“Oh no. Feral’s been an idiot since day one. And, that slack-assed Steele is no better. Which is why, tomorrow, me and several friends are planning to take out Feral and his niece, Steele and Mayor Briggs and impose our own government in this city!”

“No! Callie too? Are you nuts?!”

“Listen, Furlong, you are either with us, or against us! Tiger!”

From another room steps out Tiger Conklin.

“Forgot all about me, didn’t you?” says Tiger

At this point, Chance breaks for it and runs out of the apartment.

“Get him!” yells Leonard

Chance runs down the street with Tiger and Leonard in pursuit. He loses them in an alleyway. He spots a payphone on a corner and runs to it. He inserts a quarter and dials a number.

“Hi, you’ve reached Chance and Jake’s place, leave a number at the beep.”

“Jake! You gotta help me. Where are you, buddy? Leonard’s planning some kind of hostile takeover of Megakat City! Get ahold of Feral and Miss Briggs! Hurry! Aw crud!”

Chance sees Leonard and Tiger and runs. He finds himself in a dead-end alleyway. They both run in, and punches can be heard, then a thud. A sedan pulls up, and they drag an unconscious Chance in and drive away.

Apartment. Jake listens to Chance’s phone call. He immediatly picks up the phone and dials.

“Commander Feral please.”

After a few moments.

“This better be good, Clawson.”

“It is. Listen, Commander, I just got a phone call from my buddy Chance, and he says a couple people are planning some kind of hostile takeover of Megakat City. It sounded completely genuine. You, Felina, Steele and Miss Briggs are targets.”

“You expect me to believe all this? If this is a giant hoax, Clawson, I swear I’ll have both your heads on pikes at the entrance to Enforcer Headquarters!”

“It’s not a hoax, Commander. He said a friend of his was planning it all.”


“An old friend of his named Leonard Kirby, and he’s supposed to be an Enforcer himself. He got back about two months after a stint with the Enforcer Navy in the Persian Sea.”

“Leonard Kirby? Never heard of him. Goodbye, Clawson.”

“Commander, wait, what if this is true? Check out my story on the Kirby character, please!”

Dial tone. Enforcer HQ, Feral’s office. He’s just hung up the phone and turns to his computer and types “LEONARD KIRBY”.


“Damn! Steele! Get your slack-tailed butt in here!”

“Yes Commander?”

“Put out an APB on Leonard Kirby. I’ve found out that he’s planning some kind of hostile takeover of the city.”

“How did you find—”


“Yes sir!”

Leonard’s apartment. Chance is alone, tied and gagged to a chair. Sirens announce that the Enforcers have arrived. There is a loud knock at the door.

“Open up! This is Lieutenant Felina Feral of the Enforcers!”

She pounds the door again.

“I said open up!”

Felina kicks the door in and trains her weapon around the apartment and sees Chance tied up. She removes the gag.

“About freakin time you got here, Lieutenant!” says Chance. “Kirby and Tiger Conklin are already on their way!”

“Tiger Conklin? He’s involved too?”

“Yes! Now get me out of here! I have to stop him!”

“Leave this to the Enforcers.”

“Katdabbit, Lieutenant, let me get him on my own! You trusted T-Bone, why should Chance Furlong be any different?”

“Not a good idea, Lieutenant,” says one of the other Enforcers.

“Button it! All right, Furlong. I’ll give you that chance. Get in my car.”

“Thank you.”

They get into Felina’s car and drive off.

Streets. Tiger Conklin is driving down the road and parks in front of Enforcer Headquarters. He gets out and heads inside the building across the street. He’s a couple stories up the building and looks out toward the Enforcer building. At the entrance, Commander Feral and several Enforcers come out and talk amongst each other. Tiger takes out a rifle and aims for Feral’s head.

Just as Tiger fires, he’s tackled from behind. The shot just barely misses Feral.The Enforcers with him rush toward the building, weapons drawn.

Tiger turns and see’s who’s tackled him: Jake. Tiger picks up the gun and tries to shoot him, but Jake kicks it away.

“Nice to see you again, Conklin,” says Jake

“You’re going down, SWAT Kat!” says Tiger “You cost me millions!”

“You did it to yourself, Conklin! You dumped toxic waste in your own mines. What, did you think you were going to get away with it?”

“I might have if you hadn’t interfered!”

Tiger rushes Jake, but he sidesteps him. The sound of running footsteps is heard.

“Give up, Conklin. You can’t win.”

“Watch me!”

Feral and several Enforcers enter the room just as Tiger rushes Jake again.

“Freeze!” yells Feral.

Tiger keeps coming. Jake jumps and holds onto a beam and kicks Tiger away. He flies across the room and crashes through the window and goes screaming all the way, which ends in a sickening thud.

“Very well done, Clawson.” says Feral “You’re under arrest.”


“Get him out of here.”

“I saved your life, Feral!”

“You also killed the person who tried to do it. Get him out of here.”


Mayor Briggs office. Callie is busy with some paperwork when someone crashes through one of her windows. She screams in shock.

It’s Leonard, and he takes out a gun and fires. Callie just manages to get out of the way.

Chance slams the door open and runs toward Leonard. He shoots and grazes Chance in the shoulder, but Chance keeps coming and tackles Leonard, and they fight on the floor for the gun.

“Get out, Callie,” shouts Chance. “Hurry!”

Callie runs out of the room while Chance and Leonard continue to fight. They both get punches in until Lieutenant Feral rushes in, gun drawn.


Leonard decks Chance hard and runs toward the window he crashed through and jumps out. Chance and Felina head for the window and find that Leonard has landed into the cockpit of the TurboKat! It’s in hover mode at the moment. Leonard gives Chance a wicked grin and flies off.

“Now it’s personal!” growls Chance.

“Come on, let’s get in my jet,” says Felina.

On the roof of a neighboring building sits an Enforcer jet. Both Chance and Felina run to it, but Chance stops her.

“I need to do this myself, Lieutenant.”

“Negative. It’s my plane.”

Felina turns toward the jet to get in, but Chance chops her in the neck. She falls hard.

“Sorry, Lieutenant. This is my fight.”

Chance gets in and flies off in Felina’s jet. He soon catches up with Leonard.

“Leonard, stop this now before you force me to shoot.”

“Shoot? Ha! You’d never shoot down your old plane, Furlong. Besides, your precious TurboKat is a lot more powerful than that Enforcer antique you’re flying.”

“I’m warning you, Kirby!”

“And, I’m warning YOU, back off!”


Chance fires his jets guns, but Leonard flies the TurboKat like a pro. They head into the city and dodge skyscrapers left and right.

“Give it up, Leonard! I’m an ace pilot.”

Leonard does a loop-de-loop and gets behind Chance. He fires a missile and Chance banks hard to avoid it. He then flies into a cloud bank and out of site.

“Coward!” yells Leonard. “Come out and fight!”

“This is Feral, surrender immediately!”

Leonard sees a squadron of Enforcer choppers heading his way.

“You’re not serious are you, Commander?”

“All choppers, open fire!”

Every helicopter opens fire, but Leonard dodges all the shots and fires several missiles, knocking out several choppers. Meanwhile, Chance is making a direct run at Leonard and the TurboKat. Leonard doesn’t even see him coming until his proximity alarm goes off.

“See ya, BUDDY!”

Chance pulls the handle and ejects seconds before his jet crashes into the TurboKat. Leonard screams as the jet bears down on him and smashes right into him, destroying the cockpit. The mangled heap falls from the sky.

Chance lowers his head in grief as he watches it go down. He then realizes that the mess is heading for Enforcer Headquarters.

“Aw crud!”

As Chance touches down on the street, Feral’s chopper lands nearby. He gets out and stalks toward Chance with a furious look on his face and backhands Chance across the face. Chance lands hard on the pavement.

“That it IT, Furlong! You’re going to the slammer for this! This IS THE LAST TIME YOU DESTROY ANYTHING!!!”

“That’s enough!”

They both turn to see Mayor Briggs walk up.

“Commander Feral, I want to have a talk with you in your office. Chance, you’re coming too. And, make sure you bring along Jake, your niece and Steele also.”

“What’s this all about, Miss Briggs?!” yells Feral.


Feral’s office. Callie sits down at Feral’s desk. Feral, Felina, Jake, Chance, Steele and two other Enforcers are here.

“You do realize this has been a long time coming,” says Callie “Feral, since day one, you have hounded these two. I won’t stand for it any longer. Commander Ulysses Feral, you’re fired.”


“Get him out of here,” says Callie.

The other two Enforcers escort a fuming Feral out. Steele chuckles to himself.

“Now then,” says Callie “Lieutenant Felina Feral. I hearby make you Commander of the Enforcers.”

“You what?!” says Steele “You can’t do that; I’m next in line!”

“Yes…. I can, Mr. Steele. Don’t make me fire you too.”

Steele groans and collapses into a chair.

“I-I don’t know what to say, Mayor.”

“Save it. As for you two, I hereby reinstate the SWAT Kats. I will have the TurboKat rebuilt, your hanger made operation again and all your equipment returned. I also make you an official arm of the Enforcers in cases they can’t usually handle. Miss Feral?”

“Yes, Mayor?”

“You will let me know about those unusal cases. T-Bone and Razor will answer only to me. And, they will begin in training pilots with excellent skills in the art of dogfighting. To form a new and next generation of the Radical Squadron.”

“Why are you doing this, Miss Briggs?” asks Jake

“Why not? I’m the mayor now. The salvage yard will be made into your personal training ground. Oh, and better accomodations made for you.”

“Are we still going to be mechanics?” says Chance

“Yes, to bring in the extra income to fund your new SWAT Kat school. So, what do you have to say?”

(together) YES!!!!

They high five each other.

Some time later, T-Bone and Razor are again flying the TurboKat through the skies of MegaKat City.

“YEEEEE-HAAAAAA!!” shouts T-Bone.

“The SWAT Kat’s are back!” says Razor.

Their console begins to beep.

“Well well,” says T-Bone. “Looks like Miss Briggs has our first case.”

“Yes, Miss Briggs?” says Razor

“T-Bone, Razor, you’re never going to believe this. Dark Kat’s escaped from the Kata Penthe prison, Professor Hackle has just reported that the Metallikats are missing, there’s been a confirmed sighting of Dr. Viper in MegaKat Swamp, and there’s a time vortex opening over the desert. Quadruple trouble, guys!”

“Thank you, Miss Briggs, we’ll get right on it,” says Razor.

“Shall we?” says T-Bone


The SWAT Kats are back and, as always, ready to kick tail!

The End

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