Original SWAT Kats Story

Their First Assignment

By Glenn Battilana

  • 1 Chapter
  • 33,882 Words

A tale of two Enforcer pilots who are thrown out of the Enforcers and forced into a salvage yard and become heroes.

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Author's Notes:

This little story is of the SWAT Kats’ first mission and appearance as the SWAT Kats.  Hope you all like it.  However, this is MY interpretation, meaning that this is what  I thought might have happened.  You can make up your own idea, or you can use mine.  To tell you the truth, I really couldn’t give a shit if some one used this idea without asking me, so feel free to use it.  But, any way, enjoy.

Megakat City 1987

Robert Darkson, about 7.2 of age 35, with brown fur, and blond hair was
talking to his vice president of his company, D.K. Electronics.  He was in the middle
of a very important meeting.
“Are you sure this is what you want to do Bob?”  John Shirley said to his boss.
“Yes I’m sure John.”  Robert Darkson said to his best friend.  “Besides, it’s
time D.K. Electronics tried something different for a change.”  John looked at the
folder, then back at Robert.
“D.K. Electronics has never considered making weapons before, and from what
you want, this requires a lot of genetic engineering technology, which we don’t
have.”  Robert smiled.
“We do now.”  He said walking over to his desk, and pulling out another folder.
He handed it to John who opened the folder and flipped thought its contents.  He saw
that it was plans for a new building, belonging to D.K. Electronics, chemicals that
would be needed, and plans for security.
“What’s the real reason?”  John said suddenly, catching Robert off guard.
“I told you.”  He said a tiny hint of annoyance in his voice.  “I just think
we needed a change.  Besides.”  He leaned closer to John.  “I’ve got about a few
hundred million waiting for us if these weapons succeed.”  Just then, Robert’s
secretary came into the room.
“Mr Darkson.”  She said to him.  “It’s the general on line one in your office,
he says it’s urgent.”  Robert’s eyes narrowed to slits.   He then stood up and looked
at the rest of the kats sitting at the table.  “This meeting is now over gentlekats.
I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Something strange is going on here, Robert.”  John said to him as he turned
to go out.  “I’m going to find out sooner or later.”  Robert watched as all the
members of the board slowly moved out, John being the last.  Robert then turned to
his secretary.
“I’ll take the call in my office, Miss Brady.”  He said, walking over to his
door.  “Until I’m finished, I don’t want to be disturbed.”  She nodded.
“Yes, Mr Darkson.”  She said, and left for her desk.  Robert watched her leave,
then he entered his room where the phone was flashing.  He picked it up.
“I thought I told you never to call me at the office Mange.”  He hissed into the
phone.  Mac Mange’s voice floated into Robert’s ears from the other line.
“You’re in no position to bargain, Darkson.”  He said, a slight hint of
amusement coming from his voice.  “Now, let’s get down to business.  How are my
genetically engineered soldiers coming along?”  Robert looked around his room, to make
sure no one was listening, then he sat down.
“The building is already up and running.  The project has only just started.”
Then he lowered his voice.  “Have you been leaking the information about this project
to the board?”  He said.  He could almost here Mac smile.
“Hmmmm.”  Mac said.  “Maybe.”  Robert almost crushed the phone in his paw.
“Why!”  He hissed, trying not to yell.  “If the proper reason for why I’m running
this project gets out to the board, I’ll be ruined.  Already my vice president already
has told the board about Megakat Biochemichals, and the secret reason behind it.”
“This is only but a sample of what I can do to you Darkson.”  Mac said.
“Don’t disappoint me, remember, I can make you, or I can break you, your decision.”
Robert lost his temper.
“You can’t do that to me!”  He screamed into the phone.
“Sure I can.”  Mac said.  “I have the power, and who ever has the power, makes
all the rules.  Ta ta now.”  And with that, he hung up the phone.  Robert Darkson
stood there just holding the phone up to his ear listening to the beeping of the cut
off single.  He slowly put the phone down.
“One of these days Mr Mange.”  He said.  “The tables will turn.  That I will

Later that night….

Robert Darkson walked down the lonely street.  He looked from side to side,
observing the lower forms of life Megakat City had to offer.
He shivered.  He began to walk a little faster as he approached his point
of destination.  The sooner he got this over and done with, the sooner he could relax.
If he didn’t need this badly he wouldn’t dream of coming to this neighbourhood.
He saw the kat standing outside the building he was heading to.  It was three
stories high, and all the windows were boarded up.  The kat looked at Darkson.
“Robert Darkson?”  The kat said.  Robert nodded.
“Unfortunately yes.”  He replied.
“In there.”  He said pointing into the building.  “Second floor, and third door
on the left.”  Robert walked inside, and followed the goons instructions.  When he came
to the door, he knocked on it.
“Come right on in Darkson.”  He heard a voice say.  Robert opened the door, and
entered the dimly lit room.  It was rather small.  Katscratch sat behind a small desk
with five huge thugs on ether side.
“A bit cramped isn’t it Katscratch?”  Darkson said.  Katscratch smiled.
“This is just a temporary business office.  Now, about our little agreement?”
Robert sighed.  After this, he’d have to stop making deals with the underworld.
“I can give you all the equipment your gang needs to control this city.  Guns,
bombs, missiles, lasers.”  Katscratch smiled.
“I like the lasers.  This new form of weaponry is very hard to come by on the
black market.”  He leaned closer into the one, and only, light source in the whole
room.  “And with this weaponry I can eliminate your problem, the Manges.”  He
clicked his fingers.  “You got the paper work?”  Darkson pulled out a pen, and
two sheets of paper.
“Sign here, and here.”  He said, pointing out where the dotted lines were.
Katscratch signed away, and handed back Darkson his pen.
“You won’t regret this Darkson.”  He said taking a puff on his cigar.  “And as
an added bonus, I’ll leave your business alone.”  He leaned back out of the light
source.  “That is all, I take it you know the way out?”  Darkson nodded.  “Good.”
Katscratch said.  “Pleasure doing business with you Darkson.”  He laughed as
Robert left the room.  Robert was bitter, all the way home.  He hated not being
in control, he hated having to rely on others who had more power than him.  For
once, just once, he’d like to have that power that kats like the Manges and
Katscratch held.  He kept thinking about what Mac Mange had said to him earlier that
day.  Who ever had the power, made all the rules.  His eye’s narrowed to little yellow
slits.  He wanted that power.

Two weeks later….

Robert Darkson stood over the table in Megakat Biochemicals breathing heavily.
If he didn’t get results tonight, Mac would cut off his interest in this project,
“DARKSON!!”  The phone virtually rattled from the scream.  Robert was
suddenly brought back to reality.  He looked at the speaker phone.
“I…I suppose I could get results for you by tomorrow morning.”  He
“I hope so, for your sake.”  Mac Mange said.  His voice lowered to a harsh
whisper.  “Because I don’t like disappointment, and neither does my wife.  You see,
she’s been bugging me for the last week.  She’s always saying when are you getting
our army Mac, when.  I don’t want to disappoint my wife, and if you’re smart, I
suggest you don’t ether.”  Their was a five second silence from Darkson.  “Are
you listening to me Darkson?!”  Mac’s voice cried out suddenly.  Darkson looked
at the phone.
“I hear you Mac.”  He said.  “It shall be ready for you tomorrow.”
“Excellent.”  Mac said.  “See you tomorrow Darkson.  I suggest you get working
right away, for your company’s sake.”  and with that, he was gone.  Robert looked at
the phone, then turned back to his partner, Dr Storm.  Storm looked worried.
“Mr Darkson.”  He said.  “Do you realise what you’ve done?”  Darkson didn’t
say anything.  “You’ve promised our client results by tomorrow morning, and we haven’t
even got a living specimen to examine.  They don’t live long enough.”  Darkson walked
over to the tube.
“We’ll make them live longer, even if I have to perform CPR on them, we’ll make
them LIVE!”  He shouted out the last word.  He looked at the creature, floating in the
purple coloured liquid in the tube in front of him.  Storm came up beside him.
“I used the DNA from a lizard, and a bat to create the creature you see before
you.  It seems to last longer than the old ones.”  Robert looked at the creature, it
looked like a lizard with wings, and only two feet high.
“What’s with the purple scales?”  He asked.  Storm smiled.
“That’s a side effect.”  He said.  “It seems that all other creatures come out
all purple.  The special formula we created seems to do this to them.”  Robert
“Well I don’t care what colour it is, as long as it satisfies the Manges.”
They both looked at the creature in the tube.  It yawned, exposing razor sharp teeth.
Storm shuddered.
“It’s kinda creepy looking isn’t it.”  He said.  Robert smiled.
“Yes, I’d agree.”  He said.  “It’s a little creepling.”  Storm looked at
“Huh?”  Robert smiled.
“It’s what my sister used to call me, back when I was a kitten, I used to be
a little terror, and she called me a creepling, because I was a real creep.”  Storm
laughed.  Suddenly, a red light began to flash.  Both Darkson and Storm looked at it.
“Oh no, no, NO!”  Robert screamed.  He looked back at the creepling in the
tube.  He ran over to a computer and looked at the screen.  It’s life signs were
failing.  He turned over to Storm.  “Storm.”  He cried.  “It’s dying on us.”
“Shit!”  Storm said.  “Maybe….maybe if we tried to…to give it electric
shocks, it would do something to bring it’s life signs back on line.”  Robert ran over
to the tube.
“Then let’s do it.”  He pressed a few buttons.  Two metal prongs came down
and entered the water.  “Clear!”  He shouted, as he sent an electrical jolt through
the creature.  Electricity sparked all over, but no change.
“It’s not working.”  Storm cried.
“Do it AGAIN!!”  Robert screamed.  He tried it again, and it didn’t work.
“Face it Darkson.”  Storm said approaching him.  “It’s dead.”  Robert spun
around, and punched him in the face.
“DON’T YOU TELL ME THAT!!”  He screamed at the top of his lungs.  “IT’LL
LIVE!!”  He spun back to the control panel.  “I’m going to put it on maximum voltage.
Maybe that’ll wake up the little son of a bitch.”  Storm’s eye’s widened with fright.
“Darkson NO!”  He cried out.  “You’ll kill it.”
“CLEAR!”  Darkson shouted.  There was a tremendous explosion, like thunder,
as the tank was filled with nine million volts of electricity.  In the time space of
four seconds, Darkson witnessed the end of his life.  In the first second, the
creature exploded, in the next, the tank exploded, the third, Darkson was splashed
with the purple liquid from the tank, and the last, he was bombarded with nine
million volts of electricity.
Darkson felt an enormous pain, like being rammed with a tank at twice
the speed of sound in his chest.  He saw the whole lab explode, he saw Storm being
lifted off his feet, and being blown out the window with the explosion.  He saw the
purple liquid pour down on him.  He felt his whole body being lifted up.  He saw
lights, he saw water, purple water.  He was floating in a river of purple liquid.
First, it had only been his face, now, everything was burning.   He tried
to swim, but he couldn’t move his arms or legs, however, he found he could still
breath. He found himself thinking a million things at once, where was he, what could
he do.  He grabbed for something, anything.
He felt around, and grabbed something small, and hard, with corners.  And
in the dim light of the water he managed to open his eyes.  Even through the liquid,
even through the pain, he had managed to see, that somehow, he’d grabbed his name
He looked at it.  The name read Robert Darkson.  However, he stared at
the part that read, ‘DARK’  just like him.  He stared at it for ages, until he
found that he was no longer floating in liquid.  He looked  around.  He was in the
sewer.  He looked down at his name tag, and broke it.  He threw away the ‘Robert’,
and ‘son’ part, but he kept the ‘Dark’ half.  He looked at the word, saying it over
and over again.
“Dark.”  He heard himself say.  He looked around again.  He was in the
dark.  He smiled.  He liked the dark.  Like his four legged ancestors he craved
the dark corners of the night.  He was a kat of the dark.
“Dark Kat.”  He heard some one say.  He spun around, looking for the kat
who had said that.  Then, he realised, it was himself.  He smiled.  Yes, he liked
that.  He liked that a lot.

An Enforcer chopper flew closer to what remained of Megakat Biochemicals.
The chopper turned on its search lights, and swept the area.
“Whoa.”  The pilot said.  “What a mess.”  He turned to his
partner. “What do you make of it Jake?”  He said.  Jake Clawson stopped searching
the area below him to answer his partner’s question.
“I don’t know Chance.”  He said.  “I say we radio for help and
go in to look for casualties, explosions like that don’t just happen by themselves.”
“Roger that buddy.”  He said.  He turned on his mike.  “This is chopper
twenty-four, requesting back up for an explosion at the newly made Megakat
Biochemicals, over.”
“Roger that chopper twenty-four.”  The voice of an Enforcer said over the
radio.  “Back up is on the way.”
“Chance.”  Jake cried suddenly.  “There’s someone down there, still alive.
He pointed to a figure that was waving desperately to them, he was surrounded by
fire on all sides.
“It’s risky Jake.”  Chance said.  He looked at his partner, he Jake looked
back at Chance, they both smiled.
“LET’S DO IT!”  They both cried, as they swept in low for a rescue.  Jake
opened the side door, and lowered the ladder so that he could grab the kat from the
fire.  He began to pant from the immense heat.
“Help me.”  The kat cried.
“Hang on buddy.”  Jake said, grabbing him around the waist.  He looked back
up at the chopper.  “Pull us up Chance.”  He looked at the buildings it exploded
again, from the chemicals inside.  “NOW!”  He screamed into the mike.  Chance gave a
hard jerk on the control stick as he brought the chopper away from the building, just
as another explosion blew the top floors out, and nearly took out the chopper.
“Jake.”  Chance said, as Jake entered the cockpit and sat
back down next to Chance.  “We’ve got to put out that fire, before the whole building
explodes and sets the whole city on fire.”  Jake smiled.
“I read you loud and clear Chance.”  He said.  He pointed over at a water
tower.  “Blast that water tower Chance.”  He said.  “It’ll put out the fire for
“Roger.”  Chance said.  He swung the chopper around to face the tower.  He
pulled the triggers and blasted the tower.
“YES!”  Jake cried out as the water splashed down on the building, putting
out the fire.
“Back off you two.”  Feral’s voice floated over the radio.  “I’ll take it
from here.”  Chance smiled.
“What’s there to take Commander?”  He said, trying not to laugh.  “We’ve
stopped the fire, and rescued the survivors.”
“But at what cost?”  Feral shot back.  “You two have destroyed a water tower,
that belongs to the city.”
“But we had to.”  Jake said.  “Or else that fire would have burnt down the
whole city.”
“Hah.”  Feral scoffed.  “A likely story.  Now you two get that kat to the
hospital, on the double, that’s an order.”

Chance and Jake were watching the t.v.  Feral was taking all the credit.
“I can’t believe he did that to us, again.”  Chance shouted at the t.v.
“Take it easy Chance.”  Jake said, getting up.  “He’s our superior, and we
can’t argue much with that.”  Chance gritted his teeth.  “I know what you’re thinking
Chance, but just let it rest.  If you’re going to express your feelings, don’t express
them on Feral, or you’ll be out of the force.”  Chance calmed down a little.  He looked
at Jake, who was smiling.  “Besides.”  He said, heading towards the door.  “If you got
thrown off the force, who would I have left to beat at tennis?
“Oh yea.”  Chance said, smiling  “We’ll see about that.”  He grabbed a tennis
racket.  “Two out of three.”  He shouted.
“You’re on.”  Jake said, and with that, they ran off to the recreation room.

“….and the only kat missing in the blazes is the famous millionaire, Robert
Darkson, head of D.K. Electronics, who was working on a top secret project here at
Megakat Biochemicals…..”  Katscratch turned of his t.v. and leaned back in his
“So.”  He said, lighting a cigar.  “The son of a bitch is finally dead huh?”
He looked out the window.  “Too bad.  I was really looking forward to those shipment
of guns he promised me.”
“You might get them, if you’re still willing to work with me.”  The voice
sounded a bit echoy.  Katscratch looked up.  There was a rather tall figure standing
in front of him.  He leaned closer.  The figure was dressed entirely in black.  He
had the occasional stripe of red, and had two shields on ether shoulder, one said ‘D’,
and the other ‘K’.  There was an eerie yellow glow coming from his eyes.
“Who the hell are you?”  Katscratch said, slowly reaching for his gun.
“Don’t bother.”  The stranger said.  He was holding his own gun.
“What do you want?”  Katscratch asked.  He could almost see the stranger
“Power.”  He said.  Katscratch raised an eye brow.
“What sort of power?”  He asked with interest.  The figure walked forward.
“Empire type power.”  He said.  “Like you have.”  His yellow eye’s narrowed.
“And like the Manges.”
“So.”  Katscratch said.  “You want to bring down the Manges huh.”  He threw
his cigar in the bin.  “Well take a number and get in line buddy.  There’s just you,
and about a hundred others who wouldn’t mind seeing the Manges blown to hell.”  He
sighed.  “I once knew somebody who wanted to bring down the Manges, really bad, but
he’s dead now.”  The stranger smiled.
“Oh, he’s dead all right, but he’s left some one else to take his place.”  He
stepped forward, into the light.  Katscratch gasped.
“D…Darkson?”  He said.  Darkson shock his head.
“Not any more my friend.  Darkson is dead.  There is only, Dark Kat!”
Dark Kat was still 7.2, but his brown fur and blond hair were now purple.  His face
was like the creeplings, his eye’s were yellow, and so was his mouth, filled with razor
sharp teeth.  “Thanks to the formula I’ve been working on to create the perfect
super soldier, I have been given a new lease on life.  I am now, the perfect super
soldier.”  Katscratch just stared at him.  “I suggest we form an alliance.”  Dark
Kat said.
“What do you have in mind?”  Katscratch asked.  Dark Kat smiled.
“I say it’s time we put the Manges out of business, once and for all.”

Mac Mange looked at the remains of Megakat City Biochemicals on the t.v.  He
turned it off, and walked over to his spa, where Molly Mange was waiting for him.
“Any thing interesting on the news?”  She asked, taking another sip of her
cocktail.  Mac took off his bath rope, and got into the spa with her.
“Just that that Darkson guy I told you about, blew himself up trying to build
me my army.”  Molly looked at him.
“That’s too bad.”  She said.  “Is there anyone else who could take over from
Darkson’s job?”  Mac lit a cigar, and smiled at her.
“Sure, already two steps ahead of you hunny.”  He said.  “Darkson’s assistant,
Dr Scott Stone.”

“….and you see how it could be profitable Dr Stone.”  Mac said to him.  Stone
leaned back in the chair he was sitting in.
“I think I see it your way Mr Mange.”  He said.  “This could get me the title
I’ve always wanted, and besides, Darkson was a idealistic fool, with no dreams of power.
I’ll be glad to take his place.”  Mac smiled.
“I’m glad you see things my way Dr Stone.”  He reached over, and shook paws
with him.  “Joining my organisation will be most profitable.  After all, I run a
business in organised crime.”

“Keep talking my gullible fool.”  Dark Kat said as he watched the meeting take
place though the security cameras.  “For this will be your downfall.”  He turned
back to the guard.  “I’m sorry all this had to take place, but revenge is the only
answer for me.”  He smiled, and threw his paws up in the air.  “I’ll have it all, the
power I’ve always wanted.”  He looked at the security guard.  “But you don’t have to
worry about all this, because you’re dead.”  He put the guard’s cap back on his head,
and wiped away the blood on his head, as he picked up his semi-automatic, and the
video tape, and left.  “With Mac, and Molly out of the way, the most powerful syndicate
in the city will be mine to control.”

The Next Day…

Mac Mange stood back to admire the view before him.  The whole city was his,
however, there were the other crime syndicates out there, but his was the biggest,
and he would eventually gain control.
Suddenly the door to his apartment was busted open, as Enforcers piled into
the room.  They all pointed guns at him.
“Freeze.”  One kat shouted.  “This is a raid.  Mac, and Molly Mange, you’re
under arrest ..”  He flashed his detective’s badge around for all to see.
“On what charges?”  Mac spat out.  The kat smiled.
“Organised crime, and the murder of Robert Darkson.”  Mac’s jaw fell open,
as he was cuffed from behind.
“Get your stinking paws off me!”  Molly screeched from the other room.
“What evidence do you have against me for those kind of charges?”  Mac
demanded.  The detective smiled.
“A tape of you confessing these actions on video to one Dr Storm.”  Mac’s
eyes narrowed.
“That little traitor.”  He cried out.  “I’ll kill him.”
“Oh.”  The kat said.  “It wasn’t him who handed in the tape in, it was
someone else.”
“WHO?”  He demanded.  the kat shrugged.
“Nobody knows.”  He said.

The Following Week…..

“THE MANGE MOB FINISHED!”  Dark Kat read out aloud, as he dropped the paper
in front of Katscratch.  “Not what I had in mind, but just as promised, the Manges
are out of the picture.”  He leaned closer to Katscratch.  “You know it as well as I
do, Katscratch.  The demise of the Mange Mob has left a power vacuum in the
underworld, a vacuum that the right kat, or kats could take advantage of.”
Katscratch slammed his fist down on the table.
“And who caused that vacuum, eh Dark Kat?  You tried to take control of the
Mange Mob, and wound up destroying them!”
“Well, I must admit.”  Dark Kat said.  “I didn’t know that the mob totally
relied on the Manges to keep them afloat, I’m new in the crime business.”  He walked
over to Katscratch, who was sitting in his chair.  “But the fact that the Mange
mob’s destruction is my fault is not important!  What is important is that I want a way
into the mobs.”  He leaned closer to Katscratch.  “You have a big piece of pie.  I
could make your piece even  bigger.”  Katscratch listened to every word with interest.
“True enough.”  He said.  “And I must admit, the game is changing.  With
today’s technology, kats like you are popping up every were.  The world is changing
with every second passing.  You either change with it, or fall behind.”  Dark Kat
began to laugh.
“Now you’re thinking Katscratch.”  Dark Kat said.  “You’ve got
the knowledge of the mobs, and I’ve got the skills it takes to deal with this new
era!”  Katscratch looked at Dark Kat.
“What is it you really want Dark Kat?”  He asked.  Dark kat sat down.
“World domination.”  He said.  Katscratch raised an eye brow.
“You certainly change your mind quickly.”
“I was a fool for thinking that I just wanted only power.  Now I see that
there is a much more profitable position out there.  I want to rule the world,
without the world knowing.”  Dark Kat laughed, as Katscratch lit another cigar.
“I’m going to pull a huge heist Some time this month.”  He said.
“At Megakat Savings Bank.  If you’re up to the challenge, and you pull it off,
maybe there’ll be a seat in the new order of my mob.”  Dark Kat laughed out loud.
“Kittensplay.”  He said.  Katscratch filled him in on the details, and told
him where to meet him.  Once he’d finished, Dark Kat walked out of the room.  He
walked out the door.  “What an idiot.”  He said when he was sure there were no cameras
or anybody else watching.  “Little does he know I’m only using him to gain control
of his mob and when I’m though with him, I’ll dispose of him, and I’ll rule the
city, alone.”  He walked down the corridor with a smile on his face.  He’d keep
Katscratch around just for a while.  He wasn’t ready to make his move in the
department, yet.

Dark Kat stood in the warehouse, looking at what he’d been given.
“Is this it?”  He said, looking at the seven kats standing in front of him.
“I’m supposed to rob a bank with this?”  He once again looked at the seven kats
standing in front of him.
“These are the best kats in the bank robbing business
Dark Kat.”  Katscratch said.  “Appearances can often be deceiving, why don’t I
introduce you to the gang?”  He walked up to the first kat.  He was about 6.2 with
white fur, and dark brown hair.  “This is Rex Shard.”  He said.  “He’s an expert
in weapons.”  He came to the next kat.  “This is Jack Smith.  He’s an expert in
computers, he can get around any computer system.  Goes under the nickname,
Hard Drive.”   He smiled at Dark Kat.  Dark Kat and Katscratch went along naming all
of the seven members.
“Well.”  Dark Kat said.  “It appears that I have my kats.  I’m ready to rob
this bank.”  He turned to the seven kats standing in front of him.  “All right,
listen up, because I’m only going to repeat my self once…..”

The break-in had gone smooth so far.  The small skeleton crew of security
were easily disposed of, the safe cracker would have the safe open in a matter of
minutes, so why was Dark Kat worried?  Dark Kat had had that uneasy feeling ever
since he was in the warehouse with Katscratch.  The safe cracker finished with the
lock.  He flicked off his special listening device and pulled open the massive safe
“Empty.”  He said.  Dark Kat’s face fell.
“Shit.”  He said.  He had known it.  That’s when the alarms went off.  If
Katscratch wanted you out of the way, he made sure it was done right.  He’d been
caught in the classic set up.  He turned to his kats.  “You boys get out of here.”
He turned to Rex.  “Rex.”  He said.  “You stay with me.  I’ll need your special

“Chopper 24 to you copy, over?”  Chance picked up his mike, and turned
it on.
“This is chopper 24, we read you, over.”
“Report to Megakat savings for a bank robbery in progress, over.”
“We read you loud and clear headquarters, we’re on our way, over.”

Dark Kat watched the Enforcer chopper approach the bank.  He smiled.
“Excellent.”  He said.  “Just like clockwork.”  He turned to Rex Shard who
was holding a rather long fancy-looking bazooka.  “Fire.”  He said.
“Too easy.”  Rex said.  He punched a few buttons, and pulled the trigger.
There was a loud whoosh, as the bazooka fired a heat-seeking rocket at the chopper.

“HOLY SHIT!”  Chance screamed.  “Incoming.”  He banked the chopper sharply
to the left to avoid the missile, but to no avail, it struck the rotor blade,
blasting it clean of the chopper.
“We’re hit!”  Jake cried, as he strapped on his parachute.  Chance strapped
on his, and together, they both jumped out of the doomed aircraft.
“She wasn’t a bad chopper.”  Chance said as they floated to the ground.
“I wouldn’t worry about that Chance.”  Jake said, pulling out a gun as they
neared the pavement below.  “I’d start to worry about whether or not that guy who
just shot us down are waiting for us below.”  Chance pulled out his gun, and when
they landed, they ran for cover.

“Look at them.”  Dark Kat said watching the two Enforcers running behind
some parked cars.  “Running like scared rabbits.”  He turned to Rex.  “I want you
to make them run some more.”  Rex chuckled and pulled out a semi-automatic.

“Can you see anyone?”  Chance whispered to Jake.  Jake was carefully
looking out from behind the car.
“Not yet buddy.”  He said.  Suddenly, the night air was filled with
gun fire as somebody began spraying the car with bullets.
“MOVE IT!”  Chance yelled as they just managed to leap away from car
before it exploded.  They ran and hid behind another car.  However, they didn’t
stay long, for that one was also blown up.  The next five minutes saw Chance and
Jake running from car to car, as each one was blown up.
“CHANCE.”  Jake yelled out as he ran for cover as the car he was hiding
behind was just blown sky high.  “I think I can see who’s shooting at us.  I need
you to draw his fire so I can get a clear shot.”  Chance nodded.
“Whatever you’re planning on doing, you’d better do it fast.”  Chance said,
as he ran from out from behind another car.  “We’re running out of cars.”
Jake ran over to another car; he pulled his gun out and looked up at the
windows.  The flash from the gun at the windows called out to him like a beacon.
He jumped as the car he was hiding behind exploded.  As he jumped, he took careful
aim, and pulled the trigger.

“ARGH!”  Rex screamed, as a bullet slammed into his right leg.  He dropped
to the ground, firing wildly all the way.
“Watch it you fool.”  Dark Kat growled, as a bullet nearly clipped his ear.
He looked down into the streets, to see the two Enforcers running to the door
of the bank.  He rubbed his chin, his job here was done.  “It was time we decided to
make our selves vanish, huh Rex?”  Rex just looked at him, still clutching his right
“Any time would be great boss.”

“We’re in.”  Jake said, as he blasted the door open.  Both he and Chance ran
into the main room of the bank.  They looked around, to see nothing.
“Where did they all go?”  Chance asked.  Jake looked around.
“What’s that?”  Jake hissed, as they heard a low beeping sound, coming from
the vault.  They both crept towards the vault and went in to see what was
in there.  There was a small t.v. with a large box underneath it.  The t.v. flashed
to life, revealing the strangest-looking kat both Chance and Jake had seen.
“What the hell are you?!”  Chance asked the figure on the screen.  The stranger
smiled at the both, revealing his razor sharp teeth.
“Allow me to introduce myself.”  He said to their surprised faces.  “My name
is Dark Kat.”  Chance pulled a face.
“Dark Kat?”  He said.  He looked over at Jake.  “What kind of name is that?”
Dark Kat didn’t move.
“What’s your game Dark Kat!”  Jake demanded pointing his finger at the screen.
Dark Kat began to laugh.
“What I’m doing in Megakat City is my own business, but I will tell you this.”
He stopped laughing.  “I will rule this city, and no one, not even you, can stop me.”
He leaned back, so they could see nearly all of his massive frame.  “So I suggest
you don’t bother trying.  If you wish to try and stop me, so be it.  However.”  He
raised his open paw, so that they could see it.  “All forms of resistance will be
meet with a swift and crushing blow.”  He closed his paw quickly, as if crushing
an invisible egg.  “You have been warned Enforcers.”  He leaned closer to the
screen, so they could only see his yellow, glowing eyes.  “Goodnight, and I will
leave you with this message.”  He leaned back so only his head could be seen.
“The reign of Dark Kat begins, tonight.  Soooooo, let’s start this party with a
bang!”  His face disappeared to show an hour glass.  His voice continued, in a
strange way.  “10, 9, 8, 7….”  Jake’s eye’s widened with horror.
“Crud.”  He cried grabbing Chance, who hadn’t caught on.  “The whole place
is wired to blow!”  They both ran out the door, just as Dark Kat’s voice
counted down to 0.  There was a massive explosion, as the first two floors of
the building were vaporized.  The rest of the building collapsed leaving only a
smoking pile of rubble.  Both Jake and Chance looked at each other.
“We’ve got one major problem on our hands buddy.”  Was all Chance said.
Just then, the sound of choppers could be heard.  They both looked to the sky, to
see five Enforcer choppers arriving on the scene.
“Oh, now they decide to turn up.”  Jake said, a tad bit annoyed.  They
watched as they landed, and they were greeted by Commander Feral, who didn’t look
at all pleased.
“What the hell happened here?!”  Feral demanded looking at the twenty
damaged cars, and the remains of Megakat Savings.
“Some freak calling himself Dark Kat sir.”  Jake said.  “He broke into the
building and proceeded to fire on us.”  Feral looked at the damaged cars, and his
eyes fell upon the remains of chopper 24.
“How did you manage to lose your aircraft?”  He said through his teeth.
Chance stepped forward, Jake shook his head and closed his eyes praying not
only Chance that wouldn’t get thrown off the force, but get the both of them
fired as well.
“The psycho had heat-seeking missile launchers in the building.”  Feral
looked at him.  “Sir.”  Chance finished.  Feral looked at the remains of the
“It doesn’t look like it was hit by a missile.”  He said.
“That’s because I managed to avoid most of the impact….sir.”  Feral looked
back at the two Enforcers, then at the chopper.
“A likely story.”  He said.  Chance’s eye’s bulged.  Jake prayed even harder.
“SIR!”  Chance cried out.  Feral stopped him.
“I don’t care if you did, or didn’t crash, or whether or not there was a kat
called Dark Kat, all I care about is what I’m going to say to the mayor when I tell
him that there’s about twenty five thousand dollars worth of damage, both civilian
and city owned.”  He lowered his face towards the two kats.  “Mark my word.”  He said,
lowering his voice.  “If there is another repeat of this action, ever, you’ll both
find yourselves off the force, and in more trouble than you can poke a stick at!”
And with that, he was gone.
“A likely story.”  Chance mocked.  Jake patted him on the shoulder.
“Just keep your temper at bay Chance.”  He said calmly.  “Just until we nail
this Dark Kat, then you can let it all out on him.”  Chance settled down.
“Ahh.”  He said.  “Your probably right.”  Together, they both walked off for

Katscratch turned of the water and grabbed a towel.  Too bad about Dark Kat
he thought, but he knew as well as anyone it wasn’t healthy to step out of line.
Katscratch hadn’t gotten where he was today by being a nice kat.   He remembered
how he watched the video surveillance of Dark Kat planning against him.  He had to get
rid of that wacko quick, he was too ambitious.  He put on his gown, and headed into
his private bedroom.  Just then, the telephone rang.  Katscratch frown.  No one was
supposed to ring him on his private line, and very few kats knew that number.  He
walked over to the phone and picked it up.
“Hello?”  He said.
“I’m still alive.”  Katscratch nearly had a heart attack.
“D….Dark Kat?”  He said.
“Uh huh.”  Dark Kat said from the other side.  Katscratch couldn’t believe
it.  Dark Kat was supposed to be in jail.  How could he be still free, and what did
he want now?  Katscratch decided it was best to play it safe.
“Oh thank goodness you’re still alive.”  He said, with all the sincerity he
could muster.  “I’d thought you’d been….”
“Captured?”  Dark Kat cut in.  “Is that what you heard?”  He lowered his
voice.  “You set me up, you lying double crossing son of a bitch!”  Katscratch
realised it was no use pretending.
“Your life won’t be worth spit Darkson.”  He said.  “You’re uncontrollable,
you destroyed the Mange mob trying to take control, and you would probably have tried
to do the same to me, what was I supposed to do, sit back and watch you take away
my life’s work?”  He could almost here Dark Kat smile.
“Oh ho.”  He chuckled.  You’re right about that, but I’ve been dead once
already, oh it’s quite liberating.”  He lowered his voice to a growl.  “You just have
to think of it as therapy.”  Katscratch got nervous.
“What are you going to do Dark Kat?”  He said.
“I’m going to kill you.”  He said back.  “I’m going to literally kill you.
I’m going to strangle you, and cut off your air supply.  But first.”  He paused for a
second to create a dramatic pause.  “I’m going to ruin you.”  Katscratch listened
with open ears.  “I’m going to bust up all your business, then I’m going to take out
the one thing that protects this city, then the city will be mine to control.”
Laughing, he hung up the phone.

The next week was filled with the highest crime wave the city had ever seen.
Dark Kat had kept his promise about ruining Katscratch.  By attacking all of
Katscratch’s business, Katscratch began to lose money, fast.  Already kats were doing
business with Dark Kat instead of Katscratch.  By the end of the week.  Katscratch’s
business had been driven into the ground.  All that was left was the Mange’s old gang.
He had managed to keep that afloat.
“….And in other news, the mysterious villain calling himself Dark Kat,
has struck again.  This time at West Avenue Fish Markets in the West Docks…..”  That
was all the T.V. managed to say before it was wrenched out of it’s socket and thrown
against the wall.
“How much did he take me for this time.”  Katscratch said to an aid.
The aid  hesitated a bit.
“Two hundred thousand boss.”  He said.
“I don’t believe it.”  Katscratch kept saying over, and over again.  “How
could he be doing this?”  His lackeys shrugged.
“Don’t ask me boss.”  One of them said.  “You just paid me to look after
you, not figure out criminal master minds.”  Katscratch sighed.  Idiots.

Dark Kat on the other hand was enjoying himself, and having quite the time.
He walked over to the five glass tubes, containing creeplings.  He smiled as he
watched them squirm in the tanks.  He had managed to build up a little empire, pretty
fast in the past week.  He now had approximately twenty members in his group including
the original seven Katscratch had given him.  He now had his own private airforce,
containing only six Long Bow helicopters, but the pilots were the best he’d ever seen.
Plus he had fifteen other kats in his army which he used for raids on Katscratch’s
business.  He smiled to himself, remembering how that wacko Hard Drive had located
all of Katscratch’s dealing fronts on the net.  From then onwards, it was a piece
of cake.  He turned to Hard Drive who was busy working on his lap top computer.
“Got any good news for me Hard Drive?” Hard Drive turned around with a
large cheesy grin on his face.
“Do you want the good news, or the good news?”  Dark Kat smiled.  Things
were definitely going his way.
“Surprise me.”  He said.  Hard Dive turned back to the computer.
“Well,”  He started off with.  “I managed to convert all the money you gave
me, into that secret Swiss bank account for you, so you’re still rich, and can pay
us.”  He pressed a button, and brought up a rather sleek looking jet.  “And two,
that fighter jet of yours has come in.  Along with the fire bombs you ordered.”
Dark Kat looked at the jet, his smiled widening all the way.
“With this power, I can destroy the justice machine that protects this city.”
He pushed a button on Hard Drive’s computer.  Hard Drive whistled.
“That’s a pretty big target.”  He said, as he looked at the picture of
Enforcer Headquarters.  Dark Kat laughed out loud.

“All right!”  Chance cried out as he looked at the roster for today.  “We’ve
got our own jet buddy.”  Jake looked at the board himself, and couldn’t help smiling.
“When are we on?”  Jake asked Chance.  Chance looked at the roster.
“Eleven o’clock.”  He said.  He put his paw on Jake’s shoulder.  “Want to go
grab a burger before our shift?”  He said.  Jake smiled.
“Sure.”  He said.

“All right, listen up.”  Dark Kat and the leader of his fighter squadron
were going over the controls to the jet Dark Kat had purchased.  “This controls
your speed, and this controls your flaps, got it?”  Dark Kat was going to fly
this mission, personally.  The flight leader went over all the controls with him.
“Now, you’re ready for your flight.”  He got up to go.  Then he turned back.  “My
kats will be delivering the missiles some time today.  Do you want any specific
time, for them to be delivered by?”
“I need to be up and running before eleven o’clock.  That’s when I take off.”

Chance and Jake got off the elevator and stepped out into the hanger.  They
looked at all the aircraft the Megakat City Enforcers had to offer.  Jets, helicopters.
Chance sighed.  He felt like a like kitten in a candy store.  He stopped daydreaming
when the hanger supervisor approached him.  He looked at the two kats, then at his
“Lt. Commander Jake Clawson?”  Jake nodded.  He looked at Chance.
“Lt. Commander Chance Furlong.”  Chance said.  He handed them the clipboard,
and a pen.  “Sign here.”  He said.  Jake and Chance signed themselves in, like they
always did with their helicopter.  “Third from the left.”  He said, when they handed
back the clipboard.  “Jet 16.”  He said.  They walked over to their jet, and looked
at it.
“Let’s take her out.”  Chance said.  They hopped in the cockpit, and piloted
the plane towards the lift.  They reached the lift, they went straight up, and were
transported to the runway.
“Jet 16.”  The control tower said to them thought their mikes.  “You are
clear for take off.”
“Roger that control tower.”  Chance replied.  “We are ready for take off.”
He went over the final systems checks, and started up the engine.  The rocket booster
exploded with fire as the jet was pushed forward down the runway.  “Yahoo!”  Chance
screamed as he pulled up on the control stick and the jet left the runway and was
airborn above the city.
“Ahh Chance.”  Jake said to him thought the mike.  “You do remember our true
purpose up here don’t you?”  Chance sighed.
“Yeah, yeah.”  He complained.  “We’re testing the plane.  Just giving it
exercise.”  He growled at the fact that they had been given this assignment as
punishment for the incident back at the bank, one week ago, when they first encountered
that villain, Dark Kat.  The fact that every one knew about him was the reason they
got off lightly.  “Well.”  Chance said.  “I’m putting it though a work out!”  He
screamed out for joy as he pulled on the control stick making the jet do a barrel

Dark Kat went over all the controls again with the Flight leader, before
finally taking off.
“You are clear to go boss.”  The Flight leader said.  Dark Kat fired up
the booster, and was propelled forward at a tremendous speed.  He jerked hard on the
control stick in order not to hit a warehouse.  Especially with the pay load he was
carrying.  He flew around for a while just to get the hang of things, before flying
off for the centre of the city.

Jake tapped his radar for the third time.  It wasn’t malfunctioning.  He
turned on his headset mike so that he could talk to his partner.
“This may sound strange Chance.”  Jake said.  “But I’m picking up an
unregistered aircraft, heading at maximum speed towards us.”  Chance checked his
“You’re not crazy buddy.”  He said.  “I’m picking it up on my radar as
well.”  Jake looked at the blip approaching them rather fast.
“I’m going to attempt radio contact.”  Jake said.  He fiddled with his mike
a bit, then turned it on.  “Attention unknown aircraft.”  He said.  “This is Lt.
Commander Jake Clawson of the Megakat City Enforcers.  Identify yourself at once.”
They were greeted with a most unpleasant response.
“Why Lt. Commander Clawson.”  Dark Kat said.  “How good it is to see you
again.”   Both kats eye’s widened.
“Dark Kat!”  They both cried at the same time.
“Ahh.”  Dark Kat said.  “You still remember me.”
“What do you want now you psycho?”  Chance demanded.
“Why, I’m just sightseeing over this city.”  Dark Kat lied.
“What do you think we are.”  Jake demanded.  “Stupid?”
“Bingo.”  Dark Kat said.  “Catch me if you can.”
“HOLY KATS!!”  Chance screamed as Dark Kat’s jet nearly collided with theirs.
“He’s going to pay for that.”  Chance growled as he swung the jet around to follow
Dark Kat.  Jake turned on his mike and radioed for help.
“This is Lt. Commander Jake Clawson of jet 16.”  He said into the mike.  “We
are currently in pursuit of a dangerous rogue fighter jet heading easterly passing
though quadrant 4.  Request back up.”
“Roger that jet 16.”  Came the reply.  “Jet’s 3 and 20 are in the air near
your position.  They’re on their way.”  Jake turned off his mike and prepared his
weapons guidance systems.  “We’ve got a problem buddy.”  He said to Chance.  “We
didn’t come up here expecting to find this guy.”  Chance turned around to face his
partner in the back.
“What do you mean by that?”  He asked.
“I mean that we’re short of missiles.”  Came the reply.  “We only have two.”
Chance didn’t say anything negative.
“Then I guess we’re going to have to make them count.”  They followed Dark
Kat through the city.  They chased him under bridges, and around buildings.  Their
back up arrived, but they were having a hard time trying to keep up with them.

“Listen you guys.”  The pilot of jet 3 said to them.  “You kats are exceeding
the maximum speed these jets can take.  And Dark Kat is still going faster than
“We already know that Fred.”  Chance answered back.  “But we can take it.”
They followed Dark Kat around another building.  Jet 20 nearly sideswiped it.
“Chance, Jake.”  He said.  “Let’m go, It’s too dangerous.”  Fred said into
his mike.
“Negative.”  Chance replied.  “We’re bringing Dark Kat in.  You guys get
yourselves some donuts.”  Dark Kat flew in between two buildings.  Jake and Chance
“You two are nuts!”  Fred cried into his mike, as he and Jet 20 just managed
to avoid the building.  “Breaking off pursuit.”  He said.  Chance watched the jets
fly off.  So much for back up.
“Roger that.”  Chance said.  “Leave it to us.  We’ll bring in that psycho,
even if it kills us.”  They came out of the buildings to see Dark Kat’s intended
target just up ahead.  It was Enforcer Headquarters.

Dark Kat stared at the Enforcer building coming up in front of him.
“Now I will destroy the justice machine that protects Megakat City.”  He
said, pushing the button that armed his missiles.

“Chance.”  Jake said.  “He’s locking missiles on to the new Enforcer
building.”  He brought the jet up to steady with Dark Kat’s.
“We gotta nail him now Jake!”  Chance said.
“No problemo.”  Jake said.  He waited until the light flashed up on the screen
telling him he had a lock.  “Missile deployed.”  He cried out.  Jake fired the
missile.  It flew through the air towards Dark Kat.  However, the missile approached
Dark Kat’s jet from the rear, being exposed to the jet’s flame coming out of the back
of the jet, the missile blew up before reaching it’s intended target.  However, the
missile didn’t explode without causing damage.  The whole rear of the jet was pouring
out a thick black smoke.
Dark Kat punched at the buttons with rage.
“NO!”  He cried.  “My missiles won’t fire!”  Jake watched as Dark Kat’s jet
began to slowly lose height as it began to let go a trail of thick black smoke.
“Knocked out his weapons systems!”  Jake cried out, throwing his paws in
the air.  Chance smiled.  “One more shot and Dark Kat is history.”  He steadied the
jet for another shot.  Just then, another jet appeared behind them.
“This is Feral.  Fall back you two.”  Feral’s voice floated over the radio.
“I’ll handle Dark Kat.”  Chance almost ripped the control stick out of it’s socket.
“Negative Commander Feral.”  He said back.  “We already
have our missiles locked.  It’s our tag!”  Feral wasn’t interested.
“I’m ordering you to back off.”  He growled into the mike.  Chance wasn’t in
the mood to take orders.
“I repeat sir.”  He said.  “We’ve got a lock.”  Feral didn’t answer that
time.  He was too mad at the fact that they ignored a direct order.  He was going to
have take Dark Kat down with two hotshots in the way.  With a burst of speed, Feral
engaged his boosters and over took the jet with Chance and Jake in it.
However, the maneuver was not without its cost.  G-forces pushed the
Commander back into his seat, so hard that for a second he lost control of his jet.
He tried to regain control, but it was too late.  The right wing of his jet, collided
with that of jet 16.  Jet 16, which was traveling faster than the speed of sound,
lost control, and fell into a tail spin.
“We’re out of the game Chance.”  Jake said, strapping on his parachute.
“We’ve gotta eject.”  Both Jake and Chance popped the canopy of the jet, and pulled
the lever which catapulted the two pilots out of their jet.  Unfortunately, jet 16
spiraled out of control and crashed on the runway of the Enforcer building at such a
high speed that the jet bounced along the runway, leaving bits and pieces of
itself behind.
The jet skidded along and slammed, head on, into the control tower with the
force of a speeding train.  The results were disastrous.  The fuel from the jet, and
all the other jets went off at the same time, creating one huge explosion.

The explosions caught the Commander’s eye, turning away to see the top of
the Enforcer building go up in smoke.  Growling silently he turned back to finish off
Dark Kat.
“HUH?!”  He cried out loudly.  Dark Kat’s jet had vanished from sight, leaving
only a slight trail of smoke to ever indicate he was ever there.  “Dark Kat’s
gone!”  He cried checking his radar.  He searched for any trace of Dark Kat’s ship,
but it had long gone.  “All because of those two young hotshots!”

Commander Feral, Jake Clawson, and Chance Furlong all looked up at the
smoking remains of the Enforcer runway.  After two hours, the building was still
burning fearlessly.
“Heck of a loss Jake.”  Chance said softly.  Jake nodded.
“Monumental disaster Chance.”  Jake said back.  Feral was burning with
“I’m glad you both agree.”  He said, waving a bill in front of them both.
“Because this is the last act of vandalism you’ll ever perform on this city.”
Chance walked forward slowly to face the Commander.
“It was our tag Commander.”  He growled.  “None of this would have happened
if you hadn’t interfered, sir.”  Feral lost it.
“THAT”S IT!!”  He cried, pointing at them.  “You’re off the force, both of
you.”   They both took off their helmets and turned around.
“Suits us.”  They both said at the same time.  Throwing their helmets over
their shoulders as they walked away.
“Yea.”  Chance said.  “Who needs this crud anyway.”  Feral watched as they
walked away.  However, he still had a bone to pick with them.
“Just a minute.”  He cried.  “I said you’re off the force, but not off the
hook!”  Both Jake and Chance stopped and gulped.  “There’s still the matter of
paying for this building, which you two will be doing for a long, long time.”
Both Jake and Chance turned around.
“How?”  Jake asked.  “We’re out of a job, were only qualified for flying
jets, how are we going to pay for the damages?”  Feral smiled, a rather sly-looking
“I’ve got just the job in mind.”  He said with a grin.  “It’s so easy, even
you’ll be able to handle it.”

Chance and Jake pulled up at the number Feral had given them.  The Megakat
City Salvage Yard.  Chance groaned.  Just then, a rather rude sounding voice exploded
behind them.
“Hay look Burk.”  Murry jeered.  “It’s those two hotshots who wrecked the new
Enforcer building.”  Both kats laughed.
“Don’t look so hot now, do they?”  The bigger kat said.  Both Burk and Murry
broke up into fits of hysterical laughter.  They walked over, and past the two
kats.  Burk tossed them a set of keys.  “Feral says you guys have gotta run the Salvage
Yard, until you pay back every penny it costs to rebuild the new Enforcer building.”
They got into a dump truck.
“Yea.”  Murry laughed.  “And at your present salary, it’ll only take a thousand
years.”  They both laughed out loud.  Burk leaned out the window.
“Take care of the place now boys.”  He said.  Murry leaned over Burk so that
he could insult them as well.
“We’ll be checking up on you’s.”  They both laughed out loud as they speed off.
Chance on the other hand was boiling mad.  He walked towards the building at the other
end of the yard, which was obviously their new home, since they had been evicted from
their upstate apartments.
“This can’t be happening!”  He yelled out kicking some scrap metal out of his
way.  “We’re pilots, not junk kats.”  Jake walked over to calm him down, but something
else caught his eye, he stared at the wing Chance had just kicked out of his way.  He
looked around the yard, noting what was in it.  Engines, wings, whole planes.  Ever
since he and Chance had joined the Enforcers, they had wanted to do things their way.
Maybe now, they’d get the chance.  He bent down, and picked up the piece of wing.
“Ya know Chance.”  He said, looking at the wing.  “There’s enough military
salvage here to build our own jet.”  Chance picked up a giant screw.
“And do what?”  He cried.  Jake smiled at him.
“Get back in the air, and get back at Dark Kat.”  He said.  “And at every
other criminal scum who rear their heads in Megakat City.”  He gave a dramatic
pause.  “And this time.”  He grinned from ear to ear.  “We do it our way.”  Chance
grinned back at him.
“Well, what are we waiting for buddy?”  He said.  Both he and Jake slapped
paws.  They turned around.
“Now,” Jake said, looking at their new house.  “We’d better move in.”  Chance
sighed as he picked up his stuff from the car and walked over to the new building.
They opened the door to find a complete mess.  “Home sweet home.”  Jake said, looking
around the place.  The whole place looked like something you’d find in a ghost movie.
Chance’s face dropped.
“You know, I hope this jet of ours works, cause I’m going to be bored out of
my skull.”

An hour ago….

Dark Kat struggled with the controls to bring in his jet.  That blasted missile
also knocked out his landing gear, and he was going to bring in the jet on it’s belly.
“Steady, steady….”  The flight leader was saying to him over the radio.  Dark
Kat was bringing the jet in for a landing, trying desperately to lower the landing
gear, about thirty seconds before he hit the ground the landing gear lowered.  “Look
out!”  He cried as the jet began to lose control.  Dark Kat wrestled with the controls,
putting on the breaks, and finally bring the jet to a screeching halt.  Kats ran
towards the jet from every direction, spraying fire extinguishes on the smoking rear
end of the damaged jet.  Dark Kat got up out of his seat slowly, and walked outside to
be greeted by the flight leader.
“Well.”  He asked.  “How did it go?”  Dark Kat didn’t look at him, he just kept
on walking, until he was inside his headquarters.
“I have never been that humiliated before in my entire life.”  Dark Kat growled
to Hard Drive.  Hard Drive gulped.
“I take it it went really bad.”  He said.  Dark Kat just shook his head.
“If not for those two Enforcers, I’d have Megakat City in the palm of my
paws.”  He clenched his fists.  “However.”  He said, smiling.  “They did
manage to cause quite a lot of damage to the Enforcer building just by themselves,
but it wasn’t what I had in mind.”  He sighed, and walked over to the row of five
glass tubes.  “How long until they will be ready?”  Dark Kat asked the kat in the
white lab coat.  The kat turned around to face him.
“If everything goes according to what we’ve predicted.”  He flipped over
a few pages on his clipboard.  “They should be ready by tomorrow.”  Dark Kat
“Excellent.”  Dark Kat said.  “I want them ready for when we pull off
operation Lighting.”  He looked at everyone who was walking around the building,
doing what he had paid them for.  Everything was working out, except for blowing
up the Enforcer building, but he had severally damaged the Enforcer’s air force
enough  so that he would have air superiority for operation Lighting to be able
to proceed.

“Hay Jake.”  Chance called out.  “Come see what I’ve found, you’ll never
guess.”  Jake walked over to where Chance was standing.  He was looking at an old
pile of discarded wings.  Jake looked at what Chance was doing, he was pulling away
the scrap metal.
“Whatcha got?”  Jake asked, narrowly dodging a wing piece that Chance threw
over his shoulder.  Chance looked over at Jake.
“See for yourself Jake.”  He said, stepping back for his partner to have a
look.  “It looks like some sort of tunnel.”  Jake had a look.  It appeared to
be a tunnel, running down under the ground at a forty five degree angle.
“What the hell is a tunnel doing in a salvage yard?”  Jake said, pulling
away some scrap metal to make room for himself and Chance to get down into the
“Beats the heck out of me Jake.”  Chance said, as he and Jake, jumped down
into the tunnel.  “By the looks of things, it’s been around for years.”  Jake
turned on the small flashlight he had with him and shown it on the walls.
“This looks like a runway Chance.”  Jake said.  “But were does it lead?”
They walked along the tunnel looking at all the markings on the wall.  Finally,
they got to the end of the tunnel, and they were amazed.
“Whoa!”  Chance said.  “Look at this place, it’s HUGE!”  They looked all
around the huge room.  The whole room was fill with ammunition, bombs, guns, and
electrical equipment, all rusted over, and covered with dust, and cobwebs.
“There must be a power box around here somewhere.”  Jake said, flashing the
light around, until he finally found one.  He checked over the box, everything was
outdated, but it still worked.  “Let there be light.”  Jake said, pulling the switch.
The lights came on to reveal a huge underground hanger, now revealing what looked to
be about fifty bi-planes.  They all sat in a row of ten, one behind the other, all
rusted over with age.
“There’s an entire airbase down here Jake.”  Chance said.  Jake spotted a
rather large elevator in the middle of the room.
“Lets see where that leads to.”  Jake said walking over to the elevator.  When
they were standing on the platform, they realised it was an elevator for the planes.
They threw the switch, and the elevator went up.  They looked around the second floor.
It looked like a command post.   Computers, radar, desks, and gym equipment were all
spread out throughout the room.
“You know Chance.”  Jake said.  “I think you’re right about the air base.”
Chance looked confused.
“Huh?”  was all he said.  Jake smiled.
“Didn’t you ever study history?”  Chance shrugged.
“I failed history.”  He said softly.  Jake grinned.
“I’ll fill in the details.”  He looked around the room again.  “During the
peak of the second Mega War, when it looked as if Megakat City would be invaded, the
military began constructing underground airbases to be hidden from the constant
bombing they received.  Many of them were huge successes.”  Chance began to smile.
“Now I remember.”  He butted in.  “They constructed several underground
airbases outside Megakat City; they were proven during the battle of Megakat
City, when the air force stopped the invasion fleet.”  He slapped his forehead.
“How could I forget that, that’s when the Red Lynx was shot down, by the Blue Manx.”
He looked around the room.  “I guess they forgot to dismantle this one.”  Jake
“They probably didn’t need to Chance.”  Jake said.  “Remember how after the
war ended, they dumped all of that military equipment into the ocean because they
didn’t need it any more.”  He flashed the light on the radar screen.  “Maybe they
couldn’t be bothered dismantling this one, so they left it to rot.”  Chance walked
over to the control panel.  He blew at the screen sending the dust flying into the
air.  He choked loudly.
“With a little spring cleaning, we could turn this place into our base of
operations.”  Chance said.  Jake smiled.
“Of course we’ll have to upgrade all the equipment here.”  Jake said.  “After
forty-two years I think that all of this equipment would be useless to us
by now.”
“Jake!”  Chance called out.  “Get a look at this.”  Jake walked over to where
Chance was at the control panel.  “It’s a radar map of the whole city.  Must have been
used to monitor air traffic.”  The whole radar panel was old, bulky, and very out of
date.  Chance flipped the switch to turn it on, not expecting anything to happen.
He was surprised when the radar bleeped to life, and began to monitor the air traffic
over Megakat City.
“After all this time.”  Jake said.  “It still works.”
“Hay look Jake.”  Chance said, pointing to a certain location on the map.
“All those aircrafts in that area are at Enforcer Headquarters.”  Jake rubbed his
“How can it still be running?”  He thought for a moment, then snapped his
fingers.  “Of course.”  He cried out.  He turned to Chance.  “Hay Chance, remember
how you saw that dish on top of the house and you thought that we had cable, and
you were really cheezed off when you found out that we didn’t?”  Chance grumbled,
not wanting to be reminded of his short-lived dream.  “Well, I think that must be
our radar dish.”  Chance shrugged.
“Makes sense.”  He said.  “So when should we get started on fixing this
place up?”  A piece of roof fell down, nearly missing Jake.
“How about right NOW!”

The next day…

Jake and Chance looked up at the newly hung sign above the front gate.
‘Jake and Chance’s Garage.’ it read.
“By re-opening the garage here,”  Jake said to Chance.  “Were bound to make
a lot more money than we are now.”  Chance rubbed his chin.
“I don’t know.”  he said.  “I still think my name should have come first.”
Jake rolled his eyes.  Just then, the sound of a car pulling up floated to
their ears.  They looked outside, to see a green car, coming to a stop.  The door
opened, and out got Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs.
“Hi guys.” She said walking towards them.  “How are you both doing?”  Chance
stared dreamily at her.  Jake waved back.
“Were doing fine now, Miss.”  Jake said.  “We’ve just reopened the old garage
to make a few extra bucks.”  Callie smiled.
“That’s the reason for my visit”  She said.  “I was hoping that I could
drop my car off to you guys tomorrow.  His honour, the Mayor, borrowed my car
to do a publicity campaign, and now it’s making funny noises.”  Chance opened his
mouth to say something but all that came out was a low hum.
“We’ll be glad to fix your car Miss…uhh.”
“Briggs.”  Callie said.
“Hay you’re the Deputy Mayor.”  Jake said.  Callie nodded
“The one and only.”  She said.  She looked over at Chance, who was still in his
trance.  “Who’s your friend?”  She asked.
“This is my best buddy, Chance Furlong.”  Jake said, slapping him on the back,
which broke Chance out of his trance.
“And this is Jake Clawson.”  Chance said, patting Jake on the back.    “We’ll
have your car fixed in no time.”  Chance walked Callie to the gate.  “We’ll see you
tomorrow then?”  He asked.  Callie smiled.
“See you then, Chance.”  She said, waving goodbye to him.  Chance just stood
there, with a stupid grin on his face, as he watched Callie drive off.  Jake walked
up to Chance.
“If I didn’t know any better.”  Jake said, watching the car drive off.  “I’d
say you  liked her.”  Chance didn’t say anything.  Jake shook his head.  “Come on
Romeo.”  He said, pulling Chance along by the collar of his shirt.  “I think I’ve just
spotted a really good looking engine for our jet.”
Chance helped Jake take the engine down to the underground hanger.  They
dropped it down, next to the other spare parts they had salvaged for their new jet.
Jake looked up at the half-constructed jet.  It was just an outer shell, with a few
gadgets on the inside.  They yet had to put in the engines, and all the other
electrical equipment it needed.
“It ain’t much, but it’s a start.”  Jake said, looking up at the jet.
“What are we going to use for uniforms?”  Chance asked.  Jake shrugged.
“I don’t know,” he said, “we’ll solve that problem when we get to it.”
“What are we going to do about weapons?”  Jake threw his paws into the air.
“I don’t know, what do I look like, the answer kat?”  He looked back up at
the jet.  “One thing at a time Chance, let’s concentrate on building the jet first.”
They both heard a motor bike pull up outside, and a whistle blow.
“Mail kat’s here.”  Chance said.  Jake climbed up the ladder they’d built
for easy access to the hanger, and went outside to get the mail.  He later came
back down.
“Look’s like we got our first pay check buddy.”  He said.  “I’m going down
to Megakat Savings to deposit these checks, wanna come?”  Chance was looking
the engine over, he didn’t look up, but just shook his head.  Jake climbed back up
the ladder and drove off to the bank.

At that moment, somewhere in the city, plans were being made.  A green van
was parked outside the movie complex.  The kat in the drivers seat, was looking at
his watch, as if he were waiting for something.  He saw a black van drive past,
down the street, and turn left.  The driver of the green van started up the engine,
and drove off in the same direction as the black van.

The bank, was as usual, crowded.  Jake had nearly waited almost five minutes
in line, and there were still thirteen other kats still in front of him.  He sighed.
“Jake, Jake Clawson?!”  Jake turned his voice in the direction of the female
kat who had called out his name.  It was Deputy Mayor Briggs.
“Miss Briggs?!”  Jake said to her as she walked over to him.  “What brings
you here?”  She smiled.
“Taking care of the Mayor’s business.”  She said.  “Seeing that all the city
workers are fully paid.”  Jake smiled to himself, and patted the cheques in his
“I think they already have.”
Just then, the front door to the bank was kicked open, and what looked like
ten kats in grey flying suits, black balaclarvers bust into the room.  The leader
fired two shots into the air.
“Aright.”  He screamed out in a German accent.  “Every body vill lie down
on zah floor and be quite.”  He turned to the others and said something in German
to them.  They nodded and began to spread out through out the bank.  The leader looked
at all the terrified customers, he looked all around the bank, making sure that his
kats had fully secured the security.  Had he looked to his left a few seconds
earlier, he would have seen the door to the male’s toilets close.  Jake splashed
water on his face, and looked at himself in the mirror.
“This can’t be happening.”  He was saying over and over again.  He walked over
to the door, and opened it slightly.  The robbers looked like professionals; they
had barred up the door, and were getting everyone to step into the main vault.
“Over zhere.”  A kat said, pointing in Jake’s direction.  The leader turned
towards the door, and this time, saw it close.  He then turned to a kat standing
near him.
“Kill him.”  He said.  The kat ran over to the door and walked inside.
He looked around the room, there was nobody in here.  He looked over at the toilet
doors, they were all closed.  He sprayed the first door with bullets, and kicked it
open.  Nothing.  He walked to the second door, and sprayed it with bullets, then
kicked it open.  Nothing again.  He proceeded down the line of doors spraying them
and kicking them open, to find nothing.  Finally, he got to the last door.  There
were shoes just behind the door.  He smiled.
“If you come out now, I promise I von’t hurt you.”  He said.  There came no
reply.  “Very vell,” he said, “have it your vay.”  He pumped the door full of
bullets and kicked open the door.  It was empty.  The kat looked at the empty space
and the bullet ridden shoes with his jaw hanging open.  “Nein.”  He said.  Just then,
the metal grate above him was kicked out, and the last thing he remembered was a
pair of feet heading right for his face.
“Lights out buddy.”  Jake said as the German kat was knocked out.  He looked
at the uniform he was wearing.  It was a grey flight suit.  He took off the kat’s
uniform and put it on, including the ski mask.  However, his shoes were beyond help.
Muttering to himself he threw them into the trash can.  He tried to put on the
kat’s boots, but they were too small.  “Just my luck.”  He said.  “Out of all the
terrorists in the world, I had to knock out one with feet smaller than my own
mother’s.”  He tossed them into the trash can, and walked towards the door.  He
opened it a little to see what was going on outside.  The bank robbers were
piling the cash into large wooden boxes and moving them outside, to the back exit.
One kat was locking the front door, placing a sign on it reading… ‘Closed due to
worker sickness.’  The leader kat was watching everything with pleasure.  He called
over another kat.
“Go see vhat’s takink Hans so long.”  The kat nodded and began to walk towards
Jake’s hiding spot.
The kat walked towards the door, but when he was about to open the door, it
was kicked open, and knocked him out.  Everyone spun their heads towards the door to
see some kat dressed in a grey flight suit with a black ski mask.  The strange kat
fired off his machine gun at the lights hanging from the ceiling.  They fell down
and smashed on the ground near two of the bank robbers.  They jumped out of the way
to avoid the shattering glass.
There was a lot of yelling and running around, but nobody was doing
“KILL HIM!!”  The leader kat screamed.  The robbers all reacted to that
order.  They aimed their guns at Jake, and fired off a volley of rounds.  Thanks to
Jake’s Enforcer training, he managed to dodge the gun fire before returning with
some of his own.  Some of the guards fell to the ground clutching either their arms
or legs.  Others had their guns shot out of their paws.  “Vould somebody please
kill him!”  The leader shouted.  The terrorists were slow to respond.
“Paws in the air, NOW!”  Jake shouted, aiming his gun at the remaining
terrorists.  They dropped their guns, and raised their paws.
“Idiots.”  The kat said as he ran for the back door.  Just then the door
burst open, and there was an Enforcer.  She raised her gun.
“Lt. Feral, you’re under arrest.”  The German kat slowly raised his paws.
Jake slowly began to slip backwards into the toilets.  He grabbed his other clothes,
and slipped out through the window.
Meanwhile, Callie Briggs, got up of the floor, and looked around, as the
Enforcers began moving though the crowd, and arresting the terrorists.  Suddenly,
she remembered something.
“Jake?”  She called out, but he was nowhere to be seen.  She looked around
some more.  When she couldn’t see him, and she saw other kats leaving, she thought
Jake must have left as well.  There was no way in hell he could have been that
brave to be that heroic kat who foiled the robbery.

Chance was sitting at the breakfast table, when Jake walked up to him,
holding a newspaper.  Jake sat down and shoved the front page in Chance’s face.
“Hay watch it will ya.”  He complained.  “I’m trying to eat here.”
“Look at this will you buddy.”  Chance sighed, and read the front line.
“Terrorists, terrorised.  Bank robbery foiled by a masked kat.”  The picture
showed a kat in a grey flight suit and a black balaclarver holding a machine gun.
“That was you?”  Jake nodded.
“Yesterday, I got my first taste of crimefighting, and I like it.”  He
thought about something else.  “Although we need something better than a machine
“You’re the genius buddy.”  Chance said, going back to his bowl of cereal.
“I’ll let you figure that one out.”

Jake climbed down the newly installed ladder, and had a look at the weapons
depot.  Missiles, bullets, bombs, and grappling hooks, lay in front of him, not
to mention a blank blackboard.  Jake worked long into the day and night, coming
up with many ideas.  He came up with different types of weapons, but he eventually
made too many to carry, so he began to work on a more portable, handheld device
that could carry everything.   One was based on a rocket launcher, but when he
built a prototype, it jammed, short circuited, and, finally, fell to pieces.
Next he built a backpack, with the weapons in it, and they come out
attached to a cable, and could go back into the backpack.  The only trouble with
that one was when he was practising with it in the salvage yard, he got tangled
up in all the cables, and fell into a small pool of water, and had to let the
backpack sink to the bottom of the pool, or be drowned.
Jake then build a suit, to carry all the weapons on it; it would be bullet
proof, laser proof, and blast proof, or at least that’s what he hoped it to be.
The bullets went right though the suit, and he wasn’t going to test it with bombs,
And, the whole thing ended up being to heavy to carry.  It took him nearly an hour
to get out of the suit, when it froze up, and wouldn’t budge.
An exhausted, wet, and a charcoal blacked Jake collapsed down onto the
couch as he gave up for the night.  He decided to soak up some t.v.
“Are you tired of carrying around all those tools?”  The t.v. said.
“Yes.”  Jake moaned, not paying attention.
“Are you the kind of handykat who has way too many tools, and needs something
to use them all in?” Jake sat up.
“Yes.”  He said, as if the t.v. were talking to him.
“Then your problems are over.”  The kat said.  “Presenting the new
‘glove-o-tools’.”  The picture changed from the kat in the blue suit, to a
picture of a shiny-looking black and white glove.  The glove was rather big, and it
had a small box on top of it.  The voice continued.  “Your problems are over with
the new ‘glove-o-tools’  It’s every handykat’s dream.”
The picture changed from the glove, to a kat using the glove-o-tools.  “This
little baby has everything.”  The picture was of a kat cutting up some logs, very
badly, with a run down-looking axe..  “Don’t bother with an axe to get firewood…”
The scene changed again to the same kat, using the glove-o-tools.  There was a
buzzsaw sticking out of the top of it, cutting the log with ease.  “For the
glove-o-tools has everything you need….”
The pictures flashed to different kats, using the glove-o-tools for
different purposes.  “It has a drill, nail gun, power sander, nail remover, saw,
screw driver, everything the average handykat needs.”  Jake moved closer to the t.v.
“Now, I suppose you’re wondering, where can I buy this fine item?”  Jake nodded.
“Just call 555-6743, and have your credit card waiting, for this is a once in a
lifetime offer.  And, if you ring within the next thirty minutes of this add, you
can get another glove-o-tools, absolutely free!”
Jake didn’t hear what the kat had to say.  He was racing for the phone.

Two days later…

Jake rushed outside the moment the mail kat arrived.  Jake rushed inside,
to Chance who was watching t.v.
“It’s finally here Chance, it’s finally here!”  Jake was shouting over, and
over again.  Chance pushed him out of the way of the t.v.
“Would you mind, I’m watching Scaredy Kat.”  Jake sat down next to him, and
opened the box.  He pulled out two fancy-looking gloves.  Chance looked at them.
“What the hell are those things?”  Jake smiled as he put one on.
“Remember how you asked me about weapons, well, this is it buddy.”  Jake
said, activating the screw driver.  Chance watched it spin.
“Great.”  Chance said, turning back to the t.v.  “We’re going to save the
city from all those crooked builders who don’t fully tighten the screws.”
Jake turned off the t.v.  “Hay!”  Chance whined.  “I was watching that.”
“Will you just pay attention to what I have to say?”  Chance didn’t like
it, but he listened.  “Thank you.”  Jake said, then began whatever he was going
to say.  “I can easily take out the tools, and fix the weapons onto it, and we’ll
have our weapons.”
“Whatever.”  Chance said, then he raised the remote, and turned back on
the t.v.  Jake just shook his head, and headed for the underground hanger.  He
had work to do.

Jake Clawson spent most of the day working on the glove-a-tool.  He
attached missiles to it, lasers, a mini radar.  Finally, he put the finished
glove on his right paw and looked at it.  Newly painted blue and red he
aimed it all around the hanger, proud with his accomplishment.  He looked at the
trigger on the palm of his paw, and he aimed it at a cardboard cutout of a kat.
“Mini Tar-pedos, deploy!”  He shouted, and pushed the trigger.
Nothing happened.  He pushed the trigger five times, and nothing happened.  “What
the hell is wrong with you?”  Jake said, looking down the barrel of the
glove-a-tools to see why the missile wouldn’t fire.  He was rewarded with a face
full of tar.  Jake blinked a few times.  “Needs work.”  Was all he said.

Five days later…….

“You ready yet?”  Chance called out.
“Be out with you in a moment.”  Jake called out.  Chance groaned, and
sat patiently on the couch.  Jake said he’d managed to make their uniforms, and
their weapons.
“You gonna be any longer?!”  Chance called out again.  “I think I’m
getting a grey hair out here.”
“O.k., O.k.!”  Jake called out.  “I’m ready.”  Chance sighed.  Finally.
“Close your eyes.”  Jake said.  Grumbling, Chance obeyed.
“When can I open ’em?”  Chance asked.
“O.k.”  Jake said.  “Now you can.”  Chance opened his eyes.
“Are you meant to be a super hero, or a pilot?!”  Chance said as he saw Jake.
He wore a blue helmet with red strips on it.  He wore a blue and red G-Suit with
harnesses; he wore no shoes, and, on his right paw, sat a blue and red
bulky-looking glove.
Underneath the helmet, he wore a black mask, the one he’d taken from the
“Both.”  Jake said, as he turned around on the spot.  “We need to fly our
jet as well.  So I designed the costumes for both our needs.”
“What’s that on your paw?”  Chance asked, pointing at the Glove-o-tool.
“This?”  Jake said.  “Oh, this contains our weapons.”  He took it off, and
turned it around, so that Chance could see the whole thing.  “You just push this
little button on the side here.”  He said, indicating a small black button just
above the thumbs.  “You push that to activate whatever weapon you select.”  He
pointed to another button just beside the other one.  “And you push this one to cycle
through your weapons.”
“Oohhhhhhh!”  Chance cried, snatching the glove away from Jake.  “Let me
try?”  He put on the glove, and aimed it.  “Let’s see what weapons of destruction
you’ve made for us.”  He pushed the weapons select button, a few times, looking at
all the weapons this little gadget had to offer.  “Let’s see now.”  Chance said.
“Octopus Missile, Mini Tar-pedo’s, Match Head Missiles, Spider Missiles, Buzz Saw
Missiles, Grappling Hook, Buzz Saw Blade, Shields.  Mini Cement Launchers.”  He
turned to Jake.  “Not bad buddy.”  He said.  “Not bad at all.  I think this
super-hero business ain’t so bad after all.”
“I told you it was going to be good.”  Jake said.  He then held up another
suit.  “I made another suit for you too.”  Jake said, holding it out.
“Great.”  Chance said.  “Now, what do we call ourselves?”  Jake was stumped.
“I haven’t thought of that yet.”
“What do you mean, you haven’t thought of any names yet?”  Jake shrugged.
“I haven’t had the time to think of that part yet.”  He said.  “I thought
you were going to think up that part.”  Chance thought for a moment.
“Why not call ourselves…”  He waved his paws in the air, as writing invisible
writing.  “…The Kat Kommando’s.”  Jake just shook his head.
“Aren’t they your favourite super hero’s Chance?”  Jake said.
“I like the Kat Kommando’s.”  Chance said.
“Try harder Chance.”  Chance thought again.
“The Terrific Two?”
“Use a little more imagination.”
“How about, the Special Weapons And Tactics  Kats?!”  Jake thought for a
“Too long.”
“O.k.  Then how does this sound, The Avengers?”
“What kind of super-hero name is that?!”
“I don’t know, I just thought it would sound cool.”
“It sounds stupid.”
“Then, you come up with a name, Mr know-it-all.  I’m trying my hardest.”
“Oh sure, dump everything on me.”  Jake said.  “I’ve designed the jet, the
weapons, and the costume…”
“You didn’t design that suit, you just stole it from that robber, and dyed
it a different colour.  Then added that harness to it.”  Jake threw up his paws.
“All right, all right.”  He said.  “You come up with a name, I’ll work on
the jet.”
“Deal.”  Chance said.


Dark Kat got out of the shower, and stood in front of the mirror.  He then
began to comb his hair, as he tried to make himself look good.  He’d just dyed his
hair a blond colour, and then applied a brown dye colour to his fur.
Humming to himself, Dark Kat then finished combing his hair.  Then. pulled
on a rubber mask in order to hide his mouth, and placed two blue-coloured contact
lenses over his yellow eyes.  He blinked a few times, and looked at himself in
the mirror.
“Darkson, my boy.”  Dark Kat said.  “You look beautiful.”  Dark Kat now looked
like he did, when he was Darkson.  In fact, you couldn’t tell the difference.  He
smiled at the story he made up when he allowed himself to be found, three days after
that accident.  “Now.”  He said.  “My public awaits.”  He put on a grey business suit,
put on a white tie, black shoes, and walked out into the next room where Hard Drive
was waiting for him, dressed up like a bodyguard.  “How do I look?”  Dark Kat asked,
turning around.  Hard Drive flashed him the thumbs up.
“Like a nice guy.”  He said.  “You’ll fool anybody with looking like that.”
Dark Kat smiled.
“I’m soooooo good, at being bad.”  He then laughed out loud.
“Save the evil laugh until after the press speech boss.”  Hard Drive said.
“You don’t want to look evil, yet.”  Dark Kat smiled.
“Then let’s get this over and done with.”  He said.  “I want to look good
for my future subjects.”  They both laughed out loud, and left the room.

Later that night….

Jake had been working on the jet all that day.  He was pooped, and wanted
to relax.  He sat down on the couch, and turned on the t.v.  The news was on.
“…and that was the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  End quote.”
The news reader said.  “In later news, business kingpin, Robert Darkson, shocked
the business market today by announcing his running for Mayor of Megakat City.
When asked why, Robert had this to say.”  A picture appeared in the top lefthand
corner of the screen, and it suddenly grew to cover the whole screen.
Darkson was standing behind a podium with a kat dressed in black behind
him who looked like a body guard.
“I just wanted to run for mayor because I believe that I have something to
offer this city.  That I can make a difference, and clean up our fair city.  And,
with your help, I believe that I can make Megakat City a safer place to live.”
The camera then returned to the news room.
“And what a confident kat he is.”  The news kat said.  “However, when asked
about his reaction to the competition, Mayor Manx sent in a recorded message.”  The
screen changed to some writing on a blue screen as Mayor Manx’s voice was played.
“Ahh, there’s nothing like a little competition to make an election more
interesting.  I’m not worried about this Darkson chap one little bit.  In fact, he
should be more worried about me, after all, I haven’t lost an election in three
The camera changed back to the news room.
“It seems we have two confident competitors, who are ready to take on the
role of leadership, who will win?  Nobody knows, Join me at six for….”
Jake turned off the t.v.
These candidates just keep getting weirder and weirder.”  Was all he said.

Later at D.K. Electronics…..

“….And I’d like to thank you all for being a part of this.”  Darkson said to
the board.
“Here’s to your election campaign Darkson.”  John said as he raised his
glass.  “And to your selling of Megakat Biochemical.
“CHEERS!!”  They all shouted.  Darkson smiled.
“Cheers.”  He said.  Little did anyone realise, that he’d actually sold it to
someone who worked for him.  He still controlled what went on in there, but nobody
else knew that.
John finished his drink, and turned to Darkson.
“I tell you, it’s a wonder that you’re still alive after that explosion.”  He
said.  “I hate to be an I told you so, but I told you so.  That place was a disaster
from the start.”  Darkson shrugged.
“That’s one I owe you John.”  He said.  “But don’t let it go to your head.”
They both laughed.
“It’s been nice talking with you all, but I’ve got to get going.”  He said.
“I’ve got to prepare for a big debate tomorrow night at City hall.  The Mayor and I
will be discussing our terms, policies, and promises to the public.  The press will
be there, along with the heads of the Defense department.”  He smiled a sly smile.
“I’ve got to be prepared.”

The Next Day…

Chance and Jake both climbed down the ladder, and looked at the masterpiece.
The one thing that had taken up a lot of their time.  They’d finally finished building
their jet.
“Isn’t it beautiful?”  Chance said, wiping away a tear.
“She sure is buddy.”  Jake said.  “She sure is.”  The jet stood in front of
them, standing proudly on its wheels.
It was of the design of an F-14 Tomcat, with three jet thrusters on the back.
It was painted sleek black, with the occasional red stripe over it, to give it a
menacing look.
“Care to take it for a spin?”  Chance asked.  Jake turned to him, and smiled.
“Well, it was built for this.”  They both smiled, and headed for the jet.
Putting on their uniforms that Jake had made, they headed for the jet and hopped in.
Chance was about to start her up, when a thought crossed his mind .
“Wait!”  He cried out.  “We’ll need call signs.”  Jake thought for a moment.
“We can’t use our old call signs, so we’ll have to make up new ones.”
“Damn!”  Chance said.  “I like my old sign, Maverick.”
“Yeah, I know.”  Jake said.  “I want to use my old one, Viper.  So, any ideas?
Or do you want to keep our old signs?”  Both Jake and Chance thought for a moment.
“We’ll use those for the time being.”  He said.  “We’ll think of new ones
when we can.”
“Roger that Maverick.”  Jake said.  “Let’s go.”
“Lets see what this baby can do Viper.”  Chance said.  Chance pushed a few
buttons, and started up the jet.  There was a mighty roar, as the jet came to life.
“Hang on!”  Chance cried out, as the jet was propelled down the runway.
“Open the door Maverick!”  Jake called out, as they headed towards it.
Chance pressed the button on the dash board of the jet, and the door began to open.
“CHANCE!!!”  Jake cried out.  “It’s not opening fast enough.  Stop the jet!”
“Too late!”  Chance cried out.  “We’ll never stop in time!”
“EJECT!!!”  Jake screamed.  But before he and Chance could push the button,
the jet sailed out of the opening of the tunnel, just scraping along the tunnel door.
They both sat there in their seats as they soared towards the sky.
“Phew!”  Jake said, breathing a sigh of relief.  Chance sighed too.
“Right.”  He said.  “Next time, we start the jet up with only two engines,
not all three.”  Jake looked out of the cockpit and looked down at the ground, far
below him.  God, it felt good to be back in the air again.
“We need to go somewhere and test the jet, somewhere where we won’t be
bothered by the Enforcers, and we can test this baby.”
“I know just the place, Viper.”  Chance said.  He then swung the jet towards
the right.
“Where are we heading Maverick?”  Jake asked.
“We’re heading for Megakat Canyon.”  Chance said.  “It’s very rarely
patrolled by the Enforcers, and would make a perfect testing area for the jet.”
“Roger that Maverick.”  Jake said.  “Take us there.”
“We’re there.”  Chance said, as he pushed the throttle forward, and the jet
shot forward with enough speed to make Evil Canevil jealous.
After a short time, they both reached the canyon.
“Megakat Canyon, three miles and closing.”  Jake said.  Chance smiled,
then he suddenly jerked the control stick to the right and the jet banked low to
the right and entered the canyon at dangerous speed.
“CHANCE!!!”  Jake screamed out.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!”  Chance
“Just seeing what this baby can do.”  He said, as he pulled up on the
stick, before they slammed into the canyon wall.
“She’s just brand new.”  Jake said, as Chance just barely managed to dodge
an overhanging rock bridge.  “Can’t you take it easy on her first flight?”
“I’ve got to see what she can handle Viper.” Chance said.  “I want to be able
to know what she can, and what she can’t take in combat situations.”  Jake sighed.
“Just go a little easy on her, o.k. Maverick?”  Chance smiled.
“What was that Viper?”  He called out as he did a barrel roll, with the
wings just narrowly missing the rocky terrain.
“Chance!”  Chance laughed from his seat in the front.  Jake shook his head.
Three more hours of this.  What a drag.

The Megakat City Docks.  Later that day.

Dark Kat, who now looked like his old self, Darkson, walked though the
busy warehouse.  All around him, kats were running back and forth.  Tonight was a
very big night.
“Now pay attention….”  Dark Kat looked over at his squadron.  The flight
leader was going over their plans.  Everyone in his gang had their fair share of
“Do you think you can pull it off, Jack?”  Dark Kat said, as he walked
past Jack Smith, a.k.a. Hard Drive.  Jack turned around from his workbench.
“Do kats have tails?”  He said, with a grin.
“Just don’t get to cocky on me Mr Smith.”  Dark Kat said.  “You get too sure
of yourself, and you let your guard down.”
“I won’t.”  Jack said.  “Believe me, I won’t….”  He then picked up what
he’d been working on for nearly six months, even before he meet Dark Kat.  “…Not
when we’ll have this on our side.”  Dark Kat frowned at the thing in Jack’s paws.
It looked like a trench coat, made of electrical wires and computer microchips.
“What is that?”  Dark Kat asked.  Jack smiled.
“This….”  He said.  “…is my new insurance that I’ll be a success.”  He
pulled out a small power pack from his pocket, and stuck it into a slot for it, on
the left cufflink.
Dark Kat backed off a little when the suit suddenly began sparking.
“Is it supposed to do that?!”  Dark Kat cried out.  Hard Drive laughed.
“Of course.”  He said.  “It has to have this electro-magnetic field around it,
so that I can perform certain tasks, like scrambling systems, and a personal force
field.”  He then put it on.  “Plus, it allows me to do this…”  Suddenly, Jack went
bright blue, then, he jumped into his laptop computer.  The screen blinked on, and
Jack’s face appeared on the screen.  “Neat, huh?”  He said.  Dark Kat smiled.
“You really live up to your nickname, Hard Drive.”  Jack smiled.
“Speaking of which.”  Jack said.  “Could you start calling me by that
name now?”  He said, jumping out of the computer.  “I like it, plus, if you’ve got
your own super-villain name, I want one too.”
“Very well, Hard Drive.”  He said.  “If that’s what you want, so be it.”
Hard Drive smiled.  Suddenly, his watch started beeping.
“Oops.”  He said.  “It’s late, I’d better get going, or I’m going to be behind
schedule.”  Dark Kat then watched as Hard Drive then dived into an electrical
power socket.
“Just like clockwork.”  Dark Kat said.  “If everything goes according to
plan, I’ll be in control of this city by tomorrow morning.”  He walked through the
warehouse some more, stopping to watch the commando team being briefed on their
“Units four and five, will secure the entrance here; according to the
security plans, there’ll only be two guards there, most likely rent-a-cops.”  Dark
Kat smiled.  The perfect plan always proceeded well when you surrounded yourself
with competent kats.
Finally, he came to the one place where he wanted to be.  The lab.
“How are they doing?”  He asked.  The kat with the big black rimmed glasses,
brown fur, and white lab coat turned around to face him.
“They’re doing fine now sir.”  He said.  “Although when we first took them
out of the tank, there were some minor complications.”
“Like what?”
“For instance.”  The kat said.  “That hyena DNA we used for their brains,
caused them to act rather violent.”  He walked over to a titanium steel cage.  “They
chewed right threw the metal bars and attacked some of the scientists working here.”
He picked up a pencil on a nearby table, and threw it at the cage.  The moment it
touched the bars, the pencil exploded into fire, and there was a crackling sound, as
the cage sparked.
Somewhere inside the cage, high pitched screeches could be heard.
“Once we put them in this electrified cage, they quietened down a bit.”  He
turned around to face Dark Kat.  “The computer chips that you ordered installed in
their brains was a complete success.”  He flipped over a few pages on his clipboard.
“They will obey anyone that we program into them.”
“Did you program my voice into them?”
“We surly did sir.”  The kat said.  “The problem is, they’ll obey only you.
Others they just ignore.  So we haven’t been able to test their loyalty.”  Dark Kat
“Will they be ready by tonight?”  The kat nodded.  “Excellent.”  Suddenly, Dark
Kat’s watch beeped.  He looked down at it.
“You going now?”  The kat asked.
“Yes, I have to go now.”  Dark Kat said.  “I have an appointment with the
Mayor.”  As he turned to go, he suddenly turned back.  The creatures in the cage were
looking at him.  He couldn’t see into the cage, but he could see their glowing eyes,
looking back at him.  “Soon, my pets.”  He said.  “Soon.”

Later that night…..

The scene in front of city hall was an immense one.  Limos were pulling
up and letting out all of the rich citizens the city had to offer.  The rich and
famous, the highly respected, and of course, his honour, Mayor Manx.
“We’ve got quite a turn out tonight, aye Feral?”  Manx said, as he waved
to the crowd.  Feral, who was dressed up in a black tux, looked nervously around.
“Yes.”  He said.  “Quite.”  He didn’t like this.  This was too easy for any
crook to organize some kats in order to rob all these kats blind.  But he made
sure by posting more than enough guards all over the place.
“Mayor Manx!”  Feral nearly jumped, as a reporter shoved her microphone
into the Mayor’s face.
“His honour notes the lovely lady from Katseye news?”  The she kat was soon
followed by her camera kat.
“Mayor Manx.”  She repeated.  “Ann Gora, Katseye news.  How are you feeling
about the latest rise in popularity for candidate Robert Darkson?”
“Not a worry Ann.”  Manx said, smiling at the camera.  “That’s what his
position is like now, but it isn’t election day yet.  And I’m not about to stand down.”
“This is such a turn out tonight Mayor.”  Ann said.  “Aren’t you worried
about anyone trying anything dangerous tonight?”
“As you can see from just looking around.”  Manx said.  “The good Commander
has his Enforcers positioned all around this building.  Nobody can get in.”  He then
leaned over to Feral.  “Nobody better get in, for your sake Feral.”  He whispered.
Feral growled when Manx was out of range.
Suddenly, a white limo pulled up and out stepped Robert Darkson.  Somewhere
in the crowds, Darkson’s supporters began to cheer.  Darkson looked about and waved.
“And here’s the kat of the hour, Robert Darkson.”  Ann said as she and her
camera kat hurried over in his direction.  “We’ll see if we can get an interview
with him.”  She pushed though the crowd towards him.  “Mr Darkson!  Mr Darkson!”  She
called out, finally pushing her way to the front of the crowd.  “Mr Darkson.”  She
said.  “Can we have a word with you?”  Darkson smiled.
“Why of course Ms Gora.”  He said.  “What can I answer for you?”
“Mr Darkson.”  Ann said.  “What do you think about your rise in popularity
among the kats of Megakat City?”
“Well Ann, it’s like this.”  He looked at the camera.  “This current Mayor
of ours is too worried about his election day rather than figuring out how to fix the
neverending problems of this city.  I have actually sat down and figured out ways we
can fix the problems that this city is facing.”  Suddenly, his watch started beeping.
“Oh, I’m sorry,. I’m going to have to hold this interview for now, it seems that I’m
needed elsewhere.  Could you please excuse me?”
Darkson then pushed past Ann and walked though the crowd towards the doors,
entering the building.

Megakat Salvage Yard.

“…..And there you have it, two candidates that are ready for an exhilarating
debate.  Join us in half an hour fo…..”
The t.v. was turned off.
“Boring.”  Chance said as he changed the channel.  The screen fuzzed for a
moment before it came into focus with an episode of Scardy Kat.
“Hay!”  Jake said.  “I was watching that!”
“Yes.”  Chance said.  “You were, but now, I’m watching this.”  On the screen,
Scardy Kat was searching under a couch for some object, when suddenly, he pulled out a
bomb.  The kat suddenly screamed and the bomb blew up.  Chance exploded into laughter.
Jake sighed.
“Half an hour of this.”  He sighed.

City Hall.  Security room.

“Looking good.  Going good.”  The guard looked over the thousands of
screens before him.  “No signs of trouble tonight.”
Suddenly, the screens in front of him suddenly began to spark.  Then, a face
appeared in the monitors.
“That’s what you think.”  The face jeered at him.
“What the?!”  The guard cried out, reaching for his mike.
“Not today.”  The face said, suddenly leaping out of the computer.  He then
pointed his right paw at the guard and a bolt of electricity shot from his paw, and
knocked the guard out cold.  Smiling, Hard Drive then took out his walkie-talkie.
“Hard Drive here.”  He said.  “Security room, under control.  Move in.”
“Roger that Hard Drive.”  A voice from the other end said.  “We’re in position,
we’re making our move, now.”  Hard Drive then turned back to the monitors as he
watched the kats in black suits begin taking out the guards, quietly and quickly.
“Now.”  Hard Drive said, as he brought out his personal computer.  “Let’s see
what mayhem I can create.”  He turned on his computer and plugged it into the computer
main frame.  Turning it on, his fingers began to fly over the keyboard as he worked
Finally, he finished typing and turned on his walkie-talkie.
“Red team, red team, come in red team.  Over.” He said.
“This is red team, over.”
“This is Hard Drive.  I’m in position, where are you?  Over.”
“Red team is about fifteen minutes and closing on destination, over.”  Hard
Drive smiled.  He punched in a few more commands on his keyboard, and then sat back
in the chair.  He looked over at his computer as he watched the numbers counting
down from fifteen minutes.
When those numbers would reach zero, all hell is going to break lose.


“…and by this, I intend to see that you all get what you all truly
deserve.”  Mayor Manx said.  Some kats in the crowd clapped, others cheered.  Commander
Feral just yawned.
Darkson, who was sitting at the table, opposite Manx, looked down at his watch.
Ten minutes to go.  He smiled.  Then, he looked back up at the mayor giving his speech.

In the Basement….   

The security guard fell down, dead, with a bullet hole in his skull.  The two
kats wearing black suits walked past him and towards the box on the wall.  They
reached it and pulled it open.
“This is unit five.”  One kat said into his mike.  “We’re in position.”
“Roger that unit five.”  Hard Drive said, from the other side.  “Go ahead
with your instructed plans.”
“Roger that Hard Drive.”  The kat said.  “This is unit five, over and out.”
The other kat who was with him reached into his bag and pulled out a small
black box; he gave it to the other kat who attached it to the power box.  He pressed
a few buttons and a timer began counting down on it.
“We’re outta here.”  One kat said.  And they both left.

In the skies of Megakat City….

The six Long Bow helicopters flew low in between the buildings to avoid
being detected by radar.  In the middle of them flew a rather evil-looking craft.  The
same one that had tried to made a bombing run on Enforcer H.Q.
“This is flight leader.”  A voice over the chopper’s radio said.  “We’re
approaching City Hall, E.T.A.  Seven minutes.”

Megakat City Salvage yard….

“HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, AH, AH, HA, HA, HAH!!!”  Chance cried out, as Scardy
Kat was blown up by another bomb.  “Now, THIS, is comedy!”  Jake just rolled his eyes.
“Oh brother.”  He said.  “How much longer is this going to go for?”  He asked.
“Oh.”  Chance said, trying to catch his breath.  “It’s over now.”  Jake smiled,
and quickly grabbed the remote from Chance.
“Finally.”  He said, changing the channel.  “I never thought an election debate
would sound so good.”
“….This is Ann Gora, reporting live from City Hall.”  The t.v. said.  “Join us
now, as we enter the debating hall, as the two candidates prepare to battle it out,
all night long.”
“Boring.”  Chance said.  Jake frowned at him.
“Anything that’s not a cartoon is boring to you Chance.”  Jake said.  Chance
“Your point being?”  He said.  Jake just shook his head.
“Just shut up, and listen.”

City Hall….

Kats all over the hall cheered as the two debaters took their position on
the stand as they prepared to argue, make points, and insult one another.
Up on stage, Darkson pretended to scratch his hair as he looked at his watch.
“Five.”  He said.

Up in the security room, Hard Drive watched his timer tick down.

In the kitchen, a group of kats had taken out the kitchen staff.  They were
sitting on the benches, looking at their watches.
“Three.”  They all said.

In the skies, the choppers could now see City Hall, looming in the distance.
The flight leader looked down at his watch.

A group of kats who looked like bodyguards, who were lined up along the edges
of the auditorium.  They were all spread apart, but were looking down at their watches.
“One.”  They all said to themselves.

Up on stage, Darkson smiled, as he counted zero.
“It’s showtime.”  He said.

Up in the security room, Hard Drive, then walked over to his computer, as the
program he installed into the computer suddenly began to kick in.  An electronic map
of the whole building suddenly appeared on his screen.  It showed where power input
was being supplied to.
“Lock up time.”  Hard Drive said, as the green areas suddenly began to flash
and turn red.

Outside, the few kats who were there, suddenly saw the lights in the huge
building going out.  One sector at a time.
Suddenly, the doors slammed shut, and locked themselves, from the inside.  An
Enforcer ran over to the doors, and tried to open them, no such luck.  Then, the metal
guard doors suddenly slammed down, behind the glass doors.
The kats inside, were completely trapped.
Just then, everybody looked up, as they heard the sound of jet engines,
and helicopters.  They saw seven dark shapes, approaching the top of the building.
They all landed on the roof, and disappeared from view.

Up on the roof, kats were rushing about furiously.  The big jet, which belonged
to Dark Kat, landed, and the ramp opened up, and kats in black ninja suits began rushing
all over the place.
They began setting up SAM sites, ammunition dumps, and some kats, were trying to
install a rather large antenna on the very top of the building.
The last to come out of the jet, were four kats.  Carrying a large metal cage.
The cage was shaking violently as something inside, was trying to escape.

Back in the security room, Hard Drive watched the confusion outside.  Of
course, the kats inside the building, in the debating room, had not had their power
cut, and they had no idea what was going on.
“Let’s get this place, back online.”  Hard Drive said, as he sent electricity
flowing into the computers, and turning on all the monitors.
He looked at the monitors, seeing what they could see.  Outside the building,
kats were gathering around the doors, trying to open them.  Inside, the kats were
still listening to that idiot Manx blabbering about something.  He could see the
bodyguards, slowly moving towards the exits, blocking them off.
In other places, kats were running towards the debating room, down the stairs,
up the stairs, though rooms.
“Let the party begin.”  Hard Drive said.

“…..And another thing.”  Manx said.
Suddenly, the main door at the other end of the room, burst open, and in
poured kats in black ninja suits.  They raised their guns into the air, and fired off
a volley of rounds, to show everyone that they meant business.
“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!!!”  Darkson screamed out.  He then watched in
horror, as the body guards turned their guns on the kats sitting in the audience and
told them not to move.  He turned to the kats sitting behind him.  “FERAL!!”  He cried
out.  “Do something!”
“My pleasure, Mr Darkson.”  Feral said, getting up.  He reached into his suit,
to pull out his gun, but the moment, he did, he felt a gun barrel stick into his back
and a paw take away his gun.
“Not today Feral.”  The voice behind him said.  Feral recognised that voice.
“Rex, Rex Shard?”  He said.  The kat smiled.
“It’s nice that you remember me Feral.”  He said.  “Because I remember you,
you sent me away, for ten years.”  He pushed the gun barrel harder into his back.
“Well, now I’m back, and I’m going to get my revenge.”
He then threw Feral back into his seat, and walked over to Darkson, and Manx.
“Now just hold on a second.”  Manx said.  “Do you know who your dealing with
here?”  Rex Shard smiled.
“I know who you are, and you are.”  He said, looking over at Darkson.  “Now,
my boss wants to see you both, now MOVE!!”  He then began to escort the Mayor, and
Darkson away.

Megakat City Salvage Yard…

Jake and Chance were watching t.v. when it happened.
“…..And another thing.”  Manx said.
Suddenly, the main door at the other end of the room, burst open, and in
poured kats in black ninja suits.  They raised their guns into the air, and fired off
a volley of rounds to show everyone that they meant business.
Both kats sat bolt upright.  They watched as they saw the screaming kats,
and the kats with guns.  Big guns, fill the room.
“What the…?!”  Jake cried out.
“Those are terrorists.”  Chance cried out.  They both looked at each other
for a few seconds.
“Should we go for it?”  Jake asked.  “I mean, we’ve got to appear some day,
why not tonight?”
“Let the Enforcers handle it Jake.”  Chance said.  “We’ll see how they go,
because we don’t want to rock up there, guns blazing, to find that the Enforcers
have everything under control.”  Jake looked at Chance for a moment.
“All right.”  Jake said.  “But the first sign that they can’t do anything,
we’re there.”
“Deal.”  Chance said.  And they both turned back to the t.v.

City Hall….

Darkson and Manx were pushed down the hall, rather rudely.  Finally, they
reached Manx’s office.
“In there.”  Rex said, opening the door.  “The boss has just arrived.  He’ll
be joining you very shortly.”  Manx walked in, followed by Darkson, suddenly, Rex
grabbed Darkson and threw him back.  “Not you.”  He said.  “The boss has special
plans for you.”  Two other kats came by him.  “Take him to the chamber.”  Rex said.
Darkson was lead away from the room, and into another.
Inside, was a kat holding a big black package.  He looked up when Darkson
entered the room.
“It’s all here sir.”  The kat said, handing him the package.
“Excellent.”  Darkson said.  “Now, leave me, so that I can get changed.”  The
kats all left the room.  The moment they left, Darkson ripped off his wig, and mask.
Then adding instant dye remover to his paws, and feet, the brown dye suddenly
disappeared leaving only purple fur.  Then he jolted his head forward, and the two
contact lenses fell out of his eyes.
Smiling, he opened the package, and put on his uniform, turning Robert Darkson,
into Dark Kat.
He then, picked up a cane, and walked out the door.
“Dark Kat?”  A kat behind him said.
“Yes?”  Dark Kat said.
“They’ve arrived.”  He said, stepping away, to show Dark Kat what was behind
“Finally.”  Dark Kat said.


The Enforcer car pulled up, and out stepped David Steel.  He looked up at
the building, and smiled.  What a perfect chance to show what a legend he was.
“Lieutenant!”  An Enforcer cried out.  David turned to face him.
“That’s Lieutenant Commander to you rookie.”  Steel said.
“Lt. Commander.”  The kat said.  “I have some bad news, Commander Feral is trapped
in there.”  Steel had to bite down on his tongue to stop himself from smiling.
“Really?”  he said.  “Well, it now looks as if I’m in charge.”
“Then what do you want us to do sir?”
“Where’s that special unit we have for situations like this?”  Steel said.


“I demand to know what you’re doing here!”  Manx said.  The kat who was beside
Manx, suddenly pointed the muzzle of his machine gun into his face.  Manx smiled up
at him.  “Please.”  He asked nicely.
“They’re here, because I’m paying them to be.”  Manx turned around to see a
tall dark figure walk though the door.
“Dark Kat!”  Manx shrieked out.  “Please, don’t hurt me.”
“You see, I’m afraid I’m going to have to Mayor.”  Dark Kat said.  “You stand
between me, and absolute power.”
“W-what do you mean?”  Manx whimpered.  Dark Kat smiled.
“You see Manx.”  He said.  “I’ve always wanted control of this city, but now,
I have the chance.  You see, I forced Darkson to run for Mayor.”  He then turned to
face the window.  “Do you remember that time, when he disappeared after an explosion
at Megakat Biochemical?”  Manx nodded.  “After that explosion, I found the pathetic
fool, wandering about in the sewers down there.  They say that a mind is a terrible
thing to waste, so I spared him.
I then forced him to run for Mayor, so that when he was elected, I’d rule him
like a puppet, he’d rule the throne, but I’d rule the city.”
“Then why all this?”  Manx said.  “It looked as if Darkson was going to beat
“I had to be sure that he’d win.”  Dark Kat said.  “So I staged all this, in
order to get you here, so that I could eliminate you.”  He then turned around to face
the Mayor.  “But before I do that.  I want something from you.”  Manx gulped.
“The numbers to your bank account.”  Dark Kat said.  “The Manx family
fortune consists of over one billion dollars, I’d like to get my paws around that.”
Manx frowned at him.
“What makes you think I’m going to give you those numbers?!”  Manx said.
“Because you a coward Manx.”  Dark Kat said.  The two kats brought machine
guns up to him.  Another kat stepped forward with a needle “Either I get this kat
here to inject you with a lethal dose, so that you die peacefully, or….”
The two kats who had raised their machine guns, walked over to a door, and
opened it, the six small figures walked into the room, and kats had their guns aimed
at the creatures.
“You die painfully!”  Manx was now white as a ghost.


Steel looked at the big, black building.  While he listened into the phone.
“Sir?”  An Enforcer said.  Steel turned around and hushed him.
“Not now!”  he hissed.  He then turned back to his phone call.  “Yeah, I want
extra anchovies, and don’t over do it on the pepperoni….”
“SIR!”  Steel spun around.
“That team you ordered.  It’s ready.”  Steel looked surprised.
“Oh.”  He said.  “Well then, send them in.”

Security Room…..

Hard Drive was playing solitaire on his computer, when suddenly, the monitor
started beeping.
“Hello?”  He said.  Looking up from his game.  “What have we here?”  He brought
up a full picture of the camera that was complaining.  Four kats, in black Enforcer
uniforms, were sneaking around the back of the building.  “Can they be anymore
predictable?”  Hard Drive chuckled, as he picked up his mike.  “Yo Dark Kat.”  Hard
Drive said.
“What?!”  Dark Kat said.
“We’ve got company.”
“Don’t kill them.”  Dark Kat said.  “Just wound them.  To let them know the
mistake they’ve made.”
“You got it.”  Hard Drive said.  Then he turned on his walkie-talkie.  “O.k.
all you school children in the area of B-34, 35, and 36.  Listen up.  It appears that
we’ve got about four troublemakers trying to poop our party by trying to get in
though the back door, using two, by two, cover formation.  All hall monitors in that
area, proceed at once to hand out detentions, and no lethal ones, bosses orders.”

The four Enforcers were now in sight of back door.  It looked deserted.  The
glass doors were closed tight, and the steel bars were down in place.
The group leader, signaled to two others.  The answered back, and quickly run over
to the door.  Looking inside, they then pulled out a glass cutter, and cut a small hole
in the glass door.  Using a lock pick, they then opened the glass door, and brought
out a blow torch.
The group leader gave the signal, and they began cutting away at the steel bars.
Inside, a group of six kats, wearing black ninja outfits positioned themselves
just beyond the view of the Enforcers.
One of the kats raised his right arm, and they all took aim.
Outside, the Enforcers had just but away one of the steel bars, and were
starting on another.
Inside, the kat who had raised his right arm, suddenly let it drop.
The Enforcer who was operating the blow torch, suddenly reeled away, clutching
his left arm.  The other Enforcer who was beside him, fell over, clutching his left
From a safe distance away, the Enforcer watching suddenly screamed into his
“We’ve got two Enforcers down, Blue leader, get your team outta there!”
The two wounded kats began crawling back to the shadows.  Once there, the other
two Enforcers helped carry them away.
“Can you see the terrorist inside?”  One Enforcer asked a sniper.  The sniper
looked though his scoop.
“Negative sir.”  He said.  “They’ve got silencers on.  I didn’t even see
muzzle flashes.”

The Enforcer standing next to Steel put down the phone, and turned to Steel.
“They didn’t get through sir.”  He said.
“Nuts.”  Steel said.  “Well now, If they want to play it dirty, we’ll play
dirty.”  He picked up the phone.  “Sergeant!”  He said.  “Send in the tank.”

Security room….

Hard Drive was laughing in his seat, as he saw the wounded Enforcers hopping
away.  Suddenly, his attention was caught by something else.
“What the hell is that?”  He said, tapping the monitor.  A rather large grey
looking blur, was heading up the road, towards the front door of City Hall.  He twisted
a few dials to finally get a clean picture.  A smile spread across his face.  “Well,
well, well.”  He said.  He turned on his walkie-talkie.  “Gentalkats.”  He said into
it.  “It looks as if the Enforcers have themselves a Volvo.  Unit seven, that’s your
cue.  To the front of the building, now!”


The tank rolled down the street, towards City Hall.  It stopped, just short
of the building, both cannons lowered, and fired, point blank, at the front doors.
When the smoke cleared, the front door, and it’s defenses, were no more.
When it was clear, the tank then continued driving up the drive way, and up the
front stairs, to take out any resistance that was in the lobby.
Suddenly, from a few floors above the tank, a missile streaked towards it.
It impacted on the front of the tank, creating a spectacular fire ball.  The tank
commander ordered a full withdraw, but the missile had destroyed the engine.  Black
smoke began to pour out of the air vents as a fire had started.
Realising that they were sitting ducks, the tank crew bailed out, and ran for
Another missile impacted into the tank, and it fully exploded, as the explosion
from the rocket reached the ammunition.
Steel watched in horror, as the burning tank now prevented anyone from getting
in, or out of, the front door.

Up in the security room, Hard Drive was rolling around in his chair, laughing.
“Oh yes!”  He cried out.  “The quarterback is toast!”

Steel picked up the phone, and tried one last time.
“This is Steel!”  He cried into it.  “Bring me chopper back up.  Lots of it.”

City Hall Roof Top….

The Radar dish that Dark Kat’s henchmen had installed, was operating smoothly.
By placing that black box on the phone lines downstairs, they had complete satellite
coverage of the whole city.
Suddenly, twenty blips appeared in the air, closing in on City Hall.
The kat who was operating the radar smiled.  He turned on his mike.
“Hay Dick.”  He said into it.  “You guys have got company, in the number of
“What kind of company?”
“Enforcer helicopters.”
“We’re on it.”

Outside, on the rooftop heli-pad, six pilots were climbing into their Long
Bows.  After they all started up their blades, they took to the skies, and headed out
in the direction of the twenty blips.
They then all hovered behind a building, and waited.
“I see them.”  The flight leader called out.  “Bearing at nine o’clock, hundred
yards and closing.”
The choppers flew closer to City Hall, they were flying in a V shape.
“Wait until they’re all in range then fire at will.”  The flight leader said.
The Long Bows hovered just out of sight from the Enforcer choppers, as they
approached the City Hall Roof Top.

Down on the ground, Steel smiled as he saw the choppers converge on the roof
“That outta make ’em piss their pants.”  He said.
Suddenly, there was a bright flash, as a missile streaked across the sky,
from behind a building, and blew a chopper out of the sky.
“What the?!”  Steel cried out.

“GOT HIM!!”  One of the Long Bow’s cried out.  The flight leader watched as
the chopper exploded in midair.  He had six targets already locked on his radar
“Fire at will.”  He said.
He ripple fired his missiles, one after the other.  His Long Bow bucked
slightly under him as the missiles dropped away.  Their motors kicked in and spat
orange flame; they sprinted forward towards the unsuspecting Enforcers.
Even if the Enforcers knew where his squadron was hiding, it would have done
them no good, even as they scattered after the first chopper was blown up, they were
totally unprepared.
Gouts of fire suddenly filled the darkness in front of him, as each missile
fired scored a clean hit.
One of the pilots in his squadron yelled in the flight leader’s head phones.
“LOOK AT ‘EM FALL!!!”  He shrieked as the remaining Enforcer choppers all
tumbled out of the sky.
“All right you lot.”  The Flight leader said.  “You know what to do.  One after
the other.”

Steel stirred in disbelief as  the choppers were blown out of the sky.  He
watched as the fiery remains showered the streets below.
“LOOK OUT!!!”  Some one shouted.  Steel looked up, to see six Long Bow’s
coming in, single file, for a strafing run on the Enforcers on the ground.  Steel
jumped out of the way, as bullets tore up the ground, and the car in front of him.
Steel lay on the ground, covering his head with his paws.  He lay there, as he
heard machine gun fire, explosions, and screams, fill the air.
When it all stopped, he looked up to see the six Long Bows heading for the
rooftop.  He looked around.
Every were he looked, kats. Enforcers, and civilian, were lying on the ground,
bleeding, or missing limbs.  Others were running around screaming for help, medics,
or just anything that came to mind.
Cars were on fire, and equipment smashed.
Suddenly, a loud speaker turned on.
“As you can see.”  The voice of Dark Kat said.  “Any attempts to try anything
will result in failure, or death.  Don’t do anything this stupid again.  Goodnight.”

Megakat City Salvage Yard….

Jake and Chance watched from one of the news crews outside City Hall, as the
Long Bows fired into the crowd.
Suddenly, a scream, louder than the others, could be heard and the screen went
fuzzy.  Showing nothing, but video snow.”
“Holy Kats!”  Jake said.  Chance couldn’t say a word.  He just sat there, with
his mouth hanging open.  “Chance.”  Jake said.  “We’ve got to do something.”  Chance
said nothing.  “We can’t sit around here all night.”  Chance still said nothing.  “Snap
out of it Chance!”  Jake cried, slapping him in the face.
“All those kats.”  Chance said.  “Dead.”
“Chance.”  Jake said.  “We’ve got to go!”  Chance looked at him.
You’re right.”  He said.  “We have to do something.”  He stood up.  “Let’s go
kick some tail.”  He growled though his teeth.
They both ran down to the hanger, and started climbing into their SWAT Kat gear.
“Are we going to still call ourselves Maverick and Viper?”  Jake asked.
Chance shrugged, as he pulled on his white undershirt.
“I don’t know.”  He said.  “If you’re so worried about that, make something up.
Temporary even.”
“O.k.”  Jake said, looking around the Hanger.  “Uhhh.…”  His eyes fell upon an
old newspaper.  He read the headlines.
“New tax laws as tough as a stake just off the BBQ.”
“You can be called T Bone, and I’ll be…”  His eyes fell on a small article.
“Have you got the razor sharp skills to be a pilot?”  It said.
“I’ll be Razor.”  Chance looked at him.
“T Bone and Razor?”  he said.  “What kind of names are those?”  Jake
“They’re all I could think off, from the top of my head, o.k.?”  He said.
“We’ll change them later, but do you want to use those names or not?”
“All right, all right.”  Chance said, as he pulled on the last of his uniform.
“We’ll take them, for now.”
“Fine.”  Jake said, as they climbed up the ladder and into their jet.  “But we’ll
have to call each other that, from now on, you got me T Bone?”  He said.
“I’ve got you Razor.”  T Bone said.  “Now, let’s hit it!”  He cried out, as he
pushed the button to open the tunnel door, then he fired up the back two engines, and
rocketed down the run way.
“YYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!”  Razor screamed, as they shot out of the tunnel,
and towards the city.  T Bone then pressed the button again, to close the tunnel
“Look out Megakat City.”  T Bone said.  “T Bone and Razor are coming your way.”

City Hall….

“As you can see Mayor.”  Dark Kat said.  “All attempts to resist me have been
proven futile.  Darkson learned the hard way, and so did your Enforcers.”
“What have you done with Darkson?”
“I’m just storing him away, for now, in case he decides to doublecross me.”
he leaned closer to Manx.  “Now, if you please, the numbers?”  Manx looked behind Dark
Kat, and at the kat with the needle.
“You win.”  He said.  “I’ll tell you the numbers.”  Dark Kat smiled.
“I knew you’d see things my way.”  He said.  He then picked up the mike.  “Hard
Drive.”  He said into it.  “I want you down here now!”

Down in the Auditorium…

Callie Briggs looked around at all the frightened kats that were around
her.  She began to walk though the crowd, until she bumped into Commander Feral.
“Ms. Briggs?”  He said.
“Feral?!”  She said.  “Oh I’m so glad I found you.  What happened?”
“Some thugs took my gun, and left me with nothing.”  Feral said.  “And what
scares me the most, is that I’m not in charge of the Enforcers out there.”
“We’ve got to do something.”  Callie said.  “We just can’t sit around here,
waiting for something to happen.”
“I’m working on it Ms. Briggs.”  Feral said. He pointed over to the kitchen
door.  “There’s no guards there.”  He said.  “Maybe, when no one’s looking, we can make
a break for it.”  Callie thought about it.
“I suppose so.”  She said.  “It sounds better than doing nothing.”
Slowly, she and Feral edged their way towards the door.  When no one was
looking, they quickly ran through the door.  Feral quickly looked back though the glass
doors to make sure that no one had seen them.  When no guards came running in their
direction, he breathed sigh of relief, and turned back to Callie.
“We have to contact the outside somehow.”  Feral said.  “If we could find a
“There’s one!”  Callie said, running over to it.  She picked it up, and
immediately pulled it away from her ear.
“What’s wrong?”  Feral asked.
“The phone’s making some sort of screeching noise.”  She said.  She gave it to
Feral who had a listen.
“Strange.”  He said.  “Let’s find another one.”
Before leaving the kitchen, Feral took a gun and some ammo from a dead guard,
and he and Callie carefully walked to another room in the building, where there was
another phone.
However, it too was suffering from the same screeching problem.  They went to
another room, but it too suffered.  Finally, when the got to their fifth phone, Feral
realised that every phone must be infected.
“What’s wrong with the phones?”  Callie asked.
“Someone’s scrambled the phone lines.”  Feral said.  “And is using them, to
piggyback the outside singles to something else, but what?”
Callie just remembered something.
“The main power box for the phone lines is in the basement.”  She said.  “If
we could get to it, we could find out what they’re doing, or at least stop them.”
“Lets go Ms. Briggs, show me the way.”  Carefully, Callie lead Feral out of the
room, and towards the basement.

The jet speed towards City Hall, shooting over the buildings.
“We’ll have to be careful”  Razor said.  “You saw what they did to those
Enforcer choppers.”  Chance smiled.
“I can handle them Razor.”  He said.  “I just hope that you can shoot them
down.”  Razor smiled.
“No sweat.”  He said.
At the radar station on top of City Hall, the kat suddenly smiled.
“Hay Dick.”  He said.  “More lambs to the slaughter.  Just one this time.”
“Chopper or jet?”
“Judging by it’s speed, I’d say jet.”
“Roger that.  She’s mine.”

The flight leader climbed into his Long Bow, as he watched the others climb
into their choppers, and the kats wheeling away the empty missiles trailers that
rearmed the choppers.
“I want to surprise this one as well.”  The flight leader said.  “We’ll hide
behind a different building, and surprise them.”
The Long Bows all took to the sky, and each one of them, hid behind a
different building.
Not having very long to wait, the jet soon came into view.

Down on the ground, Steel walked though the remains of his Enforcer ground crew.
Kats everywhere were being treated.
“Look!”  Someone shouted.  Steel looked up into the night sky, and saw a black
jet, screaming towards City Hall.
“It’s not one of ours.”  An Enforcer said.
“Then what the hell is it?”  Another asked.
“Whoever they are, they’re going to be blasted out of the sky.”

City Hall now loomed in front of T Bone.
“Where are you guys?”  T Bone said as he was looking for the Long Bows.
“T BONE!!!”  Razor suddenly screamed.  “Someone has us locked!”  No sooner
had Razor screamed that sentence out, than T Bone saw a flash of light as a rocket
suddenly shot straight towards him.
“CRUD!!”  He screamed out.  He pulled hard on the control stick as he made the
jet spin, to avoid the missile, which it just barely managed to do.”  The missile
sailed on past them, to explode later.

“You missed.”  The flight leader said into his mike.  “All units, this is
Flight Leader, Fire at will.”

T Bone didn’t have time to celebrate his maneuver, when thirty-five missiles
suddenly sprinted towards him.  There was no way in hell he was going to avoid this.
“Hold on buddy.”  T Bone said.  “I’m going to try something I’ve never actually
done before.”
“Plan C.”  Razor never did have time to ask what was plan ‘C’  When all of a
sudden, T Bone turned off the engines.  “Releasing decoy missile.”  T Bone said, as he
pressed a button.  A missile dropped from the belly of the jet, and shot towards the
All thirty-five missiles, without any heat to seek, suddenly all turned on
the missile, and blew up, creating one huge explosion.
“And what happens now?”  Razor asked.
“Now, we turn the engines back on.”  T Bone said.  The jets didn’t come
back on.  “Or at least try too.”  He said.
“We didn’t build the jet to take that kind of abuse.”  Razor said.
“Come on baby.”  T Bone said.  “Turn on, please.”  Razor strapped on his
“Come on buddy.”  Razor said.  “We’ve gotta eject.”
“PLEASE!!!”  T Bone cried out, as he tried it one last time.  The engines
roared to life.  “YES!!” He cried out.  Razor breathed a sigh of relief, as T Bone
managed to pull the jet out of its death dive, in the nick of time.
“Any longer and this would have been the shortest super-hero career in the
history of super-heroes.”  Razor said.

The flight leader watched in disbelief as the jet pulled out of its death
“These kats are good.”  He said.  “I want a weapons check.”  He said.
“I’m sorry sir, but all missiles have been fired.”
“Shit!”  He said.  “We’ll just have to take them on with machine guns.  All
units, attack!”

“Hello!”  T Bone said, as he saw the six Long Bows appear out from behind
the buildings.  “Now they want to play.”
“Now it’s my turn.”  Razor said.  “Match Head Missiles, deploy!”  Razor
selected six targets, and fired off six missiles.  The bomb bay doors opened, as the
six missiles were dropped from the underbelly of the jet.  Their engines kicked in,
and sped towards their targets.

Inside his Long Bow, the flight leader’s alarm was blaring.
“Incoming missiles!”  He cried.  “Evasive maneuvers, Evasive maneuvers!”
All the choppers twisted and turned.

“How’d you do buddy?”  T Bone asked, when he saw some flashes of orange light
up the sky.  Razor tapped his radar screen.
“Lousy!”  He said.
“Please explain.”
“I fired six missiles.”  Razor said.  “It appears one target managed to evade
a missile, two hit their targets, and three disappeared.”
“In other words, two down.”  T Bone said.  The Long Bows came at the jet,
firing as they went.
“And four to go!”  Razor said.

The flight leader watched the jet evade his machine gun fire.
“Who did we lose?”  He asked.
“Johnny, and Frank.”
“They will PAY!!”  He screamed, as he brought his chopper around for another

T Bone jerked the jet sharply to the right, to evade the machine gun fire
from the Long Bows.
“Let’s try a little machine gun of our own, shall we?”  Razor said, as he
pressed a button on his control panel.
“Yes, let’s.”  T Bone said.

As the Flight Leader swung around for another shot at the jet, he saw what
looked like a red mini gun pop down from the front of the jet.
“Huh?”  He said.  Suddenly, it began firing what looked like big grey wet balls
of goo.
Two Long Bows didn’t get out of its path quick enough, and the goo clogged up
their blades.  Without the spinning blades to keep their choppers airborn, they
quickly plummeted to the ground.
“Impossible!”  He cried.

“Well.”  T Bone said, as he watched the choppers fall down to earth.  “At least
the cement machine gun works.”
“Four down, and two to go.”  Razor said.
“Here they come.”  T Bone said, as they both dived on the jet from either side.
“Any more ideas?”  T Bone said.
“I’ve always wanted to try this one.”  Razor said.  He pressed a few buttons.
“Locked, loaded…”  He then stabbed the firing button.  “…Buzz Saw Missiles, deployed!”
Two missiles dropped out from the jet, and speed towards the two Long Bows.
One twisted and turned, and dodged the missile, the other, wasn’t so lucky.
“BINGO!!”  Razor cried out, as the missile cut the Long Bow’s tail off as it
tried to dodge the missile.  Tail less, the chopper spun around in circles, fell into
a tail spin, and slammed into the ground below.

“HOW!!??”  The flight leader screamed as he saw the pillar of fire spring up
from the ground below.  They had the numbers, and the fire power, but they had
failed, and failed miserably.  From what had once been six fearsome fighting
machines, was now reduced to one lone chopper.
For a moment, he just hovered there in the air, not sure on what to do,
finally, with a roar, he swung about, and drove at full speed towards the jet,
determined to destroy it.
“DIE!!!”  He screamed out, as he shot towards the jet, he squeezed the firing
triggers on his control stick as he flew towards them, machine guns blazing as he went.

“This one’s pissed.”  T Bone said, as he tried to shake the Long Bow off his tail.
They flew into the buildings, weaving and dodging, with the Long Bow still behind them.
“This one’s not giving up.”  Razor said, as he saw a bullet fly past his head.
“I know, I know.”  T Bone said.  “I hope that you’ve got something back there
that can get him off our tails.”  Razor smiled.
“Actually.”  He said.  “I do.”  He pressed a few buttons, and the engine did
the rest.

“I have you now.”  The flight leader said, as he saw the jet come into his
Suddenly, before he could fire, a thick bellowing smoke suddenly began to pour
from the jet.  “What the?!”  He said, as the smoke suddenly began to get thicker, he
realised that it was a smoke screen.  “NO!!”  He cried, squeezing the trigger, firing
away.  “I won’t let you escape, I can’t!”
The bullets fired away into the thick, black smoke.  He stopped firing after
they faded off into the smoke.  They were long gone.
“DAMN!!!”  He cried.  “Where are they?”
Suddenly, he saw a big black object, rushing towards him.
“Gotcha!”  he cried, and pulled the trigger.  The machine guns started blazing
away, for about two seconds.  There was a huge explosion, and when the smoke finally
cleared, the flight leader had slammed right into a building.  His Long Bow lay in
the building, half in, half out, burning fiercely.

“The smoke screen did the trick.”  Razor said, as they flew past the burning
“Now.”  T Bone said.  “Lets take care of the real problem, back at City Hall.”
With that, the jet swung about, and blasted towards City Hall.

Back at City Hall…

“Dick, Dick can you here me?”  The kat at the radio called again, but when he
listened, all he could receive was static.  “I say again, Unit leader, can you here
me?”  Nothing.
Growling, he put down the radio, and picked up his walkie-talkie.
“This is radar control, to big boss.”  He said.
“Big boss here.”  Dark Kat said.
“Boss.”  He said.  “I’ve lost contact with the squadron.  They went after a
lone jet, and now they’ve disappeared.”  There was a long pause from the other side.
“It would seem that some one got clever on us.”  He said.  “Ready the SAM’s
and blast anything that comes within an eyes sight of this place.”
“Roger, over and out Big Boss.”

The jet flew past the rooftop of City Hall, as they circled about, to assess
their situation.
“We can’t land on the roof.”  T Bone said.  “Those SAM’s will get us for sure.”
“But there’s no other way in.”  Razor said.  “We’ll have to land on the rooftop.”
“All right.”  T Bone said.  “I’ll get us in, and you take care of those SAM’s.”
“Roger.”  Razor said, as he flipped down his visor.  “Let me at ’em.”
“Making our approaching run, now!”  T Bone cried, as he jerked hard on the
control stick, the jet banked right, and head straight for the rooftop.
No sooner had he done this, than the three SAM’s suddenly turned to face the
oncoming jet.  “RAZOR!!”  T Bone cried out.
“Cement Machine Gun, FIRE!!”  Razor cried, as he squeezed the trigger.  Five
bursts of cement slugs flew towards their targets.  They clogged up the SAM’s before
they ever got the chance to fire.  They just swiveled following the jet, unable to
launch their missiles.
“Nice going buddy”  T Bone said, as he brought the jet around.  He approached
the roof top, and turned on the jet’s VTOL mode, and the jet landed on the Heli-pad,
that was previously owned by the Long Bows.
A group of kats with machine guns approached the jet, but they soon withdrew
when the Cement Machine gun suddenly turned in their direction.  T Bone and Razor both
jumped out of the jet.
“I guess this is where we prove our stuff.”  T Bone said.  As he, and Razor
both put on their Glove-a-trix.
“Ready when you are?”  Razor asked.  T Bone smiled.
“Ready, and waiting.”  They both walked over to the roof’s edge, attached
their grappling hooks to the building’s side, and proceeded down the side of the
building, and opening a window, they easily got in.
Inside, the room was dark, and quiet.  T Bone pulled out a torch, and flashed
it around the room.  There was a door on the far left, and they walked over to it
and opened it.
“No one in here.”  T Bone said, as he walked in though the door.  No sooner
had he done this, then a gun barrel was shoved against his skull.
“Don’t move.”  A voice said.  T Bone knew who that voice was.
“Hay relax.”  He said, as a light was turned on.  “I’m a good guy.”
“What’s going on in here?”  Razor said, as he rushed into the room, only to
be greeted at the wrong end of a gun.
“Why should I think that?”  Commander Feral said, not taking the gun away
from the two kats in black masks.  “You’re wearing masks, you could be one of the
“Commander.”  Callie said, from behind T Bone and Razor.  “Could we at least
hear their story, I don’t believe I saw them with the others.”  They turned to look
at Callie.
“You can’t trust them, they might be looking for us, and trying to find out
what we’ve done.”
“We Feral.”  Callie said.  “You’ve got them hostage, let them speak.”  She
turned to the two kats in masks.  “Well, what is your story?”
“Were the good guys Ms.”  Razor suddenly butted in.  “We just took out the
Long Bows that took out twenty Enforcer choppers.”  Feral’s eyes widened.
“Twenty choppers!”  HE cried out.  “Who’s in charge out there?”
“Some Enforcer calling himself, Lt. Commander David Steel.”  Razor said.
Feral growled.
“Remind me to have a talk with this Steel.”  T Bone relaxed, but Feral
pointed the gun back at him.  “That still doesn’t clear you yet.”  Feral said.
“Listen.”  T Bone said.  “We’re super-heroes.”  Feral laughed.
“Yeah right!”  He said.  “Tell me another one.”
“Super-heroes?”  Callie said.  “What makes you think you guys are
“Well.”  T Bone said.  “We just took out all those Long Bow’s when your
Enforcers couldn’t.  We made our way into this building, when others couldn’t, so that
about wraps it up.”
“Wraps it up all right.”  A voice from behind said.  “For you lot.”  They
turned around to see a guard standing there, aiming his machine gun.  “Now, nobody move,
or you’ll encounter my trigger finger.”
“I don’t think so.”  Feral said, firing at the guard, who easily ducked it.
“Bad move pig.”  The guard said, as he let go a burst of machine gun fire.
“LOOK OUT!!”  T Bone cried, as he shoved Callie out of the way.
“Mini Tar-pedo, deployed!”  Razor cried, as he fired the weapon.  A huge
glob of tar was  projected out of his glove towards the guard, who was caught by
surprise.  The projectile hit the guard’s gun, and pinned it against the wall, then
Razor threw a roundhouse kick, that sent the guard flying head over heels towards the
wall where his gun was stuck.  He was knocked out cold.
“How’s that a show for good intentions?”  T Bone said, as he helped Callie up
off the ground.  Callie smiled at him.
“Thank you.”  She said.  “I don’t know whether you are super-heroes or not,
but thank you.”  She smiled at T Bone, who blushed under his fur.
“I don’t know who you clowns think you are, but this is Enforcer business.”
Feral said, eyeing T Bone angrily.  “You should stay out of this.”
“The Enforcers are getting their tails kicked down there.”  Razor said.
“We’re the only ones who stand a chance.”
“The Enforcers can handle anything.”  Feral growled.
“But not these guys.”  T Bone said.  Feral growled, and raised his gun,
which was lowered by Ms. Briggs paws.
“Listen Feral.”  She said.  “I don’t know who they are, but that doesn’t
matter, they showed they’re on our side, and we need their help.”  Feral calmed down.
“Now, lets all work together.  Shall we?”  Feral eyed the two vigilantes.
“We’ll settle this later.”  He said.
“Do you know what they’re doing in here?”  Razor asked.  Callie turned
around to answer him.
“They’ve done something to the phone lines in order to get to something,
but we don’t know what.”  She said.  Razor smiled.
“They’re using the phone lines to connect with a satellite up in space, so
that they have a radar map of the whole city, so that they can monitor air traffic
over the city, that’s how they managed to get the drop on the Enforcer choppers.”
“That’s one mystery solved.”  Callie said.
“But we still don’t know what they’re doing here.”  Feral said.
“Did they do anything else while they were here?”  Razor asked.
“They did take away Robert Darkson, and Mayor Manx.”  Callie said.
“But what would they want with them?”  Razor asked.  “Surely they wouldn’t
go through all this just to rob two of the richest kats in town, would they?”  No one
said a word.
“We don’t know who’s behind this.”  Feral said.  “When they took Darkson,
and the Mayor away, they talked about meeting the Boss.  Who that is, I have no idea.”
“Well.”  T Bone said.  “Shall we go find out?”
“Wait.”  Callie said.  “There are a lot of innocent kats downstairs.  We
must save them first.”
“How are we going to do that?”  T Bone asked.  “We can’t take them all on.”
“And I thought you were supposed to be super-heroes.”  Feral said.
“We don’t have to.”  Razor said.
“Huh?”  T Bone said.
“All I’m saying is that there could be another way to take out all those
“I’m listening.”  T Bone said.
“Callie.”  Razor said.  “Could you take Feral, and show him to the main
power box to the whole building?”  Callie nodded.
“I can do that.”  She said.
“I need you to cut the whole power to the building.”
“Why?”  Feral asked.
“Because we can get the drop on the guards in all the confusion.”
“Sounds like a plan.”  T Bone said.
“Let’s get going Feral.”  Callie said.  Feral growled.  Being upstaged by
two jerks in flying suits.
“See you in a few hours Ms. Briggs.”  T Bone said.
“Wait!”  Callie said.  T Bone stopped and looked at her.
“Yes?”  He asked.
“I never got your name.”  T Bone smiled.
“I don’t really have one, it’s a temporary name.  I’m T Bone.  And he’s
Razor.”  Callie smiled.
“T Bone and Razor.”  She said.  “I like those names.”  She said.  T Bone’s
eyes went wide.
“Really?!”  He said.  “You do?”  She nodded.  “Well, I did create them
myself.”  He said.  Razor rolled his eyes in his head.
“Come on Casanova.”  He said.  “Lets get going.”  He dragged T Bone away
by his collar.

Sometime later….

The kats in the auditorium sat at their tables, with the guards walking
around them, brandishing their machine guns, for all to see, in case someone was
tempted to be a hero.  Rex Shard was making sure to of that, he stood in the middle,
watching everyone else.
T Bone and Razor slowly crept though the kitchen, and looked out through
the windows on the door.  Razor looked at his watch.
“Callie and Feral, should be reaching that box any minute now.”

Down in the Basement….

Feral stepped over the two dead guards as he walked over to the power box.
He opened it.
“This it?”  He asked, as Callie approached from behind.  She looked at it.
“That’s it.”  She said.  Feral turned back to the box.
“Well, I’ll be.”  He said.
“What?”  Callie asked.  Feral moved back so that she could see.  He pointed to
a small black box.
“Our terrorists have thought of everything.”  He pointed at the little black box.
“See this.”  He said.  “If the power is cut to the building from the outside, this box
will draw power from the power stations, via the satellite they’re using, so they’ll
never run out of power.  Ingenious.”
“So what do we do?”  Callie asked.  Feral smiled.
“Simple.”  He said.  He reached over, and flicked a switch.  Then he raised
the gun in his paw, and blasted the little black box.  “We cut the power.”  The one
and only light bulb supplying light to the room, suddenly went out.
“Success.”  Callie said.  “Now I only hope that T Bone and Razor, can get
the hostages out safely.”

The Auditorium….

Suddenly, the lights went out.
“Hay?!”  Rex Shard cried out.
Just then, there was a dull thump, then another, and another, and another,
this went on for a few moments, suddenly, there was a small whining noise, and the
back up lights kicked in.  The red lights filled the room, and all the kats looked
about.  The guards were all on the ground, out cold.
“Could we have your attention please!”  Everyone looked to the stage, to see
two kats in radical flying suits standing on the stage, talking into the microphone.
“Could we get you all to proceed to the rear exit of the building?”
“Who are you?”  Someone called out from the audience.
“Let’s just say that we’re here to help.”  Razor said.  “Now could you all
please move to the rear exit of the building?”
There were a few complaints, but then, they started to move.  Some stayed
focused on the two kats, others were more interested in getting the hell out of there.
“Excuse me?”  A camera was shoved into the two kats’ faces.  “Ann
Gora, Katseye news.  Who are you, and what are you doing in those costumes?”
“We can’t explain now Ms.”  T Bone said.  “You’ll have to leave with the
“But we can’t…”
“Just go!”  Razor said.  “Like we said before.  We’re here to help.”
The report protested, but she complied.
“Good.”  T Bone said.  “The hostages are all freed.  Now, let’s go find the
head kat.”  They then turned around, and bolted for the door, heading towards the
elevator shafts.
No sooner had they left, than the reporter, and her camera kat came back
into the room.
“Ann Gora does not run from a story.”  She said.  “Are you with me Johnny?”
She said.  The kat gave her the thumbs up.
“All the way Ann.”  He said.  She smiled.
“Then let’s go.”  She said.  They then quietly crept after the two kats.

Dark Kat was standing behind Hard Drive while he worked on the computer.
“Just three more numbers to go.”  He said.
“Good work.”  Dark Kat said, as he watched Hard Drive working away.  Hard
Drive finished typing in some keys, when the computer started blinking.
“Two more to go.”  He said.  Dark grinned.  Hard Drive then looked back up
from the keyboard.  “One number left.”
Suddenly, the lights in the room, began to flicker, and they went out.
For a moment, nobody said anything.  Then the room was filled with Dark Kat’s
“WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!!!”  He screamed.
“I’d say the power’s been cut.”  Hard Drive said.  “And from the reaction time
of the backup lights, I’d say it was done from the inside.”
“Why aren’t the backup lights turning on?”
“The inside job must have damaged the back up lights, it’ll take some time for
it to repair itself.”  After a few moments, the back up lights flickered on.
“I want to know what that was.”  Dark Kat said.  “And fix the power while
you’re at it.”  Hard Drive was about to call for some guards, when he looked at the
“The power failure took out my computer!”  He cried.  “We’ve lost all
connection to the bank!”  Dark Kat fumed.
“What is going on here!”  He cried out.
“Crud!”  Hard Dive said, whacking the computer.  “I’ve lost all the
information.”  He slammed the computer one last time.  “I was so close.”  Dark Kat
was pissed.
“Don’t just stand there.”  He said to his kats.  “Do something.  Get the power
back on line.”  They all left the room.
“Uhh Dark Kat?”  One kat said.  Dark Kat turned around to face him.
“What?!”  He growled.
“Our hostages are escaping.”  Dark Kat was too shocked to be angry.
“WHAT??!!”  He screamed.  How could this be happening?  He had everything
carefully planned out, from the smallest concern, to the biggest threat.  Who was doing
Dark Kat walked over to the window, and looked down.  Sure enough, the
hostages were fleeing the building.  Enforcers were going into the building as the
hostages were leaving.
“We’ve got intruders in the building.”  Dark Kat said.  “Stop them!”  The
remaining guards left, leaving only Dark Kat, Hard Drive, and the Mayor.  Dark Kat
watched the Enforcers flood into the building, there was no way his kats could hold
off all those Enforcers.
“We’re finished, aren’t we?”  Hard Drive asked.  Dark Kat nodded.
“I had everything, everything.  And one tiny little mistake takes it all
away.”  His eyes narrowed.  “If I ever find that tiny little thing that foiled my
plans, I’ll kill them.”  He then turned to Hard Drive.  “You can leave whenever you
want, your job is done.”  Hard Drive nodded.
“I’ll go see if I can get the power back online, then I’ll leave.”  He
said.  “What about you?”
“The Mayor and Darkson will come with me, I’ll use them for hostages, in
case I get followed.”  He then picked up Manx.  “Were going for a little flight,
you and I Manx.”  Dark Kat said.

T Bone and Razor reached the elevator, and began climbing up the rope.
Suddenly, the elevator cart suddenly began moving upwards.
“HAY?!!”  T Bone shouted.  “I thought the power was supposed to be out in
the whole building?”
They let go of the cable and dropped down onto the roof of the cab.  They
flattened themselves out as the cart began to slow down.
Then it stopped.  They looked thought the roof vent into the cart.  In walked
the strangest kat they’d ever seen.  He wore a green trench coat, that sparked.  He
had a mohawk and his eyes were clear.
“What’s with him?”  T Bone said.  Razor shrugged.
“Don’t know?”  He said.  “But do you suppose that could be the Boss?”
T Bone smiled.
“Only one way to find out.”  He got up and kicked out the vent, and jumped
down into the cart.
Hard Drive had been humming to himself when all of a sudden, the roof was
kicked in, and two kats dressed in flying suits landed in the cart with him.
They stood there, looking at each other.
“Who the hell are you?”  Hard Drive said.
“I’m T Bone, and He’s Razor.”  The kat said.  “And were going to kick your
tail, Big Boss.”  Hard Drive laughed.
“You think I’m in charge?”  He said.  The kats just looked at him.  Hard
Drive laughed out loud.  “You’re dreaming.”  He said.
“You soon will be.”  T Bone said, raising his fist.  But Hard Drive just
held out his paw, and the elevator cart came to a sudden stop.  The door opened, and
Hard Drive jumped out the door
“So long, whoever you are!”  Hard Drive called out as he raised his paws
again, and the elevator doors closed shut, then the elevator began to drop like a
“Razor!”  T Bone cried out.  “We’ve got to do something!”
“Use your grappling hook!”  Razor said.  They both fired their grappling
hooks up into the air.  The hooks attached themselves to the top of the elevator shaft,
and the two heroes were pulled up.  They hung there, dangling while the doomed cart
fell down the shaft.
“O.k.”  T Bone said.  “Now what?”
“Follow my lead.”  Razor said.  He started swinging from side to side, and
T Bone followed.  They swung, until they had enough speed, then they let go of their
cables, and did a flying kick at the closest door, busting it open.
Hard Drive, who had been running down the stairs, heard the noise, and
opened the door to the hallway to investigate.  His eyes went wide.
“You guys, again?!”  He cried out.  “HOW?!”
“Easy.”  T Bone said.  “We’re the good guys, and the good guys always win.”
Hard Drive nearly burst out laughing.
“Are you guys supposed to be super-heroes?”  He said.  The two kats nodded.
Hard Drive burst out laughing.  “Come on, really, who are you?”  T Bone growled.
“Your worst nightmare!”  He said, and landed a punch right between Hard
Drive’s eyes.  Hard Drive stopped laughing as he fell over and hit the floor.  Wiping
the grin off his face, he got back up, and growled at the two kats.
“You weren’t electrocuted when you touched me, so that means your gloves
are insulated.”  He frowned at them.  “I will confess to being impressed.  Only a
keen intellect could create such a thing.”
“Does that mean you’re taking us seriously?”  T Bone asked.  Hard Drive
then threw an electric bolt at them.
“I think that means yes.”  Razor said, as they dodged the blast.
“I take it that you’re the ones who ruined the boss’s plans.”  Hard Drive
said, as he walked back into the hall where the two kats had ran into.  “You ruined
mine as well.  Your going to pay for that!”  He walked down the hall.  They were no
where to be seen.
“In here!”  He heard one of them shout.
“You’re dead!”  He said, as he rushed into the stair well.  Looking around,
he saw nobody.
“Right behind ya!”  He turned around, to see one of the masked kats
holding a fire house.  “Turn it on T Bone!”  The kat cried.
“NO!!”  Hard Drive cried out, as he was sprayed with water.  Sparks flew
as he was sprayed with water.  The force from the hose knocked him down the stairs.
“You can turn it off now T Bone.”  Razor said, as he watched Hard Drive
bouncing down the steps, sparking as he went.
“Ow, Oh, ouch, eeh, oh, ow, owe, oh, ouch!”  Hard Drive cried out as he
tumbled down the stairs, rolling out of sight.  T Bone came up next to Razor as they
closed the door.  As they started heading up the steps, T Bone popped the question.
“If that wasn’t the Big Boss, then who is it?”  Razor shrugged.
“I keep getting this feeling we’ll find out soon enough.”  They continued
running up the stairs.

On the Roof Top…

The first thing Dark Kat saw, when he walked on onto the roof top, was the
black and red jet, sitting on the heli-pad.  He growled.
“What is that?!”  He demanded, pointing at it.  The kats who were packing
up the equipment all turned to look at the jet.
“I’d say it belongs to whoever took out Dick’s squadron.”  One kat said.  “it
looks as if they haven’t left yet.”  Dark Kat thought for a moment.
“Haven’t left yet?”  He said.  Suddenly, his walkie-talkie sparked to life.
“Hard Drive calling Big Boss, Hard Drive calling Big Boss, come in Big Boss!”
Dark Kat answered the walkie-talkie.
“Big Boss here Hard Drive, go ahead.”
“I just had a close encounter with our gate crashers, there’s two of them,
but they’re crafty, they just destroyed my Surge Suit, and they’re heading in your
direction at this very moment.”
Then a smile spread across his face.  “Bring me Manx!”  He called out.  A kat
ran into Dark Kat’s jet, and brought out Manx.
“What do you want me for now, Dark Kat?”  Manx asked, shaking.
“You.”  He said to Manx.  “You have just been promoted, from hostage, to
bait.”  He then picked up Manx, and walked back to the stairwell.


T Bone and Razor finally reached the top of the stair well.
“Here we go!”  T Bone said, as he fly kicked the door open.  They both
rushed out into the empty hallway.  No one was around.
“In here.”  They heard a voice call out.  It was Mayor Manx’s.
They rushed into the room at the very end of the hallway.  It was the
Mayor’s office.  Manx was in his chair, all tied up.
“Mayor?”  T Bone said, as he came into the office.
“No.”  A voice from behind them said.  They both spun around, as the door
slammed shut.
“DARK KAT!!?!”  Both kats cried out.  Dark Kat smiled.
“It’s nice that you know me.”  He said.  “But I believe I haven’t meet
“I’m T Bone, and this is Razor.”  T Bone said.  “You can call us that, you
can call us idiots, but call us trouble.”  He raised his fists.  Dark Kat laughed out
“I see that you’re the ones that have been ruining my plans.”  He started
spinning the cane, he had, in his paws.  “And as you can see, I’m Big Boss.”
“Let Manx go Dark Kat.”  Razor said.  “This is between you and us.”
Dark Kat laughed out loud.
“Now why would I go and do that?”  He said.  “I need Manx for my backup
plan, since you’ve ruined my first one.”  He shook his head.  “I’m afraid he stays
with us.”  T Bone cracked his knuckles.
“Then let’s get it on!”  He said.  Dark Kat grinned.
“All right.”  He said.  “I’ve been wanting to see how my little creeplings
handle in battle.”  Razor gave him a funny look.
“Creeplings?”  He said.  Dark Kat then raised a whistle to his lips, and
blew on it. No noise came out of it, but suddenly, the door to the Mayor’s private
bathroom suddenly exploded, and out came the six strangest creatures both kats
had ever seen.
“That’s a creepling.”  Dark Kat said.  They were about two and a half
feet high, they had purple scales and jaws like Dark Kats.  They had arms, with wings
under them.  They looked like a combination between a lizard, and a bat.
“They almost look exactly like you.”  T Bone said.
“That’s because they are.”  Dark Kat said.  “When I was experimenting
with them, I accidentally was bombarded with nine million volts of electricity, and
the special formula that helped create them, when the electricity first hit the
formula, it obliterated the first creepling I was working with, and combined his DNA
with the liquid, when I was hit with the liquid, the electricity and the formula,
combined my DNA with that of the creeplings, so you see, I’m half creepling, half
“Well, aren’t you special?”  T Bone said.
“Attack them my creeplings!”  Dark Kat cried out.  The creeplings suddenly
made a screeching noise, as they jumped up and down on the spot.  Then, they began to
circle the two masked kats like sharks, sounding them.
“Things are not looking good buddy.”  Razor said.  T Bone stood in a
defensive stand, while keeping his eyes on the creeplings.
“Tell me about it.”  He said.  Dark Kat grinned as he watched the two kats
look about nervously.
“Kill them.”  Dark Kat said.  Instantly, the creeplings all leapt at the two
“Get away from me!”  T Bone cried, as he roundhouse kicked two creeplings
out of his way, but another one, was soon at this throat, trying to tear it open.
T Bone cried out, as he grabbed it, and threw it to the ground, but no sooner had he
done this, then the other two continued their attack.
“How is Dark Kat controlling them?”  Razor cried out, as he slammed two
creeplings heads together.
“I’m half creepling, half kat remember.”  Dark Kat said.  “I’m exactly
like them, so they listen to every word I say.”
“Tell me about it.”  Razor said, as he plucked another creepling off his
“We can’t keep this up forever!”  T Bone cried out as he blasted two
creeplings with an octopus missile.  “They’re going to get us, sooner or later.”  The
two creeplings then tore the missile to shreds, and leapt for T Bone.
“I’m thinking, I’m thinking!”  Razor howled, as he dodged a clawed swipe by
a creepling.
“There must be a way to get them to stop attacking us.”  T Bone said.
“I’ve got it!”  Razor said.  He then swung his glove-a-trix from a
creepling, to Dark Kat.  Dark Kat was caught by surprise.
“Huh?”  He managed to say
“Spider-missile, deployed!”  he cried out.
A projectile shot our of the glove, and straight at Dark Kat.  It suddenly
split in two, and three separate ropes popped out of it, and curled around Dark Kat,
wrapping him up.  He fell over on the ground with a grunt.
Just as Razor suspected, the creeplings, stopped attacking them, and rushed
over to help Dark Kat.
“Bingo!”  Razor said.  “Now, grab the Mayor, and lets get out of here!”
T Bone rushed over, and picked up the Mayor.
“Are you going to hurt me?”  The Mayor whimpered.
“No Mayor.”  T Bone said.  “I’m here to rescue you.”  Dark Kat saw this,
and growled.
“Never mind me my creeplings.”  He said.  “Stop them!”  The creepling
instantly stopped chewing on the ropes that held Dark Kat, and started flying after
the two masked kats.
“Crud!”  T Bone cried out, as he grabbed the Mayor and he and Razor ran
out of the room.  “I didn’t know these things could fly!”  Razor shrugged.
“Well.”  Razor said.  “Now we do.”  He closed the door.  “Mini cement
launchers.”  He cried out, and he and T Bone fired a burst of cement slugs, closing
the door for good.  No sooner had they done this, than the door was ripped open.
The creeplings stood there, screeching.
“Crud.”  T Bone said.
“Run !”  Razor cried out.  With the Mayor over his shoulder, T Bone turned
and sprinted down the hall way with Razor beside him, and the creeplings hot on his
Dark Kat appeared at the door’s entrance.
“If plan B doesn’t work.”  He said.  “I’ll go ahead with plan C.”  He then
walked off.

Security Room….

Hard Drive walked into the security room, his Surge Suit was wet, and
occasionally sparking.  He took it off, and threw it in the trash bin.
“Oooohhhh.”  He growled.  “Those kats are going to pay.  When I get the
chance, they’ll pay.”  He closed, and locked the door.  “Lucky for me, I’ve been
influenced by the best.”  He walked over to a suit case on the floor.  “Dark Kat
always said, have a few extra back up plans, in case something goes wrong.”  He opened
the suit case, and pulled out a spare Surge Suit.  He put it on, and smiled.  “Now
it’s pay back time.”
Suddenly, the door started bulging.
“This is the Enforcers.”  A voice from the other side called out.  “Open
up!”  Hard Drive growled.
“Just my lousy luck.”  He said.  “Oh well.”  He said.  “He who fights,
and runs away, lives to fight another day.”  He then turned electric blue, and jumped
into the monitors, just as the Enforcers barged into the room.


“Move it!”  T Bone cried out as he bashed open the door to the stairwell,
and rushed inside.  No sooner had he and Razor closed the door, then the creeplings
tore though it, and continued their chase.
“We’ve got to get rid of these things!”  T Bone cried out, as he jumped
over the rail of the stairs to land on the next ones down.
“Why do I have to think of everything?”  Razor cried out, as he followed
T Bone.  “Can’t you think of a good idea for once?”  T Bone thought for a moment.
“We could hold them off, with that hose we used on the electric guy.”
He said.
“Not a bad idea, T Bone.”  Razor said.  “Lets find a hose.”  They then
kicked open a door, and ran out into the hall way, looking for a hose.
“There’s one!”  T Bone cried out as he pointed to one on the
wall.  Razor ran over to it, and ripped it off the wall.
“Come get some.”  Razor said.  He stood with the hose, aimed at the door.  The
creepling came rushing out, and screeched to a stop, when they say the hose.  “Fire.”
Razor said.  T Bone turned it on, and the creeplings were washed away.
“Down the drain.”  T Bone said.
“Not yet buddy.”  Razor said.  He looked up at the ceiling, and
aimed his glove-a-trix at an over hanging light.  “Deploy, mini turbo blades!”  Razor
cried, as he fired a small razor sharp blade at the light, the cable holding it to
the roof, and it fell on the ground, spreading electricity though out the water.
“Fried lizard chicken.”  T Bone said, as he watched the creeplings twist, and
turn and smoke.
“Very clever.”  A voice from behind said.  Suddenly, T bone was hit from behind,
and he dropped the Mayor, and went flying into the wall.  “But not clever enough.”
Razor spun around to see Dark Kat standing.
“Dark Kat?!”  Razor cried out.  “How did you get down here before us?”
“I have my ways.”  He said.
Razor raised his glove-a-trix, but Dark kat knocked his paw away, with a single
movement of his.
“That won’t work again.”  Dark Kat said.  “Who ever you are, you’ll regret the
day you ever crossed paths with Dark Kat.”  He then kicked Razor in the stomach,
and punched him in the face.
Razor tried to punch Dark Kat in the face, but when he landed the punch, Dark
Kat didn’t even falter.
“Wha-?!”  Razor said.
“You pathetic kat.”  Dark Kat said.  “You keep forgetting, I’m half creepling,
half kat.  I have super-strength, not that it’ll matter any more.”  He then knocked
Razor to the ground with a single punch.  Razor landed on his back with a crunch.
“Argh!”  He cried out.  He weakly looked up, to see Dark Kat looming over him.
“I must tell you this.”  He said.  “You almost made this game of mine
interesting.”  He said.  “I’ve never been able to find a worthy opponent that could
beat me, but now…”  He bent down, and picked up a piece of  sharp, broken wood.  He
raised it above his head like a wooden stake.  “farewell, masked kat.”  He said.
Razor tried one last time.
“The name’s Razor!  Mini cement launchers!”  Razor cried out, and a small chain
gun popped out from the top of his glove-a-trix, and fired a burst of cement slugs
at Dark kat.
“AARRRGGGHHHH!!!”  Dark Kat cried out, his paws, which held the stake, were
covered in quick hardening cement.  Over balanced, he fell over backwards and hit the
“And don’t you forget it.”  Razor said, weakly getting back up.  Dark Kat got
back up, growling.  He strained a bit, and broke the cement bonds, that held his paws.
“Believe me.”  Dark Kat growled.  “I won’t.”  He suddenly turned around, and ran
back up the stairs.  Razor was confused.
“Why did he leave?”  Suddenly, he heard a gun click from behind him.
“Don’t move!”  An Enforcer cried out.  Razor grumbled.
“Crud.”  He said, raising his paws.
“You’re under arrest for…”
“Wait!”  They all turned around to face the Mayor, who was being helped up by an
Enforcer.  “Those masked kats saved me.”  Manx said.  “They’re heroes.  Let them go.”
The Enforcer looked at the Mayor, then Razor, then back at the Mayor.  “NOW!!”  The
Mayor yelled.
“All right.”  The Enforcer said.  “You’re free to go.”
“Thanks Mayor.”  T Bone said, getting up from the ground.
“Now.”  Razor said.  “Let’s go after Dark Kat.”  Suddenly, a large figure stepped
between Razor and the Mayor.
“Not so fast you.”  Razor looked up into the face of Commander Feral.  “This is
Enforcer business, leave it to the professionals.”  He then pushed past Razor, and
headed for the stairs, with some Enforcers behind him.
“They may need help.”  T Bone said, running after them.
They all rushed up the stairs to the roof top, to the Heli-pad.  The moment
they reached the top, they saw Dark Kat’s jet getting ready to take off.  Dark Kat
stood there, at the top of the ramp, as it was closing up.
“Farewell.”  He cried out.  “Till next time.”  And with that, the ramp fully
closed up, and the jet took off.
“Blast!” Razor said.  “He got away.”  T Bone patted his shoulder.
“There’ll always be a next time, buddy.”  He said.  “Dark Kat himself said
so.”  Feral turned around to face them.
“I don’t think so.”  Feral said.  “You two have caused enough trouble
tonight.”  He leaned closer to them.  “Sure it was cute, and you did help us, but
once is enough, we have Enforcers, we have the fire power, and we could have taken
care of Dark Kat ourselves.”
“Oh, shut up Feral.”  The Mayor said.  “I saw what the Enforcers did, and
they failed.  These kats may have taken the law into their own paws, but they did
your job.  So leave them alone.”  Feral’s look on his face was priceless.  He
backed off.
“Hay guys!”  They all turned around, to see Callie Briggs walking towards
them.  “Look who we found.”  She moved aside, and the two Enforcers who were helping
the kat to walk moved aside, to reveal Robert Darkson.  He was all beaten up, and
looked terrible.  “We found him locked up in a room, all tied up, and looking like
yesterday’s breakfast.”
“Where are the two kats that saved me.”  Darkson said.
“They’re right here, Mr Darkson.”  Callie said.  She pointed to the two kats.
Darkson weakly looked up at them.
“Tell me.”  He said.  “What are your names?”
“I’m T Bone.”  T Bone said.
“I’m Razor.”  Razor said.  Darkson smiled.
“I owe you my life.”  He said.  He held out his paw.  “Thank you.”  They both
shook his paw.  “I think I’m going withdraw from being Mayor, it’s too dangerous.
Now could you excuse me, I think I’ve lost a rib.”  The two Enforcers began helping
him away.
“Thank you, T Bone and Razor.”  Callie said to them.  She smiled at them both,
and T Bone smiled back at her.
“Well.”  He said.  “I did most of the work.”  Razor just shook his head.
As the Enforcers spread out over the roof, looking for anything else that might have
been left behind, Callie turned to her heroes one more time.
“Will I ever see you guys again?”  She asked.  Razor stepped forward.
“I’ve been working on this little device.”  He said.  “It was meant to
be used to communicate between ourselves, if we ever go separated.”  He held out
a small little radio looking device.  “It’s just a start, but I’ll perfect it in
the future.”  He said.  “If there’s ever any trouble, contact us, and we’ll come
running.”  Callie took the small radio, and placed it in her purse.
“Now we’ve got to get going.”  T Bone said.  “The dangers over, and we’ve
done our job.”
“Wait!”  They all turned around to see that reporter walking towards them.
“Before you go.”  She said, holding the microphone out to them.  “Please tell us.
Who are the newest heroes of Megakat City?”
“I’m Razor.”
“I’m T Bone.”
“Razor and T Bone?”  She said, turning back to the camera.  “As you’ve
seen, these two hero’s, Razor, and T Bone, have used Special Weapons, And Tactics
to take on the terrorists and defeat Dark Kat.”
She turned back to the two heroes standing on the roof top.  “What do you
call yourselves as a group?”  She asked.  Both T Bone and Razor looked at each
other, and smiled.  They knew what to call themselves.
They both said the same words at the same time.
“The SWAT Kats!”
They both turned around, and headed for their jet.  Hopping in, they fired
up the engines and flew off into the night.

Later that night….

Robert Darkson lay in his hospital bed, watching the T.V.  It had been a pure
stroke of genius to have that robotic double of himself, so that he fool every one
into thinking that he was really on that jet.  Then he had beat himself up, to make
his wounds look believable.
He watched, with hatred in his eyes, as he saw the news kat interview the
two kats who had foiled his plan.
“The SWAT Kats!”  They both said.  Darkson growled.
“The SWAT Kats?!”  He said.  “I’ll remember that name till the day I die.
He then turned off the t.v. and sat up straight.  “They have destroyed everything I
planned for over the past months.  Everything!  I underestimated them.  They’re more
powerful than I thought!”  He clenched his fists.  “Fair enough!  The more powerful
the SWAT Kats are, the more powerful Dark Kat will be shown to be when I destroy
them.”  He lay back down in his bed, and smiled.  “No matter, this is but a small
setback in the greater scheme of things.”  He then grinned, showing his sharp teeth.
“Before the year is out, everything I have planned for will be accomplished.  I will
make a newer batch of creeplings, and Dark Kat, will be the greatest crimelord this
city has ever known.”  He chuckled silently to himself, as he slowly went to sleep.”


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