Original SWAT Kats Story

Red Alert

By Glenn Battilana

  • 1 Chapter
  • 14,568 Words

Megakat City is invaded by an alien race from the stars called the Aions. The SWAT Kats and the Enforcers must join forces in order to defeat the alien menace, with a little help from some unlikely allies.

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Author's Notes:

This story is dedicated to my Grandfather, who was one of the many Australian soldiers who helped expel the Japanese from New Guinea.

This one’s for you, Grandpa!


The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 2:00 am

On the Bridge of the command ship, Fleet Commander Shran watched
the hologram in front of him.  The command ship “Alpha” was
approximately 500 feet high and over 200 feet wide.  It’s red and
Black paint made it a fierce sight.  The whole ship looked like a
Pyramid with a hoop around the middle.  There was another ship next to
the ‘Alpha’, it was the ‘Omega’, similar to the ‘Alpha’ but not as
impressive.  Behind them were about six other pyramids.  The fleet
commander looked at the hologram of the world they were about to
conquer, in front of him.  The whole crew were excited, for the
discovery of this new planet was a joyous occasion.  The Aions were a
race of evolved wolfs.  There hind legs still bent back like their
four legged ancestors, but there paws were different with four fingers
on each paw, each finger held a deadly retractable claw witch was a
Aion’s primary weapon.  The Aion’s are a worrier race, and the purpose
of a worrier is to fight.  Shran’s job, being the Fleet Commander, was
to command and conquer.  The Aion Empire conceited of seven planets,
all which had contained intelligent life forms, who had passed the
industrial stage.  Now the empire reached out for an eight planet, and
this one would do nicely.  The cameras had shown that this
civilisation was at a pro atomic age, and was worthy of a decent
fight.  He singled away the hologram and looked out the view window at
the real planet in front of him.
“Soon.”  He said.  “Soon.”

Megakat City  August 2nd 9:00 am

It was a beautiful morning in Megakat City.  The sun shone
brightly, nothing stirred in the cities dark under belly, Commander
Feral was going over the days business, the Deputy Mayor was writing
the Mayors presentation, the salvage yard was just opening up, and
here and there, shops were opening.  No one threatened the city today.
Either every one was in Faroe Lake or just couldn’t be bothered
getting up and trying to piss every one off.  Besides that, the city
was very much quite.

No one on the other hand, could be prepared for the following
events that would take place.


The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 11:00 am

As Fleet Commander Shran entered the room, the soldiers in the
room all stood up and saluted him.  He gave the order that made them
all resume their work on the bridge of the vessel.  A tall wolf
approached the Commander.
“Fleet Commander Shran.”  He said, saluting him by sticking his
arm out in front of him on an angle.  The commander saluted back.
“Report Lt. Commander Thranx.”  He said.  The Lt. Commander
dropped his arm, and read out the report in his paw.
“Both the Squadron’s of the Alpha, and the Omega are ready to go.
The other squadrons stand ready to invade other cites.”  Shran smiled.
“Excellent.”  He said.  “Proceed with Pre-invasion manoeuvres.”
Thranx saluted then walked of to transmit the Fleet Commanders orders.
The two gigantic ships prepared to launch their attacks on the two
major land areas of the planet.  Their first attack would be directed
at the major metropolitan areas.

Megakat City Salvage Yard August 2nd 1:00 pm

Chance Furlong, and Jake Clarwson were both working on the Turbo
Kat, their pride and joy.  They were giving the jet a re fuelling, and
a new coat of paint.
“Slow day huh buddy?”  Chance said, as he nearly knocked over a
paint can.
“you can say that again.”  Jake said, as he shock his head at
Chance.  Just then, a ding filled the room.  Jake walked over and
pulled out the pipe that was re fuelling the Turbo Kat.  “When the
paints dry, we’ll take her out for a test run in the canyon, to test
some new missiles.”  Chacne smiled from were he was on the wing.
“Finally.”  He said.  “Some action.”

Little did Chance know, that he was going to get just that…..


Enforcer Headquarters August 2nd 1:45 p.m.

Commander Ulysses Feral was going over the paper work at Enforcer
Headquarters.  He was going through some papers, he came to a piece of
paper reading……
“Request permission to scrap code single ‘Red Alert’”  Feral
looked at the message and thought about it.  Red Alert was the code
name for a full scale interplanetary invasion.  It had been created
ever science that water pirate Mutalor showed up.  Just Incas anything
like this ever happened.  He picked up a read stamp, and stamped the
words, ‘DENIED’, on the request.

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 3:10 p.m.

Thranax approached the Fleet Commander.  Saluting him, he reported
the situation of the invasion fleet.
“All stands ready Fleet Commander.”  He said.  Shran smiled.
“Excellent.”  He said.
“Commander….?”  Thranax asked.

MASA Radar Station August 2nd 3:15 p.m.

The kat at the radar stirred bleakly at the screen in front of
him.  He had to be reading this wrong.
He blinked again to make sure he had seen what he’d seen.

|        <====
|        <====
|  00903452

He looked at the screen at the two UFO’s coming towards Megakat
City at a very fast speed.  He turned away to fill up his coffee mug,
but when he turned back, he dropped his coffee mug, letting the coffee
spill all over the carpeted floor.

|    <====  <==== <=
|        <==== <=====
|       <======  <===
————|————<==  <===
|   <=======  <====
|  00903452

There were more behind those two, and more after that lot.  This
was a whole convention.

Megakat City Park August 2nd 3:30 p.m.

Callie Briggs sat on the bench after having her afternoon jug.
She was puffed after running across nearly the whole park, and from
City hall.  She looked up at the orange sky as the sun was setting,
showing the end of the day.  She let her head fall back as she socked
in the atmosphere.  Life was just perfect the way it was.

Suddenly she was brought back to reality by an unearthly scream
from the sky.  Hundreds of Aion Tiger fighters shrieked out of the
darkening sky.  These fighters were like nothing Callie had ever seen.
They were red and black, and had an oval shape about them, being flat
on the bottom, and round on the top.  The front of the ships were
sleek and round, with a vertical strip of black on the front, and blue
flame was shooting out the back of them.  The fighters then dived on
the city, strafing anyone, and anything in their paths.  Lasers began
to shred and rip up the ground very near to were Callie was sitting.
She dived of the park bench, seconds before it was disintegrated under
a hail of laser fire.  She pulled out her communicator as she began
running back to city hall.  Kats were running every were, screaming.
“If this isn’t a SWAT Kat emergency.”  She said, pressing the
button.  “I’ll quit my job.”  She ran even faster, when a fighter
tried to strafe her.  She had to get back to city hall, if there was
anything left of it.

Megakat City Salvage yard August 2nd 3:31 p.m.

Chance and Jake were just about ready to go out on there test run,
when the alarm began to scream.
“What now?”  Chance complained, as Jake ran over and pressed the
“Yes Miss Briggs?”  He said.  His right eye brow went up slightly
as he heard what sounded like kats screaming, and laser fire in the
back ground.
“SWAT Kats!!”  Callie screamed back from were ever she was.
“Megakat City is under attack from some sort of fighters….”  There
was a loud explosion.  And the line went dead.
“CALLIE?!”  They both screamed.  Grabbing their helmets, they
raced towards the Turbo kat, and shot off to once again save the city
from distraction.

Enforcer Headquarters August 2nd 3:45 p.m.

“Sire?”  The Captain Millard asked Feral.  Feral just looked
outside as he saw the ships descend upon the city and start firing.
“Transmit, Red Alert.”  Was all he said.

Sirens were screaming out loud, red lights were flashing as every
pilot in the  EAF (Enforcer Air Force) was scrambling to get into the
air to deal with the unknown invader.  One by one, the jets came up to
the runway and began to shot of into the sky.  Luckily, the invaders
had attacked Megakat International thinking that was the air force of
this planet.  When they did realise that they had attacked the wrong
spot, every air craft, weather it be a chopper or jet was in the air,
preparing to engage.  AA guns from the runway of Enforcer Headquarters
began to open up as the alien fighters came in range.
“This is Gold leader.”  Felina Feral said into her mike.  “Gold
squadron, engage the enemy.”  The fighters let lose with laser fire,
in which the Enforcers retaliated by firing back.  Felina shot down
one, and her squadron swung about to have another go.  “Use missiles
this time.”  She said.  As the alien fighters came back for another
go, the Enforcers let fly a volley of missiles.  The aliens were slow
to respond.  They didn’t even see the missiles until it was too late,
they tried to dodge them, but the missiles were too fast for them.
All the missiles took out their targets and all of the targeted
fighters tumbled out of the sky.
Just then, the jet to her right exploded in a fire ball.  She
jerked her head around to see two fighters had snuck up on her
squadron from behind.
“Evasive manoeuvres!”  She screamed into her mike.  The whole
squadron swung away and Felina did a loop the loop on the enemy
fighter, and came up from behind.  She fired a burst of laser, and the
fighter began to trail smoke, then plunged out of the sky.  It’s
partner flew off.  She looked around to see if there were any other
fighters near her.  Suddenly there was a burst of laser firing past
her.  She jerked her head to the left to see five fighters had ganged
up on her.  “Unfair!”  Felina growled as she did a barrel role to
escape their fire.
The five fighters then exploded and tumbled out of the sky.
Felina turned to see a formula jet.
“The SWAT Kats!”  She exclaimed, as the Turbo Kat swung off to
find more fighters.

“Nice shoot’n Razor.”  T Bone said.  “Think Felina’s impressed.
“She outa be.”  Razor said.  “We just saved her tail.”  The Turbo
Kat came round to face some more fighters.
“Think you can handle them buddy?”  T Bone said with a smile.
Razor smiled back.
“Buzz saw missiles, deployed.”  He shouted as he let lose twenty
missiles, they all took out their targets.  “Bingo.”  Razor screamed
as the fighters, wingless, fell out of the sky.  More just joined the
“Kats Alive.”  T Bone cried out as he swung the jet away just in
time to avoid the laser fire.
“Match head missiles, deployed.”  Razor said, as he fired another
round of missiles out.  The fighters were all taken out.
“Holy Kats.”  T Bone cried out.  “How many of these things are
there?”  More fighters were approaching.
“Guess were going to have to try out my new missiles anyway.”  He
pressed some things on his control panel.  “Sonic Missile’s deployed.”
Five missiles popped out from beneath the jet, and speed towards a
group of  thirty fighters.  When they were about five meters away from
the fighters, they exploded, sending out a burst of sonic energy.  The
fighters were ripped apart from the sonic force, and the bits and
pieces of what ever was left fell to the ground.
“Well, that worked.”  Razor said, putting on a pair of red
“What’s happening back their buddy.”  T Bone demanded.
“Were going to have to use the cement machine gun T Bone.” Razor
said.  “Were all out of missiles.”
The cement machine gun began firing away as the fighters started
shooting in their direction.  The cement covered the view screen of
the fighters, preventing them from seeing anything, and they either
crashed into each other, or crashed into a building.
“Were out of the game.”  Razor said, as he fired the last cement
slug.  “Were out off ammo.”
“Well, those guys don’t want to let us go.”  T Bone said, as he
dodged laser fire.”
“Then use the mega laser to blast a gap so we can get though.”
The nose of the jet split apart and the great mega laser spoke, as it
went though three fighters.  The others got the message and disengage.
In fact they all designed.  The fighters were all leaving.  The SWAT
Kats watched as all the fighters turned tail, and fled.
“What the?!”  T Bone cried out as the last fighter disappeared.
“I don’t get it.”  He said.  “They had us on the ropes, why did they
“Beats the hell out of me buddy.”  Razor said.  “But how about we
head back to the hanger and re flue, before they come back for another
go.”  With that, the Turbo kat swung about, and shot off back to the
salvage yard.

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 4:12 p.m.

Fleet Commander Shran looked at the hologram of the planet in
front of him.  They had launched the attack nearly an hour ago, and
already his troops were in position.
Just then Thranax approached him.  He saluted, then proceeded with
his report.
“The fighter squadrons have successfully occupied the enemy while
our ground units managed to establish a foot hold.  Some of our troops
are already engaged in combat, but not to any extent.”
“What about casualties?”  Shran demanded.
“Causalities are very light Fleet Commander.”  Thranax reported.
“However, we lost allot of fighters at this city here
called….Megakat.”  He brought up a hologram of the area were the
city was located.  Our troops are already deployed near the city, and
are advancing with the usual three pronged attacked.  It should fall
to us with ease.”  Shran smiled.
“Excellent.”  He said.  “Report back to me in two hours.”
“It shall be done.”  He saluted Shran, and walked off.
Other Fleet Commanders had experienced great military resistance
before on other planets, but they had all been crushed.  Shran once
again called up the map of the city called Megakat, and studied it
very closely.  He have to pay special attention to that one.

Enforcer Headquarters August 2nd 4:25 p.m.

Felina Feral was pissed off.  She had lost her entire squadron,
and her own jet was pretty banged up.  But what really gave her the
shits was the fact when she first took of, she saw lots of enforcer
jets and helicopters taking to the sky to fight the alien invaders.
Now, she didn’t see half as many return.  What ever thoses things
were, they had sure givin the EAF a hard pounding.  Her eyes focused
in on the run way as she came in for a landing.  She swore when she
saw smoking rumble were the AA guns had been.  The streets below were
filled with the wreckage of jets, choppers, and aline fighters.  The
majority of the wrecks below were Enforcer propity.  The whole city
was smoking, and on fire.  If thoses aliens lanuched another air
assulat, the city would be finished.  Felina was joulted as the tieres
of her jet tunched down, she put on the breakes, and came to a halt.
As she opened the canopy, she saw other enforcer choppers, and jets,
flying towrds the harbour.  Some of the air units were instructed to
land on the sir craft cairers and head up and down the coast, so the
aliens wouldn’t have the whole air force sitting in one basket so
distroy.  She saw her uncle walking over to her.  When she jumped
down, he hugged her, glad that she was alright.
“Lets get going Felina.”  He said.  “Were relocating our command
base to Anakat Island.  If thoses aliens attack Enforcer Headquarters
agian, were finished.”  She ran across the runway with her uncle as
they headed down stairs.  When they were getting into Feral’s car, she
saw tanks, howitzers, mechanized inantry, and troops all being shipped
“Were are they all going Uncle?”  She asked.  Feral started up the
“Radar shows that a large ammount of UFO’s tuching down, at three
percific points outside the city.  Were going to investegate.”  The
car pulled out of Enforcer Headquarters, and drove down the street.
“We think that the air assult on the city was a deversion, so that
they could land a ground assult to capture the city.  Not only that,
but we’ve recived reports from all over the world, their being
attacked.”  Felina got butterflies in her stumach.  She had gone from
pissed off to shit sceared.  This wasn’t just a battle, this was war.


Outside City Hall August 2nd 5:01pm

Callie Briggs slowly got to her feet.  She was talking to the SWAT
Kats when a stray shot had lnaded right next to her.  She was blown
head over heals and landed in a shop, well that’s were she woke up
anyway.  She looked about her, to see kats running every were
histerically.  She walked outside, and looked up into he sky.  The
invaders had gone.  But there was a hell of alot of wreckage lying
about.  Some of them were Enforcer jets, and choppers, and others were
the alien figthers.  She looked up at city hall, and breathed a sigh
of relefe to see it still standing.  However, it had got the shit,
shot out of it.  Parts of the building were burnig, and others were
singed scorch marks of laser fire, and big chunks of the building had
been shot out.  She ran inside the building, and took the stairs, not
wanting to tempt fate by taking the elevator.
When she reached the top, she opened the door, to see Mayor Manx
frantically, with his favorite set of glof clubs, kicking the elevator
“Blast it, what is taking you so long?!”  He muttered under his
“Mayor Manx,” Callie said.  “I don’t think that’s such a good
idea.”  Manx spun around to see Callie.
“Oh Callie.”  He said.  “Thank goddness your here.”  He ran over
to her.  “You have to make this stop, make it all go away.  Callie
rolled her eyes.
“I can’t do that Mayor.”  She said.
“WHAT?!”  Manx screamed.  “What do you think you get paid for.”
“Listen Mayor.”  Callie said.  “Commander Feral has already taken
care of the problem, the fighters are all gone.”  Manx shoke his head.
“No there not.”  He wimmpered.  “I just got a call from Feral
saying that their lanuching an attack against my city by the ground.
He told me to get down the docks as fast as I can to go over to
Anakata Island.”  Callie was shocked.  The aliens hadn’t left, they
were coming right for them.  She began to walk towrds the office.
“I’ll call Feral to let him know I’m alright.”  Manx’s eyes grew
“Don’t go in there Callie.”  He cried out.  Callie opened the
door, and neraly fell one hundered feet to her death, as she realised
that the whole of the Mayor’s office had been distroyed.  She looked
about at the broken masonry and at the partly burining city.  Closing
the door, she grabed Manx by the arm, and lead him down the stairs.
She wasn’t thinking about the SWAT kats at this point in time, what
she was thinking about was getting to Anakata Island, before she, and
the Mayor ended up like his office.

On top of the ruined MBC (Megakat Broadcasting Company) building
August 2nd 5:05 pm

Ann Gora and her camerakat, Johnny borded the only remaining
chopper that belonged to the station.  Ann, for the second time in her
life, was going live looking like something the kat dragged in.  Her
hair was all over the place, and her dress was torn, and Johnny had a
large cut across his left arm, so he was having a difficulte time
holding up the camera with one arm.  Ann brushed her hiar with her
fingers, then looked at the camera.
“Were on the air.”  Johnny said.
“This is Ann Gora of Katseye News.”  She said, a small hit of fear
was in her voice.  “As you all know by now, about over an hour ago,
Megakat City was invaded by aliens from deep space.  With the combined
effort from the SWAT kats, and the Enforcers, they managed to drive
away the aliens.”  She spoke more softly now.  “However, the aliens
have launched a ground assult on the city.  Even now, as I speak, the
Enforcers are now engaging the aliens trying to throw back their
assulte.”  The Katseye news chopper flew out of the city, and flew
over the battle filed.
It was a chotic site.  The Enforcers were despratly trying to hold
their ground agaisnt the aliens.  The aliens had tanks of their own.
They had a middle section, but they had for seprete tracts, when one
looked down on them, they looked like an ‘X’, designed for driving
over any taraine.  Monted on the turet was a ten foot long 120mm wide
gun barrewl.  Out of this barrewl came pure plasma.  Plasma vs shells
is a little bit uneven.  The alien troops had paw held laser rifles,
which the Enforcers could just match with machine guns.  Johnny
focused in on one of the aline soliders.  They were wolfs, wearing
black army helmets, they didn’t have any sort of foot wear, and they
wore a black uniform with red strips on it.
“As you can see.”  Ann siad.  “The aliens seem to have the
Enforcers pinned down.  Even as this reporter speakes, the Enforcers
are losing ground.  Which makes us all wonder, were are the SWAT
Ann, Johnny, and the piolet, didn’t have time to conomplate that,
because they were blasted out of the sky by laser fire.  The chopper,
with out it’s tail, did a few spins, and crashed landed right behind
the enamy lines.  Ann and Johnny both got up, coughing.  They took a
few steps away from the chopper, and had laser guns pointed at them.
The aliens shouted something at them, but the katseye news crew
couldn’t understand what they were saying, because it sounded like
growling, and barking.  Putting their paws in the air, they were
escorted away.

Feral shock his head in disgust as he watched the Katseye news
chopper crash out of site behind the enamy lines.  That’s what you get
for trying to be the best, he thought bitterly.  However, he had other
thing on his mind right now.  Like the battle he was fighting.
The Wolfs had hit him pretty hard.  He had three tanks left in his
company, three tanks and a combat group of infantry.  He didn’t know
how many tanks other companys had left but that’s all that stood
between The aliens and Megakat City from his position.  He looked
through his binoculars at the advancing enamy.
“That one, Tony.”  He said quitely, pointing towrds the lead tank.
“Affermite.”  The driver said.  “Load armor percing.”
“Loading.”  Grorge, the gunner, said, as he pulled the
black-tipped round out of the ammunition rack, loaded two into the 10
centemeter guns, closing both breeches.
Gorge traversed the turret a few degrees, so it bore on the leed
alien tank.  He squeezed the triger.  The cannons roared as the two
shells were propeled forward.  Feral looked though his benoculars to
see the tank go up in flames.
“Hit!”  He cried out.  The hatch of the tank flew open, and wolfs
began to bail out.  The enforcer troops opened fired on them.  “Back!”
Feral called down to Tony.  If those wolf tanks spoted you, you were
dead faster than you could react if they fired.
One of the wolf tanks turned towards were Feral was.  Tony slamed
the tank in revers and it julted down the slope of the hill.  The
burst of plasma from the tank exsploded just in front of Ferals tank.
Tony then moved the tank forward a little so that they could fire
“Fire!”  Feral ordered, Gorge loaded two more AP shells, and
landed them right in the middle of the alien tank, just below the
turret.  The wolf tank stopped.  They’ll have to take the driver out
with a spoon.  Feral thought.  The hatch flipped open, and two wolfs
bailed out.  The tanks machine guns took care of them.
The other two tanks in Ferals company were doing just fine by
themselves.  The one belonging to Johnson knocked one tank off it’s
treads, and it swered of the road and crashed into the ditch.  Then
some enforcers ran forward and tossed a granade inside.  The small
blast was followed by an even bigger one, as the equipment inside
“Back again.”  Feral ordered.  Plasma burst were exploding all
around him.  Just then, two wolf tanks exploded.  Feral looked up in
the sky.  “A chopper!”  He cried out.  When the Wolfs frist invaded,
their fighters had taken a dreadful toll on the EAF’s helichopters.
However, this pilot had still got his chopper in the air and still had
the nerve to fly it right down the Wolf’s throats.  The wolf tanks
returned fire, but the chopper flew off with out being shot down.
Suddenly, a laser blast flew past his ear.  The wolfs were
bringing forward their troops, and using them to take out the tanks.
Copy kats, Feral thought.  What ever trick you managed to pull off,
the Wolfs would just spin it around, and throw it right back at you.
Altough one laster blast couldn’t distroy a tank, but enough of them
hitting the same spot more than once would case some damage.
“Get us out of here!”  Feral said to Tony.  Ferals tank began to
move backwards down the hill, as the Enforcer ground troops began to
open fire on the wolf troops.  Just then, two wolf tanks appered over
the hill.  Feral gulped.  He was still not below the hill line, and
one of the tanks turned a gun in his direction.  He looked up to the
sky, parying for another chopper.  However, God only lives in so few
machines.  It all seemed like slow motion as the turet fired.  Feral
felt the mother of all kicks in the ass.  His trusty tank, which had
served him well, since the Wolfs landed, died under him in an
explosion of plasma.  Smoke began to rise up threw the vents.
“Out, out OUT!!”  Feral screamed, as he practicaly fell out.  Only
two 30mm sheets of metal, and the wieght of a full engine kept the
plasma blast out of the driving compartment.  Toney and Groge all both
bailed out of the doomed tank.  They both knew once the fire reached
the ammunition, there were going to be alot of fire works.  Laser fire
flew threw the air, looking for the survivers of the Enforcer tank.
Feral flattened himself on the ground and covered his head with his
paws, as he hid in the tall grass.
The fire finaly reached the ammunition and there was a huge
explosion as all the ammunition went off at them same time.  Another
burst of plasma slammed into the tank, and it went up with a roar.
The wolf tanks began to move forwad.  Feral screamed into his mike.
“Johnson, Parker!”  He screamed.  “Move your tanks back, NOW!”  He
watched as the two remaining tanks stoped firing, and began to move
back.  He got up, and nearly bumbed into Gorge, and Tony.
“Good to see you sir.”  Tony said, with a browd grin on his dirty
brown fury face.  They all hit the ground when they heard an
explosion.  They all turned to see another wolf tank go up in flames.
the ground troops had brought out the rocket launchers.
“We’re sure lucky we didn’t blow up when we were hit.”  Feral
said.  Gorge suprised him, by laughing.
“Lucky, hell sir.”  He chuckled.  “We were nearly dry on petrol.
We probably on had enough left for a kilometer or two.”
“Oh.”  Feral siad, and began to laugh.  Altough he could see
nothing funny about the whole situatuion.
He would have had to of fought what had to be the most successful
small-unit actions ever, against the wolfs, only to result in the
final distruction of his tank company.  How much more could the
Enforcers take, how long before there won’t be any Enforcers left.
Feral saw that the Wolf infantry had overrun his small combat group of
Enforcers, they were moving about serching for any survivors.  Feral
clutched his semi-automatic pistol in his right hand, and Gorge, and
Tony both had M-16 machine guns, but they were too far out of range to
be any good.
“Now what sir?”  Tony asked him.  Feral  looked at the advancing
Wolf tanks, then he turned back to his two friends.
“We get out of this mess, if we can.”

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 5:23 pm

Fleet Commander Shran turned his head slightly as the doors to the
bridge hissed open.  Five soliders walked in esscorting two of the
planets natives, a male, and a female.  They were taken to Shran, and
a wolf stepped forward, who was the group leader.
“Fleet Commander.”  He said.  “I bring you two POW’s from the
planet.  It appers that they are media, and would be very useful in
properganda.”  Shran raised an eye brow.  He fliped down a small mike
from his helmet.
“I am Fleet Commander Shran, of the mighty Aion Empier.”  He
lowered his vioce.  “And who, are you two?”  The femlae spoke up.
“I’m Ann Gora of Katseye News, and this is my camrakat Johnny.”
Shran’s eyes went back and forth between them.
“Do you speak to your kind?”  Shran asked.  Ann nodded.
“Every kat in the city watches me.”  One corner of Shran’s mouth
went up slightly.
“You.”  He said to Johnny.  “Dose that thing work?”  Johnny
nodded.  “I want to send a message to the inhabitents of this planet.”


Megakat City Salvage Yard. August 2nd 5:29 pm

“…And so all your kind has to do, is lay down your arms, and
surrender to me, Fleet Commander Shran.”  The Fleet Commander was
speaking to the whole city, but the citizens had all fled the city
when the invasion began, so nobody was listening to a word he said,
except for two grease monkeys.
“Dose that over sized fur ball really think were just going to lay
down our arms that easyly?”  T Bone said, as they finished loading the
last missile onto the Turbo Kat
“Hay have you seen the fire power this guys dishing out!”  Razor
said, climbing into the cockpit.  “With the way he’s been beating back
the Enforcers, he has the right to say those things.”  T Bone then got
in the canopy with Razor.
“Well I hope this plan of yours works buddy.”  He said.  “I don’t
want to end up like most of those Enforcer pilots.”  With that, the
jet took off, for the front line.

U.S.S. Macranisha 11 km out from Megakat City August 2nd 5:35 pm

Felina Feral got in her jet, and flew off for the front line.  Her
mission was simple enough.  Delay the Wolf tanks long enough for the
Enforcers to hold their postion.  She flew over the partly distroyed
city, and out to the battle field.
It was Chaos below her.  The Enforcers were falling back so fast
that the Wolfs would probably reach the city by tomorrow.  She swung
around, and dived on the biggest conecntraion of Wolfs.  She let go
two napam missiles.
“DIE SCUM!!”  She screamed as the missiles impacted into the earth
send forth a wave of flame that consumed the Wolfs.  Satisfied with
what she accomplished she then flew off for the Aircraft carrier.
Just then, she saw two objects that made her smile.  Wolf
fighters.  She swung back to face them.  The wolf fighters had longer
range than Enforcer jets, but that didn’t stop her from having a good
time.  She dodged their laser fire, and returned with accuacy.  One of
the fighters tumbled out of the sky.  However, the second was not as
stupid as it’s partner, it managed to dodge everything that Felina
threw at it.  Just then it fliped around, and was behind Felina.
“What the..?!”  She said, as she looked out the back just in time
to see it fire at her.  She swore very lowdly as she realised she
could not shake the fighter.  Once a wolf fighter had you in his
sights, you couldn’t save your self.
The fighter behind Felina exploded, and she saw the Turbo Kat
swing past.  She smiled as she saw it head off to the front line.
“Thanks again, SWAT Kats.”  She said.

“Do you any anywere where we can cause some seriuos damadge
buddy?”  T Bone said, observing the battle down below.
“Yea.”  Raozr said.  “Prepare the Mega Laser.  We’re going to
straff thoses tanks down there.”
“Lets do it.”  T Bone said, as he brought the jet into a dive.
The nose of the jet split appart and the deadly laser fightered apon
the advancing Wolf tanks.  There were a number a tremendous explosions
as one by one, the tanks blew up in a fire ball of fury.
“There.”  Razor said, as T Bone brought the jet out of the
straffing run.  “That should give the Wolfs something to think about,
exspecialy Shran.”

Lt. Commander David Steel watched as the SWAT Kats flew of.  He
lowered his binoculars and muttered what sounded like thanks suckers.
If this were any other situation he would have cursed them for
interferaing, but now, he was incarge of a small army, and his job was
to reple the invaders.  His command post was falling the fastest, not
due to lack of equipment, or leadrer ship skills, but because the
Wolfs had began a full attack on his scetion.  Now the SWAT Kats had
eased up the attack and David Steel was going to take advantage of
this oppertunity.
“Full attack.”  Steel ordered.  “Fire the Howitzers then send in
the Mech. Infantery.”  What evers left we can easyly over come.”
“Yes sir.”  The kat standing next to him said.
The next second, the dull gray couloured sky was set aglow by the
yellow coloured muzzle flashes packed together.  The 10 cm howitzers
and the 90mm antiaircraft cannons pressed into service as field guns
roated again and again, as fast as their crews could keep the shells
coming.  The Wolf tanks, and troops wer suddenly caught in a trap,
they couldn’t advance and they coudln’t retreate, some tried to fight
back, but couldn’t, and preished under a hail of shells.
Steel smiled to himself, he could almost see hie name on the
Commanders desk.  Commander Steel he thought.  However, his dream was
short lived as the Wolfs brought up their fighter crafts from behind.
The troops in the APC’s that were moving forward were also caught in a
trap, and the Wolfs opened fire on the Enforcers, straffing them.
Some managed to make it back to Enforcer lines, but alot of good kats
went up in smoke.
Steel’s jaw fell open, was there no way to beat these creatures.
He ducked as a plasma blast sailed over head.  He crawled along his
stumach to were a dead radio operator lay.
“This is Steel!”   He shouted.  “Fall back, I repeate FALL BACK!!”
The Enforcers began to move slowly back, firng as they went.  The
Wofls advanced, and Steel covered his eyes with is paws, and shock his
head.  He was not having a good day.  And with that, he ran away from
the advancing aliens.

Commander Feral wasn’t having a good day either.  He had managed
to get some more troops, and tanks, but he was short on ammunition,
but he had to make do with what ever he had.  Ever scine he had lost
his first company he had lost also ten kilometers of ground.  Those
plasma blasts from the Wolf tanks could probably reach Magakat City if
they tried, very hard.
“Forward!”  Feral said into his mike.  The fifteen tanks, and the
three groups of infantry under his command crept forward slowly
looking for looking for Wolfs.  Suddnely, a flash of green blew up a
tank off to the right of Feral.  “There.”  Feral said, pointing to
some trees.  “Armor Percing.”  He said down to Gorge.
“Range?”  Gorge asked.
“Long.”  Feral replied  “More than fifteen hundered metters.”
Groge loaded the shells and fired.
The trees exploded as the Wolf tank eruptied in a ball of fire.
The tank right next to Feral disapered under a flash of green light.
“What the hell?!”  Feral cried out.
“There’s another one sire.”  Tony called out.
“Just over the hill.”
“Just under five hundred meters, sir.”
“Driver halt.”  Feral said, then  “FIRE!”
A toung of flame spurted from the muzzles of the tank, as the
shell rocketed towards the tank.  Feral didn’t need banoculars to see
it was a sucess.  “HIT!”  He cried out.  The Wolfs began to bail out,
as the tank burned.  The two machine guns on the front of the tank
started barking in short, precise bursts.  In moments, the Wolfs who
had tried to escape, lay motionless on the ground, blood covering
there black uniforms.
There was another explosion as the last Wofl tank went up in a
fire ball.  The Enforcers began to cheer as they saw the wolfs runnign
“Dig in boys.”  Feral said into his mike to the Enforcer troops.
“When the Wolfs launch another attack, we’ll be ready for them.”
Feral watched the Enforcers begin to dig like crazy as they prepared
to make a stand against the wolfs.  And for the first time, scine the
Wolfs landed, Feral smiled.

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 5:56 pm

Fleet Commander Shran brought up the holographic map of the City
of Magakat.

*                   00    \
*     #           0000000 \_
*           0000 \     \ 00 /
*  # 0000000|
*    0000000 |                                 __
*    #0000000\_______               / 00 |
*    # 000000000000 \______/ 000 \
*   00000*0*000000000000000  \
*    *     00*0000000000           \
*  #                        \
( 0 = Buildings )
( * = Aion troops )
( # = Enforcer troops )

He studied the positions of the local resistance, and that of the
Aions.  Else were, the major metropilane areas hald fell before the
shear might of the Aions, but this place, this Megakat City, had
seemed to hold out longer, in one area, the Aions advance had been
stopped, and the military had managed to establish a foot hold.
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1; name=”me2.txt”
Content-Disposition: inline; filename=”me2.txt”

X-MIME-Autoconverted: from 8bit to quoted-printable by
petrie.starway.net.au id PAA25666

He closed down the map, and brought up another, it was of the
whole planet.  The areas in green were the areas that weren’t under
Aion control, and the areas that were gold, were under Aion control.
More than 61% of the map was gold.  Some areas still managed to hold
out, but not for long.
His little speech had convinced some resistance to lay down their
arms, but not all, excpesialy in Megakat.  He again brought up the map
of the area.  Maybe, he should send a star ship to personaly deal with
the troubelsome natives.
Shran leaned over and turned on the reciver.
“THRANAX!!”  He screamed into it.
“Yes Fleet Commander?”  Thranax replied.
“You promised me victory over these creatures about half an hour
ago.  Why havn’t my troops entered the city yet?”
“This is yet to be done Fleet Commander.”  Thranax replied.  “The
military there seem to be throwing every thing they have at us, and in
doing so, they use up alot of their resorces.  We intend to exploite
these mistakes by braking thought, already we have done so, already
the natives have made the mistake of using up all their fir power, and
now they flee befor us, and in a quarter of an hour, our troops will
enter the city.”
“For the emperers sake, that better happen.”  Shran said.
“It will Fleet Commander.”
“Thranax.”  He siad.  “I want you to distroy the military command
post of that city.”
“How?”  Thranax asked.
“Must I think of every thing my self?!”  Shran yelled into the
reciver.  “Take down a star ship, and blow it up.”
“To the fornt line Fleet Commander?!”  Thranax sounded a bit
“Yes.”  Shran said.  “That is all.”  He switched off the reciver
and lay back in his command chiar.  even if the natives found a way
around the ‘Omegas’ deffence systems, The Omega could withstand a fair
pounding until it reaches space.  Even if they distroyed it.  It would
get rid of that ideot Thranax, no matter what happend, he still won.
Shran smiled.

The Edges of Megakat City August 2nd 7:00pm

Lt. Commander Daivd Steel had finaly gotten his nerve back and
manage to regroup the remaining Eforcers of his company.  They waited
in the ruins of the houses for the Wolf aromor to show up.  He was
going to make them pay for what they did to his pride.
“Okay, boys,” he said out loud.  “Mortar crew go off to the left.
Machine gun to the right and forward.  Rocket lanuchers stright ahead.
Good luck to every body.”  Steel looked around.  He made sure when he
was setting this up, that he had a good hiding spot if this plan
He went forward with the two Enforcers carrying rocket launchers.
They’d need all the fire support they could get, and the M-16 on his
back had more range than his starndered automatic pistol.
The Wolf tanks began to move down the street towrds the hidden
“Now!”  Steel whispered into his mike.
The pop-pop-pop of mortars sounded as they rained down on the
advancing Wolf tanks.  The tanks were slow to react, they had no idea
what was going on.
The wolf troops began firing from behind the safty of the tanks.
Enforcers staying back behind the mortar crews opened up on the Wolf
troops.  Steel stretched himself flat in the house as laser fire began
felling for his position, dirt, gravel, and wood, spattered up every
were.  The lasers were just like a homeing becon, for the Enforcers
who aimed for there positons.
The rocket launchers were in range, and let a missile fly.  In the
dark of the night, the rocket left a trial of fire as it leapt from
it’s launcher towards it’s intended target, taking it out.
“Get the hell out of there!”  Steel yelled into his mike as the
tanks all turned towrds were the rocket had come from.  The canpoy of
the Wolf tank opened up, and wolfs pored out of it.  The chatter of
machine guns silinced the fleeing wolfs.
“Keep moving,  Come on, forward!”  Steel said into his mike, for
the wolf advance had been halted by this one tank that was exploding
in the middle of the street.  One tank tried to get around it, but the
Enforcers had mined the road, and the front right tread was blown off.
Now the path was blocked with tanks.  The wolfs couldn’t advance
thought this way, they’d have to find another street.
Just then, another Tank went up in flames.  The rocket lanucher
crew was still in action.  The explosions light up the street, showing
the Enforcers exsactly were all the Wolf troops were.
From one of the houses, the heavy machine gun started blazing away
at the targets lighted up from the explosions, the sound of Wolf
screams filled the air.  The heavy machine gun tears though anything,
and when it hist soft fur and flesh, it dosn’t just make a hole, it
keeps going, and takes some of the unlucky victom with it.
Steel whooped like a red idian when another tank blew sky high.
Then, the rocket launcher kats were firing rockets at random into the
streets below.  More fires spruted up.
“Mission accomplished.”  Steel said to himself, as the tanks began
to pull back.


The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Omega’ August 2nd 7:56 pm

Thranax cursed the day he was born when he recived word about the
halt of the drive on Megakat.  Just when his troops had acchived
victory over the military there, an dentered the city, they were
halted, and forced to retreat.  Now he had to go down itno the planet
and distroy the command base from which these trublesom natives
lanuched there attacks from.  Sensors showed that it was in the middle
of the city.  Once it was distroyed, nothing would stop the Empiers
drive on the city.
“Sir.”  A young wolf reported.
“Yes.”  Thranax said.
“We have now entered the atmospher of the planet, and are on a
rudavue with the cammand base.”
“Exilent.”  Thranax said.  “ETA?”
“Ten minutes.”
“Good.  I want the laser defence on stand by, it only takes one of
those nasty little jets of their’s to slip threw our radar and they
can bring us down.”
The wolf saluted Thranax, and went back to his duty.

Radar Outpost on Anakat Island August 2nd 8:05 pm

The radar technion just looked at the screen, open mouthed.

|                   /
|                 /
|               /
|                  \
|                    \
|  00903452

What ever this thing was that was approching, was huge.  He wrote
down the details on a pice of paper, and handed them to the captian in

Megakat City salvage yard August 2nd 8:15 pm

T Bone and Razor sat in the handger, with their masks off.  They
had been there for a long time, for they were now behind enamy lines,
and the Wolfs had gone through the salvage yard and distroyed
everything, including the hanger.  They looked around the distroyed
hanger, walls were singed with laser blasts, the computer was trashed,
and all of Jake’s gadgets were totaled.
They had been up and down the front line, blasting at everyting
they could, and they were completly out of missiles for the Turbo Kat,
all the remained were three sonic missiles, five normal missiles, an
octupus missile, and a few rounds of cement slugs.
They were trying to think of a plan that could stop the Aion
invaion of Megakat City, once and for all.
“No Chance.”  Jake said.  “We just can’t launch a front on attack
on the mother ship, we don’t know what kind of fire power they have in
defence.  I mean, just look at what they’ve got on the ground.”
“But we juest can’t sit here and do nothing, while the city is
being distroyed.”  Chance complained.
“Chance!”  Jake said.  “Were vertualy out of ammo, were low on
fuel for the Turbo Kat, and were behind enamy lines.  If the Enforcers
see the SWAT kats coming at them from behind enamy lines, they might
get suspicuse.”
“So, what do we do?”
“We’ll have to go to Anakata Island, and get help from the
Enforcers, it’s our last, and only option left.”  Chance made a face.
“Are you sure that’s our only option?”  Jake wasn’t in the mode.
“Yes! I’m sure that’s our only option.  Unless you want to ring up
the Pastmaster and ask him for the ‘How to pull a perfect plan, out of
thin air’ spell, were going to have to get help from the Enforcers.”
Chance got the message, and they both balsted out of the hangger.

The Front Line, Norht west of the city August 2nd 8:30 pm

Feral should have charged when he had the chance, now the Wolfs
had brought all their heavy artelery down on his postion.  They were
like a stunned boxer in the conner of the ring.
Suddenly, the air was filled with the most ear splitting sound,
Feral had ever heard.  Out of the night sky, came the biggest, thing,
he’d ever seen.
It looked like a Pyrimid, with a hop around it.  The Pyrimid, flew
low over the Enforcers, and headed towards the city.
This was exsactly what Feral neaded right now, for the Wofls to
bring forward their Space Ships.  He turned on his mike, and screamed
into it.
“This is Feral.  I want every thing we have that flies, into the
air, NOW!”

The SWAT Kats gasped when they saw the pyrimid flying towrds the
city.  It was huge, with a silver hop around it.
“What the hell is that thing?”  T Bone yelled.
“Beats the heck out of me buddy, but it’s on a direct course for
Enforcer Headquarters.”

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Omega’ August 2nd 8:36 pm

Thranax observed the city threw the viewing porthole as they
approched their destination.
Suddenly, the radar began blinking with little green dots.
“Incoming attack crafts.”  the radar Aion said.  Thranax smiled.
“Ativate defences.  Let the fools try to shoot us down.”

Lt. Commander Felina Feral gasped when she saw the huge pyrimid,
heading for Enforcer Headquarters.
She looked around at her fellow wingkats.  She grumbled.  Before
the Aliens landed, the EAF consited of over five hundred air crafts,
now it was reduced down to about one hundrered and thrity-two.
“This is Gold leader.”  She said, into her mike.  “I have
confermed lock on the enamy.”  She leaveled her jet.  “Firing
missile.”  She clawed the trigger release button, and fired the
missile at the huge space ship.  She watched as the other jest fired
their missiles at the ship aswell.  She say them speed towards the
ship, drwing ever closer.

Thranax watched the missiles approching.  He smiled, a sly, evil
“Distroy them.”  He said.  The Aion at the concle pressed a few
buttons, and the computer did the rest.

Suddenly, the hop around the ship, began to glow.  Felina watched,
as the hop went from a red glow, to a white, then it shot out a red
beam of light at the missiles, and blew them all up.
“HOLY KATS!!”  Felina screamed.  She franticaly turned on her
mike.  “This is Lt. Commander Felina Feral, disingae, I repeat,
DISENGAGE!!”  The fighters all turned tail, and flew off.  Felina
wasn’t just about to let them get away, that easy.  She put her jet in
a tight loop, and flew undernith the huge space ship.  She was going
to attack the belly of the beast.  She brought her jet up to face the
ship,  locked on with her missiles, and fired.  The missiles flew
stright for the ship, and exploded on impact as they had smoe how
managed to avoid the Aliens laser defence.
“Take that, you alien scum!”  She whisphered loudly to herself.
Suddenly, an impossible swelling grlare made Felina shut her eyes.
Her jet shock violently, and began to spin, and flipped and twisted in
the air, out of control.  The controls would no longer respond, no
matter what she did.
“No!”  She shouted.  “Not when I’m so close.”  She stabbed a thumb
at the ejector button, and she was catapoled out, before he jet slamed
into the side of a burning building.

“Stupid creature.”  Thranax laughed as he watched the jet exploed
into the side of the wrecked building.  “Do you think it would be that
easy?”  He laughed some more, as he closed down the hologram re-play.
Turning back to the control bridge, he shouted.
“Have you got the command post in your sights?”  The young Aion
turned around and answered him. “Good.  DISTROY IT!!”

The top of the Pryimid split appart, like the Mega Laser on the
Turbo Kat, and a growing green light apperead.
“What the heck is going on buddy?”  T Bone said, as he saw all
this happening.  Razor could only watch from his seat.
“I don’t know T Bone, but I’ve got this bad  felling that were
about to find out.”
The growing green light suddenly reached a suretan size, and then
a green blast of pure energy, leapt forth from the ship towards
Enforcer Headquaters.  Enforcer Headquarters light up for a second, as
the top half of the building was blown clean off.  The SWAT Kats
gapsed out lowd, as the top half went up in the air, hovered their for
a few seoncds, then came crashing down, on the streets below.  Luckly,
all of the citezens of Megakat City had evacuated, or else there would
be hell to pay.
“Just you just see what they DID!!?”  T Bone yelled out.
“I see it, but I don’t belive it.”  Razor said.
“What do we do now Razor.”  T Bone said.  “They’ve distroyed
Enforcer Headquarters.”
“Enforcer H.Q. will not go up in vain buddy.”  Raozr said greeting
his teeth in anger.  “I’ve got a plan.”  T Bone swung the Turbo Kat
around to face the Omega.  Razor watched the Omega get bigger in his
radar screen.  The signel for the lock on sign flashed, and he stabbed
at the realses button.
“Sonic missiles, deployed.!”  He shouted, as the missiles speed
off to their target.

“More incoming missiles sire.”  The radar Aion said.  Thranax
“When will they learn.  Distroy them.”  He mumbeled.

Razor saw the hop begin to glow red.  Prefect, he thought.  He
punched the ingintion button.
The missiles denonated in mid air, sending their sonic shock wave
towards the ship.  The sound was deafening, and the hop began to

“What the hells going on?!”  Thranax demanded  He saw the missiles
explode, and then the instruments in the command bridge started going
all funny.
“The missiles sire.”  A technician replied.  “They’re sending out
some sort of sonic sound waves.  Thranax pulled up a holographic
picture of the outside.  He gasped as he saw the hops begin to shake,
then all of a sudden, they exploded.  His jaw fell open.  The frontal
defence of the Omega was distroyed.
“GET US OUT OF HERE!!!”  He screamed hystraicly.  Out of all the
worlds he was experiencing three things he’d never experienced before.
For the first time in his whole life, had he been so defenceless.  For
the first time in his whole life, he realised he could actually die.
For the first time in his whole life, he was scared.

“That made a hole.”  T Bone said as he saw the ship begin to life
of from the smoking remains of Enforcer H.Q.
“Roger that T Bone,” Razor said.  “Lets go around and finish the
job.”  With that, T Bone swung round the jet to have another go.


Megakat city Rail Yard August 2nd 8:41 pm

Captain Chris Milliard checked the finale calculations on the
projector.  He looked up at the team of scientists.
“Is that hunk of junk ready to go?”  He shouted.  The scientists
all turned around.
“It’s all ready sire.”  Chris smiled.
“Good.”  He said.  “FIRE IT!!”  He looked up at the huge Megabit
satellite attacked to a deasel powered train.  They were using the
Megabeam as a very big artillery gun.  The Enforcers powered up the
generator, the train moved forward abit, every one covered their ears,
and the Megabeam spoke out  for the good of katkind.  There was a good
almighty roar as the huge cannon ejected pure laser into the air.  The
Trains breaks weren’t enough to hold it in position and it rolled back
from the force.

Thranax saw the blast coming towards him.  He hid under his
command seat.
“Emperor, save me.”  He wined.  But when the Megabeam struck the
Omega, there wasn’t anything left of Thranax, or his seat.    When the
blast connected with the Omega, it not only blew, it blew sky high.
The Megabeam completely obliterated the Omega, and when the SWAT Kats
looked back, there was nothing there, as if the Omega never relay

The fireball was big enough to be visible across sixty kilometres.
When it lit up the northern horizon, the kats of the Megabeam crew
screamed with delight, loud enough for Chris Millard to hear with his
abused ears.
“Hit! Hit! Hit!”  He shouted, and danced in a clumsy circle with a
near by scientist.  However, his duty came first.  He picked up the
megaphone in his paw.
“Back to it.”  He called to them.  “We want to hit them again,
before they hit us.”  This seemed to make every body go to work at
full speed.  Unlike a tank gun, the Megabeam could not traverse.  The
deasl train attacked to the carriage holding the Megabeam moved
forward a few meters, pulling nearly 1,500 tons of cannon and mounting
along the curved track into it’s pre planed firing position.
The flag kat brought the train to a halt.  The generator warmed
up, and the numbers were punched in.  Twenty minutes after the
Megabeam spoke for the first time, the great gun spoke again.

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 9:01 pm

Fleet Commander Shran watched with great displeasure as the he saw
the Star Ship ‘Beta’ blow sky high.  One minute it was there, the
next, there was this bright white light, then it was gone.  This was
bad.  He’d distroyed their command post, but at the lost of two Star
Ships.  This was bad, very bad.

More screams of delight rose from the Megabeam crew.  They could
see the explosion from down on the ground.  They did not waste any
time dancing, the sight of this new flame in the sky made them more
Captain Millard turned to a near by Enforcer.  “We’ve been lucky,
twice,” Millard said.  “That’s more than I expected.  Maybe we’ll go
aigan – third times a charm, they say.”
At first, Millard thought the screaming in the sky was the train,
pulling the Megabeam along.  The first bomb blast, exploded a few
meters behind him, hurled him facefirst into that great mountain of
metal.  He felt things break – his nose, a cheekbone, several ribs, a
hip.  He opened his mouth to scream.  Another bomb blast went off,
this one even closer.

The SWAT Kats saw some one down in the streets below them, waving
at them.  T Bone flew down a to investigate, and saw Felina.  He
lowered a grappling hook, and picked her up.
“Thanks you guys.”  She said to them.  “I don’t suppose you could
drop me off at Enforcer H.Q. on Anakata island, could you?”  She gave
T Bone the helpless little girl look, and T Bone smiled.
“Sure thing Lt.”  He said.  “We were heading over in that
direction ourselves.”
Razor took one more look back at the city.
“I wonder why the Megabaem stooped firing?”

Anakat Island, South Side August 2nd 9:27 pm

The runway lights were turned on as the Turbo Kat came in for a
landing.  The wheels touched down, and they came to a stop.  The trio
jumped out of the jet, and began to walk towards the war room, the
secret strategic battle planing room.
Inside, kats were running back and fourth, shouting things out to
other kats, and punching information into the computer.  A kat in a
black Enforcers uniform, walked up to Felina.
“We’ve got some bad news Lt. Commander.”  He said.  “We’ve lost
contact with the Megabem crew.”  Felina ground.
“Are you sure about that she’s been distroyed?”  Felina asked.
“Positive sire.”  He said.  “Just before we lost radio contact, we
spotted fighters in that area.”
“So what are we left with now?”  She asked.  The kat flipped
though some sheets of paper.
“We have two choices.”  He said.  “One, we pull back our troops,
and deploy our atomic weapons, or.  We send out the Behemoth.”  Felina
“Go with plan B.”  She said.

Megakat City, South Side August 2nd 10:05 pm

Commander Feral had personally taken command of the forces in the
south of the city.  This is were the aliens had made a break threw in
their defences, and had entered the city.  But now, it was their turn
to run.  Their turn to die, their turn to fall back, meter after
meter.  He was driving the Behemoth tank.  A complete arsenal of
weapons, thought active controls, and a force field.  Ever science
Hard Drive had taken it for a test drive, they’d been working around
the clock to repair it, now, it was operational, it would get to prove
it’s self on the battle field.
Commander Feral rolled down the city streets, looking mourned,
felling confident , and invincible, rolling head long into the belly
of the beast, with a normal Enforcer tank, doing that was like walking
out into a cross fire with a shoot me sign on you.  He looked over at
the Behemoth’s 200mm cannon.  This baby would sore pack quite a mean
Just then Feral saw a flash of green light, and he felt a rather
harsh jolt as the plasma blast struck the Behemoth’s force field.
There was a crackle of electricity as the force field laughed of the
He stopped the tank, and had a look around.  Another plasma blast
tried desperately to penetrate the Behemoth’s mega sized force field,
but the might tank refused to give.  Feral saw were that blast came
He brought round the cannon to the spot were the blast had come
from.  He thought about firing the shell, and the computer
automatically responded.  A foot long burst of flame spurted out from
the muzzle of the guns it lobed the twenty pond shell in the direction
of the tank which was hiding down an ally.  There was a huge
explosion, as not one tank, but two, went up in a huge fire ball.
“Suck on that!”  He shouted as he saw troops running away.  He cut
them down with the tanks machine.  He smiled, from ear to ear, as he
rolled forward.  In the back ground, he could here cheering, Enforcers
cheering.  Instead of running, they were now, advancing.  The tides of
this war, had certainly turned.


The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 2nd 10:38 pm

Fleet Commander Shran was not pleased at all.  This one city had
been holding out from his forces for quite some time.  It was because
of this city, that he had to take troops from one camping and place
them here, and that camping would suffer.  It was time to show these
creatures who’s boss.
“Send an attack though here.”  Shran said, pointing at the
northern end of the city.  “Satellites show us that there is a swap
here, this will provide perfect cover for our troops to move though,
and attack these natives from behind.”

Megakat Swamp August 2nd 11:00 pm

Dr. Viper was not too pleased that these aliens had landed to take
over Megakat City.  If any kat was going to take over the city, it
would be Dr. Viper.  Now, what really pissed him off, was the fact,
that some troops were making their way through HIS swamp, to attack
the city.  Aliens, or no aliens, no one attacks Dr. Viper and gets
away with it.  One of Vipers creatures, ones from his little trip to
Megakat Towers, hoped in though the window and screeched something to
“Sssssso.”  He hissed.  “They’ve arrived have they?”  He turned
back to the creature.  “No one messssessss with Dr. Viper and getssss
away with it.  DISSSSTROY THEM MY PETSSSSS!!!”  The creature jumped
out the window, to give the command to the others.
The Aion troops never stood a chance.  They were bombarded from
the air by Vipers flying acid spitting creatures.  The Aion’s screamed
in pain and agony, as they were squirted with acid.  Some soldiers
fought back, but the moment they shot one down, it landed it the
swampy waters, and fell back up in the air again.  The commander in
charge on the attack ordered a retreat, but couldn’t order any more,
when a stray acid spit got him right in the face.  Without a leader,
the Aion attack force were completely wiped out.
Next came the fighters, strafing the swamp for Vipers creatures,
but they just flew up to the fighters, and spat acid on them.  The
fighters found it hard to lock onto the creatures, because of their
size.  All the Aion’s fighters were shot down.  Vipers creations
screeched in victory, before flying off to find more Aions to kill.

Halkes House August 2nd 11:19 pm

The Metalikats had once again escaped  from Halkes prison.  They
managed to rebuild their bodies, and were already to go, with a new
set of wheels.  They had driven no further than five miles down the
road, when they ran into an Aion tank brigade.
“What the Hell are those things?!”  Molly said, looking at the
tanks, heading straight for them.
“I don’t know Molly.”  Mac said.  “But I an’t waiting round to
find out.  He pressed a few buttons, to activate the Amerada cars
defences.  Missiles, lasers, bullets, and bombs, rained down on the
advancing Aion tanks.  Fire balls went up into the sky, as the tanks
were distroyed.  The fire power that Mac set off lit up the night sky,
as if it were day.  As they drove thought the confused Aions, Mac
designed the back part of the car, and sent a goodbye present to the
aliens.  The explosion wiped out the tanks, but was followed by angry
laser blasts from the remaining Aion troops.
A stray blast, disactivated the Cars anti gravity drive, and the
car came to a sudden halt.  Mac, and Molly Mange, both got out of the
car, brandishing their guns.
“Not smart, fur boys.”  Mac said.  Both he and Molly let lose with
laser fire.  The Aions returned fire, but to no avail, they were all
killed.  Mac turned towards Molly.
“You feel like a holiday hon?”  Molly shrugged.
“Yea, along as there are NO SWAT Kats around.”  Smiling, they both
starting walking, away from the city.

The War Room Anakata Island Augst 3rd 12:09 am

The War cabinet was informed that, according to intelligence
coming from the front line, the Enforcers were finally making
progress.  First tanks, and infantry had begun to push the aliens back
from the city, dipite the lack of equipment.
By 12:20, it was clear that the enemy could no longer made any
more advances on Megakat City., and a break through was already

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship ‘Alpha’ August 3rd 12:46 am

Fleet Commander Shran was experiencing something he’d never
experienced before in his life.  Defeat.  He was informed that the
enemy was pushing his forces back, and now, he had just received a
request from the field commander in that area for immediate withdrawal
off all troops from Megakat.  All around the world, things were going
smoothly , but here, why here.  He slammed his fists down on the table
in frustration.  WHY?!  He leaned over to the Aion by the radio.
“Tell the field commander, to withdrawal all forces from the City
of Megakat.  That is all.”

The War Room Anakata Island Augst 3rd 1:00 am

The War cabinet was in a frenzy, two minutes ago, they just
received word that the last of the alien transports just took off.
The Aions had left Megakat City, they’d won.
Up and down, the front line, Enforcers were screaming, shouting,
signing, and cheering, at the sight of the Transports leaving.  Nearly
a day ago, when the Wolf’s first landed, the invasion seemed
irresistible, and now, here they were, watching the Wolfs feeling from
their city.
Commander Feral watched the last transport Disappeared into the
sky.    The nightmare was finally over, the killing, the fighting, and
all the useless distraction, was finished.  If anybody were watching
the Commander, when the last transport disappeared, they would have
seen a tear roll down his cheek.

Felina Feral stood on the run way on the air base on Anakat
Island, kissing T Bone.  He let go of her, then smiled.
“I’ll be back.”  He said to her.  “I promise.”  He walked over to
Razor, and they both climbed into the Turbo Kat.  They figured that
this victory was all to easy.  So they were going up to the mother
ship, to stop this invasion once and for all, and hopefully free, the
whole planet.
Felina watched as the engines of the Turbo Kat sprung to life, and
the jet was propelled down the runway, and off into the night sky.
“Good luck guys.”  She said.  She watched them, until they
disagreed from view, then she went back to the War room, to celebrate
their victory.


The Turbo Kat shot off towards the heavens, flying at maximum
speed, T Bone then engaged the Speed of Heat drive, and they were
rocketed into space.
“She’s holding buddy.”  T Bone said, as they left the atmosphere
of their planet.
“Wao.”  Razor said, as they saw the mighty Aion Fleet.  Transports
were every were, and the star ships were all in place to let them
However, one big star ship, was moving forward, away from the rest
of the other ships.
“That’s our kat.”  Razor said, pointing at that ship.
“Roger that.”  T Bone said.  “Ingaging radar jammer.”  He pressed
a few buttons, and the whole cockpit lit up red, as the Turbo Kat went
into stealth mode.  They shut down the engine, and speed towards the
Star Ship Alpha.
“I hope this works.”  Razor said, keeping an eye on the hoop
around the star ship.
They got closer and closer, but the hoop didn’t light up, they
were safe.  T Bone brought the jet around, and landed in one of the
hanger bays on the Star Ship Alpha.
“Here looks like a safe spot.”  T Bone said, landing behind a huge
soport pole.  There they waited until the hanger was sealed, and
pressurised.  The SWAT Kats then jumped out, and began carefully
walking towards the exit, trying no to be seen.  However, when you
look like a kat, and every one else looks like a wolf, and the hanger
is covered with about a hundred lights, it’s a little hard to do so.
They were spotted in no time flat.
A wolf pilot looked in their direction, he pointed at them, and
shouted something in his own language.
“RUN!!”  T Bone shouted, as he tossed a granaid at the wolfs.  It
exploded bellowing forth, a thick black smoke, giving the SWAT Kats
the perfect cover, as they left the hanger under the cover of

Fleet Commander Shran had the perfect revenge for the cats in the
city of Megakat.  He’d come within range of the city, and fire an
atomic weapon at it.  If he couldn’t rule the city, no one could.
“ETA?”  Shran asked.  The young Aion turned around.
“Twenty minutes sire.”  Shran smiled.  At first, if you don’t
succeed, blow ‘em away.
“Sire?”  A solider approached him.  Shran looked at him, with
displeasure on his face.
“Yes?”  He asked.
“Security spotted some cats in the hanger bay, they must have
snuck abroad in one of our transports.”
“Well, find them, and distroy them.  I don’t want to be
disturbed.”  The aion saluted, and fan off.  Shran growled, he was not
going to be defeated, again.

The SWAT Kats were crawling around inside the ventilation safest
of the Alpha.  They weren’t going to go inside the ship, it was
crawling with guards.
After a while, they cam to an intersection in the shafts.  With
access going up down, left right, and straight ahead.  However, T Bone
misjudged the distance between the shafts, and fell right down the
shaft.  Sighing, Razor jumped down, and followed.

Ann Gorea, and Johnny were sitting on their cell bunk, when they
heard a screaming noise.  It got louder, until T Bone crashed right
through the ceiling.
“SWAT Kats!”  She exclaimed, as Razor appeared not far behind.
“How did you get here?”
“Ann?”  T Bone said, looking up at her.
“We managed to get aboard in the Turbo Kat, Ann.”  Razor said.
“How did you guys end up here?”
“We were shot down over the battle field, and landed behind the
enemy lines, and we were captured by the Aions.”
“Well, it looks like our raid, just turned into a raid and
rescue.”  T Bone said.  He fired his grappling hooks up the shaft.
“You guys climb up there.  Once you get to an intersection, turn to
your left, and keep going down that tunnel, it should take you to the
hanger bay.  Look for a large suspension pole, and behind that is the
Turbo kat, wait there for us.”  Both Ann, and Johnny nodded, and they
climbed up the rope.
“That takes care of that.”  Razor said.  “Now lets get out of
The guard out side heard a HE – YAAA!, and opened the slot in the
door to investigate, only to be flattened by the door, as it was
kicked of it’s hinges.

After much running around, and on the spot interrogations, the
SWAT Kats finally stood outside the Bridge.
“Are we going in?”  T Bone asked.
“After you.”  Razor said.  They both pressed the button that
opened the door, and walked in.
“Welcome.”  Shran said to the SWAT Kats.  They were sounded by ten
guards, pointing laser riffles at them.  “You two have been causing me
allot of trouble on my ship.”  He said.  “I think I’ll repay you both,
by letting you watch me distroy your city, and then, I’ll throw you
both out the air lock.”  T Bone struggled useless ly against the grip
of the Aion who was holding him.
“We’re in range now sire.”  An Aion said to Sharn.
“Good.”  Shran said.  “Fire.”  There was a loud bang, as the SWAT
Kats, saw a missile fire from the ship.
“In just five of your minutes.”  Shran chuckled.  “Your city will
be nothing more than a radioactive memory.”  He began to laugh out
lowd.  The others began to laugh with him, which was a big mistake.  T
Bone and Razor kicked their guards in the stomuch, and broke free.
“Delpoy mini Tar Pedos.”  T  Bone shouted as he knocked out five
“Octopus missile, deploy.”  Razor yelled, saw he took care of the
other guards.  The few remaining were easily over come, by a few
kicks, and punches.
Shran looked about the bridge, every one was defeated.
“It’s all over Shran.”  T Bone said.  “You lose.”
“So why don’t you make it easy on us all, and give us the abort
codes for the nuke?”  Shran smiled.
“Nice try cats.”  He said, sitting back down in his seat.  “But
you should know, I never play by the rules.”  And with that, his seat
disappeared down into the floor, and he was gone.
“Nuts!”  T Bone shouted, running over to the spot were Shran had
once been.
“We’ve gotta disactivatie that missile T Bone.”  Razor said,
running over to the control panel.
“Well, what are you waiting for?”  T Bone said.
“I don’t speak Aion.”  Razor said.  “I can’t read a dame thing on
this control panel.”
“Now what do we do!”  T Bone shouted.
“Improvise.”  Razor said, with a smile on his face.  He began
pushing buttons at random, hoping that one would be the detonation
Instead, the missile turned around, and started heading for them.
“Oh dear.”  T Bone said.
“That’s our Que. to exit.”  Razor said.

They ran back to the hanger, not experiencing any trouble scine
the crew were all trying to escape from the missile.  They reached the
hanger, and found the Katseye news team waiting for them.
“What did you guys do?”  Johnny asked them, as they climbed into
the jet.
“We’ll explain later.”  T Bone said.  “Right now, we’ve got
The blasted a hole in the hanger door, with the megalaser, and
flew through.  Outside, T Bone engaged the Speed of heat to get away
from the star ship.
“Five seconds to impact.”  Razor said.  “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.”

There was an intense bright glare from behind the Turbo Kat as the
missile impacted into the Star Ship Alpha, and the explosion consumed
not only that ship, but every other ship swell.

Fleet Commander Shran had got to his personal fighter when he
escaped from the SWAT Kats, he was transporting himself to another
star ship, when the missile struck the Star Ship Alpha, he turned back
just in time to see the ship be engulfed with a nuclear fire ball.
“NO!”  He screamed.  He’d failed, he was the first Fleet Commander
to not conquer a planet.  Of course, he didn’t have time to think
about all this, because his ship was engulfed in the fire ball swell.


“YE HAA!”  T Bone screamed as they shot over Megakat City.  Down
below, the citizens were returning to Megakat city, there was a huge
celebration going on.
“And today, as the war has officially ended.”  Ann said into the
camera.  “Kats from all over the world are celebrating the end of the
war.  Never in the history of katkind has there been such celebration.
It’s an assume sight, kats cheering, and cars blowing their horns….”
T Bone didn’t listen to the rest of what Ann had to say.  He was too
buys thinking about their victory.  This was their greatest moment,
their greatest battle.  This was, their finest hour.

Outside City Hall August 4th 10:00am

Mayor Manx stood up from his seat and walked forward towards the
SWAT Kats.
“For saving the city, as well as the world, SWAT Kats, I bestow
apone you, the conditional Medal of honour.”  Every one cheered as the
SWAT Kats accepted the medal.
Manx went down the line, giving medal to theses who had earned it.
Razor turned to T Bone as they stood their, on the stand in front of
all the citizens of Megakat city.
“I never thought I’d be getting this,” he said.  “It’s almost like
a dream.”  T Bone pinched him.
“Nope, it’s real.”  He said.

Razor couldn’t help but to laugh. He looked up into the bright green sky, and smiled.  Victory was


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