Original SWAT Kats Story


By Glenn Battilana

  • 1 Chapter
  • 10,878 Words

A “James Bond” crossover. Dark Kat is after a Megabeam, and it’s up to Britain’s top secret agent to stop him.

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Author's Notes:

This is a James Bond Cross over, I decided to do this because I was bored. Everyone in this story are kats, James Bond, Money Penny, Q, and M. This story takes place sometime before Moonraker, so Jaws is still Bond’s enemy. I’m not a real James Bond fan, so If I’ve missed any details, don’t yell.


Berlin, Germany

The security guard made his final trip past the door that lead onto the roof. He worked for D.K. electronics as a security guard, and he was pleased with his job. Where else can you take 5 hour naps and call it work. He was the most important man in this building. The whole place only took one Kat to run the security systems here.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of something landing on the roof. Quickly, he took out his keys, unlocked the door, and ran up to the roof to investigate.

The roof was completely deserted. He then thought that he must have been nervous, and he had imagined the whole thing. If not for the heavy blunt object hitting him from behind. He was out like a light.

“Sweet dreams.” The kat who had hit him said. He dropped the night stick and took the guard’s keys, and headed down stairs. He carefully avoided the security cameras and made his way to the main vault in the building.

He found the main vault with out any trouble.  It was behind a painting in the main office of the building. Carefully he placed a staring looking device on the vault, and proceeded to open the vault.

The security guard, on the roof, had regained consciousness enough to set of the silent alarm near the door.

The kat who was busy opening the vault, succeeded, and proceeded to take pictures of the information inside the vault. When he was done, he then put the papers back inside the vault, closed it, and replaced the painting.

At that moment, four Enforcer kats came barging into the room.

“Paws up!” They said in German.

The kat just smiled back. “Happy to oblige.” He said in a strong English accent.

As he lifted his paws up, he then threw a small grenade before ducking under the desk. The grenade exploded, releasing a black smoke. The enforcers choked as the gas filled the room. The strange kat, had put on a gas mask, and barged through the enforcers and out into the hall way. Straight into a huge kat, about eight feet tall, with brown shorts, suspenders, and a white shirt.

He looked up into the kats face, and smiled. “Hello Jaws.” He said.

The huge kat smiled back at him, to reveal a row of razor sharp, stainless steal teeth.

“Are you working for Dark Kat now?”

The huge kat’s head made an up and down movement as if to say, yes. Jaws then moved forward to grab the kat, but he was slippery and ran though his legs. He ran down the hall way and turned left.

The enforcers finally ran out of the room and looked around. Jaws looked at them.

“Stop right there.” One enforcer said to Jaws, trying to speak English.

Jaws put his paws up, and the four enforcers came over to slap the pawcuffs on him. Suddenly, Jaws grabbed the two closest enforcers near him and broke their necks. The other two he picked up and threw out the window which was near him. He then turned and headed down the hall way.

Meanwhile, the strange kat had ran into a dead end and was looking about for another way out. Suddenly, the door at the other end of the hall way exploded and out came Jaws. He smiled when he saw the kat cornered at the other end of the hall way.

The strange kat looked desperately around him for any chance of escape, and his eyes came to rest on the elevator doors. The kat then forced open the elevator doors, with his knife, looked down, and putting on special goves, he grabbed hold of the cable and proceeded to slide down the cable.

Jaws ran to the door, but missed him. Then smiling, he took out a strange looking football like thing. He pushed a few buttons on the side and dropped it down the elevator shaft. Then he jumped though the window that was next to him and landed in the building next door.

The kat looked up just in time to see an explosion, then a huge fire ball rushing down to get him. Saying a prayer, he then let go of the cable and let himself fall. Looking behind him, he could see the fireball catching up with him. He looked down to see the ground rushing up at him. He had to act quickly. Pulling out his gun, he attached a small grenade onto the barrel of it. He then fired it at the floor creating a hole so he could fall though. As he fell though the hole, he then fired a grappling hook at the pipes above him, and he swung off to the right of the fire ball as it spread out to consume anything in it’s path.

Then he let go to fall safely into the sewer waters below. When he surfaced, the fire ball had disappeared. Muttering to himself, he climbed up the sewer ladder to the open street.


He lifted up the kathole cover to see that Jaws had blown up the whole building. It was half crumbled and looked like it was doing a zig zag pattern instead of its regular straight line. He then walked into the alley when he heard the sounds of enforcer cars. At the other end of the alley, a limo was waiting for him. The door opened, and the kat got in.

“Pee ue!” Q said as the kat sat down next to him. “Where have you been, 007?”

“For a little swim.” Bond said with displeasure. He then handed Q the small camera he had. “I did manage to get the plans on film.”

Q smiled.

“It’s more than we bargained for in the first place. Dark Kat somehow knew that I’d be there.”

Q was surprised by this. “He knew?”

“Yes, he knew. My old friend Jaws was there. Killed four enforcers as well.” Turning to face Q, he continued. “Someone must be leaking information to Dark Kat about our little investigations into his little projects.”

“Oh my.” Q said, a tad bit worried. “Anyway.” He started. “M wanted me to let you that he’s already prepared you for your next assignment.” He handed James a white folder.

James opened it and looked at some of the photos in it.

“That there is Commander Ulssyes Feral. He is the commander of the enforcers at Megakat city, which is were you’ll be going. He has a reputation for disliking hotshots, so try to stay out of trouble, 007.”

Bond took out another photo. This one was of a beautiful she kat with brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a black ninja suit.

“This is your partner on this assignment.” Q said. “Her name is Tonya Adams. Her contact sign will be ‘Icemaiden’.”

One side of James’ mouth went up slightly. He had to study this photo for quite some time. He flipped to the next. This photo had two kats in it, and they were both wearing flying suits.

“A little early for Halloween isn’t it?” He said.

“Oh.” Q said when he saw the picture. “They’re the SWAT Kats, Megakat city’s local vigilantes. They’ve had a few clashes with Dark Kat and have defeated him every time. They’ve been known to cause trouble. I’d stay well away from them.”

James flipped to the last photo. This one was of Dark Kat himself.

“So.” James said, looking at the photo. “This is the big kat himself.”

The photo showed Dark Kat sounded by four creeplings obsevering a scientist at work.

“Yes.” Q said, looking at the photo. “That’s him.” He took the folder back from James and handed him a brief case. “In here you’ll find some rather handy gadgets to help you in your stay at Megakat City.”

Bond took out a digital watch.

“This little gadget has a built in laser, radio, and detonator for your magnetic mines.”

Bond picked up 5 little bombs which were the size of his watch. He put them in his pocket.

“I think you’ll find this little gadget interesting, Bond.” Q handed James a packet of chewing gum. “This looks innocent, but it is really a high explosive plastic explosive. You just bite the end off, and throw it at your intended target.” He then handed Bond a pen. “This pen is really a dart gun. You just push it forward, then pull it back to fire the dart.”

Bond did just that and put a small hole in the windscreen in front of him.

“Please, 007.” Q said snatching it back of him before he could fire of any more. “My gadgets are not toys.”

Bond smiled.

“Last, and not least.” Q said, handing James a small envelope. “Your passport, plane tickets, money, and all that rot.”

Bond took them and looked at the contents. “Second class?” James said looking at the tickets.

“Yes, M said you’ll probably blow something up, and we had to deduct it from some where.”


 Two days later…..

“This is your captain speaking. We are now within a few minutes from Megakat International, the busiest airport in the world. We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight on British airways, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Megakat City, thank you.”

James Bond did up his seat bleat as the seatbelt sign flashed up in front of him. The air hosts and hostess were making sure that everyone were comfortable and saying thank you.

When James got off at the airport, he was suprised to find a small orange coloured kat, in a Hawaiiian shirt and blue shorts waiting for him, instead of that girl he saw in the photos.

“Mr Bond?” The kat said in a sourthern accent.

James noded.

“Right this way please.”

James followed him out into the streets to a waiting taxi cab. Putting his cases in the back, the cab driver intorduced himself as Monty Sher.

“Well Monty.” Bond said as they drove out of the airport and into the busy streets. “Where to now?”

“We’re going stright to your hotel, Mr Bond.” Monty said, looking in the rear view mirror. “Your contact will be waiting there for you.”

Bond smiled.

At the hotel, Bond had no trouble finding his room. He unlocked it and walked in.

“Just wait out there.” A female’s voice called out. “I’m just out of the shower.”

The right side of Bond’s mouth went up again, and he walked into what he thought was the shower room.

“That’s the closet Mr Bond.” A females voice said behind him.

“Oh really?” Bond said turning round with a smile on his face.

There stood the girl in the photo. Beautiful, sexy, and wearing a towel. A full smile papered on his face.

Tonya noted this and smiled back. “Shall we get started?” She said in a calm voice.

Bond’s eyes lit up. “I’m ready when you are.” He said, a faint hint of sarcasm in his voice. He move forward, embracing her in his arms.

“Mr Bond.” Tonya said, a little bit suprised at his actions. “Please, we’re on official gov…”

Her words were muffed ut by him kissing her. She never felt this way around another male before. Then the memories of their assignment floated back into her head, and she quickly withdrew from him. She took a moment to eye him over. Nice build, good looking. Oh what the hell, she thought.

Grabbing him she pushed him and herself down onto the bed.



A pair of yellow eyes were watching Tonya Adams and James Bond at their little game thought the hotel surveillance systems.

“Exilent.” The figure said. “Just like clockwork.” The figure laughed silently for a moment, then left.


An hour later…

Bond put on his shirt and opened a window.

“You’re wonderful James.” Tonya Adams said from the bed.

Bond just smiled back. “I always like to know my girls from the inside.”

She laughed.

Suddenly, the door was smashed open, and four kats with machine guns burst into the room, firing away. Tonya screamed and rolled off the side of the bed to get a gun. Bond, on the other hand, dived behind the drawer to get his pp7 Special. Withdrawing it from the holster, he returned fire, caping of one of the thugs. The other three dived for cover.

“Are you all right Tonya?” He called out over to her.

He got no reply. However, he had other things on his mind right now. One of the thugs had brought out a grenade launcher and had pointed it in his general direction.

“Oh dear.” He said as the thug pulled the trigger.


“The Turbokat is handling better than ever Buddy.” T Bone said to his partner as he flew the jet through two tight buildings.

“Yea, but how about you watch where you’re flying, T Bone.” Razor said to him. “I don’t want to have to pay the bill for another building.”

“Relax buddy.” T Bone said as he brought the jet out of the tight build up. “With me flying, nothing can go wrong.”

Just then, something caught his attention. The building on the far right just had a window blown out by a small explosion.

“What the heck was that?” Razor said in suprise, for he too had seen the explosion.

“I don’t know buddy.” T Bone said, pulling the control stick to the right. “But we’re going to find out.”


James Bond got up and coughed. Lucky for him, he leapt into the bathroom behind him.

“Nice going Tim.” He heard one of the thugs say. “Now the whole building will be down on us.”

“Shut up Rodger.” Tim said, fanning away the smoke. “I got him, didn’t I?”

Both kats turned in the direction at which Tim had fired in. The place was alight.

“See.” Tim said. “Up in smoke.”

“Say.” Rodger said. “where’s Peter?”

Rodger’s question was answered by Peter’s dead body being thrown in his face.

“What the hell!” Tim yelled as he saw what happened. Then he saw Bond’s smiling face.

“Sorry about your friend.” Bond said. “I guess he just snapped. Now tell me, who sent you here?”

Just then, the whole room was filled with foam. It was Bond’s turn to be suprised. The building’s sprinkler systems didn’t use foam. He ran back into the bathroom room to escape.


“Foam bomb in operation buddy.” Razor said, as he watched his bomb in action.

When it was empty, the Turbo kat landed inside the room, and the SWAT kats jumped out to help with the casualties. At that moment, Bond entered the room.

“Are you OK pal?” T Bone said to the kat.

Bond just stared at them. “Was that your little device?” He said, brushing the foam off him.

“Yes.” said the caramel coloured kat. “It’s a foam bomb.”

“And I thought Q came up with weirder stuff than that.”

“Who’s Q?” The big kat said, a tad bit curious.

“That’s none of your business.” Bond said.

The big kat was shocked to here that. “What a grouch.” T Bone said. “And we saved him.”

“You didn’t save me.” Bond said. “You interfered, and gave some thugs the perfect chance to escape and they did.”

“Huh?’ T Bone said. “Interfered?”

“Never mind.” Bond said with a sigh. “Anyway, what right do you SWAT kats have to run round this city, and do what ever you please.”

“Ha!” The small kat said. “Look who’s talking. What right do you have to carry around a gun?”

Bond look at his hand to see that he was still holding his pp7. “A lot more rights than you’ll ever have.”

Just then, a moan interrupted him.

“Ohhh, my head…. Bond?” Tonya called out from the bed.

“I’m here Tanya.” He called out as he ran over to the bed. He picked her up in his arms. Checking her pulse he sighed to find it wasn’t weak.


 Later that night…

The security camera television was picked up and thrown across the room.

“You Idiots!” Dark Kat screamed. “Your manager said you were the best of the best. And yet, you fail.” He turned to the two, black charcoal covered kats hobbling infront of him. “How is that so?”

The tallest kat, who was Rodger spoke up. “We’ll learn to live with your disappointment, Dark Kat.” He said. “However, we lost two of our friends to this kat. That’s never happened before. Now that we know what this guy is like, we’ll be ready for him next time.” Then he stepped forward. “Now, what about our payment? After all, we deserve something for our troubles.”

Dark Kat was suprised by this. “Payment?” He cried out. “You should be glad I’m not charging you for the medical attention you both required. Do you think underworld connected doctors come cheap? No gentlekats….They do not!” He started pacing on the spot. “And who was it to do something like this to the infamous Fearsome Four? Was it an army of heavily armed individuals? No. It was one kat. I asked you to ice off one kat… Commander James Bond. And you failed me.”

The remainder of the Fearsome Four squirmed on the spot.

Dark Kat just shook his head. “An,d as for living with disappointment.”

He clicked his fingers. Suddenly, Rodger and Tim were picked up off the ground and raised into the air. They struggled to break free. They saw Dark Kat’s frown turn into a sneer.

“I don’t think so.”

The whole warehouse echoed with the sound of their necks breaking. Jaws dropped their lifeless bodies to the ground.

“Good work Jaws.” Dark Kat said. “It’s up to you now. Don’t fail me.”

Jaws smiled, and walked out of the warehouse, leaving Dark Kat alone with his creeplings.

“This is much more serious, my creeplings.” He said. “First that no good secret agent pokes his nose into my business, and now the SWAT Kats are in on it as well.” He walked over to a near by Mobile phone. “Then I have no choices, the Megabeam must be in my possession by the end of this week.”


Megakat Salvage Yard.

“And the cause of the blaze is still unknown, however, witnesses reported that the Turbokat, belonging to the famous SWAT Kats was seen leaving the area at the time, of the fire…” That was all the t.v. was able to say.

“Think Feral will blame that one on us, Jake?” Chance said, tossing a can of milk to Jake, and sitting down at the kitchen table.

Jake just nodded from behind his newspaper. I’d have to say, that all answers point to… yes.”

Chance rolled his eyes.

“I’d still like to know who that guy was who blasted us back at that hotel.” Chance said, taking a swig of milk from his can.

Jake lowered his paper. “Well.” He started. “That girl called him James.”

Chance continued to look at him, as if he were waiting to say his last name.

“And, I couldn’t quite get his last name, sounded something like… like.. Bond.”

Chance laughed out loud. “Bond!? OK buddy, you don’t have to remember.” He wide away a tear. “It’s obvious that you’ve forgotten.” He leaned back in his chair. “I mean, come on. What kind of kat would have their last name sounding something like Bond?”


“Bond, James Bond.” The lady at the desk of Megakat hospital wrote down the name. “Level Three, hall 2, room 12 a.” She said, not looking up.

Bond thanked her, and proceeded to that room.

“I was wondering when you’d show.” Tanya Adams said, as he walked into the room.

James smiled. “You know me.” He said. “I like to make an entrance.”

“Did you find out anything about our gate crashers, James?” Tanya said getting out of bed.

“Not much.” He said with a sigh. “They’re a band of high tech hit kats called the Fearsome Four. They work as a covert operations team, hiring themselves out to the highest bidder.”

Tanya’s eye’s widened. “That would mean that someone wants us out of the way. Badly.”

“Yes.” Bond sighed again. “It would seem like that. I was about to question one of the thugs when some vigilantes showed up, and they got away.”

“The SWAT Kats?” Tanya said in suprise.

“Oh, you’ve heard of them.”

“Yes.” Tanya said. “They’re well known in Megakat City. I found out from the ambulance officer.”

Bond rolled his eyes in his head. “Q said they would be trouble.”

Tanya decided to quickly change the subject. “I guess that you’ll be going solo from here on, Bond.” She said. “The doctor said I won’t be out for a few days, at least.”

“OK Tanya.” Bond said, getting up. “I’ll nail that psycho.”

Before Bond left the room, Tanya spoke up. “Oh, James.”

Bond turned around. “Please, I don’t won’t to see your obituary in the paper.”

Bond smiled. “I’ll be careful.”


Back in his new, hotel room. Bond was fixing some tea, when his laptop started beeping. He walked over, opened it, and pressed the ‘answer’ button.

M’s face appeared on the screen. “Greetings 007.” He said. “I heard about the incident back at the hotel. Is Tanya all right?”

“She’ll be fine, M.” Bond said. “What I can’t shake is the fact that somebody knew we were there. You’ve got to find that leak and plug it fast, M. I don’t know how long I can keep this up.”

“We’re working on it, 007.” M said. “In the meantime, I had a reason for this call.”

Bond leaned back in his chair. “Well, go on.”

“We’ve had those pictures of yours developed, and they are the plans to some sort of satellite, called the Megabeam.”

Bond rubbed his chin. “Megabeam?” He said. “I’ve heard about that little thing. It was deigned to stop earthquakes with surgical precision from space.” He leaned back in his chair again. “Why would Dark Kat be interested in earthquakes?”

M’s face turned into a frown. “007, the Megabeam has devastating fire power. If used wrongly, the satellite can cause the destruction of two kiloton nuclear bombs.”

Bond’s eyes widened.  “Ouch.”

M shook his head. “This footage was taken a few months ago when it’s destructive cabibilites were first discovered.”

M’s face disappeared, and was replaced with a mountain. Just then, a blue light appeared, from nowhere, and headed for the mountain. When it connected, the whole screen turned white, and when it cleared, the mountain was gone.

“Double ouch.” Bond said again.

M’s face appeared. “D.K. Electronics Head Quarters are in Megakat City, 007. That is the reason we sent you here. Try and get in and see what you can find out.”

Bond nodded, and he walked over to his desk to get his pp7.

“Oh, and try to keep this mission a little quiet OK, 007. M-16 doesn’t want a repeat of your last visit to Germany.”

Bond nodded again and added his silencer.


Megakat Salvage Yard….

“Hey, Chance, get a load of this.” Jake called out to his friend.

Chance walked over to the computer that Jake was working at. On the screen was the picture of one of the dead bodies that they found at the hotel were they put out that fire.

“It appears that the two dead guys, we found at that hotel, were part of a group called the Fearsome Four.”

“The Fearsome Four?” Chance cried out. “How cornie can you get?”

“Chance, the Fearsome Four are a mercenary group specialising in all forms of terrorism. Assassinations, computer data theft, equipment recovery. They also use everything, and anything to get the job done.”

Chance leaned closer to the screen. “Seems that they got a little sloppy on the last assignment.” He said. “Got anything on Mr Excitement yet?”

Jake closed the file he was looking at, and brought up another. “It appears his name really is James Bond.” He said. “He’s from Britain, and he’s here on business for a rival company to something called, D.K. electronics.”

“It doesn’t make any sense buddy.” Chance said. “Why would a computer sales kat be carrying around a gun, know how to operate it, and take on the most deadly assassins of all time?”

Jake leaned back in his chair. “I know. I’ve checked his record. He clean, too clean, and get this. He doesn’t have any record of using any kind of fire arm.”

Chance was getting confused. “Then what the hell is he then?”

Jake smiled. “He’s a secret agent.”

Chance’s eye’s widened.

“Come on Chance.” Jake said pointing to the screen. “Look at his records. He’s to good to be true. It’s the only other explanation.”

Chance thought for a moment. “That name. Sounds familiar.”

Jake didn’t understand. “What, Bond?”

Chance waved away the question. “No, I’m talking about D.K. electronics. That name sounds familiar.”

Jake turned back to the computer screen. “I’ll see if there’s anything on D.K. Electronics on the net.” After a few moments, Jake’s eyes went wide. “Holy Kats, Chance, get a load of this!”

Chance looked at the computer screen.

“It appears that D.K. Electronics is owned by a Mr Robert Darkson.” He brought up a picture. “This is Mr Darkson, fifteen years ago.” The picture showed a huge kat with brown fur and blue eye’s. Jake closed that picture, and brought up another. “This picture was taken three months ago.”

Chance’s mouth nearly fell of his face. For the picture in front of them, was none other, than Dark Kat himself.

“Of course.” Chance cried out. “It all makes sense now. D.K. Electronics stands for Dark Kat.”

“So Dark Kat’s in on this is he?” Jake said, turning of the computer.

“But what does that secret agent have to do with all this?” Chance said.

Jake ran over to the lockers which held their uniforms.

“I’d say it’s time we paid Mr Bond a little visit.” Chance said, putting on his mask.

“Not yet.” Jake said to him. “I was looking up on the Fearsome four’s top secret address, and discovered that they recently required medical attention, and they were visited by a doctor Michael Ray.”

Chance shrugged. “O.k.” He said. “The doc first. What do you hope to get out of him?”

Jake smiled. “He’ll know the location to Dark Kat’s hideout.”


James was nearly ready to go when he heard a knock on the door. Moving over to beside the door, he called out. “Who is it?”

A familiar voice answered back. “It’s me, Mr Bond.” Monty Sher called out.

Bond smiled and opened the door.

Monty came in, he looked a bit worried. “I came over as soon as I heard about the Fearsome Four.” He started. “But, when I got there, you had already left. Leaving me with some very ticked of enforcers.”

Bond didn’t get it. “And?” He said.

“And, they want to question you over that incident. It’s not something you can just walk away from.”

Bond went to pick up his jacket. “Is M taking care of that?”

Monty nodded.

“Good. Now, let’s go.”


The car trip was a pleasant one. The city was jammed packed with traffic.

“Not to worry Mr Bond.” Monty said, swinging a hard left on the wheel. “I know a short cut.”

The car went down a deserted alley and turned right. However, there was a car blocking the end of the alley.

Monty stopped. “Come on.” He yelled out the window. “Are you moving or not?”

The other vehicle responded by opening their doors, and four kats in suits with rocket launchers got out.

“Monty.” Bond said, pulling out his pistol. “Watch what you say to other kats.”

A car pulled up behind them, and out got Jaws.

“Oh, it’s you again.” Bond said to himself as he saw Jaws get out. He turned back to Monty. “Monty, It appears that we have company.”

Monty smiled. “Don’t worry, Mr Bond.” He said, pushing the pedal. “This is a company car.”

And with that, the car took off at an incredible speed down the alley, smashing the car out of its way.

Jaws growled and hopped in his car, which took off down the alley after Bond’s car.

“Hang on, Mr Bond.” Monty yelled at him as the car exited the alley way at a dangerous speed and came on into the streets. “Maybe they won’t bother following us in traffic.” Monty said as he looked in the mirror to see if they were still being followed. They were.

“Dark Kat must really want me out of the way.” Bond said, pulling out his gun.

Monty gave a sharp turn on the wheel and brought the car off the road and onto the side walk, which created quite a stir.

“Monty.” Bond said. “What in God’s name are you doing?”

Monty just swerved the car back onto the road. “Trying to stay ahead of the enemy, Mr Bond.”

Bond opened the window and lent out.  “Well, at least try to act inconspicuous.”

Monty looked at him and just shook his head. “You can talk, Mr Bond.”


“Hold on, T Bone.” Razor said as he turned on the radio. “I’m picking up an emergency Enforcer broadcast.”

T Bone brought the jet into hover mode, while Razor tuned in.

“All available cars are to report to 5th and Main street. Two cars are speeding dangerously Down the street endangering civ…”

That was all that was heard. The Turbo kat shot off for that direction.


Jaws was having the time of his life shooting at Bond. However, the car was serving so much that he couldn’t get a good fix on him to shot him. Just then, an Enforcer Chopper came in over head.

“Attention, you on the ground, stop where you are.”

Jaws sighed, aimed his gun above him, and blasted the chopper out of the sky. What an incredible waste of ammo. This gave Bond the diversion he needed. He aimed his pp7 at the car’s tries and blew out the front two. The car swerved to the right, flipped, and rolled a few times before landing in a window shop and exploding into a ball of fire.

“What happened back there, Mr Bond?” Monty called out to him.

Bond leaned back inside the car. “They flipped for me.” Was all he said.

Suddenly, the car stopped moving. Bond looked out the window and growled to himself. Hovering above them, was the Turbo Kat.

“Those guys again?” He said.

The jet was holding on to the car with some sort of grappling hook and had lifted the car a few feet up into the air. The grappling hook suddenly let go of the car, and Monty and Bond landed back on the streets again. The car was wrecked by the fall and wasn’t going anywhere. Sighing, Monty opened the door and got out.

“Those SWAT Kats banged her up pretty good, Mr Bond.” He looked up to see the jet fly off. “I wonder why they left in such a hurry?” He added.

“There’s your answer.” Bond said as five enforcer patrol cars pulled up in front of them.

A tall brown, fur coloured kat in a very important looking uniform got out of one of the cars. Lifting a mega phone to his mouth, he spoke out loud.

“This is Commander Feral of the Enforcers of Megakat City.” The Mega Phone boomed. “Stop where you are.”


Jaws watched from the safety of the alley shadows as the Enforcers cuffed Bond and Monty and lead them to their patrol cars. He growled silently to himself. Bond would have everything cleared up in a matter of moments and would be back on the streets, this time with the help of the largest enforcer army in the world. He grabbed at the bandage on his leg. He’d have to report this event to Dark Kat himself. But, he dare not show his face to his new boss again, until his mission was complete.

Then he smiled. He knew exactly what to do.


“Do you think we should have done that Buddy?” Razor said to his partner.

T Bone smiled. “Of cause Razor.” He said. “Those Speed demons deserve every thing they get.


Bond sat with Monty in an interrogating room, waiting for Feral to return. Which he did about a few minutes later, a little nervous. He undid the paw cuffs, and allowed the two kats to stand.

“Well.” He gulped. “I’ve had every thing handled by your superiors, Mr Bond. You’re a free kat.” He looked over at Monty. “You too, Mr Sher.” The two kats began to exit the room. “If you need any help, just ask Mr Bond.” Feral called out to him.

Bond stopped in his tracks. He looked back at Feral.“Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think we’ll be needing any help. We can handle this assignment alone.”

At the entrance of the building, Bond was meet with a rather pleasant suprise. Tanya Adams. She ran up to him, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him, over and over again.

“Oh James.” She said. “When I heard about what happened, I got out as fast as I could and hurried down here on the double.”

James hugged her too. “Let’s stop the chit chat now shall we?” He said. “We’ve got a villain to stop.”


“I’m telling you, I don’t know where he is… I swear!” Mike Ray yelled up.

“Tsk, tsk tsk” T Bone said. He was holding Mike upside down over the side of a building which was ten stories up.

Razor was behind him, shaking his head at T Bone’s interrogation methods.

“Didn’t your mommy ever warn you about swearing Mike?” He lowered Mike a little further. “Then again, didn’t she warn you about squandering all theses years of medical school to go work for the under world, doc?” He pulled Doctor Mike up to his field of vision. “Now again…. Where can I find Dark Kat?”

Mike was struggling quite uselessly under T Bone’s grip. “I-I’m telling you…. I can’t. You’re killing me here! I think my nose’s is bleeding.”

T Bone smiled. “You’ll live, doctor… you’ll live. Now, I can stay here all night.”

Mike look up at him from his position, a little frustrated. “I can’t!” He screamed at T Bone. “That guy is dangerous! You don’t know what he’s capable of.”

T Bone brought him up so that Mike was face to face with him. “Oh but I do.” He said in a quiet voice. “You see. Dark Kat has this plan he’s developing at the moment, and I’m just going to do what I always do. Thrash it!”

And, with that, he let go of Mike to send him plummeting towards the pavement, ten stories below. Mike screamed on the way down.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk, I’ll TALK!” He screamed as he saw the ground rushing up to him.

Suddenly, he movement was stopped. He looked back up to see that T Bone had fired a grappling hook and caught him, just in time. T Bone began to reel him in.

“I hope you’re not kidding with me Doc.” He said in an evil voice. “‘Cause I can play this game all night.”

Mike rolled his eyes and covered his mouth. “I think I’m going to lose it.” He moaned.

T Bone brought him closer to his face. “Now were can I find Dark Kat?”

Mike just kept his eyes on the ground below him. “I think I’m going to be sick.” He gagged.

T Bone sighed. “One express elevator to hell, going down.”

Mike realised what he said. “NOOOOOO!” He screamed, just in time before T Bone could let him go. “He’s in the Macray warehouse on Avenue A, the really old looking one!”

T Bone smiled, and put him back on top of the roof. “There.” He said, in a sweet voice. “That wasn’t so hard now was it?”

Doctor Mike Ray just fainted on the spot.


The Macray warehouse on Avenue A…..

The old docks were quiet tonight. The night air was usually filled with the sound of cars, blearing rock music, kats moving to and fro, and the occasional scream. However, to night, the night life was taking a holiday. The sound was suddenly broken by three ducks, moving through the water towards the jetty. They headed towards a ladder and out climbed James Bond, Tanya Adams, and Monty Sher.

Motny was a little jumpy, and Bond didn’t like this at all. “Why am I here?” He whispered in complaint. “I’m a CIA agent, not a commando.”

“Will you be quiet.” Tanya hissed at him. “We need all the help we can get on this mission. Feral was kind enough to give us this equipment, but we need some one we can trust with us, namely you.”

The trio climbed up the ladder and on to the docks.

“Wait here.” Bond said. “I’m going to have a look first, then I’ll call for the rest of you.”

He walked up to the warehouse and opened the fire exit door. No sooner had he done this, when he was hit over the head with a heavy blunt object, and every thing went black.


Bond woke up tied to a chair with several figures standing in front of him, gloating. He looked more closely and recognised one figure.

“Greetings, Dark Kat.” He said, trying to smile.

Dark Kat smiled back. “For a kat who’s about to die, Mr Bond.” He said. “You manage to keep quite calm.”

“Let me guess.” Bond said. “Your little spy told you I was coming?”

Dark Kat began to laugh. “Actually.” He said. “YOU, told my little spy that you were coming.”

Bond didn’t understand.

Dark Kat motioned for one of the figures to come forward. James could just see the figure. It looked like Monty. He should have known. However, the figure stepped into the light, and Bond gasped.

“I’m truly sorry, James.” Tanya Adams said. “Dark Kat’s salary was much more than M-16’s ever was.”

“You’re in this for the money?” Bond said.

Tanya chuckled and rubbed up against Dark Kat. “Well, for the power as well.” She hugged Dark Kat. “Dark Kat has promised me that I can rule along side him, in his new Dark Kat City.”

Bond shook his head.  “What happened to Monty?” He added.

“Monty?” Tanya said. “I’m afraid that he went for a long walk off a short pier.”

All this time, Bond had turned his watch on to the laser mode and was silently cutting throughout the ropes that held him.

Suddenly, he was picked up in the air.

“Jaws?” Dark Kat said. “What are you doing?”

Jaws turned Bond around so that Dark Kat could see that he was cutting through the ropes.

“Good work Jaws.” Dark Kat said.

Bond sighed. What he needed right now was a very good diversion.

Just then, the sky light shattered into a million fragments, as the SWAT Kats came crashing into the room.

“That’s good enough.” Bond said, ripping free of the last of the ropes that held him. He jumped out of the chair and punched Jaws right between the eyes.

Jaws, who wasn’t expecting it, was stunned by the blow and stumbled backwards.

“Wha?!” Cried Dark Kat. He was very confused; there were a million things all happening at once, and he didn’t know what was going on. However, he did manage to get a hold of himself long enough to shout out his orders, which were “Get them!”

“Deploy Minni Tar-pedo’s!” T Bone yelled.

He and Razor lanuched their deadly weapons, taking out four guards.

However, they failed to get a fifth guard, who had ducked and was about to shoot them when he was knocked out by a judo chop to the neck.

“Thanks.” Razor said to James Bond.

“Don’t mention it.” Bond said. Chopping the kat behind him, who had tried to sneak up on him, he then grabbed his gun and let loose with a volley of rounds with the guard’s sub-machine gun.

Everyone, encluding the SWAT Kats, dived for cover.

“HEY!” T Bone yelled to him. “You could kill some one with that.”

Bond smiled. “It’s OK.” He said. “I have the License to Kill.”

“ATTACK!” Dark Kat’s voice shouted out.

The SWAT Kats and Bond were surrounded by Dark Kats guards. The SWAT Kats responded by firing some of their missiles, and Bond let some have it with the gun.

“Nice shot.” Bond said, as Razor nailed a creep who Bond had missed.

“Thanks.” Razor said. Then something popped into his mind. “Say.” He said. “Does this mean we’re working together?”

Bond just smiled.

Dark Kat was not pleased with what was going on. “Idiots.” He growled, aiming a laser gun at the ceiling above the SWAT Kats and Bond. “Do I have to do everything myself.” He fired a blast, which sent some of the roof crashing down on the trio.

“Look out!” Bond yelled, grabbing T Bone and pushing him out of the way. When the dust settled, he looked up, right into the face of Jaws. “Don’t you have a home to go to?” Bond said.

Jaws leant down and knock Bond out with a punch to the face.


Bond woke up once more with a headache, but this time, he was not tied up. He felt his wrist, and his watch was gone.

“Damn.” He said.

He looked around the room to see the SWAT Kats lying unconscious on the floor. They began to stir within a few moments.

“Ohhh.” T Bone moaned. “Where are we?”

“Good question, SWAT Kat.” Bond said. “Wish I had the answers.”

“The name’s T Bone, Mr Bond.” T Bone said. “And that there is my partner, Razor.”

“That’s really nice to know, but we’ve got other things to think about right now.”

“Like what?” T Bone said.

“Like the fact that there is water pouring into our room.”

T Bone looked around him. The room was slowly filling with water.

Just then, a hidden microphone crackled to life.

“Greetings, SWAT Kats and Mr Bond.” Dark Kat said over the radio. “By now, you probably realised that the room is filling with water. Well, in about ten minutes, the whole room will have been completely filled with water, so, goodbye, forever.” There was a short laugher, and the speaker went silent.

“Something tells me it won’t be coming back on.” Bond said.

T Bone rolled his eyes. “Oh really, you think.” He yelled.

By now, the water had risen to ankle level and had woken up Razor.

“W-what’s happening?” He stammered.

“It’s along story buddy.” T Bone said to Razor.

“Right now, we’ve got to get out of here.”

“How?” Razor said. “Our glovatrixes are gone. We don’t have anything to blast our way out of here.”

Blast. The word suddenly sparked an idea into Bonds head. He dug into his pockets, hoping it would still be there. Yes. It was still intact.

“You two, get back.” He said to T Bone and Razor.

Before ether of them could ask what he ment by that, Bond pulled out some chewing gum, bit the end of it, and threw it at the door. The split second it made contact with the door, it exploded and blasted open the door.

“Wow.” Was all T Bone could say.

The trio ran out side and easily over powered the guard out side.

“Our glovatrixes!” Razor said, as he saw the rack where they were kept.

The SWAT Kats put on their glovatrixes and their back packs. Bond got his pp7 and his watch. He pushed the right button in and spoke into the small mike.

“This is Agent 007, calling M-16, do you read?”

The radio was silent for a few seconds, then Money Penny’s voice floated over the radio. “Hello James.” He said, in her usual voice. “In a spot of trouble?”

Bond chuckled silently to himself. “Yea, you could say that.”

“Don’t worry James.” She said. “Commander Feral and his enforcers are on their way right now.”

“Thanks, Money Penny. 007, out.” He turned back to the SWAT Kats. “Help is on the way, guys.”

“I’d say we’d better get moving.” Razor said. “That explosion must have been heard by at least the whole complex.”

“Where ever here is.” T Bone said. “Or has everyone forgotten we still don’t know were we are.”

The trio made their way up through corridors and taking out guards as they went. However, one door they opened, they got quite a surprise. No sooner had they opened it, they were surrounded by twenty guards.

They surrendered on the spot. After they were disarmed, they were lead to the command centre of the complex where Tanya, Jaws, and Dark Kat were waiting for them.

“I see that you managed to escape my little death row I had made for you.” Dark Kat said.

Bond looked around at the whole room, computers, scientists, guards, and a map of the world. “What’s the big idea Dark Kat?” Bond said. “I don’t think that you created the Megabeam stailite just to get a little rock and roll.”

Dark Kat laughed out loud. “I must admit.” Dark Kat said. “I will miss your sense of humour, Mr Bond.” Then he turned to the SWAT Kats. “Something I won’t miss will be you meddling SWAT Kats. How long I’ve waited for this moment to come, the creation of my Dark Kat City and the end of the SWAT Kats. I had everything worked out until the British government began to poke their noses around in my business.”

“Well.” Bond interrupted. “Maybe you shouldn’t have stolen our new prototype master control computer chip.”

Dark Kat glared at him. “D.K. Electronics doesn’t make those kind of chips. It would have taken me a few years before the technology to build that chip would be available to the market. So, I had to… borrow the chip from your government. No sooner had I done this than the British secret services began to butt in. I then wanted to know what you were planing to do, so I offered Ms Tanya Adams an offer she couldn’t refuse, and I was ready to rid myself of another pest, you.” He pointed at Bond. “However, because of these meddling SWAT Kats, you’re still alive.” Then he changed the subject. “Oh, and by the way, I didn’t build the Megabeam. I stole it.”

Bond rolled his eyes. “This guy’s on a roll.”

Dark Kat was not amused. “Silence.” He yelled out. “I had the Megabeam stolen and moved to this deserted island in the Caribbean.”

“We’re in the Caribbean?!” T Bone said in amazement.

“For here, I launched it into space, and from there, I will destroy every major city until the world will be forced to surrender to ME!” He put his hands in the air and laughed out loud in triumph.

Suddenly, an alarm went off.

“What is it?” Dark Kat said.

A kat who was manning the raider, spoke up. “We have company, sire.” He said. “I count at least fifty helicopters coming this way.”

“What kind of choppers?” Dark Kat said.

“Enforcers, sire.”

Dark Kat smiled. “Well let them come.” He said. “Activate the SAM sites all over the island, now.”

The kat pushed a few buttons, then his jaw dropped. “What the hell.” He turned to Dark Kat. “Sire, now I’m reading fighter jets as well. They’re locking on to the SAM sites.”

Dark Kat’s jaw fell open as well.

The SWAT Kats and Bond all smiled.


Felina Feral was leading the air strike on the island. She breathed heavily when she came out of the cloud bank and spotted the island just ahead of her.

The plan was simple. A wave of fighter jets would fire bomb the island, giving the choppers time to drop their troops. Plus, the enemy wouldn’t have any cover to fight back.

She strapped on her mask and turned on her radio. “This is gold leader. I have confirmed lock on enemy SAM sites. All aircraft report in.”

“Gold one standing by.”

“Gold two standing by.”

“Gold three standing by.”

“Gold four standing by.”

“Gold five standing by.”

Felina smiled to herself. Now this was fun.

“All right. Let’s show’m how to rock n’ roll. Squadron, fire at will.”

All six fighter jets let loose a volley of missiles on the island.


The whole complex shook as the missiles made contact with the island. Kats were running everywhere in panic.

“What is going on out there!” Dark Kat screamed. “I want a status report.”

The kat operating the weapons systems got up and began to run with every one else. “Do it your self.” He yelled out to Dark Kat.

Tanya, ran over to the control and read out the report. “We’ve lost all main power to the complex. Back up generators will take a few seconds to kick in. SAM sites are all malfunctioning. Fifteen percent of the island is on fire.” Tanya looked back up at Dark Kat.

“I will not be defeated, not now!” He screamed.

The SWAT Kats and Bond used this distraction wisely. They knocked out the guards that were holding them and began to fight their way up to the main control panel.

However, Jaws saw this and moved to intercept them.

“Don’t look now.” Bond said. “But, here comes the jolly orange giant.”

He smiled, showing his row of metal teeth.

“Jesse.” T Bone said. “That guy needs to see a dentist, badly.”

Bond turned to them. “You take care of Dark Kat, I’ll take care of Jaws.”

Both the SWAT Kats nodded,and jumped over the railing to get to Dark Kat. Bond turned back to Jaws, who was nearly on top of him.

“Can we talk?” Bond said.

Jaws roared and let at him.

“Guess not.” Bond ducked, and ran right though Jaw’s legs. Bond ran up the steps, with an angry Jaws behind him. Then he saw something that pleased him. An escape pod. He ran up to the pod, letting Jaws catch up with him. However, before he could get into the escape pod, Jaws grabbed him from behind.

“Gotcha.” Jaws said, picking up Bond and preparing to bite him on the neck like a vampire.

“No.” Bond said. “Got you.” He poked both his fingers in Jaw’s eyes.

Jaws dropped Bond and clutched at his eyes.

Bond acted fast. He ran behind Jaws and pushed him in.

Jaws was locked in.

“Bon voyage.” Bond said as he pushed the button that sent Jaws shooting up, out of sight. ”Good riddance to bad rubbish.” He said.

The SWAT Kats, on the other hand, had made their way up to Dark Kat. The whole room was empty, every personal staff had left. Dark Kat stared at them with eyes as red as fire.

“You, you infernal pests, again you’ve ruined me. It was all within my grasp. My city, the world, ultimate POWER.”

“Cheer up, Dark Kat.” T Bone said. “At least you’ve still got us.”

Dark Kat had heard his last joke for the day. He picked up a fallen laser gun. “Jokes, always with the jokes.” He took aim and blasted away. “Well I’m not LAUGHING!”

Bond looked up to see the SWAT Kats dodging laser blasts from Dark Kat. He took aim with his pp7 and fired, but at the same moment, the gun was kicked out of his hand and slid across the steel floor. Bond turned to face Tanya Adams.

“Let’s tango, Mr Bond.” Tanya said.

“Lead the way, Ms Adams.” Bond said.

Tanya punched at him. But, Bond ducked, landing one in her face.

“Lucky.” Tanya said, then she kneed him in the stomach.

Bond dubbed over with pain.

“You never did have the guts did you, Mr Bond.” She kicked him in the head, sending him head over heels. She walked over and picked up his gun. “And now, Mr Bond.” She said. “It’s time millions of readers across the globe read your obituary.” She began to laugh. “Mr Bond will finally die at the hands of his own weapon.”

Bond was trying to stay awake from that last blow. He clutched at his chest and felt something hard and metallic. The Dart pen. He looked up to see Tanya taking aim.

“Lawn dart.” He managed to say and pumped the pen.

Tanya screamed as the dart slammed into her left shoulder. She dropped her gun and fell over the edge of the platform, right onto a row of computers. She was suspended in animation for a few seconds before she stopped sparking and lay still, dead.

Bond got up and looked over at her dead body. “What a shocking development.” Was all he said.


Felina Feral observed the chaos below. Thirty percent of the island was on fire. There were kats running every where below her.

This was too easy. She looked at the fires spreading over the island. The rain would put that out.

“Satan’s revenge.” She said to herself. She turned on the mike. “This is gold leader. We have sucessfully completed our mission, returning to the USS Sardine.”

The microphone crackled to life.

“Good work Felina.” Commander Feral said. “We’ll move in and mop up what’s below.”

“Roger that, Uncle.” She said. “Squadron, return to the carrier.”

And, with that, the jets turned around for home.


“HOLD STILL, BLAST IT!” Dark Kat yelled as the SWAT Kat dodged him yet again.

“But, if I do that, you’ll blow my head off.” T Bone said. “And, I would like to keep it.”

Razor had an idea. “Minni Tar-pedos deploy.” He shouted.

They hit Dark Kat right in the face, and he stumbled backwards and fell over the edge of the platform. The SWAT Kats looked down to see Dark Kat climbing into an escape pod.

“Nuts.” T Bone said. “He got away.”

“Which is what we should be doing right now.” Razor said, looking around at the whole complex, which looked as if it might come down at any moment.

Suddenly, Bond appeared at the top of the steps. “Down here, Guys.” He called out.

The trio ran down the steps and out of the room before it collapsed in.

“This place is coming down.” T Bone yelled out.

“We’ve got to hurry.” Bond called out over the roar of the cave in.

They ran down some corridors, and finally, found a way out. They leapt for the entrance, which nearly closed before they got out, and they landed on the grass. They lay there, breathing heavily for a few moments.

“What are you clowns doing here?!”

All three got up and looked over at Feral, who was standing in front of them with some enforcers either side.

“Well, well, well.” T Bone said. “It’s Mr Personality himself. Late as usual.”

“The whole situation is under control, Commander.” Bond said. “Dark Kat’s operation is fully shut down. Now that we have evidence that Dark Kat is the true owner of D.K. Electronics, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of Dark Kat for a while. D.K. Electronics will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and Dark Kat will be bankrupt.”

Feral put away his gun. “Do you need a lift back to Megakat City, Mr Bond.” He said.

Bond thought for a moment. “O.k.” He said. “I need a little vacation after what I’ve been though.” He turned to the SWAT Kats. “Well. It’s been great working with you two. It appears as if you guys weren’t trouble after all. You two are great team players.”

“You’re o.k. to work with too, Mr Bond.” Razor said.

“Yea.” T Bone added. “Sorry we got off to such a rocky start. You’re an o.k. Kat, James Bond.”

“Hey.” Bond said. “Do you guys need a lift?”

“No thanks.” Razor said. “We can call our jet by remote control. Thanks for the offer.”

“Oh well.” Bond said shrugging. “See ya.”

He waved good bye to the SWAT Kats and walked off with Feral.


A Week Later…

“Congratulations on a job well done, 007.” M said from the computer screen of Bond’s laptop. “D.K. Electronics has been folded into at least twenty different businesses, and the Megabeam has been recovered by the proper owners.”

“Well I’m just glad we plugged up that leak before any real harm was done.” Bond said.

“Hmm, yes.” M said. “I’m really sorry about Tanya Adams, 007. If I’d known she was the leak, I would have had her thrown in jail.”

“Well, it’s all over now, and I’m taking some time off to learn French.”

“That’s nice, 007. I’ll see you in…” M stopped were he was. “French?”

Bond turned off the computer screen and closed the laptop.

In England, M was still looking at the screen when Money Penny came in.

“You seem to be getting something out of that screen that I’m not.” She said to him.

M looked up. “Huh, oh it’s you, Money Penny.” He said. “007 said that he was taking the time to learn some French. I wonder what on earth he meant by that?”


Bond walked over to his bed where a beautiful young she kat was waiting for him.

“Are you free now Mr Bond.” She said in French.

Bond smiled. “Ready when you are, FeFe.” He said back in French.


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