Original SWAT Kats Story

Evolution Solution “Director’s Cut”

By Glenn Battilana

  • 1 Chapter
  • 29,778 Words

The “director’s cut” version of “Evolution Solution”. Please note that the author’s note contains spoilers for the “Evolution” sequel, “The Vengeance”.

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Author's Notes:

A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Hi. I’m just writing this little message to let you know what’s going on. When I wrote this, I intended for it to just be another story. I always come up with an idea and write down the story as it goes.  Sometimes, I’ll go to bed with great ideas and wake up in the morning and curse myself for having forgotten them. Then, when I’m doing something completely different, I’ll remember them, and by then, it’s too late. Like when I originally wrote this story, I left out a whole lot of important information that was to go into the story. That’s the main reason behind “The Vengeance.” To fill in the blank gaps that I *Accidentally* left out. But, I had to alter them to fit in with the story line.

Speaking of “The Vengeance,” most people have asked, why did I end it of the way I did? Well, to put it plain and simple, I just didn’t want to have a happy ending. Nearly every single Human/SWAT Kat crossover story on the archive has a happy ending, and I wanted to do something different. Also, if you’ve seen the “Planet of the Apes” saga, you’ll have known that the endings for the first four movies were anything but happy. So, you could say that I kinda got inspired by them in more ways than one.

Also, others have asked, will there be a sequel to “The Vengeance?” The answer, is no. However, I did have plans for a sequel, but they never got of the ground. I was going to have it based around Troy Smith and Bobby Wassaw, (age 45.) Bobby would be the last human alive and go off looking for Troy and get mixed up with Lucy Orr and John Shirley, who (is later to be revealed) has lived for a long time by injecting himself with the blood of the Roswell Alien. After a long chase, Bobby finally meets up with Troy, and the two save the day only to be sent to the future (Of MegaKat City) where they meet up with a more civilized kat race,
and find all their friends and family alive and well, including all the Apollo crew, and Troy’s daughter.

Now, everyone all together. AAWWWWWWW.

But, after I took a step back and looked at it, I saw how crap it really was and decided to send it on a one way trip to the recycling bin, before I could get fully involved with it. But now, here’s a special *Director Cut* version of “Evolution Solution.” Enjoy.

Life on Earth never settled down to doing anything good. Science ran too

far ahead of us too quickly, and the people got lost in a mechanical

wilderness, like children making over pretty things, gadgets,

helicopters, rockets; emphasizing the wrong items, emphasizing machines

instead of how to run the machines. Wars got bigger and bigger

and finally killed Earth.

– Ray Bradbury


“Evolution Solution”

Glen Battilana


Prologue :

65 000 000 years ago, Earth was abundant with life. The Dinosaurs were the first

dominant species on the planet. They were the unquestioned rulers of the planet,

and lived rather primitive, but simple lives. Then, all of a sudden, it all ended.

How, no one has any idea. Life on earth suddenly halted. A sudden, unexplainable event

caused a world wide Ice Age. The other spices that survived, managed to adapt to

their new environment, while the dinosaurs, even though they were the No.1

species, didn’t adapt fast enough, and they all died. For sixty Five million years,

Earth was another planet, with life, but no dominate species. While this was going on,

Mammals began to evolve and take over from where the lizards left of. One species of

mammals evolved into a creature called the ape. After a while, something strange



One baby was born, a different ape, that would be later called Homo Habilies, then

Homo Erectus, and finally, Homo Sapiens. What made this creature different from it’s

reptilian predecessor, was the fact of it’s intelligence. It used tools, and reason,

and logic to become the NEW dominant species.


About 12 000 years ago, when the Ice age had finally left, the newly evolved

humans began to spread out, and take advantage of the new world that beyond to

them. Over the next 5 000 years, the humans expanded to become the true

dominant species on earth. Human populations exploded because of new

technologies for hunting and gathering, which put all the other species at

a disadvantage. Within 3 000 years, these human creatures had successfully

established the first civilizations on the planet. The Babylonians, the Egyptians,

the Aztecs, and the Romans, The most famous of all civilizations, were the

launching pads for the human race, allowing man kind to excel in all fields of

technology, but maybe, to fast for the species to handle. For what if, like the

Dinosaurs, we too perished, allowing the world to be open for yet another dominate


What would they look like? What would their civilization would be like in

comparison to ours? Would they be more civilized? Would they rely on

their brawn, rather than their brain, like the Dinosaurs? But if such an

apocalypse were to occur, what would happen to the humans? Would

they all die? Would they still be around, but like wild animals? Only time

will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell.


Earth, July 2003 NASA H.Q. Houston Texas 0900 hours


“Hi, welcome back. I’m Trent Coombes, reporting on the Apollo Moon

mission that N.A.S.A’s been working on for the past three years. After

three long years, two take-off delays, and numerous safety checks, the

four man mission to the moon will finally take place today, in ten minutes.

This is a historic day in the history of Man Kind. On this day, and three

weeks ago, man kind first set foot on the moon, now, N.A.S.A. plans to go

back there, with an actual space craft that will land on the moon, and travel

back to earth. This model space craft will be the first generation of many, that

will be the space craft that will eventually land on Mars in the year 2019. The

ships four person crew, now awaits the launch, as the ten minute countdown

slowly comes to a end. Join us in ten minutes as we watch the actual launch,

until then, we have a interview with the Head of N.A.S.A. who will explain

more about the crafts insides.”


“This is mission control, Every things a.o.k. You guys are cleared for launch.”

“We copy that Mission Control. We are set to launch in T minus 8 minutes

and counting. Our next broadcast will be from space.”


The sun shone brightly over the huge space center that day. The

weather was calm, there was no over cast, and very little chance of

storms. Today is a very special day in the history of space flight.

For the first time, an actual space craft will be landing on the

surface of the moon, and be returning intact. Shore the project cost

a couple of billion, but it would be worth it. In 1969, man kind

first set foot on the moon, but they stopped going there after a

while. Now they would be going back.

Commander Troy Smith looked out the window of the new Apollo

class V8 model shuttle craft, this hunk of junk would take them to the

moon. There had been two take-off delays. The first was caused when

a fuel value came lose during the ignition, and they couldn’t achieve obit,

and were forced to land at the airport. The second was in fact the day

after, when a rouge asteroid had been caught in the Moons gravitational

pull, and they had to wait three weeks, for it to finally crash on the moon,

but now, their was nothing else preventing them from leaving. He looked

over at his other three companions. Astronaut pilot Helen Summers,

Biologist Dr. Roger Train, and flight engineer, David Sankowski. He gave

them all the thumbs up, and lay back, as he began the final countdown for

the lift off.

“8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Houston, we are GO!”

And with that, he punched the ingestion button, and the crafts mighty

rocket boosters roared to life, and pushed the Apollo towards the

heavens. From the ground, the thousands of on lookers watched as the

craft shot sky wards, they watched until they could no longer see the

ship, and slowly, they drifted away.


Up in space, the Apollo was holding together rather well. He gave

the instrument panel one more look over.

“That’s odd.” He said, as his eyes came to rest

of the ships radar. The other three turned their heads towards him.

“What’s odd?” Sankowski asked, a small hint of fear in his voice.

“Well, according this, we seem to be heading

towards a large amount of frozen gases, in orbit around the moon.”

“They must have been left over from that comet that

past by earth, just three weeks ago.” Roger cried. “Some of the

gases that are in a comet must have been caught by the moon’s

gravitational pull, and have been lingering there ever since.”

“Well, gases or no gases.” Troy said, as bravely

as he could. “Were going to pass them without trouble.” He turned

to Helen. “Helen, try and plot a course to take us around the gas

cloud.” The astronaut nodded, and punched a few buttons on the key

pad in front of her. She stopped, and type a few more, and stopped.

A look of horror spread across her face.

“There appear to be magnetic particles in that

cloud, that seem to be reacting to the magnetic thrusts abroad the

ship.” She turned towards the other three. “In other words, were

being drawn into the cloud.” Troy breathed a sigh, and said.

“There’s no telling what will happen to us in

that cloud, weather we’ll be turned into ice cubes, or DNA

rearranged, or maybe nothing will happen to us at all. So brace

your selves, were going though.” All four members of the Apollo

space craft, buckled up, and leaned back into their seats. Troy

flicked on the mike. “Houston, this is Troy. It appears that we’ve

found some unusual collection of gases, left behind by the comet that

passed us a three weeks ago. There is no way we can change our

course, so were going though. See you on the other side Houston.”

The radio was silent for a few moments, then it answered back, with

static interference.

“Roger that Apollo One, were picking this

disturbance up too, see you on the other side.” The Apollo space

ship’s thrusts, turned on, and the ship speed towards the cloud. The

moment they hit the cloud, Troy felt as if he’d suddenly steeped into

a fridge, that was below freezing point. In a last ditched effort,

he tried to push the reverse thrusts, but every thing blacked out

before he could push the button.


Back on earth, there was a lot of commotion over the loss of the

Apollo space ship. The media was talking about it for months.

Eventually, it all died down, and people began to worry about other

things. People lived, people died, wars were fought, much time

passed, and still the ship traveled on thought space, uninfected by

the ravages of time, for the frozen gases had completely preserved

the ship, and the occupants, for all entreaty. However, nothing is



Five hundred miles, West of MegaKat City, Present day…


Doctor Abi Sinian, and a team of archaeological experts, were doing

what they do best. Digging. Well, actually, they were looking for

the lost tribe of the, Ho-mun. Dr. Sinian’s partner Greg Summers,

had been researching this lost tribe of kats for nearly fifteen years

straight. The Ho-mun tribe were supposed to be the earliest record

of evolutionary evidence of kat kind. A tribe, that was alive during

the evolutionary development of the kat as it is today.


Little did they know, any of them know, that they would find

something much more interesting….


Dr. Sinian emerged from her tent and looked at the rising sun. It

looked so beautiful, it’s orangy yellow glow, as it came up over the

mountains, and spilled out over the desert. She sighed, taking in

the small feeling of pace she was experiencing at the moment.

“Dr Sinian.” The voice cut thought her day

dreaming like a rusty dull knife. She turned her head in the

direction of the voice, to see no other than Greg Summers. Greg was

waving to her like an excited little kitten, who’d just discovered a

toy he likes more then anything in the whole world. “Come quick,

we’ve found something you’d be very interested in.” Abi shock her

head. Greg had said that nearly every day for the past three weeks,

they had been out her, and nearly every time, it ended up being

something worthless, like an old cigarette box, or a some food scraps

that had been thrown away by some of the workers. However, when she

got to the site that Greg was at, she quickly changed her mind. The

night team, had uncovered a rather odd looking skeleton, during the

night, and had been working on it all thought the night, and into the

early hours of the morning. The skeleton had ear holes, on the side

of it’s head, it’s tail bone was only a few centimeters long, it had

no claws, and its nose, and facial structures were completely odd.

“Do you think this could be it?” Dr. Sinian

said, a little hint of fear in her voice, as she spoke.

“Let’s hope so.” Greg said. “For the guys back

in MegaKat City were going to cut of our funding.” Abi gave him a

horrified look. She hadn’t been told about this. Was Greg planning

to stay behind if they never found anything.

The group of kats continued to work, all thought out the morning,

carefully brushing away the dirt, to make shore they didn’t destroy

anything. However, by mid afternoon, it was discovered that this

creature, what ever it was, was not, and had never been, a kat.

“I don’t believe this!” Greg cried. “The lost

tribe of the Ho-mun, was never kats!” He walked back over to the

portable table in his tent, and looked at the drawing of the

creature’s skeleton once more. “This is better.” He said to Dr.

Sinian. “Abi, do you know what this means?” She nodded.

“We’ve found a completely new spices never

known to katkind?”

“Exactly.” Greg said. “We’ll be famous Abi.”

He began to pace on the spot, thinking of the future. “Think of the

possibilities. We’ll go down in history for this discovery.” Abi

took another look of the drawing, it did look rather odd. The

creature was differently NOT a kat. Did this mean, that there was

another race that shared the earth long ago. Did katkind wipe it

out. The possibilities were endless.

“What do you think it was?” She aid, not

taking her eye’s away from the drawing.

“Who cares.” Greg said, writing down every

little detail about the skeleton. “This thing’s gonna put me in the

history books.” He turned to face her. “Besides, what ever it was,

it’s spices is long gone, That skeleton is probably the only evidence

of it’s existence left.”


Two days later…


In the outer reaches of the planets surface, just between the moon

and the actual planet, floated an object, long forgotten by it’s people.

It was a metallic object, with a long body, with a pointed nose, and two

identical flat shaped wings. It was a shuttle craft. It’s engines had been

silence long ago, but still, it knew enough to come back here.


The Apollo space ship finally had returned to the place of it’s

origin. Earth. The ships on board computer had de-frosted about a

thousand years ago, and had managed to head the ship on a course back

to earth. Now it had done this, the ship would enter the earth’s

atmosphere, and return to it’s launching point, which didn’t exist, confused,

the computer decided to leave that question to the organic occupants. The

computer then began a scan over of the occupants of the ship. Satisfied to

find all four humans alive, the computer began to reheat the cockpit of the

ship. It’s time to wake up the four sleeping


“Oohhhh.” Troy moaned. “My head.” He looked

over to see the other three, moaning and moving. Helen was the first

to wake up.

“Are we o.k.?” She asked. Roger woke up next.

“Remind me never to do that again.” He looked

over at David. “Hay Dav, you all right?”

“No.” David said sarcastically. “I feel

like I’ve just got out of a cold shower.” Helen spoke again.

“How long have we been out?” Troy looked at the screen.

“We’ve missed the moon altogether.” He

cried. Then he noticed the strange planet in front of him.

“Computer.” He said. “Were are we?” The computer took some time to

respond, that Troy repeated the question about three times.

“We are currently orbiting around the

planet, Earth, third planet from the sun, in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Troy took another good look at the planet in front of him. The

computer had to be wrong, for he was staring at a completely

different world. He could see one major large continent, but it

looked like nothing he had ever scene before in his life.

“Computer, stop playing games, were are we?”

The computer repeated the same answer again. Troy was getting

impatient. “Computer, I repeat, were are we, and don’t say Earth,

because that is not Earth, for I don’t recognize the land mass in

front of us.”

“The reason you don’t recognize the land

mass in front of you sir, is because after three million years, the

North American continent would have move to the point of

unrecognition due to the continental shift of plates.” Every one in the

cabin, was silent. Three million years had passed. They’d been

asleep for three million years. They all looked out at the world in

front of them. This was earth, three million years later.

“Three million years, huh” Roger said. “Then that would

make it the year….3002003.”

“Correction.” The computer interrupted. “The year

is now 3002005. You have been asleep for 3 000 002 years, 4 months,

6 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes, and 5 seconds.”

Once again, everybody was quite. David then decided to throw in his

two bits.

“So what do we do now?” He said, in a weak

voice. Troy had other things on his mind.

“Computer, what happened to us, three million years ago?”

“When the ship entered the gaseous particles

left from the meteor, the Ship was put into a state of deep freeze,

and froze everything to the point of preservation, so that after

three million years, we’d still be here. The ship’s onboard records

report that the Apollo has floated all around the Milky Way Galaxy,

in the time space of three million years.”

“So you mean that we’ve been from one end of

the Galaxy, to the other, and back again?” Helen said.

“Affirmative.” The computer answered. The

crew was once again silent.

“So.” Troy said, braking the silence. “Who

wants to go home?” Roger gave him a funny look.

“Are you insane.” He said. “we’ve been

asleep for three million years, God knows what’s been happening while

we’ve been away. Maybe Mankind’s evolved into some kind of Super

Race. I mean, Humans took four hundred thousand years to evolve from

the apes. I don’t want to even think of what humans look like today.

We’ll be slim, compared to what they are.” David then interrupted.

“Providing that we still exist.” he said.

“What do you mean by that?” Helen asked.

“What I mean is that if mankind hasn’t

already wiped it’s self out with wars. Besides, three million years

is very good age for a species. I mean, your average genus only

survives a couple of hundred years, max. And that’s with a

clean-living species, like the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs didn’t totally

screw up the environment. They just went around quietly eating

things. And even then, they didn’t get to clock up the big one mill.

So the chances of the human race making it to the big

three-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh are practically non-existent. I mean,

nothing is immortal. It’s got to end some were.” The crew was once

again silent. They seemed to be doing this allot.

“I say we take our chances on Earth.” Troy said. “It’s better

then waiting around up here for the oxygen to run out.”

“I’m with you Troy.” Helen said.

“What have I got left to lose.” David

said. “Every one I know is dead.”

“Well, three against one is uneven, so,

I’m in.” Roger said. Troy turned his head to look back at the new


“Look out Earth.” He cried. “The slims

are coming home.” He fired the rockets, which still worked, and

prepared for re entry.

“Commander.” The computer said.

“Yes Computer.” Troy answered back.

“It has come to my attention, that the

Apollo, is being tracked, by some sort of defense satellite.” Every

one looked at each other in shock.


M.A.S.A. Head Quarters, MegaKat City….


Sam Yega looked at his screen, and blinked. He’d been doing this for

the past five minutes. He was tracking something large, and

metallic. The strange part was, that it was giving off electrical

impulse, which could only be given off by a shuttle craft. After

another minute had passed, he’d reported this to his supervisor,

who’d reported this to M.A.S.A. command, who had reported this

information to Commander Feral.


Enforcer H.Q.


Feral looked at the read out in his paw. He had read it again for

the fifth time, and he still didn’t believe it.

“And you say it’s definitely NOT a

satellite.” He said, to the speaker phone off to his right.

“I’m positive sire.” The voice on the

other line said. “And I’m telling YOU, that from the cores of it’s

projector, It came from deep space.” Feral laughed.

“You don’t expect me to believe that

this is a UFO, do you?” The voice got annoyed.

“No sir, I don’t.” He said. “All

I’m saying is, It’s not one of ours. And if it was, We’d have known

how long it was up there, what it was, and were it came from. With

this thing, we know none of those answers.” Feral put down the read

out on his desk.

“O.k. Fred.” He said. “We’ll take a

look in the matter. Were is it heading?”

“About ten miles North West of MegaKat

City. Some were in that vaccinate.” Feral hung up the phone, and

walked out side his office, were Lt. Commander Felina Feral was

waiting for him.

“Were are we going this time Uncle?”

She said. “Another satellite hunt?” Feral shock his head.

“I’m not sure. But I want you to get

three choppers ready a.s.a.p.” Felina saluted him, and ran off.

Feral had other things on his mind, then to worry about saluting

back. If this thing DID turn out to be what he thought it was, He’d

need all the help he could get.


Troy punched in the landing instructions into the computer, and

braced himself for re entry. Nobody was speaking. They were all

wondering what the earth would be like after three million years, and

what was that satellite that was tracking them. He then lost his

train of thought, as G forces began to push him into his seat. He

looked out the window to see a red, and yellow flame begin to spread

across the ship. Suddenly, a red light began to flash. Troy knew

what this meant. The computer had found a suitable location to land,

and was requesting permission to go ahead. Troy slammed the button

with his fist, and lay back to enjoy the ride, as the Apollo ship

passed thought the atmosphere, and though the clouds.


“Yaaaahhhoooooo!” T Bone yelled as the

Turbokat soared though the tunnel of the canyon outside of MegaKat


“T Bone.” Razor said to him. “Are you sure you know what

you’re doing?”

“Razor I’m a pilot.” He said, with a

smile. “I know what an engine can handle.” Razor rolled his eyes.

He’d heard that one before. Just then, his radar began to beep loudly.

T Bone jerked his head as far as it could go, towards the back seat.

“Is this another one of your surprise

targets Razor?” He said. Razor shook his head.

“Nah.” He said. “It’s a patrol of enforcer choppers heading

due northwest.”

“That’s strange.” T Bone said. “We’ve seen that patrol every week now,

and they never go of in that direction.” Razor smiled.

“Could be trouble.” He said. T Bone smiled too.

“We’re there.” He said, giving a quick

jerk on the control stick, and sending the Turbokat of in the

direction of the choppers.


Troy opened his eyes and looked around. The ship had landed in one

piece, and every one seemed o.k.

“Wakie wakie Troy.” Helen said, as her face appeared in front of his.

“How long have I been out?” He asked in a groggy voice.

“Only a few minutes after the ship touched down.” Troy got up and

walked over to the hatch. Everyone was looking at him.

“Well.” He said, taking a few deep

breaths. “Here we go.” He turned the wheel, and pushed open the

hatch, and saw nothing but barren desert, some mountains in the

distance, a small collection of rocks, a few trees, and a small water

hole. “So much for a pleasing site.” He said. He brought out a

giddier counter, and shoved it in the air. Nothing came out of it.

“No radiation.” Helen said.

“That’s a good sign.” The four space travelers stepped down onto

the ground, and looked around.

“Hay guys.” David cried out as he emerged from the ship. “The radar

shows a very large concentration of electricity, about five miles, southeast

of here. Probably a city.”


Everyone looked at Troy as if to ask, well now what. Troy

thought for a moment.

“We might as well check it out.” He

said. “There’s nothing for us to do here, so we’ll get out the solar

powered bikes, and head off in that direction.” They all walked over

to the storage compartment to unload the special moon bikes which

N.A.S.A. had designed for them. He stopped David in his tracks. “I

want you to stay here, and guard the ship David.” He said. “There’s

no telling what the natives are like.” David wasn’t too crash hot on

that idea.

“What the hell am I supposed to do if something with a bad attitude,

comes snooping around, shoo it away with harsh language.”

“Well, you could do that.” Troy said

a tad bit frustrated. “Or you could defend your self with theses

mining lasers we have.” David smacked his forehead.

“Oh yea.” He said. “Forgot about

them.” He walked over to the compartment and began to shuffle tough

all the gear, until he came across a small silvery looking tube with

a trigger. He pointed it at a rock and pulled the trigger. A bright

blue beam shot out of the end of the tube, and blew a small hole in

the rock. He picked up another, and posed himself like Rambo. “Come

get some.” He said in a deep voice. Troy was not amused.

“Only if their hostile Dav.” He said. “We don’t want to start a

war.” David laughed, and began to walk over to the water hole for a drink.

The rest put on their jump suites, and their helmets, the ones that

completely cover your face, and mounted their bikes, and drove off in the

direction of the city. David watched the dust cloud from their bikes grow

smaller, and smaller, until they disappeared.

“Have fun.” He said, under his breath, and bent down to have a drink.

Some time had passed, and David got bored, so he decide to survey the valley

he was in. He climbed up the nearest hill, and looked down at the Apollo space

ship. It look much different from up here, he could even hear the

sounds of birds chirping. So, he thought, the birds managed to

survive. Then he heard the sound of a jet. He froze. He stranded

his ears. It was definitely the roar of a jet engine. Quickly, he

ducked behind a nearby rock, and peered out. A strange, black

painted jet, with read striped all over it, was landing next to the

Apollo. It looked formula, but he wasn’t concerned with that right

now. He saw pilots jumping out of the jet. He move closer to get a

better look, but still couldn’t see anything. Then he got an idea,

the binoculars. He looked thought them at the pilots, who had taken

of their helmets. They wore black masks underneath the helmets to

hide their faces, but that didn’t stop David from realizing that they

weren’t human. They were cats. Well, evolved cats. They looked

like humans, but with fur, a tail, and a cats head. They seemed to

be talking to each other about something, but David was to far out of

range to hear them.


“What do you think it is buddy?”

Razor said. T Bone looked up and down the structure of the Apollo.

“Well.” He said. “Do you think

that the ‘N’ is really a faded ‘M’.” He was looking at the words,

N.A.S.A. Razor looked at it closely.

“Don’t think so buddy, it looks too well painted to be a faded ‘M’, I

think that it was painted like that on purpose.”

“U.S.A.F.” T Bone read. “What the hell’s an Usaf?” Razor shrugged.

“I think it could be the name of a

company.” He said. He was about to walk inside, when the sound of

choppers arose from the distance.

“Well.” T Bone said, as the first

chopper appeared from the horizon. “Here comes the Enforcers.”

One of the choppers broke away from the three, and hovered above the

SWAT Kats.

“This is commander Feral SWAT Kats.” His voice boomed out of the mike.

“Stay where you are.”


David was watching all of this. He couldn’t here what the two cats

were talking about, but he heard the mega phone. He wondered what a

SWAT Cat was. Was it any relation to the SWAT Team three million

years ago. The helicopter landed, and out got another cat, strangely

dressed, and different to the other two cats. He seemed to be

yelling at them. Another cat got out, a female. This cat looked

more human, then cat. Still, he wondered what they were talking



“Easy uncle.” Felina said, holding

him back. “You can’t arrest them for just passing by.”

“She’s got you there Commander.” T Bone said with a smile. Feral growled.

Razor decided that now was the best time for him to step in.

“Look.” He said. “Were all here for the same reason, right?” He looked at

the Apollo space ship. Everyone was looking at it.

“What’s a Usaf?” Felina asked. T Bone shrugged.

“Razor thinks it’s a company.”

Feral laughed.

“There’s no such company called Usaf.” He pulled out a small black book.

“I keep a record of all the companies in MegaKat City, and there’s no company

called Usaf.”

“You’re right.” Razor said. “And

I’ve never seen that symbol before.” He pointed to a rectangle

picture of some stars, and strips.

“Do you think it could be some sort of star map?” T Bone said to Razor.

“Well, if the stars represent some

sort of solar system, I have no idea what the strips represent.”

Feral pulled out a flash light, and prepared to enter the ship. T

Bone followed him, then Razor, and Felina.


Meanwhile, David was watching all this from his rock.

“This is not good.” He said. He got up from his hiding place, and

began to walk slowly towards his ship.


Troy, Helen, and Roger were just insight of the city that the

computer had discovered. They had pulled over, and were observing

the city though binoculars.

“After three million years.”

Roger said. “Everything’s exactly as we left it.” He turned to the

others. “You want to make contact?” Troy shook his head.

“Not right now.” He said. “We have to learn exactly what were dealing

with here. You can’t just walk up to a species you know nothing about, and

expect them to act normal. Hi were from a different time zone, do you know how

to play gin?” Roger rolled his eye’s in his head.

“We’ll excuuuussssse me.” Troy rolled his eyes.

“Come on.” He said, getting on

his bike. “Let’s go to town.” All three of them got on their bikes,

and drove towards the city.


David, slowly approached the Apollo, he got as far as the ships

stairs, and he stayed just behind the door, outside, so he could hear

what the cats were talking about.

“You two, look over there, and you three, in these cupboards.”

Feral said, as he looked around at the interior of the Apollo. The SWAT

Kats, and Felina were checking out the cockpit.

“Hay Razor.” T Bone said, picking

up one of the discarded Space suits. “These gloves have five

fingers.” Razor looked at the other space suites, they all had five

fingered gloves. He picked up another of the space suits.

“You think that’s strange, look at

this.” He spun the suite around so that everyone could see it.

“There’s no room for the tail in this suite.” They continued to look

over other stuff in the cockpit.

“Do you think they’re friendly?” Felina said to T Bone.

“Well.” T Bone said. “There don’t appear to be an weapons systems

in sight, and no one’s fond any hand held weapons yet.”

David smiled from his hiding place, out side the ship. He’d better

clear things out, but how was he going to approach this.


Troy, Helen, and Roger were driving down the road, that lead into the

city, driving rather slowly, that cars passing them honked their horns.

Helen turned to Troy.

“Nothing much still hasn’t changed.” She said.

“We should flag down a car, and see what exactly

is driving them.” He said. They pulled over to the side of the road. Troy

got of his bike, and Helen and Roger acted as if they were expecting the bike,

making the whole thing look like a break down. Finally, after a few minutes,

a truck began driving up the road. Troy stuck out his arm, and began to wave

it up and down. The truck pulled over to the side of the road. Troy walked

over to he truck, wondering what was the new language, and how he was

going to get any information out of the driver, as the window rolled down.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Hi there.” The cat said back to him. “Need a paw?” It

asked. Troy was silent for five seconds, before saying anything.

“No need.” He said. “You’ve helped us already.” The

cat gave him a strange look.

“Really?” He said. “You know.” He said. “I’ve

never seen bikes like those before.” He pointed over to the moon bikes.

“And, I’ve never seen helmets like yours.” He said.

“New models.” Helen quickly said. “We got them

before they came out on the market.”

“Oh, Okay.” He said. “Sure you don’t need any help?”


They all nodded. “Okay then, bye.” They waved good-bye, and watched him


“He’s a Cat! He’s a God damn cat!” Roger said.

“This planet’s populated with cats?!”

“How do we know that the cat is the dominate species,

I mean, there could be other evolved animal life forms on this planet.” Troy said.

“No such luck Troy.” Roger said. “The way the game

of evolution works, it’s only possible for one dominate spices to exist in a food

chain. For two, it’s impossible.”

“Great.” Helen said. “We just landed on planet of

the cats, now what do we do?”

“Keep going, I guess.” Troy said. “We’re bound to

find something, or someone that can help us, ether that, or we’ll run out of

fuel before we find help.”

“Who are we gonna call?” Roger asked.

“For all we know, they could know about humans,

maybe, we still exist, in another form perhaps, but I bet we’ll find help.”

Troy said.

“I hope so.” Roger said. “I don’t want to spend the

rest of my life in a research lab. The N.A.S.A. fitness training was hell

enough, and I can live without another dose of that thank you.”

“They can speak English, and their life style is

strangely equal to that of the late twentieth century. So we won’t have any

communication problems.” Troy rubbed his chin.

“I would really like to know how English survived

three million years.”

“I would like that question answered too Troy.”

Helen said. “Just that one, and about three million more of my own.

But we’re not going to find them by just sitting here on the side of the road.

Let’s get moving.”

They kept on driving, until they reached the city, only to discover

that the whole city was indeed, populated with cats, or kats, which was

the correct spelling according to the inhabitants. There helmets covered

there whole face, thus prevented anyone from seeing who they really

were, however, that did not stop the kats from looking at them, for

they did were strange clothing, had no ears and had no tails.

“I think we’d better duck into an

ally of some kind, or at least move away from the public eye.” Roger

said, as he saw what looked like a police officer looking at him, as

if he were expecting him to pull a gun on him.

“I agree, we don’t blend in with the public looking like this.”

Troy said, and the trio went through an alley, and onto a nearly deserted

street. Right in front of them, was what looked like a museum. There was

a huge banner out the front that read, ‘Showing of the lost tribe of the

Ho-mun, this Saturday’ Helen’s mouth dropped open behind here helmet.

“Ho-mun?” She said. “You don’t think that could mean, Human?”

Troy shrugged.

“Maybe, maybe not.” He got off his bike and began to well it

behind an alley. “Maybe you all want to find out?” Helen, and Roger got

off their bikes, and followed Troy.

After concealing their bikes, they walked up the steps, and entered

the large building, keeping their helmets on.


David had spent the last few minutes figuring out what he was going

to say to these cat people. He wanted to look impressive, and didn’t

want to screw up, and look like a complete moron. Finally, he built

up the courage to go in.

“Brace your self Davy.” He whispered to himself. “Your about to

make history.” Dropping the mining laser, he walked, boldly up the steps,

into the ship, and met, nothing. “Where did they all go?” He said to


“Don’t touch that, Steel you idiot?!” Somebody yelled. “You don’t

know what it can do.” David nearly jumped out of his skin. He turned

towards the source of the voice. Every one was in the cockpit. David,

breathed heavily, and walked into the door way of the cockpit. Everyone

was looking out through the front window screen. He waited a few seconds,

nobody noticed him.

“Excuse me” He said. All the cats turned around, and backed up

against each other, eyes wide with fright. uh-oh, David thought, I’d better

say something to calm them down, before they open fire on me, but remember,

It’s got to be something intelligent. He had to relax.

“How’s it hang’n?” Was all

that came out. Duh, that didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it

to turn out, better think fast, one of the cats was slowly reaching

for his gun. “Hello, my name is David Sankowski, I’m a flight

engineer for the United States Air Force, U.S.A.F for short.” This

seemed to calm the cat people down, a bit. The other cat had stopped

reaching for his gun. Smooth, David thought, I handled that pretty

well. The tallest cat there, the one in a trench coat uniform,

steeped forward.

“I am Commander Ulysses Feral

of the enforcers of MegaKat city.” He said. “What are you, and what

is your propose here?” David, out of habit saluted the Commander,

even thought he was a cat, and continued.

“Commander, I’m on no mission,

my comrades and I were forfeiting another mission, when we had an

accident, and we got frozen in time, and ended up, and returned back

to our home planet, three million years later.” All the cats,

starred at him, wide eye’s, as if he were crazy. “I know it’s hard

to believe, but here’s what happened…..”


Troy, Helen, and Roger looked around the whole museum. There were

medieval displays, industrial revolution displays, and even dinosaurs

exhibits. The museum was closed, but they made their own way in.

They wandered the halls, until they found what they were looking for,

the section on the lost tribe of the Ho-mun. It wasn’t a big site,

just a small room, with a class cabinet in it. Standing next to the

cabinet were to female kats, talking to each other.

“Although we have no idea on

what they actually looked like Callie, Our top researchers are

working around the clock to figure out exactly what they were.”

“Sounds interesting Dr

Sinian.” Callie said. She looked down at the skeleton in the glass

container. “I wonder what they really looked like?” She added.

“Perhaps I can answer that

question.” Both kats spun around to meet three figures, dressed in

grey overalls, and bike helmets, covering their faces.

“How did you get in here.?”

Abi asked. “The museum is closed.”

“I’m sorry if we broke any of

your laws miss, but I couldn’t help but to wonder, what this Ho-mun

was.” He walked past her, and looked at the skeleton. He turned

back to the other two figures standing in the door way. “Hay Helen,

you were right.”

“Right, about what?” Callie

asked. the figure turned towards her.

“Tell me.” He said. “You

call this creature a Ho-mun?” She nodded. He stepped back, away

from the two females. “Well, your close enough. It’s not ho-mun,

it’s human.” Abi was starting to get curious.

“How do you know this?” She

asked. The figure, reached up, and pulled of his helmet.

“Because I am one.” Both

girls screamed, and tried to run out of the room, but banged into

each other.

“Hay chill.” One of the

other figures said. He to, had taken of his helmet. “We won’t bit.”

Both Abi, and Callie stopped trying to escape. Abi looked, at the

strange creature, and then at the skeleton.

“Are you….?” She said,

but before she could finish, the creature nodded. She looked back at

the other tow standing beside him. One was a female with long blond

hair, and the other was a male, with red hair? She looked at him

strangely, for she had never seen anyone with red hair before.

“You’ve never seen red hair

before.” The creature said to her. she shook her head. “That’s

o.k. Alotta people were I used to come from, don’t have red hair.”

This calmed down the two girls, as they backed off a little, making

shore to keep a Cretan distance between them selves, and these,

Human’s, or what ever they called them selves.

“Y-you can speak our

language.” Callie said. The human who had first revealed himself to

them spoke up.

“Yes, we call it English.”

He leaned closer. “You both have names, I presume.” This calmed the

two girls down.

“Well, my name is Dr Abi

Sinian, and this is my friend, Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs.” The

human smiled.

“Hello, Dr Sinian, and Ms.

Briggs. I’m Commander Troy Smith, that over there is Flight Lt.

Helen Summers, and this is Dr. Roger Train. We mean you both no

harm, honest.”

“How Can we be sure of

that?” Callie said, not getting any closer to them.

“Dose it look like were

carrying concealed weapons?” Helen said back.

“I must admit.” Abi said.

“This had been rather exciting.”

“Exciting?!” Callie cried

out. “Three furless creatures, that are supposed to be extinct, walk

on in here, as if every thing were normal, and you call that

exciting?!” She looked back at them. “I’d call it stressful.” Troy

rolled his eyes in head, and sighed.

“Here.” He said. “Let me

explain everything….”


“And that’s the whole story

commander.” David breathed a sigh of relief, after he’d explained

the whole ordeal of his mission that went wrong. The commander cat

person just rubbed his furry chin.

“So let me get this

straight.” He said. “Your some kind of creature from Earth’s past,

that got frozen in time, and returned back here, three million years

later?” David nodded.

“You can check the on board

computer if you want.” The female cat spoke up.

“So you, humans, or what

ever you call your selves. You ruled the planet, long before kats


“That’s right.” David said.

All of the cats, looked at each other, and whispered something to

each other. David, began to get nerves, he hoped that he’d said the

right things. Finally, the cat named, Feral, spoke up.

“We all find your story a

little hard to believe, Mr Sankowski. I must insist, that you come

me with back to Enforcers H.Q. for further questioning.” David

looked worried.

“You won’t turn me into a lab experiment

will you?” David said, raising his hands and taking a step back. Feral

shock his head. David sighed, and smiled back at them. “O.k.” He said.

“You all seem nice enough. I trust you.” He followed Commander

Feral, out of the ship, followed by Felina, Steel, and the other enforcers,

leaving the SWAT Kats behind.”

“Well.” T Bone said. “That

wasn’t difficult.” He looked at Razor.

“Do you really think that he’s

from our past T Bone?” He said. T Bone shook his head.

“No way.” He said, waving the

question, with his paw. “I think that the ice went to his head,

after he blasted of from his planet. Kats have always ruled the

earth, and no one else has.” He walked out side. Razor followed

him, but he couldn’t help but to wonder about if that creatures story

was true.


Three million Years ago….


Robert Dillon looked at his watch as he waited for his morning train.

‘Eight-fifty five, May, 2003’. He looked back up again, as the train

came rolling in. He got on, and took his usual seat. He had to get

to work early today. His partner, John Shirley, had rung him up, a

few hours ago, and told him to get his ass, as fast as he could, down

to GEN Tech.

“So what’s this surprise that

couldn’t wait John?” Robert said as he came thought the doors, into

their office. John, a tall man in his early fifties, with blond

hair, looked up.

“Oh, nothing much Bob.” Then

he smiled, and handed Robert, a thick, white folder. “Just this.”

Robert looked at the folder, and his eye’s went wide with excitement.

He then calmly placed the folder, on a near by desk, and jumped up in

the air.

“Yahhooo!” He screamed. “I

don’t believe it.” He cried. “The son of a bitches, approved it.

They actually approved it.” He then began to do a little dance with

John. While he was dancing, he took another glance, back at the

folder, to make shore that he hadn’t been mistaken. He hadn’t. He

read the words printed across the folder.

‘Genetic Engineering Section : Project K.A.T.’ Stamped across this

was the word, ‘APPROVED.’


MegaKat Museum Of Natural History…


“You mean you have no record

of the species what so ever?” Troy rolled his eye’s in his head.

“Then how did you know, we even existed, and how did you know were to


“Look, I’m really sorry


“Smith.” Abi nodded.

“Smith, as I was saying, the

reason we don’t have any of these records, is because my partner on

the dig, Greg Summers…” Roger laughed.

“Hay Helen.” He said.

“That kat has the same last name as you.” Helen thought about that.

Abi thought that was strange, but she then continued.

“Mr Summers, has all the

evidence, all the records, at his office, which is across the other

side of town.”

“O.k.” Troy said. “How

did this Greg character come across these records?”

“Well, Greg said, that he

found them, while on another dig, some were in the great western

desert.” Troy turned to his friends behind him.

“Well, we have no idea

what’s been happening for the last three million years, and were

sure no going to find out, just waiting around here.” He turned

back to Abi. “Dr Sinian, I don’t suppose you cold take us to see

this, Greg Summers, could you?” Abi looked at them for a moment.

“I can’t see the harm in

that. Besides, I think Greg will go nuts over meeting his life’s

work, alive, and in the fur… I mean skin.”

“Hay look at this.” Roger

called out. He was looking at a map of the world. The Earth had

sure changed in three million years.

“What are all these dots?”

Troy asked pointing at the map. There were ten dots on the whole

world map.

“They represent all the

Mega cities all over the world.” Abi said.

“Huh?” Helen said.

“There not all called

MegaKat Cities, there just nicknamed that.” She pointed to another

City on the map which was on the other side on the Former United

States. It appeared that MegaKat City occupied the space of New

York, and the other city was were Los Angeles was meant to be “That

one there is called Faroe Lake.” She went all over the world naming

all the Cities. Two were in South America, What looked like Rio de

Janeiro, and Santiago. Four were in Europe Which looked like

London, Berlin, Moscow, and Paris and the tenth one on the coast of

China, which looked like Shanghai.

“Why aren’t there any

cites in Africa, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Asia?”

Abi looked at Roger. “Huh?” She said. He sighed, and

pointed them out for her. “Oh.” She pointed to Africa. “This

continent is unsuitable for habitation, because of the jungle growth

there, It’s impossible to plant crops, Three cities have been started

there but they all died off. The whole of this place called *Asia* is

just one big snow ball.”

“Kind of like Siberia.”

Helen said to Roger.

“As for this place.” She

pointed to Australia, It’s 95% dessert, and the rest is just swamp.”

She said, pointing to the eastern coast. She then pointed to the Pacific

Islands. “These Islands here are all just big swamps as well..”

“Well what ever happened

was something major.” Troy said. “But what?”


Area 51, July 2005


Robert Dillon, and John Shirley, both stood tall and proud, as the

ten men, in white coats, and the other three, and military uniforms,

entered the viewing room. The thirteen men, all sat down, and got

ready to listen to whatever Robert, and John, had to say. Robert,

walked over to a white board, and pulled, down a projection screen.

John, dimmed the lights.

“Gentleman.” He said. “As

you all know. Two years ago, you granted, my partner and I, full

funding for our experiments for Project K.A.T. Killing Artificial

Trooper” He stepped back, as John turned on the projector. “And

now, you shall be the first humans, to witness the results of that


The movie came up in the normal fashion. The United States symbol of

approval, the name of the project, and a scientist, working at some

computers. “As you should know by now, the United States Government,

has been trying to make a race of super soldiers since the late

nineties. All kinds of super drugs were made to improve the human

body, but none were successful. In two thousand an one, the

government was successful in creating a genetic engineered man called

Adam. The picture changed to show a naked man, covered in some sort

of slime, being lifted out of a huge glass tube, full on a greenish

coloured liquid. “However, the program was sloppy, and Adam only

lasted a few weeks, before falling apart. Ever since then….” The

scene changed to another row of computers with scientist working at

them. “Man has been trying to find another way to create a perfect

super solider.”

The scene changed, from the lab, to the African jungle. It was a

boring picture, until, the bushed began to move, then a lion, jumped

out, and began to stalk some kind of pray. The movie began to show,

all different kinds of killer cats, Lions, leopards, tigers…All

hunting in there natural habitat. While this was being shown, Robert

had taken a brake, and John was filling in the details now.

“Just recently, we’ve discovered a

way to make the soldiers more stable, so that they have a life span

of five years, instead of three weeks.” He turned back to the movie.

“As we already know, most other nations, like Britain, France,

Russia, China, and Australia, are still trying to create human

soldiers, with super human capabilities. However, this will take

many years, and dollars to figure out how.” He paused the film,

right in the middle of a lion going in for the kill. “As shown here,

the cat is the most cleaver of all creatures. A killer, and a

survivor, all rolled into one. These creatures contain, the elements

of the super human abilities. However, they are all sprat. The

cheetah, with his incredible speed. The tiger, with his incredible

intelligence which enhances his ability to think, and act. And the lion, with

his enormous strength and killing capabilities. Here we have the ultimate

worrier gentlemen. All that’s left now, is to put the peace’s together.”

He then stepped down from the speaking booth, and Robert took his place.

The film changed to a lab, with two men. They seemed to be helping some

kind of creature to walk. The men in the front row, moved closer to get a

better look. They gasped. It was some kind of human cat. Robert noticed

their surprise, and began his part of the presentation.

“This is Able. After Adam’s son.

The first of a new breed of super soldiers. He is a genetically

engineered cat, with all the skills of his three cousins.” The

picture shifted to a running track. “As shown here, in this test,

Able beat the world record for running five K’s on a running track.”

The picture changed again, to a gym. The cat creature, was doing the

bench press. “Next comes, the lion’s skills. Strength. Able is

able to bench press fifteen hundred kilograms, in ten minutes, before

getting tired. The picture changed again, to show Able doing basic

military combat training. “A crack shot, at shooting, makes him the

perfect soldier. While the other nations are still on the black

bored, we can move into the next millennium. No more using humans to

go to war, no more paying wages, and speeding money training them.

These creations are faster, smarter, and better than man, in every

way.” John pointed to a door on the left, and said.

“And without further delay.

Here’s the cat himself. Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Able.”

The door opened, and out steeped Able. He had blond hair, and orange

fur. He stood seven feet all, dressed in human clothing, specially

designed for him. The man in the military uniform, with the four

stars on his shoulder, walked up to Able.

“What is your name Son?” He

said, as if he were speaking to a privet.

“My name is Able Dillon

sire.” He replied. The general was surprised.

“He can speak English.” He

said to Robert.

“I can speak approximately

six different languages Sire.” Able said. “English, German,

Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and French.” The general smiled.

“I’m impressed so far Mr

Dillon. Is there anything else he can do?” It was Able’s turn to


“You’ve just had a white

wine, approximately 100 ml, Sire.” The generals eye’s went wide.

“Wow.” He said. All the

other scientists began chattering away. “How did you know that?” He

asked. Able tapped his nose.

“His smelling capabilities,

are way advanced beyond our own. This also allows him to detect

other troops, figure out who’s friend, and foe, and even, know if

your lying.” The General turned to Robert, and John.

“Congratulations on a job well

done men.” He moved forward, and shook both their hands. He then

turned to Able. He smiled, and shook his paw. “The United States

Government is proud to have you on board Son.” Able smiled back.


Enforcer H.Q. Maximum Security Section…..


“….And that’s all I know

gentlemen….err, Gentalkats, uhh, what ever.” David lent back in

his chair. Feral, looked at his niece, and at the other officers in

the interrogation room.

“Are you sure that’s

everything Mr Sankowski. Is there something your hiding from us?”

David sighed, and placed his head in his hands.

“Yes, I’m sure that’s

everything I know, and there’s nothing I’m hiding from you. I’ve told

you everything.” He looked up, and over at the large mirror on his left.

“Oh by the way.” He pointed at the mirror. “Who’s been watching us

all the time thought there?” Feral looked at the mirror, and back at David.

“Just some kats.” Was all

the Feral said. David rested his elbows on the table.

“What kind of kats?” He

asked. “Important ones, central intelligence?”

“You don’t need to know

that.” Feral said. Then he leaned closer. “Were are the others?”

He asked.

“I told you, I don’t know

where they are. They told me they were heading to this city, and

They could be anywhere.”

“We’ve had no reports of any

such creatures of your description from anybody, and by the way you

look, any one who would have spotted them would not have given

them a friendly hello.”

“Well I don’t know what’s

happened to them Commander Feral.” David said. “That’s exactly what

they told me, and as for the way they look, I know what would happen,

but you must remember, that they had full clothing on, so no one

would have seen them, unless they took off their helmets.” Feral

thought about this for a moment.

“Perhaps your right Mr.

Sankowski.” He said. “However, I must insist that you remain inside the

building, for you’re own sake.”

“No durr, Commander.” David said. “Besides,

where else can I go?”

“A science lab?” Feral said with a smile. David

gave him a death stair.

“That wasn’t funny.” Feral gave a half smile.

“Really?” He said, turning to leave the room.

“I thought it was hilarious.” David watched them all leave. Once they closed

the door, he gave what sound like a cross between a laugh and a scoff.

“This is a fucking nightmare.” Just then, the door

opened, and in came two guards, accompanied by a kat in a white lab coat.

David leaned back and gave another half laugh and scoffing sound. “Ha!”

He cried. “I should’ve known.”

“Move.” A guard said. David put his hands into the

air, and got up.

“I’m mov’n, I’m mov’n.” He walked out the door,


scowl on his face. They lead him down a corridor and into a small room. Another

one like his interrogation room. The guards left, leaving only David and the kat

scientist. “This it?” He asked, as he sat down.

“Yes.” The kat said.

“Why didn’t we just stay in the other room?” He asked.

“Less prying eyes that way.”

“What do you exactly want?” David asked.

“The name of you’re species, is called Homo Sapiens,

right?” David’s mouth nearly fell open.

“H-how did you know that?!” He cried.

“Well.” He said. “Let’s just say that you and you’re

friends arn’t the only human visitors.”

“There’s others?” David said. The kat shock his head.

“Not alive, anymore.” The kat said.

“What do you mean, anymore?”

“They all died over a period of time, old age dose that to

you.” David the realized what he meant.

“Go on.” He said.

“The first such report of you’re kind dates back almost

1000 years ago. A quote from an ancient book on monsters describes a being that

bears a striking resemblance to you’re kind. Also, they state that they were, what

they called, Astronauts. The story goes that a brave knight slew the monster,

that shot fire from it’s paws. Of cause, hardly anyone believed such a thing, and

the passage was thought to be another creation of myth. However, 500 years ago,

there was another such encounter. While other continents were being explored, such as

the southern continent, an explorer came across group of creatures that were unlike

anything he’d ever seen. Flat ears on the sides of their heads, no fur and tails,

and five fingers.

Of course, before he could get proof of their existence, they disappeared.

Everyone thought the kat was crazy, a lunatic. The next encounter is dated only

105 years ago.

What was thought to be a falling star, actually turned out to be some sort of

metallic pod. From the description everyone gave, it didn’t sound like a space

shuttle. Of course, when the creature inside emerged, everyone thought it was an

angel from the heavens. The creature was treated well, and cared after. It matched

human descriptions. However, the town where it landed was very isolated, and the news

barely got outside the town, let alone, around the world. As far as anyone knows,

that human lived to a ripe old age of 92. About fifty years ago, no one knows how, but

another there was another human encounter. Around the southern area of the continent,

there had been reports of a strange furless monster. The Enforcers went to check

it out, and discovered a human, a female one. She was brought in for questioning,

after all, she had equipment that baffled our top scientists. That’s how we now kno

were surprised.”

“What ever happened to the last one?” David asked.

The kat shrugged.

“She was killed in a bombing raid during the war.

The department wasn’t able to get much information out of her, before she

died. I didn’t think I’d live to see the next encounter.”

“Do you think there’ll be another one?” David asked.

“I doubt it.” The kat said. “There are only a certain

amount of miracles.”


New Mexico, December 30 2009….


“THEY DID WHAT!!?” Robert

Dillon nearly put his fist thought the computer screen.

“I repeat sire.” The

computer said. “The United States government has cut of your


“They can’t do this to me!”

He cried. “Ingrates, I designed nearly their inter defense system,

and this is how they repay me?” He got up ,and looked out his

window. “Computer, read me again the message they sent me.” The was

a low humming sound, then the computers mechanical voice sounded.

“Dear Dr Robert Harlem

Dillon. We have observed the test results of the Thermo Bomb, and we

are unfortunate to replay that we can no longer produce funding for

such a weapon. Think of the deviation if it fell into the wrong

hands. All current Thermo bombs will be dismantled and sold for

scrap. Sincerely General Jonathan Ray Finkle.” Robert hung his

head while he thought for a moment. Just then, the door slid open.

“Dad?” Able said, coming

in. “Are you o.k.?” Robert looked over at the half human, half cat

creature, whom he’d adopted as his own son, after the K.A.T. project

was put into full swing.

“Yea.” He said. “I’m o.k.” Able gave him a funny eye.

“You sure dad?” He asked. “You didn’t sound like it.”

“I said I’m fine!” Robert

growled. Able, a little frightened by this left the room.

Robert then walked to the window, and looked out, at the sky, which

was beginning to turn dark.


Greg Summers Apartment….


Greg opened the door, to let the four strangers in.

“Come in, come in.” He

said, in an excited voice. Abie came in first, followed by Helen,

Roger, and Troy. He looked at the humans, then back at Abie. “Is

that them?” He asked, a little excited. She nodded as the trio took

off their over sized trench coats, and hats.

“I didn’t like the idea of

coming here in broad day light.” Troy said, as he looked around the

room. “However, My crew and I are more interested in what happened

to our civilization, three million years ago.” He looked at Greg,

who seemed to be looking at them with glee. “Dr Sinian told us that

you would probably have the answers. Is this true?” Greg motioned

for them to follow him up some sitars, as they followed him, he began

his story.

“About fifteen years ago.”

He began. “I was on an expedition in the great western dessert,

looking for some old dinosaur bones, when the group I was with,

stumbled upon an old sealed up tomb, with scrolls in it.” They all

reached the top of the sitars, and Greg opened the door, into the

attic. “These scrolls were very old, approximately two hundred thousand

years old. They were at the point of decay, but I saved them.” He walked

over to a wall safe, and proceed to open it.

“They seemed to show some sort of strange evolutionary pattern. Like

nothing I’ve ever seen before.” He opened the door, and carefully took out

the scrolls. He lay then down on the table, and rolled them out for all to see.

“This here shows our evolutionary pattern.” He ran his finger from the first

picture of a normal cat, to the fully evolved kat. there were ten pictures

altogether, but before the first picture, of a four legged kat, was a strange human

looking kat, with the words, ho-mun, underneath it. This one, seemed to be

pointing, towards the far end of the scroll, towards the finally evolved kat.

It seemed as if this creature were like a god. Greg opened another scroll.

“This one, tells some sort of story, although I haven’t been able to deceiver it yet.”

He rolled it out for all to see. All three humans gasped. The scroll looked like

Egyptian hieroglyphics. The first picture, showed two human type creatures lifting

a kat out of a pool. The next one showed, a row of about ten kats running, and

doing battle. The third, showed two of the human type creatures doing what

looked like they were arguing amongst themselves, the it showed a huge fire ball,

and the final picture showed the two human creatures, with a few more humans

lying down, as if they were dead. Greg noticed that they were looking at the

pictures of the human looking creatures. “They do look exactly like you don’t

they?” He said.


In a bunker beneath the remains of the NORAD Command Center,



Within the room of the massive bunker, all kinds of sound could be heard.

Computer sounds, human sounds, machinery sounds. Radio sounds. All sorts of radio

broadcasts were coming into the bunker.


“Hello? Is there anyone out there? My name is Jason Miller, I live in the city of

Bloomington, Indiana. The whole city is up in flames, t-there’s dead bodies

everywhere. Please, for the love of God, somebody help me…”


“…Although the death toll is still unknown, many people believe that it’s reached

up to the five billion mark…”


“This is Sergeant Mark Hamilton of NYPD. The whole city is gone, I repeat,

gone. There’s nothing left. Everyone’s dead. Manhattan Island is one big ball of

flame. I’m the only survivor that I know off, I believe that there may be others,

hiding in the subways, but I’m not certain….”


“…Is believed that the Amazon jungle has caught fire, the smoke can be seen from

as far away as Louisiana….”


“This is Major Robert Patterson of the U.S. 16th tank division, reporting in from

the Arizona desert. It’s literally SNOWING out here. I repeat, it’s snowing in

the desert…”


“…It has been confirmed that General Arkady Grishenko, is in fact dead. The war

is over. Although it is still not known how the General managed to blow up

Moscow, the surviving members of the U.S. government believe to have an answer…”


The president of the United States sat at the head of the table with

his head in his hands. All around him, people were rushing to and

fro. They were marking down transmissions from the radio’s, and

punching it into the computers. The minister of defense slowly came

up to him.

“Mr. president?” He said. The president looked up at him.

“Yes, Mr. Bemess.” He moaned.

“We’ve managed to approximate

the death toll sir.” The president just looked at him.

“And?” He asked, a little

impatient. Mr Bemess breathed heavily, and looked at the read out.

“Approximately Five point

two…billion sir.” The president just let his head drop down on the


“Five point two billion!?”

He cried. “That leaves nearly eight million left alive. The human

race is finished, gone, ka-put.”

“Sir, look on the bright

side, your still alive, the people are still going to need some one

to lead them, you’re the president of the United States of America, the

most powerful country in the world.” The president didn’t even look


“Ex-United States you mean.

Besides, these people are spread out all over the world, how can I

lead them if we have no way of reaching them.” He looked up at

another monitor. “Look at that will you.” He pointed to the

monitor. “We can not go up to the surface, we’ll die of radiation

poisoning. What’s left of the human race will die off in a matter of

weeks. And there’s nothing I can do about it.” He dropped down

into his chair, and put his head in his hands, and for the first time

in his life, since becoming president, he began to cry.


Somewhere in limbo….


The porthole showing the president of the United States crying

vanished, as if some one had been watching a television show. A small

crier wearing a dark purplish cloak approached the spot were the

porthole had been.

“What a poor excuse

for a leader he was.” The Pastmaster said. “Anyway, that’s all I

need to know.” He raised his watch, again, and created another

viewing porthole. This one showed the three humans, Abi, and Greg,

all looking over the scrolls. He watched them reading the scrolls.

“So.” He said after a while. “The past returns to conquer the

present. The picture changed to show David Sankowski, sitting in the

interrogation room with Commander Feral. “After being dead for

nearly three million years, why would they show up now?” He waved

his paw, and the picture disappeared. He looked around his temple

which he had made for himself, using magic of course. He brought

back the image of the shuttle, approaching the earth. “I thought kat

kind had seen the last of theses pathetic creatures, when they

destroyed them selves over such a pity argument. He brought up the

image of two humans, monitoring a kat in a tube. “Even if they did

create us, They’re still dangerous to be around.” He changed the

image again, this time, it showed, a mushroom cloud, of a nuclear

explosion, the devastation it had done to a city, and the after math.

“Such destructive power.” He said, as he watched the bomb destroy a

city called New York. “I know under stand their yearning for such

power.” The image then changed to show the SWAT Kats battling Dark

Kat, when he was planing to blow up MegaKat City with his doomsday

bomb. “Dark Kat understood their destructive power, I’m amazed that

these mortals haven’t discovered their destructive capabilities yet.”

He waved his hand once more, and the images disappeared altogether,

he was now pacing back, and forth in his temple. “I my self want to

bring the past back to the present, perhaps these creatures of the

past, these…Humans, can help me do just that.” He had stopped

pacing now. “But who, who among them would be worthy of such a

honor.” He was thinking for a moment, then it came to him. “Yes,

yes, he’ll do just nicely.” He brought up another viewing porthole,

this one showed one of the humans. “The one called, David



A United States Nuclear Missile Base, 1999….


The sentry guard made his way past the nuclear missile silo, and

gasped. One of the missiles was missing. He punched the alarm

button, and kept starring at disbelief at the empty silo. A general

made his way to the solider.

“Privet.” He cried out, above the sirens. “What in blazes is going on


“Look for your self sire.” He

shouted back. “One of the nuclear missiles is gone.” The general

looked at the empty silo, with his mouth open.

“T..that’s impossible.” He stammered. “There’s no way in hell, anyone

could have stolen a fifty foot nuclear missile right our from under our noses.”


Enforcer H.Q. Maximum Security Section…


David Sankowski was lying on the prison cell bed. He’d just been asked

a heap of questions by the scientific community about himself. No test.

Just questions. He turned his head to the right when the door at the far

end of the room opened. He opened his eyes, and looked at the kat who

had just entered the room.

“And who do I owe the honor

too?” He asked the female kat. She wore a pink suit, had funny

shaped glasses, and long blond hair. She sat down in a chair

provided by the guard, and put her brief case down by her side.

“I am Deputy Mayor Calico

Briggs.” The kat said. “And you must be David Robert Sankowski.”

David nodded. “I fail to see the reason for three names, two, but

why three?” David rolled his eyes in his head.

“I take it you came here to

discuss something else, not my customs.” Callie sighed, and opened

her brief case, and took out a piece of paper.

“I’ve tried to have you

released, but authority, higher than mine, is denying you bail.”

David laughed out loud.

“Bail?” He said with a

chuckle. “What’s happened, have I been arrested? You find out I

have unpaid parking tickets, that are three million years over due?

Whoa, I’d hate to figure out what that would add up to.” Callie


“I’m trying my best to get you

out of here.” She leaned closer. “Oh, by the way, I’ve meet your

friends, there o.k., for the moment.” David smiled. At lest someone

was having a bit of luck. Callie got out a folder. “This here is

the interrogation, typed out on a computer.” She flipped though a

few pages, and came to a Cretan page. “Is it possible to make

nuclear weapons?” David sat blot up right.

“What!?” He cried. Callie

looked around as if she were discussing an escape plan.

“I said, is it possible to make

a nuclear weapon?” David was shocked. These kats seemed to be about

as technologically advanced as humans, they had managed to discover

nuclear energy, but not nuclear weapons. Could it be, that these

kats may have, in the past, stumbled upon nuclear weapons, and

destroyed all knowledge of such records. With no one knowing the

destructive capabilities of nuclear power, there was no need to

research it.

“Yes.” He finally said. “It

is possible to make a nuclear weapon. Humans have been doing it

since 1945, uhh.. my 1945. In other words, sixty years.” Then it

hit him. Could there have been a nuclear war, nuclear radiation

takes a hell of a long time to disappear, could the radiation mutated

the cats, and evolved them into kats.

“So it’s possible.” Callie’s

voice brought him back to reality. She lent back in her chair. “All

this time, it was possible.” She leaned closer. “Do you think you

could make a nuclear weapon?” David backed off.

“Slow down lady.” He said.

“I make the guidance controls for nuclear missiles, but I’m not a

nuclear physicist.” Callie looked at him in a funny way.

“Nuclear missiles?” She said.

“Exactly how far were you in nuclear weapon research?” David sighed.

This was turning into another interrogation.

“As far as you kats are with

missile technology, except we put a nuclear war head in the cone.

Any idiot would know that.” Callie humphed at that remark.

“While your government might

have granted the research on nuclear weapons, ours didn’t.” David

was confused.

“Please explain.” He said.

“Well.” Callie began. “At

the end of the second Mega War, the military captured many secret

projects the enemy was working on. One of those projects was a nuclear

power. The project involved a powerful energy imitating metal, that

was lethal to feline contact.”

“Uranium.” David said.

“Exactly.” Callie added.

“It appeared that the enemy had been planing to use this lethal

material in a bomb, and drop it on the city. However, they never

managed to do enough reset into the bombs destructive capabilities,

and the project, and all the research was destroyed. Later, uranium

was discovered again, and used for it’s electrical power.”

“So this city had a nuclear

power plant?” Callie nodded.

“How did humans ever come

across the invention of nuclear weapons?” David smiled.

“Well, we had a second war

too, but we called it a world war….” Callie was shocked.

“How can a whole planet be involved in a war?!” She cried.

“Oh, believe me, it’s

possible, any way. Like I said, it was nearing the closing of the

second world war, and the allies were planing an invasion of Japan.

The president, ordered the go ahead of atomic bomb research, and they

ended up using only two, after the second one was drooped, the Japans

surrendered. After that, there was a stand of between two countries,

the United States of America and the Union of Socialist Soviet

Republics. Neither side trusted each other, and so nuclear weapon

research went on, until the U.S.S.R. couldn’t keep up, and eventually

collapsed. End of story.” David noticed that Callie had a small

tape recorder.

“What happened to all the missiles?” David shrugged.

“Last time I looked, they

were still there.” Callie stopped the recorder, and picked up her


“Thank you Mr Sankowski,

that’ll be all.” Commander Feral’s voice said over a hidden speaker.

“I still can’t believe you

talked me into doing that Feral.” Callie said to the speaker. “I

don’t do interrogations.”

“I’m well aware of that

Ms. Briggs.” Feral said. “Please drop the tape into me on the way

out.” Callie left, and the guard closed the door. David sighed. He

didn’t know who he could trust.

Callie gave the tape to Feral, and proceeded to do a little

interrogation of her own.

“What’s the deal Feral?”

She asked. “The government banned nuclear bomb research fifty-three

years ago, why on earth would you want to bring it up now?” Feral

placed the tape into a drawer.

“I’m afraid that’s

classified information Ms. Briggs. I have my orders.”

“From the kats who are

denying David his bail?” She asked. Feral’s eyes narrowed to slits.

“Like I said before,

that’ll be all, Ms. Briggs.” Callie growled, and stormed out of

Feral’s office. When she was gone, Feral picked up the phone. He

punched in a few numbers, and leaned back in his chair. “Yes this is

Feral.” He said into the phone. “Tell George I have something he

might be interested in.”


“Thank you for your time,

Mr Summers.” Troy said, shaking Greg Summers, paw. “You’ve been a

big help to us.” Greg smiled.

“I should be thanking

you Mr Smith.” He said. “You’ve made my day.” The three humans,

and Dr Sinian, all waved goodbye to Greg, and drove back to the


“I still would have liked to know, exactly what theses scrolls meant.”

Roger said, breaking the silence.

“Don’t we all, Roger.”

Helen said. “However, trying to make sense out of theses things was

like trying to understand what your saying, when your telling us

about the wonderful world of botany.” Everyone laughed. Troy then

turned to Dr. Sinian.

“Dr. Sinian.” He said

to her. “Could you take us out of town, to the mountains?” Dr.

Sinian looked at him.

“You mean the MegaKat mountains?” Troy sighed.


“What’s wrong Troy?” Dr. Sinian asked.

“I was just wondering.”

He said. “Why does nearly every freak’n thing around here, begin

with the word, Mega?” This had Dr. Sinian stumped.

“You know.” She said. “I’ve never really thought about that.”


David Sankowski tossed the small red ball, which they had given him,

up in the air for the one hundred, and fiftieth time. He’d been in

this cell now for nearly five hours, and yet no one came though the

door Where were his friends, had they been captured too? Were they

looking for him right now? He tossed the ball into the air for the

one hundred, and fifty first time.

Suddenly, there was a bright purple flash, and a strange crackling

noise, like electricity. The guards out side of his cell, suddenly

were struck by some kind of purple lighting bolts, and they fell to

the ground. David edged back further along his bed, when a small

purple whirlpool type thing, opened up in front of him. Out jumped a

small kat, in a purple robe, who looked like a living skeleton.

Jeez. David thought. This guy must really like purple, he’s using

it every were. I wonder if his favorite movie is Color Purple.

“Who the hell are

you?” David said in fear and confusion. “And how the hell did you

just do that?” The creature laughed at him, and lifted his golden

pocket watch.

“I am the Pastmaster, Mr Sankowski.” He said. He then pointed his

watch at David. “And as for that little trick, it’s magic.”

“What?!” He cried.

“How did you.. were did you learn..What are you?”

“I’m a sorcerer Mr Sankowski.” The Pastmaster replied. “nine hundred

and forty one years old, to be exact.” David began to relax a little.

“Gee, I could have

sworn you were only five hundred.” He said sarcastically.

Fortunately for David, the Pastmaster didn’t understand sarcasm, and

took it as a complement.

“Flattery will get you no where, Mr Sankowski.” He lower his watch.

“I have come for you, with a purpose.” He continued. “IT could be rather

beneficial for you.” David leaned closer to him.

“You’ve got my

attention.” The Pastmaster smiled. He raised his watch again, and

created another wormhole, and he, and David, jumped though.


“I wonder where they’re going?” Dr. Sinian said, as she past five

enforcer petrol cars, escorting a very large semi trailer.

“Who cares?” Roger

said. It’s not our business. We’ve got more important things to

worry about.” He looked out the window, at the surrounding country

side, which was mostly desert.

“So.” Dr. Sinian said. “What exactly are we looking for?” Troy smiled.

“Our ship, the Apollo.” He replied. “We’re going to pick up a friend

we left behind back there.” Abi looked over at him.

“You mean there’s more of you?” Troy laughed.

“Just one more.”

He chuckled. “It was supposed to be a four man mission.”

They drove the rest of the way in silence.

When they reached the site of the Apollo, they received a shock.

There was nothing there. No David, no Apollo, no nothing.

“Were the hell did

it go?” Roger said, jaw hanging open. Suddenly Abi was struck with

an idea.

“That truck we

pasted, thirty minutes ago, could the truck have been carrying your

ship?” Troy thought for a moment.

“Look about the

right size for it.” He said. He turned towards Abi. “Do you think

David’s made contact with the Enforcers?” Abi shrugged.

“If you really

want to know, I have a friends who works for the government, and

knows all that go on in the Enforcer building.” Troy liked the sound

of that.

“Who, Callie

Briggs?” Abi nodded. “Well, lets get going. If I know David, with

his attitude, he’s probably got himself into so much trouble, it’s

not funny.”


“Cool joint ya got here, Pastmaster.” David said looking around.

The Pastmaster smiled.

“Thank you Mr

Sankowski. I don’t put much into it.” He turned towards what looked

like a giant golden ring in the middle of the room. He raised his

watch up to the ring, and fired a purple bolt into the middle of the

ring. The ring began to glow, and a picture began to form. David

gasped, it was of the Apollo crew, before they blasted of into space,

three million years ago.

“What the hell

is that thing?” He asked. The picture vanished, leaving only a

swirling mist. The Pastmaster looked back at David.

“It’s a Time

Hole.” He said to the confused human. “With my watch, I can travel,

back and forth thought time, but the Time Hole, allows me to watch,

and learn, with out me being seen. That was how I was able to learn

your past, and your name, Mr Sankowski.” David relaxed a little.

“That’s really

impressive Pastmaster.” He said. “But what dose all this have to do

my little ‘ol me?” The Pastmaster, returned back to the Time Hole.

He raised his watched, and the swirling mist changed to another

picture. “That’s the South Colorado Nuclear Missile base!” He

cried. He then looked at the Pastmaster, who smiled, and nodded.

David knew what he wanted. David had special access to nuclear

missile sites, all over the United States. “Why do you want a

Nuclear missile?” He said.

“I want it’s

destructive capabilities, such power in the right hands can make one,

invincible.” David didn’t get it.

“If you want

that power so badly, why don’t you just waltz in and get it. And

with the power I’ve seen you posses, are you shore you need a nuclear

missile?” The Pastmaster growled.


mortal.” He said. “I my seem all powerful, but the secret of my

power lies within my watch, with out it, I’m nothing.” He then

turned back to the picture of the missile base. “And as for going in

and getting it, I don’t know much about these weapons, and I need

some one with the knowledge of such power, in order to get it

safely.” David realized he had the upper hand here, and he was going

to use it wisely.

“If I help you

get a nuclear missile.” He said. “Will you show me what has

happened in the past three million years?” The Pastmaster smiled.

“If that’s all

you want David, I’ll be glad to.”

Then the Pastmaster opened another time vortex, and together, they

both jumped in.

They appeared inside a missile launch control room. He looked at the


“Now what?” The Pastmaster sighed, and growled.

“You have

your ID access card on you?” David nodded pulling out his special

card. “Then turn of the security systems.” David did just that.

They left the room ,and enter the silo.

“O.k.” He

said. “So when do you begin your hocus-pocus?” The Pastmaster shock

his head. He raised his watch, and began to chant.

“Ohas, nonic

saio, rabie nonno hunkic!” He chanted. Suddenly, the missile began

to glow bright red, and then disappeared. David tapped him on the


“If that’s all

you needed to do, why did you want me to deactivate the security

systems?” The Pastmaster growled.


intelligent beings, you shore are thick.” He opened the porthole

again, and they prepared to jumped though. “The moment I would have

done anything, like talked or something, the security would have gone

off, alerting everyone on the base, and I wouldn’t have enough time

to transport the missile, with out being caught. I need you to

deactivate it so I could move it in peace.” David shrugged. Just

then, he heard someone moving around out side in the corridor. Oh

shit, he thought, he’d left the door to the silo open, and the gourd

could see that it was open. Quickly, he grabbed the Pastmaster, and

jumped though.

The sentry guard ran down the corridor to the nuclear missile silo,

and gasped. One of the missiles was missing. He noticed that the

alarm had been deactivated. He punched the alarm button, and kept

starring at disbelief at the empty silo. A General made his way to

the soldier.

“Private.” He cried out, above

the sirens. “What in blazes is going on here?”

“Look for your self sire.” He

shouted back. “One of the nuclear missiles is gone.” The general

looked at the empty silo, with his mouth open.

“T..that’s impossible.” He

stammered. “There’s no way in hell, anyone could have stolen a fifty

foot nuclear missile right our from under our noses.”


The door opened to Abi’s apartment, and in came Callie. She looked

over at the three humans, then at Abi.

“Hello Dr. Sinian, I’m glad

you called.” She walked over to the living room, and sat down.

“What about David, Ms.

Briggs?” Troy asked. Callie got out a video, and placed it in the


“After meeting you guys in

the museum, I was then informed of the enforcers holding David.” She

pressed the play button on the remote control. “However, He’s not in

the good books with Commander Feral.” The picture showed, David in a

cell, then the guards were struck by a lighting bolt, and a strange

little kat hoped out of a whirlpool. The two talked fro a moment,

then David followed the kat thought the porthole. All three humans

watched, eye’s wide with disbelief.

“How the hell did he do that?” Roger said.

“He’s an undead sorcerer, he can do anything.” Callie said.

“Hold on a second here.”

Helen said. “You mean that guy just used magic?” Both Callie, and

Abi nodded. “No way.” Helen said. “It’s not possible, He must have

used mirrors, or something.” Callie stopped the video.

“It doesn’t matter how he did

it, but that fact that your friend took off with a dangerous

criminal, puts him on the top ten most wanted list, and since you

guys are sort of related to him, they’ll be looking for you as well.”

They all looked at each other. “However, you can’t stay here long.

You’ll have to go else were.” Troy got up.

“I don’t mean to be rude

lady, but exactly were can we go?” He said. “We just can’t book

ourselves into a hotel ya know.” Callie smiled. She put her paw

into her hand bag, and pulled out a small communicator. They all

looked at it, Abi and Callie both smiled, as they saw the humans


“Don’t worry.” She said.

“I’m just going to call some very good friends of mine.”


Chance and Jake were watching t.v. when the alarm hanger sounded.

Fearing that the city needed them again, they rushed to the hanger,

were Chance reached the alarm first. He slammed the receiving

button, and said in his usual voice.

“Yes Ms. Briggs?” Callie’s voice floated thought, from the other end.

“T Bone?” She said. I need

you and Razor to come over to the museum right away, We’ve got

something special we need you desperately to look after.” T Bone

smiled. Callie was asking them to look after something very

important to the museum, who she didn’t trust Feral looking after.

Was this good or what. “Shore thing Ms. Briggs, Razor and I will be

right on over.” With that, he hung up the phone, and they blasted of

for the museum.


Callie Briggs, put her communicator back in her bag, and turned back

to the humans, and Abi.

“So let me get this

straight.” Troy said. “You just called a couple of super-hero

vigilantes to come and take us into protective custody?” Callie

nodded. Troy just shock his head. “A world of kats, undead

sorcerers, super-hero’s, this is starting to sound like one of theses

corny Saturday morning cartoon shows.”

Fifteen minutes later, they all heard the sound of a jet engine plane

approaching the museum. It was a black, and red jet, with three

engines on the back. It began to hover, then it landed on the roof.

The canopy opened, and out got two kats in flying suits with masks,

and helmets on. Tory notices they also had no shoes on. They looked

at the humans, for about five seconds, then walked over to Callie,

and Abi.

“Hay look Razor.” T Bone

said to him as they jumped down from the jet. “It’s the rest of

those alien creatures that are supposed to be from our past.” For

five seconds they just looked at them, then they walked over to

Callie and Abi. “Are these the things were meant to be looking

after?” T Bone said.

“There called humans T

Bone.” Callie said. “And in answer to your question, yes.” Razor


“We already know what they

are Ms. Briggs.” He said. “T Bone and I meet with one of them

earlier in the desert.”

“David, their missing

friend.” Abi said. “He’s gotten himself into a lot of trouble he


“What kind of trouble?” T Bone asked. Now it was getting better.

“He escaped from Enforcer Head Quarters, with the Pastmaster.”

“Ouch.” T Bone said. By now Troy had come over and joined in of the conversation.

“I don’t mean to interrupt

or anything, but what exactly is going to happen to us?” The smaller

SWAT Kat stepped forward.

“Dr. Sinian has arranged for you three to stay with us.” He said.

“Only until the heat dies

down.” The bigger one said. “And when we also find your friend.”

Troy smiled.

“O.k. then, I guess we’re

your house guests.” He shook hands with the smaller kat. “I am

Commander Troy Smith.” He motioned to the rest of his crew. “That

is Flight Lieutenant Helen Summers, and this is Dr. Roger Train.” Both

of them waved back. The SWAT Kats were rather curious about Ridge’s

red hair, Roger noticed this, and ignored them.

“Doesn’t anybody on this

god for saken planet have red hair?” All the kats shock their heads.

“We’d better get going

before the Enforcers spot us.” Troy said goodbye to Abi, and Callie,

and together with the SWAT Kats, and his crew, they hopped on bored

the Turbo Kat, and flew of to the hanger.


David stood in the Pastmaster’s temple looking over the nuclear

warhead. Finally he turned to the Pastmaster.

“No damage to the

missile.” He said. “It’s perfect for launch.” The Pastmaster

rubbed his hands with glee.

“At last.” He cried.

“I have the most powerful weapon in my paws.” He walked over to the

war head, and rubbed it’s sides. Just then, David tapped him on the


“A deal’s a deal Pasty.” He said. “Lets see your end of the bargain.

What happened, three million years ago?” The Pastmaster smiled.

“I knew you’d say that.”

He said. “I know that when you’ve seen the past, you’ll ask another

favor of me as well.” He raised his watch to the Time Hole, and

turned it on.


The Turbo Kat pulled into the hanger, and every one got out. Troy

looked around.

“Impressive.” He said.

“Looks like you kats have a whole base down here.”

“Well.” Razor said. “We have to, ignored to keep tabs on the city, so

that we know what’s going down.” Roger stepped forward.

“How did you meet David?” He asked. Helen turned towards them.

“You know.” She said.

“I’ve been wondering the same question.” T Bone raised his paws, in

order to clam them down.

“O.k. o.k. kits.” He

said. “It’s story time.” Roger gave Troy a funny look.

“Kits?” He whispered.

“Never mind.” Troy whispered back. “Just pay attention.


David took a step back. He blinked, once, twice. He couldn’t

believe what he’d just saw.

“Dear God no.” He kept

muttering, over, and over. The Pastmaster, began to walk away.

“I know what your going

to say, Mr Sankowski.” He said. “You want to go back in time, and

prevent all that from happening.” He turned around to face the

human. “However, let me warn you of something. Being a time

traveler, I’ve had experience with history, and the past. If I

wanted to, I could have gone back in time, and prevented the birth of

theses meddling SWAT Kats, but I couldn’t.”

“SWAT Kats?” He asked.

“You remember the two

kats in the flying suits, and the masks, back at the Apollo don’t

you?” David nodded.

“Oh yea, them.” He

then came a little closer to the Pastmaster. “Then why didn’t you go

back in time, and prevent their births?”

“This is why.” He came

closer to David. “David Sankowski.” He said, in a deep voice.

“Listen, and listen well. You being an Engineer, you know that every

thing has a law.” David nodded. “Well, so dose Time travel. One of

theses laws is, that no matter what you do in the past, the outcome

will always be the same, in the future.”

“That’s really nice.”

David said. “But what dose all that mean in English?” The

Pastmaster shock his head.

“It means you can

not, in no possible way, change the past, or the future.”

“You can’t change the

future?” David said. “What do you mean by that?”

“There is no future,

there is no past. Time is all around us Mr Sankowski. You can call

today, the present, but the future is the present also, as well as

the past. It depends on what time zone your in. In other words,

what’s meant to be, is meant to be. Behold.” He turned on the Time

Hole, so that David could see into the future.

The picture showed the Pastmaster with some sort of golden crown,

with jewels. He was fighting the SWAT Kats. The smaller SWAT Kat

knocked over a coffin, and smashed the jeweled crown. Then the

whole temple began to shake, and the Pastmaster, fell into a raging

pit of fire.

“Behold.” He cried

again. “My fate. I am destined to die that time in the future, only

in two months.” David looked confused.

“You mean that you know you’re going to die, and you can do nothing about it?”

“No, not really.” He said. “Just before I fall into the pit, I intend to

heliport myself, back here, to spend the rest of eternity.”

“Why?” David asked.

“Once that has

happened, I cannot take one step outside this temple’s protection,

or fate will have my life. No matter what I do, nothing can save me.

However, I can step outside the temple before my supposed death,

because here, Time has no meaning. If you like, you can go

backwards, to the time for your present meeting, or go forward to

see your grandchildren. As for me, when the time comes, I won’t be

able to go any further into the future, and I’ll be stuck here, for

the rest of time.”

“Well, it proves that

you don’t have the guts to try and change the past, but I do.” He

picked the Pastmaster up by the cloak. “I must change the past, and

you’re going to do it for me.”

“Not me.” The

Pastmaster said. “If you wan to try to change the past, your going

to have to do it your self.” David put him down.

“.O.k. then.” The Pastmaster said. “This is what I want you to do…”




Helen was looking over the Turbokat with T Bone, who was showing her

all the controls. Troy was talking to Razor about the history of

their worlds, and compering the differences. Roger was watching t.v.

Suddenly, he got up, and called for everyone to come over.

“What’s up?” Helen

said, as she jumped down from the Turbo kat ignored to see what he

was on about.

“It’s that little short

purple guy from the prison, he’s holding the M.A.S.A. Head Quarters.

It appears that he is trying to launch something.”

The picture showed the Pastmaster standing on some sort of tower,

blasting at the Enforcer choppers with his watch. Suddenly Troy

leapt forward.

“Stop that image right

there.” He cried. Roger, paused the t.v. He turned to the SWAT

Kats. “Is there any way of magnifying that image?”

“Well.” Razor said.

“We can hook the picture up to the computer, and do it from there.

“Well.” Troy said

rushing over to the computer. “Let’s do it then.” A few moments

later, Razor had the image up on the screen. “Now.” Troy said. “Do

a close up on this section here.” He pointed to a silo. Razor

magnified the image, as far as it would go.

“Look!” Roger said.

“It’s David.” Helen cried.

“I was right.” Troy

said. The SWAT Kats just shook their heads.

“If your friend’s allied

himself with Pasty, you’re not going to be very popular with Feral.”

Suddenly, the hanger alarm went off. T Bone ran over to the alarm,

and turned it on.

“Yes Ms. Briggs.” He said.

“T Bone.” Came Callie’s voice. “It’s the Pastmaster, he’s back.”

“We already know that

Ms. Briggs.” T Bone said. “Were already on our way.” Suddenly, he

felt a furless paw, on his shoulder. He turned around to see Troy.

“Were coming to.” He


“What makes you say that?” He asked.

“That’s our friend out

there, and he needs our help.” Troy said. “So were coming along,

weather you like it or not.” T Bone looked at Razor.

“Lets not try and

argue with them T Bone.” He said. So with out another word, they

all blasted of towards the Pastmaster.


The Pastmaster laughed as he shot down another Enforcer Chopper. He

turned and looked down at David who was modifying the missile for the


“Nearly finished down there David?” He called out. David looked up at him.

“All ready and set to

fly Pastmaster.” He called out to him. “However, don’t you think

that destroying the city with a nuclear missile, is, weeelllll, you

know, a little bit too much.”

“If I can’t control

the city, no one can.” Came his reply. David thought for a moment.

In his thirst for knowledge, he was going to destroy a city. He now

understood the saying, ‘a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing’.

He looked up at the Pastmaster. “Why are you, doing all this for,

really?” The Pastmaster looked down at him, and smiled.

“Fate.” He said. “It

will happen, and it’s going to happen.”

Just then, the heard the roar of a jet.

“That sounds familiar.” David said. The Pastmaster sighed.

“The SWAT Kats?!” He

yelled out. He raised his watch, and began to blast purple bolts at


“Hang on.” T Bone

yelled to the passengers. He pulled the Turbo kat into a tight lop,

as he dodged five bolts. He finally brought the jet straight. “Hah,

couldn’t do better than that?” He turned to Razor. “It’s all up to

you now buddy.” Razor brought down his visor.

“I got him right in my

sights T Bone.” He said. “Octopus missile, deploy.” Troy got the

shock of his life, when the trap door in the belly of the jet

suddenly opened, and two missiles drooped out of it. The missiles

then put on a burst of speed, and rocketed towards the Pastmaster.

The Pastmaster just smiled, and raised his watch. He blasted the

missiles out of the air. He then fired another volley of bolts at

the Turbo Kat. T Bone dodged the blasts, and turned to Razor.

“Well.” He said.

“That didn’t quite work.”

“Our only other

option, is to land the jet, and try and reach the Pastmaster by

foot.” T Bone brought the Turbo Kat into hover mode.

“Roger that.” He

said. “Going in on foot.” He brought the Turbo Kat down behind a

building, out of site form the Pastmaster. They got out of the jet,

and prepared to engage the Pastmaster.

“You guys stay here.”

Razor said to the humans. “We can’t risk you all getting injured, or

Feral getting his paws on you.” They then climbed up the tower

towards the Pastmaster.

However, he saw them trying to get to him.

“You SWAT Kats have

interfered with my plans for the last time.” He aimed his watch at

the SWAT Kats.

“No!” T Bone yelled,

as he raised his glovatrix, with lighting fast speed, and fired a

spider-missile at the Pastmaster. The Pastmaster yelled out

something, and fell over backwards, blasting widely all the way.

Meanwhile, sown in the silo, David had been concentrating on what he

was doing that he failed to notice the SWAT Kats attacking the

Pastmaster, until he was nearly nicked by a power bolt.

“Jesus!” He cried

out. “Watch where you’re…” He saw the SWAT Kats fighting the

Pastmaster. They were running at him with some sort of shields, and

the Pastmaster was firing away trying to untangle himself from a net.

“Get away from him!” He shouted to the SWAT Kats. This stopped the

SWAT Kats, because they’d never herd anyone stick up for a villain.

They turned to see David., who had his welding laser aimed at them


“Hay listen, uhh…

David?” T Bone said. “Were the good guys, were here to help you.”

“David.” Razor

said to him. “We have your friends in our jet, they insisted they

come along to help you.”

“My friends?” He

lowered the welder a little. “Here?” Razor realized he was getting

to him.

“Yes, there here.”

David raised the gun again.

“If you know them,

then what are there names?” Razor thought for a moment.

“Uhh… Troy…

Uhh, Helen, andddddd…. Uhh… Roger.” David lowered the gun fully.

However, while the SWAT Kats were buys trying to talk to David, he

had managed to untangle himself from the net, and get the drop on the

SWAT Kats, as he knew he would.

“Die, you pests!” The Pastmaster screamed out.

“What the?!” T Bone said, as he and Razor just managed to dodge the

lightning blot the Pastmaster thought at them. He thought more at the SWAT Kats,

until, they got unlucky, and were both stunned by a bolt. They fell

to the floor and lay there just barley conscious. Satisfied with his

work, the Pastmaster turned to David.

“Launch it, NOW!” He cried out to him.

Just then, he heard a familiar sound.

“Don’t do it

Dave!” He turned to see Helen, Roger, and Troy all standing just at

the opening of the silo.

“Troy.” He cried out. “I have to do what he says, it’s the only way.”

“The only way to do what?” Troy said back to him.

“The only way to change the past.” Tory gave him a funny look.

“How can blowing up a city, change the past?”

“If I do what the Pastmaster says, he will let me go back in time to

prevent the destruction of the human race.”

“And by killing

millions of innocent creatures in the progress.”

“With the past

changed it won’t matter. We wouldn’t have meet them, so we wouldn’t

have known them” David then turned back to the laptop he was


“David, NO!”

Troy cried out, but it was to late. David typed in a few commands,

and the missile did the rest. There was a god almighty roar, as the

missile’s rockets kicked in, and began to send the missile sky wards.

David then scrambled out of the silo when he realized that he was

going to get a major case of sun burn, and right into the waiting

arms of his former friends. Suddenly, the Pastmaster began to chant

something, and a storm cloud began to appear above everything.

“What the hell are you doing now?” David asked. The Pastmaster smiled.

“I’m going to

escape just before the missile explodes, I don’t want to be around

when this place suddenly becomes ground zero.” He then turned back

to David. “Sorry, only room for one on this ride, you can stay

behind.” David’s jaw drooped. “Thank you so much….I believe the

word you use is called, sucker!” David growled. The Pastmaster

continued with his spell, but was suddenly interrupted, when he was

jumped by the SWAT Kats, who had finally woken up, and were wrestling

with him. The vortex meanwhile began to change color from a darkish

purple to a lit pinkish color.

“That’s what you

get for trusting someone who’s more then a few centuries old Dave.”

Troy said to him. “Now before were all incinerated in a nuclear fire

ball, I’d just like to say it was me who put that dent in your car

three weeks, and three million years ago.” David looked at him, then


“It ain’t over

until the fat lady sings Troy.” He said. He then raised the

wielding laser at the missile. Taking careful aim, he blasted the

nose cone of the missile, were the computer guidance control was.

The missile without it’s guidance began to lose control, and flew

right into the vortex. The moment the missile entered the vortex,

it began to become unstable, and began to create an imbalance between

this time zone, and the other which the Pastmaster had opened up.

Everything was being sucked into the vortex. Including the humans,

the SWAT Kats, and the Pastmaster. The Pastmaster began to shut the

vortex, but was unable to do it in time, as the vortex closed, he

went in with it.


“Dad?” Able said, coming in. “Are you o.k.?” Robert looked over at

the half human, half cat creature, whom he’d adopted as his own son,

after the K.A.T. project was put into full swing.

“Yea.” He said. “I’m o.k.” Able gave him a funny eye.

“You sure dad?” He asked. “You didn’t sound like it.”

“I said I’m fine.” Robert

growled. Able, a little frightened by this left the room.

Robert then walked to the window, and looked out, at the sky, which

was beginning to turn dark.

“That’s strange.” He said,

as he opened the window. Suddenly there were lighting bolts coming

out of the clouds. His eye’s widened with shock. “What the HELL?”

He shouted.

Then there was what sounded like an enormous explosion, as the clouds

suddenly parted, and out came what looked like a fifty foot tall

missile. The missile landed on the ground, and skidded to a stop.

Then seven smaller objects were hurled out of the clouds and landed

in the river, then the clouds all disappeared, as quickly as they

arrived. Robert blinked a few times, before he managed to find his

voice. “Holy shit.” Was all that came out. The door opened again,

and Able pooped his head around the corner.

“Dad?” He said. “Did you

just hear an explosion?” He turned to his son, and nodded.

“Come on.” He said,

rushing out the door. “Get the A.T.V. ready, were heading out to the


The All Terrain Vehicle glided over the sandy rocks towards the River.

Able set the ATV down, and they both jumped out of the car to see to

the creatures that had come out of the sky.

“I don’t get it.” T Bone

said. “How come the missile didn’t explode when it hit the ground?”

“T Bone.” Razor said to

him. “David destroyed the computer guidance control, there for the

computer couldn’t tell the missile to explode, it’s one of those

missile that don’t explode on contact.”

“What just happened?” Troy said getting up.

“We’ve passed through the vortex.” The Pastmaster said brushing

himself off. “Were in another time zone. The real question is were?”

“Are you all right?”

Robert said, jumping down from the ATV. Troy looked at him.

“You’re a human?” He said. Robert gave him a funny look.

“Of coups I’m human.”

He said. “What else would I be?”

“What year is this?” Troy asked. Robert gave him another funny look.

“Were have you been, in Space?” He asked sarcastically. “It’s 2009.”

“2009.” Helen said. “That date is six years after we blasted off.”

“Six years?” Robert said. He then got an idea. “Your name wouldn’t be

Troy Smith, would it?” He said to Troy. He nodded. Robert looked at the

other three humans. “Then you’re the crew of the Apollo space craft witch

disappeared six years ago.”

“Yes we were the crew of

the Apollo Space craft.” Troy said. Robert just shock his head.

“How can that be.” He

said. “You guys disappeared six years ago.” Troy sighed.

“It’s a long story Mr……”

“Dillon, Robert Dillon.” He said. David gasped, silently.

“Dillon.” Troy said.

“Anyway, like I said, it’s a long story.” He looked around. “By the

way, could you tell us were we are?”

“Your in the United States of America, in the state of New Mexico.”

“At least were back in the good ol’ U.S. of A.” Hellion said.

“Who are your friends?”

Robert asked, looking at the SWAT Kats, and the Pastmaster. Troy

gave him a funny look.

“You mean you’ve seen kats before?” He asked. Robert laughed.

“Seen them?!” He cried.

He waved at the car, and out stepped Able. David, Helen, Roger, and

Greg’s mouths all fell open, in shock. “May I present to you, my

adopted son, Able.” Robert said.

“He’s a….a….KAT?!”

Helen said. Robert smiled.

“After your ship left

earth, six years ago, I was granted research on MY project K.A.T.”

He looked over at Able. “And as you can see. The project was a

complete success.”

“What were they

designed for.” T Bone said, suddenly butting in.

“They were to be a new

breed of super soldiers for the United States army, they were the

best of the best.” One side of Robert’s moth went up. “And they

proved themselves too, in the second Sino Japanese war. Now, China

is a democracy because of them.” T Bone didn’t know what to think.

“Who are you?” Robert asked. “I’ve never seen your type of

uniform.” He looked at the Pastmaster. “And what the hell happened

to that one, looks as if his face was blown off.” The Pastmaster


“There from the future.” Troy quickly said. “About three million years

into the future.” Robert looked at Troy.

“Are you sure?” Robert

asked him. “You’d think after three million years, they would have

evolved a bit.” Troy shrugged.

“I have no idea why

they didn’t evolve, but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.”

David, and the Pastmaster both looked at each other. Razor noticed

this, but kept quite.

“Any way.” Robert

said. “I’m sure there’s lots to talk about, lets go back to my

place, and disuse it there.” Every one pilled into the land cruiser,

and they drove off for Robert’s house. Every one’s eye’s except for

Robert’s, Razor’s, Pastmaster’s, and David’s were focused on Able.

Robert was busy driving, The Pastmaster was fascinated without the CD

player, David kept on looking at Robert, and Razor was watching

David. Razor knew that David knew something, something about this

Robert guy, that he wasn’t telling anyone else.

“Were here.” Robert

said, pulling into the drive way. Every one got out of the car, and

looked at the house. It was weird looking. It looked like a series

of Domes connected to each other in a strange pattern. “Come on in.”

Suddenly, four wired looking robots with wheels instead of legs

suddenly came rushing out from no wear ,and began shooting of into

the dessert. “Oh don’t mind them.” Robert said. “There my worker

bots, they’re heading out to tend to my crops, it’s about the right

time for them too. They’re never behind.” Every one headed inside

into the largest of the domes.

“….and that’s how it

all happened, Mr Dillon.” Troy said, taking another sip from his

coffee. Robert put down his cup.

“Interesting.” Robert

said. He then turned to the SWAT Kats. “Tell me.” He asked them.

“What is the future like. I mean, your world?” Both T Bone and

Razor looked at each other. They both put down the glasses of milk.

“Well.” T Bone said. “What do you want to know?”

“For instance….your

type of government……your civilization advances, your civilization

in general.”

“Uhhh…” T Bone was

stumped. He’d failed history. He looked over at Razor and gave him

that ‘that’s your cue to jump in buddy’ look. Razor rolled his eyes

in his head and smiled. He then began to drone on about the history

of their earth, and the political movements that were happening at

the time.

“Your history is almost

as identical to ours. You had a stone age, a medieval age, an

industrial revolution, and two great wars.”

“You don’t need to fill

us out on yours, Troy already has.” Razor said.

“I suppose I did.” Troy

said. blushing. T Bone was fascinated.

“How did you do that?”

T Bone asked.

“Do what?” Troy said.

“Change color?” It

took a moment for Troy to realize that he was talking about when he


“Oh that.” He said. “Don’t worry , it’s a human thing.”

“What else can you do?” Troy thought for a moment.

“Well, instead of panting

when we are hot, we sweat. What happens is that water comes out of

our skin, and cools us down, there for we don’t need to pant, like

cats, and dogs do.”

“That’s disgusting.” T Bone said.

“T Bone.” Razor said.

“You just can’t call something disgusting because we don’t do it.” T

Bone shrugged.

“What’s up with you Dav?”

Troy asked. This got David’s attention.

“Yea Dav.” Razor said.

“You’ve been quite ever since we’ve arrived here. What’s wrong?”

David looked nervous.

“uhh…..uhhh….” He

said. He looked at Robert. “I….was, just…..just….thinking

about what happened to the nuclear missile that came with us here.”

“Oh yea.” Helen said.

“What did ever happen to that?”

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about

that.” Robert said, getting up. “There’s no one around here for

miles, so there’s no hurry about looking for it.” Then he pushed a

button. “Besides, my robots can pick it up some time later.” He

opened a door and began to walk out. He stopped suddenly. “Oh by

the way. Since your guests in my house, make your self comfortable,

but stay out of my lab.” He notices that every one had gone quite.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s just that last time I had visitors

here, one accidentally strayed into my lab and blew up an important

project of mine.” He shock his head and shuddered at the remembrance

of that incident as he walked thought the door.

“Nice guy.” Roger said. T Bone looked at the Pastmaster.

“Don’t you be going any

where Pastie.” He said. “We wouldn’t want you to leave us stranded

here don’t we.” He picked up the Pastmaster by his cloak. The

Pastmaster chuckled.

“I wouldn’t do anything

nasty to me SWAT Kat.” The Pastmaster said. “Remember, were guests

in Mr Dillion’s house. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to me

would you?” T Bone slowly put him down. “That’s more like it.” The Pastmaster

said. T Bone walked over to Razor.

“Razor.” He hissed under his breath. “I don’t like this.”

“Nether do I buddy.” Razor

whispered back to him. “But we just have to go along with it., until

we can get out of here.” He looked over at David who was looking

about nervously. “In the mean time, lets keep an eye out on that

guy, he’s been acting funny ever since we showed up here.”


Later that night….


David Sankowski crept out of his room and down the hall way. He had

a hunch, and he was going to see if he was right. He walked though a

series of tunnels, until he came to a door marked ‘LAB’. Underneath

that was another sign that read, ‘Do not enter when red light is on’.

The red light wasn’t on, so he quietly opened the door. He nearly

jumped out of his skin when a paw came down on his shoulder. He spun

around to see Razor, and every one else, except for Robert, Able, and

the Pastmaster.

“Could you tell us what you’re doing here?” Razor said.

“None of your business Fur

boy.” He said, trying to shove him away, but it proved useless.

“Razor informed us that you

know something that we don’t.” Troy said, shoving his face in front

of David’s. “So why don’t you tell us, instead of us finding out the

hard way.” He took a step back to allow T Bone to step up. He

cracked his knuckles, and smiled.

“I can’t be to sure,

unless I see for myself.” David said. struggling to break free.

“Once I see if my theory is correct.” Razor dropped him, and he

proceeded to walk down the stairs, and everyone followed him. The

stairs weren’t that long, and they got to the bottom in no hurry.

“It’s too dark.” Roger complained. “I can’t see a thing.”

“We can.” T Bone said.

“That’s because kats’ eyes can see in the dark.” Razor added.

“We already know that.”

Roger said. Suddenly T Bone and Razor’s ears pricked up.

“Did you guys hear something?” T Bone said.

“Here what?” David

asked. Suddenly, lights flooded the room.

“Greetings, one and all.” Robert Dillon said.

“Here that.” T Bone

said. Looking at Robert.

“I thought I could trust

you all.” Robert said. “I thought I convinced you with my story.”

“Not all of us.” David said. “I know what you’re up to.”

“You do?” Robert said

with a smile. “What am I up to?” David looked around, and saw the

object he was looking for.

“That.” He said,

pointing to the nuclear missile just hidden behind Robert. “I know

what your plan is, I know everything.”

“Do you just.” Robert said.

“Yea.” David said. “The

united States government didn’t grant you research on the Thermo

bomb. So your going to use the nuclear missile to start a war with


“The Soviet Union

disbanded years ago.” Robert said. “There’s no threat fro them, why

would I want to aim a missile there?”

“Because the U.S.S.R.

may be disbanded, but the nuclear missiles are still there in their

silos. Still programmed to be launched at the United States. Also

because you know that this missile is American owned, as if it goes

of the Russians back yard, the defense system left over from the cold

war will launch Russia’s missiles on the United States.” Robert’s

smiled, an evil smile.

“I have no idea on how

you figured out my plan Mr Sankowski, but it’ll do you no good.” He

turned on the rest of the lab lights, to revel the missile ready to

fire. “Because I’ve already begun the count down. All I have to

do.” He pointed to a small control panel. “Is push this red

button.” T Bone sighed.

“Why is it all you psycho

megalomaniacs create a little red button to launch your doomsday

weapons?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Robert

said. “All I know is that you can kiss the human race good-by, and

say hello to the dawning of a new era.” Roger smiled.

“This plan of your’s won’t work.” He said.

“The U.S. defense computer will pick up you’re missile and blast it out

of the sky. And if they don’t see it, the Russian defense computer will

knock it out of the sky.” Robert laughed out loud.

“It will work.” He said. “Mainly because I

designed the whole defense system for this blasted country. I made it, and

I can by pass it. As for the Russian defense system, well the whole Russian

defense is a joke. Russia’s in such an economic slump, you can BUY the

whole Russian air force, if you could afford it. Besides, after the fall of the

Soviet Union, the U.S. made sure to dismantle the Russian defense programs.

There’s no threat to this plan.” His finger reached for the button.

“NO!” A voice called

out. Every one turned to see Able, standing at the top of the

stairs, holding a shot gun. “Father, no.” He said. “You don’t need

to do this.” Robert glared at Able.

“Able?” He said,

narrowing his eyes to slits. “What are you doing?”

“I saw you as a good man

father.” He said. “However, you’ve grown to evil. The father I

knew years ago would never do anything like this. You’ve grown

spoilt father, used to getting what you want, then suddenly your

grant is cut of for the first time.”

“You know nothing Able.”

Robert hissed. “When the government cut of my funding, I was left

high and dry, five billion dollars out of pocket. THEY OWE ME!!”

Able was silent for a few moments.

“I am truly sorry

father.” Able said. “Even though I have killed many humans over the

past years, I can not allow you kill millions of innocent souls.” He

aimed the shot gun right at Robert.

“Ungrateful brat.”

Robert yelled at him. “I created you, I can destroy you.” He pulled

a gun from his coat and took aim at Able. Able pulled the trigger.

Robert fell back from the blast, smashing into a table.

“How….could you.” Robert said. “You shot your own father.” Able

drooped the gun. “I was only bluffing.” Robert choked. Able began

to cry. “NOT!” Robert cried. He got back up and shot Able three

times in the head. Able fell to the ground, with out a sound.

“Well.” Robert said. “Mother did say never to be to careful.” He

opened up his coat to reveal a bullet proof vest.

“Murder!” T Bone

shouted. He raised his glovatrix. “Octopus missile, deploy.” He


“What the?!” Was all

Robert managed to shout before the missile hit him in the chest, and

pinned him against the wall.

“YES!!” David shouted, as he jumped up and down, and did a little dance.

“What’s up with you?” Troy asked him.

“We’ve changed history.” He cried grabbing hold of Troy.

“What do you mean?” He asked. David calmed down a little.

“That old little gnome

said it couldn’t be done.” He sat down in a chair. “You see. When

I was a guest of the Pastmaster he showed me what happened to the

earth, three million years ago. You see, he managed to get control

of a nuclear missile, and launch it at Russia. The missile destroyed

Moscow, and the Russian defense computer retaliated by launching a

Nuclear strike on the U.S. The N.O.R.A.D. defense computer also

launched it’s Missiles at Russia, however, they also connected to all

of eastern Europe’s missiles and fired all of them off, and vies

versa. So all of Americas allies, and all of Russia’s allies, were

firing Missiles at each other, so the whole world was decimated. In

the aftermath of the war, the Kats who had managed to survive, began

to mutate because of the radiation, and the evolved, backwards, into

normal cats, well, the Radiation actually attacked the man made genes in

the K.A.T.’s. There was some single element in them, that prevented the

radiation from killing them. Instead, it reacted with the chemicals in their

bodies, destroying them. So, instead of mutating, their special genes were

slowly destroyed over the centuries, turning them back into four legged cats.

After a few thousand years of being cats, evolution started to kick back in.

However, the radiation hadn’t destroyed all traces of the chemicals in the cats.

Evolution worked on those elements, still hidden with the cats, and began to

evolve them back into Kats. However, some of the elements had been forever

lost, like some of the special abilities we’d originally installed.”

“So are you telling me

that kat kind, evolved back into normal cats due to the radiation.,

then evolved back again.” Razor asked. David nodded. “That doesn’t make

sense.” David Shrugged.


“Hay.” He said. “Nature works in mysterious

ways, and when man screws around with it, it works even stranger. There’s your

evolution solution for you.”

“How did the kats managed to speak English?” Troy asked.

“The K.A.T.S. were created by the United States,

and their main language is English, and we are in the North American Continent.”

David said. “It was just handed down from generation to generation. That’s what

happened three million years ago. But we prevented it all from happening.”

Razor and T Bone gasped.

“Wait a minute.” Razor

cried. “If you prevented it, that will mean we’ll cease to exist.”

T Bone covered his eyes, and curled up, as if expecting a bomb to go

off. Five minutes pasted with all of them is silence.

“If you guys are going

to cease to exists, you’re sure taking your sweet time.”

Helen said. T Bone and Razor both looked around.

“If we’re still here.”

Razor said. “The only other explanation is….” Suddenly, Robert

grabbed Helen from behind and shoved the gun against her head.

“…That you haven’t

changed history.” Robert finished the sentence for him. Everyone

spun around to face Robert.


Roger shouted, rushing at him. However, Roger forgot about the gun

Robert was holding, and he shoot Roger in the head. Roger jerked backwards

under the impact of the bullet. He spun around on the spot, before falling

to the ground, blood oozing from the hole in his skull. Helen screamed when

he hit the ground. He died the instant he hit the floor.

“TRAIN!!!” Troy cried out. Roger lay there on

the ground, slightly twitching.

“NO!!!!” David yelled.

“Nice try Mr. Sankowski.”

Robert said to David. “But you see, I’ve always gotten what I want.” He edged

towards the red button to fire of the missile. The SWAT Kats

edged towards him, but Robert just laughed. “Trying to stop me

heros?” He chuckled. “Oh go right ahead. Kill me, and you’ll kill

your whole civilization in the progress.”

“Not really.” Razor

said. “If that missile isn’t fired, we cease to exist.” Robert

thought for a moment.

“Good point.” He threw

Helen into the SWAT Kats and leapt for the button.

“NO!” David cried. He

leapt for Robert, and caught him off guard.

“Get of me fool!” Robert shouted, as he and David struggled for his gun.

“You can not delay the inevitable.”

“Not if I can help

it.” David shouted. He pulled free the gun. HE aimed it at Robert.

Robert was puffed. He looked up at David who was aiming the gun at

him. “This one’s for Train.” David hissed, as he pulled the

trigger. Robert fell back on to the control panel pushing the red


“Launch activated.” A

voice said. The missile roared to life, and shot out of the silo,

and into the sky. David stood there, open mouthed.


David.” Robert said with a smile. “You just destroyed the world.”

He tilted his head back and began to laugh.


screamed. In his anger of trying to save the world, he’d forgotten

about Robert’s bullet proof vest. He screamed at Robert, and fired

the rest of the guns round into the control panel around him. Robert

was electrocuted, and died instantly.

“I hate to be an I told

you so, but I told you so.” David turned to see the Pastmaster.

“I thought I stopped

him, how could this have happened?.” Robert said weakly. “What went

wrong?” The Pastmaster sighed..

“I told you.” The

Pastmaster said. “You cannot, in no possible way change the future.

You thought you have prevented the war, but it still happened, one

way or another, it would have happened. Time travel is a tricky

business lad, and now you’ve just put the murder of six point two

billion lives on your shoulders.” David glared at the Pastmaster.

“I’ll kill you, you

bastard!” He shouted, and fired the gun at the Pastmaster. It

clicked, reminding David that he had spent all of the ammo on Robert.

“Yawn.” Was all the

Pastmaster said. “You’ve really got to learn how to control that

temper of yours David. Anyway….” He got up and produced his

watch. “And now.” He said. Let us return to the future, before

this place becomes ground zero.” The room was filled with a bright

purple light. The was a tremendous explosion, and then there was

silence. For almost five minutes, there was not a sound in the room.

Suddenly, Robert’s eyes flickered open.

“Heh heh heh heh.” He

laughed. “Good thing my coat was insulated.” He got up and began to

walk towards the exit. “I’d better get some lead between me and

ground zero, pretty fast.” He walked past Able, and out the door.

No sooner had he left, then Able slowly got up. It was a good thing

Robert had forgotten that he had genetically engineered his skull to

be rock hard. He felt the scars were the bullets had hit, and

applied some bandages to them. He had heard what Robert had said.

He’d better find some shelter too. Time travel is a tricky business,

unpredictable, and indoor to keep chaos from happening, the strangest

things can happen.


MegaKat City Present day…..


Everyone landed in a heap on the runway of the M.A.S.A. space port,

were they had left. It was night time, and there was police tape all

around the Turbo kat.


baaaack.” T Bone said, getting up. David looked about. The

Pastmaster was no were to be seen.

“That little Gnome took off without saying good by.” David growled.

“Take it easy Dav.”

Troy said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Yea Dav.” Helen said.

“Look on the bright side. “At least we stopped the Pastmaster.”

David spun around to face them, his fence was red with anger.

“We didn’t stop him.”

He cried out, the little shit knew all this was going to happen.”

“Come again.” Troy said.

“That little guy has

this big circle thing witch allows him to view everything thought the

time line. He himself told me about his death.” The SWAT Kats were

now listening in on this.

“I just rewrote history , and I’m responsible for the death of human

kind.” He put his head in his hands. “This day can not get any


Suddenly, a black helicopter appeared from no where, and a voice

bombed out over a mike.

“You on the ground, stay where you are.”

“Me and my big mouth.” David ground.

“Well, that definitely

isn’t’ Feral.” T Bone said, looking at the Helicopter.

“Then who’s is it?”

Helen said. No one had time to answer her question. They were

sounded by what looked like kat commandos dressed in black. The

leader of the group approached the three humans, and began counting


“Were’s your forth

member?” He asked in a strong voice.

“He’s dead.” David

said, not moving. The kat turned to the SWAT Kats.

“You have nothing to do

with this.” He said to them “You are free to go.”

“What about them?”

Razor asked pointing at the three humans.

“They will be looked

after.” He said. “In the mean time, you may go.” T Bone leaned a

little closer.

“Why do you keep trying to get rid of us?” He said. The kat felt for his gun.

“You ask too many

questions SWAT Kat.” He said. “Now, are you leaving, or do I have

to use lethal force?”

“Why do you want them

to go?” David said to the kat. The kat spun around to face him. He

was silent for a few seconds, then he spoke.

“That’s no concern to

you.” Was all he said. David stepped closer to him.

“I believe I have a

right to know.” The kat was getting nervous.

“You have no rights

here freak.” He said. “Now, shut up or I’ll shut you up

personally.” He raised the butt of his gun.

“Like I care.” David

said with a laugh. “It’s not every day you wake up and find your

self responsible for the death of your inter race. Right now, I

couldn’t care less what you do to me.” He patted his pocket. Every

one looked to see a bulge in his pocket, just the right size for a

pistol. Troy thought for a moment, could he have garbed a gun from

Robert’s house before they left.

“What have you got in your pocket?” The kat asked. David smiled.

“Wouldn’t you like to

know.” David said. “It could be a gun, or it could be just a

harmless old toy. You decide.” Helen looked at David.

“Dav.” She said in a nervous voice. “What are you doing?”

“Relax Sweety.” He

said. “I’ve got everything under control.” Helen thought for a

moment. David had never called her sweaty before.

“I’m sure we can work

things out peacefully.” The kat said. He was really nervous.

“You know, I said the

same thing to Robert Dillon, and did we make peace, NO! So why

should I?” In a flash, he reached for his pocket. The was the crack

of a gun, followed by silence. David stood there, swaying a little.

He was holding a small black object. “The garage door opener.” Was

all he said. Helen saw a small red puddle growing around the bottom

of David’s feet. With a smile on his face, David Sankowski fell over

backwards, and hit the gowned. Troy walked over and felt his neck.

No pulse. He was dead.

“Well.” Troy said to

the kat standing in front of him. “I hope you’re happy. ‘Cause he’s

dead.” Helen swore silently.

“Christ.” She said. “First Roger, and now David.”

“Kats alive.” He said silently. Troy walked over to the SWAT Kats.

“Well.” He said.

“It’s been fun. maybe we’ll see you guys again some time.” He shock

paws with both SWAT Kats, and walked over to Helen. Putting his arm

around her, he walked over to the Strange kat in the black army gear.

“We’ve seen enough killing for one day. We’ll go peacefully.” The

kat blinked a few time, then ushered them towards the helicopter.

The SWAT Kats watched them leave, with David’s dead body, and Helen,

and Troy.

“How about we head

for home.” T Bone said. “Before more weird creatures from our past

start popping up.” Razor looked at his partner, and smiled.

“You know something

buddy.” Razor said. “I’m thinking the same thing too.” They both

grinned at each other, and headed for the TurboKat.


The No Where Land……


Two figures are standing in the middle of what looks like a foggy

field. One looks to be about four foot high, and the other, is about seven

feet. The two figures are discussing something. The taller one was female.

“Very disturbing, isn’t it.” One said.

“Quite.” The other figure said. This one

was seven foot. “But what else can you do about it?”

“Nothing we can do.”

The smaller figure said. “I hate fate.” The other figure shrugged.

“We’ll just have to watch, and wait.” She

said. “These things take time to heal. It’ll pass. We’ll just have to wait.”

“Time.” The other figure said. “There is

always time. It doesn’t seem to really matter when you’re immortal. Time

to play, time to rest, time for peace, and time for action. Time to live, and

time to die.”

“We have time for a reason.” The other

figure said. “Without it, we’ve a universe ruled by chaos. Nothing is

ever perfect.”

“The humans are proof of that.”

“Man are but one, in a giant universe. Where

there is failure, there is hope. Hope in another. Hope that another will one

day, achieve that which is the ultimate reward. Heaven.”

“But what will happen to man?” The figure shrugged.

“That is for the boss to decide.” She said.

“Man was given charge of the Earth, given charge of caring for her, and

her wild life. In hope that they may one day, achieve enlightenment. But

now, there is a new ruler of Earth. And its time, that man moved over, and

have a rest from ruling this beautiful world. Mankind has served it’s time.

And now it’s time to slow down.”

“Is there any future for man?”

“Perhaps.” She said. “That all depends

on Man it’s self. Weather or not, he has decided to route out evil, and start

all over again. Or weather the kats grow too fearful of man, and destroy him.

They will have to work together, to create a brave new world.” The smaller

figure rubbed his chin.

“Is the big guy going to forgive man?”

“The boss is always willing

to forgiveness. They will just have to ask for it.” The figure looked down at the

smaller one. “You seem awfully interested in what happens to the human race,

Pastmaster.” The Pastmaster shrugged.

“In a way, I am.” He said.

“After all, wouldn’t you be concerned about your God? Gabrielle?” Gabrielle

smiled down at the Pastmaster.

“Indeed I would.” She said.

“The boss will decide their fate, whether he wants man to continue, or not.”

“Can’t you ask him?”

“You can’t ask reality what it

has installed for tomorrow. You have to discover it for you’re self. The only

person who can, is Time it’s self.”

“Only time will tell?”

“Only time will tell.”




The Next Day….


Troy sighed as he looked out the window.

“It was sure nice to let us stay at this place…..what was it called?”

“Pumadyne.” Helen

said, taking another sip of her coffee. At that point of time, caffeine seemed

like her only relief.

“Yea whatever.”

Troy said looking out the window. “What do you think they’re gonna do with

David?” Helen shrugged.

“I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know.”

She said. “Maybe cut his body up and look at his insides. The possibilities are


“How are you feeling?”

“I just saw two of my best friends killed right before my eyes. I feel like

shit.” Troy put a hand on her shoulder.

“They were my friends too.” He said. “But

they’re gone, and they an’t coming back. We’ve gotta get over it.” He

looked about him.

“Just like we’ve gotta get over, and adjust to this future.”

“Do you think It’ll adjust to us?” Helen asked.

“Only the future will tell.” He said. Helen

grasped Troy’s hand.

“We’re the only ones left, so if we have to

get thought this, we’ll have to do it together.”

Suddenly, Troy turned back to Helen.

“Ya know something.” He said. “We’re the Omega couple.” Helen

raised an eye brow.

“The what?” She


“Listen.” He said.

“Over in Greases, they have this temple with two figures in it. The

Omega Man, and the Alpha Man. The Alpha man is the first man, and

the Omega is the last man, so we are the Omega couple, the last

humans alive.” Helen smiled, and lent back in her chair.

“You know we’ve just

solved one of the many mysteries of the universe.” She said. Troy

looked at her.

“Really.” He said. “What’s that?”

“Whether or not you can change history.” Troy smiled.

“Great.” He said.

“That’s one down, and about another billion to go. It’s nice to know

that I slept three million years, and lost too of my best friends to find

that out.”

“Wait a minute.”

Helen said, sitting up. “You referred to us as the Omega couple

right?” Troy nodded. “But we aren’t married.” Troy walked over to

her, and kissed her on the lips.

“You want to get married?” He asked.

“A nice way to propose.” She said. Kissing him back. Troy smiled, and

looked out at the rising sun. Symbolizing the dawning of a new day. And a new

chapter in their lives.

“You know something, Helen my dear.” He said. “Maybe the human race isn’t

finished after all.”



P.S. : If there’s anyone out there who REALLY wants to give this

trilogy a happy ending, by all means, go for it. I really don’t care.

I’m not going to write any.

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