Original SWAT Kats Story

Back From the Sewers

By Glenn Battilana

  • 2 Chapters
  • 10,861 Words

Max returns as Hydro-Kat to avenge himself for his beating by the SWAT Kats, but the compound that created him is failing, so he turns to Viper for help.

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Author's Notes:

The story so far….

Last time, we left off Hydro-kat had just returned to see his old friend, Johnny Train.  After taking him home, Johnny learned that Hydro-kat had found out the secret identities of the SWAT Kats.
Steel was getting in trouble for some personal files he lent to Johnny on Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson.  Hydro-kat then took on the disguise of Steel to get the last remaining canister of the HYDRO
formula.  Johnny found out that Hydro-kat wasn’t going straight, and ,when he tried to inform the Enforcers, Hydro-kat killed him.  While trying to kill Steel, Hydro-kat was unexpectingly wounded by Felina Feral.  Confused by this, Hydro-kat retreated back into the sewers to wind up in the SWAT Kats hanger, setting off the alarm.  The two kats came down to find their old enemy, alive and well.  Now, on with the show.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1 : Water Fight

Megakat City Salvage Yard

The two kats could do nothing but watch as their old enemy came towards them, the one who they thought was dead.

“So, the Hydro-kat we fought back in the Deputy Mayor’s office was another one of your clones Hydro-kat.”  Jake said.

“You’re a smart tom kat Jake Clawson, or should I say, Razor.”  Hydro-kat teased.

“How did you discover our secret identities?”  Chance said.

Hydro-kat stopped walking towards them.  “Well, let’s just say I have way too much free time on my paws.”  He raised his right hand and let lose with a deadly barrage of icicles, heading in the SWAT Kats’ direction.

“Look out!”  Chance yelled as he shoved Jake out of the way.

Hydro-kat was getting impatient.  “Hurry up you two.”  He yelled at them.  “Put on your uniforms, so I can fight the SWAT Kats, not a pair of grease monkeys.”

Chance and Jake hurried over to their lockers and quickly changed into the SWAT Kats.  When they turned to face Hydro-kat, he didn’t look pleased.

“Oh just take your time why don’t ya.”  The  lower half of his body turned into a wall of water, carrying him along towards the SWAT Kats.

“Kat.”  T Bone yelled, as he just barely dodged a watery axe.  “He’s faster than before.”

Razor jumped out of the way of another axe.  “Tell me about it.”  Checking to see his tail was still attached.

No matter what the SWAT Kats tried, Hydro-kat seemed to out manoeuvre them all the way, keeping two steps ahead of them.  One thing was certain, Hydro-kat was getting the SWAT Kats tired, and T Bone fell into his trap.

“Gottcha!”  Hydro-kat cried as he grasped T Bone with a giant watery paw.

“Not for long.”  Razor yelled, shooting an octopus missile at him.  No sooner had he done it than his brain caught up with him.  “Aww crud!”  He yelled as it passed though Hydro-kat.

“Foolish kat.”  Hydro-kat said, looking at Razor.  “I though you’d have learnt by now, that that old trick doesn’t work on me.”  He sprayed water at Razor, who was forced up against the water
from the pressure.  “The water pressure will keep getting higher and higher, until….It will kill you.”  He laughed out loud so it echoed around the hanger.

Hydro-kat was right.  The pressure was building up, and he could feel his ribs about to crack under the pressure.  He began to take one last look at the hanger around him.  The Turbokat, all his gadgets he created the barrels of oil, the fire hose.

The  fire hose?

Razor found new strength as he reached over to get the hose.  Hydro-kat, was now busy trying to crush T bone that he didn’t notice Razor aiming the hose at him.  Razor took careful aim, and turned the hose on.  The force of the hose took Razor by suprise, but he held on and watched as it connected with Hydro-kat.

Hydro-kat was taken completely by suprise as well.  The force of the water cut his arm off from his body.  The water paw turned back into water, and T Bone was free.

“Arrrgggghh!”  Hydro-Kat yelled in pain.

Razor smiled.  “So, there is something that does hurt you?”  He took aim with the hose again.  “Instead of fighting fire with fire.  Water with water.”

He turned the hose on, full blast.  This sent Hydro-kat, slamming into the wall.  He was screaming in pain.  Razor realised what he was doing and stopped spraying the hose.

Hydro-kat was stunned.  This had never happened before.  Ever since that bitch back at Enforcer H.Q. had shot him, he had been experiencing something he’d never thought he’d experience again.  Pain.  When the SWAT Kat was spraying him with the hose, he was finding it hard to keep himself together, it was like, the hose was pulling him apart.  He got up and looked down at his arm, it had grown back, but he hurt all over.  When he escaped from the Enforcers he’d managed to end up in the SWAT Kats hanger by mistake, and they knew he was alive.  He took one last look at the SWAT Kats, before jumping back into the pipes.  As he travelled along, he thought to himself, that he should try to find Viper again, that shouldn’t be too hard scince he did it before.  He had some rather big questions to ask Purvis, and he’d better have some answers.

Razor stood there, wondering whether or not he should have let Hydro-kat escape.

“Thanks, partner.”  T Bone said, standing up.

“Don’t mention it.”  Razor said looking at him to see if he was hurt.

They looked at each other, then at the hole in the wall.

“So now what do we do?”  T Bone said, looking at Razor.  “Hydro-kat is back, and he knows who we are.”

“Yea, and we can’t kill him.  I mean the SWAT Kats are killers.”

Both kats were silent, just standing there wandering what should they do.  There thoughts were interrupted by the alarm going off.  This time it really was Callie.

“SWAT Kats.” Callie said into the communicator.  “I just got a call from Commander Feral.  Hydro-kat is back.”

“Yea, we already know Miss. Briggs.”  T Bone said into the phone.  “Hydro-kat attacked us in our own hanger.  But we got rid of him.”

“How’d you do that?” Callie said.

“Well.”  T Bone started.  He then began to tell Miss Briggs about their fight with Hydro-kat, being careful not to give away their secret Identities.


Chapter 2 : Back to were it all Began

Mean while, deep within Megakat Swamp….

Viper was trying out some new formulas when a huge water spout appeared outside his hut.  He went to investigate.  He saw that it then landed on the shore and began to slowly take shape.  He knew who it was.  Hydro-kat then turned into Max Ray and collapsed on the ground.  He was gasping as if he’d just run the 50 k marathon.  Max looked up at Viper, who was smiling.

“Why, Max, what are you doing here?”  He hissed in his snake like voice.  “Long time no ssssee, Max old pal.”

Max was not in the mode for playing games.  Twice in his life, Purivs had held the upper hand, and twice it had ruined his life.  Now, this was the third time, and he was going to make sure that it wasn’t going to ruin his life again.

“Cut the crap Purvis.”  He growled.  “I’m not in the mood.”

Viper smiled.  “Oohhh.”  He teased.  “A little grumpy, I ssssee.”

Hydro-kat walked over and picked him up by the throat.  “Listen Purvis.”  He growled.  “I’m not here to wish you happy birthday; I’m here to get information.”

Viper’s smile grew wider.  He was beginning to like this.  “Information?  On what?”

Hydro-kat nearly throttled Viper on the spot.  “You know exactly what information I need.”  He held up an axe in front of Viper’s face.

Viper didn’t move.  “Very sssssmart move, Max.  Kill me and you’ll never get what you came here for.”  H

ydro-kat placed Viper gently down on the ground.  Viper held the upper paw, again.  He didn’t like that, one bit.

“Now.”  Viper hissed.  “You have ssssome quessstonsss?”

Hydro-kat was nearly turning red with anger.  “Yea.”  He screamed at Viper.  “I do.  Like: I don’t think you’ve told me all I need to know on the HYDRO formula.”

Viper ignored him and pointed down at the floor.  “Max, you’re dripping all over my floor.”  Viper teased.

“I can’t help it.”  Hydro-kat yelled at him.  “I can’t seem to stop dripping, and before that, I had a lot a of trouble turning back into Max Ray.”  Hydro-kat leaned closer to Viper’s face.
“What’s happening to me Purvis?  I think you know, and you’re keeping it from me.”

Viper’s smile went from a grin, to an all out uncontrollable fit of laugher.

Hydro-kat stared at Viper.  “What’s so funny FREAK!”  He yelled at him.

“Freak, am I?”  Viper stopped laughing and looked Hydro-kat right in the face.  “Have you had a look in the mirror?”  He began to walk back into his hut.  “Hardly the proper wordsss to sssay to the very kat who could sssave your life.”

Hydro-kat ran after him, garbing him by the collar.  “What do you mean, save my life?”

Viper couldn’t control his crazy grin.  “You really don’t get it, do you Max.”  Viper began.  “Do you remember five yearssss ago.  When you and I had another little talk like thissss one.  I ssssaid that the HYDRO formula was unssstable.  Your transssformation may have made it lassst a little while longer.  It’ssss ether that or the formula effectsss your body in a ssstrange way.”

Hydro-kat’s eye’s went wide with fright.  “What the hell does all that mean?”  He cried out loud.

“It meansss, Max old pal, that you’re becoming unssstable, or in sssimpler termsssss, you’re literally falling apart.”

“NNNOOOOOO!”  Hydro-kat screamed, and he hurled a large bladed bladed axe at Viper, who easily managed to dodge it.

“Ssssee Max.”  Viper hissed at him.  “You’re becoming ssslower, I found it rather easssy to dodge that blow.”

Hydro-kat hung his head.  Viper was in complete control.

“You’re going to have to lisssten to me now Max.  If you kill me, you’re dead.  If you leave, you’re dead anyway, sssso you have very little choice but to obey me Max.”  Viper was saying this with glee.

Hydro-kat was silent for ten seconds.  “All right Doc.”  He finally said.  “What do you want me to do?”

Viper tilted back his head and laughed out loud.

Hydro-kat covered his ears as it was immense, and noisy, for it echoed within the swamp.


Chapter 3: Partners in Crime

Two Days later…

Megakat Biochemicals, the place where it all began for one kat, and where it will bring him again.

The nearby drinking fountain suddenly turned into a real fountain as Hydro-kat exited from it.  He looked at his surroundings and made his way down the hall to the chem lab where Viper had ordered him to steal Katalist XG9, a special mutation formula component.

He stopped short of the container.  Maybe Viper had the upper hand now, but he could still put his original plan into action.  Hydro-kat smiled.  Yes, he liked that idea.  He grabbed another canister of Katalist XG9 from the shelf and made his way to the bathroom.  He was giggling to himself as he ran there.  He would finally get his revenge on Viper, but not now, later, when it was safer to do so.  Laughing, he jumped down into the sewers, and ran off towards the swamp.

Viper was waiting for Hydro-kat when he came back.  He had to stop to hide the extra canister of XG9 so Viper wouldn’t suspect a thing.  However, in doing so, he spent too much time in Hydro-kat mode, and the formula that Viper had given him to keep him alive was starting to wear off.

“About bloody time, Max.”  Viper said giving him a syringe.  “Another couple of minute’sss, and you would have been a water puddle again.”

“Yea.”  Hydro-kat said, turning back into Max and injecting the formula into him.  “I know.”

Viper looked at him with glee.  “Did you get it?”  He hissed, holding out his scaly paws.

Max nodded his head.  “Yea, yea, I got it.”  He said throwing him the canister.  “What do you want it for?”

Viper smiled still looking at the canister.  “You sssee Max.”  Viper said, opening the lid.  “Thisss is the lassst component I need for a special type of fuel.”

Max Ray looked at him.  “You building a rocket?”  Max said.

Viper didn’t think that was funny.  “No you fool.”  He hissed at him.   “Have you heard of Greek Fire?”

Max nodded.

“Good, asss you know, Greek fire is made up of left over resssidue from katcrude oil.  Once lit, not even water can put it out.”

Max nodded again.

“Well, with my ssspecial talents, I intend to make a sssuper version of Greek fire, ssso that it will cover the whole of Megakat city, and, once alight, it will burn down all the buildingsss, and I will move in to create my Megassswamp City!”  He threw his paws above his head, like a runner when crossing the finish line.

Max just nodded.  He didn’t want Viper to know his plans, just yet.

The next few days, were one of boredom for Hydro-kat.  Do this, do that, Steal this, distort that.  Viper was keeping him moving twenty-four hours a day.  By the end of the week, Hydro-kat had used up twenty-six canisters of the counter formula that Viper had made for him.  He ended up having to double his load because of the chemicals needed for the formula that he needed.


Meanwhile, the SWAT Kats weren’t partying at the moment.  They had heard all about Hydro-kat’s crimes on the T.V. and were preparing for their next encounter with him.  Razor had decided to give the heat ray he had invented last time another go.

“Are you sure it’ll work this time, Jake?”  Chance said as he walked up behind him.

Jake looked up from the table he was working at.  “Well, we won’t know until I get the chance to use this baby properly.”  He went back to working again.

“O.k.”  Chance said walking away.  “Now that just leaves us with one problem.  Hydro-kat knows our secret Identities.  What are we going to about that?  He’s still out there, and with that kind of information, he could make sure our SWAT kat days are over.”

Jake got up from his bench and walked over towards Chance.  “I know, buddy, and the funny thing is that he hasn’t tried any of those things yet.  If I were him, I would have spilt the beans to Feral by now.”

Chance looked over at him.  “Well you’re not Hydro-kat aren’t you.”  He turned to face Jake.  “I don’t like it, Jake.  Way hasn’t he made his move yet?  Why all these small crimes?  I mean, this isn’t him; Hydro-kat doesn’t do this sort of thing.”

Jake looked down at the ground.  “I know, buddy.”  He said.  “Evan though I don’t want to say it, but Hydro-kat has us behind the eight ball.”

Chance nodded and headed for the ladder back up to the garage.


Chapter 4 : One by One, the Pieces Fall

Megakat City Sewers

Max Ray had created his own laboratory within the sewers and was performing his own experiments.  He still had the small canister of the HYDRO formula, and he had some other chemicals as well.  Like he said earlier, Viper wasn’t the only chemical genius in this city.  Max had been waiting days for this moment to arrive.  A chance when he could create his own little formula behind Purvis’s back and make him pay for everything he’s been though.

He suddenly felt weak.  He grabbed a syringe of the formula that Viper had made for him and injected it into his arm.  He had to use this stuff more often now.  His destabilisation process was speeding up.  He had to find a cure for it soon, or he would be Viper’s slave for ever.  After he found the cure, he would then start on his original plan, and he would destroy Viper, once and for all.

All next week, Max toiled long into the night, trying to find the final cure for his destabilisation.  However, he later found a diary of Viper’s in his lab one night, saying that there was no cure for Max’s disablization process, that he could only keep taking the drug.  Purvis planned to keep Hydro-kat under his control, knowing that he’d do anything for the formula to stay alive.  Hydro-kat smiled as he read on, for in it was the notes on how to make the drug.  He smiled, an evil smile, for his revenge was nearly at hand.  Max carefully put back the diary so that Viper would never have notes.  Giggling to himself again, he tiptoed out of the lab.

The next day, Max spent in his self made lab, working on the HYDRO formula.  He had made his own drug but still took Puvis’s to keep suspicion off his tail.  However, when the day came to an end, Max’s work was completed.  He sat down in his chair to breath a sigh of relief.

“Tomorrow, Purvis, you meet your maker.” He said taking a sip of wine.

“WHO will meet their maker?!”

Max turned around to see a red faced Viper, standing in the doorway.  “Oh, hi Purvis.”  Max said, holding out the wine bottle.  “Want one?”

Viper knocked the wine bottle away with his tail,  letting it shatter on the ground.  “No I don’t Max.”  He looked around the lab.  “And what issss all thisss?”

It was Max’s turn to smile now.  “Why, this is my private lab, Purvis.”  He leaned back in his chair.  “Whatdaya think?”

Viper was not amused.  “Your own lab!?”  He screamed.  “You’ve been plotting againssst me behind my back, haven’t you!”

Max leaned back in his chair and yawned.  “Yep.”  He leaned closer to Viper.  “And, there’s nothing you can do about it Lizard kat.”

“Oh, yessss there isss.”  Viper growled.  “have you forgotten about the drug you need from me?”

Max yawned again.  “No I haven’t forgotten about that drug, Viper.”  He shoved a small test tube in his face.  “I found your diary, Viper, and I got the formula from it.”  He picked up Viper and walked outside into the sewers.  “Now.”  He stared.  “I don’t need your drug, I don’t need your help, and, most of all, I don’t need you.”  With that, he dropped Viper down into the raging river fifty meters below.  “See ya, Viper.  Why don’t you drop me a line when you get back.  Don’t bother ringing my place.  The city will be destroyed by then.”

Viper took one last look at Hydro-kat as the raging river swept him away.  “You’re dead Max.”  He screamed out.  “I’ll get you. I’ll get you very soon, Max.”

Hydro-kat just laughed.  “Do you take me for a fool, Purvis.”  He called out as Viper disappeared into a tunnel.  “Guess not.”  He picked up his canister of drug and got ready to inject himself, ready for tomorrow.  He had a very big day tomorrow.



Deep within the network of pipes, Viper sat on top of the now calm river of sewage.  He was smiling an evil smile to himself.  His yellow eyes glowed like lights in a fog.  He snickered to himself as he thought about what Max said to him before he disappeared, about taking him for a fool.

“Why, yesss, I do, Max.”  He hissed.   “Yesss, I do.”


Chapter 5 : Larger than Life

The next day, Max got up out of bed, and picked up a small syringe.  He proceeded to inject himself with it.  He laughed as he did this.

“Now.”  He said.  “Megakat City will feel my wrath.”  He laughed as he walked outside of his lab, a little bigger than he originally was.


T Bone was in the work out room, when Jake came running in.

“What’s up buddy?”  Chance said watching Jake catch his breath.

“I’ve picked up an emergency Enforcer broadcast on our radio.”  he puffed.

“And?”  Chance asked.

“It’s Hydro-kat.”  He turned and ran for the door.  “You won’t believe what he’s done now.”

T Bone gasped from the cockpit of the Turbo Kat, as they flew along.  Hydro-kat was fifty feet tall.  He was walking though buildings, and the enforcer tanks, and choppers.  Nothing could stop him.

T Bone groaned.  “This reminds me of Rex Shard.”  He said as he swung the jet around for another look.

At that moment, Hydro-kat looked up to see the jet approaching.  “Hi SWAT kats.”  He yelled up at them.  “Now everybody’s here, we can finally start the party.”

“Back off SWAT Kats.”  Feral’s voice came over the radio.  “The enforcers can handle this.”

“Really, Commander?”  T Bone teased.  “It appears that Hydro-kat has you on the ropes.”

Razor told T Bone to knock it off and to watch Hydro-kat, for he started throwing icicles at them.

“I suppose you’re wondering how I became so big.”  Hydro-kat called up to the jet.

“Well.”  Razor said into his megaphone mike.  “The thought did cross my mind.”

Hydro-kat hurled another icicle at them and started to explain.  “I stole a canister of the HYDRO formula that turned me into Hydro-kat from the enforcer evidence locker.  Then, using stolen chemicals, I altered the formula to my likings and injected it into me.  And now, here I am.”

“And, here you go.”  T Bone said under his breath.  He brought the jet around to face the fifty-foot tall Hydro-kat.

Razor locked on with Freeze missiles and fired.

“Oh come on.”  Hydro-kat called out to the jet.  “You really don’t expect me to fall for that one, again, do you?”  He caught the missiles in mid path and crushed them.

“Actually.”  Razor said flicking a few switches.  “We did.”

The nose of the plane split apart, and a strange looking gun appeared from it.

“I had the Megabeam converted into my ray gun, T Bone.” Razor explained.

He fired the beam, and it hit Hydro-kat in the arm, taking it clean of.

“AAARGGGHHHHH!”  He screamed, clutching his arm.  He watched as it grew back, then he turned up towards the jet.  “That little stunt just cost you your lives, SWAT Kats.”  He yelled.  Hydro-kat then raised both his arms into the air.  “And now.”  He yelled.  “It’s time for the grand finale.”

The ground began to shake. Everyone was thrown off their feet.  Suddenly, huge columns of water began to gush out of the ground and spit water into the air.  These columns began to take on a shape, turning into Hydro-kats.  T Bone, Razor, and Feral both gasped in amazement.  For standing in front of them were six Hydro-kats, all ready for a fight.

“SWAT Kats.” Hydro-kat chuckled.  “Meet the boys.  Boys, meet the SWAT kats.”

All five clones growled, and began to move towards the Turbo Kat, branching axes.

“Holy KATS!”  T Bone screamed as he just managed to avoid the swipe of an axe.  “O.K. what do we do now, buddy?”

“What we can do.”  Razor said, arming his missiles.  “FIGHT BACK!”  He let lose a volley of freeze missiles.  One of them hit a target, but he was soon breaking free.  “Octopus missiles, deploy!” Razor shouted as he fired upon the half frozen statue.

The statue shattered into a thousand pieces.

“One down!”  T Bone cried.

“Yea.”  Razor said nervously.  “and five to go.”

The real Hydro-kat had now joined the fight, and was giving the SWAT Kats a real run for their money.

Razor armed the Mega beam again.  “Mega beam, maximum sweeping range.”  He cried.

The beam shot out and disintegrated another clone on the spot.

“YES!”  T Bone cried out.  T Bone then brought the jet into hover mode to face two clones.

“Cement Mini gun, FIRE!”  Razor shouted.

The cement mini gun fired a large volley of cement slugs at the two clones, turning them into cement statues.  They stopped squirming and fell over, putting major holes in the road.

“Double YES!”  T Bone yelled, nearly letting go of the controls.

“GET THEM!”  Hydro-kat yelled to the last clone.

This clone let lose a volley of icicles at the Turbo Kat.  However, T Bone just gave a hard left on the control stick, and the Turbo Kat just managed to avoid the deadly barrage.

“Mega Beam, maximum sweeping range.”  Razor yelled again as he fired the beam, disintegrating the last clone.

Hydro-kat just shook his head in disgust.  How could his clones lose to the SWAT Kats?  they were him.

“ALRIGHT!”  Razor yelled watching the last clone vaporising.  “Five down, and one to…”

The jet suddenly shook as if something had hit it, then began to plummet towards the pavement some fifty five feet to the ground.

“What happened, Buddy?”  Razor cried out.

“Hydro-kat throw another icicle at us, Razor.”  T Bone yelled.  “It’s lodged in the Mega Beam, and it’s dragging us down.  T Bone then pushed a few buttons on the panel.  “Only one thing to do, let’s just hope it works.”

T Bone turned on only the back hover thrusters, causing the jet to go horizontal.  The icicle fell out of the nose, and T Bone could now stop the jet from plummeting.

Hydro-kat cursed the luck of the SWAT Kats and began to move towards them, morphing two axes out of his paws.

“So what do we do now, Razor?”  T Bone asked, hoping he would have another plan.

“There’s nothing we can do, buddy.”  Razor answered.  “I used up all my freeze missiles.  We’re out of cement slugs.  And, the Mega beam has been out of commission.  I hate to admit it, buddy, but we’ve just been thrown on the defensive.”

Suddenly, T Bone noted something very strange with Hydro-kat.  “Hey look at that, buddy.”  He said pointing down at Hydro-kat’s left axe.

Razor looked and received a shock.  His axe had turned from a bright blue to a dull looking green colour.  Hydro-kat hadn’t seen this yet.

Hydro-kat then swung his left axe at the jet and did note what was wrong with his paw.  He noted it because it came right off and sailed over a few blocks.  He looked at the stump where his paw had once been, waiting for another to take it’s place.  However, nothing appeared.  Hydro-kat began to tremble on the spot.  He had no idea what was going on.

“Hi, Max!”  Viper called up at him from a nearby building.  “I sssee you’ve noticsssed my latessst little formula.”

Hydro-kat looked at disbelief at Viper.  He did it again.  The little prick had foiled his plans again.  However, he wanted to know what was up.

“All right, Viper.”  He said in a low voice.  “What have you done to me?”

Viper laughed and continued.  “O.K.”  He started.  “Do you remember when I told you about my plan to cover the city with Greek fire, Max?”

Hydro-kat nodded.

“Well, you alssso remember when you found my diary containing the formula for the drug you needed?”

Hydro-kat nodded again.

“Well, that formula was fake.  I planted it there so you would find it and make your own, but it was the ingredients for my super Greek fire formula.  You have been injecting yourself with Greek fire, Max.”

Hydro-kat was confused.  “But, how come I’m still here?”

Viper smiled.  “The formula alssso contained the drug ssso you wouldn’t get sssussspicious if it sssuddenly didn’t work.”  He began to walk away.  “And, thanksss to you, Max, you’re going to make my dreamsss come true.  You’re already begging affected by the Greek fire.  Your body is turning into my sssuper Greek fire now.  Thanks to your ssstupidity, Max, I’m getting two birdsss with one ssstone.  The city, and YOU!”

Hydro-kat looked at his body.  It was 55% green.

“Goodbye Max.” Viper hissed jumping over the side of the building to go down the fire escape.  “I’m afraid your usssefulnesss hasss expired.”  And, he was gone.

“NNNOOOOOOO!”  Hydro-kat yelled out.

T Bone and Razor saw everything from their jet and were wondering what Viper was saying to Hydro-kat.

However, Feral, had seen this too.  He rolled up in his tank and locked on to Hydro-kat.

“Feral, wait!”  Razor yelled into his mike.  “You don’t know what will happ…”

Too late.  Feral fired at Hydro-kat.  The lasers from the tank turned Hydro-kat on fire.  Screaming he did not want to die, Hydro-kat then exploded, showering the city with Viper’s super Greek fire.

“Oh way to go, Feral.”  T Bone said into the radio.  “Now you’ve done it.”

The two looked at the scene, half the city was covered with this crude, and it was burning away.  Razor tuned into the enforcer radio to discover that the fire could not be put out with water.

“It’s Greek fire, T Bone.”  Razor said to him.  “Water cannot put it out.”

T Bone turned back to the scene.  “Great, so what do we do then, buddy.”

Razor smiled.  “ I have one idea that might just work.”  He began to scroll though his missile options until he came to the one he wanted.  “Do you remember when we first encountered the Metallikats?”

T Bone nodded.

“Well remember the water bomb I used to put out that fire?  I’ve modified it now.  It’s filled with CO2, I’ve got enough here to cover the burning area.”  Razor pushed a few buttons, and the bombs went to work.

Ten minutes later.  The fire was completely out.  The SWAT Kats, hovered on the spot for a while, taking in everything that had happened in the last hour.

“I guess it’s really over then.”  T Bone said.  “I guess that Hydro-kat is really gone for good this time.”

Razor looked at the city.  “I guess you’re right this time, buddy.  However, I can’t stop thinking about why Viper showed up.  What did Hydro-kat and Viper have in common?”

T Bone shook his head.  “I don’t know, buddy.”  He said.

Razor sighed.  “Oh well.”  He said.  “I guess we’ll never know.”

And, with that, the Turbo Kat flew off towards the hanger.  The city was safe, for another day.


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