Original SWAT Kats Story

The Curse

By Frost

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,278 Words

2,000 years ago, the reign of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, ended in tragedy. Now, Dr. Sinian’s excavation team has uncovered her tomb. But, it carries a curse, and the long dead queen may walk again. (5 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 5

In a dark alley near Enforcer Head Quarters, Cleopatra petted her last beast. The night had darkened and the air was moist because of the storm. If it rained, it wouldn’t matter. Her pet’s wings were water proof.

“Now, go through with the plan as quickly as possible,” Cleopatra reminded Roko.

“When your foes come, I can not take them down by myself. They took out your most powerful forces without any trouble,” Roko reminded Cleopatra of how easily the SWAT Kats took out her dragons.

“Just go through with the plan; I have something planned for the SWAT Kats.” Cleopatra looked up at her giant bat. I am not going to lose him, but the SWAT Kats are going to lose their lives, Cleopatra thought to herself as Roko flew off towards HQ.

“It’s a quiet night out tonight, isn’t it Felina?” Commander Feral and his niece walked along the take off strip.

“Yes, it is. It just seems too quiet.” Felina noticed that there weren’t the usual sounds of MegaKat City. Everything was just too quiet.

Roko used his powerful back feet to grab onto the giant doorway in HQ. He hung upside down, waiting for the right Enforcer to walk under him.

“It was the young she-kat that she wanted, right?” Roko tried to remember what Enforcer was the one Cleopatra wanted.

Cleopatra waited anxiously for her plan to be set in motion. She thought of her fire-riders and her new dragons. All she needed was for Roko to lure the SWAT Kats to her.

“I’m headin’ in,” Felina said as she headed for the entrance where Roko hung.

Roko looked at the oncoming she-kat. “There she is,” Roko whispered to himself.

Felina walked right under him.

Roko dropped down on her.

“Get off of me, you bat!” Felina shouted as she took out her gun. She fired at Roko, but he easily dodged the heat blast. He grabbed a hold of Felina’s shoulders with his powerful claws. Felina kicked and scratched at Roko. “Let me go now!” Felina yelled, still kicking and scratching.

“If I let you go now, you’ll go splat on the ground,” Roko said as he tightened his grip.

Ms. Briggs, who was watching the whole fight go on, dug out her SWAT Kat communicator.

Roko flew high in the sky. He didn’t go directly to Cleopatra because she wanted him to lead the SWAT Kats to her. Roko flew through the city, his scars glistening in the bright city lights. He flew as sleek as the TurboKat through the warm summer night.

A shimmering black jet swept underneath Roko. He climbed to a higher altitude with the SWAT Kats hot on his tail. Felina grabbed Roko’s leg so if he tried to drop her he wouldn’t be able to.

“Can you get a lock on?” T-Bone asked as he kept the jet right on Roko’s tail.

“Just keep on him,” Razor said. He slid down his visor and tried to get a lock on.

Roko took a quick turn and went in to a nose dive. T-Bone followed him. Roko ducked in to Cleopatra’s alley.

T-Bone set the jet down and slid on his glovatrix. Razor slid on his glovatrix. The two jumped out of the cockpit. They slowly approached the alley.

“Careful, T-Bone, we don’t know what this bat’s capable of,” Razor said to T-Bone as he slipped in to the alley. Razor followed behind him.

“My pet’s capable of flying, and I’m capable of killing,” Cleopatra said.

T-Bone and Razor looked up to see the white she-kat sitting on top of her bat. Her golden face mask shimmered in the faint city lights. Madness and sadness filled Cleopatra and over powered her.

“Attack!” Cleopatra ordered quietly.

Five dog like creatures on fiery horses surrounded T-Bone and Razor. The dogs had brown tipped tails and very light brown fur. Their horses had flaming manes and tails. They also had big horns and pitch black fur.

“Meet my three new pets.” Cleopatra smiled as her dragons stepped forward. One was dark blue and white and another one was dark gold. The last one was tan and plum colored.

It began to rain, and great claps of thunder shook the ground. T-Bone and Razor observed their situation and decided to make a run for their jet. The plum colored dragon, named Osiris, was faster and beat them to the jet. He stood in the way of the SWAT Kats getting to their jet. They skidded to a stop.

“Smoke bomb,” Razor whispered. He launched a smoke bomb, and he and T-Bone took off.

After the smoke cleared, the fire-riders and the dragons took off full speed for them. Cleopatra and Roko followed them as well. Two dragons ran on foot while the other one flew above in the treacherous sky. Lightning streaked and thunder clapped. The fire-riders clutched the mane on their horses.

“What are the orders, my queen?” the lead fire-rider yelled up.

“Injure one and then leave them to me,” Cleopatra shouted down.

T-Bone and Razor ran to the park. They turned around and fired all sorts of missiles, hoping to stop the fire-riders that were gaining on them fast.

“They ain’t stoppin’,” T-Bone said as he slipped a little in the mud.

“Maybe we can lose them in the museum,” Razor suggested.

The lead fire-rider raised his spear. The spear was made of broken glass and was tipped with coral snake poison. He aimed carefully and pulled back his arm. He lined the spear up with his target and thrust his arm forward, releasing the spear.

The spear soared through the air and nailed T-Bone right in his left shoulder. He fell to the ground. Razor slid to a stop and ran back to help T-Bone. The spear was still stuck in his shoulder. Razor grabbed it and gently pulled it out. T-Bone pushed himself up with his right arm.

“Those things pack quite a punch,” T-Bone said.

“Surround them!” Cleopatra shouted down.

The dragons gained speed and shook the earth as they tromped over the wet grass. Another clap of thunder shook the ground like the dragons did. The two dragons on the ground, which were Osiris and Sobek, had steam coming out of their nostrils and were pushing and shoving each other. They were making grunting noises and growling.

“Come on, hurry!” Razor urged as the two neared the road.

Ms. Briggs was in her car going home from the mayor’s office when she noticed T-Bone and Razor running. She hit her brakes, and T-Bone and Razor slid across her hood. The dragons came tumbling after them. The fire-riders jumped their horses over her car.

Roko landed in front of the museum, and Cleopatra hopped off and walked in to the museum. The museum was huge. It would be impossible to find T-Bone and Razor.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” Cleopatra mumbled to herself. She walked in to the Ancient Egypt Department. There were many books on her and her city. One book caught her eye though. The book was on the Assyrian attack on her precious city. Something wet dropped on her shoulder. She looked at it; it was blood. She looked up. There, up in the rafters were T-Bone and Razor. Razor let go and landed on the floor with a thump. T-Bone followed him, blood running down his back from the spear.

“I really hate you guys,” Cleopatra said as she started the shift and change form.

Razor and T-Bone backed away slowly.

“Like it?” Cleopatra hissed. She raised her cobra head up high and took a strike at Razor.

He and T-Bone leapt out of the way. T-Bone stumbled to the floor. His sides hurt, and he was breathing heavy.

“T-Bone!” Razor yelled.

Cleopatra blocked his way over to T-Bone.

“The coral snake poison’s gettin’ to him,” Cleopatra said as she took another strike at Razor.

He leapt up on to a catwalk. “You are not takin’ him,” Razor hissed.

Cleopatra dove at him. He jumped and slid down her back.  She turned around and hissed. She lowered her head and slithered after him. The two knocked down books and statues. Cleopatra used her tail and knocked over a statue causing Razor to trip. Cleopatra bit down in to Razor’s left leg.

“Ow!” Razor turned around to fire a Mini Megavolt missile at her.

Cleopatra bit down on his right arm. Once she let go, Razor got up and limped over to T-Bone.

“Time to finish you off,” Cleopatra hissed. She dug her fangs down in to Razor’s back.

It was done. This was to be known as the darkest day MegaKat City has ever seen. The Queen of Egypt had killed the SWAT Kats.

As Cleopatra started to walk out, she stepped on a book. She picked it up and saw it was the book about the Assyrian attack. She flipped through it and saw that the Assyrian leaders didn’t want to destroy her city but that they were made to or their heads were to be chopped.

This weird feeling came over her. She felt bad that she had killed the two protectors of this great city. She was still mad at them for destroying her city but another part of her said to try and let them live.

She dropped the book and sat down by the two lifeless bodies. She looked at the wounds she had caused. A tear ran down her face. She just couldn’t do anything right. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and concentrated. Cleopatra dug down deep and gathered every bit of energy she had. She released all of her energy from her hands on to T-Bone and Razor.

She checked their pulses. They were steady. They would wake up soon, and she would be long gone.

Cleopatra got up and walked out. She left her dragons and fire-riders there while her and Roko flew off towards the city limits. This would not be the last time the SWAT Kats would have to deal with Cleopatra’s ancient Egyptian family.

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