Original SWAT Kats Story

The Curse

By Frost

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,278 Words

2,000 years ago, the reign of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, ended in tragedy. Now, Dr. Sinian’s excavation team has uncovered her tomb. But, it carries a curse, and the long dead queen may walk again. (5 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 4

The fiery red and orange dragon walked towards Razor and T-Bone. The huge beast had blue-green eyes and a blue-green crest. The dragon named Ra had a slithering tongue. Its partner, Nekhbet, had devilish glowing eyes.
The two circled T-Bone and Razor. Razor had an idea to get the TurboKat back in to the air; all he needed to do is get the dragons close enough to the jet.

“Attack, my beasts!” Cleopatra yelled.

Ra swooped his head down and nearly got T-Bone. But, instead of T-Bone, he got a mouth full of dirt.

Nekhbet dove for Razor and got a mouth full of dirt also. The two dragons were enraged and chased the two. This is exactly the thing Razor needed them to do. He and T-Bone led them to the roof top.

“Hey, over here, Bozos!” Razor jumped on top of the spear.

“Razor, what the heck are you doing!? Those things are going to eat you alive!” T-Bone yelled.

“Just watch!” Razor stuck his tongue out at the dragons.

Ra lunged at him. Razor leapt out of the way, and Ra got his teeth stuck in the spear. He lifted his head up and pulled the spear out.

“Nice thinking!” T-Bone said as he and Razor jumped in to the cockpit. T-Bone started up the engines and took off.

“Do not let them escape!” Cleopatra commanded. Her eyes were burning the color of red hot fire.

The TurboKat soared over MegaKat City with the dragons hot on their tail.

“Okay, Sure Shot, how do we get the necklaces off of these creeps?” T-Bone asked as he sent the jet in to a roll.

“A controlled Pincer Missile might work.” Razor slid down his visor and locked on Nekhbet’s necklace. The missile shot out of the TurboKat’s belly and grabbed the necklace. Razor pulled back the controller and ripped the necklace off.

The dragon screamed and disintegrated in to dust.

“One down, one to go,” Razor said as he locked on to Ra’s necklace. He released another Pincer Missile. The missile sped towards Ra at amazing speed.

The dragon reached out and grabbed the missile with his huge double thumbed hand.

“Now what?!” T-Bone yelled back over his shoulder.

“Lead him to MegaKat Bay and go under the water. He’ll get his wing membranes wet trying to follow us, which will give me more of a chance to get the necklace off,” Razor explained.

Ra was closing in fast. T-Bone put on the speed of heat shields and dove down under the water. Razor was right; Ra got his wing membranes wet trying to follow them. Another Pincer Missile got the necklace off him.

Cleopatra watched as her pets got destroyed by two single kats. There were still two parts of her curse left, so for her things could still go on as planned.

“Isis, attack those two evil doers,” Cleopatra ordered her Griffin. She had a feeling that she would go easily, so that her last resource would be the last part of the curse.

Just as she suspected, Isis went down without a fight. Cleopatra pretended like she had been defeated and disappeared so she could get the SWAT Kats off her tail.

“Guess that takes care of that,” T-Bone said as he turned the jet back to the salvage yard.

“I just have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her,” Razor said. Something about Cleopatra disappearing that easily didn’t set right with him.

When they got back to their hanger, they got into their mechanics uniforms. Up in the garage, Jake stared out at the darkening sky. The sky was darkening from the sun setting, and it was darkening quicker because of a storm moving in. She’s still out there, Jake thought to himself as he sat down on the couch with Chance.

“And, the SWAT Kats have destroyed the queen of Egypt, but not without massive damage to City Hall and many other buildings.” Ann Gora was speaking of the incident on the news.

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