Original SWAT Kats Story

The Curse

By Frost

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,278 Words

2,000 years ago, the reign of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, ended in tragedy. Now, Dr. Sinian’s excavation team has uncovered her tomb. But, it carries a curse, and the long dead queen may walk again. (5 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 3

At MegaKat City Museum, Dr. Sinian sat at her desk with the ancient tablet in front of her. The hieroglyphics and symbols made some sort of a story, or a curse.

“‘Who ever disturbs my tomb will bring ruin to the entire planet,’” Dr. Sinian read off the tablet. “That’s impossible, a curse can’t come true. But, then again, everything that’s impossible happens in MegaKat City.” Dr. Sinian rubbed her hand over the smooth gold tablet.

There was a violent shaking of the ground that threw everything standing up down. There had been small tremors in MegaKat City, but nothing ever this violent.

Ms. Briggs and Mayor Manx got out of his limo to go check out the crack that had appeared as the violent earthquake happened. Ms. Briggs stared down the crack. It seemed like a bottomless pit.

“I’ve never seen something so deep before,” Mayor Manx said as he backed away from the humongous crack.

Steam was rising from the crack. The steam was very thick.

By now a crowd had gathered around the bottomless crack. The steam got thicker, and Ms. Briggs could hear something like growling coming from the pit. A huge black hand reached up and grabbed the side of the crack. A bunch of kats took off running and screaming. Another hand reached up and grabbed the other side of the crack. The hands pulled the creature up and halfway out of the crack. The creature appeared to be an Egyptian Jackal, the great guarders of the Pharaohs. The Jackals that guarded the Pharaohs weren’t the small dog like ones; they were over one hundred feet tall and carried humongous spears with them. The Jackals had pinpoint accuracy when they threw their spears.

The first Jackal got up and out of the crack and reached back down in to help the other one up. There were two giant Jackals that had mongo sized spears that had blood colored cloth around where the spear tips connected with the rest of the spear. The two Jackals surveyed the city as Ms. Briggs dug around in her purse for her communicator. The Jackals had gold necklaces around their necks.

Ms. Briggs found the communicator and pressed the red button on it. She ran for the nearest building, which happened to be the MegaKat City Museum. She ran in and started to look for Dr. Sinian. Ms. Briggs had a feeling that all of this was related to the tomb of Cleopatra that had just arrived at the museum.

“Dr. Sinian! Do you know anything about those monsters?!” Ms. Briggs quickly asked as she burst into her room.

“Yes, it’s this ancient tablet. It has a curse on it. It says that whoever disturbs Cleopatra’s tomb will bring ruin to the entire planet.” Dr. Sinian showed Ms. Briggs the tablet with the curse on it.

Loud screeching came from outside, and the two girls looked outside. One of the Jackals broke through the glass and grabbed Ms. Briggs with its big black hand.

“Razor! One of those Jackals has Ms. Briggs!” T-Bone shouted as he whipped the jet around.

“I’m gonna try and tie him up. Get as close as you can.” Razor slid down his visor and locked on to the Jackal. He released a Spider Missile, and it hit the Jackal with pinpoint accuracy. The Jackal fell to the ground, and Ms. Briggs wiggled out of its grip. The other Jackal broke the ropes that held the other Jackal down.

“Aw crud!” T-Bone said as he flew the TurboKat dangerously close to the Jackals.

One of the Jackals picked up their spear and hurled it at the SWAT Kats’ jet. The spear pierced the left wing on the TurboKat.

“T-Bone put her down somewhere safe. We can’t fly with this spear in the wing,” Razor said.

T-Bone landed the jet on a nearby roof top. The two jumped out and examined the spear.

“Where could a spear this big come from?” Razor asked as he tried pulling the spear out of the wing. That spear wasn’t going to budge.

“Razor, look out!” T-Bone shouted.

Razor looked behind him and saw a Jackal climbing up the wall. Razor jumped out of the way as the Jackal grabbed at him.

Back at the museum Dr. Sinian and Ms. Briggs were trying to keep the tomb shut. The tomb had begun to shake and the lid started to come off after the Jackals had attacked.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold it shut,” Dr. Sinian said as she put all of her weight on top of the tomb.

The tomb’s lid flew off knocking Dr. Sinian and Ms. Briggs to the floor. A body rose out of the tomb and hovered out the broken window.

“Was that Cleopatra?” Ms. Briggs asked.

Dr. Sinian nodded. “There was nothing but a picture saying that she would come back to life.”

T-Bone and Razor were jumping every which way to stay clear of the Jackals. The Jackals were getting frustrated with these two kats. They were just too fast.

“My loyal Jackals,” the Jackals ceased the attacking, “come and forget those kats and demolish the rest of the city.” The voice was calm but commanding at the same time.

“Who or what in the world?” Razor asked, astonished.

“Cleopatra, queen of Egypt,” T-Bone replied.

“How did you know that?” Razor questioned.

“I just remembered her from a story my dad told me.” T-Bone got up off his knees.

Cleopatra hovered above her Jackals as they hurled their spears at buildings. An evil grin came across her face as she joined in, blasting fire balls at City Hall.

“Come on, we can chase them on Cyclotrons,” Razor said as he and T-Bone jumped back in to the TurboKat and came out on their Cyclotrons.

They rode their Cyclotrons down the stairs of the building and out the back exit.

“Stay in contact at all times,” T-Bone said as he turned on his helmet radio.

“Roger,” Razor said as he went up on one wheel to gain more speed.

T-Bone followed him as they sped towards the Jackals.

Cleopatra looked down at the oncoming kats. “Finish them off, my pets.”

The Jackals turned around and hurled their spears at the SWAT Kats. The two easily swerved out of the way of the spears.

T-Bone searched through his weapons panel and found Bolo Missiles. He fired two of them at the Jackal’s legs. The Jackal fell the ground and its golden necklace fell off. The creature screeched and howled. Then it disintegrated in to a pile of black crud.

“Razor, get the necklace off the other Jackal!” T-Bone yelled over the radio.

Razor launched two Bolo Missiles at the other Jackal and, as he fell, the necklace came off. That Jackal disintegrated like the other one.

“That takes care of those two, now to get that she-kat,” Razor said as he turned off his Cyclotron.

T-Bone pulled up behind him and turned off his Cyclotron.

Cleopatra looked in disgust at the piles of crud. She looked down at  T-Bone and Razor. Something about them seemed familiar.

“Octopus Missile, away!” Razor launched a missile at Cleopatra.

She returned the fire with a mega fireball. Razor jumped off the Cyclotron as the fireball hit it.

“Whoa! That’s one hot fireball!” Razor said as he looked at the melting Cyclotron.

“You okay, buddy?” T-Bone asked as he got off his Cyclotron.

The voices rung a bell in Cleopatra’s head. Those two voices were the voices of the Assyrian leaders!

“You will pay for bringing destruction to my city!” Cleopatra raised her hands over her head and lugged another fire ball at them.

“What!? We’ve never even been to Egypt!”

T-Bone and Razor leapt to the side as the flaming fire ball hit the earth.

“Your forefathers took out my entire kingdom in one night! Now, you shall pay for what they did!” She lugged two more balls of fire at them. A tear ran from her eye. She missed her city. It was the only thing she had.

The earth began to shake again and another crack appeared. But, instead of Jackals, two dragons and a griffin crawled out.

“Oh crud!” Razor yelled as he jumped clear of the massive dragon’s feet.

“My beasts, get those two! I want them killed!” Cleopatra ordered.

The beasts went to face the foes that their master wanted destroyed.

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