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The Curse

By Frost

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,278 Words

2,000 years ago, the reign of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, ended in tragedy. Now, Dr. Sinian’s excavation team has uncovered her tomb. But, it carries a curse, and the long dead queen may walk again. (5 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: The Curse
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Rating: K+
Warnings: Blood and violence.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats is copyright to Hanna-Barbera and Cleopatra, the griffon, the dragons, the jackals, and Roko are copyright to me, Frost.
Notes: I was inspired because I was studying Egypt, and I wanted to write a story about the ancient queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. If there’s any thing historically wrong, please tell me.

Chapter 1

The boat slowly rowed down the Nile River. Queen Cleopatra watched as her beautiful city got burned to the ground. She and her city got attacked by the Assyrians in their quest to obtain more land. Cleopatra and a few others had escaped the Assyrians’ rampage with their lives still in one piece. The rest of her city was not so lucky.

The boat rowed to the secret burial tomb that was designed for Cleopatra. Once docked, Cleopatra and her slaves walked down the corridors of the booby-trapped tomb. Once they got to the ground level, they were about a mile below the surface. There was a tomb covered with gold and other riches. This is where Cleopatra was to be put once she had gotten killed or died.

“I, Cleopatra, queen and ruler of Egypt, put a curse on this tomb.” Cleopatra raised her hands up like she was reaching for the heavens. “Who ever disturbs this tomb will bring ruin to the entire planet. There will be a bat, greater and bigger than any other bat. Its bite will be fatal to who ever it will bite; its name will be Roko. There will be two great dragons that can demolish a city in one night like the Assyrians have done to my city. One dragon’s name shall be Nekhbet, named after the goddess that protects Egypt. The other shall be named Ra, the sun god. There shall be a great Griffin, named after the goddess Isis. There shall be two great Jackals that can bring a city to ruin in a night. This is what I command, protectors of Egypt, now make it so!” Cleopatra looked back at her slaves. Green and blue fog filled the air. Cleopatra laughed as the fog did what she commanded. She could see the images of two Jackals, two great dragons, a griffin, and her bat. She smiled as the images disappeared and the fog cleared.

Later on in the night, a great deal occurred. A cobra bit Cleopatra and caused her a cruel death. Her slaves put her in her tomb and sealed the tomb shut for all eternity.

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