Original SWAT Kats Story

The Burilgi

By Frost

  • 6 Chapters
  • 6,421 Words

(Unfinished) A series of disappearances leads the SWAT Kats to discover a monstrous creature burrowing beneath the city. Nearly indestructible and with the ability to tunnel anywhere, no one knows where or when it will strike next.

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Chapter 6

“SWAT Kats! It’s Viper; he’s back and he’s flooding the city!” Ms. Briggs yelled over her communicator.

“We’re on our way, Ms. Briggs,” T-Bone said as he jumped into the TurboKat with Razor behind him.

Rain pounded on the TurboKat as the sleek, black jet sliced through the dark gray sky. The city below was at least twenty feet under water from the water being sucked in from the bay.

“This is a new trick,” Razor mumbled as he scanned the city below for Dr. Viper.

“Viper might be a little harder to catch,” T-Bone grunted as he whipped around MegaKat Biochemical Labs. “This is more of his terrain.”

“At least there’s not mutants under the surface this time,” Razor said as a strike of lightning flashed in the sky.

Mara was back at the hanger with Kodiak. The rain came down in sheets as thunder shook the ground. Kodi paced back and forth in the hanger with his ears pinned flat and whined. Mara stood up and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Something’s not right,” Mara said as she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket. Quickly, she dialed a number and waited for her friend to pick it up. “Hey, Jay, can you come get me at the salvage yard?”

“Why?” the voice on the other end asked.

“I have to help the SWAT Kats.” Mara paused for a second. “It’s Athena.”

“How are we going to get downtown?” Jay asked. “The city’s flooded.”

“Bring the terrain car,” Mara answered as a clap of thunder growled in the sky.

“But, it’s only for emergencies,” Jay said as he walked out to his garage where the black and red car was stored.

“This is an emergency.” Mara pulled herself up the ladder with Kodi behind her. “Bring it now.”

“I’m on my way.” Jay closed his phone and unlocked the sleek car. After he closed the door, he started the engine and was pleased to hear it growling like a tiger. “Let’s ride.” The gray tom hit the gas and peeled out of the garage.

T-Bone landed the jet on top of Enforcer Head Quarters, one of the buildings still above the water. The rain had stopped coming down, but water from the bay was still being sucked in.

“How are we going to stop it?” Ms. Briggs asked as she followed Lieutenant Feral and Commander Feral out on the take off strip.

“I don’t know, Ms. Briggs,” Cr. Feral said straight faced.

“There’s no mutants in the water like last time,” T-Bone said as he and Razor jumped out of the jet.

“Well, that’s good,” Lt. Feral said as she glanced at the slowly rising water.

“Felina, we should go get more Enforcers out here to keep watch.” Cr. Feral started to walk back inside with his niece behind him.

“Looks like you’re not gettin’ back in, Feral,” Razor said as Cr. Feral stopped dead in his tracks. A huge green plant was blocking the door which happened to be the only door above water.

“That Viper!” Cr. Feral hissed. Slowly, he stalked back over to Ms. Briggs and the SWAT Kats.

“Your demise has come, SWAT Katsss!” Dr. Viper hissed as he slithered up out of the water.

“Really,” T-Bone mumbled as he and Razor took off for the TurboKat where they’d have more fire power.

“Not so fast,” Dr. Viper hissed as a giant fish like creature swung up and out of the water.

“Oh boy.” Razor backed up as the fish clawed its way toward them with huge, clawed fins.

“Stay,” Dr. Viper hissed quietly, and the fish stopped coming towards them.  Slowly, the doctor walked at little closer with the two darts in his hand.

“This isn’t good,” T-Bone hissed in Razor’s ear.

The two hadn’t grabbed their Glovatrixes that held enough weapons to destroy Dr. Viper.

“You see,” Dr. Viper held up his tail up above the water that was around his feet, “I’ve been working on a new venom cocktail to get rid of you two for good.” Dr. Viper went to raise his hand to throw the darts but was distracted by something else.

“She’s alive?!” Razor yowled as Athena raised her huge head up out of the water. Rage glowed in her eyes. Athena was even more deadly now because she had gained the power of sight from Dr. Viper’s venom cocktail. Now she could not only feel and sense their body heat, she could see everything clear as crystal.

“This may turn out interesting,” Dr. Viper hissed as Athena grabbed his fish and threw it back into the water.

A clap of thunder roared in the clouded sky as the terrain car sped through the water. Fish from the bay scattered as Mara sped past them.

“Are you sure they’re at Enforcer Head Quarters?” Jay asked as Mara whipped around a building.

“Positive,” Mara said as she took a short cut through an alleyway.

“How come you care so much about the SWAT Kats?” Jay asked sympathetically.

“I just want to kill Athena for good,” Mara replied. “Where ever the SWAT Kats are, Athena’s going to be there.”

“Razor’s your cousin, isn’t he?” Jay asked as Mara dipped her head.

“Yes.” Mara stopped the car as they pulled up behind Enforcer HQ. “But, you can’t tell anyone, okay?” Mara pleaded with her best friend.

“I won’t tell as long as you won’t tell who I’m related to,” Jay said as he grabbed Mara’s arm. “I’m Dr. Viper’s son.”

“I would have never guessed,” Mara teased him. “I could have figured that one by myself.”

“How?” Jay inquired as he jumped out of the car and swam towards Mara.

“You just look like the son of Viper to me,” Mara said as she jumped on a ledge that was still just above the water.

“I look nothing like him.” Jay followed Mara as they quietly crept around the corner.

“Look out!” Razor yelled as he and T-Bone jumped out of the way of Athena’s five foot long fangs.

Athena hissed as she pulled herself a little more onto the platform. Under her great weight the platform snapped in half and sunk to the bottom of the city. Now there was less room for everybody to run.

“What in the world,” T-Bone growled as the two hundred foot long snake opened her mouth full of needle sharp fangs.

“This is really bad,” Razor growled as he backed up a little more.

Four, odd snake like things that were attached to Athena’s tongue slithered out of her mouth. They had no eyes, but their bottom jaws were split up into three pieces and had dagger like teeth spiking from their lower jaws and upper jaws. The creatures seemed to be able to sense their body heat and headed straight for them with their jaws open in boney snarls.

“Holy smokes she’s big,” Mara said as she came up beside Razor.

“What you doing here?” Razor questioned as he jumped out of the way of one of the snake things that hissed at him

“I’m going to try and kill Athena.” Mara pulled a good sized knife out of her pocket and stabbed the snake creature.

The creature yowled and pulled back out of the way into Athena’s mouth. The great snake hissed in agony and swung her head at Mara.

“Crud!” T-Bone yelled as Mara jumped on top of Athena’s head with a great leap. “What the heck is she doing?!”

“Trying to get herself killed,” Razor growled as he grabbed a broken piece of metal and hurled it at Athena.

“Run!” T-Bone yowled as Athena turned her head towards them and let her snaky tongues slither out of her mouth.

“Ahhh!” Razor screamed as a snake grabbed his leg with dagger teeth. “T-Bone, behind you!”

“Ow!” T-Bone yelled as he fell to the ground when a snake grabbed his arm and another grabbed his leg.

“These things hurt,” Razor hissed as the last snake grabbed his arm and started to drag him back to Athena’s gaping mouth.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Jay cut into one of the snakes holding Razor with a double edged sword. After Razor had kicked the last one off, Jay slashed out at one of the snakes holding T-Bone.

“Thanks, Jay.” Razor jumped up as one of Athena’s snake tongues bit at him.

“Athena, you’ve been a very bad girl!” Mara hissed as she shoved a spring loaded syringe into the tough snake’s skin.

Athena hissed as one of her tongues reached up for Mara but was met with a hard blow by her knife. Mara jumped down from the great snake’s head and landed hard in the water that was about three feet above the platform.

“Hey, where’d Viper go?” Jay asked as he slashed out with his sword.

“Maybe Athena ate him,” T-Bone teased as he smacked a snake that strayed too close to him.

Athena hissed with fury as she tried to figure out how to get those two kats that were really annoying her. Suddenly, she got an idea.

“Look out!” Jay yelled as a huge wave of water came rushing over them.

Athena stole this chance and grabbed the SWAT Kats with her four snake tongues.

“These things pack quite a punch,” T-Bone growled as he was lifted up into the air by two of the snake tongues. One held him around his chest while the other sunk its teeth into this right arm.

“There’s no way out,” Razor hissed as Athena hissed back at him. One of the snake tongues held him around his chest and the other bit into his left ankle.

“No!” Mara yowled as she saw Athena’s eyes glimmer with victory. But, instead of killing them like Mara thought she was going to, Athena dove back into the water with T-Bone and Razor locked firmly in her snake tongues.

“The poison didn’t work,” Jay sighed as Mara leaned on his shoulder.

What was Athena doing? Normally, she would have killed Mara’s cousin and T-Bone right there, but she didn’t. Something was odd, definitely odd.

“I’m going to find them,” Mara growled as it started to rain again.

Jay went to follow her, but Mara told him that she was going by herself to go find them in the terrain car.

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