Original SWAT Kats Story

The Burilgi

By Frost

  • 6 Chapters
  • 6,421 Words

(Unfinished) A series of disappearances leads the SWAT Kats to discover a monstrous creature burrowing beneath the city. Nearly indestructible and with the ability to tunnel anywhere, no one knows where or when it will strike next.

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Chapter 5

“Stupid plantimalsss!” The little yellow plant creatures scattered as the snaky doctor approached them. The doctor lashed out with his tail and managed to send two of the plantimals flying.

Rain pounded down on his underground hide out with fury. The doctor hissed with frustration as he slithered off to his lab. A small fire was keeping the cave lit just enough for the doctor to see.

“No body makes a fool out of Dr. Viper!” the doctor hissed as he smacked another plantimal with his tail. Dr. Viper turned back to his lab table and grabbed a beaker filled with bark scorpion poison. Slowly, he mixed the poison with coral snake venom.

Thunder shook the ground and startled the plantimals. The plantimals felt the slightest vibration under their feet and panicked. One by one, they were picked off. Dr. Viper, who had no idea what was going on, hissed at the plantimals to be quiet but didn’t turn around.

“This’ll get rid of the SWAT Katsss for good,” Dr. Viper hissed as he grabbed a beaker full of fierce snake venom. Mixing the venom cocktail, Dr. Viper hissed with pleasure at the thought of killing the SWAT Kats with the new venom he was creating. Using his tail, the doctor grabbed a beaker half way full of tiger snake venom. Dr. Viper poured the venom in with all the others.

Another clap of thunder sounded above Dr. Viper’s lab as the rain came down more fiercely. The doctor was pleased that it was raining because, if he got the venom done by dawn and it was still raining, the rain would aid him in flooding the city by reversing the canals to suck water from the bay into the city. The canals were already to suck water; he just needed to turn them on. Thinking about how to kill the SWAT Kats once he got them into his sights, Dr. Viper reached for five beakers with his tail and brought them closer to him.

“Australian copperhead, black mamba, sea snake,” Dr. Viper hissed as he poured the three venoms into his venom cocktail. “Gila monster and poison dart frog.” After pouring the last two toxins in, then he added his own toxin to the cocktail. The doctor mixed the venoms around and poured four ounces into two darts and kept the rest in his twenty ounce beaker.

Thunder roared above the ground and rain hissed and stung the earth. Everything was still in Dr. Viper’s lab except for the small fire dancing in its pit. The doctor called for one of his plantimals to come to him, but there was no sound. Dr. Viper swung his head around and was startled by what was left of his plantimals. There were holes in the ground, and parts of his plantimals were scattered here and there.

“Interesting,” Dr. Viper hissed as he walked closer to one of the holes with a small beaker containing his venom cocktail in his hand. When the doctor peered down the hole, two red-green eyes stared back up at him. Startled, Dr. Viper stepped back, and the creature rose up out of the hole, hissing like a black mamba. Meter long fangs barely stuck out of her mouth. Spikes ran all down her back. Scars scratched across her face and all down her back. She looked to be at least over one hundred fifty feet long.

Thunder rumbled above in the sky and the rain hissed as it came down. Dr. Viper backed up as the snake fell on to the ground. It appeared that by eating Dr. Viper’s plantimals she had been poisoned.

“Such a wassste,” Dr. Viper hissed as he rubbed his scaly hands over the snake’s rough skin. The snake’s mouth was parted opened in gasping breaths. Her smaller, foot long needle like teeth were glistening in the light of the fire. Athena’s eyes were barely open as she gasped for air.

Thunder rattled in the lightning lit sky above the lab. Dr. Viper quietly thought about what might save this gorgeous snake. Athena was going to make an effort to come back from the brink of death. She swung her head around, causing Dr. Viper to spill the venom cocktail in her mouth. The doctor jumped up and hissed at the snake. Realizing that his venom cocktail had killed her, Dr. Viper relaxed.

“Perfect,” the doctor hissed as he grabbed the darts and took off to the ground above, leaving Athena lying in his lab. The fire glowed and shimmered on Athena’s gray scales while a few odd brown scales just absorbed the light. Athena’s eyes flew open and she hissed madly.

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