Original SWAT Kats Story

The Burilgi

By Frost

  • 6 Chapters
  • 6,421 Words

(Unfinished) A series of disappearances leads the SWAT Kats to discover a monstrous creature burrowing beneath the city. Nearly indestructible and with the ability to tunnel anywhere, no one knows where or when it will strike next.

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Chapter 4

“Hey, guys, guess what,” Mara said as Chance and Jake climbed out from the hanger.

“What?” Jake answered.

“Athena blew herself sky high!” Mara had a big, beaming grin.

“Huh?!” Chance grunted.

“It was on the news; something at Puma-Dyne set off one of their new mines.” Mara felt a surge of relief that Athena had finally been vanquished.

The rest of the day was nice and relaxing for the threesome. The day had been cool with lots of clouds over head but no rain.

“I thought I was never going to get rid of Athena,” Mara said as she sat down on the couch next to Jake.

“Yeah, well, I’m glad she blew herself up too.” Jake rubbed his arm where the glass had cut him.

“I’m just glad she was under a hundred feet long or she’d still be alive.” Mara took a deep breath of the cool, moist air.

“About how long do you think she was?” Jake asked as Kodiak jumped on to his lap.

“I’d say about seventy feet long,” Mara guessed.

“That’s still pretty big,” Jake said as he scratched behind Kodiak’s ear.

“Yeah, but she was made to be pretty big.” Mara stroked Kodiak.

“So, do you think we’re going to get any rain?” Jake asked as a clap of thunder rattled the air.

“I think,” Mara looked at the window behind her. “Yes.” Mara turned back around to Jake. Her blue eyes were almost exactly like Jake’s.

“Every time it rains I think of Dr. Viper,” Jake said.

“I bet Dr. Viper would have a lot of fun with a snake like Athena,” Mara joked.

“He would probably train her as his pet then sick her on MegaKat City.” Jake thought about it for a second and realized that that could possibly happen.

“A snake like Athena is untouchable. She would just eat Dr. Viper.” Mara pulled her legs up on to the couch.

“Really,” Jake thought about the three she’d already killed and how odd it would be without them. Some part of him hoped she hadn’t killed Dr. Viper.

“Athena was so destructive and sneaky, it’s a good thing I have Kodi.” Mara saw Kodiak’s ears prick at the mention of his name.

“And, why are you glad you have Kodi?” Jake asked as he rested his hand on Kodiak’s soft fur.

“He can tell if anything’s wrong, like most dogs,” Mara said. “But, most of all, he can tell if Athena’s close.”

“So, you’re like a mini alarm system, aren’t you, Kodi?” Jake said as Kodiak jumped off his lap.

The rain beat down against the glass as Kodiak pressed his nose up against it. Something didn’t seem right. He flattened his ears and started to whine.

“It’s okay, Kodi, don’t worry.” Mara tried to calm Kodiak.

A clap of thunder shook the ground. Kodiak knew something wasn’t right. There is a very good reason to be worried.

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