Original SWAT Kats Story

The Burilgi

By Frost

  • 6 Chapters
  • 6,421 Words

(Unfinished) A series of disappearances leads the SWAT Kats to discover a monstrous creature burrowing beneath the city. Nearly indestructible and with the ability to tunnel anywhere, no one knows where or when it will strike next.

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Chapter 3

Two days later, there had been no sign of the snake again. Mara was still on edge about Athena. This snake could destroy the whole city then the world.

“Hey, we got to head out,” Jake yelled to Mara as he slid down the ladder after Chance.

“Alright,” Mara yelled back.

The TurboKat sliced through the air. It was about midday, and it was hot.

“Hey, bud, set the jet down. It’s the Metallikats’ car, and it does not look good.” Razor looked out at the familiar site.

“Doesn’t look good is right,” T-Bone said as he jumped out of the cockpit. The armored van was ripped to shreds like Dark Kat’s jet.

“Careful, T-Bone, she could still be here.” Razor stayed on the wing of the TurboKat. T-Bone joined him. There was no sign of her.

“Hey, look, do you think that’s her?” T-Bone pointed out to a puff of dust coming up off the surface.

“She’s probably coming up for some air,” Razor said.

The puffs of dust got closer.

“Bud, I think she knows we’re here.” T-Bone got up off of his knees and on to his feet.

The TurboKat started to rock and move.

“Yeah, I think we need to get up in the air now,” Razor said as he jumped in to the cockpit.

T-Bone shut the canopy and started up the engines. The TurboKat stopped rocking and was still.

“Razor, duck!” T-Bone yelled. A piece of metal came flying through the canopy.

“Whoa,” Razor said as he sat back up.

“You okay?” T-Bone asked as the jet lifted up in to the air.

“I’ve got cuts,” Razor pulled a piece of glass out of his arm, “deep ones.”

The TurboKat rose up on its platform to the main level. Mara was waiting there to see if her snake had struck again. The canopy popped open, and the two jumped out.

“Alright, what did she do this time?” Mara walked over to Razor.

“She found a new weapon, metal,” Razor said he took off his helmet and bandanna.

“You’re kidding; she figured out how to throw metal?” Mara looked at the cuts on Jake’s arm.

“She’s also killed the Metallikats,” T-Bone said as he took off his helmet and bandana.

“It almost sounds like she set a trap.” Mara handed Jake a cloth band aid.

“She set a trap?” Jake asked as he wrapped the band aid around his arm.

“Well, from the first time you two ran into her she’s probably mad that you hurt her, so she’s decided to set a trap.” Mara started to climb up the ladder.

“So, you mean she has it out for us?” Chance asked.

“Yeah, basically,” Mara said as she climbed up the rest of the way.

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