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By Frost

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(Unfinished) A late night encounter with some mysterious flying creatures leads the SWAT Kats to meeting a most unusual group of teens.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Survival
Author: Frost
E-Mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Dating: 3/28/09
Rating: Somewhere between K+ and T
Warnings: Violence.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats is copyright to Hanna-Barbera and other unfamiliar names belong to me. The idea for the bird kids was inspired by James Patterson’s series Maximum Ride.
Notes:The story will pick up when I get farther on it.

On top of MegaKat Tower, a three hundred story tall building, fog swirled. A single figure stood. Her sandy brown fur shimmered from the city lights below her. Her short, shaggy dark blonde hair blew behind her. The she-kat looked up, her mud brown eyes glinting. Thirteen foot brown wings snapped open. She flapped them, swirling the fog around her. Looking down, she leaned over until she was falling at an amazing speed. An updraft caught underneath the she-kat’s wings, evening out her fall. Her powerful wings, having a twenty six wingspan all together, pumped up and down like pistons.

“Well, it’s a decent city,” the fourteen year old whispered to herself. “And, I bet there’s tons of hiding places. They’ll never catch my flock.”

* * * *

“Razor, I’ve lost sight of that creature!” T-Bone yowled at his partner.

“It’s right in front of us!” Razor answered with irritation in his voice.

“Well then, it must be invisible,” T-Bone mumbled as he hit the throttle, sending the TurboKat rocketing forward.

The creature dove down, hoping to lose the jet following it. Trying to out fly a jet, not a very good idea. The she-kat looked behind over her shoulder. Okay, trying to out fly a missile, really not good!

“Static! Swing left!” Orders were barked from beside the black and golden thirteen year old she-kat.

“Roger!” Static hung left, the missile barely missing her and slamming into a building. Fragments went everywhere.

“Hmm…” Razor looked through all the missiles in his arsenal. “I can try my new heat seeker missile.”

A slick black and red missile shot out of the belly of the jet. Almost instantly, it found its target.

“Nose dive!” The sandy brown she-kat came up beside Static.

Static tucked in her dark golden wings as the sandy brown she-kat tucked in her brown wings. Both dove down at break neck speed.

“Um, Max,” Static looked over her shoulder, “I think it’s a heat seeker.”

Think, Max, think. Max looked around and spread out her wings, soaring back up. I need an explosive or something.

“Static! Max!” another she-kat’s voice came from somewhere above them. “Hit the dirt!”

“Crud,” Max grabbed Static’s arm and headed for cover.

The silver and black she-kat pulled something out of her pocket. She pulled the top off of it and sparks started to shower out of it. The she-kat dropped it on top of the missile then pulled in her wings, doing a nose dive.

“Three… two…” she counted.

Ka-bam! The missile exploded into a million pieces.

“One.” She spread out her silver wings and soared back up. “I was off by one second, Max.”

“Raptor, you are so gonna get your butt kicked if you make an explosive that powerful again!” Max growled as she spread her brown wings out wider, keeping her balance in the sky.

“Well, it got rid of the missile, didn’t it?” Raptor crossed her arms over her chest.

“Razor,” T-Bone slowed the jet down a little. “Those creatures look like some kids with wings.”

“Well, maybe I could use a net to catch one of them,” Razor launched a missile at them.

“Oh crud!” Static yowled. “They don’t give up!”

Get Static and Raptor on the ground. Maybe they could lose the jet if they hoofed it. Max tucked in her wings and started to dive, again.

“Follow Max,” Raptor shrugged and dove down with Static at her side.

The missile broke open, revealing a net. It gained on Raptor. The fourteen year old pumped her powerful wings, sending her rocketing forward. Static looked over her shoulder and groaned. That net is so gonna catch me.

The net suddenly just fell. Like a rock had landed on it. Static looked over her shoulder to see a dusty black tom kat with powerful black wings pumping. A second tom kat appeared, smaller than the dusty black one. His fur was dark gray with big gray wings.

“Venom, Swamp!” Static pulled out her wings and came to almost a complete halt. “Where the heck were you two?”

“Um…” The twelve year old landed on a nearby rooftop with Venom, Static, and Raptor behind him.

A huge explosion sounded on the background. Flames licked the sky from City Hall.

“We sorta… maybe… exploded City Hall.” Swamp bit his bottom lip but was definitely pleased with himself.

“You two are dead meat.” Max landed on top of the building next to them. “We’re supposed to be lying low. Not exploding City Hall!”

“Well at least we lost the jet,” Static shrugged her shoulders.

“Use your raptor vision for once, Static, look!” Raptor pointed to the jet, which was swinging around City Hall.

“We’ll have to do one of two things,” Max said as she spread out her wings. “We either hide for the rest of our lives, or we introduce ourselves to those two and not explode buildings.”

Max jumped off of the building with the rest of her flock behind her.

* * * *

“SWAT Kats, there’s some kats that want to meet you,” Ms. Briggs mewed through her communicator.

“They want to meet us? Not kill us?” T-Bone asked.

“They want to meet you here at City Hall.” Ms. Briggs stared out her window.

“Okay, we’re on our way.” T-Bone hung up on his end.

Ms. Briggs turned around to the five kids standing in her office. They all looked around twelve to fourteen, being tall and skinny with real shaggy hair like they’d cut by themselves.

“So, why do you kids want to meet the SWAT Kats?” Ms. Briggs asked.

“We just really need to meet them,” Max quickly answered.

If you must know, kat/avian hybrids can tuck in their wings really tight. Usually, they wear jackets over them so they don’t get exposed.

“So, I heard this building was exploded last night.” Swamp looked around, expecting to see the whole building come crashing down.

“Yeah, but this building is tough.” Ms. Briggs smiled. “It’ll take much more than a cherry bomb like the one last night to bring it down.”

“That was not a cherry bomb!” Swamp protested, raising his finger.

“Swamp,” Max growled and gave the small tom kat a hard stare.

“Must’ve been some dumb kids playing around,” Static suggested as she got a dirty look from Swamp.

“You guys are quite an odd bunch,” Ms. Briggs mumbled as she turned her back to the kids.

“Listen here; if you blow it, Swamp and Static, you two are gonna wish you’d never been kitted!” Max growled at them.

Swamp stuck his tongue out at her, and Static just turned her back. Max slapped her hand over her face.

“Venom, help me out here,” she whispered to the tom kat that was about a good two inches taller than her, and she used to be the tallest. The fourteen year old tom kat had just gotten taller than her in the past couple months.

“Listen guys.” Venom gently grabbed Static’s and Swamp’s shoulders and turned them around. “We can’t afford to blow it here. Who knows how everybody will react to us.”

“Okay,” Static grumbled.

“Fine,” Swamp turned his back on Venom again.

The TurboKat landed on top of City Hall. Already the building was almost perfectly repaired from the accident last night. Both SWAT Kats jumped from the jet and walked towards a door that led down into the building.

“So, do you think it’s a trap?” T-Bone asked as he tightened his Glovatrix around his wrist.

“I’ve got no idea,” Razor answered.

Both of the tom kats had their ears pricked, listening for anything unusual. Everything was quiet and calm. The door on Ms. Briggs’s office was open though.

“Oh, hey they’re here,” Raptor nudged Max.

All the hybrids turned around to face the two SWAT Kats.

Max bit her lip, debating what to say.

To be continued…

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