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Storm of Thunder

By Frost

  • 1 Chapter
  • 5,597 Words

A year ago, Jake died. Or so they thought. Now he’s back with new allies and enemies alike. (Oneshot – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Storm of Thunder
Author: Frost
Email: swatkatsyd@live.com
Status: Finished
Rating: K+
Warnings: Minor blood.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats are copyright to Hanna-Barbera, and unfamiliar names belong to me.

The sun set on the horizon, spilling a blood red over the clouds. Shadows stretched across the ground, and a warm breeze brought the smell of the sea into the familiar Salvage Yard.

A gray she-kat sat on top of a pile of metal salvage and watched the sun set. Her short, silver hair flopped into her face as she lowered her head into her hands. A tear ran from her eye down her cheek as she looked back up at the horizon. She thought about how the last eight months of her life had gone. Her triplet daughters were now twenty-seven today. They all lived in apartments in the city. When they were twenty-six, their father had gotten killed. She continued to live with her fourteen year old daughter where her husband had lived with his best friend and his wife, son, and daughter.

A burly tom spotted the gray she-kat sitting on top of a pile of metal salvage. He sighed and remembered that today it would make it three years since his best friend had gotten killed. A spotted she-kat came up beside him and laid her hand on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.” The tom heaved a sigh and leaned against the doorway of the garage.

“Chance, you need to go talk to her,” the she-kat said as her son came up behind her.

“And, say what, Sapphire?” Chance questioned as a tear ran from his eye. “There’s nothing I can say to make it better.”

“Can I go talk to her?” the smaller tom asked as he lashed his scaly tail back and forth.

“It’s your funeral, Kit,” Chance muttered as his fifteen year old son walked over the pile of metal salvage.

The golden brown tabby tom walked up behind the gray she-kat. He took a deep breath. Frost could be very irritable when she thought about Jake.

“Frost?” Kit asked as he sat next to the she-kat.

Frost turned her head towards him and weakly smiled. The scar across her left eye was wet from her tears.

“I miss him too,” Kit sighed as Frost wrapped her arm around him.

“I still just can’t believe he’s gone,” Frost whispered as the last of the sun disappeared behind the horizon. “He’s been through everything, and yet I never thought he’d die in a plane crash.”

“Well I don’t think Dark Kat lived long enough to regret it.” Kit chuckled at the thought of how his dad made sure that Dark Kat went down with them.

“Chance has never been the same,” Frost mumbled to herself as another tear ran down her cheek.

“He misses him a lot too.” Kit rested his elbows on his knees as he stared at the darkening sky.

* * * *

The sky grew black and the first stars appeared as did the crescent of the moon. It was mid-summer, so the night was warm and smelled of the sea. The sound of MegaKat City was quiet. It was so unusual. Ever since the crash everything hadn’t been the same.

The TurboKat dashed across the black sky and over the bright city. T-Bone had gotten used to doing patrols alone. Not many of the villains ever surfaced. The Metallikats were disabled, and Dark Kat was dead and Dr. Viper, Hard Drive, and Turmoil were all locked up at Alkatraz. And, all the other usual villains had never been seen since the crash. There was an occasional bank robber, but other than that, there hadn’t been much action.

A red light started to blink, signaling that Ms. Briggs was calling. T-Bone pressed a button, and Ms. Briggs’s voice came on.

“T-Bone, there’s something odd over at MegaKat Park,” Ms. Briggs announced.

“I’ll be right over there, Callie.” T-Bone turned the jet around and headed towards the park.

Once the jet was down on the ground, T-Bone jumped out and walked over to Ms. Briggs, who was standing by a street light.

“So, where’s this odd creature?” T-Bone asked as he tightened his Glovatrix.

“It’s over there in the trees.” Ms. Briggs pointed to the dark trees towards the middle of the park.

“You just stay here. ” T-Bone headed towards the trees, ready for whatever might be in there.

The shadows of the trees concealed the creature as it silently watched the kat pass by it. It was about the size of an elephant yet looked more like an armadillo with white fur sticking out around its armor plating and tusks sticking out of its mouth. And, its legs were longer and more muscular with sharp digging claws on them.

“Hmm… I wonder how big this thing is,” T-Bone growled to himself as he searched the trees.

The creature bobbed its head up and down then rushed forward. It knocked T-Bone flat and laid its huge paw on top of his chest.

“Hey!” a voice yowled from behind the creature. Then a loud whistle followed, and the creature took its paw off of T-Bone.

A slim kat came into the small clearing and looked at T-Bone. There was something familiar about this kat.

“Hey, sorry about that.” The tom paused and stared at T-Bone. His eyes widened. “T-Bone?!”

“Jake?!” T-Bone pushed himself up off the ground and stared at the tom. “Is that really you?”

“The one and only,” Jake said as he walked up to T-Bone and hugged him.

T-Bone couldn’t believe it. After a year Jake had come back. His fur had thickened and his hair fell into his face, covering his right eye. His fangs were longer and his ears had many more nicks in them than when he disappeared. He wore a black t-shirt and torn blue jeans. The claws on his feet were sharpened and looked like they were used for climbing.

“Where have you been?” T-Bone asked as tears welled in his eyes.

“The mountains.” Jake backed up a little as the creature behind him made a low growl. “And, other places.”

“Hey, Jake!” a yowl came from further up the path.

Another creature like the one behind Jake came into sight. But, a white, black, and red wolf sat on top of it. Most of his body was white. The tips of his ears, hands, and feet were black. A black stripe went down his tail and a red stripe went down the black stripe. The tops of his ears were tipped with red. His hair was black with red and white streaks in it. He wore a black tank and torn blue jeans. To top it off, he carried an odd looking sword around his waist and another one on his back.

“Just a sec, Bryan.” Jake looked at the wolf then at T-Bone. “This is my friend, Bryan.”

“And, I guess you must be T-Bone,” Bryan said as he pulled up on the reins on his creature. “Jake talks nonstop about you.”

T-Bone kept silent. He had no idea what to say. First his best friend comes back then an odd wolf shows up.

Jake glanced over at T-Bone and decided not to make him say anything.

“Bryan found me after the crash,” Jake explained. “He took me back to the mountains and fixed me up. After that I just sorta stayed there.”

“He turned out to be a great mountain kat,” Bryan admitted as his creature walked forward a little.

“What are those things?” T-Bone asked as the creature behind Jake lowered its head to their level.

“These are Ragnadons,” Jake said as he rubbed the creature’s head. “They’re a mutation of an armadillo and something or other.”

“They’re actually pretty gentle,” Bryan commented as his lowered its head down and appeared to be sleeping.

“You know Frost’s either gonna be really happy to see you or she’s gonna freeze your tail,” T-Bone joked as a smile spread across Jake’s face.

“Yeah, I’m sorta scared of seeing her,” Jake said half-heartedly.

“Well, you two better get heading towards the hanger; we can talk there,” T-Bone said as he started to walk out of the trees.

Jake mounted his Ragnadon as he watched the TurboKat lift into the air. The wolf kicked his Ragnadon’s hard armor shell to wake it up. It made a growl of disgust but made its way forward. Jake and his Ragnadon followed.

* * * *

Back at the hangar, T-Bone was taking off his flight suit and getting into his mechanic uniform when a sound of thunder cracked across the sky. It sounded like it was too loud to be thunder, but it had to be. What other explanation could it be?

Jake hopped off his Ragnadon and grabbed its reins. It followed him to a well hidden part of the salvage yard. He let go of its reins and watched as it settled down next to Bryan’s Ragnadon.

“It smells like metal and junk.” Bryan pinned his ears back at the smell and sound of the city.

“Well, it sure doesn’t smell like the mountains,” Jake commented as he walked up to the garage door and opened it up. He lowered his back pack to the floor and looked around.

Kit was sitting on the couch with his mom, Sapphire, next to him and Josie, Kit’s little sister, was sleeping upstairs in her parents’ room. Chance was in the kitchen, and Frost was no where to be seen. As soon as Kit looked up from the TV, he saw Jake and he about fell off the couch.

“You’re back!” Kit jumped up and jumped on top of Jake, knocking him into Bryan.

“Hey!” Bryan growled as he pushed Jake off of him.

“Dang, you’ve gotten big, Kit!” Jake said as Kit let go of him.

“You know you’ve been gone really long.” Kit nodded his head up and down. “And, I’m not sure how Frost’s gonna take you coming back all of the sudden.”

“Well,” Jake took a deep breath and walked upstairs, “I guess I’m gonna go see.”

The door to his and Frost’s room was shut, but light was coming from underneath it. He sighed and gently knocked on the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Go away!” Frost growled from where she sat on the bed.

Jake took another deep breath and knocked harder.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“I said go away or else!” Frost yowled as her voice grew icy.

Jake didn’t heed her warning and knocked really hard.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“That does it.” Frost unsheathed her claws and got up off the bed. Her purple silk pajama pants drug on the ground as she walked up to the door and flung it open.

“Hey!” Jake yelled as the gray she-kat just about scratched across his face.

Frost lowered her arm and her hard gaze softened. She took a step out of the room.

“Jake?” Frost asked as Jake gave her a friendly smile. Her gaze grew icy, and she slapped him across his left arm.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Jake questioned as he rubbed his arm where she had just slapped.

“How long have you been alive since the crash?” Frost questioned as she leaned against the doorway.

“About eight months,” Jake answered.

“How come you didn’t come back sooner?” Frost asked as her gaze softened again. “Do you know how hard it was for me?”

“I’m sorry,” Jake apologized and grabbed her arm. “But, I’m back now.”

“Now are you gonna stay here?” Frost laid her ears back as she waited for Jake to answer.

“Yes, I am.” Jake wrapped his arms around her and felt relief as she hugged him back. “Bryan and I want to talk to you guys about something.”

“Bryan?” Frost’s ears perked at the name. “I’ll be down in a minute. Just let me get my robe on.”

Jake walked back down the stairs as Frost wrapped her blue silk robe around her and tied it around her waist. Bryan was sitting on the couch next to Kit and Sapphire, apparently telling them something funny. Chance was leaning on the kitchen counter, eating some pizza. Frost came down behind him and sat in her Lay-z-Boy chair.

“Okay, first things first,” Frost said as everyone went silent. “I want to know why you’re still alive and who the heck you are.” Frost signaled to the wolf with her pine green eyes.

“Well, this is Bryan.” Jake motioned towards Bryan as the wolf’s amber eyes just kept a locked gaze on Frost.

“I was the one who found him,” Bryan growled as he switched his gaze to Jake.

“When the TurboKat went down, I was thrown a good hundred feet from it on impact,” Jake said as he sat down on the arm of Frost’s chair. “He found me near where he had been watching the jet fall. He took me back to his village and fixed me up.”

“Village?” Chance asked as he shifted the weight on his legs.

“He’s a mountain kat,” Jake explained. “You know the ones who are supposed to be extinct.”

“We’re gettin’ there though,” Bryan mumbled as he rested his chin in his hands.

“Well, he taught me how to hunt and climb,” Jake continued as all the others listened with interest.

“And, to ride a Ragnadon,” Bryan added in with a snicker.

“What’s a Ragnadon?” Kit asked as he pulled his legs up on to the couch.

“They’re like giant armadillos with tusks and longer legs,” Jake described it the best he could.

“We had those things back on my home planet,” Sapphire gasped as her ears perked. “They came from another odd planet that only the toughest warriors could go on.”

“Well, we just sorta found these two around in the mountains,” Bryan said as he leaned back against the couch. “I’ve got a pretty good idea of where they came from.”

“Should I show them?” Jake asked as he stood and opened up the garage door.

“Yeah.” Bryan stood as well and followed Jake outside as well with the others behind him.

A warm breeze blew over the garage and smelled of the sea. The stars twinkled above, and the crescent moon shined a white light.

“Okay, you see that blue planet that’s fairly big?” Bryan pointed up to a large blue speck in the sky. “Just watch it for a few seconds.”

All of them watched it with curiosity. Thunder sounded overhead as the planet had a large spout of black fire flare from it. The thunder quit as soon as the black fire disappeared.

“Whoa, what was that?!” Kit questioned as his bright green eyes grew wide.

“The planet has too much energy.” Jake sighed as he looked over at Bryan then at Frost. “Too much energy means every planet that knows it is trying to get a hold of it. We think that someone here has been there and brought the Ragnadons back.”

“So, that’s where those two came from.” Frost nodded her head towards where the Ragnadons were sleeping.

“Yeah,” Jake whispered. He looked up then twitched his ears. “Where’s Kacey?”

“She’s over at a friend’s house, spending the night,” Frost answered casually. “You know, I bet she’d come home in a heartbeat.”

“Why don’t you call over there and then I’ll go pick her up,” Jake suggested.

“Will do.” Frost walked back into the garage.

“So, how have things been going around here?” Jake asked Chance.

“Not much,” Chance answered as he leaned on an old car. “No villain has come out of their burrows.”

“Wish we could say the same thing,” Bryan growled. He let out a cough of air as Jake elbowed his chest.

“What does he mean?” Kit asked with great curiosity in his voice.

“Nothing, just some creeps that are after me,” Jake mumbled.

“Why are they after you?” Chance questioned. “They’ll have go through me first.”

“They’ll go through you, under you, above you but never around,” Bryan snorted.

“Bryan’s exaggerating,” Jake hissed. “But, he has a point. They’re real tough.”

“Alright.” Frost reappeared. “She questioned why she had to come home, but now she’s ready to be picked up. I didn’t tell her you were back and she thinks I’m gonna go pick her up.”

“Better get going.” Jake jumped into the tow truck.

Bryan came around to the driver’s side where Jake was sitting. He leaned in the open window. “You remember how to drive?” An evil smile spread over Bryan’s muzzle.

“Yeah.” Jake twisted the keys in the ignition.

“Just like you drove that truck,” Bryan snickered.

“Shut up,” Jake growled jokingly. “We returned it, didn’t we?”

“You returned it in two pieces.” Bryan pointed to Jake. “I take no part.”

“You didn’t tell me there was a tree growing in the middle of the road.” Jake pulled out of the garage and took off down the drive way.

“What was that about?” Kit asked as he walked up behind the wolf.

“We hijacked a car in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,” Bryan chuckled then casually walked over to his Ragnadon.

* * * *

Kacey stood outside of her friend’s house. She was in her blue pajama pants and white night shirt, hugging her red pillow. Yawning she glanced at her watch. Ten o’clock. Why in the world did her mom want her to come home?

“Finally,” Kacey muttered as the tow truck pulled up.

She waved bye to her friend that was standing on the door step and pulled open the door. The dark ginger she-kat threw her pillow in and then jumped in. Not even bothering to look towards the driver’s seat out of anger, she shut the door and pressed her face against the window.

“Why’d you pick me up early? I was having fun,” Kacey muttered as she kept her face pressed firmly against the window.

The engine roared to life, and they started to pull out of the driveway. The cab was dark and only the city lights dimly lit parts of it.

“I didn’t want to come home,” Kacey broke the silence.

“Fine, you want to go back?” a tom’s voice spooked the she-kat.

Kacey turned around and was startled to see her dad driving, not her mom. Stunned, she didn’t say anything.

“What? You didn’t miss me?” Jake teased as he wrapped his arm around his daughter.

“You’re back? You’re dead!” Kacey’s voice was barely audible.

“I’m not dead, and, yes, I’m back,” Jake answered.

Kacey opened her mouth.

“And don’t even say I’m a vampire, werewolf, zombie, or ghost,” Jake replied before Kacey even said anything.

“I wasn’t even going to say that,” Kacey denied, even though that was exactly what she was going to say.

“You’ve gotten big since the last time I’ve seen you,” Jake said as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Well, you’ve changed,” Kacey observed. She reached out and gently tugged the hair that covered her dad’s right eye. “You need a hair cut.” She unsheathed her claws and rubbed one down one of her dad’s fangs. “You look like Dracula,” Kacey mimicked the vampire’s voice perfectly. “And, you have enough fur that, if you shed, you’ll cover the entire city.”

“Kacey, my fur only thickened about an inch,” Jake mewed.

“Okay, so I over-exaggerated,” Kacey admitted.

The city was behind them now and it was still about another ten miles until they reached the Salvage Yard. It was an open stretch of desert with a few scraggly trees here and there.

There was a screech above in the black sky. Jake twitched his ears and searched the night sky. Suddenly, there were claws digging into the top of the cab. Jake slammed on the brakes and swung open the door.

“Kacey, stay here,” he ordered then jumped out onto the sand.

Two back paws landed in the sand and then two giant eagle like feet came down. Huge feathered wings folded tightly against a cat like body. An eagle like beak opened and screeched again.

Jake stood in a fighting position, his claws dug into the ground.

“A griffin,” Kacey gasped as she watched.

Jake unsheathed a sword that he had been carrying on his waist. The griffin chirped oddly and swiped powerful talons at the dark ginger tom. He jumped back as the talons clipped his shirt. Bringing his sword around with great force, Jake slashed at the griffin’s beak. A high pitched ting sounded as the sword hit its lower jaw. The jaw hung limply as the griffin screeched and leapt up into the air.

“There.” Jake sheathed his sword and started to walk back towards the truck.

“Whoa! That was awesome!” Kacey said as her dad shut the door.

Jake sat there for a second. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, his teeth clenched.

“Dad, you okay?” Kacey asked.

Jake looked down at his side. He took his hand off of his side. Blood was on his hand and seeping through his black shirt.

“Dang griffin.” Jake started up the truck, keeping his right hand on his side.

Kacey kept silent as they sped the rest of the way home.

* * * *

Bryan stood as he saw the truck coming up the driveway. His tail lashing, he waited as the truck came to a stop and Jake stepped out.

“Oh my god,” Bryan whispered as he ran over to the dark ginger tom. “What happened?”

“Baby griffin,” Jake managed to growl through gritted teeth.

“Come on, we need to get inside, so I can take a look at that.” Bryan wrapped Jake’s left arm around his shoulders and helped him inside.

Kacey followed them. She opened the door and then locked it once they were inside.

“Jake, what happened?” Frost asked as she moved off of the couch so Jake could sit down.

“Baby griffin,” Bryan answered as he kneeled down on his knees beside Jake.

Jake lifted up his shirt. Three talon wounds ran across his torso. He settled into more of a laying position.

“Three talon wounds,” Bryan murmured. “Polar griffin,” he concluded.

“It was pure white,” Kacey said as she settled on the arm of her mom’s Lay-z-Boy.

“Only polar griffins leave the three talon wounds; other griffins leave four talon wounds,” Bryan mumbled. “We need a polar marten.”

“Kacey, open my back pack,” Jake growled.

“Okay.” Kacey stood up and kneeled down by his back pack. She unzipped it.

A sleepy head appeared. A dark brown marten with small horns on its head crawled out of the back pack.

“You brought Zarin?” Bryan asked as the marten dashed over to him.

“Thought she might come in handy.” Jake put his hand under Zarin’s chest and picked her up.

“Well, what’s a marten going to do?” Frost asked as Jake set Zarin on his chest.

“Their saliva stops bleeding and helps the healing process go faster,” Bryan answered.

Zarin’s black nose started to twitch. She crawled down next to Jake’s wounds and started licking them.

“Hey, where’d Chance go?” Jake asked as he rubbed his hand over his marten’s soft fur.

“Him and Sapphire went to bed,” Frost mewed.

“We should probably get to bed too,” Jake said as he picked Zarin up and stood. “You can sleep on the couch if you want, Bryan.”

“Me? Being locked up inside? No.” Bryan unlocked the garage door and started to walk out. “I’m sleeping with the Ragnadons.”

“Go right ahead.” Jake started to shakily walk up the stairs with Frost and Kacey behind him.

“Good night, dad.” Kacey opened the door to her room and disappeared inside.

“Jake, we’re going to have to get that wound cleaned up,” Frost said as she started to dig in their closet. “Here.” She handed Jake a bottle of alcohol, an old rag, and a roll of cloth bandages.

The dark ginger tom took off his shirt and started to clean the wound. Zarin sat on his lap and watched him with black eyes. Jake wrapped the bandage around his torso then laid down in the bed.

“So, where did Zarin come from?” Frost asked as she crawled under the covers.

“She just sorta started following me around,” Jake answered as he clicked off the light.

“I can sense you’re not telling me the whole story,” Frost grumbled as she rolled over and pulled the covers over her shoulders.

“If only you knew,” Jake’s voice was barely audible.

* * * *

Early the next morning, it was gray with clouds. It was still fairly hot, just more humid than usual. Jake had wanted to go on patrol with Chance as the SWAT Kats.

“It feels good to have you back in the saddle again, partner,” T-Bone chuckled as he hit the throttle.

“Feels good to be back.” Razor ran his claws down all of his instruments.

A red light started to flash beside T-Bone. He flipped a switch next to it.

“T-Bone, there’s something attacking City Hall,” Ms. Briggs reported. “It looks like a cat with wings.”

Razor had a really bad feeling in the pit of his gut. Griffins are really gentle unless trained to attack.

“We’ll be right over.” T-Bone smirked to himself. It’s been a long time since he’s said ‘we’ll’.

“Alright,” Ms. Briggs sounded a little confused.

At City Hall, Commander Felina Feral was guarding the door to Ms. Briggs’s office. There was a knock at the door. Felina switched hands holding her gun and unlocked the door.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here,” Ms. Briggs said as she approached T-Bone.

Both she-kats were startled when a dark ginger tom walked in.

Razor perked his ears up, laughing to himself.

“Razor? Is that really you?” Felina lowered her gun.

“After a year of being gone, yes, it is me,” Razor answered with a smile.

“Where in the world did you go?” Ms. Briggs asked as she basically threw herself around Razor and kissed his cheek.


The glass window shattered before he could finish.

A small griffin, about five feet taller than T-Bone, broke through the glass. Pure white wings were tucked in tightly and four taloned feet, three main toes and one dew claw, made deep scores in the carpet. Thick white fur covered every inch of its body.

“Oh boy.” Razor pushed Ms. Briggs behind him.

“Prince,” the griffin screeched in an ear shattering high pitched noise. Its chest heaved as it screeched again. “Prince!”

“Would you things just leave me alone!” Razor yowled as he launched an Octopus Missile at the griffin.

The griffin smashed the missile down and flung open its wings, sending feathers everywhere and causing great confusion. Glass and concrete shattered as the griffin threw itself against the wall and started to fall about fifty stories.

“Razor, bud, where are ya?” T-Bone yelled when the dust started to settle.

“He’s with the griffin!” Felina answered as she looked over the edge of the crumbling concrete.

Sure enough, Razor had been taken out with the griffin. Both of them lay sprawled on the steps of City Hall. Luckily, the small tom had landed on the griffin’s side, but he wasn’t moving.

“Don’t die on me, bud,” T-Bone whispered as he took off running down a long series of stairs.

Once down at the bottom of the building where Enforcer cars were gathering, T-Bone ran to his motionless partner. When he was close enough, he realized that Razor was breathing but had blood running from the corner of his mouth.

“Razor?” T-Bone gently picked his partner up.

“Stupid polar griffin,” Razor groaned.

“How in the world did you survive a drop from fifty stories?” T-Bone asked as he walked back into the building and into an elevator.

“Griffin broke my fall,” he answered quietly.

“Right,” T-Bone grumbled. “Why was he screeching ‘prince’ though?”

“I’ll explain it to you when we get back to the hangar,” Razor said as his partner set him in the weapons officer’s seat.

* * * *

Bryan sat on top of a pile of scrap metal watching Kacey, Kit, and Josie all playing together. He pricked his ears when he saw the jet returning to the underground hangar. With great agility, he jumped down and landed lightly on his feet.

“Hey, Bryan, do you have any brothers or sisters?” Kit asked as he balanced his little sister Josie on his shoulders.

“Not that I know of,” Bryan answered as he disappeared into the garage. “What happened, guys?”

“A polar griffin attacked us,” Jake said as he sat down on the couch. “I took a fifty story drop.”

“Ouch.” Bryan sat down on the arm of the couch.

“Now you’re going to tell me, everything,” Chance ordered as his partner sighed.

“Fine, but you’re never gonna believe me.” Jake rested his chin in his hands. “After the crash, Bryan found me like I told you before. But, when I got to where I could move again, it had been about month. One of the elders in his village told me I was the Prince. Bryan and I made our way clear down to Antarctica where the Empress said that I was indeed the Prince. After that, things started to go downhill. Polar griffins started to attack nonstop. Assassins started to attack too, but they were easily taken care of. When we got back into North America, we found the Ragnadons. Polar griffins started to pop up here and there. I was afraid that if they found out you were my best friend they’d come after you.”

“You’re royalty?” Chance asked, completely stunned.

“I guess,” Jake answered as he pushed his hair out of his face. “I’m not leaving again. But, Bryan has to go back to his village.”

“So, I say good-bye to you guys.” Bryan stood up, a sword around his waist and another around his chest. “Tell the girls I said good bye.”

“Take care of yourself.” Jake watched as the white wolf jumped on top of his Ragnadon and took off down the driveway.

“You know Frost’s gonna love to hear this story, Prince,” Chance teased.

The End

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