Original SWAT Kats Story

Snake Pit

By Frost

  • 1 Chapter
  • 8,043 Words

A deadly murderer with a fascination with snakes captures the SWAT Kats, Callie and Felina. Can they escape before they end up like her other victims? (Oneshot – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Snake Pit
Author: Frost
Email: swatkatsyd@live.com
Status: Finished
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence, gross scenes that may disturb some readers and mild sexuality.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission. Other characters belong to the author.

“In other news, a fifteenth body was found in MegaKat Park,” Julie Gora reported.

“Jake! They found another body,” Chance yelled as his partner sat down on the couch next to him.

“An expert forensics team concluded that the body had been killed using a mixture of different snake venoms. The body’s right shoulder and ribs were broken.” Julie cut to the Enforcers, who were taping off a section of the park. “No suspects have been found, but Commander Felina Feral says that the kat doing this would have to have a major knowledge of snake venom and would have to know exactly how to avoid constant surveillance.”

“Wow, fifteen victims and no request for world domination,” Jake grabbed a red rag and wiped his greasy hands on it.

“Who do you think it is?” Chance asked as he leaned back.

“I’d say it’s Viper, but it just doesn’t seem like him.” Jake stood up. “Probably someone that has too much time on their hands.”

“Fun.” Chance twisted his red baseball cap so it covered his eyes.

Sapphire walked down the stairs with her four year old daughter behind her. The golden she-kat, who had black stripes, saw her husband relaxing on the couch.

“Josie, go get your dad,” Sapphire whispered to her golden tabby daughter.

Josie jumped the last two steps and ran over to the couch. In a swift move, she landed on top of Chance. He grunted and took off his cap. Laughing, he wrapped his arms around his young daughter.

“What’ve you been up to, kiddo?” Chance asked as Josie settled herself on his lap.

“Bath,” Josie answered as she shook her head wildly, sending water droplets off of the tips of her reddish brown hair.

“She thought she was going to be like you and she got into grease.” Sapphire sat down on the couch. “She called it ‘war paint’.”

“She didn’t get that from me,” Chance objected.

“No, who did you get it from?” Sapphire asked Josie.

“Big brother,” Josie answered with a gleaming smile.

“That’s make sense,” Chance said as Josie jumped off of him and ran outside. “Kit and Kacey are always using grease as war paint when they use karate on each other.”

“I swear if anything ever happens to the SWAT Kats, those two would carry on the legend.” Sapphire pulled her legs up onto the couch.

“They sure would.” Chance leaned closer to her.

“Don’t kiss her!” Kit jumped up from the side of the couch and startled both his parents.

“Kit, you’re gonna give me a heart attack one of these days!” Chance turned around and pulled his fourteen year old over the side of the couch.

Kit said something, but it was muffled because his head was plowed into a couch pillow.

“Where’s Kacey? You two are inseparable,” Jake asked as he walked in.

“We were trying new karate moves and then it turned into a chasing game then she ran up to her room and locked me out,” Kit summarized as he stood up straight.

“Yeah, that sounds like something she’d do.” Jake walked into the kitchen and started to wash his hands.

Frost walked through the door, holding up two pizza boxes.

“I bring food!” she yowled so the kids that were outside could hear her.

Almost instantly, her daughter, Kacey, came flying down the stairs. Kit ran over to her, and Josie came running inside. The tabby tom tried to jump up and steal one of the boxes, but Frost held them high above her head.

“You remember the rules, no grabbing until it gets set on the counter.” Frost walked over to the kitchen with Kacey, Kit, Josie, Chance, and Sapphire on her tail.

There was silence. As soon as Frost set the boxes down, the lids flew open and almost every slice of pizza was gone.

“This is good pizza,” Kit said through a mouthful of pizza.

Kacey walked past him and took a bite out of his pizza before sitting down on the couch and then saying, “Mmm… that is good pizza.”

“Hey! Pizza stealer,” Kit sank down next to the dark ginger she-kat.

A beeping sound came from Jake’s pocket. He dug out the small, triangular communication device.

“Yes, Ms. Briggs?” Jake asked.

There was silence then it sounded like a snake’s hissing.

“Hey, who’d you just contact?” a she-kat in the background hissed.

“No one,” Ms. Briggs said.

“No, wait, I know exactly who you just called to come save your tail,” the other she-kat growled. “You called the SWAT Kats.”

“They’ll kick your tail when they get here!” Ms. Briggs yelled.

“No, they won’t. I’ll just…” The other she-kat paused when there was a banging at the door.

“It’s the Enforcers! Let me in!” Felina yowled.

There was a bang in the background. A shrill scream came over the communicator, and there was a thud.

“Felina! You’re in serious trouble now!” Ms. Briggs shrieked.

“Oh, no you don’t! Come back here!” the other she-kat yowled and then everything went silent again.

“Sounds like we better get a move on.” Jake stuffed a piece of pizza in his mouth and slid down the ladder to the hanger with Chance right behind him.

“Be careful!” Sapphire shouted down at them.

“If you’re not back before three in the morning, I’m gonna come looking for you,” Frost added teasingly.

* * * *

The TurboKat landed gently on top of City Hall. Both SWAT Kats jumped out of the cockpit and landed on the roof with silence. When they got to Ms. Briggs’s office, they saw about three Enforcers surrounding the door.

“Alright, so what’s going on?” T-Bone asked as he walked in between two Enforcers.

“The she-kat is threatening us that, if we try to come in, she’ll kill Commander Feral and Mayor Briggs,” one of the Enforcers reported.

“She’s not requesting anything,” another Enforcer said.

“I can hear you,” a voice that could make your spine shiver called from the other side of the door. “I know you’re there.”

“We have to go in,” one of the Enforcers growled. He nudged the door.

There was a blood curdling scream and then silence. The Enforcers froze. A fierce hissing came from the other side then there was a quiet whimper.

“Only the SWAT Kats can come in,” the voice growled.

Both toms walked forward and pushed open the door. It was pitch black inside the office. The door slammed shut behind them.

“I don’t like the looks of this,” Razor whispered as he secured his Glovatrix.

Something brushed past both of them. Instantly, they both turned and turned on the lights on their helmets. Nothing was there.

“Turn off the lights,” the she-kat’s voice hissed. “Do it now or say good bye to your Mayor and Commander.”

Both SWAT Kats flicked off their lights. Something slithered over the floor, making Razor jump.

“I think a snake just slithered over my feet,” Razor grumbled as he took a careful step forward.

“It was a spitting cobra,” the she-kat’s voice answered. “Five feet long and one heck of a bite that one has.”

“Where are you?” T-Bone questioned as he swung his head around.

“Why, I’m right above you,” the she-kat answered.

T-Bone looked up but didn’t see anything. Suddenly, there was a thud behind him. Something brushed past him and ran past Razor.

“Just like the mist, I’m gone in a flash,” the she-kat’s voice came from somewhere in the corner.

“What’s your name?” Razor asked as he took some blind steps towards the corner.

“Mist.” The she-kat dashed behind them.

Suddenly, T-Bone’s feet were knocked out from underneath him. Razor was kicked in his torso and fell on top of his partner.

“Do you know what kind of snake I have against your necks?” Mist asked as she brought her snake close to the two toms.

“No,” both of them answered quietly.

“It’s a black mamba,” she hissed. Mist stood up straight and then came down hard on both toms. The she-kat sat quiet for a second, making sure they were really out cold before she started to drag them.

* * * *

Razor shook his head as he started to regain consciousness. He was in a fairly large room with one huge, dome-shaped window that overlooked a giant swamp at the end of it. There were glass tanks and tables all down through the end of the room. A huge snake skeleton hung from the roof of the room. Pythons and tree snakes slithered in and out of its ribs. A couple huge pythons and anacondas moved on the slick floor and wrapped around statues of snakes.

“So, do you like my reptile room?” Mist’s voice startled the dark ginger tom. The she-kat had thick, dark gray fur and long silvery hair. A white corn snake with red eyes was wrapped around her torso.

“Where the heck am I?” Razor asked as he realized he was tied down to a chair. Ropes tied his hands behind the chair and ropes wrapped around his legs and ankles.

“Not just you.” Mist walked towards her left and around a chair that had T-Bone tied to it. His ears were pinned back, and his fangs were bared in a fierce snarl. Mist nodded to two other chairs that had Ms. Briggs and Felina tied to them.

“So, what do you want with us?” T-Bone hissed.

“Well, I can imagine you’ve heard of the fifteen victims that have been killed by various methods.” Mist leaned against a table as a black and red striped snake coiled around her arm. “Yours truly is the murderer.”

“You killed all of those kats?” Felina asked as a stunned look appeared on her face.

“Yes.” An evil smile spread across Mist’s muzzle. “And, it’s soon to be nineteen victims.”

“So, let’s hear a little about you,” Felina growled as she pulled at the ropes.

“Snakes are my best friends,” Mist answered as she picked up a small milk snake. “And, before I kill my victims, they get to endure some torture.”

All the kats were silent. Mist’s aqua blue eyes darted back and forth. Her eyes landed on T-Bone. The she-kat silently thought about how cute he was and how well he’d take torture.

“Let’s see how well I am at remembering names,” Mist purred. “Callie the independent, Felina the spunky, T-Bone the strong, and Razor the smart. This is gonna be fun.”

T-Bone growled as the dark gray she-kat brushed past him. Something in the pit of his gut told him that this was going to be a long night.

“Let’s see how well you two toms can last.” Mist flashed T-Bone an evil glint in her eyes. Mist picked up a small black, yellow, and red snake. She turned around and walked towards the tabby tom.

“What do you plan on doing with that?” T-Bone questioned as he realized it was a harmless milk snake.

“Something.” The she-kat brought the snake up to his nose. “This snake will drive you nuts from the inside out. Plus, I’ve genetically altered this snake.”

T-Bone knew what she was talking about. He kept his mouth closed. No way no how was that snake getting inside his mouth.

“Fine,” Mist took a knife out of her back pocket and walked over to Razor. She held to the blade to his throat. “Now are you gonna be a good boy?”

“Don’t.” T-Bone clenched his teeth. “I’ll take whatever torture, just don’t hurt him.”

“That’s more like it.” Mist put the knife back in her pocket and walked over to him. “Now open your mouth.”

T-Bone reluctantly opened his mouth. Shivers went down his spine as he felt the snake slither into his mouth. The snake’s tongue flicked towards the back of his throat.

Razor, Felina, and Callie watched in horror as the tabby tom closed his mouth. Razor wiggled in his ropes, trying to loosen them. A large python slithered over his feet and rose up as if telling him not to try anything.

“Now, swallow it,” Mist ordered. She looked at the three other kats that were tied to chairs around her reptile room. They all had shocked looks on their faces and their ears were pinned back.

“T-Bone, don’t do it!” Razor growled from where he was.

“Do it or they all die,” Mist hissed as she took her knife out again.

T-Bone looked over towards Razor, who was shaking his head. He lowered his head and swallowed. He started to gag as the snake slithered down his throat.

“Good boy,” Mist growled with pleasure. “That snake is resistant to your stomach acids. So, it will just basically starve you of nutrients, and you’ll basically starve to death.”

“If I live long enough,” T-Bone growled at the she-kat.

“Yes, if you live long enough.” Mist looked at him with an evil glint in her aqua blue eyes.

T-Bone didn’t know what was more disturbing: That a she-kat could have such a twisted mind or the fact that he could feel the snake moving around in his stomach.

Mist turned her back on the four kats and disappeared through the door with her tail lashing behind her.

Razor turned to his partner with wide unbelieving eyes.

“I can’t believe you just did that!” He twisted in the ropes.

“It was either your neck or that.” T-Bone lowered his head and scraped his tongue against his teeth, trying to get rid of the feeling of the snake’s scaly texture.

“I think this she-kat fell on her head when she was a kitten,” Razor growled and sat up straight.

“Something’s definitely wrong with her.” T-Bone shook his head and closed his eyes.

“You okay?” Razor asked.

“The feeling of the snake moving is making me sick,” T-Bone answered as he took a deep breath.

“Are you gonna be okay?” Ms. Briggs asked.

“Yeah, Callie, I’ll be fine,” T-Bone answered weakly.

Razor twisted his wrists in the ropes. Something slithered onto his hand. A small snake made its way up his arm and onto his shoulder.

“These snakes show absolutely no fear,” Razor mumbled as the snake slithered off of his shoulder and onto the chair.

“She probably messes with them all the time,” Felina said as she flipped her black and white hair out of her face.

“You got that right.” Mist reappeared with a king brown snake wrapped around her arms. “These guys are always messed with, and they love being used as torture tools. They’re so friendly that, if they see a chance, they’d rather wrap around your leg instead of a statue.”

All the kats kept silent. Mist looked around at them then looked outside at the darkness and the rain pounding against the window. She yawned and walked towards the rows of glass tanks. Quickly, she flicked the low lights on. Snakes started to settle underneath them.

“It’s midnight, and I’m gonna get some sleep.” Mist turned but looked over her shoulder. “Try anything stupid, and that’ll be the last thing you do.”

All four kats watched as she walked through the door and shut it. The dim light of the snake tanks made enough light to illuminate the whole room.

* * * *

About three hours later, Mist reappeared. She looked at all the four sleeping kats. Quietly, she disappeared back through the door, a wicked smile on her face.

Razor awoke and raised his head as Mist approached him. She was holding metal pinchers that held on to a red hot coal. He pinned his ears back.

“Open your mouth,” Mist ordered as she raised the hot coal close to his nose.

Razor pulled his head away and hissed at Mist.

“Are you nuts?!” he questioned.

“Well, I’ve been told I’ve lost it mentally,” Mist chuckled. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out her knife.

“Hey! You said you wouldn’t hurt him!” T-Bone growled at the she-kat.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t,” Mist protested. She held the blade to Razor’s throat. “Open your mouth.”

“No,” Razor hissed at Mist.

“Fine.” She turned and threw her knife.

T-Bone flinched as the knife barely cut his arm and hit the wall behind him.

“Next time I’ll hit him in his chest.” Mist turned back to him.

Razor looked at T-Bone then the two she-kats. He looked at the hot coal and lowered his head.

“Don’t hurt him,” Razor whispered.

“That’s better.” Mist smirked as she raised the hot coal.

Razor’s stomach was in a knot. He opened his mouth with fear in his heart. Mist lowered the hot coal.

“Don’t!” T-Bone yowled as he pulled at his ropes.

Razor felt unbearable heat on his tongue. He shrieked as the hot coal hit his tongue. The hot coal fell to the floor and tears welled in Razor’s eyes. He could taste and feel blood in his mouth.

“Razor!” T-Bone pulled even harder at his ropes.

Razor’s tongue and mouth was burning with what felt like a fever. He would do anything for a piece of ice to cool his mouth. A tear ran down his cheek.

“If I get out of these ropes, so help me I’ll kill you!” T-Bone yowled.

“Well, let’s just hope you’re dead when you get out of your ropes,” Mist growled as she picked up the hot coal with the pinchers and disappeared through the door again.

“Razor, are you okay?” Felina asked with great concern.

Razor nodded his head slowly. His tongue was still hot, but he could feel blood starting to stop flowing as rapidly. This was going to be a long hard night if this kept up.

* * * *

Razor woke up an hour later. Everything was quiet except for the rain pounding against the window. Lightning flashed and lit up the entire swamp and vibrating thunder soon followed. The dark ginger tom noticed that T-Bone was already awake and Felina and Callie were just waking up.

“T-Bone, you doin’ okay?” Razor asked quietly as he wiggled his wrists, still trying to loosen the ropes.

“Yeah, fine,” T-Bone mumbled and lifted his head. “How about that tongue of yours?”

“It hurts,” Razor answered with tiredness to his voice. “How about you girls, you doin’ alright?”

“We’re in better shape than you two,” Felina replied. “You two are taking some torture.”

“It’s either us or you,” T-Bone heaved a sigh and lowered his head again.

“But, she’s gonna kill you two,” Callie mewed with great concern in her voice.

“If she kills us, she kills us,” Razor whispered. “At least you two might have a chance of getting out.”

“But, she can’t kill you,” Callie said. “MegaKat City would fall apart, and it just wouldn’t be the same.”

“I think the Enforcers could handle it with most of the omegas out of the game.” T-Bone hated to admit it, but the Enforcers would probably have to handle it from now on.

Callie and Felina were silent. They’d never seen the SWAT Kats so defeated.

“Where in the world did Mist go?” T-Bone growled as he scanned the room.

“Why?” Razor asked as a python slithered over his feet.

“I really want to knock a few teeth out of her skull,” T-Bone answered in a gruff tone.

Razor nodded in understanding. He wanted to knock a few teeth out of Mist’s skull too. But, T-Bone had more of a need. A burned tongue would heal over, but he had a feeling his tabby partner would have some type of fear of snakes.

“If we do get out of this,” Razor started, his voice lowered so only T-Bone could hear him. “We’ll have to see if Frost has some type of herb to get that snake out of your stomach.”

T-Bone only nodded in reply. Swallowing a snake wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but it was the only way to save Razor’s neck. And, his partner was right; if they did survive, Frost was going to have to find some type of herb to get the snake out.

“Hey Razor.” Felina noticed something behind the dark ginger tom she hadn’t noticed before. “There’s a knife behind you.”

Razor felt around the table the best he could with his tied hands. After a couple of seconds he felt the cold blade of the knife. Carefully, he manipulated the knife until it cut the rope tying his hands.

“Bingo.” Razor bent over and cut the ropes around his feet.

T-Bone rubbed his wrists after his partner cut the ropes tying him to the chair.

The door creaked open behind them. Both toms dove for cover as Mist came in with a large brown and black snake wrapped around her shoulders. Its tongue flicked in and out as it bobbed its head up and down.

“Where’d they go?” Mist hissed as she looked at Callie and Felina.

“We don’t know,” Felina answered, highly doubting the clever she-kat would buy it.

Mist started to walk around her fairly large reptile room. Lightning lit up the dimly lit room and thunder rumbled outside. Her aqua blue eyes glinted as she stalked around her room.

Razor crept silently behind Mist. T-Bone closed in on the other side of the dark gray she-kat.

Mist paused.

“Gotcha!” She jumped up and flung her body around, landing a round house kick in Razor’s chest. Mist turned and elbowed T-Bone in his gut. “You two are absolutely no match for me.”

“Says who?” Razor jumped up and kicked out at Mist.

“I say.” Mist dodged him and grabbed his foot and brought him hard down on the ground.

“Well, I say different!” T-Bone growled and leapt at the dark gray she-kat.

Mist ducked under one of the tables and grabbed a cane that had a cobra head on it. She rammed it into the tabby tom when he tried to jump at her again.

“So, what are you going to do to us now?” Razor growled as he held his chest.

“Well, you two seem to take torture fairly well.” Mist took a knife off the table and pulled the knife from her back pocket. “I’ll just have to think of some more torture. Now, come on, get up.” She kept her knives at the back of the two toms’ necks.

“So, when will our torture come to an end?” T-Bone questioned as he rubbed his stomach.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Mist tied some thick ropes around Razor’s wrists and ankles then retied T-Bone. “I guess when I get bored I’ll put you out of your misery.”

Callie and Felina pinned their ears back as Mist walked past them, her tail lashing from side to side.

“I can’t believe she heard us sneaking up behind her,” Razor grumbled as he laid his ears back.

“She must have really good hearing,” Callie suggested.

“Yes, I do!” they heard Mist call from somewhere outside the reptile room.

“T-Bone, are you okay?” Razor asked as he perked his ears up.

“Yeah, just brilliantly fine,” T-Bone mumbled. He coughed and brought up some blood with it.

“She hit you pretty hard,” Razor whispered as he suppressed a wave of fear.

“I’m fine,” T-Bone insisted. He knew it wasn’t anything real serious. It was just a little blood.

“I wish she’d just kill us already,” Razor hissed much to Callie’s surprise.

“I wouldn’t wait much longer,” Felina mumbled. “I mean, what other torture does she have?”

“I have a few more ways.” Mist reappeared in the room with a tiger snake wrapped around her torso.

T-Bone laid his ears back and growled as Mist unwrapped the tiger snake from around her torso. The dark gray she-kat laid the snake around his broad shoulders. The tabby tom kept still as the poisonous snake slithered onto his chest.

“I figured you might be a bit fearful of snakes after I made you swallow my milk snake,” Mist purred in his ear.

Razor’s heart pounded as Mist picked up a fairly large python. The she-kat walked behind him and let her snake flick its tongue right next to his ear.

“Now tell me, SWAT Kat.” Mist opened her snake’s jaws and dug its needle sharp teeth into Razor’s shoulder. “Do my python’s teeth feel sharp?”

Razor clenched his teeth and tried to sink down in the chair. He could feel warm blood webbing down his fur. After what seemed like years, the snake let go. Mist set the python on Razor’s lap and disappeared back through the door.

“Razor, are you okay?” T-Bone asked as shivers went down his spine as the snake slithered around his neck.

“Yeah.” Razor jerked his shoulder in a vain effort to shake the python off of him.

T-Bone wiggled as the snake slithered into his G-suit. He wanted the snake off so bad, but he didn’t want to move around too much in fear that the snake would bite him.

“Are you guys okay?” Callie asked as she perked her ears a little.

“The bite burns like hell,” Razor answered as the python wrapped around one of his legs.

“And, what about you?” Felina asked T-Bone.

“This snake tickles,” T-Bone answered as he tried twisting to the side as the snake slithered around his torso.

“We need to find some way out of here,” Razor growled as the python started to slither up his chest.

“And, then what?” Felina mumbled. “We’re out in the middle of the swamp or something. We don’t even know how far Mist lives out of the city.”

Razor went silent. He hadn’t even thought of that. After being awake from nine at night until four in the morning had taken its toll on the dark ginger tom.

T-Bone twisted and wiggled as the snake went down his under shirt. Even his fairly thick fur didn’t protect him from feeling the tickling feeling of the snake.

Razor tried to suppress a chuckle as he watched his partner squirm. He felt sorry yet amused as he watched T-Bone twist and turn, trying to get rid of the tickling feeling.

“You havin’ some problems there, bud?” Razor couldn’t resist it anymore. He started laughing.

“Shut up,” T-Bone growled but started laughing too. He must’ve looked pretty funny.

Callie and Felina both smiled at the two toms. It felt good to hear the two laughing.

“So, you think my snake’s funny?” Mist asked as she walked into the room.

Everybody went silent. Mist walked over to the tabby tom. She walked behind him and lowered her head to his level.

“I’m glad you absolutely love both of my snakes.” Mist wrapped her arms around his shoulders and laid her hands on his chest.

T-Bone laid his ears back and hissed. If Sapphire saw Mist doing that, she’d totally flip.

Mist slid her hands down onto his torso. He tried sliding down and out of the dark gray she-kat’s reach but to no avail.

“Now tell me, where’d my tiger snake go?” Mist rubbed her hands down T-Bone’s torso.

“It’s around my ribs,” T-Bone answered in a low, gruff tone.

Mist moved her hands around until she felt the scaly yet smooth skin of her snake. She pulled up her hands and ran her fingers through T-Bone’s chest fur before standing up straight.

“I’ll be back in a little while.” Mist turned to the door, eyeing them all carefully. “Don’t try anything funny.”

After the she-kat left, Razor gave his partner a questioning look as did Callie and Felina.

T-Bone shrugged his broad shoulders. “I have no idea what that was about,” he whispered quietly.

“I think that Mist has a thing for you,” Callie mewed as she flipped her head to get her graying blonde hair out of her face.

T-Bone looked at Razor. The dark ginger tom knew what he was thinking. Sapphire would have been greatly angered about that move Mist pulled. If Mist tried anything else like that, the tabby tom wouldn’t know how to deal with his wife.

“There’s gotta be some way of getting out of here,” T-Bone broke the silence.

“Well, she can hear every word we say, and we have no idea where we are,” Razor replied as his muscles tensed when the python slithered over his shoulders.

“Our chances are pretty slim by the looks of it,” T-Bone concluded before heaving a sigh then wiggled again as the snake slithered around his legs.

“We should just try to keep Mist on her good side,” Callie suggested.

“If she has a good side,” Felina grumbled.

“She seems like she is on her good side,” Razor hissed. “I’m guessing if this is her good side, we don’t want to get on her bad side.”

Lightning flashed and the lights went out. Thunder rumbled as the four kats heard the door creak open. It was so dark that only things a few feet from the huge glass window were outlined in eerie silver light.

Razor felt something brush past him. Soon, there was a low hissing next to him. He felt another snake get set on his shoulders.

T-Bone tilted his ears. He felt hands on his shoulders. Shivers went down his spine. The tabby tom couldn’t tell whether it was from the snake that had slithered onto his torso or the feeling of Mist breathing down the back of his neck.

“Mist, stop,” he growled before he realized he probably shouldn’t have said that. Now that Mist knew he didn’t like that, she’d just make it worse.

“You don’t like that?” Mist purred as she laid her hands onto T-Bone’s chest.

The tabby tom laid his ears back and hissed. Having to deal with Mist and her thing for him was going to be hard.

“I thought that you were the more flirtatious one,” Mist mewed as she leaned onto his shoulders.

“I was.” T-Bone pushed his shoulders up to try and get the dark gray she-kat to stop.

“Then what happened?” Mist asked as she slid her hands underneath T-Bone’s undershirt.

T-Bone kept quiet. Mist couldn’t be tricked as easy as Turmoil. This she-kat was way too smart. And, if he did try something else, she might suspect something’s up.

Mist felt her pet snake as she moved her hands onto T-Bone’s torso. She purred as she lowered her head onto the tabby tom’s shoulder. His slow, steady breathing made her feel more relaxed than she had been in a long time.

Razor could hear his partner and Mist whispering about something. He felt sorry for his friend. Mist was persistent and was a she-kat who didn’t lift up.

Lightning lit up the room for a split second. Razor saw an outline of Mist leaning on T-Bone with her hands down his undershirt. First he felt sorrow then anger when he realized how much Mist was driving his partner insane.

“Come with me,” Mist whispered in the tabby tom’s ear.

“No,” T-Bone answered with a low, firm voice.

Mist sighed and rubbed her fingers through the fur on T-Bone’s torso. She rested her hands on his stomach. The dark gray she-kat felt her snake move and she chuckled. Torturing kats was one of her favorite things to do and making them swallow small milk snakes was one of her favorite ways to torture them.

“Why won’t you stay here with me?” Mist asked. “Your friends would be set free.”

“You’re lying,” T-Bone hissed. “Razor would never just leave me here with you. He’d come back and try to get me out of here if you did let them go.”

“You know,” Mist purred as she rubbed her hands on T-Bone’s ribs. “You’re a smart tom for not trusting me.”

T-Bone growled. Was there no way to make this she-kat stop?! He twisted to the side as the snake slithered up his torso and onto his chest. His fur stood on end when he felt Mist rub her hands over his stomach. There had to be something he could do to get this crazy she-kat away from him and save his partner and the two girls.

* * * *

Frost awoke in bed and rolled over. She sighed when she saw Jake wasn’t there. Yawning, she peered at the clock that read four o’clock.

“Jeez, Jake,” Frost mumbled as she pushed the covers off and stood up. “I didn’t think I’d actually have to come looking for you.”

The gray she-kat walked down the stairs to find Sapphire sitting on the couch with a worried look on her face.

“I haven’t been able to get a hold of T-Bone with his communicator,” Sapphire whispered as Frost sat down next to her.

“If they’re gonna be out real late, they’d usually let us know,” Frost added.

“I’ve tried activating their tracking devices, but the signals are being jammed,” Sapphire reported as she pushed her brown hair out of her face.

“Well, we might just have to go looking for them ourselves.” Frost ran up to her daughter’s bedroom while Sapphire went and told her son that she and Frost were going to go find their dads.

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you dressed up like that,” Sapphire commented as she and Frost walked out of the garage.

Frost was wearing an Egyptian skirt and top with golden snakes wrapped around her upper arms. The gray she-kat smirked and jumped up into the air. Before gravity took effect she made a path of solid ice and started to slide along it.

“Hey, wait for me!” Sapphire leapt up into the air and her hover board unfolded beneath her.

Both she-kats took off up town to see what they could find.

* * * *

The electricity had finally come back on and Mist was still begging T-Bone to stay with her. She had kept that up for about half an hour with the same result then she finally got a break.

“Would you leave Razor and the girls alone if I stayed?” T-Bone asked quietly.

“I might,” Mist answered with a smirk.

“If you don’t, I’ll be the one to put you in the grave,” T-Bone growled.

“Fine, do as you wish.” Mist took her knife out of her back pocket and cut the ropes around the tabby tom’s wrists.

T-Bone stood up after the ropes around his ankles were cut. Quietly, he followed Mist with his partner looking at him until he disappeared through the door.

“Razor, what’s he doing?” Callie asked as soon as the door shut.

“I know exactly what he’s doing,” Razor smirked.

Mist lead T-Bone into a fairly large room that had a couch in it along with a coffee table and a fire pit with flames dancing in it. A huge python slithered on the floor.

“What is it with you and snakes?” T-Bone asked as he sat down on the couch.

“This python right here saved my life when I was a kitten,” Mist answered as she walked around the couch. “A burglar broke into my parents’ house and killed them. He was gonna kill me too, but Zira here attacked him by constricting him and biting his neck.”

“Never heard of a guard snake,” T-Bone mumbled.

“I became attached to snakes ever since then.” Mist settled herself on the couch next to the tabby tom. “Now you answer my question. How come you’re not as flirtatious as you were? I mean when you battled Turmoil the first time you were more flirtatious.”

“How’d you know about that?” T-Bone questioned as the dark gray she-kat cuddled up to him.

“She told me all about that when I visited her in prison,” Mist answered.

“Why’d you go visit her?” T-Bone scooted himself away from Mist a little bit.

“She’s my aunt,” Mist replied casually. “Now back to my question.”

“I just lost the touch,” T-Bone lied as the she-kat scooted herself closer to him.

“Okay, now tell me the real answer,” Mist said as she wrapped her tail around her feet.

“Well…” T-Bone paused in search for words. “I got…married.”

“I kinda figured that,” Mist grumbled. “She’s one lucky she-kat.”

T-Bone was at a lost for a second. What was this she-kat after? Happiness? A mate? Or something.

* * * *

Frost started to examine Callie’s office. After finding three Enforcers dead outside of the door and a couple more inside the hallways on the lower levels, she guessed they were dealing with some major villainess.

“Hey, look at this.” Sapphire picked up a snake skin and handed it to Frost.

“This is a spitting cobra’s skin.” Frost thought for a moment. “Not even illegal dealers would want to deal one of these.”

“So, where’d it come from then?” Sapphire asked as she stuffed her hands into the pockets on her hoodie.

“Well, she either went all the way to Africa, but she never would’ve made it past the security,” Frost said. “But, she could’ve gotten it from MegaKat Zoo. I mean, it has the largest snake exhibit in the world.”

“Now we know where she got the snake from, but where’s she taken Razor and T-Bone?” Sapphire asked.

“I’m betting she took them somewhere very secluded. Like out in the canyons or the swamp,” Frost suggested.

“The signal was coming from the swamp, but it got jammed too quickly for me to figure out where it was,” Sapphire reported.

“Well then, let’s head for the swamp.” Frost opened up a window and jumped with a solid ice path underneath her with Sapphire on her tail.

* * * *

T-Bone squirmed a little. He reached into his G-suit and pulled out the tiger snake.

“Almost forgot about this fella.” Mist took the snake from him and set it on the ground.

“Why do you like to torture kats?” T-Bone asked as he yawned.

“I think it’s funny to watch them squirm and fuss,” Mist answered quietly. “I thought it was hilarious watching you squirm when my snake slithered into your shirt.”

“It wasn’t that funny,” T-Bone murmured.

A quiet, almost silent, sound came from the other room. Mist perked her ears and stood up. She opened the door and growled when she saw that the other kats had gotten loose.

“Alright! I promised that if you got loose it’d be the last thing you do.” Mist pulled the knife out of her back pocket.

T-Bone jumped at Mist’s back and wrapped his burly arms around her so she couldn’t move.

“Hey! Let me go!” Mist kicked and squirmed but to no avail. “You said you wouldn’t cause any trouble!”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t,” T-Bone hissed as a smirk spread across his face.

Mist growled and kicked out. Her flailing feet just met air and nothing else.

“Razor, get the girls outa here,” T-Bone yowled. “I can handle Mist.”

“Alright!” Razor took off around them with the girls behind him.

The dark ginger tom took a sharp left and slid on the slick tiles. Soon, they came to a dead end that was made out of a huge window with a door in it.

“There’s our ride out,” Felina said as she pushed open the door and ran towards the helicopter.

“T-Bone, we found a helicopter,” Razor turned on his radio.

“I’ll be out in a nanosecond,” T-Bone growled and let go of Mist. He turned tail and ran.

Mist hissed and chased after him. She had nothing but one thought: he’s gonna be pinned to the floor with a sword.

“You will die!” she yowled at the top of her lungs.

“That is if you can catch me!” T-Bone replied as he burst through the doors and ran towards the helicopter.

“Hurry!” Razor yelled as Felina started the chopper up and it started to rise.

T-Bone made a running leap and landed on the helicopter. He turned and looked at the dark gray she-kat who was standing on the ground, calling him every name ever made up.

“I will get you!” Mist threw her knife at him.

The tabby tom dodged it and growled at her. T-Bone pulled the knife out of the side of the helicopter and dropped it outside so it landed right beside Mist.

“Finally, we’re out of her clutches.” Callie heaved a sigh of relief and sat down in the copilot’s seat.

T-Bone turned his back on Razor. He started to heave and gag.

“Hey, bud, are you okay?” Razor put his hand on T-Bone’s back.

“Yeah.” T-Bone turned around with the milk snake in his hand.

“Ew.” Razor had to chuckle, but yet he was still a bit grossed out.

“Kit and Kacey are gonna love this,” T-Bone whispered as he chuckled a little. The snake was still alive and coiling up in his hand.

“Hey, is that Frost and Sapphire?” Razor asked as he pointed to the ground. He put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Frost and Sapphire stopped and looked up. Above them was a helicopter with T-Bone and Razor in it.

“So, what happened to you two?” Frost asked as she stepped into the helicopter and shook the rain from her fur.

“We got captured then tortured,” Razor answered flatly.

“Only those two got tortured; she didn’t touch us,” Felina said over her shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Sapphire asked as she wrapped her arms around T-Bone.

“I’m gonna be fine,” T-Bone answered soothingly and wrapped his arm around the she-kat.

“I think you might have a fear of snakes though,” Razor added.

“Why?” Sapphire purred.

T-Bone held up the small milk snake. “She made me swallow this one and then I had a tiger snake slither all over me,” T-Bone replied.

“And, what about you?” Frost turned to Razor.

“She burned my tongue with a hot coal.” Razor stuck his tongue out so Frost could see it.

“It looks like it healed over nicely,” Frost commented.

“What about Mist? We have no idea how to catch her,” Sapphire asked.

“She works at the zoo,” T-Bone and Frost both said at the same time.

“That’s the only way she could get all those snakes,” Frost mewed.

“And, I saw her uniform when I was in her room,” T-Bone answered.

Sapphire raised an eyebrow. T-Bone lowered his head. He knew that this was going to be hard.

“He was the one who saved us,” Razor answered quickly, saving his partner from talking.

T-Bone flashed him a grateful look as Sapphire leaned on him.

* * * *

Early in the morning, both the SWAT Kats and Enforcers headed to the zoo.

“You’re under arrest for murder and kidnapping,” Felina growled as she handcuffed the dark gray she-kat.

The Enforcers started to walk her out of the zoo. Mist turned and looked at the SWAT Kats. She mouthed a threatening message to T-Bone: I will kill you.

“Let’s hope she never gets out.” T-Bone felt a cold chill go down his spine.

The end…of the beginning

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