Original SWAT Kats Story


By Frost

  • 1 Chapter
  • 10,193 Words

A SWAT Kats/Loonatics Unleashed crossover. A freak wormhole crash lands the Loonatics on the SWAT Kats’ planet. And, when one of the SWAT Kats’ old enemies escapes Alkatraz, they find that the SWAT Kats’ reality is decidedly more deadly than their own. (Oneshot – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Reality
Author: Frost
Email: swatkatsyd@live.com
Status: Finished
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats are copyright to Hanna-Barbera and the Loonatics are copyright to Warner Brothers. Other characters are copyright to me.
Note: I got bored while watching “Loonatics Unleashed” and trying to work on another SWAT Kat story. The idea popped into my mind and wouldn’t leave me alone until I finished it. Don’t kill me!

“Well, that was one mission I’d never, ever do again,” Duck grumbled as he leaned back in his chair.

“I’m with you, Duck,” Ace agreed.

“Ditto,” Lexi sighed as she rested her aching head in her hands.

“So, Tech, how long ‘til we get back to HQ?” Ace asked as he laid his bruised ears back.

“We’ll be home in exactly five minutes and thirteen seconds,” the coyote answered as he guided the space ship gently towards planet Blanc.

“Tech! Watch out, there’s a worm hole!” Rev screamed only too late.

The ship disappeared into the dark and was gone from that part of the universe.

* * * *

“Okay, Viper, drop the chemicals, and I’ll only beat half of you into a pulp,” T-Bone commanded as he aimed his Glovatrix at the snake.

“That’ssss exactly what I’m not gonna do,” Viper hissed defiantly.

Shaking his head, the tabby launched an Octopus Missile at the doctor. Shielding himself with his tail, Viper managed to knock the missile off course. A net that came from behind him pinned him to the floor though.

“You know, splitting up is usually a dumb thing to do,” Razor smirked, baring his unusually large fangs.

“But, it worked out great this time, didn’t it, Viper?” T-Bone purposely annoyed the trapped snake.

“You know my prison cell doessssn’t hold me for long,” Viper whispered, revealing his gnarly, yellow teeth.

“Let’s hope it’ll hold you longer than forty eight hours this time,” Razor snarled as a group of Enforcers came to load up the mutated kat.

“C’mon, buddy, let’s head back to the hangar.” T-Bone nodded to where the TurboKat was parked outside the front doors of MegaKat Biochemical Labs.

“Hmm,” Razor looked up at the dark gray clouds moving in on the bright morning. “I’m thinking it’s gonna rain.”

“Well, it has been the wettest summer MegaKat City has ever seen.” T-Bone shut the canopy and took off smoothly.

* * * *

“Tech! Get control of the ship!” Lexi yelled as the Loonatics were shaken by the violent force of gravity pulling them towards the strange planet.

“I think I can get enough control to land,” Tech answered as he pulled up on the controls, bringing the ship to a more upright position.

The ship responded for only a second then continued its wild nose dive into the desert. Sand sprayed up when the ship hit. Glass broke and every single person inside the ship was violently thrown forward.

“Is everyone okay?” Tech asked as he unbuckled himself and stood on top of broken machinery.

“I’m fine,” Duck answered from where he had Quantum Quacked outside of the ship.

Slam muttered something un-understandable but sounded like he was okay.

“Just bruised,” Lexi replied as she shook sand from herself.

“Wow! That was some crash, Tech! With all the flashing lights and the sand and…” Rev babbled on as he brushed sand from his feathers.

“Where’s Ace?” Tech questioned as he and Lexi both heard moaning.

“I think I’m okay.” Ace shook his head as he stood, sand falling off of him.

“But, your arm,” Lexi gasped as she noticed the cut across the leader’s shoulder.

“Just a cut.” Ace went to stretch his arms but froze when his left arm responded with searing pain. “Okay, maybe something’s wrong with it.”

* * * *

“T-Bone, did you see that ship just plant it in the sand?” Razor asked as the tabby circled their jet back around, shifting their course towards the barren desert.

“Yeah, we better go check it out,” T-Bone answered as ship became noticeable as they approached it.

Rev looked up at the approaching jet and was both shocked and scared of its presence.

“Tech, there’s a jet coming fast,” the roadrunner reported almost too fast to understand.

“Are they friendly or hostile?” Ace asked the coyote.

“I don’t know; all my systems are down,” Tech replied as the jet set down about fifty yards away from them. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Both passengers in the jet jumped out, landing lightly on their feet. Much to the Loonatics’ surprise, they were kats.

“We mean no harm to your planet,” Ace called out before they got any closer.

“Well that’s a relief,” the larger one said as the two got closer.

Rev sped up to them, only startling them slightly by his super speed.

“I’m Rev, and, wow, is that a nice jet! Where’d you get it, does it have armor, how fast can it go…” Rev sped on while the two just listened with minor annoyance.

“Whoa, Rev, slow it down.” Tech clamped the speed demon’s beak shut. “I’m Tech.”

“And, I’m Ace.” The rabbit tapped himself on the chest. “This is Lexi, Slam, and Danger Duck.”

“I’m Razor and this is my partner, T-Bone; we’re the SWAT Kats,” the dark ginger tom answered. “Now, I’m pretty sure you’re not from our planet.”

“No, we’re from either the other side of the universe or another dimension,” Tech replied.

“We saw your ship face plant it.” T-Bone nodded to the half buried ship. “We wanted to make you were okay.”

“Well, Ace here has a busted shoulder.” Lexi pointed to Ace’s bleeding shoulder.

“Is it broken?” Razor asked.

“I don’t know; it just hurts.” Ace gritted his teeth as he tried to move his arm.

“I think I know someone who could help you.” Razor turned on his helmet radio.

“Honestly, on one of the only two days I have to sleep in,” came the tired voice.

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that.” Razor rubbed his eyes, forgetting that his wife had been up half the night with their four month old daughter. “But, we have some unexpected visitors, and one of them is hurt.”

“Where are you?” the she-kat asked.

“Five miles out from the yard,” Razor answered.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” The kat on the other end ended the call.

“So, while we’re waiting, mind telling us where we are?” Tech asked as he leaned up against the visible part of the ship.

“You’re on a planet called Terra Feline.” Razor gestured to the surrounding desert. “Most of it is mountains, tropics, canyons, or swamps. There are only a few deserts. Most of its population is kats, but we sometimes get a few oddballs.”

“So, this planet is populated by kats like you?” Lexi asked.

“Yeah, though like Razor said, sometimes there are dingoes, hyenas, kangaroos, bats, and…” The tabby went silent, obviously thinking about something. “And, there are the occasional werewolves.”

“Wow! There are werewolves on this planet?! That is so cool! I mean I’ve heard the legends, but I’ve never…” Rev went silent when he got a killer look from Tech.

“So, there are no humans on here?” Ace asked.

“Nope,” Razor answered flatly.

“What about ducks?” Duck asked as he proudly puffed out his chest. “Ducks are the most noble, the bravest of all animals.”

“The vampires and werewolves around here eat ducks,” Razor smirked, making sure that Duck saw his fangs.

Duck Quantum Quacked a little further away, being a little scared of the kat’s sharp fangs.

“Vampires?” Tech asked, cringing at the memory of his recent meeting with a vampire.

“Just old legends.” Razor shrugged, though the coyote knew there was more to it.

All eight of them looked towards the she-kat who had arrived on a dirt bike. She pulled off her helmet, letting her shoulder length silver hair fall down to the base of her neck and revealed the scar across her left eye. Her fur was dark gray while her hands and tail tip were a light, frosty color.

“Well, this is Frost,” Razor introduced the she-kat as she automatically walked up to Ace.

“Let me look at that shoulder,” Frost said as she walked to the back of the rabbit.

“Yikes! Are your hands always that cold?” Ace jumped when Frost laid her hand on his shoulder.

“Yes, now sit still,” Frost’s voice was icy and sent chills down Ace’s spine. “Your shoulder is just popped out of place.”

Lexi cringed when the she-kat pressed one hand against Ace’s shoulder and pulled his arm back with the other. There was a pop, and then the rabbit had a relieved look come over his face.

“Thanks.” Ace turned to face Frost. “By the way, the name’s Ace.”

“Frost.” The she-kat shook his hand, making it frost clear up to his elbow.

“Hey, you’ve got super powers,” Duck said as he Quantum Quacked next to the she-kat.

“I wouldn’t say they’re super.” Frost held a slight smirk on her face.

“Believe it or not, she was a villain when she came to this city.” Razor smiled when the she-kat gave him a loving yet threatening look.

“Look who’s talking, vampire boy.” Frost crossed her arms over her chest.

“Well at least I didn’t live through all the World Wars and every other battle,” Razor sneered.

“How old are you?” Duck questioned.

“Duck, where are your manners?” Lexi grumbled.

“Oh no, it’s quite fine, Pinky,” Frost said, shuddering at the sight of the rabbit’s pink and black outfit. “I’m over two thousand years old. Born in Egypt and raised by the pharaoh, left by the age of forty and found Anubis. I wandered the world, then something brought me here.”

“Wow! You lived through both World Wars? That is just insane…” Rev ran on as the she-kat just shook her head.

“Well, I better be getting home, Willow needs to be fed.” Frost nodded curtly then took off on her dirt bike.

“Now there’s an unfriendly she-kat,” Duck snorted.

“Better watch what you say, Duck, she seems like she’s not afraid to pluck a few of your feathers off,” Ace warned as he gratefully rubbed his shoulder.

“So, do you guys need tools to repair your ship?” Razor asked, pointing to the ship.

“Yes, that’d be very nice.” Tech smiled, revealing rather large canines.

“Hey, what about chow? I’m starving!” Duck complained.

“Me too!” Slam yowled.

“We can bring you guys back some food,” T-Bone offered.

“That’d be perfect.” Ace felt some weight being taken off of his shoulders.

“Okay, we’ll be back in ten to twenty minutes,” Razor said as the two made their way back to their jet.

Ace watched as the jet took off gently at first then shot off into the distance. He was glad that they were friendly and willing to help, and judging by their jet, they had enough technology to help them rebuild their ship.

“Rev, do a quick recon of the planet and report back to me,” Ace ordered as the roadrunner nodded.

Rev sped quickly towards the mountains in the distance, steering clear of the large city. There were animals much like the ones back on his home planet. He took note of the different continents such as Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the continent they were on, North America. By the looks of it, they were on the coast of California. His final stop was the beach. The water was blue and a slight breeze brought in the smell of rain approaching on the gray clouds. Out in the distance a creature breeched the surface of the water, looking a little bigger than a whale. Rev smiled to himself and took off back towards the ship.

“Ace, the planet is huge! There’s lots of mountain ranges, coasts, a few deserts, lots of tropical forests, quite a few swamps, gorgeous islands, a tundra here and there, canyons, giant forests, and a fair amount of cities,” Rev reported almost too fast for the rabbit to catch all of it. “I saw normal creatures like the ones back on Acmetropolis, but I did see a rather large creature breech in the ocean west of here.”

“So, this is a pretty normal planet then?” Ace asked.

“Looks normal to me other than it being populated by kats like Razor said,” Rev finished.

“Okay, but where are we gonna sleep? I mean our ship is totaled,” Duck questioned as he crossed his arms.

“Duck’s got a point there,” Tech said. “The ship is almost completely destroyed excepted for its outer shell.”

“Well maybe the SWAT Kats will help us out there,” Lexi suggested.

* * * *

“Okay T-Bone, we’re ready to go,” Razor said as he jumped into the cockpit. “I think we have enough food to feed all six of them.”

“Alright then.” T-Bone sealed the cockpit as the platform lowered the jet to a lower level. He hit the throttle, sending the TurboKat rocketing forward.

A red light started to flash on the control panel beside the tabby. He flipped a switch so the caller could speak to them.

“Hey, SWAT Kats,” came the familiar voice of Commander Felina Feral. “I’m at Alkatraz, grounded by the storm, but one of the prisoners wants to talk to you. She won’t talk to anyone else, but she says it’s important.”

“Okay, we’ll try to make it over there.” T-Bone sighed as he ended the signal.

“We’ll drop off the food and tools then head over to the prison,” Razor said as the canopy slid back once they landed.

The air had grown cool with the cloud cover and everything had become shadowed. A few rain drops splattered here and there.

“Don’t let Slam get a hold of any of the food,” Duck warned as he Quantum Quacked over to the cargo hold.

“Roger,” Razor nodded and lowered the door to the cargo hold.

Together T-Bone, Razor, Rev, and Duck unloaded most of the food while the only container Slam got went down his maw before Duck could even hand it to him.

“Whoa, container and all,” T-Bone chuckled as the Tasmanian devil watched them carry the rest of the containers of food to the broken ship.

“Yeah, he’s just a big hairy garbage disposal.” Duck rolled his eyes and grabbed a box of cheese crackers and practically ate the whole contents in a few seconds.

“Okay, if you don’t mind, we really have to get going,” Razor said once the Loonatics had started to dig into the food. “We got a call that one of the prisoners at Alkatraz wants to talk to us.”

“Hey, would you mind if I came along? I’d like to see what kind of villains you two have to deal with,” Ace asked as he crunched a carrot.

“Nah, that’s fine if you come,” T-Bone answered with a shrug of his broad shoulders. “I don’t think Felina would be too put off because you’re a rabbit.”

“Can I come too? I’d love to see what your prison looks like…” Rev babbled on until Ace pinched his beak shut.

“Tech, you’re in charge until we get back,” Ace ordered as he and Rev climbed into the cargo hold of the sleek fighter jet.

“Roger, Ace.” Tech turned his head back to the remaining three Loonatics. “Slam, use a tornado to get the rest of the ship out of the sand.”

T-Bone lifted the jet into the gray sky as the Loonatics went to work. He hit the throttle, sending the jet rocketing towards the island prison.

Felina watched from inside the lobby part of the prison as the jet set down. She raised an eyebrow when she saw a rabbit and a roadrunner following the SWAT Kats in. But, if the SWAT Kats trusted them, she trusted them.

“Glad you guys made it.” Felina nodded as the four walked in, speckled with rain.

“Hey, Felina.” T-Bone flicked his ears, sending water drops flying.

“These are some new friends we made.” Razor nodded towards the two newcomers.

“I’m Ace.” The rabbit shook her hand.

“And, I’m Rev.” The roadrunner shook her hand as well.

“I’m Commander Felina Feral, but you can call me Felina,” the she-kat said politely. “Now come on, the prisoner is going to go nuts if we don’t hurry.”

Felina swiped a card and a door opened. All five walked in. To their left were cells that held various criminals and to their right was a metal wall.

“Let us introduce you guys to some of the criminals we’ve fought.” Razor nodded to the first cell. “That’s Hard Drive, a techno weasel who stole a coat that can let him transform into electricity.”

Hard Drive looked up. He looked very un-intimidating without his surge suit.

“This is the recently captured Dr. Viper,” T-Bone growled as the snake lifted his head and a wicked smile spread across his face.

“Well, well, well.” Viper stood up and walked closer to his cell door. “Didn’t think I’d ssssee you so ssssoon.”

“Well, aren’t you an ugly guy,” Ace joked.

“Don’t make jokessss, bunny boy, this cell hasn’t held me for more than two days,” Viper hissed as he turned his back on them.

“This is Turmoil,” Felina gestured to the tan she-kat.

“Well, T-Bone,” Turmoil’s heavily Russian accented voice echoed in her cell, “it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

“Nearly thirty years,” T-Bone snarled.

“You haven’t changed a bit,” Turmoil spat as she sat down on her cot.

“This is Dark Fudge.” Razor nodded to the dark brown tom kat lying down on his cot, his black and green top hat pulled over his eyes. “He used to run a candy factory.”

“Yeah, he sure smells like chocolate,” Rev noted quickly.

“This is Sheila; she was a ringmaster.” Felina laid her ears back as the she-kat stood up and walked over to the cell door.

“Well, SWAT Kat,” Sheila growled at T-Bone, “come to tease me about what I never got?”

“Nah, we just wanted to introduce our friends here to the worst ringmaster,” T-Bone hissed.

“Pleased to meet you, Crazy,” Ace chuckled.

“Oh, ha-ha.” Sheila’s golden eyes peered through her shoulder length blue-green hair. “When I get out of here, I’ll get that chip. Even if it means I have to take you apart, piece by painful piece.”

“I’d like to see you try,” T-Bone snorted.

“Where’s the chip that she’s after?” Rev asked.

“It’s in my blood,” T-Bone answered flatly. “Most likely my heart.”

“What’s it doin’ there?” Ace asked, a little bewildered.

“Long story, maybe I can tell ya later,” T-Bone replied quietly.

Ace felt for the tabby. Their villains may not have been as big and bad as the Loonatics’, but they seemed more sinister.

“This is Ara.” Razor glared at the naga.

“Well, isn’t it a surprise to see you Prince Khuno,” Ara hissed as she rose up, making herself look more intimidating.

“This time look who’s the one that’s chained,” Razor growled quietly.

“Ah, yes,” Ara rubbed her hands over the smooth metal that was clamped around her waist, where it turned from long fur to smooth anaconda scales. “But, I still haven’t had my sacrifice.”

“Don’t plan on getting one.” Razor walked on.

“This is the Cheshire Kat.” Felina looked up at the ceiling of the cell, where a purple and pink she-kat was sitting upside down.

“Hi! How you doin’?” Chessi asked as she waved at them, but an evil smile was plastered across her face.

“Whoa! How is she sitting upside down?” Rev tried to slow his question down.

“She’s using her claws,” T-Bone replied.

“Now who’s in this cell?” Ace asked as he realized the cell was completely dark.

“The Angel of Darkness,” Razor whispered, wondering if she was actually in there. “Phoenix for short.”

“Hello boys,” came the she-kat’s dark voice. “Still wearing those bullet proof vests?”

“You bet,” T-Bone snorted as glowing eyes came a little bit into the light.

“Better keep them on.” Phoenix disappeared back into the dark of her cell.

“This is Felidae.” Felina backed away from the cell a little bit.

“I can smell fear on you,” the white she-kat growled as she stalked up to the cell door.

“Well I can smell that you need a bath.” Ace pinched his nose.

Felidae bared her fangs in a fierce snarl. She unsheathed her claws and ran one against her neck.

“Where I come from, we eat rabbits,” Felidae threatened.

“Where I come from, kitties are lap pets,” Ace quick wittedly returned.

“Watch your tail, rabbit,” Felidae warned as she returned to the corner of her cell.

“These two are the most dangerous ones.” Felina nodded to the last two cells.

In one cell there was a dark gray she-kat with long, silver hair and aqua blue eyes. In the other was a light gray she-kat with four huge white and black wings.

“This is Smoky, the one who wanted to talk to you,” Felina said.

“Jormungand is back,” Smoky reported flatly.

“How would you know?” T-Bone asked as he walked closer to the cell door.

“I can hear him.” Smoky tilted her large bat ears towards the barred window.

A low moaning came from the ocean.

“He sounds like Nessi,” Razor whispered.

“But, it’s been nearly thirty years since we’ve fought him; why would he come back now?” T-Bone questioned as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I don’t know.” Smoky walked over to the cell door and pushed her muzzle through the bars. “I think Mist has something to do with it,” the she-kat whispered in T-Bone’s battle scarred ear.

The tabby turned his head to the next cell. The dark gray she-kat in it was sitting on her cot, looking at him with cold aqua eyes. He shuddered, thinking about what she had threatened to do to him if she got out.

“So, who’s grumpy here?” Ace asked as he tilted his head towards Mist’s cell.

“That’s Mist,” Razor whispered. “She murdered fifteen victims, kidnapped and tortured me, T-Bone, Felina, and Mayor Calico Briggs.”

“Seriously, guys, you’ll have to tell us some of these stories,” Rev said in his high speed fashion.

“Just keep an eye out, guys,” Smoky warned as the five started to make their way back down the row of cells.

“All the others are gonna be soaked,” Ace noted as thunder rumbled overhead and rain pounded down as the four loaded up in the TurboKat.

“Well, if you want, you can come and stay at our hidden hangar,” Razor offered.

“Sounds swell.” Ace felt yet another weight lifted off of his shoulders.

* * * *

“I’m really starting to hate this rain,” Duck made known his complaint to Tech.

“Well, look, they’re coming back.” Tech pointed towards the jet that was lowering down.

Ace came racing out of the cargo hold, leaving Rev.

“Hey, guys, the SWAT Kats offered to give us shelter and food for the rest of the day and night, ‘til the rain clears out,” Ace said.

“Yes! Shelter, food, TV…” Duck thought about all the luxuries as he Quantum Quacked into the cargo hold next to Rev.

“Food!” Slam loaded up before the others could even move.

“The ship will be safe out here, Tech,” Lexi assured him as she, Ace, and the coyote loaded up into the TurboKat.

The jet shot off towards the salvage yard. It smoothly landed and halted on its platform that rose up to the main level.

“Okay, we’re here.” T-Bone lowered the cargo hold’s door to let the Loonatics out.

“Just to let you know, we’ll have to turn back into our real identities since we’re at the yard,” Razor said as he and T-Bone stripped off their G-suits and into their mechanic overalls.

“I’m Chance an’ this is Jake,” the tabby reintroduced themselves.

“Just a warning, don’t be too loud,” Jake warned. “We have little ones in the house.”

“Well, look who decided to show up for lunch.” Sapphire smiled as Jake and Chance appeared out of the secret hatch.

“Something smells good.” Chance licked his lips as the delightful smell wafted towards the living room.

“Potato soup,” Sapphire answered as she shifted her young daughter, Trinity, in her arms.

“How much are you making?” Jake asked, biting his lip.

“Well, since Frost told me about your visitors, I have four ten gallon pots of soup boiling.” Sapphire nodded towards the kitchen.

“Okay, Slam can only have one pot,” Duck said as he climbed out of the secret hatch with the five other Loonatics behind him. “I’m Duck.”

“I’m Sapphire, Chance’s wife.” The striped she-kat shook his hand with her free hand.

“I’m Ace.”

“I’m Lexi.”

“I’m Tech.”

“I’m Slam!” the Tasmanian said, almost un-understandable.

“And, I’m Rev, and what a cute kit!” Rev awed at the black striped kit in Sapphire’s arm.

“Her name’s Trinity,” Sapphire answered.

“Hey, if you guys want, go ahead and get some bowls and get some soup,” Jake said.

“Thanks, guys.” Lexi took a bowl off the counter and filled it with soup with the other Loonatics behind her.

Slam grabbed a pot of soup and just slurped it all down. He went to stick the pot in his mouth but stopped when an icicle shattered against his arm.

“Eat my pot, and I’ll send you down to the Underworld,” Frost threatened.

Slam set the pot down and slinked into the living room.

Frost stalked back up the stairs and into her and Jake’s room.

“So, what do you have to do around here?” Duck asked as he finished his bowl of soup.

“Well, if you like video games, follow me.” Jake smirked as Duck and Rev followed him upstairs. “Kacey? Kit?”

“Dad, I’m trying to kick Kit’s broken tail at racing!” Kacey yelled as her dad opened the door to her room.

The fifteen and sixteen year olds looked up at Duck and Rev. They smirked, realizing why they were here.

“You guys want to race with us?” Kit asked from where he sat on top of Kacey’s bed while she sat on the floor.

“Heck yeah!” Duck grabbed a controller as did Rev.

Back downstairs, Lexi was holding Trinity while Ace and Chance were talking about something.

“Hey, Tech, want to go down to the hangar and take a look at some of my missiles?” Jake asked the coyote.

“Sure, I’ve been wanting to see what kind of arsenal you guys carried.” Tech smiled gratefully and followed him down the secret hatch.

“So, I’m sure some of my team would love to hear some of your stories,” Ace said as he leaned back against the couch.

“Well, when you guys get some time, I’m sure Jake and I can tell you a few stories.” Chance smirked.

“We’ve got nothing but time ‘til this storm clears over,” Ace replied.

“Ha, storms like these can last for a week or two,” Chance informed the rabbit.

“Let’s just hope nothing happens back in our side of the universe,” Ace sighed.

* * * *

“Well, hey, the power is off and the girls are asleep,” Chance said as he slipped down into the hangar followed by Ace, Rev, Duck, Lexi, and Slam.

“The back up generators for the lights are dead Chance,” Jake reported as he lit a candle and sat it in the middle of the room.

“What about the controls to lower the jet?” Chance asked.

“They’re fine,” Jake answered.

“Well, hey, why don’t you guys tell us some stories then,” Ace suggested as he sat down on the arm of a couch while Jake and Chance sat down on the couch.

“Why can’t we tell them some of our stories?” Duck questioned as he sat down on a step.

“Duck, you didn’t see the villains we saw earlier,” Rev scolded. “They’re worse than our villains ever were, and I’d really like to hear some new stories.”

“Which one would you like to hear first?” Chance asked as Rev and Ace looked at each other.

“Tell us the one about Sheila, the ringmaster,” Ace answered. “I want to know about that chip in your blood.”

“Oh, that’s terrible.” Lexi shuddered.

“Well, you see there was this carnival in town, and she was the ringmaster of the circus,” Jake started to story. “We went to the circus that afternoon. Later that night, we got a call that someone had broken into a small, top secret building that held a ton of top secret information. When we arrived there, there were no Enforcers there but just one she-kat who worked there. She entrusted us with a syringe full of this dark pink liquid that held the chip which contained all the secret information. She said they had altered it when one by one the researchers had been picked off. They altered it so it could hide itself within a living body. That’s when Sheila showed up. Apparently, she had been one of the researchers that developed the chip but had been kicked off the research team when she wanted to alter the information to be used as weapons. She had killed ten researchers, and the she-kat who had given us the syringe was the last of them.”

“When she learned we had it, she took out after us,” Chance picked up where Jake left off. “She had two goons working for her, not to mention a herd of trained horses. Sheila managed to capture us, and that’s when we decided to hide the chip. We injected it into my arm so that it’d be safe as long as Sheila didn’t rip me to shreds. But, when she finally figured out where the chip was, she had been arrested. Unfortunately, the she-kat that was the last researcher had died of a heart attack that night due to too much stress, so the chip remained inside my veins.”

“See, Duck,” Ace said, a bit astounded.

“Yeah, your villains could kick our villains’ butts,” Duck admitted.

Just after he said that, the klaxon went off. Chance jumped up to answer it. After a few seconds, he hung up the phone and rubbed his eyes.

“It’s Mist; she escaped from Alkatraz.” Chance sighed and started to change into his G-suit.

“Oh boy.” Jake jumped up and started to change as well.

“Do you guys need help with Mist?” Lexi asked.

“If you guys are willing to risk your necks,” T-Bone said as he jumped into the jet with Razor behind him.

“I’m not called Danger Duck for nothing!” Duck loaded up in the cargo hold with the other five on his tail.

* * * *

“He’ll pay,” Mist spoke to herself from where she stood on top of City Hall. “And, those new friends of his; I’ve got something planned for them.”

Two giant snakes, nearly fifty feet long each, slithered around Mist’s bare feet. Both had powerful venom, the strength of seventy tom kats, and the brains of their father, Jormungand.

The dark gray she-kat walked back into City Hall as the familiar sleek fighter jet approached.

T-Bone lowered the jet down on the roof of City Hall, already fearing what the vengeful she-kat had planned. He and Razor jumped out, followed closely by the Loonatics.

City Hall was dark, as either the electricity had gone off or Mist was making it easier for her by turning out the lights. There were small snakes slithering across the floor.

“Hey, if she just broke out of jail, then how does she have so many snakes?” Ace asked as he felt fear rising in his team.

“I think she can talk to snakes,” T-Bone whispered as he tightened his Glovatrix around his wrist.

Mist watched from the shadows. Her ears were tilted forward and her aqua eyes were locked on her quarry.

“I hear something.” Lexi raised her super sensitive ears.

“Yeah, it’s a giant snake!” Duck yelled as he blasted an Energy Egg at the snake.

The snake shook its head but continued its attack. Baring its fangs, it lunged at Duck.

“Loonatics, take it out!” Ace ordered as his team and the SWAT Kats started to engage the snake, taking no notice of the other snake coming up behind them.

“Whoa, hey!” T-Bone yowled as the snake brought him down and wrapped around his waist.

“T-Bone!” Razor and Ace left the current attack to engage the new snake.

It was too late. The tabby was dragged off into the shadows.

“We have to find him,” Razor said once the others had chased the first snake off. “If Mist does half the things she’s threatened to do to him, he won’t make it.”

“Well then, we’ll just have to hurry.” Ace and Razor led the way into the shadows.

Once the snake had dragged T-Bone far enough in the shadows, it released him.

“Finally, we meet again,” Mist growled as she moved in the shadows, keeping hidden from the tom.

“Look, Mist, I meant you no harm,” T-Bone hissed quietly as he stood up, taking up a fight position.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared,” Mist mewed as she leaned up against a wall while she rubbed her thumb over the sharp edge of a black diamond knife.

“I’m not scared of a she-kat,” T-Bone answered in a low, gruff tone.

“You should be scared for your partner,” Mist taunted. “Once I’m done with you, I’m gonna kill him. He’ll die slow and painfully.”

“You’re not gonna touch Razor.” The fur on the back of the tabby’s neck bristled.

“A dead kat walking can’t tell me what to do,” Mist hissed as she silently crept up behind the tabby tom.

Ace lifted his ears, hearing two kats talking. He nodded forward and the others followed. Around the corner, in the dark shadows, the rabbit could make out the figures of T-Bone and who he guessed to be Mist. Only then did he realize what was happening.

“T-Bone, look out!” Ace yowled at the top of his lungs.

Mist growled and lunged forward, shoving the black diamond blade in just a little above T-Bone’s hip.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Mist said as she dug the blade in deeper, reveling in the gasp of pain from the burly tom. “Any of you make a move, and this blade will go in deeper.”

“Don’t do it, Mist,” Razor growled calmly.

“I’m getting my revenge, and you or bunny boy won’t stop me.” Mist smirked as T-Bone went down on his knees when she shoved the blade in more.

Ace cringed. He had been right when he thought that the SWAT Kats’ villains were worse than theirs.

“Look, there’s no need for this,” Ace said gently as he could.

“No, there is a need for this,” Mist growled as the tabby weakly got back on his feet. “Not only did he betray me, but he took away my freedom.”

“I’m sorry he did that, but is there anything you want that you’ll trade him for?” Lexi asked, trying to negotiate.

“If you promise to let me go, then maybe.” Mist pulled the blade out a little.

“Fine, we’ll let you back away,” Duck said as he walked up behind Tech.

“No, don’t deal with her,” Razor hissed. “She’s a double crosser.”

“Look who’s finally learning,” Mist purred as she shoved the blade clear through the old wound then pulled it out.

T-Bone went down on one knee, pain coursing from the wound. He gritted his teeth in rage when he felt Mist’s hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t think I’m afraid to kill him,” Mist hissed as she pressed the knife against his throat.

“Don’t think I’m afraid to die,” T-Bone growled.

“You really won’t let him live?” Tech asked as his ears lowered.

“I’ll only be satisfied once these two are dead,” Mist answered flatly.

T-Bone looked over at Razor. He winked, letting his partner know what he was going to do. The tabby threw his body backwards, knocking the she-kat back.

“Now!” Razor and Ace jumped forward.

With quick reflexes, Mist back flipped and kicked out. Her kick knocked Ace off balance and back into Razor. Out of the dark the two snakes appeared. They slithered forward, holding back the other six while Mist and T-Bone wrestled around. The tabby got the she-kat pinned underneath him.

“T-Bone, you were my most formidable opponent,” Mist growled as she stabbed the knife into the tom’s shoulder. “I’m almost sad to see you die.”

“You were one of the best fighters gone bad,” T-Bone hissed as pain racked his arm when the black diamond blade got shoved into it.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Mist purred as she dug the blade into the burly tom’s hip.

T-Bone used his heavier body weight to keep Mist pinned against the ground. Using his left shoulder, he kept Mist’s chest and shoulders down, rendering her rather helpless. When she pulled the knife out, T-Bone knocked it out of her hand.

“I don’t need a knife to kill you.” Mist bared her fangs and bit the tom’s neck.

“Mist, don’t make me kill you,” T-Bone panted as he felt energy leaving his body.

“If you want to live you’ll have to,” Mist hissed, not expecting the tom to do what he did.

The tabby sighed and sunk his long fangs into the she-kat’s neck. Mist bit into T-Bone’s neck until she just couldn’t take it anymore.

“I give,” Mist whispered as the tom released her neck. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.”

“I wouldn’t kill you,” T-Bone growled as he pushed himself off of the wounded she-kat.

Tech and Razor raced passed the snakes while Ace, Lexi, Rev, Duck, and Slam kept them busy. Tech used some high tech handcuffs to secure Mist while Razor looked over his partner.

“Just glad she didn’t use silver,” T-Bone grunted as Tech came over to him.

“Why would it have been bad if she had used silver?” Tech asked seriously.

“I’m a werewolf,” T-Bone whispered.

“Now that was a fight,” Ace said as he kneeled down by the tabby. “C’mon, werewolf boy, let’s get you back to the hangar.”

Razor and Ace wrapped T-Bone’s arms around their shoulders and helped him back towards the jet. The rain continued to come down and didn’t look like it was going to blow over any time soon.

“Just because I’m hurt that doesn’t mean you can fly the jet, Razor,” T-Bone grumbled half heartedly as he settled himself into the pilot’s seat.

“Whatever you say, Hot Shot,” Razor mumbled as he jumped into the gunner’s seat.

“Keep a good hold of Mist, Slam,” Tech ordered as the jet lifted off.

The Tasmanian shook his head and tightened his grip on the she-kat. Mist had an evil glint in her aqua blue eyes as she eyed the Loonatics.

“From the darkest shadows I call you, for your children just won’t do,” Mist whispered.

A thundering hiss came from below the jet.

Ace perked his ears then turned on his comm. link that Razor had given him. “Hey, what’s goin’ on?” he questioned.

“It’s Jormungand,” Razor growled in response.

“Open the cargo hold; maybe we can take care of it,” Ace said as his eyes started to glow.

“Your funeral,” Razor mumbled as he opened the cargo hold.

Mist broke free of Slam’s hold and threw herself out into a free fall. Jormungand appeared beneath her, caught her, and then disappeared into the swamp.

“Oh crap,” Lexi snarled.

“Well this is very bad,” Ace bit his lip, feeling bad that they had just let one of the most dangerous criminals get loose.

* * * *

Chance was sitting on the couch, his face buried in his hands. Ace was sitting next to him, still cringing at the wounds covered by cloth bandages.

“I’m sorry we let Mist escape,” Ace apologized for about the tenth time.

“It’s fine; we’ll catch her,” Chance sighed.

“It seems like we’ve caused more harm than good since we’ve been here.” Ace shook his head, his ears lowered.

“Mist would’ve gotten away from us too,” Chance replied quietly. “Well I’m gonna go to bed; you can either sleep in the hangar or with the other Loonatics in the spare bedroom.”

Ace watched the tabby tom climb up the ladder and disappear, and then heaved a sigh. The rabbit stretched out on the couch and thought. He was going to help his new friends, somehow.

* * * *

Deep in MegaKat Swamp, Jormungand rested his head on some swamp grass. Mist sat on top of his large head, chipping out barbs in a four foot long piece of black diamond.

“I can find huge amounts of the rarest mineral on the planet yet I can’t find any silver,” Mist growled as she examined her finished project. “No matter, a jagged spear made of black diamond will do just as well.”

* * * *

“Look, guys, I feel really bad about letting Mist escape,” Ace whispered to his team once they had all woken up in the morning.

“I can’t believe that she actually got away,” Tech growled as the fur on his tail bristled.

“Well, if she shows up again, and I’m certain she will, we’ll have to have a plan ready for her,” Ace said, a small shimmer of hope starting to show. “Okay, so what do we already know about her?”

“She’s a double crosser,” Duck spat as he crossed his arms.

“She works better in the dark,” Tech added.

“She’s most likely to take a hostage,” Lexi put in.

“And, she’s most likely not gonna take one of us hostage,” Rev added in his high speed fashion. “She’s most likely gonna take T-Bone or Razor. If she’d take one of us hostage, then we could maybe stop her.”

“Yeah, but whoever got taken hostage would probably end up in bad shape.” Ace shook his head.

Slam spoke up. He said something un-understandable to most, but Ace and Tech understood.

“Yes, that could work, Slam,” Tech said as he rubbed his chin. “But, judging by her reflexes, she’s too fast. She’d finish off the hostage before any of us could do anything.”

“Tech’s got a point there, Slam,” Ace nodded. “But, maybe when she took the hostage, Duck could Quantum Quack over to Mist and grab her before she could cause any damage.”

“She’d throw him off though; she kicked your butt last night with a single kick,” Rev reminded them of the night before.

“This just seems like one villain who is too smart for us,” Lexi truthfully put in.

“Yeah, with the way she thinks and acts, she’s the worst any of us have come up against,” Ace admitted.

“Speak for yourself; you weren’t a pool boy before you got your super powers,” Duck said.

“Shut up!” the rest of the Loonatics growled.

* * * *

“You’ve got your Gluco-Gel 9000 right, Tech?” Ace asked as the Loonatics prepped themselves for battle.

“Let’s just hope it still works with all this rain and humidity,” Tech replied as he rubbed his weapon.

“Are you guys ready?” Ace asked through his commlink.

“Ready as we’ll ever be,” Razor answered.

“Okay then,” Ace nodded. “So, where was the silent alarm set off?”

“A disused part of MegaKat Biochemical Labs,” Razor replied as the jet started to lower down.

“Alright Loonatics, let’s jet!” Ace said as they unloaded out of the cargo hold and ran into the dark part of the labs. “Tech, turn on your light.”

The coyote pulled out a small yet odd looking flashlight. It shone a white-yellow color on the walls and crates of chemicals.

“This looks more like a warehouse to me,” Duck grumbled as the eight started to carefully scan the area.

Mist watched from above in the rafters. She moved, knocking dust off the rafter she had been crouching on.

“Tech, I think I heard something.” Lexi lifted her head to the rafters, though it was too dark to see anything without Tech’s flashlight.

“I think you heard a rat.” Tech motioned towards the small, furry creature running across a metal beam.

“No, it sounded like something much bigger breathing,” Lexi whispered.

Mist lowered her gaze to the eight that were sticking close together. Her eyes picked out T-Bone, with Razor and Ace close beside him. She muttered a growl, knowing that she couldn’t take on all eight at once. What she needed them to do is scatter so she could take her hostage to keep them at bay. Looking around, she spotted an empty crate sitting precariously on top of some other empty ones.

“Look out!” Ace yelled as the others started to scatter. “Don’t scatter!”

The crates came tumbling down and made a cloud of dust. The broken crates had made a giant pile of broken wood. The eight started to push their way to the top and sneeze from the dust.

“Is everyone here?” Ace called out as he stood up, trying to see through the dark and dust.

“Here,” Lexi answered.

“Here,” Duck called out from on top of another crate where he had Quantum Quacked.

“Here,” Tech and Rev called out as they stood up from the rubble.

“Here,” Razor sneezed.

“Here!” Slam yelled as he ate the piece of wood holding him down.

“Where’s T-Bone?” Ace asked as they all carefully started to scan the dark lab.

“Here.” T-Bone pushed some broken wood off of himself and stood.

“What was she trying to do?” Duck questioned as he brushed dust off of his feathers.

“She was trying to make us scatter,” Ace answered with a cold tone. “When we stick together, she can’t take on all of us.”

Mist knew what the rabbit was saying was true. If they stuck together, she’d have a hard time getting the two SWAT Kats by themselves. But, maybe she could jump her way to them. Reassuring herself, the she-kat jumped down from the rafter.

“Hey!” Ace collapsed under Mist’s sudden weight as she landed on his shoulders then jumped off onto Tech.

“Get off!” Tech growled as he wobbled under the new weight.

“Gladly.” Mist jumped from his shoulders and right at the tabby tom.

“Oh no you don’t!” Ace and Lexi both fired energy blasts at the dark gray she-kat.

Mist deflected both blasts with her jagged black diamond spear. Ace ducked, seeing as the blasts both deflected back towards him. Both were too slow to get to T-Bone before Mist.

“Hello, T-Bone,” Mist hissed as she came up behind him.

“Good-bye, Mist,” T-Bone grabbed Mist’s arm and flung her over towards Duck.

Duck went to Quantum Quack over closer to the tabby tom but didn’t expect Mist to grab him when he did. Too late. He and Mist appeared next to the tabby. Mist kicked Duck, and he slammed into a crate. She turned on her heel and made her aim precise enough not to hit any vital organs.

“Stay where you are, bunny boy,” Mist growled when Ace started to walk towards her.

T-Bone grabbed Mist’s arm as she wrapped it around his neck. He gasped when the jagged spear went clear through him until it stuck about a foot out in front of him while the she-kat gripped the other three feet of it. It wasn’t just because of the pain he clutched the spear where it protruded from him, T-Bone felt backwards facing barbs.

“Okay, Mist, take the spear out and let him go,” Duck ordered.

Mist smirked as she started to do what Duck said. With little effort she gave the spear a small tug, making T-Bone grit his teeth in agony.

“No, don’t!” Razor yowled.

“Duck, there’s backwards facing barbs carved into that spear,” Lexi informed the duck.

“If she pulls it out, it’ll tear him up really bad.” Tech grimaced.

“Anymore retarded orders?” Mist questioned as she shoved the jagged spear in further.

“I swear, Duck, say anything else and I’ll kill you personally,” T-Bone hissed.

“No, that’s my job,” Mist corrected as she gave to spear a tug, loving the feeling of the tabby tom getting weaker.

“Now listen here, Mist, if you kill him, you’ll have no hostage and then what will stop us from attacking you?” Ace asked as he raised his Guardian Strike Sword.

“I didn’t say I planned on killing him, for now that is,” Mist started to back away into the deeper shadows of the crates, taking T-Bone with her.

“Come on, Loonatics, let’s set the plan into motion,” Ace ordered.

Lexi walked forward with Rev walking his minimum speed behind her. They split up. The rabbit kept walking towards the she-kat and tom while Rev snuck around the side.

“Don’t try following me,” Mist growled as she pulled the spear back a little.

T-Bone growled and felt like his knees wanted to collapse. He leaned against Mist with half of his weight while he tried to keep standing.

“I’ve come to ask if you’d take me instead,” Lexi whispered.

“Intriguing offer,” Mist mewed. “But, it’s too bad I know it’s a trick.”

Rev came racing behind her, ready with Tech’s Gluco-Gel 9000 gun. Lexi jumped forward, ready to engage the she-kat. Both stopped dead when T-Bone yelled in pain when Mist pulled the spear back out a couple of inches.

“I wouldn’t come any further,” Mist warned as she felt the tabby tom lean most of his weight against her.

“Look, Mist, just let him go and we’ll let you walk away from here,” Rev said.

“I’ll let him go, into death,” Mist laughed as she pulled the spear out and started to run.

Lexi let T-Bone fall against her while Rev chased the she-kat until he hit her with the green gel that trapped her instantly.

“Ace! Razor!” Lexi yelled.

Razor, Ace, and the rest came running towards them. The dark ginger tom kneeled down beside T-Bone.

“T-Bone, c’mon, buddy,” Razor whispered. “I’m contacting Frost.”

“Dang she-kat.” T-Bone pushed himself up against a crate while Lexi kept close by his side.

“Frost’s on her way,” Razor said as he turned back to his partner. “Hold on, pal.”

T-Bone weakly smiled then cringed when a wave of pain coursed through his body. Blood ran from the wound and soaked through his fur, clothes, and ran onto the floor.

Ace cringed at seeing crimson stain the tabby tom’s side and the hand that he held tight against it. To him, most of his team’s missions seemed harmless compared to what these two handled almost every week. Then he realized, this is reality.

“How’d you get here so quick?” Duck questioned as Frost appeared behind him.

“Short cuts,” Frost answered coldly as she kneeled down beside the weak tabby.

The she-kat pressed her ear against T-Bone’s chest. She lifted her head and unzipped the small backpack she’d brought. A small, brown and black polar marten with small horns on her head climbed out.

“What is that thing?” Ace asked as the marten climbed on top of the tabby and started to lick the wound.

“It’s a polar marten; her name is Zarin,” Razor replied. “Her saliva kills bacteria and heals wounds quicker.”

“Well, he’s torn up pretty bad,” Frost whispered as she unzipped his G-suit and pulled up his now blood stained undershirt. “She didn’t hit any vital organs.”

“That’s a relief,” Lexi sighed as she rubbed the tabby’s shoulder.

“His unusual healing system should heal it perfectly fine, though it’ll leave a pretty scar,” Frost said reassuringly. “If she would’ve been trying to kill him quicker, she would’ve aimed higher to get his kidney.”

“You guys don’t have to worry about Mist anymore.” Tech nodded to the trapped she-kat as Frost wrapped a cloth bandage around the wound. “She can only get out of that if there’s a strong radiation blast or if someone lets her out with this key.”

Mist locked her eyes on the key. Somehow, someway she was going to get that key.

* * * *

A couple days later, the eight stood out in the desert. Tech stood by the newly rebuilt space ship.

“It’s been real fun, guys,” Ace joked as he walked up to the SWAT Kats.

“Feel free to visit anytime.” T-Bone went to shake the rabbit’s hand but just pulled him in and hugged him.

“We’ll never forget you guys.” Lexi hugged Razor then T-Bone as she started to tear up.

“Too bad there isn’t a way to talk to you guys more often,” Razor sighed.

“Ah, but there is.” Tech handed the dark ginger tom a small device. “Hook this up to your main computer, and we can talk anytime.”

“Man, Tech, you’re just awesome,” Razor thanked the coyote before the two hugged.

“Hey, guys, shouldn’t we get going? I mean what if something really bad is happening on our side of the universe?” Duck rushed them on.

“Yeah, just a sec, Duck.” Rev sped over to the two kats. “Well, I hate to say good-bye. I really wish we could’ve hung out with you two more and seen more of your world.”

“Maybe some other time, Rev,” T-Bone said as the roadrunner quickly hugged him and then Razor.

“Bye-bye!” Slam yowled as he climbed on the ship.

“See you later, guys!” Ace waved as the door sealed shut.

“So long, Terra Feline,” Duck said as Tech guided the ship up into the air.

“Another worm hole should be appearing in three… two… one.” Tech hit the throttle, sending the round ship forward through the bright light that had appeared in the sky for a couple seconds.

“Loonatics, come in,” a familiar voice called over the radio.

“We’re here, Zadavia,” Ace replied as the human appeared on screen.

“I saw you disappear into the worm hole,” Zadavia said calmly.

“How long ago was that?” Tech asked.

“About a minute ago,” Zadavia answered.

“Fascinating, we were in the SWAT Kats’ dimension for nearly five days yet we were only gone a minute here,” Tech said, mystified.

“Zadavia, we’ll have to tell you about what happened when we disappeared,” Lexi said, bright-eyed.

“I have all the time in the world,” Zadavia nodded.

“Well, let me tell you, it really made me realize what happens in reality.” Ace started to tell the human about the encounter with Terra Feline.

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