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By Frost

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(Unfinished) Blaming the SWAT Kats for an old injury, an unusual she-kat plots her revenge.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Nightmares
Author: Frost
Rating: K+
Warnings: Minor blood.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats are copyright to Hanna-Barbera and the she-kat, her sisters, Jag, and all the other dragons are copyright to Frost.
Notes: For further information on the author’s original characters click here.
Summary: Blaming the SWAT Kats for an old injury, an unusual she-kat plots her revenge.

“Alright, what is the problem?” A slick light gray she-kat pushed herself deeper into a small vent.

Her one computer system had been down for at least a week or so. She was guessing a wire had come loose during a tremor.

“I think I have found the problem,” the she-kat said into her mini microphone.

“Is the wire disconnected?” a white and blue dragon asked as he shook his head to get his blue mane out of his face.

“No Jag, it’s been chewed,” the she-kat growled as she looked at the fringed wire.

“Chewed? Chewed by what?” Jag looked into the vent to see if he could see the she-kat.

“I bet you it was that dang rat that got out.” Backing up slowly, she pushed herself out on to the floor.

“We’ll have to go find a new one,” Jag said as he bent his head down so the she-kat could use his horns to help herself up.

“I’m too old for this,” the she-kat mumbled as Jag pulled her up on to his head.

“You’re only twenty-four,” Jag spoke in a cool tone that the she-kat did not get upset like she usually did when others said she was only twenty-four.

“If it wasn’t for that dang building toppling over on me,” the she-kat hissed at the mention of that horrible, fateful day.

“Just come down for once and don’t think about that day,” Jag suggested as he started to walk forward on all four legs.

The she-kat slid down Jag’s neck and on to his back. She stroked his soft white fur with sharply nailed fingers. Closing her tired eyes, she let the motion of Jag’s walking put her to sleep.

In her dream, the she-kat saw figures of old family and friends. Her heart felt glad at the sight of her old friends and her sisters. But then, the happiness was covered over by blood and sadness. She saw two figures. One was slim and small while the other was broad shouldered and tiger-striped.

“SWAT Kats,” she hissed. Ice came off of her breath as she took in deep painful breaths. It was like she was being crushed underneath the building all over again. But, instead of her jumping awake back into the real world, she looked up, fire burning in her storm-green eyes.

The sky turned from a dark black night into a blood red sky. Whispers of anger and sadness whispered in the she-kat’s ear. Painful screams came from everywhere at once. The she-kat pushed herself up off of the ground and hissed like a cobra.

“Your days are numbered SWAT Kats.” The she-kat’s eyes turned from a white fire into a deadly storm of hatred and death. “You have hurt too many of my kind. You will certainly die for your wrongs against my kind.” The she-kat turned her face up to the blood red sky. “The mutants will no longer live in fear of you. We will rise.” Yowling to the sky, the she-kat purred with pleasure as blood rained down on to her slick light gray pelt. “My sisters and I will rise up from the swamps.” The she-kat looked back at the two figures. “You will not live to see the next sunrise!”

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