Original SWAT Kats Story

Monsters of the Mind

By Frost

  • 4 Chapters
  • 3,933 Words

When Dr. Zyme experiments with recreating mythological monsters, something goes terribly wrong. And now, MegaKat City is overrun with creatures even the SWAT Kats may not be able to handle! (4 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 3

The Plan

T-Bone had an unsure look on his face as Dr. Zyme prepared everything. “Are you sure this is going to be reversible?” T-Bone asked Dr. Zyme.

“Yes, it is reversible. By doing this you will be able to withstand Jormungand’s poisonous breath and the Leviathan’s bites,” Dr. Zyme explained to T-Bone.

“Will it be able to withstand Jormungand’s bites?” Razor asked as he leaned against a wall in the small white room.

“I’m not exactly sure,” Dr. Zyme said as he wiped off a needle.

“This isn’t going to hurt, right?” T-Bone’s face looked nervous for the very first time.

Dr. Zyme walked over to T-Bone and stuck the needle into his left shoulder. T-Bone flinched a little. Dr. Zyme pulled the needle out. He cleaned the needle and refilled it with D781, a new chemical he’d been working on. He pushed the needle into Razor’s shoulder. After that, he led Razor into a different white room, away from T-Bone.

He locked the door on both rooms and watched. T-Bone began to feel a ripping pain in his side. He grabbed at it, but it still hurt. He started to scream because of the pain, and then his scream became more of a gargled roar. The same thing was happening to Razor in the other room. The two were down on their knees and still screaming in pain.

Then T-Bone stopped; it was done. He sat there in the floor, stunned at what he now looked liked.

“Dr. Zyme better be able to reverse this,” Razor growled to himself.

On the other side of the town, all the creatures were destroying half the city. They were all being loud and destructive. The creatures all stopped and listened. There was something in the air, something new.

“Incoming!” Razor shouted.

He and Wyvern got into a deadly air battle. Wyvern bit into Razor’s light green wing, for he knew that a dragon was useless with hurt wigs. Razor went for Wyvern’s neck, except Wyvern was armor plated with scales as tough as steel. Wyvern got Razor’s wings pinned back behind him. A loud dragon roar soared across the skies. Razor saw T-Bone, who now was 49ft. tall.

“Ya miss me?” T-Bone was a black dragon with dark blue on him. He grabbed hold of Wyvern and threw him down on the ground.

“What took ya so long?” Razor asked. He was now a dark green dragon with light green wings.

The two went in an all out battle against all the beasts. Then there was only one left, Jormungand. But, he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Then, something bit T-Bone harder than heck. He reached around by his leg and grabbed Jormungand. Holding him by the head, T-Bone fought back the venomous snake. Jormungand bit T-Bone in his hand. Razor joined in the battle and got himself bit in the wing. Jormungand wrapped himself around T-Bone and tried constricting him. Razor grabbed Jormungand’s tail and started unwrapping him from T-Bone. Jormungand got away and slithered into MegaKat Bay.

“Think he’ll be back?” T-Bone asked his buddy.

“Yeah, probably,” Razor said.

The two went towards MegaKat Bay and searched the shoreline. Razor found something very interesting, a nest of some sort.

“Hey look, there are egg shells in here.” Razor jumped into the nest. The eggs had just cracked from the looks of it.

“We’d better show Dr. Zyme.”

T-Bone and Razor took off towards MegaKat Biochemical Labs. When they got there, they took Dr. Zyme, Felina, Ann, and Ms. Briggs over to where they found the eggs.

“I think they were dragon eggs.” Dr. Zyme examined the eggs over. “This is very bad. With each new generation the creatures will get stronger, faster, and smarter. In fact, they could get so smart that they could learn to talk.”

“You think we should go out looking for them?” T-Bone asked.

“That would be a good idea. We’ll go this way, and you two go that way.” Felina and the others went the opposite way of T-Bone and Razor.

One hour later, there was no luck for Felina and the others. Felina went in search of T-Bone and Razor to see if they had had better luck. Felina walked about a mile down the shoreline and came to a corner. She could hear the heavy breathing of a dragon. She got her gun ready and walked around the corner. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Felina took off towards the others.

“Dr. Zyme, you better come quickly!”

Felina and the others followed her to the dragons. The two dragons were T-Bone and Razor. They were lying in the sand, breathing heavily.

Dr. Zyme examined them.

“What happened to them?” Ms. Briggs asked Dr.  Zyme.

“Jormungand’s bites are what are killing them. I have the antivenin at MegaKat Biochemical Labs, but we need to get there fast if they’re going to live,” Dr. Zyme said.

“I’ll stay here with them and you guys go,” Ms. Briggs told them.

The others rushed off to the labs, and Ms. Briggs stayed with the two dying dragons. As soon as Dr. Zyme got back with the antivenin, he injected it into each SWAT Kat. They all hoped that the antivenin would be strong enough for the size of T-Bone and Razor. They waited and waited. Finally, T-Bone began to move and so did Razor. After they were finally aware of what was going on, all the others felt ease. T-Bone and Razor would be fine now that they had been injected with the antivenin.

“What happened?” T-Bone couldn’t exactly get his balance back.

“The venom from Jormungand almost killed you guys,” Ann said.

“Now that we’re okay, let’s keep looking for those creatures.”

Razor and T-Bone walked off casually as if nothing had happened. They walked for at least two miles down the shore when they found footprints.

“You guys just can’t stay dead, can you?” The voice came basically out of no where. “You always seem to bounce back, don’t you?”

Razor saw two beasts up in the sky. One was a fiery red and the other one was a dark blue color. Both of them were at least as big as he was.

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