Original SWAT Kats Story

Monsters of the Mind

By Frost

  • 4 Chapters
  • 3,933 Words

When Dr. Zyme experiments with recreating mythological monsters, something goes terribly wrong. And now, MegaKat City is overrun with creatures even the SWAT Kats may not be able to handle! (4 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 2

Being Captured

T-Bone and Razor took off running with Jormungand right behind them. Jormungand ran the two right into Roc. She grabbed both SWAT Kats and took off, leaving Jormungand on the ground. Roc screeched an extremely loud eagle like screech. She was flying high above the ground.

“You alright, bud?” Razor asked T-Bone. Razor could feel a rumble in his chest. He was pretty sure it was from the poisonous gases from Jormungand.

“Not exactly.” T-Bone could feel Roc’s talon digging into his side. He tried wiggling a bit to ease the pain. It was no use, Roc had such a tight grip.

Roc landed in the salvage yard. She dropped T-Bone and Razor. Ms. Briggs, Felina, and Ann Gora were all there.

“You girls okay?” Razor walked towards them with T-Bone close behind him.

Ms. Briggs ran over to T-Bone and hugged him. Ann ran over to Razor and hugged him.

“Who brought you here?” T-Bone asked them. He was starting to feel a rumble in his chest. He and Razor would be lucky if they didn’t die.

“Cerberus and Chimaera brought us here,” Felina said as she walked over to the others.

“I wonder if we can sneak past them,” Razor said. His chest now hurt when it rumbled.

T-Bone and Razor slowly and quietly walked behind Cerberus. They had almost made it, and then Cerberus turned around. He smacked them both and sent them flying.

“Okay, now that hurt.” T-Bone rubbed his ribs. He had a big gash in his side where Cerberus hit him.

Ms. Briggs ran over to him. “You’re hurt.” Ms. Briggs got down on her knees beside him.

“It’s nothin’,” T-Bone said to make her calm down. But, he knew all too well that it was something. He probably had a few cracked ribs.

Razor, on the other hand, was okay because he was behind T-Bone when Cerberus smacked them. T-Bone got up and so did Razor. Razor started devising a plan to get them out of there. He figured if one of them would distract Cerberus the others could run, and, when they were in the clear, the other one could run for it. But, the kat would have to be fast. He explained the plan to the others, and Felina volunteered to be the kat to distract Cerberus.

The plan actually worked. As soon as they got out, they took off for MegaKat Biochemical Labs where Dr. Zyme was.

When they got there, they told Dr. Zyme how tough the beasts were.

“I never really thought that my creatures would become so smart and so strong. There is no way to get rid of them, unless…” Dr. Zyme explained his plan to all of them.

Both SWAT Kats didn’t like the plan, but it was the only way to save MegaKat City. So, Dr. Zyme prepared to go through with the plan.

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